Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 7, 1974 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, July 7, 1974
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Jlortfjtoegt The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper 115th YEAR-NUMBER 23 FAYETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, SUNDAY, JULY 7, 1974 PAGES-25 CBfTS Beginning July 15 Gunfire Ruled Out As Window Of Car Behind Ford Shatters Open Hearings Set WASHINGTON (AP) -- After one more week of hearing only the bits and pieces of impeachment evidence 'that leak from the closed sessions of the House J u d i c i a r y Committee, t h e American people finally may get a clearer view of whether there is a case against President Nixon. The committee remains in closed session this week to continue questioning witnesses who include John W. Dean III, the former White House counsel turned presidential accuser, and Herbert W. Kalmbach, once Nixon's personal attorney and political fund-raiser. But the week of July 15, the doors of the impeachment in quiry are scheduled to swing open for a public debate on whether there are grounds for the impeachment of the President. With* the Democrats holding a decisive 21 to 17 majority on the Judiciary Committee, pre : dictions are that it will recommend impeachment. But whether the majority can formulate a case that will attract Republican votes in committee and on the House floor i remains a question. Bumpers'Honeymoon With Legislature Said Ending LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- After Gov. Dale Bumpers' intention to call a special legislative session was made public early in June, most observers felt, although not necessarily for the same reasons, that Bumpers would continue to get his way in the General Assembly. ' The result so f a r , however, indicates that something has happened to what has been termed in the past "Bumpers' honeymoon with the legislature." - · With two weeks of the called session under their belts, legislators have approved some important parts.of the governor's program, but other major parts · of it have not been approvec and the sentiment of the legislature seems to be approval of its own proposals in .those areas. One reason many people felt Bumpers would get his way is the political reputation he has gained as being a "giant-kill er", having soundly defeatec former Gov. Orval Faubus, the late former Gov. W'nthrop Rockefeller and Sen. J. W. Ful bright in gubernatorial and sen atorial elections. Another reason is Bumpers track record. Taking over the governorship on the heels o Rockefeller, Bumpers passed practically every bill in hi: package in the 1971 and 197; legislatures. The reason to: that, it ^s felt, was the Demo cratic legislature's partisan dis like for the Republican Rock cfeller. FIVE FACETS In any event, Bumpers ha fared well until now, so what i happening this time around? The answer seems to hav five facets: --Bumpers is a "lame duck governor and will hot be bac when the legislature convene in regular session this January · --Many legislators feel som of the surplus money should b saved for use by the next gov ernor. --Many legislators feel it j about time they exercised som . independence. --Some "lame duck" legisla tors who had exercised leac ership in the past sessions hav found other members not listen ing to them this time. --And many legislators di not feel this special session wa necessary. . Two members of the Gener^ Assembly, Sen. Ben Allen Little Rock and Rep. Thoma Sparks of Fordyce, have in th past been called Bumper right-hand-men in the legisl LOCAL FORECAST- Partly cloudy and war through Monday with chance showers and thundeijtorm Highs today in the low 90s wi lows tonight in the low 71 High Monday in the low 90 Sunset today 8:36; sunrise Mo day 6:07. Weather map on page BB. re. In .the Senate , Allen, is en sometimes referred to by fier Senators as "Governor len." Allen said he believes the vernor is faring well and that is session has been very pro- ictive. Allen did not subscribe any of the beliefs of other gislators as to how Bumpers making out in the session. The only reason he called the j'ssion was that he thought icre were some meaningful lings to be done. Most of us ant to do the right thing," Aln said. Drug Problem In Area Said Hot On Wane By LINDA DOBKINS TIMES Siaff Writer The idea that Fayetteville's drug problem is on the wane has been soundly disproven in recent weeks. Drug arrests and charges -- including at- least two record drug "buys" indicate an increased effort to throttle down the Washington County drug trade. Payetteville Police Chief Spencer bluntly calls "our biggest problem' Recuperating Chou Visited By Jackson McCHORD AFB, Wash. (AP) -- Premier Chou En-lai is in a ~"eking hospital recuperating rom - an undisclosed illness ien. Henry M. Jaclcson said Saturday night after returning rom a six-day visit to China. Jackson who spoke with the 6-year-old Chinese leader for 0 minutes Friday morning aid their conversation con- irmed reports that Chou had seen sick although he is now ecovering and his mind is still harp, "I pass no judgment