Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 28, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 13
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There are tendencies now toward impulsiveness and unnecessary bickering. Don't YOU yield to such inclinations. Con r o 1 emotionalism. Make NOT 60N6 TO CAMP HAS 0ES4 0800 TaiWMOli UM£RE TOD BSEWEATKMOf TWO WEEKS" WE«? (WOUND THEIR NEOS THE FINGER -IH THE BELIEF tTNOJ. CRACK A WKM/NG- THE APPROACH of AM eveny ROME WAS FOUNDED W7S3B.C BV ROAWtUS, WHO PLANNED (T AS A SQIW?E CTTY BY PtOWINS A ·SQUAXE' FURROW im WEU, USTt TO WHAT 6W AND Sea. PEOPLE ANYAVORE' THE TOWN ON THE ISLAND OF THESW NAME IM mS 1HE 08TUNE Of ASHIP ffllHiimiWMiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinifliiiiiiiiiiiHliiiiiiiiiiiliiuiniiiilw FRANCES DRAKE Your Horoscope oofin- you NEWW^EPS worn ABOUT ME;-ALLW IIFE t\E iiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiiiinMMiiiiiiniJiiMiiiii^^ WANTED TO RETIRE AW TRAVEl Look in the seel ion in which SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according U the stars. FOR SATURDAY, J U N E 29, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) thoughtful decisions. Routine can cary you just so far, but initiative and ambition will have to be stressed if you would reach higher plateaus. Avoid extremes, however. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) good day tor updating me- During leisure hours, engage in mental horizons. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) A new contact, possibly a change of scenery or activity indicated. Make the most of all could lead to future advancement. DANCER (June 22 to July 23) Steady does it -- else you will upset thefine balance now existing m so many situations Perce.ive .thoughtfully, l i s t e n carefully, hold opions until sure of'your ground:' LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Mixed mlluences. Check spur of - the - moment comments, action. You could step into troub rrsHOReis KIWD-HEflRIH OF ME TO LOOK flFTER MIZ HflWKlNS THflT-A- WW.DOC TH 1 WIDDB? HAWKINS HAS BEEN AIL1W LATHY, LOWEEZY- flto' PM TOKI W should pay off handsomely. effort can help plays correctly. -NevAH (-OSTXXJR ,NSITHBR!!-AH'LL TAKE WON.'! SMALL. WOtlpeR NwrfmmU Aifcamos THttJ, Friday, Jun* 21, 1t74 -IAVBTTIVII.U, ARKANSAS LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. 'Satchel' Paige Gives Doc Medical Advice How to slay young and beautiful has occupied the ate n t i o n of philosophers, p h y s i c i a n s , psychiatrists, cosmeticians and just plain folk. 1 want to share with you a poignant portrayal of one man's solution to the problem of modern - day frcnctie living. Leroy (Satchel) Paige, nn und i s p u t e A "authority" on MS7T""T* longevity in sports, has also given to the world a recipe for health that deserves to be noted. I quote Mr. Paige: 1. -- Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood. 2 -- If your stomach disputes you, lie down an dpacify it with cool thoughts. 3 -- Keep the juices flowing by janging around gently as you move, LIGHT ON VICE 4 -- Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on society. The social ramble ain' restful. 5 -- Avoid running at al mes. B -- Don't look back imething might be gaining on Now, once, you have, enjoyed e delightful aspects of Mr aige's formula, read it a-gain or within the content of ever through wrong or heedless tactics. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23). Don't involve yourself in ; livilies in which you are i particularly interested just he cause someone asks you. There you are- . some suggestions should 'reject. LIBHA (Sept/24 to Oct. 23) Fine Venus influences no« stimulate your gift of artistry imaginative ideas SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov 22) Avoid a tendency to over tax yourself. You may encoun ler some hitches in cveryda], matters, but steady, KNOW INC 1 you call th iwiiiiiniiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiniiMiniiMiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiininnmiiiiiiiiiiN^ B. JAY BECKER 22 to Jan You should delight in the many opportunities to belter your knowledge and under standing now. Both will help yo uin making plans for the immediate present and the fu lure. - · AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) An excellent day in which to display your foresight and abi- ily to differentiate between the and the "glitter.' Travel and romance under bene- Icent auguries. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Use good judgment in al situations: Restrain vigor when in seems politic; be aggressive where such tactics are re quired. YOU BORN TODAY hav. been endowed with a fine intel lect and unusual versatility Original and highly imagina live, you are capable of accom plishment in many fields-especially since while you imagination soars, you have th happy faculty of keeping you feet on the ground at all times You are extremely practica unlike most high-flyin, and, thinkers, are patient, meticu lous with details and willing t wait put the results of your uni que ideas and projects. Field in which you could make a eminent n a m e f o r yourself writing, diplomacy, science (especially engineering), pain ting and education. Traits t curb: jealousy and ,obstinac Birthdate of: G.W. Goelhals builder