Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 27, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 18
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tRUOaOAO SOr-AS ·A autssu 4teM 1»W ma*/, mm M 0 .r*. Hit, «M BM »M Ml naMt MMtrartM aM MtcM. C«M Of ttmtt imilttb, UNITED uixs. H«T a w»it. nnU I tt · Its*. » I I M » Jri. Ml «, PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD . Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE nZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 artmwiH for t*f« ESTES APARTMENTS ta w. Two brtnxms, bill! ptld «xc«p vkctrlcity. rtMntfi. ftwi 4« S«» r FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bMre«nu. «ntr«l hot «M ·IrHMAdKIt^'lt. dklMMl. «fl itrwt p«rkui| n« U Avtllibu ImmMlitely m«r (nd fill. . (or lltt, tlu. IM With fireplie*, Vli . iitnuMr, ma . . . nafcu* p*n«R. Ml nHxtlh. non* MMHO. TWO t«lr«m twin p«rtmmt, nnuti. c«nlral belt and Air. Mttwr/dry. , »11 electric, refr)K*rt(w «n ««v« araUlied. p*Uo. (t^5. KpnMre MrML PMM MUT*i7 or MMNi prtnxnt. Brown »(·«- !Urlh dun* Ktntt, TtM CWtaces In o mlnalH to OUI«W. MB i» h*o Moek« tiy, t PIMM MAPLE MANOR APIS. rAYETTEVTLLE'S RNXfiT Now leaAlnf «o*. two. three or tour bftdrMtttt -- Furftished or u- furnUhed. Sttl W Phone OMlc« Hour* I untfe S NEAT three room roral^hed. apartment South Sctwol mreet, bills paid, als« (Southgate Village), tw» «0icMnay cabin* Phone 442.2021. 1974 SEWING MACHINES (6) Carapltt* with Strttcfe-»t.U*i, built* taUon-Mtor. monArrantmtr. ztf-aatt and · hort «* .Meant.** jtttchtl. Nationally tdvartlaad at M56 -- Our trie* oat? «».9GI AH *Ml oonatroctM. with fun 30 yaar parta and labor £nar*nt*«. dash Or ttrtni a»a Habit. UNITED FREIGHT ALS8. H»5 tt Wwt, FaytMrtvillt, OpM S to S, M«vtar thread, Friday, ttn C KaturAa. 27-Muilcal Mwxhandtw 3KT, 9 piece, tlk» new. Ma at .US1 Repben* Ave. Phor.« U1-40W. S-S pjm. PIANO AND ORGAN OFFER -Our manufacturer has authorized us to sell a selected amount of planoi arid Orftnc at a. factory davcount during the month of June, July and Aural -- The four lUtes area large*! keyboard de«l*r R. S. ^ McClain Music Company, Vlnlta. Oklahoma, Phone 91 8-256-2 M2. -- 9T toCto excetJent ooodWon. aftir * » evmtan. FURffISHKD wve bed rOflra THIUfks paid. IBS month. Located between hish xtmtA and Unhrtraity. Phone 443- TttO, FTJRWIfiKED apartment rm« of aqoart, AM bad room, all Hl Mift citctrMty, |M par nwr irttnent on* Mddk north lit* paid " Phone APARTUXMT fW rml. «M Moc* from oampui. furntAad, ottUUe* paid, air$110 ftr nanlfa. «ian* 521- AVAHABLB July 1. One bedroom apartment, f5 monUi InchwIlnR gas and water, Hair the charm at old Kayettavilte. For showing call PsH Ormlrfiael, Slage- coarti Real Kstate. 521-1180. TWO bedroom apartmeiU, all carpeted, extra nice [urnishinits »nd dmpei, central air, no pels, *130 pit* electrtfttty. Pftone 321-2ffl. GARLAND GARDENS I G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer ,$125 Per Month I 1 Bedroom Furnished ' A l s o Renting for Falli j All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 432 Pufman - 442-6638 Ml Wtd , bu. I block, to DU*nt7 GARRARD'S FAMOUS ·~ prafesslonal tunUU* If the heart of AX 7000/Oarrard stereo ayatern. 350 watt amftUfjer and precision AM/FM itereo - taner, wtth FET clrtttitry. 