Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 3, 1974 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1974
Page 24
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Hundred Attend Funeral For Mrs. King Held In Atlanta ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - Hundreds bid a final farewell today to the.slain Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. ' '.· The funeral was set for 11 a.m. at Ebenezer Baptist Church where Mrs. King ,70, was shot do deat'hduring a service Sunday while she played the Lord's Prayer on the organ. Her father, husband and two sons have served as pastor there for 80 years. She is survived by her bus band, Dr. Martin Luther King Sr.. 74, and a daughter, Mrs. Christine King Farris. Her younger son, the Rev. A. D. King, drowned in his backyard pool in 1DG9. Burial was at Soulhvicw Cemetery, four miles south of - Atlanta, one of the first cemeteries started by Southern blacks after the Civil War. Her son Martin was buried there after his assassination in 1968 but his remains later were moved to a crypt next to the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Many . civil rights activists . and dignitaries attended the Cervices, including Mrs. Elizabeth Ford, wife of Vice Presi- lent Gerald R. Ford; presidential assistant Stanley ScoU, representing President Nixon; the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Opera- ion PUSH; Vernon Jordan, head of ,the Urban League, comedian Flip Wilson, and the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy of the Southern Christian'Lead- ership Conference. . I N JAIL Marcus ' Wayne' Chenault, a 23-year-old black" man from Dayton, Ohio, remains in jail lere charged with-the slayings of Mrs. King and a church deacon and the wounding of .another woman in .the shooting spree Sunday. More than 1,000 persons, moitly black, attended a memorial service for Mrs. King Tuesday night in a chapel, at Spelman College, where the body of her son Martin lay in slate in 1968. The pale 'pink casket wai closed and covered with a bank of flowers when King Sr. en tered the plain, higtrceilingec Financing For Yugoslavian Nuclear Project Approved WASHINGTON '(AP) -- The U.S. Export-Impart Bank has authorized financing for a nuclear project in Yugoslavia despite congressional criticism of the bank's aid to Communist countries. · . The $176 million in low-cost financing is the first aid from the bank for a nuclear project in a Communist country. It also is the largest ever for Yugoslavia. Eximbank's granting of low- interest loans and credits to Communist countries, which has increased sharply in the past year, has met sharp criticism in Congress. A number of congressmen object to extending low-interest financing to Communist nations--and other nations as well -- while domostic firms must borrow funds at interest rates above 10.per cent for their purchases and investments. And, on Tuesday, the House voted to try to block international loans to India as a pro test of her nuclear test last month. India has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and the House move would seek to prevent loans by the Inter national' Development . Agency to any country which develops nuclear explosives and does nol sign the treaty. BILL HUNG UP Eximbank's lending authority expired at midnight Sundas and a bill to extend it for an other four years has'- been hung up in Congress. A 30-day exten sion has been approved bu 'resident Nixon' has not signet t yet.. . . The . Yugoslavia credit wa announced in an Eximban press release on Friday, befor he bank's lending authority ex pired. Additional informatio on the project was learned elephone interviews Monda and Tuesday with Eximbank ol icials. The annual interest rate o he Eximbank credit of $17 million is 7 per cent, considera )ly below market interest rates. The financing is extern ed in the form of a credit to purchase of U.S. equipment. "We think our job is to he] tl.S. suppliers sell their equi ment," said Warren Click, e ecutive vice president of E: 'mbank. A spokesman for the Atom: Energy Commission said Yugi slavia signed an agreement year ago with the United N, lions' International Atom Energy Agency and the Unite States to buy the reactor. Sue agreements include provisio for IAEA to inspect the pow plants to be sure that the plut nium, which all nuclear rea tors produce, is not diverted make weapons. . The spokesman said that i objection to the contract wi raised last year by- Congres joint Atomic Energy Com mittee. The committee last week a proved a bill that would gi Congress veto authority ov any transfer of U.S. nude technology to a foreign cbuntr apel, accompanied by his lighter, 11 grandchildren and e -widows of his two sons. His face twisted with emotion he stopped briefly in front of e coffin. For the rest of the ne hour and 15-minute service e sat quietly in the first pew, odding his head at the praise r his wife of 48 years. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, a ng-time friend of the King mily and president of the At- nta Board of Education, saic ing Jr. learned much of his lilosophy of non-violence from s parents. LIVING EXAMPLE "They were a living example f what it means to live in a orld of prejudice and violence nd live a life of love and for ivencss day ,by day,"Mays aid. Walter E. Fauntroy .Distric Columbia delegate to Con ress, called Mrs. King "the nother of a man and a move lent that has shaped the des ny of millions for our tim nd all time." The final tribute came from rtrs. King's only i surviving hild; "Yes," said Mrs. Farris Mother, was a tower p irength and her children wi ise up and call her blessed." Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., July 3, 1974 AYETTKVILLK. ARKANSAS Record-Breaking Nails Murari Mohan Aditya of Calcutta sets a new world record In finger nail growing according to the Guiness Book Lack Of Well Defined Goals Reduces Production Efficiency ot World'Records. The total length o[ the nails on his left hand is 55.5 inches, which lireaks the previous record of 52.5 inches. Murari, who started growing his nails in 1J62, displays this It Inch Iliumih nail, 10 inch forefinger nail, 11.5 inch middle finger nail, 12 inch ring finger mid II inch little finger nails (AP Wirephoto) 25 Energy Tax May Cost California SACRAMENTO (AP) -- Leg slation before Congress could cost California $423 million in ideland oil revenues over the next five years, state Controller "louston Floujnoy says. In a letter to Rep. Wilbur Wills, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Flournoy said Tuesday that Mills' "Oil and Energy Tax Acl of 1974" cost ".California as much as $150 million in one year alone. Flqurnoy, who is the GOP candidate for 'governor, askec Mills to change his bill so Call- ornia would not be affected by ts windfall profits tax proyi- ions.' ~' Flournoy, chairman of "the t a t e Lands Commission, vrote: ·' ·':·"- "Under present provisions,: of . i s bill, slate and local governments cannot qualify for an^exemption unless state or local aw specifically prohibits .investment in oil operations. -^ "On this basis, the state^of Texas would automatically/.be exempt, but California would be penalized because California law does not specifically prohibit such investment." The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week What is blaspheming against the Holy Ghost (or Holy 1 ' Spirit).? Is it an unforgivable SIN? What sin against (he Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) is most church people commiting ft (hat Is causing them to be lost, unless they turn from this '·· sin? If they do not turn from this sinning against the Holy·'' Ghost, they cannot be saved for there is no salvation as ·· long as they continue in this sin. Most churches do not realize that they are commiting this SIN. Write and I will' give a Bible answer to these questions or phone me. You 1 , are obligated in no way. This is not denominational. No;charge of any kind. I am only a servant of (he creator o f i j heaven and earth. Hohert Holland Route 2, Box 177 Faycttevillc, AR 72101 Phone 442-9069 By JOHN CUNNIFF Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) -- When executives think about raising vorker productivity the image hat comes to mind is the production line, and they ask: How can we turn out more units per manhqur of work? But what about executive jroductivity? Seldom asked in :he past except during recessions or serious lags in profits, be question now has become a matter of serious concern for arge and small companies. A bad executive decision, it is realized, is magnified on the production line. And time lost on the golf course may cost far more than the secretary's few minutes at the water cooler But this isn't always obvious. In a survey of executives by the American Management As sociations, respondents were asked to name the personne area in which the most seven productivity problems existed Most named production; But when asked to name tb factors responsible for the un satisfactory productivity the ex ecutives, inadvertently perhaps pointed the finger at them selves. At any rate, the poor produc tlvity factor