Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 29, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1974
Page 10
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10 Arkansas TIMES, Sat., June 29, 1974 rAVITTlVILlI, ARKANSAS 24-for Sale -- MrxeUaneou* 30-Wanted To Buy PICK YOUR OWN BLUEBERRIES $4.00 Per Gallon TURN EAST ON HIWAY 264 NORTH OF SPRINGDALE AND FOLLOW SIGNS TO CLYDE EUBANKS, Jr. 751-723? *winK machine!. IBB.36, (3). Ntvtr been us*d. .special dowoul offer. Dor* decent iv« itlLrrits, bottonhover, mc«ogrHrri »r.d more. Qium. fity limited. 159.96 cash or terms. United fM.011 Sal«, Rt 3, Hry. 62 W, Ope. * to 9 Mon.-Fri. ,tlM * oa Sat. GENERAL Elertric dlttontr, Uk» new. : Ktl-SSTl. 18,000 RTU air- ·hone after 4:00 p.m KINA'9 -- dt bknnet, and shorts, We have a tame «]-rc1!on polyester pants, i«nt . »iies 3-13 ar.d 6-33. Open thru Saturday, 1 mil* Eas t'm Weedie I'm Needle FUN--QUICK--EASY "Needle" la designed to make dif ficult lawn maintenance SB eas; aa fioing fishing. Grass arid weed vanish from trees, rocks, fences culverts, and f l o w e r bed harden in a matter of seconds. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Phone 521-7071 Anytim* for Free Demonstration P.O. Box 611 rayelteville, Ark. 72701 GOOD h*y tor ule behind beter. Phom 442^080. »3tl3 ECUU*niRED carpet. Fhen* 521 4S«, after 5:30 p.m. OOOD used refrifferators, stoves, Riom 521-034. WJU Deliver.. Mto RelriReratloi ·wl iJr-oandlllonLnc work done. Al work jaaninteed. B.OOOBTU aJr-condttlone r. Phone HEAVY-DUTY SEWING MACHINES (5 Fanxxn narrte. direct rrt«n facton-- fvTTTCH xi^-zag, BmL M:T winding bobWn, AJl stw . OompJei« 20 yr, farfoo p»rantee- NatJ«r»t!y advertised at J2S Our prlc* $1"D.9S. Cnsh or tennis, avail abl« at United FrelfrM sales, Rt. 3, HI way B2 West, Open 9 to 9, Mon.-FTt., til Sat STEIED for wle. StralffW Tesoue, mix ace wheat with vetch and rye sra: " IAIIEa dtamotyi ring ~ « ct. p«r shaped, aroralsed at J1000. (79fi. ^ 442-7257. ffTRAW Fhr w!e. For mor* Inlonnatlon rail «M4M; tf no aniwer caU Eoutt 71 Fina 521-MOG. NOW jaa can steam clean carpeta Ih prcateoBkriia] war l a fraction of Ux* cos wtth R!ns*-N*-Vae. Kent at PoCTi FUml tor*, Didrcon Btr**1 PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College All THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 NEW Rirsf-N'-Vac steam de-nns, rinses lad vacuum* out dirt leaving carpe pwrf«ional]y dean. Rent at AM Rcntj «!«, 2UO N. Goitre. USED Monarch mc-del SO marking ma rith-e. prinls 1 r«rt or 2 part tickets Print* A p:ns at ume time. Call 443- 4S38. FACTORY DIRECT to ixw prices. T.lg- **g f ':r\ng machines H9.95, Buttonh' monogram, decorU and more wi th«i sttacbnMsts. See and test toJ«,v at UNIT ED FREIGHT SAUK. Hi trey K3 West Rl, 1 Open 9 to 9 Monday-Fridav, E Saturday, METAL Deleclon -- Garreit, the Pr» fesslfinri do!ee. Gold and (Liver coin boutht and »oM. Call Abe Lincoln. S36- 6867. fcogen, Ark. 27--Musical Merchandise RBCEI\"EK9 (5), complflle with air suspension speakers. AM-FM sl roner, and AFC locking. Pu'l range a oorrtpatab:tir? IncJudes irp^jl to- tape «ndy'or a IK. himtaWe, output lor tape record. Fill; guaranlee. Gmpare [o J«s! S70 each or terms al UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Rt 3. Hiway S3 West 3 to 9 Monday-Friday, till 6 Saturday, PAIR rf Marantz moJel Impenal loud sreik?rs. Sells new £30 a jGir, ixg rn. Phone RM-6SS.7. DRUM SET. 3 tfece. like na-r. ?w 1351 stephKii Ave. Phor.e 521-^SO, PIANO -- 37 Inrti, er Call «2-2M after 6:SO e SPEAKERS DISCONTINUED. to price erer on an air FUii«is"on syslem of ttSs ereeXkm'. eroalrty. Ful " ra *p*a .tf rs in a beautiful a BXIF!:C i closure. MoMM speaker fror.t; pair Jus a*a.!ab. UNITED K?.FJGKT SAI Rt. 3, Hi-ray S3 We si. Open 9 [0 9 l!on Ftf., tiD t or. Set. 28-Antiques-for Sal« · LETS AXTWTES · Hwr 112 North . 