Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 27, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 17
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I.ocated 4 miles West of Sprinffdal on Hwy fiS Lo Harvey Jone.s Karn hen ^i m i l e Narth on Jones Roar ',2 Jiiile Wesl. 7 trailer* in need o- p;iir; 500 g a l l o n water preesur n k , new; Ohu large Bryant air conditioner and central heat in u n i t ; The trailers will be sold sep irately one by one. Only 2*7 down on tbe real estate. R. R. BOWMAN, Owner C. J. Menson. Auctioneer Phone 273-2992; Nighti 636-2258 3--Personals KIDS -- OAI.l, AUNT POT. Any tim or nlchl tor Ink-resting story, 4--Schools And Instruction* HIGH saiOOL AT HOMB ^ awarded, Mnlih rapidly. Fn brochure. \Vrile Anircioan School at CTi -- FXJS: 1112 -- Harrison. Art:. TW 5--Lost Found LOST: G r a j ilriped, hmtc haired fftna ·al, in vlcinly of Leverell Street. Jtwn B--Money To Loan 3[OSBY avallabl Mortgage Broken, Box !0 ·. Ark. TJ701, 10 -Help Wanted Arkansas. Multiple beginning pro- fc.sslonal l i b r a r i a n position* in Ca a L o g i n g . Reference, and Speci Collccliocu;. NfLS or e q u i v a l e n from ALA accredited school. Sa ary ran^e circa $3,000. TIAA-CRE ?2 w o r k i n g days vacation, and ot! er fringe b e n e f i t s . Thii i n a t l t u t i o is an e q u a l opportunity, affirm: t l v c action employer and welcorm a p p l i c a t i o n from a)] q u a l i f i e d m d i v i d u a l s . ArirfrtM application! an resume to Royal V. Pope Directo of Libraries. University of Arkai sas, F a y e t t c v l i l e , Arkansas, 12101. HOUSKHOIJ) HELP WAM'Bd. Need h;iWe woman to do hoti.-cwork. T days [wr week. Per«mal Interview a rffcrcncos required. 521-2179 at 1 R A K K R Y MANAGER for Harp'f n sinrr in Kprinffdalr. prefer ei'pfritni Wf w i l l Ira i n. Apply at Harp' s off! hrhind ttie soulh slott hetwcen 3o Ihe afternoon. LAI1Y Ivn^eke f i v ' with cider coup. · nrt cooltintr. J'hone ot tor's Off.r* nt Ho o^cn July J. Eur Hospital. !M No , ArtansA?. Thon- ' PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 314 So. School ALL THE PIZZA AND SAIAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 For home delivery of the TIA4ES, Phone 442-6242 2--Coming Event* The World's Urotet roymtnt Service TWV rLEU K: Carrtex w*1ei to I^.'O. I V c ^ i f r n th;rrf nr AR. top pj f O A AP.. K'Wt (\rrtn -Jfjifdul L E P K R : ' T p e , no .=H sinventor 'Ore or^EXPRDlTKII: Kxpe OPKKAIOn': Hgli^ay e\pe IIKXT TK.\IXI:E: btgiett, 04 sfhc-il rcTu:re s:arl t-jrs. 21*0 N. i TRA?H £T.t T IT, S,-r ; rr?i£le, Jill, r/ortri on GAR-lGf! Sale. S:nii:! ap Ell EII^S. ma^' misce^ar. Hrdar, Ji^'.e ^i', LVil iV T A R D Sal^-JICi- N, OO'-'C?P. nevi jwimcr; PharnTt-.'-j . Fr'^iy-^'- ?rt jiifi. l-j i, f u rr..t jre , AOE SALE: Friflay M a v U ? ran«e, l-*i , ar.d uo'.hmg. J147 e and Saturday. Rd Blert: N^u WANNA WORK FOF A COMPANY THA' STARTS YOU AT $681 PER MONTH? HOU ABOUT ONE THA' H A S A COMPLET TRAINING PROGRAM? PAID VACATIONS? PROFIT SHARING? MANAGEMENT TRAINEE POSITIONS AVAILABLE NOW! 521-6371 SKP.tOTJS reipor,»ib slulents over d i w r . f t ? Jail wrrk. jr t y apply a( T.m Pirtor 3C.V1 N. OnUese b* 10 am ar-.