Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 27, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 9
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10 NorttiwM* Arkantot TIMES, Thurj., June 27, 1974 LE. A R K A N S A S Butz Accused Of Pressuring Texas Vote N A S H V I L L E , Tenn. (AP) -Texas Agriculture Commissioner John C. While accused Secretary of A g r i c u l t u r e Kur] Ji Wednesday of Uie "mpsl f l a grant use of political pressure oT any secretary in history." While, a Democrat, said at a meeting of the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture t h a i But/, sent an assistant to Texas to try lo defeat his bid for re-election. Thomas T. Irvin. Georgia ag- gricullure commissioner and also a Democrat, said cotton and peanut farmers in Georgia "have faced intimidation attempts hy Bui/, and his representatives on the types of programs they could seek from th federal government." : iii::iH!liii'i!mi!fflii!illllll!iinillllliflll!ll[tll HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL, 'Lib And Let Lib' Older Woman Asks Dear Rap: I t h i n k (he idea or girls playing Little League baseball is absolutely ridiculous. A girl's place is lo act Feminine, playing with dolls, etc. As for ability, they can in no way match their skills with boys. They'll only get h u r t and slow up the game. If this "equality" keeps on getting out of hand, boys and men will be forced to sit on the sidelines, watching females f u m b l e their once male activities. And I mean in all fields, AT METHODIST ASSEMBLY . . .Bishop Ernest T. Diron Jr., sees openness and inclusive- fiess Black Methodist Bishop Says Spiritual Climate Now Open "The whole spiritual climate has changed to one of openness and inclusiveness of all persons. I can recall, in my lifetime, when it would not have been possible for me to share in this kind of experience at Mount Sequoyah." Bishop Ernest T. Dixon Jr. of the Kansas area the only black in the College of Bishops of the South Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church, is still amazed at the change in attitudes which has made it possible for him to participate in Bishop's Week which stalled last Monday at the M e t h o d i s t Assembly. Bishop Dixon was elected to the College of Bishops in 1972 and serves the K a n s a s area which has 250,000 members and about 5 0 0 m i n i s t e r s . Headquarters are located in Topeka. Ka. Bishop Dixon who conducted two of the daily services has been coming to the Methodist Assembly i n t e r m i t t e n t l y for various kinds of programs since 1954. "1 can recall some of the first experiences when i n t e g r a t i o n first became reality here. Today, when I see what has happened in terms of that kind of progress, in ad- rlition to the beautiful buildings and comfortable quarters, I see a whole new climate," he said. SUMS UP PKOni.EMS The church leader, who is highly respected by members of the K a n s a s area for his administrative ability and hi personable way of relating to people, sums up the problems facing churches today. "I guess they could all be caught up in saying churches are t r y i n g to deal in a forth right niEincr with the spiritua and moral crisis t h a t is t a c i n r our nation today. An effort i's, being made to determine the church's role. We have jus come through a period of the Turbulent Sixties where the emphasis has been on Ule f r u i t s of the gospel. 1 would say nov there is a growing ant deepening concern for the roots." he said. What docs it mean to be a Christian? Bishop Dixon sees it In relation to Bishop's Week which was designed as an oh fashioned camp meeting. "It is a return to Bible study, to seek to understand what the Bibli . has to say. It is a new inleres ; in the study of God and his revelation of himself ihrougl Jesus Christ and a clearer understanding of just how the. Holy Spirit works among men, he said. B i s h o p Dixon sees divisiveness which has beei creattd by "superior" and "inferior" attitudes among C h r i s t i a n s as one of the problems which is faced. ' He sees these problems as being universal, e q u a l l y felt in both rural and u r b a n areas. He sees no real d i s t i n c t i o n betwe: rural and urban populations "They may express themselves in different ways but the onh differences come from t h e background of their experiences and the e x t e n t of formal edu cation. Increasingly now you can make no distinction bei ween rural and urban areas,' he commented. 0\ C H U R C H SUPPORT "Giving is not as generous today and people are more selective in their giving, bu »;ien ihey find a particular pro g r a m in which they have personal interest they will ?ive f " Bishop Dixon said esponsc lo a question regar- iing the support churches are ccciving in today's world of piraling costs. "People w a n t lo see where heir d o l l a r s «ire going. In a onnectinnal church like ours his is both good and bad. It s bad because we have world service missions tluit establish he church to move into rountries all over tlie world. ·Support of various missionary enterprises depend on f u n d s iiipplicd hy the United Melhn- l i s t Church," Bishop Dixon ommcmlod. There arc approximately 300 jersons registered for the iession. The nine other bishops resenl for the meeting which concludes today are the host, 3ishop Eugene M. frank, Aransas; Bishop Robert E. Goodrich Jr., Missouri; Bishop Don W. Holser, Nebraska; Bishop Paul V. Galloway, Houston: liishop Paul \V. Milhoue, Oklahoma; Bishop Finis A. Crutchfield, Louisiana, Bishop 0. Eugene Slater, San Antonio and Bishop W. McFerrin