Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 21
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Bass Masters Classic Slated For October QUEBEC CITY, Quebec -The 1974 Miller High Life BASS Masters Classic has been scheduled to take place October 28-November 1. it was jointly announced today by the Miller Brewing Company and the Bass A n g l e r s Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). The site of the Classic still remains a mystery and will not be disclosed prior to October 28th charter flight departure. .This marks the second annual Classic to be- sponsored by Miller -- last year's $15,000 top prize event was h e l d at Clark Hill Reservoir. McCormick, South Carolina. "The Miller Brewing Company is the first major industry, other than tackle and boating companies, to recognize tournament fishing as a. key factor in the improvement and future of black bass, the number one sports fish in our country," said Ray Scott, president and founder of B.A.S.S. "The Classic highlights the seasons' anglin; with the most competitive beau to-head contest in fresh water sportfishing." stated Scott. "We are pleased that Miller High Life will again be the. sponsor.' Lauren S. Williams, vice president-marketing at Miller stated. "Sports and conserva tion of natural resources are two areas of great interest to Miller. The working relationship .we have established with B.A.S.S., allows us to align ourselves with an organization in terested in ecology, clean wa ter and the preservation of bass." The final qualifying tourna ment will be held September 25-27. at the site of last year's Classic -- Clark Hill Reservoir at Hickory Knob Sate Resort Park, McCormiek. South Car olina. Nothing Like Fishing These youngsters are getting a real tasle of fishing at Lake Fa.vettevllle under (he guidance of the Ctty summer pro- gram. The fish aren't whoppers by any means, but (hen feisty perch can give just about anyone all the fast action they can handle. (TIMES- photo by Ken Good) CINCINNATI (AP) -- "You| give me good friends, a fishing »le and plenty of water and ['m happy," says 66-year-old Merrill Cook. In that respect, Cook difers ittle from the nation's army of 70 million anglers. What distinguishes the doorsman as from his colleagues is his blind- Fishing Still Exciting NorthwM* Arkansas TIMtS, Sun., JINW 30, 1974 Blindness No Handicap aging breed out- apart While the exhilaration of seeing his finned quarry fight the line is gone, the loss of sight has not diminished his love of the sport. "I thank God that fishing has always been my favorite hobby. I appreciate it more now than ever because of my great friends," said the Lebanon, Ohio, native. Cook, a body shop opera I or until disabled by an eye d'sease In 1971, lost his sight while on a g r o u s e - h u n t i n g venture in southern Ohio. The spunky oldtimer's lifelong pursuit of fishing a ru-s.m- sharp memory' has helped him locate many of his haunts. week, but now I cm ocly make twice a week. But I still have a mental picture at my best spots. I should. I spent enough time at them. I tell my fnen*» the way I remember it-- if there's stump nearby or a big rock. It's just like a profet- sional golfer. You never forget favoriteisome things." said Cook. One of his companions sa« a i r - - . . For A Carefree Holiday Coast Guard Offers Safety Tips Fuel your boat only during 1 daylight hours and keep a fire extinguisher close by. Everyone not involved with the operation should remain ashore. Remember to extinguish all open fires, shut off all electrical equipment, close all compartments and don't smoke. Ventilate all compartments throughly prior to starting your engine. Overloading and improper loading of boats lead to capsiz- ings, sinkings and falls overboard, the greatest cause of boating accident fatalilies. Always observe the safe capacity limit of your boat. Never step on the side of the craft when entering or leaving. A n d , while on board, keep the weight distri- , buted along the centerline, remain seated. and A Coast Guard approved personal flotation device can save your lite, but only if it is worn. Gasoline vapors are heavier than air and ca nbecome trapped in the bilges and compartments. Always ventilate your boat for at least five minutes Overpowering your boat does not necessarily increase speed. In fact, it may slow the craft, and it certainly will increase the costs of installation and fueling. Each boat is designed to operate