Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 10
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· Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sun., June 30, 1974 ..· FAYETTtVILl.1, ARKANSAS A-s Costs Of Formal Weddings Soar father Of Summer Bride Facing Big Hole In His Pocketbook By J A N t N O G G I . i ; r '; TIMES S t u f f Writer .. I n f l a t i o n has hit the iwckct- .hpoi's or everyone hut one per s.oiL! who is sure to feel :i big liilV is the father of this sum- mex!s bricic. Even w i t h a number of back-. to-rn'ture u c c i t l m y ceremonies -- hclcJ in a c o u n t r y meadow w i t h .1 Miiall (jroup of Friends m i n u s all (lie f r i l l s and costs of tile trncJmonal w e d d i n g -- area merchants dealing in wed- dins related products and services u n a n i m o u s l y agree I h ;i t the f o r m a l church wefldinc ^ slill tjy hir the most p o p u l a r . So. clear f a t h e r , if your b e a u t i f u l baby girl lias weeding bells in her eyes -- even though you don't t h i n k the young man of her heart is good enough for her a n d y o u know she's s t i l l too young lo get married .-- LCouple Switches Ro es Conn. ( A P ^-- By my son al what was an impor- "It's jusl the greatest for our . ching family roles, Elwood ' A l m a Exley say they have "dechauvini?.cd" first pot married t a h t age. It's too bad more fa thcrs 1'liold. (Then we i* years ago, 1 didn't help with *" housework. Minn was work- and she jusl accepted (hat _.' ]iad lo take care of the gisc too, With this role rcvcr- of ours, things have broken Jfivn as far as what is worn- -^tfs work and what is man's ^Jrk," said Elwood- Jf*^"or six ' months, Elwood took ·AJr the daily responsibilities $£ raising a young child and -frfming a household while his r"fip* went back to wo r k as a »S*Tor high school teacher. El- Ns^id worked as a night editor 'tot a local newspaper. '"·5'During this lime, we devel- "* ' an understanding of t h e person's role. She knew it was like lo work anrt ^ _ _ _ home to a spouse and i*ild, and I knew what it was lo take care of my son now 4 years old, and (lie ." said Elwood. ;*,*tThc time he spent with his was gratifying. "It was !y great to he so close to can't be that close to our society children don't have children when they're two parents; t h e f a t h e r s arc too growing up." said Elwood, w'h o busy working to get ahead and UII1 IL ]! IU liJKC Cure 01 *"'-"~ V I I H U H . M » u k . l j a l l I came home one day and someone to help her. hadn't done anything. The '.' Womcl1 aren't (he cml -- given credit by Alma foi iilct training Zack. "EKvood now knows how dc manding it is to take care o kids. * he ] _.. rf ,,. .._ laundry was sitting at the top of the stairs and 1 asked, 'Wha have you done around here? We both hurst out laughing,' said Alma. ROLES CHANGE Although their roles hov once again changed with tin birth of a girl, Alexandra Alma says once the children reach school t\gc, she plans t return lo work. . really enjoy being horm with the children. 1 worked fo six years before Xaek was born so I know what it is like. I con this a vacation. I'd love ti i vc El woo d a chance to b .tome. I think it's unfair for f man to work year in and yea out without a break." Alma says, she would recom mend their style of living ^ t other young couples. £ Wedding Date Told Mi ant! Mrs- Mclvin Tiolcs of ".Via go tier, Oklii., a n n o u n c e tlu; j^nsajTcmcnt of llieir daughter, ··Cmnm U n i s o n , In J times - C r a w l c y , son of Mr. ;m! Mrs. Crnwley of Prairie The hriclc-elcct is a 2*r:uinatp of Wcbl ville, OkEu. -^Hifih Stliool a n d (lie pruspcc- \\ L CM t l i v e liriilcgrnnan is n graduate (i[ I'riiirie Grove High School. Both arc presently employed in Fayctlcvilli 1 . The wedding will he at 7 o'clock in the evening on Friday, July 26, al Hie Baptist Church in Summers. A l l relatives a n d friends are i n v i t e d lo ultend. _ y » t*; Mr. To Marry [n August kids to have l\vo parents. :an't spend the time they should with their families. It's so much easier for a woman to aise children when she has suited to raising ._ --.. ones children. I think men also have this quality." Alma notes that Elwood helps ·ith the cooking by baking bread and rolls for the family n addition to cultivating their rganic foods garden. Klwood, .who now works as n public relations writer for an i n s u r a n c e company, says jhanging roles with his wife has been educational. "Never again will I come home and say to my wife, 'What did you do