10" woofer and wide ranfe horn diffiuer. One year guarantee part* and labor. List* al f9. bnt we'll sell 5 at *2ti.9S, c :»r lerms. UNTrKD FREIGHT RALES. Hw' fi3, Favrfrevllt*. Open 9 to 9 * Monday tJiroush Friday. Til) 6 on Sat* '. arday. AIR SUSPENSION SPEAKERS Save 5(r%- Full Bpecs biculde wide tonal range, minimum distortion, electronic .· crossover, full guarantee. Beautiful wal nut atytinff with molded jfrlli*- Pair of ·pCAkera joat 139.95 at UNITED FREIGHT - BXLES. Hwy. 83 Wect. Payrtteville. Open 9 to 9 MOD**? tfaroosh PrUay. bll ~ on 3*turday. 2000 N. airland -- f 442-raai -- Mir. (Km cialr* Ko. M) 5UMUEB RATES AVAILABLE "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom . . ............ 1N.M Two Bedroom ---- . ......... 125.00 Thr«e Badroom .............. 1U.I All utilities paid. c«ntr»l heat an a-c., uitfuTnith*d. famili security £u*Pd and WASHDJGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS on* bedroom apartment, air conditioned, carprt, private parking, ain. J85., no peta. 443^538. 443^755, 1655 N. Ltwifl 521-30T3 Office Hours 8:30-5:00 NEW. very nk», two bedroom, (nm- Ished. Close to caimw*. Dlrtiwnsher, etc. 3140 plus utilities. Phon« 443-4757. LARGE on« and two bedroom, w»n to all c*rp*t. eenlral Jilr, hiraisbrf well, « street parklnr, good nelgtiborhood. 443-3516 after 4:00. HOLLINGSWORTH ARM On« block aouth of tht Scten Engineering Building. One and tv bedroom, fnmtehcd apartmei avHiUble now. Also leasing f imtr .uid fall. Summer rate* S21-2SSA. FURNT3HED apartment--e-meSendetj, one and two bedroom-some-air conditioned; Xn very quiet environment, ctoe* to cam- JMU. 531-2226. apaTWiem Tia) per month Unfumlahed tMrtment S100 per month. AU Mill paid except w»trr, flat m -"* 28--AntiqiMt--For Sole Wahot Wly cnpiwtrd: Raflnlabed Oak cbo* ahtoe atawt; Three rafiitlibed patten ba-ck taira; Old wooden blah chair; small oak rolltop detk wm ehatr: miaWeOaneon*, OhU 443-7B1S. Hwy 112 North . 404773 er 9prin.n. rayetterllle Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitive* -- Glu* China -- BRMB -- Collector** Itema ,- Pralrl* Grove. Ark. Phona MB-28B1 Fayetteville'i Newest Apartments Garland Garden Apts. 2000 N. Garland Fayetteville · PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS DNFDRNTSHED apertrawt, ttro bed- rotcu, C*I» I«T moota Mas »» d op deposit. Reference r«iuire4. Soott ai Block 9t5.. Apt 12. 442-7^0. FURNISHED wrv' nX» and ooovenient Nettleship Ub.. 1540 Hetueshlp. S3-3ST2 alter 5 call «2-«M6- THE LITTLE WOMAN "It was the most beautiful dream -- the consumer price Index was down, the stock market was up, add Elaine's Dress Salon was having a sal«!" 34--Apartment* Por R«M 34--AportmenH for Rent SKULL CREEK ARTS. MO !». LncnU L 1 uM I Mdnom tainUm1 or uoftirnlihM. Al) utuitlw p*M, two iwlnunlng poeli, tennli ttmrto, laundry, tnxxir. CM felll«». air conditioned BEHIND-THE-WALL ARTS. 555 West Maple One and two bedroom now available, furnished. Call 521-4507 or see at Apt. O. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 11* N. L«ver*tt -- Fiy«tt»viU 911-381 -- Hgr. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER KATES AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE i * BEDROOM mrrra AT UVERETT GARDEN ACTS. Friendly atmo«ph*r* 2 large pooL recreation room. Bummer rate* «f fective June l*t. CALL. 621-7200 TOJj CREEKWCXDD VILLA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpe · Queen size beds e Frost'free r frig. · Dishwasher Dlaposa · Pool · Free TV Hookup. Lo summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electric 44MM i\* oH-vmiaTT. ^.^,3^*2 hit*/'.*.* M.I«M'.t - -- ,ET TAN n redwood sundcck at rttr 6t w« bMrodM duplex clost lo Unl- eralty. Pan«|«d throughout, st6ve i refrlCtrator (urnURM. UK «r Ml l*« *»«» f».J«Jlf"' « Ko "«« SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING 'or immediate oeeuj»*ncy. Abe Mr un« Sept. Completely carpeted Ul utilHlW paid cxc*pt Kectrtcity trkla fftt hMtinc and *lr conril- -- 1 -- 3 Bedroortt -Beautifully Decorated r, two be^Mam ttnfumiaVfl *p*rt ment all utllltwt paid, H35 p«r Prort-F*** HefrtffTfctor l«e-Lb. C«pfccliyTr*e«er Comp]#l* Laundry Aerei of Playground Onlet FiTtiHy Atm6*fth*r« ItOO MeVmar Drlv* Office U2-*«6 after ·;# p.m. Apt. 100 rentlnr Nr uimm*r and tw» bMroftn noartrfmeU. K#rr tn Wflt CO., 21-41W 4494531, UL-4M*. 35--Duplex** For Rent H inn*LRX. mu\imi*A«l, S rotan apai luck. Phoni «H*1 TWO btflroom. waaher-itry*r «mn*Ctldi.i Hove, nrpttM fencml stM ctrpor inieton. .10. Fhore 387-5458. LARGE rurn!sh*fl 2 b**room, Mw (* pel, air condHioned. NO ullUllts paid, (11 month piui dtposil. Phon* 442-3320. mo-AUOUST. Mnfie SlurtWiti. furn! 2 bedrA^m. shower b*Ui. UM p«r~mdnl r cltj- p*r)r, Deposit Also 2 betttti) Urge roOcni, 7 (4os««, hJb*hcm«r, n*i city park, (13S p*r minlh. DepMlt. 4H UKFUKNBKED eXCfpl (or Itov* end re frigerator, central air and h*ai, carp uirouXhout. waKher/dr-er conneotims, valttble Jirly 15, ?155 plo* electricity. ( deposit required. Phone 443-to28 6r 52 "·"i aft tor Ben Hunt ONE Wml«l«! dudn. T« W. Orvt ftr»t SUO bilk paid. On« fuml dupln a%V( LlniteU. HOO (ius utLU Phom- M32060. LUXURY PLUS All conveniences and ahag carpi In two bedroom unfurnished town house. Great view. (250 per tn Call Lee Boos at Gallery of Horn 521-T272 AWTTBVflLLB, rW Rwrt flUDt«x Kr rent. IS* _ tli. Al] WllltiH ptld *xc*|* *(*«tri- 44^-4*5. , . ffOo jwf month ptutt uulilts nd **PO*H. PMflc 443-4M4 ttl*r 3 p.m . ttpi*" and ma- «Jy. TWO Hrtrtom tav . ctU 5KM81L »fl*r 5 p.m. TWO brtroom, aXat carpel, *wv« mlihrf. Centrar heat in TvVO bedroom BV)Tjlte honM. All . Dcpmlt required. Alt pels- BLT farnl»*d S ftedwwn. nWr Un ersity atirt rtrtptfnir e«ttf. W*tpr an patfl. 1» m*nlh, Ftione 36-- H lt«nt WRT5W bedroom onftirnlfthert ext*pt rtwe *ftd balHfn rtrpttMMs Ifl ct*n. C6m«r o* I*w**n and Mr* ttrvlltft. AvttliN* JuH* 1. no p S145 per ntoNtti. Depaclt reruir*d. tbon . S b«»rr»m. dsn. refM rttor. T*ru«, «m*«r aiwl dryw. win a/c ^misted. «W pw mwtt. Mr. «*o AVAILABLE until Sill FMisMtlRI at U. at nlaftel S Wir»M hMM win t» wrUnK sM jitca backyard. OHiln lerf. For S aftolU. TIM wtth BtLlH and cable paid. Call 3S.-3XM. TWO bedrtom witti gamce, furnish 'udlnff wa«fi«r, Jrytr, * dishmriwr, .en^tntl. VIM p*r mionft. n* PTione 44Mtl7. TB 3 bedwom, 1% Mlh h«mt ietlnir and «TMpM. located arRe !ol at 2035 CMst«r T^n«. |17fl deposit Cfcll Bc*ml1* and Taylor SD-ZH TWO bedroom wltti baMfnenL Btove, triRcrator with freeier and automa dffTOater Furnished. Qoiet, »ol itrwt 521-3808 before 6:00 p.m. VERY ntae three bedroom, big yard. good aacUon of Weit Park, country atmo sphere. Jl» monft. 