-i 2 pm. , KXPEpJKSrED mmercial N. Oo^c O-Help Wanted STORE MANAGER M-Dre Mart ta now t a k i n i a p p i i - .tloru far atorc managen, U you in folJow orden and art willing work hard. *» have a job open- K with a f u t u r e , No phone c*llt «a*e. Write, Stantej- Greenwoorf. p«-D*e Mart, Rt. Z. Box 20. Fay- lev] 1!*. 3-li*. for ·icare nct 52M311 fo iUhlfifwd rl sssry, apply in r appofntmei ARTEKDER. :00 p.m. t i l l 12;W p.m ^iJ 1 *' i" person, no phone cralls jilea« u-ldle Ciub, 1WO North College. :ARTBNDERS and waitresses wai lUAt be 21 -earv of ase. Arjply fn ptrswi l aette%'ille Country Ciub. :fti« p«!d, accordlntr to experience, own marfiine operators, roller opera nrJ ra Iters. Approved O.IT pro«ni m Tension p;an. We are «n equal oj^wrt mployer. Call 443-52tK- j a/id part fim« roc* and waM tust h* over 21. Pr^vit K3.S649 (o A MATURE woman evperienctd in salt Lidiei apparel on IiJL time hasl, lime considered. Reply to mai . P.O. Box 666, Fayettcville Ariiai A\1S Renl-A-Oftr need* Kevin counl *uent to service our on and work Lh counler. Uood pa;-", sood company b For more Information come by r-ounter at ihe Kayetteville Airport \\\ crut An applE^tion- Starting pny ) cr hour. OOOK-MANACER. Will train. Apply COflcfcli«M ateak HOUM. 2606 N. Colle BOOKING for ^o^ra "DO-IT-YOURSEI.? JOB SEJCURriT in ttiMt uncertain limes l Amiray Distributor will chow y how to ret it wnli prtrftlaWe pert lim " iess of your oi« r n. Phone 521-56 or in1«n,'iew. IKfi ara you In ne«d ot more mon ev-? You nn MFTI tittra Income In you iwn neighborhood U you wish. PJwn I24S03. TYPfST, doctors office, m»dioal ba nd dejlrabte but not necessary. Sen resume, Includlrva age. experience, nd. etc. In your own handwrill Jt-fi5, r-o Northwest ArkAnue Time AVON s a y s . . . . MAKE MON£Y even If you've nev er "*old" before. Moat people ar already "aolct" on Avon. Let m show you how to »t up your ow husines*. Call'. 442-9836 LPN and Director of NUIWI for Xpp3 Inn, ,T!00 OW Ml»souri Rcmd, Fa rttrviLle. Ple«*t nil tor appoin MANAGER TRAINEE We are looking for in ·mbHiou person who is Interested in t) fast food bujine«. We are a fa* growing corporation that can fer you »n excellent starting salar and working conditions, Per*oi applying ruu*t be neat appearin and E e « K l n g a permanent po»itin No experience neceaury. Apply person Kentucky Fried Chickc No. College. AUTO SALVAGE PARTS HELP WANTED 5 Days a Week. Phone 443-2101 or 443-2121 LEARN SUCCESSFUL manifeme with one of our top manager* Ours Is a progressive. Nation corporation and we'r« looking f people who ar e sharp, «elf-fnotiv tori and who desire the latisfa lion of running their own reta store in 9 months. No Investme required -- Just th e d«i» to successful. Our exciting trainln program if V.A. approved, we fer liberal bt-nefita. and · safe management program that will ( fer the right person an u n