Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 9, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THAT'SIWEM I CAME BACK HERE TO THE PITCHER'S MWNP,,, 'VE KEN SOTIN6 HEREFORD TWO DW..MAY0E I'LL SlTHEfc FOR THE REST OF M¥ LIFE.,.-. . I^ _· · '" '' ·· EVEN J06 60M JOB N£VfeR UP f ROM AMON61 HAP TO WfSH THE ASHES r A80UT601N6- EVENTUALW. voTS FKSUR60THAT HERE, } DID..'.I WENT DOWN TO THE BUS0TATION, 8UTI JUST COULDN'T SET ON THE EVERY V / WORRY ABOW. 1 NIGHT I \JUST A DREAMi DEEAAAI'AA ASHEEP.. ,,. , , WHA7 AAAKES,yoUTH)MK -fES/INDEGDi ONENtettT XTHOUSHT ' V^^nA. iH.ijyffiSAUv iteftRD.AKlTTEN «EO«,S010PE»EP M-,i ASV BEPKOOM POOR AMP THERE WAS -libtfiS W^i^Pidff'fe^ 115 APE ...AU-COVERED WITH HAlRi , yv:-.X VISITS EACH DAY TO RELA-- TWES AND fRIENDS -BUT MUST WEAR IRON LEG- HOB8i£S g - "--^*"w ICEBERGS I WHOSE BOJTOM3 HAVE BEEN ERQDtDBY,THE5EAWftTEK, SOMETIMES IMPERIL PASSING- .SHIPS BY SUDDENLY 17URNIN6 UPSIDE DOWN CHURCH OF DAPHNE, AlftBAMA, WAS CONSTRUCTED; IN 1858, AS A CHURCH FOR ALL LESTER L GOLEMAN, M. D Ammonia One Of Many On-The-Job Dangers i»iiiiii!iiiiiiiii»^ FRANCES DRAKE / A N ' H E STUBBED · " - HiS THUMB I HE WISSHOWIN'OFFTO HOW GOOD HE COULD WfllKOW HIS HflPODS HOUERtW ABOUT, NEVeRH P60PL6 01J THB BRINK Of= pgATH, Nt-^ HOURS PAST^THAT-- COMB-. J_ TOHtM!! YOU "THINK I'M A j^ lilt. ! * « · * « « « It'S A COMMON W OFP TH LAB6LS 3 UWKIS- I(J · i JOIM AAfcf J THAT WE 60ATS SAT TIM CANS CAM YIP rc-WONT'TAKE -UC Trn IrtWA.^BBO / WHY Aft IHtt^B \A^ r COLP SKAf*, BUT la fcv° MOTeHAP !yj TOO LON/Z6RO, ' 6 U - ATTHE RATE Of= ·^ ^ /M · 1 Kc K/M fc Ut- TW5 CX3U.ARS ASVEEK, ^ : ~s^'-- ^ \KyUirkI "Akl CAW I EXPECr TO RETIRE f "Vii-i-poi IN Y--r V TV« DOLUP^L^^ //-T' Your Daily Horoscope Northwt* ArkptMOS tIMiS, iu.way, July 9, 1974 FAY»TTiVLl.t, AHKAMiM lllilllWIII« I work at a blueprint and opy company. Ammonia is used as "a developer and tumcs rom the machines are ii'ri- ating to me. Can the ammonia » harmful to- the lungs and eyes over a period of time? Mrs. M. S., Wash. Jea'r Mrs. S.: Ammonia fumes are a pollu- :ant and undoubtedly are a source of irritation. The 'delicate lining ot the bronchial ,ubes of the lungs and the covering of the eyes can be in- lamed by constant exposure Whether or not the ammonia can cause irreversible chaiiges in these times should not be a matter of .speculation. Certainly the ammonia can reduce the; health of these tissues and increase their vulnerability to infections and other disorders. HEALTH HAZARD No one in any industry shoult be exposed to this or.any other type of hazard to health. Pro tective devices are part of the program -of -health in industry Often employers are- not madi aware of existing -danger b; vprkers who think."ihat com ilainls, iwill effect badly 01 hem. This is not true. Emplos niiiiiDiiinnnniiiMnniiiiniiiKiiiiiiiiiiiniiiHiiiiiiiH Look in the section in which I your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according to the.stars. FOR WED., JULY 10; AHIES (Mar. 21 t oApr. 20) Not everything " will please you, but the real 'go-getter (and that's you)'.;is always .searching for a.better.way. -- and .bctetr resujts ,7ust do not overlook the advantages that are about TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) Is ; it time for a', review? Be honest with yourself as ;you mentally go over situations. .Be sure that all tactics are sound and failure-proof. GEMINI (May'22 to June 21) An above-average i day in certain areas; possibly trying in others. Don't do half a :job .or ot a story. In dis- listen to all - care- get half cussions, fully. CANCER (June 22 to.vluly 23) Gauge everything .accurately; be quick to perceive .erroneous information. .Some ' "tricky' spots indicated. Make'decisions So act in a well-balanced, foresighted manner. · . LEO (July 24 to Aug.,23) . · Especially favored now: tea chers, students, homemakers. In "all conferences, negotiations discuss matters quietly,.: dispassionately. Curb emotions. VIRGO (Aug: 24 to Sept. 23) Laborious efforts and tedious tasks can both be profitable no matter "how*'ey. may seem at the moment. "Returns may not be immediate, how ever.