Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1974
Page 10
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10 \f HE'S NOT COMINS HOME, A5K HIM IF I CAN HAVE HIS LAMP AMP PKESSER.'! NO, JUST RNP OUT.IF HE'S LUCV SAID WU KNOUUHEKMV K8KOTHEKI5 WORN MEMBERS OfTHE DOROBO TRIBE OF EAST MATCHBOOK COVER CUT BY DAVID C. HAIL of Jackson, Miss, SIN3LE'"STOP : MEASURING nmr AND IS MADE FROM WE STOMACH Of A GOAT NWR KHJN6KUN£ BALI, LOCATED INSIDE A MOONTAtNCWE, HUNPR£DSOf THOUSANDS OF BATS WHAT;: JUST /.WELUDONT E«H ONE.' Northwest ArkamcK TIMES, Monday, July *, 1974 FAYimVILLI, AHKANIM ' flllllllllllllll^^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. New Oxygen Room Gives Life Support iiiniiraiiiiiiHiinniiiiunuiiffliuiininnnniiiHiiiiuiiUMiiiuu A cousin of mine belongs to a rcligous sect that does permit blood transfusions. OH/TWMK " MJVt NBIEfc HAD ell FOR fTSTWAHCESTEAt-HOMg. OF THE FRSlbfi.Slk.' 'Bu« BEDRDOM-ECCEPT THBPOUCE--BUT SIHCESEIUN6 MV FURNITURE, ON« PLACE VJE COMING, 'SIR. I'VE BEEM SIMPLY FRMW. - LYOtfVE HEARD OF HIM HOW DO IT LOOK, DOC? PITCHER CftMElW , THIS MORN1W, UOWEEZ!/ BRING HIM HeRE AND IT U. BE A WONDER IP TH' PORE SOOL TIU.TH' v 'WONDER DOCTOR" eiTS THAR poeswT PA/ViPEfS TO eer HIM AN EARLY APPOINTMENT THAT OR' is: COOKIN6 .SUPPER UK SOMEONE.: TS W WERE (?/SHT AR X'LU BE ' COOKIS© FOB tI5 BEETLE UP SNEAK-/ SET yOU TO TAKE THEM TO ffliiiMiiiiiuiiiiiM^^ FRANCES DRAKE : HAVESj'T VOU D/ER . THOUGHT OF? SAVWGSOME MONEY? BUriFYOU ' Dotfr SPEND IT; irjusr i LIES THERE AMD I CANYSTANO THE THOUGHT OP L-AZY MONEY Your Daily Horoscope though there is no immediate concern, iwe wonder what would nappen if such a need ever arose. Mr. and Mrs. E.E.S., Nev. Dear Mr. and Mrs. S.: Fortunately, this problem does not ariset of ten. enough to make it a major health hazard.! Yet, when such a situation does occur and people are rigid and unyielding, the matter has, in some states, been considered a egal one and is resolved in the courts; - · An interesting contribution recently was made by Oaptaln George V. Hart, a physician at the United States Naval Hospi- in Long. Beach, Calif. To save the life of a seriously anemic patient who refused a blood transfusion, a new method was used to save his life. NfcW METHOD A hyperbaric chamber is special enclosure used for battling special types of infection by increasing the oxygen content of the room. Dr. Hart placed patients who refused blood transfusions ir the hyberbaric chamber and dramatically increased the oxygen in their blood. This provided blood for the brain, the heart, and the other organs long enough to keep the patient alive until other forms of treatment could be used. COFFEE STINGS Is there any truth to the idea that hot coffee and hot tea ara )ad' for people who have recovered from heart attacks? Miss V.G.,Del. Dear Miss G.: You may be an nteresling report that recently, came out of the St. Vincent's Vledical Center in Staten Island, . Y. A goup of 60 patients recovering from s.erious h e a r t ; attacks were permitted to swallow a glass of hot. water. Sixteen of the patients seemed to show some change in the heart'. action. There was slowing of; the beat and other. temporary changes revealed by the eleo-, trocardiogram. This suggests · that hot beverages should n o t ; be given for at least six mqnthi after having survived an acute heart attack. Your own doctor can bes evaluate the validity of this report. ' · Look in the section in which] your birthday comes, and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. . FOR TUBS., JULY 9 · ARIES (Mar. 21 to,Apr. 20) Benefits indicated if you are alert, but opportunities could be lost through indifference or tendencies toward extremism. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to'May 21) ; ; , Put forth best efforts and be on guard against carelessness. Some unexpected situations will require .unusual concentration if they are to be solved. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Day offers new incentive for forging ahead. It will be important, however, to emphasize stability, carefully systematize all procedures. · CANCER (June 22'to July 23) Vigor must he accompanied oy sure-footedness; enthusiasm by ability and know-how. Don't attempt any undertaking without sufficient knowledge of factors involved., LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) ' Good solar influences. There's much you can attain now. Your dynamic personality can shine, and your adaptability will help in unusual situations. VIRGO (Aug..24 t Soept. 23) Be niether too guillible nor :po skeptical. Several suggestions may be offered -- some ;ood, some otherwise. Be objective, impersonal in your judgment. Avoir rumor mongering. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) ,Ho\v you accept vicissitudes and · advantages will make the difference between just getting by and doing well. This day has the makings of a big suc ; cess story if you are alert. '·· SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Small matters may conspire .0 try and keep you from ac complishing what you set ou to do -- and must. Be firm Direct energies only to. worth while areas. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) S p l e n d i d prospects IBul thers may-also have such fine ipportunities to achieve that r ou may find it . d i f f i c u l t , to. put iver your ideas. .Don't worry! fhis makes : for healthy, compe- ition. . . . CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) . · ' - . ' You should.' win : fop : grade returns for your · efforts now. Adhere' to well-tested procedure.. .Emphasize your 'individualism and perceptiveness. AQUARIUS .(Jan. 21 to Feb. 19). 'Careful · analysis, good judgment and .understanding of the emperaments of .associates will be required' to make this a PISCES (Feb. 20 'to Mar. 20) Tact and. finesse should help you attain-ends you could not achieve by.force. Be especially diplomatic in 'dealing with superiors. YOU BORN TODAY are an extremely practical individual, meticulous in all · your uride-r takings, but sometimes too insistent that others be ,as finically scrupulous .as yourself. When they aren't, you ar.e likely :o sulk, worse yet to engage in bitter argument. It's important that you be more 'tolerant f your, fellowman, ..realizing that each has his own individuality 'and' cannot, at will, become a carton copy of yourself. Generally speaking, however, you are loyal and affectionate; have an intense .love of home and family and a quiet but'delightful sense of humor. You have a keen : sense of values and-are willing to work unstinlingly for things you consider 'worthwhile. Fields in which you could excel: Writing (especially orr scientific or historical · subjects), · teaching, music and painting. You have an inventive mind, too, and often come up with truly remarkable, ideas which, benefit many, lam, Howe, inventor of the. sewing machine. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) West Dealer. Neither side vunerable. NORTH * K 7 2 * K Q 5 4 3 * A K 7 4 WEST V Q 1 0 8 7 « 9 8 + Q J 3 EAST *96 V A J 4 *A J 7 f i 2 + 1052 SOUTH " K 9 6 5 3 *10 + 9 6 3 The bidding: West North 1+ !· Dble Pass Dble Redble Dble Pass Opening lead spades. East Birthdate of: Henry Hal- Eng. historian; Ellas Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Brother of Osiris 4 Dickens's Betsey SBooly 12 Ben- 50 Somniferous 55 Fourth caliph 56 An astringent 57 Ibsen heroine 13 Frog genus 58 Undeveloped 14 Hoarfrost 15 Swiss canton 18 Hateful 18 Israeli desert 20 Milk (Phann.) 21 Weeps 24 Narrates 28 Louts 32 To yacht 33 South American river 34 One of the Muses 36 Scottish explorer 37 Mausoleum 39 Sot 41Jeer 43 Joint 44 Chicago ballplayer 46 Beginning shoot 59 Carry on 60 Courage 61 Rubber tree DOWN 1 Eschew 2 French river J Spruce: 4 Goad 5 Fictional dog hero B Hostel 7 English prison 8 Costs 9 Spanish river . . 10 Large bird 11 Affirmative 17 Totem pole 19 Moot gift 22 One of the Aves 22 Nonsense . creature . a "Zhivago" heroine 26 Ananias, for one 27 Winter vehicle 28 Flying foxes ' 29 Preposition 30 Hit film . SIStapefy 35 Modified form of . baseball 38 Suit 40 Cognizance «2KareI Capek Pass Pass Pass South Pass 1* Pass -- queen ol The value of a hand is often greatly affected by bids the other players make, and a gooc part of what is called bidding skill rests on how well one is able to re-evaluate a hand as the picture keeps changing. Here is a dramatic example of the principle from the 1972 national team of four cham pionship. Probably most players would pass with the West hand but Mike Becker, son of thi writer, opened the bidding a dealer with a club. a diamond, whjch' East (Andy Bernstein) passed. L double by East would hav« een for takeout, in their part-, nership .style, and Bernstein heretore .felt constrained to jass.. Despite his anemic values/ West decided to compete fur- her when he doubled for take 1 out after South's pass of a diamond. East was happy to let lie double stand, but South was not. He ran to one heart. Sensing that the opponents yere'in deep trouble. 'West this ime doubled for penalties and, after North had made an SOS redouble, also doubled on« spade -- which became the contract. . . · · , ' . · ' West's -bidding was indeed rain ark able. He had opened with absolutely minimum values and then proceeded to double every time is was his turn -- just as though he had opened tha bidding on a super hand. Moreover, West made the effective opening lead of the queen of spades. Declarer ducked in dummy -- quite naturally assuming t h a t West had the Q-J and East the ace -- whereupon West played the ace and .another spade. South eventually went down three for a loss of 500 points, though he could have saved a trick in the later play. West was exceptionally well reward-' ed for resognizing that even a m i n i m u m opening bid sometimes changes its complexion completely becomes a powerhouse. PONYTAIL Avg. solution time: Z7 mrn. · Answer to Saturday's porde elephant boy 48 Jewish month 49 Neap, for one 90 Adage 51 Palm teaf (var.) B Small dog 53 In favor of 54 Biblical name the HOSE!" WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description ahl start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll only. be charged for the actual number of days th» ad ran.

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