l i m i t future. Excellent reference* an liifih school education require Kor personal interview apply United rreight Sal«, Hifhway We«t, Tayetteville A r k . MORNING WAITRE,S3E3 in penm. Ram* da Inn, App LEGAL Mcretary. Experience *nd sho hAnd mindatorj'. Must be attractive a meet ftoflt well, siart HM. Phone 5 4107. Off«r«d HAY HACTUN'a, larse and «mil' (r IV a bale an.l up. Phone MMIM. WII^L do b*bo-'sittinj in my or nljiht- Phone 501-««0. itiJl huvi few ll frtr t te:i lerm In fte S in4 4 »ar o iiuiif ry program it OentraT Methol: For more i ntorm* ticn pj«« « « 1 5 WILL 4o hah-siltinz IB my home, (« barioairl, no: meali U per da)' only. Green Aildit:on. Itw LAFF - A - DAY RLtUCtlO "Why is it a year ago they were bright sayings, but now I'm a smart aleck?" 7--Boots And Morin* Supplies C A N O E S F O R R E N T Complete Rental for day/ weekend, or week Come by Westgate Shopping Center, Hwy 62 W., or Ph. 751-1199 FT. ski boat *nS trailer, 100 h.p yor. Good condition. $l,tMX Phoni 4 FT, Runabout Seattar, i)0 h.p. Johnson id mily tralkr. All 1973 model. Fin 1-3096. Ifi ft. sVl bofil. 100 h.p. Johnson motor. Phone 43-3152. ! 8--Camping And Sporting Goods 97* ATRSTRKAM. SI ft. Model; yiuht Ktverelzn. lyisrted. Like new. For ute by eslat*. Shown by appoinUntn itiy or nigW, 531-5131. S FT. Fields cabover ctmrwr. 1 doufel e4s. ftinge with rwen, el«rtric pump. Vtry gooft condition. VK6. Phon CAMPER RENTALS Holidays. - Weekends - Vacation! Call or write for reservation* NOONAN REALTY P.O. Box 734 Rogers, Arkamas 72756 Phone 636-4UO . 8 1 Oabover camper, J7S Apache and Starcraft Campers New and Used Sines Body Shop 442-2691 20--Motorcycles HONDA 35(1 - Sec «I 7135 Hants Road - o- tTill 11WS7. SUZUKI TS 90. J250. PJiorc* 442-6662. W1XOM rerrmg. black vrirh «o1d f r i m fits tta Honda. KO or beri offer. Oa Don at 521-778. FUZUKI 400, fKH mi!«i CaH M after S p.m. Supier Trailbike Special OSSA PIONEER $699 Can-am's in itock 5ot«* ~ Service -- Parti Accessories HOUSE OF HONDA Hwy 71 North FayettevMlo, Ark. Phone 521-3813 S A L E $$ SAVE $$ RVM 8uzukl «VI?5 Suzuki TM125 Suzuki TS1QO Suzuki TS1H Suzuki CHILD CARE Age* a-tier I yn. Excellent Iicitifiw, Qualif.ed raff. Drop-Inf Wekomt. F.atei hourJv, diily or montWy. Houn 7:5$- S:XL 443-S41 *M ifirr l:3» Termites? Pests? Icy Johnson J21.37JQ 17- L I* n. lilt (rail i**, m Hiny 17 PKXGUTS' ye:hw CTS54 fluTukl ; PRICM EmCTIVE TTt-L JUNE 3- D D SUZUKI Hiway 71 South . 52I-2CU FayctlevUlt. Ar*. an SUZUKI 2 great, evtr'Uiinil HM IV*. after a:W p.m. « dirt |5BO. CV) ·«7 HONDA 3(6, Good tont.tion, I liehnet ir.ciudtd. |2M. Phont W^9f9. for Sak STATION Wagon -- 1967 pr.e*. arMll V-8, autorrr-itie. Extra cf.t* iuni pwd. Inquiic it ftd buiidinc in r**t, CAitARO alic, air-con oti. Ptiorw 5'Jl-TTfi5. 1,0M mil« r .omatic IfiO. (Tean 1378 El OB mi i aoUmatk;, fl.500. Phone HI-XC1. IMi (WEVT truck M7, low rail«oz« im ForA XL., pw*r brak«i A rtmi VOLKSWAGKN, . cabw.-«r ramp nro-rf, re* mold sleep i, built-i. 1--Automotive Sale FRKE KrTPKNS. variety of colors. Phone 64. 