Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 27, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 2
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Northwest Arkontat TIMtt, Thuri., Jun« 27, 17974 »»vrrT«viLLt. *HKAN*AI Army (CONTrKUED n«OM PAGE I) concept will work over the lonR term. But Congress has helped the Pentagon reach ils all-volunteer goal by cutting the size of the armed forces lo its smallest level since before the Korean War. Wiih the high school year ended, the Pentagon is looking for a surge of enlistments in the summer months. For June alone, it raised ils goal lo 44,520. up by more cent over May. , than 50 per NEW YORK STOCKS St.Clair (COXTTNtTED FROM PAGE 1 vote for impeachment," he said. Rep. Thomas F. Railsback, R-II1.. also undecided on im peachment, said he thought the committee had made "a verj had mistake" in rebuffing SI Clair. The Judiciary Committee ivmed five witnesses who definitely would be called and listed five others to be interviewed .by the staff to see if Iheir testimony is wanted. To be called starling next Tuesday arn John W. Dean llf, former White House counsel; Frederick C. LaRue, a former W h i t e House and Nixon re-election campaign aide; Herbert W. Kai.nbach, Nixon's former personal lawyer; Alexander P. Butter-field, former presidential appointment secretary \vho now heads ihe Federal Aviation Art- ministration, and Assistant AtEy. Gen. Henry E. Petersen. On the waiting list are former White House aides H.R. Haldeman and Charles W. Colson, former Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell, Paul O'Brien, former lawyer For the re-election campaign committee and William 0. Bittman, lawyer for con vicled Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt Jr. Ark Rest Corp 8 Amer Tel Tel 46T1 Ark I,n Gas 19V. Baldwin 10 Campbell Soup 27 r :t Central S W \3Vi Chrysler 15V4 Del Monte ....; 19V« Dillards 13^s Easco 9!4 A C Edwards 4'A Emerson ·- 37^i Exxon 70% Ford 5Hi Frontier Air v 5*e Gen Growth ^ 14% Gen Mtrs 49}'i Gordon Jewelry 8W Iritl H a r v 24 I-T-E Imperial 12 J C Penney 75 Lcvi Strauss 16% Ling Tcmco 9^B Marcor 26^ Pan Am World Air .15s Phillips Pclro 49V4 "·in/a Corp 10 tea Hut .. lalston afoway 38 Sears 8Hs 5cott Paper 13-Vi shakespeare -V.. 5^a Sou Pac 31 'A 'exaco 25% 'ri Slate Mtrs 9 Union Carbide 4H4 United Air 2TA 'ictor TA Vat Marl .... Mobile Medical Unit To Serve Area Residents A mobile medical unit will be in Madison and Carroll counties July 8-12. The unit provides free medical examination to reduce chronic illnesses. It is called Mtiltiphasic Examinations to R e d u c e Chronic Illnesses, (MERCI) Project Mobile Unit. The MERCI project was established to assist persons 60 years of age or older living rural areas. It is staffed with nurses, a laboralory lechnician · a n d a driver. Nine quick and painless clinical lesls are made, ·to deled evidence of anemia, diabetes, h i g h blood pressure, and heart disease in this i group. The unit does not dispense tnedicalion nor diagnose. The resulls of each test are reviewed by a physician and if abnormality is found the patient will bo advised to sec a doctor. MERCI is sponsored by the Arkansas Health Depart- menl and Ihe Office on Aging. The Unit will be in the counties according to the following schedule: July 8: St. Paul, communil center, 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m. July 9-10: Hunlsville, com ' m u n i l y eerier. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 11; Berryville, Methodis 1 Church, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 12 Kingston, s c h o o ·cafeteria, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. HEW Nursing Grants Available CONWAY -- A limiled number of fellowships f o r gra duate study in nursing 'ar available to State College of Ar kansas. The fellowships from the U.S. Departmcnl Health, Education and Welfare Tiie grants carry a cas stipend of S3.600 each and pro vide for fulllime sludv for year. They are designed lo pre pare nurses wilh bachelor's degrees in nursing for teaching . positions in schools and health; care institutions. A f t e r success- f u l l y completing 36 crcdil hours , '.lie student*, u i l l receive MSE degrees in nursing education. The fellowships provide for tuition remission and Ihe pav- menl of S250 after each month of successful full lime study. Inleresled p?rson« may write or call ihe SCA Department of nursing. 