443-457? Battlefield Antiques rural tare -- PrimitJTe* -- GUs China -- Bru* -- Collector'i Iterrj Pl-alri Grove, Artt. Phone S4-288' 30-WontMfl To Buy INDIAN JEWELRY COUJ3CTOR INVESTOR ITEMS QutlJty Zunj 8c Xavajo squash biOMonu, Spid*r web bracelets A. many other*. Alao, cuitom ailver- SI*LV*******R THREE 3 Center 9.. Eureka Spring.., Art (501) 2S1-9627 OOOD USZU ETCLUD- c s C O I N S H O P PAWN a y l n « a»rc Over Taw for Silver. Buy Sell All U.S. Colnj .Xt S. Thompson 751-1711 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING HIGHEST PRICES (Subject to d a l l y chanje, call for quote). Also need small coin and stamp collections top dollar paid FAYETTEVIILE COIN STAMP 2»t N. College. 523-W21 WASTED 2 m ' rvB-TO model Chevy CMC, or International wlftnt bed. Must be cood Iruett TSl-fX 34--Apartments For Rent THREE lara* room* an4 bath, furnished, w a f e r paid, Conp no pets. HO ne -H2-WG, FURXlKHEn Ino pf/im ur«l«Ira apartment. no pets. 170, bills paid, HLghwtv IS West. 52i-7«7 after 6:00 p.m. LARnn onp bedroom apnrtment dow to ram pus, J«T.50, waler r«:d. Call 521-2063 noVL7.\s-rAmn, three room furnished, al hllK jw!d, *100 monlh. 16 We it. 119O dies Roed. PJwn* 521-4S29 or 443-3325. DAVIS Apartmenta, corner of Mountain and. Locunt. lour room* and tile hath, f u l l aize rang* refrigerator, shag carpeta, TV cable Off street parking, two block* from square .couples, no pet*. 442-7746 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES The ultimate in 2 bedroom fur nlshed and unfurnished. Hi bath* fenced patios, washer-dryer con nections. all electric kitchen, 1S«1 Leverett Street, Phone 443-2072 New town houiea. 1*28 N. Gregg Phone 5?!-4975, Now Taking Applications for SUMMER FALL CALL 442-8722 Corner Hill and Putman Sts. FURNISHED eifitrlewy apartment, al] bills paid, one block West of Minnie Man. les only, JTO .Phone 443-273*. ONE bedroom furnished. J90, ctilirtes . no pets, Fst J5. Phone 443-«05. TjrREB or four room furnished apart- ·lit, /iear Universiiy. Pttore ·M2-6W6. EXCU7SWK ap'it level townhoii.;e apartment in SprinsdaV, apprcninnteVf i iq. ft, covered r«rport, tndude» ira and dryer In apartment. AdtiHf only OaU for appolnbnen* 751-1771 or 751-*S39, bedroom carpeted, drapei, centra heal and «lr, furnished, married! couple ^ pets. Phone 443-4S16 after 4;00 p.m. FURNISHED two bedroom mobile trome Vale street, »60 plus irflUIIes. Phone VERY desirable 3 room furnished apart meat. Northeast location ponvpnlent to hospitals, carpeted, ceramic tile bnth with iub £ ,-ihower romhlnalfon. Prirate front find rear entrances, pround llrwr fllr conditfoned. Phone ^S?-II51 or 521 5.135, ESTES APARTMENTS 122 W. Meadow Two bedrooms, completely furnished, car- p«tM and draped, air-conditioned, al bflls pall except electricity, C35 ye month. Ftxm* -HZ-5H3 or 521-4879. apartment, ulilides pati ture person. (65 month. Phon , ·U2-SUO. TWO bedroom duplex apartment, unfum I shed, cratnal heal and air. waslier/dr er connections, all electric, refrigerate and stove furnished patio, J135 Spruce Street. Phone 521-1417 or 442-S990. FURM3HED apartment. Brown Apart menls. 22. Worth Church Street. F STUDENTS -- Oo'.tases In comntry, te minutes to campus. f65 up. Furnished apartment two blocks camp-J?. Phone 412-OX3. JTJRN'TSIIED apartment one Kock nort of itiuare. one bftdroom, all bills paid cep! electririli', JSO per month. Pn ·1125SI3 or 52t-4979. APARTMENT for rent, one block frtm camnas, furnished, utilities pa:d, a!r rondilioned, (110 per month. Phone 4S59. AVAILABLE July 1. One bedroom apart meat, J55 Including gas and wa ler, Hai the charm of old Fayelt«vit!e For snwrin? call patt Carmicrjel, Siage- coach Real Estate, 521-1130. TWO bedroom apartmfnt, all carpeted extra nice turn isiiujrs and draper cen trsl air. no pets, 1130 plus electricity GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland -- Fayett«vU!e -,2-vWei -- Mgr, (Ken Claire No. H SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FURNISHED one bedroom apartment, ai conilitimed, carpet, private parkin?, iin S'.e, £»., ra pets. 442-\5£S, *4Jffft3, ', very nice, two bedroom, fore d. Close to campus. Dishwasher, etc. $140 plus utilities. P*voe +43-{Ta7 LAP.GE or.e and two betJroora, waD tn w a j carpet, central air, furnished weU oii street pa rkin*. good neighborhood 443-35W after -1:00 FURNISHED apartment--«ffIriRHSe», cr.