Stow, Dallas-Fort Worth. Bishop W. Kenneth Goodson delivered the annuq! Willson lectures, made possible through a fund established by the late J. M. Willson Sr. and Mrs. Willson. Bishop Goodson serves the R i c h m o n d , Va. area under the Southeastern Jurisdiction. Also participating was Mrs. W. J. A. Power of Dallas, Tex., and Rill M a n , evangelistic singer mid recording a r t i s t . Mrs. Power conducted sessions scheduled for her husband Dr. Power who was unable to participate hecause of illness, 51/4% 53/4% 6 3 /4% 71/2% We »are · strtngi program ud teteresl rate I* meet ?MT needs. Foyetteville Savings Loan Association Ml N. East ATOM FAMIirWEmr-JuneSO For Tired Cooks: A Fourth of Inly Barbecue Secret "A barbecue doesn't have to be fancy. Wait arutt yott taste my 'Secret Sauce.' Your frkiuls mil think it loot: jroa aa hour ta make ;W --Food Editor Marilyn Hansen This week Marilyn takes you out of the kitchen and into the backyard for a barbecue. And to make things simple outside (where it can be nearly as hot as it is inside) she has two recipes: Marilyn's Secret Barbecued Chicken (part of the secret is that the sauce has only two ingredients) and a Wilt-Proof Salai Follow the instructions and your Fourth of July will be cool and comfortable and convenient! In Your Copy Of Th« XnrtfjniMl Arkatua* ft Polaroid 108 COLOR not just baseball. It's time to call a halt. Agreed? -- A n g r y Male Dear Male: Not agreed! If a girl is lip to Little League standards, slit: should be allowed a place on the team. If a woman can handle a job efficiently, she should be considered for it. In "equality," all we females ask is the right of compclition -- not favorit ism. -- Sue Dear Angry: So youre angry now. Think of all the years women were angry! Yes, it's time we calk'r" a halt to this silly battle ol the sexes and rated everyone as persons. ...And il yon don't agree many others do. Head on: -- Rap: This is to "Champion Male Chauvenlst" (who couldn't even pell it): You asked for others' opinions about "keeping women in their hicc'," which evidently to you s 10 steps behind, p r e g n a n t and barefoot. If those Japanese women are your kind, what are vou doing in the U.S.? Oink. oink to you! Love Us Or Leave Us -- Alone! Dear Helen And Sue: "Champion Male Chauvinisl" cracked me up. I'll bet he's henpecked husband who wouldn't dare spout off like that to his wife. And when dreaming ol his submissive Japanese fantasy women, he should give them credit for their intelligence. After all, the reason the average woman would rather have beauty lhan brains is because the average man can see belter than he can think! -- Ms. P.L. Dear Helen And Sue: If men are so superior, how come four-fifths of the kids on our school honor roll are girls? And how come our girls' intra mural teams have beaten the boys at everything but footbal and basketball? No I'm not saying women are iuncrior. We're belter at some hings than men are and men ire Ixjlter at others than we are. No one should be judged by sex (or race, color, religion, etc.), but by his or her personality and ability. -- People's Liberationism Rap: I can't understand why men like "Chauvenisl" arc so fearful of women (and such bad spellers!). I guess Ihc answer is equality only threatens insecure little males who neec slaves to prove how great they wish they were. --Twentieth- Century Woman Rap: Can a guy apologize for tha' "Male Chauvenist Chimp? 1 Most men aren't like him. M wife and I are equals -- we share housework, children, re sponsibilily. and we each have -jobs we like. Chimp wouldn' last two minutes in our crowd -- Chuck Dear Helen And Sue: My husband was just like tha male chauvinist pig. Now I'm completely happy. I left him -- Wish I'd Done It 25 Yean ago. New Radies Serum WASHINGTON (AP - The ·ood and Drug Administration ays a new antirabies scrum produced from the blood of humans instead of horses can pro- ·idc safer treatment for persons bitten by rabid animals. The FDA announced Wednesday that il has licensed the new "Hyperab" serum manufactured by Cutter Laboratories of Berkeley, Calif. The company said the product would be available beginning in August but in limited supply, because of a shortage of human donors to provide blood containing rabies antibodies. A Cutter Laboratories spokesman said the new serum can supplant the Pasteur treatment, which involves a painful and sometimes fatal series of injections of horse scrum. Many persons arc violently allergic to horse serum and suffer a serious reaction if administered the Pasteur treatment. Open Daily 9-10. Closed Sunday / BAG OF POPCORN or COFFEE or COKES lOc ea. THURSDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY TRUCKLOAD SALE TRUCKS COURTESY OF RYDER® TRUCK RENTALS Polaroid® SQUARE SHOOTER I CAMERA 15 96 UMIT 1 Hoover® VACUUM CLEANER $ 20 LB. CHARCOAL BRIQUETES 99' LIMIT 2 20 Inch Boys' or Girls' 50-Lb. Bag 8-8-8 Vertigreen Fertilizer 1 99 LIMIT 1 4 FT. ROUND RIGID POLY POOL 4 97 REG. 9.97 72 QT. Thermos^ ICE CHEST 9 66 LIMIT 1 4 Quart ELECTRIC ICE CREAM FREEZER 8 96 LIMIT 1 DELUXE 5 GAL. WATER JUG POLYTHELENE HOUSE BROOM 99 REG. T.67 Food Specials Norway · 31S-Oz. *j SARDINES ·» Cans ?l Import HAM .. . Lb $1.48 COFFEE CREAMER . 16 BEEF CRAVY . . o. 87c . w,' t p7. 23c 24"x60" METAL FOLDING PICNIC TABLE 6 76 LIMIT 1 Old Fashioned BARREL WASTE BASKET 13 OZ. BRECK® HAIR SPRAY 33' LIMIT 2 FOLDING CAMP BED WITH 1" MATTRESS 7 47 12 COUNT TRASH CAN LINER 68 LIMIT 1 30" High BAR STOOL 7 96 PADDED SWIVH. SEAT. NO. KM333 HIGHWAY 71 B. NORTH AND ROLLING HILLS

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