at peak' efficiency with a certain horsepower which is listed on the capacity plate. Try changing the" propeller for better performance: the number "I used to fish seven days a|cook's years of fishing allow him to transcend his handicap.: Casting problems are quickly overcome with some advice from his friends. i . : I "Afler a couple of casts he can hit that shoreline as wen as i you or I without fouling 'the I bail, something those so called jexperts can't even do," S»y s · fishing mate Bob Peach. reduced to and the "feel" after fueling before you attempt they should be recharged. Do, The rest of it is to start the engine. not test extinguishers by spuirt- angling instincts an technique. ing small amounts of the agent oi 1 the extinguished may not work when it is needed. Dry chemical extinguishers should be shaken periodically to loosen the settled powder. . His favorite fish: "The black bass is the sportiest fish in these parts." says Cook. He uses a lighter rod equipped with an automatic fly reel that retrieves the Una by lever. Cook says it Always instruct al least onc,P ress "g a lever - Cook says i her person on board of the allows him to play a iisn beUei other p rudiments of boat handling in ca. : c of emergency. and let out more line if he hooks a larger one. Cook's idea of a hearty meal is a frying pan full of siz/1.1 ig Even the t r i r k y much easier to 'locate" t h a n I problem of cooking has been .. swimming person, and the met b y tne tanned out- Before departing on a boat | shore is often much further ;i- doorsman. and pitch of the blades can' If your boat- should capsi/e. make a great difference for lit- tie expense. remain with it. The floating hull fish filets. is trip, advise a responsible friend) way than it appears. or relative about your plans, and keep him informed on any changes in those plans. A good description of your boat arid extent of your cruise can save your life in an emergency. A Never overload a boat. Your capacity plate lists tnc m a x - imum number of pounds which can be safe! yearned under ideal conditions. M a i n t a i n ade- search and rescue par'.y can :quate freeboard at all times, be notified if you are overdue and they will know where to look for your craft. Check all fire extinguiihars for fullness. If they are found empty or only partially f u l l , Peach remembers the first time Cook's appetite won out over a fear of burning himself. "He called me to come over during lunch and cook the fish, but f couldn't get away, " · r e members Peach. "So Cookie cooked his own fish and ate them. How did he It is extremely dangerous to do it? Well, he told me he just operate a boat in swimming areas or close to dams ami spillways. Use good common sense and don't endanger your life or the lives of others. , put them in the skillet and counted up to 180. which he figured was three minutes of cooking time and then turned off the stove." said Peach. Congressional Use Fee Program Now In Full Swing In Ozark And St. Francis Forest Areas Arkansas campers, swimmers atid hikers are goir/g to be finding that the free out-of- doors are quickly becoming the fee out-of-doors. Heretofore, several recreation sites in the Northwest Arkansas area will be subject to · use fees. The affected areas will include recreation areas on the Ozark and St. Francis National . Forests. The program began June 21 - under the authorization of ; Public Law 93-303. This public law provides for two annual permits -- Golden Eagle Passport and Golden Age Passport. The Golden Eagle Passport is valid on all National forest recreation designated fee persons 62 years of age and older, upon proof of age, and persons who accompany them in a private noncommercial vehicle to enter an area for one-half the price of the daily use fee. There is no charge for this passport. Until a supply of the Golden Age Passports have been received for distribution, people who are 62 years and older, upon proof of age, will receive the one-half price benefit even though they do not possess a Golden Age Passport. Daily use fees will be charged at the following designated developed recreation areas on the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests. An asterisk indicates that the campiirg fee shown alsp includes day use activity privileges. FRANKLIN COUNTY -Shores Lake, $1 day use and $2* camping; Redding. $2 camping; and White Rock, SI camping. J O H N S O N COUNTY -Horsehead Lake, $1 day use, $2* camping. LEE