« two tx?drDrn-*ome-«ir cwiii a rery qa:e£ ea^ronmeat, rio« to o§ia P-J3. 521-223S. Fayel l«t T llle'« Newest Apa rtmentJ Garland Garden Apts. 2000 N. GarUr.d FayHtevilJe PHONE 443-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS UN'FU?.VISHE[ «p«rtai«r.I two brt- rosoa. S»-Ji5 per monlfa $.m $3 df«a ' c SU.. Apt. li 4C-TJ50. FURNISHED very n!« tafl «CT KrXohi; *!«.. !5« N«Klnil», «tltr 5 dOj 4414MI. JAMESTOWN. S3 .Sooa Dsocaa, t i =e b*4roocn apartment,* i^-.._ wed, stag carpe-. dishwaitwr and *U Pftr.eled. 1133 per month, 700 pir w ZljK^Ssw srir^pS. "*' SZ1 " THREE bMroom, mum ij*»c 1 _, ^ "*r°y 63 West Pboae MaVMtf v 3C1- -ApartmwtH For Itnt COLONIAL ARMS 11 N. Leverelt -- .rayettevlllc - M«r. Apt. No. ! IUMMER RATES AVAILASLX NOW LEASING r rlendly Family Almosphere. 1, 2, k 3 Bedroom*. Furnished or tin* 'urnUhed. Starting at $101. Centra heat air. All utllltEea paid except electric, Complete laundry fi- cLJ.t.ej, Daycare center on premise* C o u n t r y Club Road Office Open »-5 521-7201 JENNY LYNN 11 5. Duncan -- Fayettevllle 521-7240 -- Mfr. Apt No. IS SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE NICE, ore or 1 bedroom apir meat OB Kaywood L*ne. Pbooe 521-4733. SUMMER SCHOOL At Jiummer rates -- B u n i t s · bedroom town house, !', baths. Air conditioned furnished or u n f u m iahed. DIshwaiher, disposal froat free refrigerators. Shade trees, Ba! contei. Electric range. Quality anc quiet. Ready now. Call 52i-86«Q o after hours 442-8071. 80S TOWNHOUSE 808 Lawion Si. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Fayettevlll* 442-8981 -- M*r. Apt. No .64 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE APARTMENTS -- DUPUSXES -- MO BIU! HOMES. Furnished and tinfui Lshed, Deposit requ! red, Hanna MJI rln SOO W. 6th. Phon FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bed roo ma, central heat anj air-condEtloniiui, disposal, ·treet parking no peta. Available immediately for sum met and fall. 1105, plua 150 deposit. With fireplace, $133 summer, I15 fall. Call 3Z1-6S43 or S21-1539 MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINIST Now leading one. two, three o four bedrooms -- Furnished or u n furnished. 3CTO Wedington Phone 521-7206 Orfic* Hours 9 until 5 * S r G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month , 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: , All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Purman -- 442-6631 FURNISHED or QnTDnmtwd, I bedroom Ml Whttum. 3 block* to 412-O62. 'A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.0 Two Bedroom 125 0 Three Bedroom 143 o AU utilities paid, central heat anc a-c., unfurnished, families. 24 hr security guard and pest controL WASHINGTON PLAZA APAHTMENTS 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:00 HOUINGSWORTH ARMS One block aouth of the Selene Engineering Building. One and tw bedroom. furnished anartmen available now. Also leasing fo summer and fall. Summer ratr 571-3833. FURNISHED Bpartroem H2Q per mont Unfurnished ap« rtxneot BOO per raont All billt paid except water 641 WUtbam. 44M362. SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Leveret* S21-27«I 1. 2. fnA 3 bedroom furnished o unfurnished. All utilities paid, tw ·wimming pools, tennis court* laundry, grocery. z»» faeiUtie*, air conditioned. BEHIND-THE-WALL APTS. 555 West Maple One and two bedroom now available, furnished. Call 521-4507 or see at Apt. 0. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 1T« N. Lcverctt -- Fay«tt«vill 521-33U -- Mg!. Apt. No. 1 SITMMZR RATES AVAILABLE flPRRTMENH SUMMER RATES Fumiihcd or Unfurnished NOW LEASING for immediate ocenpoancr. Alao fo June Sept Completely carpeted All utilities paid except Eectftctty ArtlJ (a. hoitliv and air condj- 1 -- J -- » Bedroom -- Townhanie. BeautttuUy Decorated t-Trtt Befrtrentor b. Cap«etty FTeeiel ·o rt pool Acres of Playground Quiet ramily Atmovpher* 1WO Melmar DrtTe Ottic* t«2«M after r3» pj Apt Ke 41-For SECURITY SEIF-STORACC SIZB UNITS. NIGHT LKSKTINO iusmrss o« HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TmM IENTAI, E. i»th ST. rAvrrnv /ILLE. Fhonat 42-Wafttad Tn Rent Or or 4 BEDROOM unfurnished hoae for 1 year. Air Fore* family with 3 a..,7VS88. ·""·'- trA -- it 43-Kwil E«ta«-Wantad 45-leti For Solo ^ jp 2.CI "1 made a hole in one today -- with a little help from George." 34--Apartment* For Rent NEAR UNTVTCRSTTY, on* bedroom, carpeted, a i r conditioned, (too nvxitti, 'AJJ ulilltiej paid. H18M2 « 521-7SM. 37-Mobil. Horn** Span* For Rfjrrt NOW renting 1 ttx inuuiwr and fall--one and two bedroom cpartmnets. Kerr In. lmenl Co., 571-41DO -H3-25S7, 52H34S, NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN ARTS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large poola, recreation room. Summer rate* effective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 » TILL 5 CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpet* · Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishvuher Disposal · Pool « Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bill* paid except electric 35--Duplexes For Rent DUPLEX, untarnished, S room apart- ent. Bath «. JT5 plus $35 depotlt. 12 E. Rock. Phone 4424591 O bedroom, washer-dr-er oonnectloni, stove. «rpeted. lericed yard carport, mljigton, JilO, Ph(»ie 267-3458. LARGE furnished 2 bedroom, new par- pet, air conditioned. No utilities paid, *L1S monlh plus deposit Phone 10-9X26 UNFURNISHED enwpt for *fo\'e and refrigerator, central air and heat, carpet throujfbout, wasber/dryer coon«[oiis, a- vajtfcble July 15 J135 plui electricity, $3 deposit required. Phone 442-8128 nr 521- 9W9, ask Tor Ben Hunt. ONE furnlshpd duplex, 780 w. Center Street, $110 bills paid. Or* famished duplex 895Vi Lin dell. OW plua utilities. Phone 443-2050. FURNISHED find unfurnished 2 bedroom duplex apartment. Oil 521-1045. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 mile- U of A. -- 1 mile NW Artt, Plaza on 31 bypass and Johnaon Rd. Phone 443-2432. ONB bedroom dapJex [or rent JM a monft. A.H utlilUes paid except eiectrj. city, (25 deposit. Phon« 4*3-4655. TWO bedioom duplex, near University, furnLsJied, 5100 per month pras otllitiei and deposit. Phone 41WS14 alter 3 p.m. NEW, two bedroom onfanuahed apartment aU utilities pa La, £35 per raontb Phillips Drive, 521-1929 or S2U22B6. GUARANTEED QUHTT. tare *ta«l« onfy. TWO · bedroom TO- furnlfised, eroept stave wd r ys. Call 521-1631 after 5 p.m. TWO Bedroom, shar carpet, ·tore and refrigerator furnldwd. Central teat and air-conditioned, garbage disposal, wasb- ar/dryer oonnectioni. NTCELY fumlshM 2 Bedroom, n*nr University and shopping center. Water and jraa paid. H35 month. Phone 442-893!. 36--Houses For Rent UNFURNISHED, 3 bedroom brk*. Balll- I n oven, ra nge disjiosal, ca rpet, ca raye, fenced, 906 Kelly. J1TO. JSO deposit. Pltone 44S-9501. FOR rent or lease. Two or ttiree bed- roam hou se. Close to UofA. Ai-allabU July 1st. Call 4^±-ffl23 after 5:30. SifAIi two bedroom, partly furnlsfied, summer rate $60 per month. Greenland. Call before 8 p.m. 443-4487. SHALL furnished: house, 45 East, on private property, air conditioned. Phone atter 6 521-KH or 521-5063, ONE bedroom furnished house, air con. ditionlnit, utilities fumlAed. Inrrutre 11 W. Elm. between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. UNFURNISHED, 2 bedroom boose, refrigerator and stove Included, w/tl connections. Garden-size T rd. Near UofA, *150 per month. Deposit required. Phone +12-9185. THRES bedroom unfurnished