most often checke by the 1,275 executives wa "lack of well defined organ zational or departmental goals nd objectives." That's a man- igement failure. The management organ- zation claims the survey ques- ionnaire, sent to 6,000 managers and presidents of Amcri- -an business, generated the econd greatest response of any of its surveys. Sixty-three per. cent of the respondents said executive productivity was a "serious concern" in the operation of business and industry today. And hey generally agreed it was :ied directly to achievement of goals and profits. Nevertheless, only 36 per cent were making efforts to evaluate executive productivity, a startling illustration of the absence of managerial goals. When asked to specify the productivity problem area in business and industry, the executives chose themselves as the least blameworthy. Production, supervisory management and clerical staff ranked highest. The concluding words of the report, to be published July 15, carry this admonishment: . It is time to forget the grandiose notion that managers naturally manage properly. We executives--from middle managers to presidents--need all the help we can get." WAL-MART SATISFACTION v p U A R A M T E E D . I Save on these great LUCITE Paints ONLY $T49 Shown best by test for house protection Dries to a tough, protective sheet Doesn't let weather in, lets moisture out Soap and water clean-up GAL. REG. 8.66 sju pm***"^ ^^ LUCIT6 Watt "at* ONLY $A« Whatever LUCITE covers wet stays covered when it dries Goes on fast, dries even faster i Never needs stirring, doesn't drip like other leading paints Soap and water clean up Southgate Shopping Center Open 9-9 General Electric WEATHERTRON HEAT PUMP The Weathertron is a single system ... one that is totally automatic .. . switches.itself from heating to cooling and cooling to heating as th'e weather demands. Simply set the automatic thermostat and forget it. The Weathertron System uses much less energy than an ordinary eleclricfurnace. Delivers more than2units of heat for every unit of electricity it uses and 'operating costs are surprisingly low, (Under ARI Standard Rating Conditions at 45°F.) The Weathertron System is dependable, too. General Electric- started building heat pumps in 1935. The Weafhertron unit built today is the result of exhaustive testing and technical skill. And GE not only designs and manufactures the Weathertron heat pump, it also designs and manufactures all of the motors and most of the components that go into it. Result...everything works together, efficiently, for quality performance and long life. Call your GE Central Air Conditioning Dealer Today for Free Estimate. CITY WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY WAL-MART AH-Wealher Air Condilioning Co. 705 Sonlh 8th Street Rogers, Arkansas 636-I36D BUSH CO, Inc. 504 Main Street Van Buren, Arkansas 47-I-8555 Central Air Conditioning, Inc. 3023 Albert Pike Fort Smith, Arkansas 782-0152 Central Htg. A/C Company 9001 Mann Road Mablevale, Arkansas 565-6387 Climate Control of Arkansas ·lltf East Washington P. O. Box 792 North Little Rock, Arkansas 753-1811 Frcyaldcnhovcns Sales Service Route 4, .Box 193 Conway, Arkansas 327-1300 llarhin Heating Air Condilioning, Inc. 23 East 17th Street Russellville, Arkansas 068-7I2 Jones Service Company 111 l\Io»rc Street El Dorndo, Arkansas 862-1174 McCroskey Electric Company 365 McCollongh Camden, Arkansas 8.'J6-3217 Pike Heating Air Conditioning Route 3, Box 2-10 - 12th Street Pike LHIle Rock, Arkansas 225-fi753 Rife-Way Heating Air Conditioning 1100 North Vine Street Harrison, Arkansas 365-2378 Quality Electric Company 2020 Best Street Jonesboro, Arkansas 932-1458 Shellon Sales Service 451 East Township Road Fayetfcville, Arkansas 442-0340 Temp Control, Inc. Box 955, Crystal Hill Head North Little Rock, Arkansas 758-4633 Almorni's Repair Service 704 South College mountain Home, Arkansas 425-6198 Buford's Plumbing Heating 1209 Malcolm Street Newport, Arkansas 523-2778 Builders Plumbing Heating East Gate Plaza P.O. Box 407 Pocahontas, Arkansas 892-5774 Clouse Healing Air Conditioning Rt. 5, Box 80 Batesvillc, Arkansas 251-2-104 Richard Cox Htg. A/C Company P. 0. Box 868 1612 Park Avenue Stuttgart, Arkansas 673-2081 Dixie Contractors, Inc. 101 North Miller Street Jonesboro, Arkansas 932-2793 Hyatt Electric Plumbing Lynwood Drive Paragould, Arkansas 236-2075 Lewellyn Htg. Air Conditioning Route 1, Box 59A Heber Springs, Arkansas 362-3153 Pine Bluff IHg. Air Conditioning 605 East 6th Street Pine Bluff, Arkansas 53H-3998

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