1973 Austin Drive. : 2 BA.IA Super Beello, lour speed, ellcnl condillon," clean Interior. Phon* 1-2S96 CltBVY. 3ZI, 4-siKcil, !"ifi posi-tract U aoo-i body. Plione 267-3974. 5ft) VAIJANT Wagon -- automalic -- j n s anrt larks good -- for the age -- LfiS -- Itonc 4i248frl. a Her 5:00 p.m. I.UB 3973 Jeep, CJ5. ^ V-S, K.OOO . while metal top. Phone 521-5253 r Il'J-62ei, ask Tor Wade. 172 VOLKSWAGEN Cabmoblle. ex lion, Bir»conrlHioneH, eight il radio. Phon ransmis ides, 09-2811. PATW Cu stom, V-S v automai siofi, power ileeririS, powc atr-conditionin^, J1.900. BMW 2092, burgundy with hlack li erior, excellent condition. Best otter ov 2000. Phone 53I-2KT7 after noon. 957 CHEVROLET pickup, 42.000 »Mua i. Phone 345-2330. OfiO VOLKSWAGEN. GOOD OO^*D^^O^ 07' TOYOTA, 30-37 mpff., nne cccllent condition, 27,000 miles. il-SSH. eiglit c\1inrter, gooA. I . Phone 1S7-3208. Ofi) VOTjKS\VAGEN Sedan. Good oond rea stmable price. PIiOM Sa-37- T 3:00 p.m. MomJay-Friday, »U da rJay nd Sunday. BLACK Monte Carlo. 17 mjw. A3- radio, dual speakers, nt'v.' engine, itionitiR, steel radial w i r e wheels, e nt condition, J3230, or Iesl cant! off* Phone r/21-T35fi. RAMBLKil wagon, 6 cylinder, aul alie transmission. B*it oiler by Thur y. 521-7440. 7 RENAULT. New crank, maim s. New clutch, pressure plale, muf/1 battecy. $560. Cail S13-3196 »ft*i DODGE Polara 500. powe malic transmission, excelle (body and met'haTiical), JS5. 3306. FOR Sale: Landau top* for all ca cooveniWe tons.all ty-pes auto upholsl Bine* Bod? Shop. 442-3091. ring condition. S30. 442-5726. Must sell VEXiA GT Hatchback, 22,000 ml! ·ir-oonditloner!, AM-FST, tour speed, n tires, 27 mps., excellent condition, in ' iat owner. Horton's 2000 North 1%1 JiIKRCURY, run* good, 175. Ptwn VOtjK^VAOEN* Super Beetle. malic stick shirt, 20.000 m\les, lil ricr «-n rrsinti 1 , clean far. 751-33* after 5:00 p.m. W Fasthack. p:\ceHwit condltic Knr-ine roccnitj- ovei'hauled. New pa Phone 52KS174 or 442-^022. 1073 CIIK\ r Y pickup with shell campc 1E.OOO miles, G cylinder eUndard. Y548 after 5:00 p.m. VOLKfftVA.GEN engines rebuilt, J7T5 Bob Hall. 15W West 6Ut, Conoco SUli Hwy. JOTJ MAOH T, gnfrt condltloti with J2.500 or pay rquity and U1 up ]»yments. Phone Sa.-2B36 before 2 p.m. CHARGER RT, power, B l r , ai matic, styled slee! whe*lr, vinyl sharp, priced to move, (900. Phon« SAVE MONEY BETORE YOU PAY YOU* AOTC OB HOMEOWNER'S INSURANi CAIJ. STliVE LEICHNEH TOR QUOTE- 9 A.M. TIL i P.M. » ilwper |MO. rtion* » i--liveitoek--for Sal* 5-Heai» N«*dt-For Sal* 26-For Sato - MtKtflon«eu« waller marts. Phone ICISTERED HORNED HEREFORD JLLS. RAGSDEfJ., FARM. Pft«W Mfc S3, PRAIRIE GROVZ. 4--Dogs, Cots P»t» tenL-ed or rounlv- home, week oU iciUeni, Photic C' Iriih Wolfhound pup.Vc ssouri. Phone 417-6234470, TTE.VS. Cul*. playful klUcns od home*. Free. Phone Ml-8436. VO BOM Constrictors with large cage. one 531-54K. SIAMKSK kittens lo aive a 7M N'. Graland or call , dee lo good homes. tens. Keparale|y or lotfether, Conla Ij or Missy. 