on his ihysical condition other than to ay that he told me he had wen ill and not feeling well," aid the Washington Democrat on a brief stopover in Tokyo be- ore returning to Washington. "I made no attempt to diagnose his physical condition" Jackson said.. But he said 'there just isn't any question about his mental ability to do lis job. MOST RESPONSIVE "The premier was up on everything I was interested in and that was rather extensive. And he was most responsive to ;he questions I raised" Jackson said in an interview aboard a U.S. government plane. Jackson said he talked with Ihou in one room of a Peking hospital suite. After the conversation Chou stood with the senator and his wife Helen for photographs and saw them to the door without any assistance he said. "The man is terribly sharp" Jackson said. "He was quick, well informed. Obviously he has been ill. I do not know the nature of his illness." Jackson's session with Chou was the premier's first meeting with a foreigner since the end of May when subordinates began representing Chou at official functions in Peking. Hollis drugs Drugs rate that ranking no1 only in respect to their illega use and sale, but also because of the various other crimes -including the steadily rising number of thefts and burglaries -- that inevitably heavy drug traffic. Drugs are expensive to use even at a modest level, am to the addict who has to suppor a $50-$100 a day habit, the need for ready cash becomes para mount. The sale of - a stolen gun oi bicycle, or cash from a break-in at a business office is a populn way to finance drugs. Drug store burglaries or robberie can supply both cash and drugs The third problem raised by drug use is the care an rehabilitation of a drug use after he is apprehended. Th need for more drug treatmen centers is a long-term problem the public in general has no yet faced. . . . . . . SEE CYCLES Police officials see cycles ii drug traffic as dealers mov rom' area to area or as loca dealers go deeper underground Drug arrests and convictions -and .apparently drug traffic, t some degree -- slowed slightl after a series of arrests las summer and fall, and -the began .to pick up again. Man of the arrests now being mad stem, from drug sales in ear! 1974. Most of the drug charge involve deals made by narcotic agents, and represent seven months of undercover work r federal and state narcotic agents and law enforcemen officers and local police. The largest marijuana ha in 'Fayetteville came on Apr 30 when federal and sfal agents arranged for the sale i 100 pounds of grass. The deal was set up in Litt Rock and was to be carrie out in Fayetteville. The su involved was $10,000; the stre value of the marijuana wa 524,000 .to $30,000, depending the going price of a "lid." The biggest buy in the state of Arkansas, according to Grand Opening Of Farmers Market Shoppers seeking fresh, locally grown vegetables came, saw and bought, as these two photos indicate, at the grand opening of the Farmers Market on the Fayetteville Square Saturday. All connected with the market said it was their biggest day and they were quite pleased wilh' the sales. (TIMESphotos hy Ken Good) Ford Says Nixon Will Abide By Decision^ High Court narcotics investigators, was on June 13, on the parking lot of the Northwest Arkansas Plaza when federal, state, and local law officers closed in on the sale of 150,000 amphetamine pills -- another sale arranged by agents. The sale price was $18,000, and the street value was estimated at $50,000. The drug problem in Washington County is by no means limited to Fayetteville. A recent drug arrest in Springdale resulted in charges of possession of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana with intent to deliver. State Police Investigator K e n n e t h McKee, recently assigned to head up state drug (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO) In Chile And U.S. Jealous Singer I CHICAGO (AP) - A part- ime opera singer was arrested aturday and charged with hiring a man to kill a fellow tenor, ipparently over professional ealousy, police said. Wesley M. Bibro, 37, of Oak 'ark, and Richard Ely, 30, of Chicago were charged with onspiracy and solicitation to jommit murder. Bibro offered Iily-$150fl to kill Daniel Loftus, 5, police said. Reds Satisfied Drug-Smuggling Ring Crippled By Arrests WASHNGTON' (AP) -- A drug-smuggling ring alleged'to have brought .7 million worth of cocaine into this country from Chile in military aircraft and diplomatic pouches has been crippled with the arrest of 22 persons, the Justice Department says. Chilean authorities arrested 16 persons in Santiago, including members of the Chilean air force and navy. Six others were arrested this week in the Washington area, New York City and Madison, Wis. The Justice Department said all 22 were key members of the ring; sealed indictments were returned in New York on June 5 but kept secret so that authorities could make, arrests as simultaneously as practicable. The announcement was made J intly by John R. Bartels Jr. ,S. drug enforcement administrator, and Chilean Ambassa- fc dor, Walter Heitman, who stressed that law agencies