1 y«ar le**e, deposit, rvferenotj required, C*n 8538 aHer « p.m. POf Iwflff WO hedro^n )wi*t in plat-T. rMrireralor, iiJ«hw»*h«r, intiv Jlnrt «fy«r. $17* ^ " ·7533. . , 1*4 hftlh. rt/M. L OR l^rts* S Sedi4nm, m baft, taf*» mlK'i^om, Urite woMed W, tin par , onth with dr .fl -7-140. __ tllKK bedroom, rrt^ittrn h«uac, lNM**n Pfwn* .tun per month, wrn* ·OUR bedroom, 1V1 ft*m*. fot Wait, tlM per month, MOO 4*pwlt. Oill ift- 143. Kesponiibte parfy only. N« petl. amllr roort and 1 bAlh. KMh * Unt- eMcily, married Muplfc only, M« p«to. tl3^. Ullfty ftnd 06. Hg-OU. TV\*O, ftr** .ana roar bMrtftm hftnaN for Tnt, furnkh*r1, cwnplMely carpeled. licrly d*x«ralH, fl«iyn*d for sbil«nt* mrl farlully memlwre. 442^4M after 6:0* t.m. _ _ rURNISHBD, HW fcedrWrfti. alr-rtn- lilloo*!, mriwts, pniwUnc, n** a^Is, 'flcpo^it, marriM cWpU. 44247U. 37-Mobile Hom«« A Spowt For Rent ACT NOW Ut 4 Months '/, Pric» Limited Time Only VILLA MOBILE HOME PARK Hwy Tl N. 443-2214 Entrance Acron from HoHday Itta KB nnt for H month, toi3 modern close to U nt A. shopoinx, work, on* bedroom. Phone 44S-4SW. ONK bedroom xS), 575 per month, utilities paid, 945 clean-up depotll. no peta, couple preferred. Phone 443-S7S9. TWO bedroom, rumllhed, water and fa* paid, no pels, both 10 and 12 wide, al] al --conditioned. Pbon« 3CT-3519 Finatng- too. OOOD COUNTRY Hrtnf vjNiee* at Oreeai A.CTM, If W«*L PSona 44Mf». JAMESTOWN, S3 Sooth Duncan, fum- litfied one bedroorn apartment. alicon- riitioned, shag carpet, dihwaAer and alt paneled, J135 per month, xw pay water and deofricity. Call Don Dinffleitae. 5a- 3163 or 442-KL53 aHer 7 p.m. 3O-Want«l To Buy WANTED: Hay OOHTtyor. fltaB 751-73SS WANT need watont apin«t pMM ta new emotion. Fttoo* 8W^CL OR KBKT: BBlMnff anH*bl» for cafe. 1 rfose to. See Vida I**k* at 304 So. aefaooi V jptoon* 443-ZUK. ·veniao. C S COIN S H O P PAWN Payinr 100% Over Face for Silver. Buy If Sell All VS. Coins 1308. I. Thompson TOl-STlt mam rat oooc uran FURftflVKB ft APPLUKCKi QfCUTD- IHO aHTKJOTS COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett -- Fayetteville 442-Mtl -- Mir. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLX NOW LEASING LEWIS FORD'S PICKUP CONVOY SALE! Friendly Family Atmosphere. 1. 2 3 Bedrooma. Furnlahed or Un- fumiahed. SUartirut at $101. Central heat air. All utilities paid except electric, Complete laundry fa- cilitiej, Daycare center on premise*. Country Clul Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING HIGHEST PRICES (Subject to dally change, call tar quote). AL*a need BTTUU coin and ·tamp collections top dollar paid. FAYTTTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2S61 N. College. 5Z1-6421 THREE bedroom, imnrmstted apartment Hiw»y II We»t H»o« 443-9646 or 3CT- 33M. Kn "SB-ID model CTtevy. QUO or Intatmaiional wUhar bed. Most ba zood truck. 75I-OBR. 34--Aportnwnty For TWO bedronm cnrpelefl. 1nip«. .. hrat xna air. furnished, mnrriM roupte. nn pelj. PtKme 44.