539 Frisco, +W-T72Z. RISH SETTER PUPPIES EXCELLENT PEDIGREE Phone 443-3174 PROFESSIONAL DOG G R O O M I N G Cynthia Johnson. Groomer nd.'vidual Attention -- No Tran ulllrers used. Personalized groora- ng done with tender loving care OCCASIONAL BOARDtNG 'BEDIENCE TRAINING fOH ANTT BHEID Pbone 442-8392 daya or evenlnl breert (loir grooming »Isn bonrdin small breeds. Member N.D.G.A, 75] COLUER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment Can 443-3441 Collier* haa 50 |b. aacta of Warn* nd Kwco dot food. Cam-lttt« Line of Pet SupvttM ·U Collier Stnr«. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines pTeK selection of all vtle cupplleg. Evvrrttvlnjt for youl ·EKAPOO pLipp:e.5 tor sale. i Poodle. Call S30-350. BEAUTIFUL AKO rcK'slerert pu Cockers and Cairn Terriers. Paul CJIfford Cancliill, Ark. Phone 821-5551. refrigerator, tl'J.rfl. Baby Vd with :ss, tS. Old kikiicn cabinet. JJ9.50. !ancoj$ llcms. Phono 3^1-^*3). N'Ci. mu*t sell: Slove, R5. Twin JJQ oai'h, Kidi STXX! tab'e *nd tip. Fencing. Call 531-6M5. /oils, 5.0M"B.T.U. or be«l offer. [It conditioner, 110 ·ars CVjtOspol. New, ^3 ill Betty at 573-MSJ. HBAT rvgs riphl they'll b« a delifrht cleaned with Blue LuMre. Rpnt clcc- f sharnpoocr, $1. Lewis Bros., on th« I^UH Lustre not wily rids mrpels of il but leaves pile soil and lofty. Rent leotric shampooer. $1. Polk Furniture, LF 4'xST reaulalion pool taVe. Ifi" l»p. All accessories InclLiried, Call 21-109*. O.K. UPP.IGHT Freezer !d. Krcrellcnl condition. .m. J2I-T10S. NOW OPEN We buy, ell trade new used u r n i t u r e . We also sell f r e i g h t damaged all lypes of new f u r n i t u r e or less t h a n you would pay anywhere else, We also rio upholstery W ° r GLEN'S FURNITURE 2275 School Phone 143-5756. I'm Wee I'm Needi* FUN--QUICK--EASY "Needle" is designed lo make dif- ftcult lawn maintenance as easy as £oing fishing. Grass and weeds vanish f r o m Irees, rocks, fences, culverts, and flower bed border* in a 1 m a t t e r of seconds. ITHENEEDIEBY I WEED EATER LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Phone 521-7071 A n y l i m e for Free DemonslraUon P.O. Box 611 Fayettevlllc, Ark. 73701 BIGGER BEDDENG pur^n and K!n^' s\zc malress and box nprings sets. Xcw shlimieiit. Exceptional ;n value at Just M29.W lor 10 year jtuaranlce orthoj'cdic scl eah or Icrms available. Unilci Fiei^hl ^alcs. lltvy, 6B West, FayettevLlle. Open 9 lo 9 Monday through ftiday, till 6 Saturday. DINING ROOM and 3fneUe [tirnllurc. 8 new table nnd chair sets, some witli matcliinz china cabinets. Spani*. Slortilerranpati, Italian, Early American, and Contcmpoiary styles Five piece dinct! c ju s I $59.95 cash or terms. UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Hwy 62 West, FayeUeville,, Ojen lo 9, Monday through Friday, till on Saturday. SEWING MACHINE OUT CLOSE- H9.96 (3) Musi lei these few martilne* go at a below discount nr!c«. Z\g-zss fasyload bobbin. No altachmenls ricedcf for buttonholes, monograms, ami dcoor- ·live stHchcs. Qiantltles are Iiml1*d Ca h or iorms. UNITED KRK IfiHT SALES Hwy. 62 Wesl, Fayel1«vi]l« Open 9 to 9. Monday throufli iTl till 6 on Saturday. 