329-2931. Extension 393 Ark West Gas . Cearney Natl . Minnie Man 'ioneor Foods H K Porter ... Sid Regis Tyson Foods .. Frl . 13-13% S'/i-l .. T/8-2% 3Bi-3Z% 14-S-15V4 .. 7W-8V4 .. 50-50% fellow Averages nds down 4.5' Trans down .61 Utils down .1 Volume .3.250.000 Commodity Openings July corn Z.S', *Iov soybeans 5.8( Sept eggs 49.50 July pork bellies 39.67 July wheat 450 Obituary MRS. SINDA LONG Siloam Springs -- Mrs. Sinda xmg. 75. ol Colcord, Okla., died iVednesday in the Jay, Okla lospitel. Born Dec. 22. 1898 i. Scligman. Mo., she was a Bap- ist. Survivors are five sons, Les er of Jay, George of Siloarr Springs, Mannforcl of Colcord Dclwin of Catoosa, Okla. u n Dale of Claremore, Okla.; t\vi sisters, Mrs. Bessie Stephens o Jay and Mrs. Elmira Huckleb ol Colcord; three brolhers, Ra Oscar and Woodrow Allen s.' of Jay and 10 grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 1 a.m. Friday at the First Baptis Church of Jay with burial i Black Fox direction of Piome. Cemetery unde Wasson Funera CARL BOENSCH Prairie Grove -- Car Boenscli, 5C, of Route 1, Pra rie Grove died Tuesday in th Stilwell, Okla. hospital. Bor Dec. 11, 1917 at Garwood, Tex the son of Frank J. and Emili Walters Boensch, he was Catholic. Survivors are the widow, Mrs Lyciianna Dodge Boensch of th home; two daughters, Mrs Carol Baker of Fayetteville an Mrs. CandicR Haddock ( Dallas; two half-brothers, Lei ter Wishert ot Tollcson, Ari: and Victor Wisherl of Mollari Ore. and one grandchild. Graveside services will he a 2 p.m. Friday al the Sco Cemetery under direction Luginbuel Funeral Home. iieJ 1330 UM l.Te. t, ut. Tr JaBTisry I, Jai i, Ther.t» Chrjtraat POT.IK Art: ASSOCIATED T*s As»e£a:*1 Prwi [i RHU*d datively lo tin CM f», repu tioa rf an loo] oewj printed la »«wi?tper V we:) at ill AP VOtttiT* OcMber 1. raocrh by carrier eojT Ul!r IOC. to WaiAlafUG. Bcetos, MadLKB OIQBV M. Art., Adllr Qa., O*U.: Mississippi County Prisoners Escape OSCEOLA, Ark. (AP) Three prisoners escaped fro Ihe Mississippi County Ja near here early loday, bul o? was arrested n few hours lati al his wife's home in Osceola. Sheriff George Ford said t\ officers on duly al the lime the e s c a p e had been di charged. A search was conlinuing f Ihe l\vo prisoners still at large Ford said the prisoners e caped through holes in the ro« of the cell block. He said t holes had been cut for roi mounted air conditioners. He identified the dishcarp officers as John Seitz and Wi ie Jones. Ford said both of ccrs were stationed within feet of the openings and we instructed to inspect the hoi every 15 minutes. Ford said the escapees to H a commode and worked their way through the opening to the holes in the roof. Ford said he assumed that both officers on duty were asleep at the time. Ford said Jimmy Collard, 27, who was being held on a murder charge, was apprehended aboul 3 a.m. at '.he home of Collard's wife. He identified the other Iwo escapees as Ronnie Lee Jennings, 23, who was being held on a burglar}' charge, and Arthur Norman Taylor, 19, who was being held on a rape charge. · cnor,!hi 1 TZAR . 