except for iras stove and builtin cupboards in kitchen. Comer of Lavrson and Sang in Fayettevitle. Available July 1, no peta, $145 per month. Deposit retired. Phone 443-K06. AVAILABLE now until fall registration al U. of A. Furnished 3 bedroom hong* with plenty of parkin* and nice backyard. Centrally located. For 3 adults, (159 wtft ttttjtlej and ctb!f paid. Oil I 521-30W. NICE 3 bedroom, 1^4 bath home with carpeting and drapes. Located on a large lot at 20E5 CuM«r Lane. (ITS plus deposit. Call Scimltx and Taylor 531-2717. TWO bedroom with basement. Stove, refrigerator wi th freezer and auloma tic defroster fum ished. Quitt, cool Btreet- 521CS08 before 6:00 p.m. VERY nice three bedroom, big yard. In good section of West Fork, countrv atmo- ere. J125 montn, 1 year lease, J50 deposit, reference* required. Call Tal- 8536 after S p»m. FOR Leas* 3 bedroom, 1*4 bath, hrge farnitvroom, larfre wooded lot, H75 per monlh with deposit. 1S17 So. Citster Lant. BEDROOM unfurnished modern hems* Baldwin area .CIO per month. Writ* Box il-ffi c-0 TIMES, THREE bed room, modem horjie, OM block from University, (e«chers or couple, immediate possession. Phone 443-485 or NEWLY redecorated boose. 4 bedioom. 3 baths Urge yard. J158 month, C50 clean-up deposit 1 year Itue. Call 442. S-5 pjn. weekday*. D bedronfn mobile home. All bills pa:d. Deposit_rgquited. Air No pels. NICE, mrfam!rtrt 3 bedroom house .with family room and I bath, NorUs of Unl- wcisity, marri*4 coup:* orilj'. No pet*. 1155. Udey *nd Co. 442«tL TWO, three .ami roar bedroom boattm tar rent ramlibed, completely arpeted, nicely dcoec-ated, designed for student* and fccttLty oMcnbers. 443-MM afl*r ·:·§ p.m- FTTHNISHED, two bedrooms, air- ditioneil, ca rpefs, jwnelinj, new ipp lances, furn1*ed, garage, wssh outlets, no pet*, deposit, married . 442-87S3. Far TWO 1»Jiui«». Aw rat, ti*) nccpt t!Ktr!e, | mju:r»! M34GK TWO bedroom tniler. I9S nMntft plu 6-w.lL W«r lad (u t»U. nan TWO Mnmn. wisher ftad drTvr. No ACT NOW 1st 4 Months % Price Limited Tim« Only VILLA MOBILE HOME PARK Hwy 71 N. Entrance 443-221. from Holiday Ini ONE bedroom Rx35, yra per month. uH tiles paid, MS clean-up deposit, no pets OOUPLE9 ONIiT. Phone 443*739. TWO bedroom, fumJshed mtnr and g» paid, no pets, both 10 and 13 wide a air-conditioned. Fbon« 3CT-3519 Farralnj GOOD OOUNTRT Kving ipnon at Greta A.CTW, 16 West. Phone 443-46%. VALLEY VIEW Mobile Home Park Near UofA. Large lots, patios, heat ed swimming pool. 12 blocks Mart* of UofA. 1840 N. Leverett 91. "j Good Home for Married Students. Phona 442-4367. 3 BEDROOM, central heal and air, par tlally furnijfced. 1« baths, Ptrone. days «3-Z5fn, *xt 515. NItfbti: 521-3907 TWO bedroom, furnished air-«naJtlone 9henaT«lo..i Villa. H30. fas paid. PtoM 4U47S7. FURNISHED mobile home* Alao tpaces tor rent. Wayne Hfnkle Mobile Hom« Part. Hwy. IS East. Phoo* 443-2658. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK ft air-cood, moMla baraes lor mL Good llvlni at Oood Prices End 9t -- 1% ml. N.W. Of DofA. 38-MobHe Horn** For 14X72 two bedroom, 3 bath, rrwrt ft. Ta LLJ*^ "rpet; fffifc fornltare. Phon 531-3321. SPEXBAL, ttia week -- 14i70 new 2 bed room mobile horn* only £6,600 4 ITK walls, double Insulation, (oam-core. Fui; fuml*«d. Delivered and set up. 'see i Trailwood Mobile Homes. 358 Mt Com fort Rd. or rail 443*225. 14xTB GRKBXBR.IAR. Einalt equity assume paj-ments. To aee phone 267-3795 no answer, phone 267-3232. SPECIAL: 14x70 mobile home with 4 bed rooms and m baths. Cash prkc |5.50a OaH 44MOS7. day or 12x60 MOBILE home, 1 bedrooms, peled r modern appliancei, dlsbwashe washer-drj-er. Setup at Trailwood C* 52L-297S, WhK* Spaoai D O E 8 Readership Of Ad* T i M,M) 197? MOBHX Horn*, 12xfiQ, 3 bed room, carpet, iradier, dryer, utr eon dltlonH, built-in cabinets, store, refri (or. 521-5348. 1971 ISrfO XOBIU: home, two bedroom washer and air conditioner. Phone 52 1956. 