Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1974
Page 14
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4 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday. July 8, 1974 FAYETTEVIU.E, ARKANSAS Country Music Documentary Lacks Funds For Completion By JAY SHAKBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- For the want ot~ $40,000, about the cost oE a 60-second network commercial in prime time during the summer, the making or a public TV special on country music has ground to a halt. But Bob .Shepherd, general manager of station WCDN in Nashville, Tenn. remains highly optimistic the station's $109000 video project "Prom Out of the Hills: An American Legacy," will survive. He says he's just waiting now for word from a major public TV station -- he declined to say which -- on whether it'll put up $20,000 worth of editing and technical aid to help on the one hour show. :f that happens he says WDCN will somehow try to scrape up the $20,000 balance for its progrem, intended both as a national special on the his tory of country music and the pilot for a 13-part series. "We've shot about 85 per cen of the show but we just aren' able to go to the editing roon because we've run out of mon Selling Arkansas LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Th state Department of Parks an Tourism is responsible for at vertising the state. It maintain a complete file of pictures an information on all parts of Ar kansas for writers, publishers newspapers, television and ol'h er media. HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL -'Attractive Nuisd here' Could Mean Trouble ij, i, 11^ it! riau y." he says. The situation is the classic ase of a small station with a ig dream and . a miniscule udget -- compared to big-city tations -- for programming. The major thing the show has ioing for it. says Shepherd is lie cooperation of Nashville's veil-known country music com- ·nunity and WDCN's ready access to some of Ihe biggest lames in country music. "Our entree to them was pur promise of strict authenticity, .liat wouldn't, jazz it up," he said. "It'll be in every sense a documentary. It'll be strictly Americana, strictly the evolu- ion of country music." He said the show already has Jilmed performances of Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl and Barbara Mandrell at Ihet revered former home of the Grand Ole Opry -- Ryman Auditorium -and Roger Miller at a record session. In addition, he said it also has on 'film interviews with Miss Pearl, the late Tex Hitter and Miller, anct hopes a r e strong Earl Scrugge, Johnny Cash Chet Atkins and Eddie Arnold will join Ihe list. Although the special was begun on $15,000 raised by the Junior League of Nashville, he said WDCN failed to get foundation funds "because it's not esoteric enough, I guess for foundations." : - '. ·; Ironically, although Nashville abounds with major record companies. WDCN: avoided trying to tap their corporate tills because of the national policy that public TV shall have no commercial ties. Dear Helen: You've mentioned several times that homeowners can be fined for "maintaining an attractive nuisance" that might be hazardous to people in the .area. Well, our neighbors have an "attractive nuisance" -- their 15-year-old daughter! Could I bring suit? My husband works the swing shift, and I work days. When he's home alone, this teen-age sexpot chases him in her bi- iini--and probably less. Several :imes I've driven up to see her disappearing though our back gate. My husband says, "Don't be ridiculous!" but he's got a gleam in his eye--and let's face it, lie's a very handsome 32- year old. And susceptible! Both her parents 'work, -so she's available. What can I do? Ready to Sue Dear RTS: Sorry: this kind of "attractive nuisance" isn't what the law had in mind. However, you might hit you husband with r e m i n d e r about another law "contributing to the delinquency of a minor." Even il the minor is more than willing her parents can make big trouble for the man who sue cumbs.--H. C O U P O N use of the house. My wife does I the cooking, washing anc caning, except for their room. do the outside and heavy ·ork. Their combined income considerably more than ours We provide all .their house old needs, including"a packet inch for my .son-in-law,, five ays a week. Of course, we pay tilities, etc. Presently they bre paying u 40 a week, room and board s this enough? It not, wha s a fair amount? -- Mr. F. 