today'?" local Students Attend Session The sixth session of Freshmen Orientation was held June 23 and Ii4 on the University o! Arkansas campus in FayetLe ville. Among those students at lending were Shaerri I,ym Slone. Benjamin Franklin Hill Jr., Cbrislopiier Marshall, Garry Edward Schmidt, J u d i t h Diane Smith. Judith A. Sonsle goard. Ginger Leigh Stratum Carolyn E. Webb, Nancy Lym Will, Charles Ucbert Harder, .il of Kayetteville; Clyde Weslej Melton, Booty Dale Feas'n Johnny Lee George. Terry Sue McQuislon, D e b T a I-ouise Moore, Deborah Lynn Rusler- holz, and Johnny Earl Taylor, all of Springdale; and Terry Alan Mabry of West Fork. Daily Calendar of Events Today Duplicate Bridge Club, Legion Hut, 1:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, VA Hospital, 7 p.m . SMITH'S Communication 2 - W a y Radio Tour 2-way radio For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 442-4246 Clly Parking Lot In Rear Monday Recycling Center, West Street, All Day Every Day Recycling Sub-Station for Newspapers, Behind Butferfield Trail School, All Day Every Day Community Adult Center, Hiilcresl Towers, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Welcome Wagon Bowling, Ozark Lanes, 10 a.m. Rodeo of the Ozarks Parade, Parsons Stadium down Emma Avenue, Springdale, 3 p.m. Board of Adjustment, City Hall, 3:30 p.m. Weight Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m. Masonic Lodge 231, Masonic Hall, Farmington, 7:30 p.m. TOPS, Regional Medical Center, 7:30 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Legion Hut, 7 : 30 p.m. Masonic Lodge No. 740, Masonic Temple, 7:40 p.m. Emblem Club, Elks Lodge, 3 p.m. Rodeo of the Ozarks, Parsons Stadium, Springdale, 8 p.m " m[ "' Hi'" minimum iniii- iiiiiiiini iinmiiniin iniiTOraiiiiiiinu a in iiiiiiiininnii 2 DAYS ONLY! 12K gold-filled crystanal finish cross, REG$21 °° $15.00 peliqious 12K gold-filled jade cross and chain, ""·*" ^25.00 ; -B'ly and Mrs. Sharon Ken- Collins of Garland, Tex., oance Ihe engagement of r daughter, Beverly Rae, Frederick Martin Trcl- er, son of Mr. and Mrs. es Lowell Tre/Iinger ol lon, Ohio, formerly of t'ltevillp. An Aug. 17 ived- is planned at Freeman lils Baptist Church in The hi'ide-elecl was graduated from G a r l a n d High School and is a senior Elementary Education major at Ihe University of Arkansas w h e r e she is a member of Delia Delia Delia sororitv. The prospective bridegroom is a graduate of F a y e l t e v i l l e H i g h School and is a senior Political Science m a j o r al In* University. Use Our Convenient CHARGE PLANS-BUDGET ACCOUNTS Ws Accept: Bank American]* Diners Club*Sfioppfn Churgt ·Master ChargetCarte Blanche »Amiriun Exptai Gordon/ JEWELERS 7-1-02-aT ftOKTHUIEST ARKIIASAS PlftZft «01 HIGHWAY n NOR TH you may as well get used to Ihe idea and prepare yourself for a few bills. After consulting several bri- tta| shops and wedding counselors, it was decided that the average church wedding ceremony in the urea is comprised of the bridal couple, a m a i d honor and two bridesmaids, a best man and two groomsmen, the minister, an organist and vocalist, parents of t h e couple, f o u r ushers and 100 to 125 guests. TOTAL BILL The total wedding bill for Ihe father of the bride. fro:n iigures given by area wedding businesses, ranges from about fVOO to $1,200. But several lathers claim Uml $2,000-$2,500 j s a closer f i g u r e and this is in addition to about $400-$500 supplied by the bride-groom. It should be taken into consideration that the following a r e average estimates based on our average size wedding and cests can vary greatly depending on the desires of the bride and how much the bride and the mother of the bride do themselves. C o s t s of flowers, 4iie photographer, the rehearsal dinner and the reception vary the most and seem to be the biggest factors in the expense of a wedding. Local bridal shop salespersons estimate that the average wedding dress costs $150 plus an extra ?30-$4o for a veil if it doesn't come with the dress. Peau de soie shoes for the bride cost $L3-S15. Extras for the bride such as a garter ($2) a lucky six pence ($2) a n d the wedding bouquet ($15-$30 provided by the bride-groom .so don't add that to your total, father of Ihe bride) also have to be included. The bride's going away outfit a n d trousseau u s u a l l y h a v e a way of coming out of her father's pocketbook also. MAIDS DRESSKS Dresses for the maid of honor and bridesmaids usually run around $45 each -- let's see that's $45 limes three or $135 -- which may or