1969 12x£6 mottle home, alr-cond ttiocei carpeted, two bedrooms, two baUw, fa n I shed, good condition, available Phone 442-2970. CHANDLER Trager corner, tat Local ·n« MHcowlde, WO * ~~ 751-OSa. Ji GABBARD Paint now offerin? Tops hea\ duty alominized] roof coating (repairs decorates, insulates, preserve*, weatbe proofs) 1140 N. Leverett. MOBILE HOMES BM Kt Comfort «d. - «42-«a rayitterillo SALES and PARK Opca 0 I «7-HUl 7% NOTEII1 -^ i*^ th*m tl4» per month you can Miumc the 7% not for CM tbJB 13,000. 3 BR, l!i BA, modern borne. CB bMt * air. C/L ·IK* In backyard and walklni to IrndaU School in Sprinjdale. Owner wmnta. to move before school t*rt« so *ct nowt Call Harry Truman Moore, W1-»C. l^rEAR UofA New paint and tUe make this ir*e bedroom, I^i bath home on ha-ded, lot an even better buy. .Located on quiet dead end. street. Priced In the mid 20's. CaJl Harry Truman Moor*. 5?l-*943, rent nr lease: pasture land. ,000 aerea or mare, aay and all slae craacts considered. Phaew after THINKING at reUrin.r oa UM take? See our lake lilet before you buy. North ticfcory Hills Uike Addition. North of Hickory Creek Boat Dock on Hwy. 364 Phone 1-736-22K. 46--Forms ACTMQM ilGHT choice acres off Hwy. S3 and HoOarrf Drive, FayettevlHe. Scenic, ml carry oontrac*. Write: J. P. O'Connor Rt. 3, KoUan4 Drive, Fayrttarille, Ark '2701. Top NoWi IJTVftocfc A Pcwltr? (arm ofJered hy owner. 210 acres, all la jer- manent gn ss, plenty o water, good encinr, 2 rood bams. «n*l». «hop. 3 xdroora home, broiler capacity SI ,5CO with pasture capadty for 100 head broot oowa to produce a pwd I noome. down, owner will carry baJance on lerm -- ·bowa by appointment only. Call 80 Acres, pond, fenced, pasture, partly wooded, targe bam and 2 small build Ings. Rood water. Under 30,000. W3-S8S GO ACRES at Kmber land, spring fed pond, hunter's paradise, $300 per acre neur Qmehlll, Ark. Pbonc 8M-5637. 160 ACRE DAIRY FARM with grad* A equipment, 600 gal bulk tank, and automatic feed equipment with 10 ton bulk feed bin. covered holding pen, all years old. Should handle «0 milk cows. Has (rrain bin, and grainerj building with 10 »talla for babj calves attached 2 hay barn* wit loafing aheds. 30 acres wheat i bottom, 9 acres alfalfa, 5 acr wood*, rest in feacue. Good 2 bed room home with large livingroorr carpeted, utility room with hookup for washer and dryer; 2 car garage Located on state blacktop highway and on Mid-America milk route Should finance about 75%. S, L. McDOUGLE PURDY, MO. 65734 LONQ TERM LOAAB OB ttrgft And i farms-- Federal Land Bank Aaaoc. U2-S2T1 for mon luMttualto. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW ALL UTILITIES, YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TEHMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER 142-7511, 47-Reol Estot»-For Sal*- Looking for retirement dream. 9e this 2 beetroorn. Formal living-din ing -- attractive sunken den wit! firepl«e. Oh yeal Guest house to your convenience when the child ren come to visit. Price 123,500. Artist dream site -- 17 acre*. Idea for a beautiful building site. Creek runs in one id e of property. Suburban living. Lots of seclusion privacy. New 4 bedrooms -- 2 1 , bath -- formal diniixg -- tile en trance -- This home has extra you never dreamed of. Located 01 10 acres. See for appointment. 2243 N. College 521-1180 REALTOR Call: Patt Carmtchiel Bill Keeton Maxin« Smith LeRoy Willt* Bill C. Graue MiLdred Grau» 443-411 521-143. 442-229 442-8GI S21-37 442-4241 NEAR NEW West Tork Acres 3 BR, l'/± bat and includes drapes and eolo keyed refrigerator. Large corner lot. GR 134 (18,500. WALNUT STREET Older home on 100x120 foot Jo with garden. 3 BR, bath dinin room, full basement. Neat an trim! $17.500. NEAR SHAKESPEARE A 1 BR and Bath at (9,500 and 3 BR and bath at «12 000 on larg adjoining lots. Buy one or bot and have income! IAKEHOUSE Two level J BR, 2 bath Home o Beaver) Carpeted and fu] Iy furr ished including washer, dryer, TV range oven etc. View for mile* OAKLAND ST. AH brick home in pleasant area 3 BR ,CR A. large fenced yard double garage, carpeting. Homey Priced In mid twenties. We Have Others. Bnnint 39-Offica Spoo, Building* for Item utilltm Mnltfnd. 