Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 7, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 12
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M Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, July 7, 1974 FAYETTIVILLI, ASKANSA* ' _^ Poll Of White House Visitors Show*; Middle America Ready For Nixon To Face Senate Trial By Frederick L. Bcrns Times Washington Bureau WASHINGTON -- At 10 a.m. nearly every day, Middle America comes to the White House. "Middle America" is people: farmers and factory workers, barbers and bankers, physicians and postmen from towns near Kansas City, just outside Jackson, down the road from Tulsa. Middle America is tourists -just arrived, soon to leave, passers by passing through. Middle America, as it assembles outside the White House gates, is the camera clutching multitudes whose views and outlooks have never before mattered so much. ' · j It is the collective opinion of people like these t h a t , will determine the fate of their President, that will influence congressmen and senators to decide whether Richard- M. Nixon should be impeached and removed from office. In an' effort to determine the views of Middle America on this crucial question/ the TIMES' Washington Bureau conducted a poll of more than 50 tourists as they stood in line waiting to visit the -White House. The poll was taken last week, at. a time when Nixon was in Moscow and his lawyer was before the House Judiciary Full Results Of Poll WASHINGTON -- Of the 54 White House tourists questioned in Uie informal poll, 35.2 per cent were Democrats, 31.5 per ment Republicans and 33.3 per cent Independents. Here are the results: 1. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Mr. Nixon It handling his job? Approve 29.6 per cent Disapprove 57.'1 per cent No Opinion 13.0 per cent 2. How strongly do you approve or disapprove? Strongly approve 25 per 'cent Mildly approve 75 per ' cent Strongly disapprove 75 pe rcent Mildly disapprove '. 25 per cent 3. The House Judiciary Committee is now conducting an Inquiry into the impeachment of Mr. Nixon. Do you approve or disapprove of the way this inquiry is being conducted? Approve ....' 52.8 per cent Disapprove 33.9 per cent No opinion 13.2 per cent 4. Mr. Nixon has refused to give the Judiciary Committee any additional tapes or other evidence it has re- qiieited for its inquiry. Do you think the President should give the committee' the tapes, or not? Should 67.9 per cent Should not 24.5 per cent No opinion 7.5 per cent 5. Dp you think there is enough evidence of possible wrongdoing in the case of President Nixon to bring him to trial before the Senate? Yes 53.7 per cent No 25.9 per cent No opinion 20.3 per cent 6. From the way you feel now, lo you think his actions are serious enough to warrant his being removed from the presidency or not? Yes 35.1 per cent No i- 48.1 per cent No opinion --V 16:6 per cent ommlttee trying to refute evi- once presented in the im- eachmenl inquiry. The results were similiar to lose regularly reported these ays in national polls. But the esults take . on a special neaning because they represent ie views of a cross section Americans waiting to tour \e President's house. The results show that the merican people disapprove of Jixon's conduct but are not yet eady to throw him out of the Vhite House. 1'EOPLE DISAPPKOVE The poll indicated that: --Most of those ciuestioned lisapprove of President Nixon s lerformance in the White louse. --A majority approve of the manner the House Judiciary Jommittee is conducting the mpeachment inquiry. --Nearly seven of every 1C hink the President shoulc r e l e a s e tapes and other materials the committee has requested. --Most ;believe that enough evidence has been presented to bring Nixon to trial in the Senate. ' --Only about 35 per cent now think the President's actions merit his ouster. --Democrats and Independ cnts are most critical of the President, Republicans mos supportive. Most polls stop with the sta tistics, but there is more -much more.-- to today's sent! ments than simple numbers. What emerges from cdnver satibns with tourists outside th White House is a · feeling o pessimism. It is a sentimen tinged with distrust, focused no so much on individuals as o' the political system. . SEEN AS CROOK "I think he's a crook; he jus got caught," an Eau Claire Wis. man said of Nixon. "Ever president does it." Few specified exactly wha "it" is, other than to refer t it as some kind of corruption They spoke of it haltingly bitterly, as if It is a spreading disease. I used to think he was sin- cre, that they all were sin- ere," a legal secretary from oston recalled, "Now I think hat the word should be 'power- mad.'" Whatever the word is, it has aused a mounting cynicism oward politics: Some of the ourists who were approached urned away quickly, refusing to participate. It was as if they were afraid to, worried that they might somehow become involved in the corruption of which they spoke. "God is letting it happen," a self-proclaimed "Jesus freak" from Boston lamented. "It is so America can