Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 6, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 6, 1974
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Hints From Heloise-Kitty Litter To The Rescue Presents New Machine Mr«. J. E. McClelland, president of City. Hospital Auxiliary, right, presents the new blood-gas machine, used in inhalation therapy, to Kenneth Sanders, hospital administra- tor, left. The Auxiliary gave $2,000 toward the purchase of the new machine and It is now in service at the hospital. (TIMESphoto by Ray Gray) Do-lt-Yourselfer Resigns For Life By VIVIAN BROWN I AP Newsfeatures Writer Some years ago one do-it- yourselfer resigned for life. He didn't exactly jump off the family tree, but he snipped a few branches. Now every year about this time, his wife rereads the letter of resignation and daydreams ' about what might have been-the enclosed swimming pool, a new deck or a patio. After she rereads Hie letter she sighs and . throws away all the colorful projec pictures she had cut out of periodicals during the year hoping for a more promising " turn 'of events. Here is the letter that might prove helpful to a wife whose husband has Just embarked on the do-it-yourself path: DO-IT-YOURSELF ' "..I am the average do-it- yourself type American male-a small wallet, a strong hack "· and a weak mind--who is writing this resignation to relieve ·his blood pressure. "In 10 years I have alternate' ly torn down and put back the ' old house 1 purchased in a weak (very) moment. Except for two summers when 1 revolted, I've had a decade of projects that have taken anywhere from one month year. to a _ know what it means to completely tear out a room in the house and do it over from bare wall studs to the $150 plastering job that the expert smooths on after I finish with the real labor. And I know ' what it means to add a room on a house. "I've taken abuse from my wife and children, my Englisl setter and even from the loca r building materials dealer, the plumber, electrician and the other dear-as-gold workmen that I've had to hire from time to time. "I've got this old-new place right up to my Adam's apple and when I pick up an issue of a popular home magazine tha 1 oozes, with honey and spice my blood pressure runneth over. , "Turn to any page in one o: those magazines and you'll fine '.: such diverse articles as, "Hov '. I ma!" i Small Cottage into i 15-Room Mansion,' or 'How Rebuilt our 100-year-Old House With Only One Hammer and s Bucket of Nails.' "What they don't usually · mention is what 'goes on be tween the decision to builc something and the finish line "The average do-it-yourselfe: . weekend-babe-in-the-woods ,typi .' usually talks over a projec with his wife. After a year o ', two of no-compromise he final ly gives up and runs to thi lumber yard where in answe · to his request for 14 2X4s h ' encounters further resistance. "The bored clerk with ; · blank stare poses a question: "Do you want 6 or 12 too lengths, 24 or 32 or what? D '- you want spruce or pine, cedar or what? Do you want No. 1, 2 ' 3 or a real rotten grade. Wha re you going to use them for?' When I returned from a short, vacation. I found one bedroom and bath had been flooded from a leaking roor. The carpeted rooms were still soggy and had a terrible odor. . ' . We had to have the carpeting all pulled out and thrown away. The padding was also thrown out as it was', sticky, wet and gummy. Consequently t!ie slab flooring was slimy and smelly! After cleaning lip this -mess, drying the area' as best we could, I sprinkled kitty litter all over the floor and.shut the door. Thank goodness, I had another bedroom and bath to use. I . kept the room closed 'or three.days and when opened the room -- no odor I- Remember I wrote to '-you before about how kitty litter helped in freezer problems. Well, knowing this did the trick at that time, using it as a room deodorizer seemed a good dea. I was told I'd have to repaint the room to get out the musty odor, but again kitty litter came to my rescue! Mrs. G'.R.H Dear Heloise: When baking, anything using eggs and shortening, try dropping an egg in the mea suring cup before measuring the shortening.' Stir the: e gg a little to make sure the white has 'touched all of the interip: of the measuring cup. Empty the. egg in the bow with sugar. Then measure you shortening and see hownicely i leaves the measuring cup! Mary Meac CUT :T OUT!! ' D.ear Heloise: Not being able to keep on "After a few minutes of deep hought the DIY (me) replies ;ive me those.,' FRUSTRATING "Frustrating decisions go on irough door frames, windows, iding and the different nails nd hardware needed. "The DIY dashes home with station wagon loaded with the materials and hammers hap- ily away over the weekend. iut then, like genies of doom, he kibitzers begin popping up. "From a neighbor he learns hat the wall will cave in unless e supports it while he is put- ing the picture window in. .His 'ife chirps up with, 'I thought ou were 'going to do so-and- o'..And one of his children loiiits out that 'a board looks rooked.' 