COUNTY -- Beech Point, $2 camping; Maple Flat, $2 camping; Lone Pine. $2 camping; and Bear Creek Lake swim area $1 per vehicle or 25 cents per person for those who walk in, applying to those persons 6 years old or older. LOGAN COUNTY -- Cove Lake. $1 day use and $2* camping. PHILLIPS COUNTY -- Storm Creek Lake, $1 day use and $2* camping. POPE COUNTY -- Long Pool, $1 day use and $2* camping -NOTE: Due to water well failure these fees will not be put into effect until such time New Bullets Offer Shooter More Accuracy Five new 'superaccuracy bullets, designed to offer the bench rest and varmint shooter the best quality bullets 1 obtainable for handloading, have been introduced by (he Winchester-Western Division of Olin Corporation. In announcing the new bullet line, Edward A. Matunas, division manager for canister powder and ammunition compo nents, said t h a t "these are unquestionably the finest bullets Winchester-Western has ever made." Comprising the new superac- curacy match bullet line are a 22-caliber, 52-grain hollow point boat tail; a 22-caliber, 53-grain hollow point flat base; a 6mm, 85-grain hollow point f l a t base; a 30-caIiber, 168-grain hollow point flat base, and a 30-caliber, hoilow point boat tail. Produced on specially engineered manufacturing equip ment. the new superaccuracy bullets undergo continual inspection during production to insure their confomiance with the most rigid of Winchester- Western quality control standards. Ploying School COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Forty-three candidates for the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour will participate in a playing school this week. The !.PT,A aspirants will play in a 54-hole tournament Mr*n day through Wednesday at Riv ieria Country Club. They will also take tests, beginning Sunday night, in connection with their tournament. Among the candidates this time are U.S. Junior champion Holli.i Stacy of Georgia and national intercollegiate standout Catherine Gaughn from Califor nia. the water well and water systems have been restored and are in proper working order. STONE COUNTY -- Blanchard Springs Complex -(a). North Sylamore Camp Ground $2, (b) Shelter Cave Swim Site, $1« vehicle or 25 cents per persons walking into the site. This per person fee will be for persons 6 years old nd older. (c). Blanchard Cavern tours, $2 per adult, $1 per child 6-12 years old; children under 6 free when accompanied by parent, The Golden Age Passport is valid for the bearer only and entitles the bearer only to Vi off the fee charged. Gunner Pool, $1 camping. WASHINGTON COUNTY -Lake Wedington, $2 camping. YELL COUNTY - Spring Lake, $1 day use and $2* camping. The Golden Age Passport is n o t valid a t concession operations on the forests. More detailed information on Ozark-St. Francis recreation areas may be obtained by writing the Forest Supervisor P.O. Box 1008, Russeilville. Arkansas 72601. Plans Being Made For Vacationers 33 1 / 3 % off polyesters. Mlleaoemaker Plus. 4 ply polyester cord tlr« In th wide 78 aeries profile. Modern sldewall, wraparound tread. No trade-in required. Tire size Save B78-13 C7804 8-32 10132 £78-14 10.65 F78-14 IT.65 G78-14 12.65 H78-14"13.32 G78-15 12.98 JH78-15 13.65" L78-15 15732 Reg. 24.95 jHwr 3_T95_ "34795" 37.95 39.95 Sale fed, tax 16763^j783~ 20.63~~2.07~ 2 1 . 3Tj .24_ 23.30 2^1 25.30_2.55_ 26.63 2.77 J0.95 45.95 27.30_2.82 "30.63 3.13 LITTLE ROCK -- Plans are being made to accommodate all campers visiting Corps of Engineers campgrounds in the Little Rock District during the long Fourth of July weekend, LTC Charles E. Downs, Acting District Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District, said this week. Wednesday Colonel Downs met with members of the Public Boat Dock Owners Association in Harrison and discussed with them the huge crowds expected at the Corps lakes over the holiday .weekend and the possibility that there may not be enough permanent camping sites available because of high lake levels and the large influx of holiday campers. Following the meeting. Colonel Downs and engineer personnel looked at about two-thirds of the campgrounds at Bull Shoals, Norfork and Greens Ferry Lakes. Colonel Downs said that arrangements are being made to provide a temporary camping site for all campers if all permanent camping sites are occupied. Overflow camp sites, temporary parking lots and mads are being constructed and park rangers will maintain radio