be judged." Some persons wondered aloud if anyone could be trusted now, if any government official is still totally uncorrupted. Many of those questioned expressed their opposition or support of the President in no uncertain terms. "He's misused the ..power of the presidency," Susan Humphries of Alexandria, Va. declared. ' : "The President should live by «*/;«,, , $*»(, «f £«itMtW0* Weather Forecast Showers are forecast today in the southern portion of the nation with temperatures in the 90's. Precipitation is also expected in the Dakotas and Minnesota and over Montana and Idaho. Weather will he seasonable elsewhere in the nation. (AP Wirephoto) Striking Bus Drivers To Meet With ITU JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) -- A strike by the 17 Jonesbdro bus drivers of Great Southern Coaches entered · its fifth day Sunday. C o m p a n y representatives hope to work toward resolving the wildcat strike when they meet with representatives of International Teamsters Union local at Little Rock Thursday, Charles Seipel of Jonesboro, Great Southern vice president said Saturday; The meeting will be in Jonesboro. · . The men walked o f f . their jobs Wednesday and a union spokesman said the strike was not sanctioned by the union. Alfred Pickering of Little Rock said t h e - m e n were concerned abrut -"the poor condition of the bus tquipment." Seipel said today that corn- negotiate directly with th striking employes. The bus company is heac quartered at Jonesboro with of fices at Little Rock, St. Loui and Memphis. Concerning the effect of th strike Seipel said "We jus pulled the buses in and le them sit." He said the meeting with th u n i o n representatives w a scheduled before the strike he same rules that the rest the USA does," remarked ichael Parker cf Pittsburgh. "I cannot believe he was not ware that there was a overup," said an independent oler from Washington, Mo. OWN AFFAIR "The tapes are his own pri- ate affair," insisted Neil Watts f Louisville, Ken. "If I set up tape recorder in my home, obody has the right to move n and hear the tapes." "They should leave him alone ind let him run the country," aid a woman from Virginia. "If you ask me, he's doing good job," said Dan Simmons f Penh Yan, N.Y. The opinions came as the larticipants followed the wave f tourists who were among the .25 million visitors to the White House every year. It is a motley group, clad n everything from business suits to Boy Scout uniforms, long dresses to short shorts, They smoke cigarettes and chat pleasantly of the sights they've seen and the sights they will, of hotels and historic houses, of politics and the rain back home. The camera shutters never stop There are thousands or photographs of hundreds of · the tourists emerge from the 45-minute White Housa tour, it will most likely be for the last time. Most, soon thereafter, will return home with their photographs and memories, probably never to return. But this year, amidst a presidential impeachment inquiry, they are not likely to be forgotten. The politicians will remember, if for no other reason than their conviction now that what Middle America things matters. 15-Ton Glass Bank Set To Be Ground VICTORIA, B.C. (AP) -- The 5-ton glass blank destined to K the primary mirror in a volcano-top telescope in Hawaii was unpacked here from- its ron e~ale, 10 months after it arrived at Dominion Astrophysical Observatory from France. Flogs Flown EL PASO, Tex. (AP) -- Since iate May 1970, members of El Paso Boy Scout Troop 21 have been raising the United States flag each Saturday morning in San Jacinto Plaza in downtown Plaza. At least one patrol from the troop handles the assignment regardless of weather conditions, reports William I. Lath am, editor- of the- El Paso Times. The present Scoutmaster is a Roman Catholic priest. Brother Tariscio Bressan. who doesn' speak English. He has worked with the'troop from a low in come area of El Paso for many years. Observatory director K. 0. Wright said Friday it will take until the end of 1976 to grind he 144-inch-diameter mirror. It s made of cervit, ,a glass ce- ram'c material impervious to emperature 'changes and thus resistant to- distortion-causing expansion and contraction in heat and cold. Wright said "political wrangling" bewteen Canada and France over cost-sharing delayed the mirror almost a year. It was originally bought in the United States and shipped to France for preparation, but lid-!- · y - ^ n c h . Na.'onal Scientific Research Center sent it here after Canada -decided to taka part in the project. (XMRT WATCH REPAIR ^jy y ^ w v TT 5 H'/ F T 5 ITNMth DIL Beautiful Crystal Palace Spiced For Fall In Warm Earthy Tones . Bath Towel If Perfect $4 Woodspice, Coral or Cream 100% Polyester Fabrics A. Rib cardigan with strips trim. Sizes 8 to 18 . . . . . .$32 Sleeveless rib turtlenec'c shell. Sizes 8 to 18 $1» Yoke pleated skirt. Sizes 8 to 18 $23 If Perfect 2.50 Hand Towel 1.19 If Perfect 8Dc Wash Cloth 69c Save on this all time favorite from the Royal Family Collection. 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