^*816 after 4:00 [.T FURNISIIKD two *ertnx»n moWte home Vale SRreel, ICO plus ulililies. Flwne \'ERY detlnMe 3 room furnichetl A men!. Norlhei rf toearlwi wrventent h hospitals, carpefed, reramlr tile hntti with tub * shower combination. Private front ·rxt rear entrances, .TrouncI floor air cowJUioned. Phone ·H244S1 or 521- JENNY LYNN 11 3. Duncan -- FayetUviHe X21.7240 -- Myr. Apt No. 15 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLT RCALLT MICE, txtt or 7 bearoom apart- men* on Kaymxx! Lane. Pttona sa-4739t ENDS JUNE 30th Prices are good thru June 30th, so you don't have much time lett! There are more than seventy new pickups to choose from ... each with a special money-saving convoy sale price! Get your choice of power, color and options today! SUMMER SCHOOL At summer rates -- 8 units -- 2 bedroom townhouee, Hi bath.. All conditioned furnished or unfurnished, Dishwasher, disposal, frost- free refrigerators. Shade trees, Bal- coniei. Electric ranee. Quality and quiet. Beady now. Call 521-8660 or after hours «42-8m. W8 TOWNHOUSE 808 Lawson St HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES OF CONVOY PRICES -- THEY WONT LAST LONG! KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Fayetteville 44Z-BW1 -- M*r Apt. No M SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE TWO Room rumlsbttl apurtmenl. On* man only. R»ooe 4*2-T3Qft. APARTMKSTS -- PUPI-EXES -- MO- BH£ HOMES. Furnished and unfiujv lch«d. tM«p» lt mpJlred. Hanna Marine 600 W. fi!. Ptwwi* S21-658S. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Se« HATF1ELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! special tumnw W« offer reasonable rent ALL year long. large Complex Close To Campos, S Bodroosm, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid rndude* Kitchens** $83 Per Month Only $70 Deposit Cafl or Come By Unjvenity Homing Buorbocfc Annex - 575-3951 Stock No. 74407 F-100 EXPLORER C 302 V8 engine, air conditioning, power steering, automatic tranunission, side body moldings, radio, whitewell tires, rear step bumper. Parrot Orang* color, list Price $4599.80. OQfti LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE JJ7U1 Stock No. 74283 .F-250 3 /4 TON EXPLORER C Air conditioning, tinted glass, cruis«omatic transmission, power steering and brakes, 10-ply tires, 360 V8 engine, side moldings, rear step bumper, radio, Grabber blue finish. List Price $4926.85. LEWIS FORF CONVOY SALE PRICE Stock No. 74318 F-100 CUSTOM 6-Cylinder standard transmission, white finish. List Price $3201.90. tlQIA LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICI $LQL\) Stock No. 74441 F-100 RANGER XLT 360 VS engine, power steering, eruiseomatie transmission, whitewall tires, green and lime 2*tone finish. List Price $435870. Oil 1 } LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE J U / l j Stock No. 74449 F-100 EXPLORER B Viking red color, automatic transmission, power ·teerlng. List Price $3815.00. OIQA LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE ^jZ/U Stock No. 74419 F-250 3 /4 TON CUSTOM PICKUP 360 V8, 4-speed transmission, power steering, side moldings, rear step bumper, 10-ply tires, radio, pastel lime finish. List Price $4444.85. LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PR1C£.... $3780 SALE ENDS THIS WEEKEND- NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A PICKUP! SPECIAL ALLOCATION OF EXPLORERS- OVER 40 IN STOCK FORD LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 On the Spot Financing Thru FORD MOTOR CREDIT!

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