5BRS HOME FURNITURE 26 For Sal» -- Mlusflanaeut fTTRELMASTTER Otttct desk nnrt rtiair T)rsk size 60\30- $100. C^nll Paylime 4SSO, aftrr 5 4t?-'20ft1. AXO Bassets- Beanlieg -- All colors. Vlso DBlmallons and Boston Terriers, i wks. old. Plait stale approved Kennel, 15-Home Needs-For Sola 'O ilz bed and rfrmer. iMed 30 INCH Kas ranfie and automatic waih- Phone 52I-JT15 a!ter 5:30 p.m. USED Zf ni th 35 i nrfi hlaric a n.1 w T.V. Good condition. Call 53l-749 a 5:00 p.m. THAiMTZONAt. (hrec cushion soft,, approximately 80 inches, (food condiii JSS. Phone 143-3037 after 5:00 p.m. KBNMORE portable washer. WOO. Elecl- ri; ranffe, selt-celaning oven, flOD W«sli- er, |33. Gas Dryer. M5, Phone ISlfl. W. Magnolia, Rogers. [or sale, very irood Jejcue i hay. Pfwne days. 7J6-KWI or ' nlfihla 361-2618 or 248-7 iN. HAY ;or aale. Phone GOOD hay for sate behind baler, Ption* RIDING lawn Jiiowcr. c-liain saw, 1019 ;e one 1on p:ci:-up. Phone K9-3811. SOUUTUKKn carpel. Ptwne 521- J^OS, uder 5:30 p.m. [i usod refrigcmlor- 1 ;, stoves. Plion« 1M Will iloLUor.. Also Refrlseration a!r-conilitiwiini£ work done. AU R.OOfl mil KeiJders air 531-7632. odilloner. Phon» KliatRtil fcsiiw, mixed veLrii and rye ara ss. jADlKS iliamonrl h n « -- -II cl. ;hapcd, appraised at $1000. $795. FESCUE Clover 1i«y lohind the baler, per bale. 91B-21436G, Moirij. NOW -an slfam clean carjieLs (In way at R Ira cl ion of the cos with ninsc-N-Vnc. Rent at Folk's FXJini ture, nickson Slreel. NEW Itlnse-N-Vac ste»m c3(ans, rinses. a nd vacuums otit d i rt leavlnjr oa rpe t n profe.s^lonall\' dean. Rent at All Renlj A Kales, 2«0 N. CoKcBP. STRAW For sale. For more i rail -M2-M1; It no answer 71 F'ina. 521.W06, all USED Monarch model £0 martins m»- uliinc. Prints 1 past or 'J part lit-hels. I'rinle pins at fame lime. Call 445- BEDROOM SETS (4) (-1) Some still In factory packing car- Ions. These sell Inclutte bed with hcarl- boarri Tiiatchlnt* dresser plale K^si mirror and chesl. To be salt for J1W.9.1. Cash or EZ lerms a\-allable, UN1TKT PRBIGITT \LEa, Hwy. 6B Wesl. Pdyelle- vllle. Open a to 9 Monday thcouj^s Fit, till S on Saturday. METAL Detector* -- Garrert, un ttsslonal'i Choice. Oold and stiver tXMthl and iold. All Aba Lincoln. 6867. Roper*. Aft. MOWING (Notice) RAKING CUSTOM HAY WORK CALL 521-3017 751-7333 after 6:00 p.m. BALING HAULING SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning-- fORK Salea A Servlei. Installation. heating-coolina ducts. Load c*lcu!alton». Pr« Est, Call Paschal'*, 751-0196. -Antenna-- nna Sains and Service. Repair ep?ara w i l h Channel M*it*r, OIL nlvtit 751-7570. --Beauty Care , RIOO Cascades )S,(W. Ruth's lege. 120Q N. College, ilen'l Beauty Col- Win 112.50. NPIKn A ROAD -- an old ona refruiH? lX«er, tacltnoB *nd road irader work. Gravel and topsoil. Call Lefty or Larry at StB-ISSi. 22--Machinery And Farm Equipment W HolkinrJ Grinder-Mixer, modol ?M 17 It. auspr, i srrccn^, Iransporlahln KvcclJcn t t widil i on. Phtwi e (H3-22H o fiiS-2175 flfter :00 p.m. FOR *!e this week: Mawey-Karrls **ir- propelied tv^nbine. 