'And then one day he finds out IQW much it all costs : for that ittle project. The bill arrives sting the nails, the windows, he 2X4s, the siding, and all the est. Then the little 'how to add a house on a room', type of hing starts to hurt right down o the shoes (Ihe'ones with the holes in them). ANSWER "My answer to the magazines s: how about just one issue on low to make the extra money o do the house project. Labor may not count for much, magazine-wise, but they are not Jiving away lumber, tools, and ;he other materials that are needed. "And as for the classy landscaping job that- makes a house ook fabulous (their. word, not mine)-- if you could afford that at all, you wouldn't need to do a n y t h i n g yourself, except maybe lie down in your hammock. .And that's what I intend .0 do from now on. 11 of the tiny adhesive bandage on. but needing something t cover a small cut, I cut on of the regular size bandages i half, the long way, and mad two adhesive bandages just th right size. Best of all, they stay on. Betty Ell: Dear Heloise: My daughter has very Ion hair. After washing it, I can get it very dry, so I take large terry-backed bib, put over her shoulders (so the bi hangs down her back) with th terry side up, and tie It unde her chin. Then I can comb her hair an let it dry without getting h back and clothes wet. Mrs. George Done Dear Heloise: If I take the car to shop fi meats, butter or frozen food early in the day, but don't wa: to return home right away'wil them, I put some ice in in ice . chest, set it on the bac seat and put these perishabl in it. Even though I don't arriv ime until later in the day theylhandy look in the kitchen. Try ve kept perfectly. And. I can range my day as I wish. M.R.W. ear Heloise: . ' I found a way to use small ecos of soap,, to keep the'path b' clean. V ·",''." , " Cut a square of nylon net and Id four thicknesses around veral bits o'teoap. Secure the el'With'a rubber band and use is to go around the tub a times just after you pull Plu "' -_I.. : :,..E.A. When folks go to the laundro- at, it is not always possible " get washers and dryers all gether-in a row. So we some- mes forget a Washer load of othes or else leave stuff in. e dryers. \ ·- · . ,, ; - , u' ; · (I have seen-w.omen ; '. almost ome to blows "in" laundromats n this same thing.) We all have plenty of address .ickers, I'm ·_ sure. Why not arry some to the laundromat, specially on days.when laun- romats are really busy? When 'e put clothes in either washer r dryer put one of the address tickers on the glass. They ome off easily .and .are no roblem. ' . . . . ; . ' ' Mrs.' Mary P. Ream 3ear Heloise: cleaning your beaters, cleaning out bowls, etc. Great for frosting cookies (with clean sticks, of course!. Mrs. Ken Ostby Dear : Heloise: A paintbrush will clean much easier. before using, you moisten it well with whatever brush cleaner you will be using ' Hex pnt). :·' A Slem, Ore. frend [iinaniniiiuiiDiiiiiMiiiimiiiD Births lllllllllIBiraillllllllJlllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllimilllllilllllll REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wallace .of Springdale, a daughter, July 2,-r..(-.-: Mr,-iand"Mrs. Arthur L. Fox of Prairie Grove, a son, July 2. : : .. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Easterling Jr., of Rogers, a son, July 2. Mr. ad Mrs. John Tabb DuVal of Fayetteville. a son, July 2. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis of Lowell, July 2. I \yas me. s called'out'of town for eetfrig '-·' arid r -accepted Mother's kind" offer'to'.baby" sit or my - infant' 1 " son'. . When': I ropped off 1 '' said. 's'dn' 1 " : 'a't' Mother's, I''also droped off Michael K. a daughter, Announcements tiree casserole dinners,- iously prepared 'and rozen. then Mother says it was a'wondef- ul .idea. Gave her more time o enjoy her grandson, gave her *· vacation from her "own cooking and, last but not least, gave her three new casserole recipes. Kristie Steviek Dear Heloise: "»·/· ·.'"-·-.: An ice cream stick makes' a K a p p a Kappa Gamma Alumnae wil Ihold its, annual nusband-wife picnic at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Underwood. Area alumnae w\d their husbands are invited to attend. For further information, contact the club president, Barbara Swayze, 5216410. EXTENSION. . . HOMEMAKERS CLUB Family Reunion Held At Baird Home Mr. and Mrs. H. C. : Baird, 529 S. Block Street, had as guests their four children and their families from June 19 through July 4. There were Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Baird of Carmichael. Calif., Mrs. Barbara Baker and two daughters of -Rome, N.Y. her son and his wife and two children of Berrien Springs, Mich., and her two grandchildren, Barbara and Mike 1 Baker of Omaha. Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Baird and four children of Springfield, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baird and three children of the Baldwin Community. Other guests were .'Mrs. Baird's sister. 'Mrs. Ervin Muehlhausen of Wichita, 'Kan.. ler brothers, Tom Jensen and Mrs. Jensen and Novil Jensen and ' Mrs. Jensen of Fayetteville; Mr. Baird's' niece, ; Mrs. Hawell :Liftle of Springdale; his nephew, Guy · Atkinson, Mrs. Atkinson and their children, of Rogers; Mr. and Mrsl Jam'es Muehlhausen and children of Tulsa. Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hanna and sons of Wichita, Kan. -Mr. and Mrs. Ted King of Joplin, Mb., Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Muehlhausen o I Sapulpa, Okla., Mrs. Ted Mor- Lock of Rogers and Mrs. Chester Todd and sons of Joplin. Among the group were ten of Mr. and Mrs. Baird's grandchildren and four of their great grandchildren. iiniiiiflMBiiniMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiliiiiiilliia OMEN Saturday, July 6, 1974 0 3 ···MMiMiinira^^ Arkansas Picnic To Be Held In California ; ' - ' · · ' . ' ! ' . Again this.'year, the^.annual rkansas picnic will be held; at cKinley Park in, Sacramento, alif., on the first Sunday-in ugust beginning at 10:30 a.m. A family style picnic lunch, h e r e everyone attending rings a dish to share, erved at 12 noon.i In the after- oon entertainment will .ba ountry music and (watermelon 'ill be served. ·All Arkansaris living in the rea or visiting in California re invited to attend. There are icnic tables and a swimming ool for those who wish to use Fayetteville Business and Professional Women's Club will meet at 0:30 p.m. Monday at Wyatt's Cafeteria. New officers for the 1974-75 club year will present their budget and committee selection, and the program will be a report by Miss Paula Goode, delegate the club sent to Girls' State. Mrs Lorrene Raymond is ident. club pres- \VEEKLY SCHEDULE in Washington" County \yill meet according to the following §6he- dule durin'g.'-'the'' Weefc' of ffuly 8-12: - - ··'- ;--.-··:-.!.- Tuesday: White Rock, Mrs. Lela Laney, 10:30 a.m. Wednesday: - Combs Chapel, Walker Park, 10 a.m.; Meadow Valley, Ozarks Electric, : II a.m.; Monitor, club house, .11 a.m. - - ..... ' ·Thursday: Friendly- Neig- hofsf Mrs. Foster Williams, 13 E. Sunset, 12 noon. Goldenrod Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at SWEPCO for the regular monthly session. Benton County Democratic Women's Club will meet at 7:30 p.m..:Thursday at the Bank of Benfohville'i Hospitality Room. Guest-.speakers. Will be Railey Steels, ? candidate' for county 'judge, -and -State, Rep. Ivan Rose, who is unopposed in his bid for re-election. All members and interested persons are in- .vited .to attend the meeting. AooAer FMRIT WEOdY Exdodve - Jply 7 Bridge News ADULT CENTER Oscar White and E. W. Thornton were first and second place winners i nthe Community Adult Center bridge party. Other winners were Lillian Smith, Penny Lyons, Thelma Slanforth and Mildred Allen. Anyone 50 years of age or older is invited to attend the activities or the adult center. Further information may be obtained by calling 443-3512. Ktmito BoitrrBi»«iS«r» Ik-. Good Art!Ifo. PR-Mow Itmj Mr A« Reading \Hm'» ' JOtSUfWaiat IMS In · Peno.'« Face? SILOAM SPRINGS Siloam Springs Bridge Association will hold its July play and luncheon at the Esquire Room of the Dawn Hill Country Club on Wednesday, July 10, and hostesses will b e three players from Maysvillc, Minerva Edmondson, Marguerite Edmondson and Billie Wilber. Members meet at 9:30 a.m. for coffee and play begins at 10 o'clock with lime out for the noon luncheon. It ends at 3 o'clock when six prizes are awarded. . . giiimiiiitDinnm Daily Calendar of Events ' Tonight Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. AI-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Churhc, 7 p.m. Adult Ballroom Dance Group, Adult Center, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafeiorhim, 8 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2- Way Radio Year 2-iray radio b tftctrcole* »tnc* 139 I N. Colleze For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center - 44242M City Parking Lot IB Rear Sunday Duplicate Bridge dub/Legion Hut, 1:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Out of Retirement and Back to Work: Desi Araaz Looks Back: "My Children Prove Even a Broken Marriage Can Be Worth It!" "At one time 1 teas president o/ a studio, starring in my cam series, and mas responsible ]or 20 oilier shmvs. I had 35 sound stages and 3,000 people to take care o'f. If I qtut, they were cat of work. It became'a monster" : This