'ear Mr. F.: No, this is not enough! I'i uggest you add up all housi lold and food bills, includin nonlhly mortgage payment and taxes, then divide the tola y-half. Add to your daughter and gon-in-law's h a l f . a fai amount for the extra work the necessitate (cooking, cleanin; vashing, etc)--and be realistic after all, maid service rates salary! If they get by for less than 580 per week, I'll be surprise( Dear Helen: Our daughter and son-in-la\ are living with us, because it's more economical. They have large bedroom, full bath, entnr FOR THE I FAMILY ... Ij Ken's Pizza Parlor 409 WEST D1CKSON I I 3 FOR NOW SHOWING STREISAND BEDFORD THE WAY WE WERE COUMUriCIURES --PI.US- ACADEMY AWARD WINNER KSTSUPPOimNG JCTRESSjfita Heclart Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! · This Coupon Redeemable a» KiN'S in Fayetteville ·" Now Serving a la Carte BREAKFAST 6:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. LUNCH 11:00 a.m.-2.00 p.m- DINNER 5:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m. SUNDAY LUNCHEON BUFFET 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (Restaurant Closed Sunday 2 p.m.) ENJOY OUTSTANDING FOOD AT ECONOMICAL PRICES SCOTTISH! , I H N S I A FfiAKKOYJCH PRODUCTION BUTTERFLIES Dear Helen: · Could you please give me tl address of the place that take used eye glasses for (he needy I and my friends have sever airs to give away. -- B.L. Dear B: . Address is: New Eyes The Needy, Inc. Short Hi|l New Jersey, 07078.'This'nonpr 'it organization solicits met frames in any condition, u jroken plastic frames with Ie ses, sunglasses, artificial eye cataract lenses, soft case learing aids and precious met scrap, such as old watche broken or out-dated jewelr good or damaged silver, de tures with bits of gold, platinu Jack Favor Returns For Annual Prison Rodeo He Helped Set Up ANGOLA, La. (AP) -- Stand- A federal judge ordered the g tall in ;cawboy boots and a cRp',$J|»(:Jf, lYMoi'., chatted illi W a r d e n ' M u r r a y Hcnder- m about the Angola prisoners' ideo, an event Favor helped et up during his seven years s an inmate. "It's the wildest rodeo in the outh," Favor said, referring to he u h u s u a l competitive vents--which include for ex- mple, inmates pitted against 'ild,swamp bulls for the paper noney tied to their horns. ·The'Wdeo. is held every Bun- ay''TM October on the 18,000- .ere prison grounds. "He ramrodded the' whole hing through here--that's how a rodeo," Henderson tate to "give him a new trial or to set him free after his lawyers presented evidence that Bossier Parish officials had made a deal with the state's key witness. According to testimony in federal court hearings, officials released Floyd Cumbey, who also had been charged in the slayings, after he testified that Favor killed the Richeys. Two days after his release, Cumbey was arrested in Oklahoma and charged with the murders of two women. · SECOND TRIAL Donald Lee Yates testified in Favor's second trial -that he bery at the'Richeys' bait stand nd that Cumbey killed the ouple. .· . He said Favor drove them to Bossier City from Texas, but did not know of their plans to rob the bait stand and was no- vhe're near Haughton when it fappened. Favor, visited . his old cell- Iock over the July 4 weekend. "When you get out, you need something to hang onto," he :old the warden. "You get a little behind times, being kepi out of society for 7 years. "When .1 went home, thai re* got laid. · Then Favor told the warden ie had raised $18,000 for a fund ,o build a chapel at the prison. "We're going to get you that chapel," he said. "I'm interested in this prison ir a number of reasons. This place has improved so much wer the years I was here, with ,he rehabilitation programs this man has begun," he said, nodding toward Henderson. SINCE BEEN EXONERATED Once a rodeo star,, the 62- year-old Texan was convicted of murdering a couple lie swears he never met. He was exonerated at a second trial in April. Since then Favor has undergone surgery to have a pacemaker implanted in his chest to bolster his failing heart. He was sent here in 1867 after his conviction in the slaying of Mr. and Mrs, W.R.. Richey, who were shot 10 years 'ago during an attempted ^roriberyi.of their Haughton, La., bait stand. and Cumbey planned the rob Golf 17" · King 18 Hole Putting Course Mon. and Thurs, DOLLAR^ DAYS Play as many games as you can 3 to 11 p.m. . Only $1.00 50 W. Township Rd. Phone 443-2686 ittle town-Arlington, Tex.