may not be paid for by the father ot Ihe bride depending on arrangements worked out by (he bride and her maids. Hats for the maids cost about $9 each plus their bouquets (also the bridegroom's responsibility). In addition there are the gifts for the maids (charms costing $4.50 each are very popular). The dress for the mother of the bride is another bill usually faced by the faher which r u n s about $85 according to the sales women. Add this to the necessary accessories (shoes, jewelry etc.) and don't count on less than $100. Mothers' corsages are provided by the bridegroom. The bridegroom is also usually in charge of ren'.ing tuxedos (average cost $25 each) for the best m a n , groomsmen and ushers whic h like the bridesmaids is worked o u t by the man and h i s friends on who pays w h a t . Boutc-nnieres costing $t.25-$1.50 each are again on the bridegroom's list. The bride will want her father in a tuxedo for the trip down the aisle so dad, if the one you have is outdated, you may want to rent one for the occasion (add another $25 to your list). MUSIC COSTS Music for the wedding is generally provided by friends of the couple out of courtesy and gifts for the musicians arc a nice gesture. There may be no charge for the use of the church but some charge $20-to MO and almost always a cleanup fee of $15. Florists cost for church decorations vary greatlyi with what the bride wants but n rough estimate of $40-50 for candelabra and ftowcrs is an average cost. The cost of the reception can be the most expensive part of a wedding or one of the least expensive depending on what is served, where it is and the number of guests. It may be held at a reception hall of the church at no charge or a !-mall fee for catering service, or 'at a banquet room of a motel or club. Local motels charge $50 for the room and about $10 for the table service including, silverware, glasses, plates and punch bowl only. Bakers say most wedding cakes cost »4fl-$50 with the traditional bridal figurine topping alone costing $G-$8. Many brides are turning to floral loppings instead. The bride may decide lo let a caterer handle the reception (to relieve her of the time and worry). Again the price range of this service varies from $87.50 for 100-125 persons to $1.75 per person. They furnish everything except floral arrangements and champagne. PUNCH COST One local motel manager listed prices for different wedding punches. Five gallons of f r u i t punch costs $30. champagne is about $20 a gallon which serves 30 persons (or approximately $80 for 120 guests. If the bride wants champagne served from the bottle the average price is $7.50 per bottle which will serve 10 drinks. T h e r e f o r e i f champagne ,verc selected it would cost $189 for 120 guests to each have two drinks plus a fruit punch for the guests who prefer it; plus $50 for the room. $50 for the cake not to mention decorations, hors d'oeuvres, a groom's cake and the persons who may want the third or fourth glass of champagne. Rehearsal dinners are also subjects of wide price ranges. Managers of banquet r o o m s generally agree on average costs. Most dinners for 25 guests cost $3.50 per person plus tax and 15 per cent gratuity which amounts to about $4.25 per person plus decorations. If the dinner is to be steak or lobster with a fancy dessert the price rises accordingly. Another big expense for t h e wedding is the photographer. The average photography cost is about $200 but this figure varies widely with photographers starting from $85. This also depends on what type of coverage the bride wants. EXTRAS Other miscellaneous extras include the wedding photo album at $25, guest book at $3.50- J5, plumed pen for guest book at $3.50. invitations at $30, napkins, thank yous and informals, at $30, toasting goblets at Sli ring pillow at $5, flower -girl basket al $2.50 and a while Bible at $10. Nevertheless father of the bride, this is probably the one special event your daughter has dreamed of and planned for years and when you waik her down that aisle to give her to the new man in her life perhaps the reverence attached to the traditional ceremony and the smile on her face will make it all worth it. JCPenney Fun-dressing for juniors. Denim and print pair-ups in T-shirts and jeans. OurT-top in lots of assorted prints. Yours in easy polyester/cotton with babydoll sleeves. Sizes S-M-L, $C The classic navy cotton Western jeon with fly front. Machine washable, of covrH S zes 3 to 13, £«*

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