of the two. countries had cooperated in the' investigation. /The ring was said to have smuggled at least 162 pounds of cocaine 'from Chile to New York via Washington between May 1973 and last month, Bartels said. A spokesman said cocaine has' an illegal street sale value of more than J500 a gram. · The five-count federal in- dibtment alleges that a naval officer stationed in Valparaiso with, access to diplomatic pouches arranged the smuggling, and that an officer stationed at the Chilean embassy received the incoming drugs. Diplomatic pouches are routinely used by diplomats to car ry communications and are nol subject to customs inspections Among those arrested in the United States was Marion R 3rown, a University of Wisconsin professor of agriculture who vorked in Chile last year at the university's Land Tenure Cen Another was Mrs. Eduardo !)iaz of nearby Silver Spring Md., whose husband is a chie petty -officer in the Chilean navy assigned to the country's embassy here. Her husbam was arrested in Santiago. Arrested in New York Cily on Monday and Tuesday were Lina Gotes, owner of a dry cleaning firm; Lionel "Chile' Marques, owner of a food mar ket; Klva Morales and Jos Rey-Fcrrerio. The Justice Department de scribed Mrs. Gotes as master mind of the ring; the in dictmcnt charged that she trav elcd to Washington "to receiv the narcotics after they ha been smuggled into the Unite States." : 1 " n iwraar "j NEWS BRIEFS MOSCOW lewspapers, action with (AP) -- Soviet expressing satis- President Nixon's -isit to Moscow, reported on ront pages Saturday that the ummit was "a major contribu- ion" to Soviet-U.S. relations. The summit became top news again when Communist leader '" I. Brezhnev's fellow Po- members "fully ap the summit results. litburo proved' Warren Improves WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some light improvement in the con- ition of former Chief Justice Sari Warren was reported Saturday by his physician, a Georgetown University Hospital ipokesman said. Warren, 83, was hospitalizet Tuesday with congestive heart allure and coronary ins u f f i c i e n c y . T h e hospital spokesman said Warren's doctor reported he remained in 'fair and stable condition." Market 1 Extremes NEW YORK (AP) ·- The atmosphere of pessimism and apathy that has enshrouded the stock market for most of the rear brought new extremes this ast week. All the popular averages fell :o new lows for the year early in the week. And on Friday, in sandwiched between 4 holiday and the Juch approval is routine. Seeking Help RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) -- An official of the Broiler Growers Service of {he Ar kansas Farm Bureau said Sat urday he was attempting to re cruit help from other broiler growers to assist in operathi! Valmac poultry processini plants at Russellville and Bar danelle. A labor dispute between Val mac Industries, the sta-te' largest poultry processing firm and members of Food Handler Local 425 entered its seventl day today. DALLAS, Tex. (AP) -- Vice President Gerald R. Ford said Saturday he assumes President Nixon would obey a Supreme Court order to turn over While House tapes to the Watergate prosecutor.: "I think it is assumed any citizen -- the President included -- would abide by a decision of the Supreme Court," Ford told a news conference here. . "But a person involved in.lili gation does not go out and say publicly what he is going to do," the vice president said. Ford held the news confer cnce before addressing dedica tion ceremonies for the Dallas World Trade Center. He made no reference to an incident in volving his motorcade. A shat tered window in a patrol ca led to police reports -- later re versed -- that a sniper hai fired on the motorcade as i moved from the Dallas-For Worth Airport to -the downtown area. A spokesman for the vie president said later that Fore was unaware of the commotion ORAL ARGUMENTS The Supreme Court will hea oral arguments Monday o whether G4 White House tape should be surrendered to Wa ergale spf.cial prosecutor Leo Jaworski. Nixon has said in the pas that he would abide by a "di iHive". decision of the court, t he has never defined that alification. ' : cracked. Ford said 'the likelihood of mpeachment has lessened in e last several weeks because e case against the President has fallen flat in several ·eas." NOT PROVED Ford said no. offense" has-been ovcd against Nixon and he oubts the President can be ed to the Watergate cover-up. On another topic, Ford said : was not told oefore Nixon's liddle East trip that the chief xeculive was suffering from hlebilis that could have been atal. Ford, noting that he was out f .