12 [t. header, % 5Cries. Phone 2*57-3593. 23-Liv«tock-f or Sol* REGT3TERKD quarter horses. One yearling itailion. one 2 year old mare, and one ?. year oM mvire with (illy al side. Pfionr «.l-T^v« RKGIiTTERED Charolals BulJi, a1« 4 Cnarola'* h e i f e r yearJinw. CTaL] a fie p.m. B39-:HS7. TiroROUGimRED al stud, rea^onah:* fee. high speed rating. Phone SS9-2SL1, Nubian. One cfoe Irid. A r.TIElCTAI, TN'SEWXATl ON service. At; hrteda, tap hulls, fast etlidmt scr- ee, po anrwhere anytime. Reasonable ter. Phone H.T-2C60. BAR H RANCH Purebred Santa Gerlrudij Dlsperjal Sal* June 29th at 1:00 p.m. CSarlisvtlle Comm. Co, Highway 82 West Clarltsviile, Texaa SHIXING 4^ Purebred Cattle 150 Cowi with CclvM it Hd* 3fl Bred Cows 25 Bred Helfen 35 Open Helferj H Classified Herd Bulb 23 Classified 18-mo. Bulls SALE MANAGEMENT SERVICE Bill Compa Valley MUta. Bill Company, Box 611 ta. Texas 7 REGISTERED ANGUS W« Invite you to Tiait ud «*t what w* arc doinj. W* *lao have a few yottns bulls for «·!«. W yean of producirif fine breed Inf Phcne Homer Fry M3-2S% PRY ANGUS FARM ROAD3, PONDS, LRARTNG. REASONABLE RATB3L 751-3S*. --Bushhooging- PAUL'S TKAOTOR SERVICE Phone JJ3-1973, II no answer Call alter 5:30 p.m. IK[5 -- Plowjnr -- harrow- In^ _ yard leveling -- all lypei custom work -- reawraMe r*!«i -- free es. Work Guaranteed. 29J2. --Carpente COMPTJ7TK HOME REPAIR MpcripnreS carpenter. We do carpenter ork tliat your husbanfl w o n ' t . «3-2 PAINTING, slreet rt* wort. Inte rlor and exerior, licenwd, bonrted and In suredj free eslim«tej. Pt»n« Henry, 8M. HOUSR leveling and foundation repair*, rw i ntin n insid e and out, roof re-pa i n. Phone H. D. Kansbro collect at S31-3S72 (or tree estimate. New Construction R emadel in*. General Repairs, and Concrete Wort. Etfjierieii QualJ ly Workmfl n s~h! p. Ption» 443-3996. CURTIS STRIRGLEB, RErtDEMNG and cabinet work. craflsmanship. Very reasonable Have references. CaU Quality prices. Vtcfcery. . O rport LvteRng, 75HTM- , ditions, Home* tatlt. Eip*r1ei»e«, Guaranteed. R«f*rrac«. Happy fcnderio*. Call 756-3564. eveninja and '" -Ctncrcto W»rV- MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Rome Improvement* - Patios mt Cw - Driveways - P.etatnuig Wal!i · FlatworV e/ all Kutda: Floor r, etc. · Water Drain Problem* · adverts · anil! Btfdfet Trailer Pad*. 3TO JOB TOO B^L\UA DEPEND A «L SEP.VICE. UACK MINER. 443-4WS. CONCRtTE WORK. I^aliaa -- vails -- Driveftri -- Carpenter. lonry ftwH. or Jade Xlaw. aftrr 4:«. -- CARPENTER WOT.K OP A1J, KINDS- r*ATIO« DRr^TJWArs A W D ETC. REPAIR Win yp.EK EfTBCATT* K - Ditch Digging-- HAUKIIOK WORK AND GRAVEL HAUL- PHONK 442-5184. D1TCHWTPCH TRENCHING Fast, low ccwt Irencti for water, gai, eleclilc Jine. Narrow (5") trench. »in- Imum damage to U*ni, trees or pasture. Gre? Llndsoj-. Phone +I2-2S18. Mi^er -- Pttoo* 44 mp Tr MW7S. Professional nrestrftuifinj me f!*^^''. 