contact with all campgrounds and direct campers to parks where either permanent or overflow sites are available, tf all permanent and overflow sites become occupied, then the campers will be directed to ore-designated t e m p o r a r y sites within the developed campgrounds for use during the l o n g weekend. Resident Engineers at all lakes are committed to accommodate all campers this weekend. Campgrounds operated by the Little Rock District where the additional temporary sites will be available are at Beaver, Blue Mountain, Bull Shoals, Oeers Ferry, Nimrod /and Norfork Lakes in north Arkansas and Clearwater and Table Rock Lakes in southern Missouri, and the Arkansas River. The Little Rock District has e m p l o y e d several hundred t e m p o r a r y park aides t o augment the permanent ranger force in assisting the large numbers of visitors expected over the long holiday period and the remainder of the summer. The high water in all Little Rock District lakes is dropping except at Bull Shoals, where it is cresting and should start to fall about July 1. The recently developed Ozark Isle campground at Bull Shoals has 115 fully developed campsites with only six campsites occupied Thursday afternoon. Arrangcrnen/s are being made for a temporary boat dock with adequate parking and access roads by July third for Ozark Isle. Boston Powers Past Cleveland CLEVELAND (AP) -Juan Beniquez blasted two home runs, one of them a grand slam, powering the Boston Red Sox to a 12-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians Saturday. The Red Sox chased Indian starter Fritz Peterson. 5-4. in the second inning with a six-run barrage. Luis Tiant. 1-6. pitched six innings to earn the victory with Boh Veale and Diego Segiii finishing up. JCPenney auto center store * Save 33%% on steel belted radials. JCPenney steel betted radial. Double polyester cord body. Double brass plated steel belts. Lower side wall stabilizers. 78 series wide profile. No trade-In required. Tire size FR78-14 GR78-14 HR78-14 GR78-15 Save 17.99 19.66 21.32 20.99 Reg. 53.95 58.95 63.95 62.95 Sale 35.96 39.29 42.63 41.96 + fed. tax 2.81 2.95 3.15 3.05 Tire size HH78-15 JR78-1S LR78-15 Save 21.99 23.66 24.32 Reg. 65.95 70.95 72.95 Sale 43.96 47.29 48.63 + fed. tax 3.26 3.44 3.60 . 33y 3 % off truck tires JCPenney XTD truck tire. Our finest nylon cord highway truck tire with wrap-around tread. No Irade-in required. [Tire size | Save | Reg. | Sale | + fed, lax | tube type 670-15/6 11.05 I 33.14 700-15/6112.91 I 38.73 22.09 25.82 750-16/8 ri6.63 | 49.90 | 33.27 Contour custom air conditioners Expert installation available. Heavy duty fans extra, where required. Save $ 3 Reg. 7.99. Sale 4.99. JCPenney heavy duty shock absorbers with 1-3/16" piston lor firmer ride, better control. M O" ring piston design helps provide more consistent performance, Guaranteed for as long as you own your car. JCPenrwy Heavy Duty Shock Absorber GiMvamtec. It a JCPenney Heavy Duty Shoe* Absorber fails doe to defects in male rial or wortcmaoship, or wears out while the original purchaser owns the cm, we will replace the Shocfc Absorber a! oo extra charge. Just nolify us and present your proof oi purchase. There will be an additional installation ctiaryG unless the Shock Absorber was originally instated by JCPennoy. Expert installation available at extra co*t Survivor battery sale. Save*? Reg. 27.95. Sale 20.95 with Irade-in. Survivor 36. Our low cost 12 volt battery available in group sizes 24, 22F, 24F, 42, 22NF and 29NF lo lit most flim ill ·! Survivor 36 six volt, sizes 1 and WL, Save 6.26. Reg. 24.95, Sate lAB, trade-in. Should any Penney Surrivor 36 Battery ft* to hoW a charge *:lhm 1 year from Ihe daw you bought k from us *· jusl return it lo us. We will replace il with a branrt n«w \ Ballety M no extra cost to you. Alter yeac. but during I Ihe Guarantee period. we wiH replace the Battery charging [ rjn4y tor the tirrt* you have owned il. based on rf*: price aK Unf at return, pro-fated owr *» guarantee period. Premium drum brake overhaul Reg. 66.88. Sale 50.1 6. We will install new JCPenney Stop- Action' linings, rebuHd wheel cylinders, reauriac* drums, repack front wheel bearings, install new flf««ae seals, refill and bleed hydraulic system, and road te«t remium disc broke overhoul special. Reg. 94.88. Sale 71.16. ·Most American ears and many foreign cars. Shop Mon.-Fri.r 7:30-9 Tu«*., Wed., Sot., 7:30-5:30

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