week Peer J. Oppenheimer writes exclusively for FAMILY WEEKLY on,the new career of .. Desi Arnaz. A man of considerable warmth and charm, Arnaz reflects on the Cuban revolution of the '30's, which landed him iri Florida. He did not head for Hollywood. His intention .was to follow a career far removed from greasepaint and lights. Learn how he got started, how his first career became unmanageable, and how he and star-wife Lucy are better friends today than they were while nian and wife. Both he and Lucy (both remarried) still celebrate their children's birthdays together. In your copy of the Files For Divorce BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) -Barbora Oherfield Mandel, whose 5'/4-month vigil at the Maryland governor's mansion failed to save her marriage of 32 years to Gov. Marvin Mandel, has filed fordivorce. Last July, she refused to move from the 45-room 'mansion ofter her' husband announced he wanted a divorce to marry another woman. "I'm in love with another woman, Jeanne Dorsey, and I intend to marry her," the 54- year-old Mandel saiu at the time. Mrs. Mandel, who is a few months younger than the governor, said she would wait in the mansion until , her husband 'comes to his senses completely." She gave up last Dec. 20 and , moved .from the 105- year-old mansion. The court papers filed Friday in Circuit Court by lawyers.for Mrs. Mandel said the governor abandoned her without just cause or reason. The next step is the governor's response. He does not have to appear at any of the hearings and final action on the divorce -- if uncontested -- can be taken in.30 days. Mrs. Handel's court-papers said she and the governor agreed Dec. 19 on a property settlement. Creative Arts Activity To Be Held Here A creative arts activity will be aV Ozarks Electric July 24. 'The demonstrations and instruction' in various creative arts, including Seminole patchwork, woodcarving, paper fold art and fabric purses, are planned. ': Instructors are Mrs. Earl Netherton, Mrs. Ann Webb, Mrs. Brenda Stallings and Mrs. Nina Coffee. The event is sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and will be held from 9:45 to 11:45 a.m. Participants are asked to bring paper and pencils to make notes arid further information may be obtained by calling the Agricultural Extension office 442-9821. Colson To Surrender WASHINGTON (AP) ~ For mer White House aide Charle Colson is to surrender to feder al officials on Monday to begin serving a one-to three-year sen tence for trying ' to improperl isfluence the prosecution o Daniel'Ellsberg. Colson originally was sched uled to serve his sentence i the federal prison camp at A :enwood. Pa., but will be hel [or an indefinite period at correctional institution in th Washington-Baltimore area. The Justice Department sa: Friday that the decision wa made at the request of th House Judiciary Committe and the special Watergate pro ecutor's office. Colson is e pected to be summoned fi questioning in the Waterga ·XPIRT WATCH REPAIR ; Auxiliary Hears Convenlion Report At the regular meeting of Washington Regional Medical nter Auxiliary, Mrs. Joan Wilkins, director of volunteer services at the Center, who has accepted a similar position in Little Rock and will soon be leaving Fayetteville, was presented : a ' gift by Mrs. C. K.- Jones, president, on behalf of ;he Auxiliary in appreciation of ler services. Members attending the Midwest Health Congress in Kansas City,' Mo., in early June, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Joe Woglom, vic» president, and Mrs. Wilkins, made reports.: TERMITIS? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spiders, etc- COMMERCIAL · RESIDENTIAL.' , GROW WITH US! OFFICERS President A. P. Eason, Jr. , Vice President J. F. Robinson Vice President Troy Belote Secretary-Treasurer C. A. Stump Assistant Secretary Jean Swift Assistant Treasurer Alice Ann Simkins DIRECTORS A. P. Eason, Jr. Dr. J. W. Murry J. F. Robinson W. D. Segraves Rex A. Smith C, A. Stump P FINANCIAL STATEMENT FIIIST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS JUNE 30, 1974 A S S E T S Cash on Hand and In Banks $ 700,731.80 Investments and Securities 4,566,922.08 First Mortgage loans 28,380,8(56.96 540,258.38 Other Loans Fixed Assets Less Depreciation Prepayment to Secondary Reserve FSL1C. Deferred Charges and Other Assets 132,596.53 146,440.51 78,358.08 $34,546,114.34 L I A B I L I T I E S Savings Accounts $31,501,586.80 1,000,000.00 Advances from Federal Home Loan Bank, loans in Process 122,253.30 Other LiabiliJiei 171,405.23 General Reserves and Surplus t,7SO,869.01 $34,546,114.34 first federal savings FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS On tti« Sq'iar* and Northwest Arkansas Plaza PHONE 521-3424 Northwest Arkansas' Savins* A loan Ctnter '

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