2 V. WOolran, 3B w. Krtm to. GARAGE tor rerrt. Onwco, Hwy TL West Fort 83M53! ' SBVKS room, l,m 40-For lUnt Or Urn* 2 BEDROOHitooten IKMC be IS t S-5 inlln imt or city. WHO Boc 114 TIMES APPROXDUTELY HM ». ft., for Kaaa buiMH or Monte- Joi mo. Wrtta : Sale OHULTZ AYLOB Realtors 47-ftMil hat» for Sab ' A GOOD FARM 185 AC RES-17 ACRES IN GOOD GRASS-NEW BARN-4 BEDROOM HOUSE REMODEL. LED-CORRALS-GOOO FENCING-PONDS A N D ALL WEATHER SPDING-ON ILLINOIS RIVER. ASSURED INCOME FROM POULTRY $16,000 PER YEAR-THIS IS A MONEY MAKING FARM AND ONE OF THE BEST BUYS TO BE FOUND. Mmnacemeat SpeeUUfta 521-2717 17*5 N. College Hwy. n And Green Acres Road FaycttevtU*. Ark GREAT COMMERCIAL LOCATION _ aero between FayettevlUe and SpringdaJe. Cloae to Hwy. 71 with aU utmtiea available. Thus is an excellent location for warehouses. Jamea Freeman S21-43W) or 521-7088 FREEMAN Real Estate Wl North Collef · SB-7JI5 ·We Practice til* Golden Rule" After hours: Gus Ostmeyer 443-2T12 REAL ESTATE KALTOR 1617 N. College 521-6300 NEED A TAX HEDGE? To save on taxes now and guarantee an income after retirement? Then *ee these 3 townhouses. Good location, 2 br, I'/s bath, quality construction. Call James Freeman 521-«300 or 521-708 FREEMAN EDGE OF TOWN Home, garden taU of »hade, acres, $ie,«K. FAYARK Realty 927 N. College Cd Barham Tarn Gilmour Clark Hansell Dal Hollingsworth REAL ESTATE QEALIOft 1617 N. College 521-6300 A LITTIE DOUGH WILL DO IT If your cash is limited, then be sure to see this new 3 br, 2 bath beauty. Good firhancinjf available to the qualified buyer. Priced at $21.500. Jo Dodson 521-6300 or 751-TXVT FREEMAN REAL ESTATE 1617 N. College 521-6300 HOME TOR YOUR FAMILY Thia 3 br. 1'.4 bath brick-frame home 1n Springclale would be great for your family. It can be yours for only ft7,54x). Phyllis Freeman S21-«000 or 531-7089 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE StMJOR 1617 N. College 521-6300 FOUR BEDROOM HOME NORTHEAST- ROOT SCHOOL CONTEMPORARY TWO LEVEL -- WITH NATIVE STONE AND WESTERN CEDAK TREATMENT -- Large living room with dining area --· Deluxe kitchen with built-ins -family room with native stone fireplace -- Vaulted ceilings -Terrace level has large recreation room -- Three full baths --Two car garage with electric door -- Choice View from outside deck -- Wall to Wall carpeting and. drapes -- Year around air-condationing -La ndscwped lot. Don't miss this. Priced below replacement coat at only $43.000.00. Call today. Office 442-73*1. KINCAID COMPANY REALTOR 333 N. College--U2-7391 G«orge W. Ltwli Mika R. Watson Hugh Kincald Margaret Huntley 442-4753 442-«71 521-6054 521-1340 COUNTRY CORNER 25 acres of secluded really close tn Fayetteville. Mostly cleared and tillable, good well. 3 stock ponds and barn. Nice 2 BR mobile home with 2 nice rooms added. Gooc Terms. For appt. to see calf Col Duffey Carter at 521-1300 or nitec 5?1-*122. BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Colics*. 521-1300 KAUOR Golden Bale" Glen MMOH Gum O*tmey«r 521-MM 443-2L12 ROUE * LAND BY OWTTB31 Secluded borne and · *cre« bt Mountain Woodland 3 mile* from tTnivenitr, near Hwy. (3 We*t. ehitect. western c*d*r conatmc- tion, 4 bedroom*. 2 bathi, ·ereen porch, atone fire-place, quarter MLaemcnt, ketmrla. Incloda drape*, cxnxh, table, diahw-wlwr rvfrtf- erator, atore. many bofltin * and ft aerea, Vt.Mt. Can after ·:«. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is o 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Se« HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADiLLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 NEW SUBDIVISION Now artartlng two-three-fonr bed room homes. All have large fam Uy rooms with fi reptact, T w c batha and large two ca r raragex »U built.n*. Quality construction Ihroughont, Drive up Mockingblrr Lane today and choose your borne Financing available. GINTONIO BLDG. CO. Pbone 521-3373 after SrflO p.m. or $21-1153 9 «,m, to 5 p.m. PRAHUE Gnrrv. Oxy 2 brfronm hem* with nd baaauenL Rearllr «h»d ed lot. Walk to «*mt and tom. Ck! MK-a far RtALKXt Office 521-555« S21-550S W3-245T U3-2069 ARCHITECT DESfGN Fay Jones designed this 5 bedroom. 4 bath contemporary with almost 5,000 feet of living area and placed it on the tot to take advantage of t he beautiful view. H earn el ceiling living room has large fireplace wall, fully equipped kitchen lower level rec room for pool and family activities, well landscaped lot with hundreds of plants and Zoysia grass. Shown by appoint- m e n t , please. GREATLY REDUCED PRICE Suburban ranch with Spanish decor and almost 4 ACRES with a great view, 3 largo bedrooms, J f u l l baths, king-size family room w i t h beamed ceiling, well destined and f u l l y eqiuppert kitchen, formal living room, too. About one year young. Fayetteville school, tele gas and water. NOW ONLY J60.SOO. THEY'VE CUT THE PRICE On this very attractive 3 brtrm and den, 2 bath home on Stagecoach Drive. Self-clean oven, DW disp. carpeted, draped 2 car paneled garage, on corner lot. A very nic* home for $28,750. NEAT AND COZY Owner's transferred and offers his most attractive 3 bdrm home fti North Kidge. A very pretty home carpeted, draped, aU kichcn huilt- ins, with 2 car garage. Ideal for retiree due to close-in location and ease of maintenance. Listed by Julie Eaves. BRICK DUPLEX 2 bdrms. living, kitchen and h a t h each side. Cen. heat. 220 wiring, always rented. JUST 523,500. 1995 N. College Julie Eaves Jan Henson Wilma Coolick Lorls Stanton 52I-K500 M2-7M2 521-6509 521-7087 U2-8744 No. eri. 21 Aeres -- 2 berfroom brick home. Fireplace, double carport, hardwood floors and natural .gas. Located jiist off East 45. Fayetteville Root School District. No. 622. 20 Acres wi(h about IS acres in pasture. Large 2 story, 4 bedroom modern home. Central heat, washer-dryer hookup, p a r t i ally carpeted. Has small barn and small metal buliding and one pond. Located on blacktop hiway with 1066' frontage. No. 623. 13 acres alJ open and level with an excellent stand of fescue. One pond, good well and natural gas, Older small modern home. 25,000 broilers. Poultry houses have new equipment. Priced to sen, No. 603,-- 35 Acres, about 20 acre* open and In very xood pasture. Lots of large trees and several nice buildtng sites. Pasture land ii level and the balance is rolling, Large spring flows on property. Just off black top East of Springdale. No. 611 -- 80 Acres on Beaver Lak» with lake frontage, Large Nativa 3tone and cedar home. Has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths large living room with native stone fireplace central heat and air, double garage. Also, a, small 3 Loom fishing cottage. No. 615 -- S Actc», seven open. Large 3 bedroom home. Central heat, electric appliances and built- in*. Famtlyroom utility room, washer, dryer hook up, good drilled well. West Fork area -- real nice. No. 620 -- 44 Acre*, 30 open pasture, 14 timber, fenced, 1 ponds, and a well, Owner financed at 7',if 0 interest. Check with us on thia property. * voirnc mjvma on YOU WANT REALTY Fred Merton Jack Huge Gene Hanim 7S1-73* 4*3-2«a S-2-2 hricfc. formal !!Tirgroa«n, d#n, WBFP, Ro* Mwol. Sow »i. HI-63B. BT Owner three bejio«n\ brick Zanxe, lars* lol, SVi loan. " iacated In Prairie Oton. Sft-K*. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! W« cfatVl n*Md ipockil turnmcr roln.... W« offer raafonabl* rent AU. year long. Largo Complex Clow To Campus. 2 Bedroom*, Unfurnished, Utilrtiei Paid induces Kjtchenetts) $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Cod or Com* By University Housing Raxorbock Annex - 37i-39Sl

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