-had grown so much I didn t recognize It. We- stopped outside the apartment my wife had moved into and she said, "Do you know where you are? 1 "1 looked around, and finally I recognized a fence where I used to rwi cattle by when I was a boy." ' The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week! SMORGASBORD TfljT LUNCH ALL THE PIZZA Now Mon. thru Fri. 11-2 AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT Also Mon., 5-8 p.m. All Locations Bring fhe Kids -- Only lOc Per Year of Age. 314 South School 2325 North College Highway 68 West, Springdale or silver, etc. Do not 'send contact-lenses, unframed lenses or hard cases. Mail your contributions by parcel post, prepaid, and pack carefully to avoid breakage. -H. ,«v i|»U( dnddv's \ not so little girl . " "·StarringSINTHIABARRIE Rosemary.Hastings is dead. :\ the question remains why? A PK».l»fc II "·*"" _ _ PH. 751-8724 TRI--CITY DKIVMN THEATRE CONTINUOUS FROM DARK 3 SHOWS NITELY -- THIS WEEK MINUTE MAN SPECIAL Special Good Mon. thru Sat. Old Fashion Charcoal Broiled No, 2 HAMBURGER With Hickory Smoked. Sauce --Plus-Crisp Golden Brown FRENCH FRIES Your Choice of Soft Drink or Coffee $1.30 Value minute man remember whan you're hungry... it only takes » minute mant 529 N. College -- 521-1062 3Z4 W. Dickson -- 443-3123 ry. 62 w. * r»YErreviL« » ·· K-M« NOW SHOWING THE DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m H)K FtZZA, DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsd, Channel 2 (Channel S on cable in Fayerteville) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Piltsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cabte In FayettevlHe) KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 KIWI, Joplin, Channel 16 fCNartnel 9 on cable In Fayetteville) Open 6:45 Fef. 1:10-3:10 Sun. Mat 2 FM COLDIE 'H^WM IN (PC) "SUGARLAND EXPRESS" She had a Targe following -- 00 patrolmen in 200 patrol cars . . . . Sun. Mai. 1 I'M (PC) THE N j THREE MUSKETEERS Open 7:00 F*(, Sun Lfira Thur, 1:45 Frl.-Sat. 7:159:10 Sal. A Son, Maf. 2 PM Kinbarl Battles the Creatures of T-effend Tr\ Ihe MfmrlB of Iljnnrama In "THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD" G '- "BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID" Butch The Kiri -hack -- For ihe din if if. . 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Music 9 Channels-FM Radio All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville Phone 521-7730 MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 - "Villa Rides" (1968) Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum, Grazie Buceella 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Payment on Demand" (1951) Bette Davis, Barry Sullivan, Jane Cowl Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- 'The Elevator" (1974) James Farentino, Craig Stevens, Carol Lynley T0:30 p.m. Ch. 6-76 - "Adam's Woman" (1968) John Mills, Beau Bridges, Jane Merrow OZARK HOME and GARDEN CENTER (Formerly Brown Seeds) FOR YOUR GARDEN -- SHRUBS -- SEEDS -- INSECTICIDES As well as terrariums polled plants FOR YOUR HOME -- SHELVING -- PLYWOOD -- PANELING We cut to your specifications Pay only for whaf you need. 20 E. Township Rd. Vt Mile West Whit Chevrolet Phone 412-5311 MONDAY EVENING * 5:00 Twilight Zone .- 16 News S, 8 Sesame Street II Andy Griffith .. 0 Truth or Consequences 7 To Tell The Truth 1 * 5:J» Mows 2. 3. 5, 6. 7. 12 Truth or Consequence* -* «:»- Hodgepodge Lodge 11 Hews 2. 3. 5. 6. 7, 12. 8 16 * «:»- Firehouse 5 Felony Squad , The Newsmakers .....' 11 Wild. Wild Worth of Animals 7 To Tell The Truth 2 Untamed World 3 Hogan's Heroes 16 Let's Make A Deal 12 * 7:00 Baseball World of Joe Garagiola '2, 3, ' Gunsmoke 6. 16 Hookies 5, 8, 12 Resolution of Mossie Wax l; * 7:15 Baseball 2 3, ' * 8:00 -Movie ..-. 5, 8, 1: Here's Lucy 6, L if 8:30 -Dick Van Dyke 6, 1 Book Beat 1 * S:M Medical Center 6, 1 ennis Anyone? *9:30 'oday's Yoga r 9:45 -- ilm 5, 8. r 10:00 -News 2 3. 