of the Panama Canal Peter Paul Rubens, renowne' Flemish painter. EVERY TIME t COH UP -THE. TRAIL., SOME 5UV J0MRS OUT FROM BeHIND ATK66 AtfD STARTS HU66ir46.Ar4P KISSIN6 MSI TUB is THE FlfijST DAY HE HASN'T SHOWN UP ' WHY HAVOJ't YOU THIS / BUNCH OF LITTLE I GR£EM MEN RUNNlN* WITH COOKIE? SAP PR£AM OF SHE USED TO BRIMS ME U THE PAPER AJ^D V MV SUPPERS EVERY EVENING · AV^OMEN'S LJ8 MOVEMENT GOIMS POO DOSS WHATS HAPPENED Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Loiter ornament 7 Obi 11 Epochs UCandtenut · tree M Exchange premium 15 Norse tale 16 King 17 Not any 18 Council of- 20 Remainder 22 In behalf of 24 Winter, for one 28 Blemished 32 Diminish 33 Scarlett's home "i M Dark { 36 Cuckoos f 3! Broadway musical 39 Lower 41 Produces a chemical change 43 Gist (colloq.) M Chilled « Portable oven SO Vehicles S3 Obtained 55 Split 56 Fish sauce 57 Australian bird 58 Solar disk 59 American surgeon 60 Lair 61 Before DOWN 1 For fear (hat 2 Sandarac tree 3 Security 4 Hinder 5 Hebrew measure « Polishes 7 California city 8 Past 9 Transgress 19 Garden tool 12 Home of the Giants Avg. sototlon time; 2S min. Answer to yesterday's pnzle. IS High hfH 21 Ocean 23 Communist 25 Normal 26 Masculine name 27 Promontory 28 Mil 29 Be concerned 30 Region 31 Performed] 35 Chess pieces 38 Common abbr. 40 British tavern 42 Stitched 45 Cupola 47 Hawklike bird 48 Always 49- Descarfe; 50 Machine part 51 Wing St Turkish title 44 Domestic pigeon ule he lays dawn ther* i» isychological wisdom. Advice is offered to redue* ligh caloric, high cholesterol oods which "anger up th« blood" and. over a long period of time, do affect the statt of health. ' ' C o o l thoughts" «n4 relaxation prevent the churning of the stomach which, realis- ically, can cause or reactivatt stomach ulcers. "Janglirrg around gently M o u move" reduces th« emotional stress and tension which is part of our day's activities. The circulation of blood s a beneficiary of this simpl* suggestion. WEAR 'N T E A R "The social ramble" adds ivear and tear on the body -depriving it of resl. Tohncco and alcohol and their abuse can be part of such hyperactivily. ' ' A v o i d running" under- pressure. Instead. establish sensible patterns or exercise. "Don't look back" is a basis psychological axiom. When errors are made, remedy them. Do not spend a lifetime in perpetuating a mistake that ii reversible. Thank you, "Doctor" Leroy Paige for your sage advice! On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Marten* Individual Championship Play) You are South in each of the ollowing sequences, and the uestion in every and case ·hether your partner's last bid hows a minimum opening bid 12 to 15 points), or a n in- ermediate opening bid (16 to 8 points), or a very strong pening bid (19 or more points), f you think that the sequence ocs not precisely define North's range of values, your n s w e r . should be 'In- .eterrhjnate.' South North 1* 3* 1* 1* 1* 2V 1* 3* 1* I N T 1. Minimum. As your heart esponse in the two level represents 10 or more points, North cannot be ione because he in the 16-18 would j u m p .o four hearts in such case. Hit three heart hid is not forcing. 2. Intermediate. With . a m i n i m u m , North would bid two spades; with a maximum, h« would bid four spades. Three spades can be passed with · raggedy points. 3. Indeterminate. North's v o l u n t a r y venture into the three evel shows values clearly beyond a m i n i m u m , for with a 12-15 point hand he would s i m p l y bid two spades. However, you cannot tell at this point whether he is in the 16-18 zone or higher t h a n that. 4. Indeterminate. North may have 12 to 18 points, and there is no way of telling which it is at t h i s juncture. He cannot have 19 or more because he wrni'd j u m p (o two spades in such case. One spade is not a forcing bid. 5. Intermediate. Two hearts is a reverse and indicates 17 to 19 points. This is because your spade bicl may have been based on 6 points and North, by bidding two hearts, may force you to the three level if you prefer clubs to hearts. North must have extra values to risk forcing you into a nine- trick contract. K. Intermediate. The j u m p rcbid designates 16 to 18 p'ointj and at least a six-card suit. Three spades is invitational not forcing. i PONYTAIL "Are you by any chance trying to test my lov*, Donald?... That's the THIRD hamburger -"--' you've driven RIGHT byl" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD VE CLEAR. H*»dfTi respond mor quickly and liven complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EAST for the ttAdcr-prospfct bo reach ywi Insert your telephone number or your name and «ddr*H. If do not have regular hour*, giv* a preferred time to h*v« call you. PLACl YOURSELF In th* rettter'9 position and a*k yourself you would like Co know about your offer). Tb* iiuw*r give will make a food Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT r.ATT, to bring »ali»faction lo w. any lack of readership, but hecaus* they do not contain information to ftt prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTTOX «»n h* Mcurad tor PNT tdvcrtUement by order inj eon*«cutive insertion*. Vou can MOB y*ur ·d in th* event of re*ultt and th*n pay only for the day* n WM publMh*d. Then ax* «I*o vtry ipecial r*t*a for (hoc* wb» «*«

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