1 ; Senrtfque -- TS1-5732 --Fence-- tM FENCING, corrals, and loading tci. Free csiimales Call Jack W broofe at 7a1-7S-!B. --Grinding-- PRF^HSTON RHARPBN1NO - F«W5 harir), ciruurar -- StiJsiors -- ino b!ailcs -- All [oo^ -- Oiflrk Grinding Service, SB9 HunUville Rd,, 521-3090. --Hauling HAUUNG -- TOP SOU. PHONK UJOKI Hauling, mortni A Iraah urvfo*. Have truck A ftock rack. Too natn -- W* haul H. RrasanabU. 443-2179. Home Improvement SUNDECKS, patios, trailer level ins and ikirfiii)?, block work, cement work. Dave, ra-wis. j Landsmplng and Gar flening. Rose p/unina * e*pe1ier worf;. Exceitenl local references. Phone i+2-71SI or ia-7562. Landvcnpei:;, LeA-eUng, To? *U_ * Creirii Oravcl, Dowr Wort. GUI «!«« --towns A Gordenr- mowing, odd ohs and funk h 0». Phone 442-6660. a* for Steve. UWN VOWING, cornicle rompefcnt ·rtce, Al»i spraying nnd ihrub ».u.k. Free tatimatec. nill 315-77I9. FOR Ono»pl*le lawn care by or by the job call DeUnry't * Lawn Service. 442-7821. -faint A Paper- FA8T ED'S Pftfntlnjr Btrrlcc. favtw-Oaf- door, window dean ing A odd Jobi, work Kuaranteed, free eitlmatt antime. t*w referencM. B4 Peanon M RB-5074. Paper Hangjng -- Interior/Exterior Paint- inff. Free estimate. Pbon* |B9-Si37 ot 839-3371 West Fork. , paper hang^S. «pray t iw* linUh, «ut*er«. W-SfiK --Piano Timing-- PTAHO CARE: PHONE 443-7781 --Refrigeration-- ftrd's Kis;-H Shop. Rcfrizcmlnri ftni :rr^. Window snrl aulomohlte air ron- ninfi serviced a n d repaired. ^0 j t s . rienre in refriferatlon. Hwy. 2^3 li o! FayeUeviLle. Plwne W817«. ~RMk r «~Ston"e Work ROCK WORK -- Hreplaees, retaining ills pallos. all types * Jt;les ot rode woiit. J]2-5974. P A D MASONRY Block -- Brlrk -- S(one Frpo p.slimalei. Phone aT-30"i --Roofing-- FKEB -Hoof inspection by TRC Sale* ReprPsmlaHve. .\ligWy-p1sle, a l u m i n u m -crMlmc, pavcpatchinf antl scale r. walerproodng rement or concrW* fomv dailons, --Septic Tank Service-SEPTIC TANKS PUttPBD Lines Repaired. Lowe*i Kate* JKM: Buili« S i Phon --Sewing Machine Kepair-- KICK Scwinv Machine? Have looli wi« el. Shaw's Kewiique. your Viking !le and Kin a dealer. Tal-5732, Springdale, --Small Engin* Repalr- Lavnmowera and imall «ntfnei repalrM w lunert, Free pickup and d«Uwry. 521- MS9 a T U r 3 p.m. --Taxi dermy-- NE1V TAXIDERMIST In FAYETTEVIIJj;. BANS RPKCaAUST FROM LITTLE ROCK. STEVX'3 TAXlDERifT PHO.VS -Troetor-- CUSTOM TTACTOR WORK Brushho^. Plrw and Disc Harry B. ClarVe, 443-57J3, If no aniwey call ifier 6:30. --Tree Service-- nrARTf:n Oak Tree Service. Insured t« JMO.OOC, Free csttmale*, trimmirur fe»d- \ng bracing rcmwil. 443-2171. TO PLACE AN AD IN THM ·PACE WOULD COST ONLY H4.3S PER HONTH TRD* TPJ!H Toppine, TrimiTiSnt tanllno. estimates. 267-3365* -Venetian Mind*VENETIAN KJND3 bJiadj matK to ord«r. er 443-35W, HEPA1RED an« pfmi G*b« coo** --Waterproofing BAHBMENTS water pr«r»rf without if at ainj. Commercial - rMirler.lial rte« aorvty anrt estimate. K aa4 F Giootmc §»r», HS-25CT or fH6-?414. pair. Complete equipped Phorw Oeorit* Klkin*. ?»-

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