6, 7. * 1I:M-- 'ohnny Carson 2, 3, ,Tovie V 11:00 - ohnny Carson _'erry Mason Wide World Myslery .", 12:00 -Tomorrow 2, 3 5, Wide World Mystery * 12:20 -- ?rojecl * 1:00 Religious Town Hall TUESDAY MORNING if 6:30 Farm/Ranch Keport * 6:35 Inspiration . . . Moments of Meditation II 12 16 , 7 12 16 5 8 12 :, 7 8 6 2 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 442-8575 Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save the Most. Lawrence Carpel Mills, Inc. SPEINGDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY 8 WEST 751-7981 BR'ER FRAN'S '"For A Good Time Tonight" NEW SUMMER HOURS: OPEN 7 P.M. to MIDNIGHT MON. thru SAT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT. ARKANSAS--Fayetteville's Own Wed. and Thurs.--Ladies' Night EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER FAYETTEVILLE 521-930 3 News , if 6:50 Light of Life ; . , . . . ' Today in Agriculture , ·k 6:55 -Harvest Time Tabernacle .... Project *1:M- GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek Rec. Ar» »nd dine at THE BARN 2« East off Hwy. 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemadt cinnamon rolls, relishes, and salads. Family style fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Ribs Saturday. Open 5-10 p.m. : Sal. and Sun. 12 noon*10 p.m. Closed Mon. and Tu. Came see us at beautiful Beaver Lite* Death Valley Days .... CBS News Con ntry Music Time Today - . , . *7:*Gentle Ben * 8:00 Captain Kangaroo Cartoon Circuij Se*ame Street * 8:30 Oklahoma: Tuesday ... * 9:00 - · · · · · : · 3-A.M Dinah Shore Sesame Street Joker's Wild Movie It's Your Bet * »:30 Gambit I Winning Streak To Tell the Truth .... * !·:«- IliSh Hollers Now You See It All My Children * IC::*-^ Hollywood 'Sq'uare5\,.. Love of Life Brady Bunch * 10:55 Coffee Break News 12 «, 18 ....... 8 Z, 3, », 7 12 6, 16 . . , 8 ' Z, 5. ^ ..... 3 16 6, IB 2. 5. 7 12 2 . 3 5 , 7 6. 18 12 . 2, 3, 6. 16 12 * 11:. . . ..... 2 3, 5. 7 6 - 1 5 Mike Jackpo! Young and the Restless * 1!:S*~ Split Second Celebrity Sweepstakes .. Search for Tomorrow * 11:55 News ........................ 3. 5. 7 TUESDAY AFTERNOON * 11: It- All My Children News Phil Donahue Tabletalk * 12:15 -Leave It to Carol * 12:30 Jeopardy As the World Turns Let's Make a Deal * 1Z:35 Melody Matfne* * 1:t *Gulding' Ltsht ',..- ....... .... «. 16 Days o f ' O u r Llvea J ....-2, 3, 5, 7 Newlywed Gam* ...... . ..... I. 12 * 1: EdBO o£ Night ............... 6. 16 Girl In My Lite ............ 8 12 Doctors ............... 2, 3, 5. 7 5. 12 . 3, 5, 7 6. 16 2. 6, 7, 12, 16 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' S 16 2 3 9, 16 5. 8, 12 *t:H- Price is Bight ; General Hospital Another World * »:J- Today's Yoga Match Game How to Survive a Marriage One Life to Ll« * J:«- Sesame Street $10,000 Pyramid Cartoons Tattletales Somerset * 3:3t- Jeoparily Mayberry. R.F.D, .... Dick Van Dyke .... Petticoat Junction -Dinah Shore Joker's Wild Uncle Zeb *4:»- Winning Streak Mister Rogers Wild, Wild West .... Flipper Merv Griffin I Dream of Jeannie , Fugitive Bonanza Comer Pyle, USMO .. .. 6, 16 . . 8, 12 , 3, 5. 7 11 .. e, 16 , 3 5, 7 . . I, 12 11 12 « ... 6. ie , 3. 5, 7 S, 7 .. 12 . IE .'.. 3 ... 6 3 11 5 12 1 '.'.'.'.'.' H 6 * 4:»- Electric Comparv 11 Daniel Boonr 12 Beat the Ch . 3 Beverly Hi: . .'. 7 Lucy Show 8 TUESDAY h . . . N I N G * S:«» Sesame Street 11 Twilight Zone 16 News S, 8 Andy Griffith 6 To Tell The Truth 3 Truth of Consequences 7 * J:Jt- News 2 3, 5, 6,7.8, 12. 16 Truth or Consequences * ^It- Making Things Grow 11 News 2 3. 5. 6 7. 8, 12, 16 * 6:30 Felony Squad 8 You Owe It To Yourself .... II Wild Kingdom '. 5 Let's Make a Deal Hogan's Heroes Ozzle's Girls Dusty j Trail To Tell the Truth Adam-12 1. 3, ', Man Builds Man Destroys 11 Maude 6 II Happy Days 5, 12 . . . 2 , 5. 8 Let's Make A 'Deal ... 7:30 - . Faraday and Company Hawaii Five-O ,., Baseball The Naturalists ....... Movie * 8:00 What's The Big Idea? * 8:30 Shaft *9:00- Pollce Story Indians for Indians .,, Marcus Welby * 9:30 Today's Yoga * 1I;M- Ncwsi . 2, 3. 5, «, 7. 8. 12, 1« ·A" 10:30 -Wide World Myslery ., 12 Johnny Carson 2 3 5 7 Perry Mason '. .'... ft Movie e 18 * 11:30 Wide World Mystery , t ie 12:00 Tomorrow 2 3. 5. 7 Project A * 1:01) Project e Oklahoma Forum 2 .. * 3 7 ..' e 10 u 12 .. 11 ... 8 . 3. f ... H 8, U .. U

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