Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 29, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1974
Page 8
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HKEI AT THE STSTON UWW6DK tttli) DO THESE THIN6S WPI10 ME ? N3 ONE B5E KNOW 15 60IN6- UWOE TOO WEEKS IKJ 3£P . Wf U. FALL IN LOVE AMP i THAT'S A VESV ] ^ UNUSUAL. ANIMAL. HE WAS AN AND WE DON'T WANT HM TO SO WE TIED A STRING ON HIS TRUNK TO HELP PENNY/ COME QUICK! BUT I'M TIR6D OF TRAVELING ALREADY. r WANT A JOB; t'LL DO ANYTHING, UZ, BASYSIStEKGOT MARRIED AtiP X ...UH-.WELL,! LEFT THEM THF GROVE SO I COULD TRAVEL -YOU OLD HORS6' COLLftR£ WHAT ON EARTH BRINGS YOU TO WASHINGTON? HERE'S THE ANSWER 0wf MM. I WRH* N fl* M08NM6 ft#.K I WISH HE'D LCT ME KNOW WHEN HE'S FETCHIN OOMPftNVHOME PER SUPPER DORN PAWS HIDE " LEAST WE KIM PO FO' TH * WONDER RASSUER" IS AX TQM0STON0 OAKE TO WHOMP tip A cure FO'HIM- ANY SPOT \ YD'P (NvJOV ) HOLPIN' TH' / /UATCH, WORLD'S \ DIRTIEST? A ITS TH' WORLDS HARtesr FORMATION O' PIRT- AH FEELS NATCHERAU THAR- Wau SOMEBODY DID/ DID VOU mi YOUR FATHER 1 WAS 6O1N6 To TAK You our TOMISHT? NO, DIPM'T Tfci-L. HIM WSU-, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO XMOW uorrn-You T2LJ-ME? TELL. ME THIS IS TOO HOT A CAMPHOR TRff IN TA.IPEH, TAIWAN, 3,000 ftARSOU) -AND STtLLGROUm I · Me«tnw«.t Arkanm TIMfS, Sal., Jut* », · PLAYED BV THE NATIVES OF WEST AFRICA, ARE HOLLOWED our GOURDS orhii-ini lull-i 1 " JJ ~ Br'JAMMIMSA BAILER SHELL INTO A HOLE W A WOODEN CUIB IIIIIDIHIiniH^^ FRANCES DRAKE LESTER 1_ COLEMAN, M. D Routine Pregnancy Test Sought In Hospitals Or. George Laubach and Dr. S. A. Wilchins, of the College of Medicine of New Jersey relieve that all women of childbearing a g e admitted to lospitals for varying reasons should have a routine test for pregnancy. An entensive statistical study by them shows ttiat a great man ywomen did not know they might bt exposed unwittingly to drugs and medication that could be harmful to them and their unborn child. Such a routine test is simple and inexpensive. LUNG DISEASE Two promising studies have been made by a Canadian research team that may be of great v a l u e in preventing crippling lung disease caused by tobacco. Dr. Frederick D. Bode, of Your Daily Horoscope lll!l!II[IUIini!l[[lll]|[[illl!]]]U[«][[||l!1llllll!!ill[in!illlllllllll!!fllil![lil!l!W McGill University in Montreal, has devised a simple technique for measuring lung capacity. )He believes that tests can [predict which individual would ie harmed by tobacco smoking. Such an early discovery of people who have a tendency to lung disease may prevent them from the serious complications of emphysema. Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SUN., JUNE 30 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A good day for making necessary changes in your home environment; also for investigating the possibilities of a new \ f onture -- which always intrigues the Arien. TAURUS (Apr, 21 to May 21) Stellar influences now encourage your most worthwhile interests and promote happiness in your personal life. Do nut tear the outcome of anything you undertake. This can Oe your day! GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) If planning changes of any kind make certain lirsk that they are for the better; also that they meet with the approval of others involved. A time for making all moves thoughtfully. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Carefully evaluate f u t u r e moves and plans. Take action vith the long-range view in mind, and take past experience nto consideration. What's expedient may not be the best :ourse. LKO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Generous aspects now .stimu- ate your interests and leanings, and your personality should make itself felt in the right places. An all-around good d a y ! VIEGO (Aug. 24 to Sept, 23) There is a tendency Inward v a c i l l a t i o n now. Stabilize, recognize flaws. No matter how y. make the time necessary .0 put ideas across cleverly -as you can. LIBRA (Sept. 2-1 to Oct. 23) Your planets in fine con figuration. You can achieve much if you will make the besl use of your creative abilities For years I have pointed out the hazards of th« inhalation of peanuts into the lungs of children. For this reason, I hair* strenuously advocated that youn gcriildren should never be offered or allowed to eat peanuts. There is plenty of time to enjoy them when they ar« older. WIRE BASKET At the university of Iowa College of Medicine, Dr. G. C. Zavala has created an ingenious type of wire basket which, when passed into the lungs, can grasp the accidentally inhaled peanut and extract it. Thi stiny instrument is a variation of the ones now in use. Its particular advantage is that it can he passed through a flexible fiber-optic tube and bring out foreign bodies from areas of the lungs formerly not accessible. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and, while h» cannot undertake to answer each one. he will use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters t» Dr. Coleman in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. -ind turn on that special charm which is so innately yours. iCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't lose confidence in your ability to produce the results you want -- even if temporarily '.tymied.. Keep trying. Some landy advantages on your side. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 10 Dec. 21) You should have little lourble now in obtaining the attention and coperation you need Especially favored: travel, romance, outdoor interests. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to .Ian. You normally abide by your agreements and promises, and here is a day for stressing this integrity. A novel adventure could please you. AQUAR/IUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) All may not go exactly as you desire, but you will find many advantages anvway -- if you look carefully in'all areas. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) An auspicious period. If you cooperate smartly, you can make up for lost time and break through any barriers to n e w attainment. Romance highly favored. YOU BORN TODAY: Unlike Cancerians you are inclined to be an extremist and highly unpredictable. Paradoxically, however, you are a conservative at heart and tend to be exceedingly displeased with nonconformists. It is extremely difficult for you to see the "other fellow's" point of view if it conflicts with your own. Try to overcome this trait else you will make many enemies as you career along life's path. You are keenly analytical in your thinking and have an affinity for intellectual pursuits. Fields best suited to your talents: writing, the stage, music, botany, chemistry and salesmanship. Birthdate of: Susan Hayward, film star; Lena Home, popular singer. TMn«siimmTMi«*« B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten' Individual Championship Play) Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Sloping passage 5 Biblical patriarch 8 Preserves 12 On the sheltered side 13 Sleeveless garment 14 Miss Adams 15 Throw overboard 17 Penalty 18 Sharp tool 19 Fish eggs 20 Later 21 Month (abbr.) 2! Compete 23 Females 26 Grating 30 Affirm 31 Head wear 32 Portico 33 A part of England 35 Forests 36 Month 37 Operated 38 Divest il Metal container 42 Hasten 45 Region 46 Spears 48 Lusatian peasant 49 Twilight 50 Ova 51 Hardens 52 Lair 53 Biblical pronoun DOWN 1 Indian prince Z Masculine name 3 Distribute 4 Caress 5 Medea loved him £ Woodwind 7 Forbid 8 U.S. president 9 Mine entrance Avg. solution time: 21 mm. Answer 'o yesterday's nuzzle. 10 Rich source 11 Phrophet 16 Persia 20 Ventilate Zl Lamentations 22 Large tank 23 Mass 24 Eggs 25 Chess pieces 26 Mandible 27 Japanese name 28 Doze 29 Neon 31 Fodder 34 Fold 35 Abate 37 Bird 38 Adages 39 Corner 40 Lease 41 Cavern 42 Tall 43 English dean 44 Being 46 Jack snipe 47 Permit 2 22 37 10 iMiMmiimiMiiiiiiiiiiMiMiiiiM South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * Q J S 4 V. 9 6 3 2 · J 9 2 * J 2 WKST 4 K 9 8 « A J 10 8 · 1087 * Q « 7 EAST * 10 7 3 » A Q 6 5 4 3 + 104 SOUTH * A 5 2 · K + A K 9 6 5 3 The bidding: Sooth West North East 1* Pass 1» Pass 2NT Opening lead -- ten of diamonds. The most sensational match [ ever participated in occurred many years ago in the Vander tilt Cup championship. My leammates -- Stayan, Rapee, Schenken and Crawford -- and J held the world championship at the time, and were playing against four guys named Joe. It was a 4£-board match and, at the halfway mark, we were 3,770 points behind! Our un- c e l e b r a t e d opponents h a d played perfectly, while cur team had played as though its collective feet were asleep. Here is the kind of thing we ran into during those 24 boards. I was South and got to two notrump. I can't explain North's diamond response, but it did not deter West from finding tlie killing diamond lead. I followed low trom dummy, winning with the king as East signaled with the six. and played the A-K and another club. i West won and played another diamond. East cashed five diamonds, shifted to a spada rather than a heart, and as a result of this remarkable defense 1 went down three -300 points. My teammates at the other table bid and made two diamonds with the East-West cards for 90 points, so. while the swing was not exactly enormous -- 211) points -- it was typical of what was happening to us. Apparently the strain of protecting their 3.770-point lead proved too great for our opponents because, in the second half of the match, they suffered a complete reversal of form. Where they could do absolutely nothing wrong in the first half, they could now do absolutely nothing right. Not only did our team win the match, but we won it by 2,560 points. We gained li.S.'itt points in the last 24 boards! PONYTAIL "We'd love to walk on the beach witb you g*y»!... j Which direction to a hot dog stand?!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLCAB: t**»n* given complete, or ' and favorably when KAXX TT BAST tor the rrader. inaert yovr telephone number «c da not h**e · ' emH Jim. t regular boon. give, a uredened * yow. Ahraya . and addreea. H you time to bare ptnapatta PLACE YOCTtSrXT in the reader*! poatUon and aak yoomU what you would like to know (about your oHarl. The inimi nm (to will aalu a fxrH Claaalfiiil ad. WART AD6 THAT FAIL to brinf aatarfaetion do K, not ttvoufh any lack of leaiieiiltip, but becaaae they do not contain enough TRK GUATCatt IffftPT/H ATTOR1O1T can bt neured tor your adverttiement by onJertn» l u m u i i l l i e Ineertlon*. You can rton your ad in the event at Manila and then pay only (or the djy. It waa publialMu. Then az» ak» very epecial ratea for thoea wba an

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