- ' -' LIBRA (Sept. 24 to .Oct. 23) Be' careful riot to say tha which" you may late'r regret not to guess, then act, upon tha guess,, without ; rnakjng sure These are tendencies now. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Stress logic and reason. D not rely on hunches or another' rs are willing to rectify all bvious dangers to the, health. f their workers. Should they: ail to do so, pressure by local ealth agencies will-insure that ircvenlive measures are in- itituted. · · . ' · ' - . . ·. · I have been told that :potas- lum leaves my body too ra- idl.v. The doctor believes this s why I am so easily fatigued. Can the potassium cause such vcakness? . . - · · ' · : , Mrs. A. L. R., Fla Dear Mrs. R. .Excessive loss ot the chemt cal potassium c a n ' b e responsible for some ot the.symplomi you describe.. POTASSIUM LOSS It is well known that such a loss called Hypokalemik 1 tan p r o d u c e marked muscular weakness and unusual : fatigue. The reasons for the loss-of'po- tassium are attributed to complex problem in the. kidneys, the intestines ; a n d ' i n th» hormone producing glands. ' · · : · : When the exact cause is found the loss of potassium can ba stopped and later replenished. With the return to normal blood levels many of the distressing! symptoms disappear. ay-so. Seek more knowledge of our subject. Your capacity for earning is infinite AG1TTARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec You may be up against some nusual competition in your leld, so keep alert With your me intelligence, you should md ways to outrun the best B. JAY BECKER :APKICORN 10) (Dec; 22 to Jan. On Contract Bridge (Top Record. Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) Two admonitions for this day: Ivoid: impetuosity, and don't drop a project which, even hough slow-moving; is- ;essen- lally productive, in favor of me whose-outcome;is'.dubious. AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feh 19) Some -new, suggestions or pro- positions'may, be offered. Study each; carefully and \accept or reject,on, the ; basis of enduring yorth -- not immediate returns. PISCES'(Feb. ; 2b'to"Mj. 2(1) ' "A~ few '."surprises" indicated -- .some: \yhjcn '..will. .please, others which may.not.,Take;the Bad with the"'gpodf Things will work out in the long run; YOU BORN TODAY are conservative, idealistic' and ex- Lremely . practical;.. in , carrying out th'e constructive-ideas which are uniquely'' your'-' own, You have' 1 a" r keen sense' of' justice, an "urge for reform and a gift tor oratory. These, are powerful traits and, properly' developed, can. make-you' the'.community stalwart'you were meant to be. You are highly principled and expect .other's to 'be likewise; become, completely'disillusioned when they' aren't. Fields which would be excellent outlets "for your taents:- Writing, teaching, the "jaw, .science;" medicine and lecturing Obstinacy, tivity. Birth date- of: Wm. .Back- stone, renowned;writer on law; David': 'Brhikley, TV news commentator. West Dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH * A J 4 V A 7 2 · K 8 5 3 + A Q 6 WEST * W 8 5 3 V 9 6 4 · Q J 9 * J 9 7 . EAST f 5 * A 1 0 7 6 * K 1 0 5 3 SOUTH *K6 » K Q J » 8 3 + 8 4 2 The bidding: .Traits' 1 'to conquer: jeaousy, hypersensi- West Pass North INT East South 4 V Opeing Lead queen of diamonds. There are lucky hands as well as unlucky ones, but one of the most rewarding features of bridge lies in the salvaging the unlucky hands. Here is a typical case where West leads the queen of diamonds. West is unlikely to have the ace, so South ducks, the queen as well as the J-9 when west continues the suit. I Declarer ruffs .and notes the possibility o f . losing' two .cliilj tricks if he finesses the; queen. Unwilling to expose · himself to this danger. South draws three rounds o f ' trumps, and plays the K-6 of spades, finessing the jack.