-Washington when Nixon left or the Middle East, said he earned o! the President's ailment in a phone call from prcs- denlial chief of staff Alexander I. Ilaig Jr., who was in a Mid- astern capital at the time. In his speech at the World 'rade Center, Ford urged the enale to join Nixon's attempts o forge a new world partner- hip by quickly approving rade reform bill, U.S. success in achieving his- ory's highest living standards a session Ihe July weekend, trading volume slackened to years. its lowest point in Japan Holds Praises Kissinger CITY (AP) -VI praised Henry VATICAN Pope Paul Kissinger on Saturday for his · " ' "in the service told him the personal efforts of peace" and United States should persist in attempts to cool world tensions. The pontiff and the secrelary of state conferred for more than an hour in the Pope's private library, exchanging views on the Middle East, President Nixon's summit talks in Moscow and other international issues, ^^ I weather. TOKYO (AP) -- Despite saj ?ing popularity. Prime Ministe Kakuei Tanaka's government expected to be able to continu its domestic policies as a resu of elections to Japan's cerem nial upper house today. The elections also will pr vide a clue as to Tanaka's r election chances next July a president of the Liberal Dem cratic party, the post whic will give him another thn years as prime minister. Legislative power in Jap; rests wilh the 491-member \t\ er House of Representative where Tanaka's ruling party a ready holds 270 seals. In t: upper House of Counselors t party has 134 of the 252 seats. The Japanese will elect on 130 members of the upper house t o d a y . The major issues are skyrocketing inflation, the energy crisis, and education. World issues have not entered into the campaign. Some 75 million Japanese, more than half women, are eligible to vote, and the turnout is expected to be between 60 and 70 per cent depending on the Heat Blamed Alter Check By Police DALLAS, Tex. (AP) -- Ths window of a patrol car near lha end of Vice President .Gerald. R. Ford's motorcade was shattered Saturday, prompting .a police report -- later reversed -- that a shot had been fired. Ford, in Texas for dedication ceremonies at the Dallas World Trade Center, said later that President Nixon called hrm to find out what was going on. Neither Ford nor anyone else was reported injured. "He had heard . I . what the rumors were," Ford'said. ''Ha called to make sure what ha iad heard was true. "We had about a 10-minuta conversation not only about tha wild rumor and unfounded story but also about other mat- lers." The vice president said he was told that "one o[ the police followup cars ' had- a · window shattered. We checked it, dou- blcchecked it. They (the Secret Service) have worked with local law enforcement people and that's exactly what happened. "A window in a 'police car was shattered by the heat, not by any individual," Ford said. · Secret Service officials said initially .that a bullet might have been involved, but;' later reported that an investigation showed there was no .gunfire. They blamed the shattered window on heat expansion, · although some state officials said the 90-degree temperatures were not high enough to have caused the trouble. They said the car's air conditioning was on when the window first NEAR END arries great ic said. "One great responsibility is he need to seek a 7nore open and equitable world trading system," he said. "Another is r assure a fair chance to compete in the world's markets." Ford was en route from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to the center when the incident occurred. The patrol car involved was the third from the end of the motorcade. There were fiva other cars aiid a bus between Ford's limousine and the patrol car. The trade center is in the same complex of buildings President John F. Kennedy waa headed for when he was assassinated in 1963. The first report of the incident came from Jim Robinson at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin. He said a sniper reportedly fired at the car and shot out one of the windows. He said later the breakage might have been caused by a stone thrown up from the road, Bill Roberts, the vice president's press aide, said that when Ford was told of the incident "he just laughed. Ha thought it was-kind of funny." Ford held a brief news conference before the dedication ceremonies. The conference centered on the upcoming Sii- responsibililies, preme Court case involving White House tapes on Watergate. American Slain SAIGON (AP) -- An American official of the U.N. develop- nent program was shot and tilled Saturday by two Vietnamese robbers who escaped with his briefcase, authorities said. Police and U.N. officials in laigon identified the victim as William V. Saussotle, 60, 'of Palo Alto, Calif. He is survived by his widow and one daughter, said Pierre Sales, chief repre sentative of the U.N. Development Fund, which has 70 offi cials in Vietnam. 'SIMPLE EXPLANATION Discussing the window incident, Secret Service Agent in Charge Walter Coughlin said: l this came from simple neat expansion . . . It was a new car, the first time it had iccn used." William A. Hawthorne, a Secret Service spokesman , in Washington, said: "A complete examination of the area and of the vehicle resulted in this conclusion: It was heat expansion.- There was no bullet." Hawthorne said the windshield of the car was involved; other officials said it was a sida window. None of the three occupants of the car was injured, although a state police spokesman said, "The driver got a lapful of glass." 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