Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

UWAT CO. W MEAN, HE'S NOT IN CAMP?HE LEFT .WU SURE HE'S NOT w'cAMP? MW8£ ta)'D BETTER CHECK AGAIN _ MI/'BROTHER'S THE KINO WHO'S eAsf TO OVERLOOK! tJofm LIMEY--f-'j \ WHAT ARE. "ft 1H6 PLACE MX) DONG? AND OVERWORKS ME/W3ULDM3U STAND FOf?THAT? r PENM v r MEET *W OU PAL RO$CO SWEENEY. BRAWS Of TROUBLE · M1SSGUOR1A F , PENNV. HE'D BE A " ' SHOT POWW THE PLANEVONW ! w/ -i $ AND IOMCE TOOK A SHUCKSJ?. WAIL-ORDER..COURSE --'- ** ON HOW TO BE ft 5 DETEOTIME, (MA'AM (SNIF-SWIF) PORE OU BULLET-HE DING WISH SOT HESELF KILT!.' HOW IN THUNDER DID THAT HflPPEN, SWUFFV? HE WUZ SPRflWt£D OUT UNDERTH 1 HOUSE-- MINDIN 1 HIS OWN B17WE9S-- -WHENTB'DRDBORW FLOOR BOflRDS CAVED IN WIF MflW AH WHIRLS FASTSK 'N -FASTER.'.' WHEN REACHES- MAXIMUM vs-ocrry-AH CRASHES INTO BASHIN' ROCK- IT'LU L«S LIKE A Ale'.: =*- 2 W£ COV6R.' SOUND5 UKE )AWHOLS HERD OF PUFFAUO ^^^ WHAT AR YOU TWO D01M6 HID1SI6 BSHIME? TM ROCK ? V too ®s ^Kff,^ ANSWER THAT AND YOU'RE in L \m ABOUT TMAT POT MOLE 1 MIT JEEP 1 CONSflATULATlOMS, ) v WV BOY » S VDU DID A FABULOUS JOB ON THIS RUPERT ' REPORT/ I HAD HALF A NOTION TO GIVE YOU ., A RAISE ^ FORTUNATELY, \ THE OTHER HALF -irr TALKED ME N-f OUT OP IT k.)! -Believe/torAfot/ 1 0 · 'AVHW THE ROMAN AMPHITHEATRE ^ WHICti HAD SEATS FOR 25000 5PKTATORS, WAS CARVED OUT OF SOLID ROCK WHITE^AILED JftCKRABBIT CAM LEAPADlSTflMCE OP 22 FEET ..._ ,.J THE UPPER SEP . - ' ARE PIACED OH CMIK M ENCRUSTED W CiAY. - WHEH BAKIMS IH THE SUN HAS REDUCED THE CORPSE TO A SKELETON, THE BONGS ARE- COCLECTED AND BURIED FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope NorihwiM Arfcomo* TIMES, M»nd«y, July 1 , AHKANUW . . · LESTER L COLEMAft, M. D. New Program May Help Smokers Quit Puffing MMBIMMI^^ Millions of Americans recognize .the danger in smoking cigarettes. Despite the fact that ;hey. need no further substantiation' that cigarette smoking. is associated with lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, chronic bronchitis, bronchiestasis, emphysema, heart disease and circulatory problems there are those who continue to smoke.. .. : -Many' people Delieve giving up tobacco is an impossible job. Half-hearted attempts are made by persuasion of family; orders by doctors and spurts of self-determination. . . . ; · ; Many. have : given up tobacco only to return to it with the well-played theme: "I .started again because of a , specially tense situation that had arisen." Excuses, excuses, excuses; No day is ever free from some problem, large or small, but that does, not justify the return to a bad habit. There have been a great .many programs designed to )break,.the smoking habit. For Isorhe people they..have been ccessful. For many they have iiiniiiiiiniJiiinntiiiiininnniiiiiiiininiiiniiiiuiiiiiMiiiiuiiiiiii^ Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR TUBS., JULY 2 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A day for action! Be sure your energies are directed into constructive channels. Don't wait until errors are committed before you get better organized. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A good period for introducing new ideas; also for developing those of others. Streamline your, activities with both quality and productivity in mind. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) There's a tendency now to take off on tangents or useless ventures if you do not keep your mind on immediate objectives. Let moderation be your keyword. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Some restraint in order. Also some reehecking of plans. Prospects brightening in several areas. ,Be sure to make the most of them. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Balance earnings against expenditures; also study where tactics, moves should be altered, stepped up or slowed down. A day for thoughtful appraisal. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Don't change plans or methods without first consulting all concerned. Study where changes are needed, and to what degree. Press for efficiency. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Endeavors of the past should bring reward now. Keep up the good work and your future will be even brighter. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Do not become too deeply involved in the affairs of others or you could invite fatigue distress. An excellent performance now possible if you concentrate on your own goals. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) In tight or tiring situations, remain at ease, think -things out; don't rush in without full data or know-how. CAPRICOEN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) , ' . : ' ' Take care of 'essentials, assiduously, with .primary factors thoroughly understood. Fine a s p e c t s encourage bright beginnings, sustained effort. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 13) Improving conditions, but sbme areas need more.patience, stronger effort. Your special alents qualify you to .reap benefits. . ' PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You may not accomplish all that you wish, but you : will attain many things : -- through an unfaltering spirit of enterprise, plus self-discipline. Avoid lasty decisions. YOU BORN TODAY have jeen endowed with many talents through which you coulc achieve a happy, successful life, but -- and t h i s - i s a - b i g but indeed -- you often fail to reach your highest potentials because you have a tendency toward le thargy, lack of ambition am such a feeling o f ' "what's the use?" that you eventually drif into moods of chronic discoiir agement. All this can avoided, .however if you wil learn to discipline yourself in your early years and concen trate on developing your very best traits and realize that you have a very real mission ii life. On the better side of you nature, there is beauty, rhythm and a humanitarianism which should not be denied. Properly developed, you could become an outstanding teacher, physician or nurse; could excel in music designing or dancing. Curb tha tendency toward inertia and th world cian be yours. Birthdat of: Olav V, Norwegian king. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Armadillo 5 Girl of song 9 Actress Lillie B Island east of Java 13--ben .Adhem U Loiter 15 English publisher 17 Decorative vessel IS Sharpen K Ancient tribe of Britons 31 Hen 24 Boss 25 Primates 26 Most diaphanous 30 Wire measure. 31 Fragment 32 Compete 33 Overcoats 35 Assistant 36 Roman poet 37 Girl's name 38 Widow's portion 40 Nobleman 42 Those in office 43 Bow Street officer 48 Expert 49 Importune 50 An adhesive 51 Meadow . 52 Pare 53 Ireland DOWN 1 Warp yarn 2 Police org. Avg. solution SWing 4 Opulence 5 Fabric 6 Woodwind 7 Card game 8 Examined and verified 9 Baleful demon 10 Merit UVediegod 16 Hebrew measure 20 Mongrel 31 Word with arc or bridge time: 27 min. Answer to Saturday's pozzle 22Samoan seaport 23 Large body of water 24 Weights of India 26 Wearing shoes 27 Headwear 28 Prefix for board or burns 29 Numerical suffix 31 U-shaped bar 34 Twilight 35 Assert 37 Blunder 38 Use the phone 39 Ever 40 Rim 41 m-fated brother 44 Before 45 Fourth caliph 46 Town in Lebanon 47 Head of the 3S 18 52 44 19 28 1ft 47 "or those who have tried anc led and still hope for further Ip," a new. concept has been leveloped. , . . ,; J Joseph -Dahysh, a writer ofi many talents extending to tha? ield of education and guidance.^ ms taken a wide view of tha;: many forces involved : in smok- ng. : ·; ' ..,..' . ..,.', ·:-.: : ' · j . His new book, "Stop Without- Quitting,"- is a brilliantly con-I ceived presentation of the role! hat.the;inner self plays in;the;: problem of smoking. . $ i Mr.. Danysh.,tbeleves that- smoking is a' dependency. More' mportant, ' h e i ^believes that-', smoking is an injury 'to. body/ function ;that can 'be. healed; without pain or hysteria;by the' natural resources ·;of. your own; aody. . · · · j I have read i;the book, and^ have found it to be' a sensible? and totally ' fresh approach.' to; the smoking problem. -, \ ·'·:;, ;. ' If you are one ofi'the millions 1 , who have been trying without^ success to be freed from' the; bondage of tobacco, the book" "Stop Without Quitting" may' give insight into ydur capacity to attain this vital ob-^ jective.; : · · · · ' . . . ' i 'The book .is published by the; International Society for General; Semantics, P. 0. Box 2469, San Francisco, Calif. niiiniiiiinnpiniiiiliiiHiiiininiHiiw^ . JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) r est dealer. NORTH * A K t t 4 2 4 9 8 3 WEST BAST , J 9 4 * M 6 5 2 V K Q J 9 2 8 3 ' 8 6 * Q 5 3 + J 4 2 * : Q W 7 5 SOOTH , ' · · * K Q 7 3 ¥ A M 4 Sonft 2 NT ' The biding: West North East 21T Pass Pass V FSSB, '3 NT,. '/ ''"'''" ipening lead - king of hearts. I was playing with one of my avorite, partners, Jeff Rubens when this hand came up. It wa. Deal No. 2 of a 160-board match o determine whether or not DU earn would represent the U.S n the 1973 world championship Rubens was South and got tc hr'ee notrumpi Ordinarily, hi ilays his cards in idetiberati tyle, even though he is actually 3ne of the fastest thinkers he game. But on the.presen iccasion he _ played the hani ery quickly. West" led the king of hearts ducked by South, and continue with the jack, won by Ruben vith the ace. He promptly played the jack of. diamonds and finessed. East t o o k thS queen and returned a elub. Rubens thereupon showed his hand and claimed the r e s t ot .he tricks on a double squeeze! The only explanation he offered vas that he assumed East had 'our or more spades, which in turn meant that the double squeeze was sure to succeed. The opponents conceded ma claim and the h a n d was not even played out! They realized that Rubens would win the olu-b'iwitih the king and cash the A'-K-Q o! spades and A-K-10 of diamonds :o produce this positio'ni Noft West · 4 +,9-: . . Sooth , J ' * ' A 6 ' . ' · The lead - o f - the diamond. Tout would first-squeeze East p'iit oj a club, South throwing a spade; and then squeeze West out of a club and put an end,to thj proceedings. Rubens' claim at trick four, was simply a lime; saver! - PONYTAH "Daftly, you know that thirty doBars yo« gam me to b*y aome iff***** dpthec wifii? ~." HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLBAK. Reader* respond more quickly and favor»bly given «mq)I*te, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the red«r-pro5pect to re«ch yoa, insert your telephone number or your name and addrear. It you do not have tegular hours, give a preferred time to bav* procpecU call you. PLACE YOURSELF in the reader's position and asc yourself what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you Civ* will make a food Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT FATL to bring satisfaction do *o, not through any lack of readership, but because they do not contain enough information to get prompt action.' THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can be secured for your advertisement by ordering cont«outive Insertions. You can stop your *d in th* event ol re£Ult» and then pay only for the days it was publiihed, There art alw very tpcciitl xtttes for thOM who ar«

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