- If West has the queen, South has his thenth trick-; if he doesn't have the queen there is still the club finesse. In the actual case, the spade finesse loses and South is obliged .to ruff the .diamond .return. Down to his last chance,. South tries a club finesse, but this loo goes awry and the contract fails. · : . : It is unlucky to find threi ;ards --- the ace of dianionds, queen of spades a n d ; king pf clubs --·· all badly) placed; but even so the outcome is largely declarer's fault. He did not take the safest line of play. After ruffing Uie diamond at trick three, South should draw three rounds of trumps, ending in dummy, and play the king of diamonds. With East producing the ace, declarer can easily afford to discard a club on the trick -a loser on loser play. This forces East to return a' spade or a club, either 'of which hands South his tenth trick. The luck element is totally eliminated by this method of play. PONYTA1L Cfosswofd By Eugene Sbeffer 54 Make lace 55 Diminutive suffix DOWN 1 Chick-pea 40 Linen fuzz 2 Incarnation ·41 Song hit of Vishnu 4SWar'god ' 3 Image 47 Sense organ 4 Cure-all 49 Wading bird gFeminin title | Japanese. . shrub 7 Certain , window* 8 Rebuke harshly ACROSS 35 French 1 Valise coin i Word 36 That is before (t.) bass or cat 37 Make up for 8 Sign of healing 12 Biblical word of reproach 13 Commotion 50 Curling 14:Center team 15 Egyptian - god (var.) 16 Beetle 17 Russian city 18 Tomorrow, in Mexico 20 Form '22 Epitome 26 Beer 29 WraUi SOCassius Clay 31 Subtle . · emanation 3Z Lettuce 32 Plur'al suffix. (Bot) Si Native of: a suffix 51 Weight of India 52 A gas 53 Former First Lady Avg. solatton time: a rntn. H@H IdHHK IdlSHCi fflfflH HESGSH HHffiB amisnia aaa _ SHdiH HS1HS HBDD [»JM@ Answer to yesterday's paste. 9 Entente -10 Land measure 11 Wood apple 19 And oot £1 Individual. ' 23 Devout Z4 Rubber, trees . 25 Haze 26 Secular Z7 Prefix for graph or iQt 28 Imaginary beings B Controvert » Girl of song 3S Oriental coin M Japanese statesman 38 Garden flowers »Ward off 42 Egg on tt Campus disorder «Serf « Sphere MEqrire 4t An affirmative "Wow, it's boon a hard day al the house. . . I had to clean up my room, dry the dishes, and a tube blew on the TV!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR, Readers respond more quickly and favorably whea £Jven complete, or definite information. t MAKE IT EASY /or the reader-prosp«ct to i*ach you. Alwayg insert your telephone number or your name and addreis. If you do not have regular hours, give a preferred time t« have procpecto : call you, PLACE 'YOUBSELF In the reader's position and ask yourself what ' you would like to know (about your offer). The an*wer you give will make a good Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT PAIL to bring «»t!«f«ctloB 4e.»o, not t 'any lack of read en hip, but became they d« not eonUln «nough informltlon to let prompt action. THB GREATEST HEADER ATTENTION can be KKUred for r«ur advertisement by ordering consecutive Insertion!. You an ttop your mi In the *vent of re»ulte «n! then pay only for the d«y« it WM _ , . . _ , . - ^ ·fhfff j-» (Ka v«rr special r»te« tot tboet w*« «·

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