00 · omfit abon 1 mcnBu I monttt Oil Industry Said Pressuring Dealers To Sell More Gasoline I.OS A N G E L E S (AP) -- A ^h-prcssure campaign that in- iiclcs threats of lease cancella- ins is being exerted by scv- 1 major oil companies lo gel cir dealers to sell more gaso- nc. the I,os Angeles Times re- orted today. The paper said the campaign as being waged despite public peals by the companies urg- "g consumers to conserve icrgy. The Times said the oil com- inies rejected pleas from ealers for a reduction in bolesale prices to spur gaso- ne sales anci called, instead, r the dealers lo cut their prof- m a r g i n hy lowering retail 'ices. Company officials questioned ere quoted ns saying they ere still in support of energy inservalion measures but anicd to insure that dealers their full gasoline alloca- ons. "We're not trying to promote e increased use of gasoline," id Dennis Gilchrist, market- g manager in California of ulf Oil Corp. "We just wanl lo ell what we're enlillcd to un- er (he federal regulations." Some officials said achieving lis may require dealers to nainlain longer working hours nc! stay open on Sundays. At the heighl of Ihe energy risis, many dealers responded o President Nixon's appeal to hut down on Sundays and they ave continued the practice. "Shell wants us to sell, sell, ell," said one Shell dealer, uoted by the Times. "The rep- escntative wants lo know if ou're selling the allocation. hen he asks what your hours f operalion are and suggesls lat you. stay open longer lo ell Ihe gasoline. Then he will ay somelhing like, 'Lei me re mind you of your least obliga- on.'" A Shell spokesman denied the HEIPLE .. .elected to slate post UA Dean Elected President Of State Board Dr. Loren R. Heiple, dean o the College of Engineering a Ihe University of Arkansas, ha been elected presidenl of th Arkansas Stale. Board of Regis tralion for Professional Eng neers and Laud Surveyors. Billy M. Cline a parlne of Cli'ne-Frazier Consulling r - - Sineers of Forrest Oily, named vice, presidenl. Dr Heiple was appointe dean in July 1971. He is widel recognized as a researcher an more specifically for h r e s e a r c h into Ihe wate resources of Arkansas. He hole a doctor of philosophy degre in civil engineering from Stan ford University, and two ma: ter's degrees, one in sanitary engineering from Harvard Un versity. and the other in civ engineering from Iowa Stat University, where he als earned his bachelor of scienc degree. Social Security Aid Is Available Social Security represent) lives will le in oullying dislric! to assist residents in filing fc benefits. The representative of th Social Security Ad minist ratio Office in Fayelteville will at the following places ar times during July. BentonviUe. fire station, a.m.-12 noon, July 2-16. Gravette community cente 10 a.m.-12 noon, July 11. Hunlsville community cente 9 a.m.-12 noon. July 18. Rogers; city hall, 9 a.m.- noon. July 3-i7. Siloam'Springs, city admini Iralion building, 9 a.m.-12 noo July 9-23. The Harrison Branch p[fi representative will be availab al the locations listed below. Berryville, post office, a.m.-12 noon July 2, 9, 16 and 30. Yellville. American Legio Building, 9 a.m.-12 noon, Ju 10-31. Jasper, courlhouse, 9 a.m. noon, July 17. M, William Fields Tb« Flaett fn L!f* !n*ur»nc* Product! K» Hittroct Off.w BulMifc M NorB Blue* It was pressuring its still telling Balers. "We are conserve energy." the spokes- an snid. "It Ihe Arabs cut ,ck on production, we'll see ne. The only way Ihe dealers an sell their allocations is to ·ep proper hours of oper- ions." The Times said Texaco, Ihe lion's largesl gasoline retai- r, sent a letter to some of its Balers, which said in parl: "During Ihe month of May an arming numher of Texaco lailers failed lo purchase cir gasoline allocation. ..We und that our retailers by and rgc were not competitive icewise or in hours ol oper- ion...You are encouraged to ke appropriate action to pur- your entire allot-menl .ch month." Springdale Robbery Attempt Is Foiled SPRINGDALE -- A would-U robber fled from Davidson's Khoc Store Wednesday morning when a store employe poimcci a long, sharp.-knife-like object at him - a letter opener. Alone in the store on West Emma Avenue. Dana Pribblc had just unlocked the doors to open the business at 9:35 a.m. Wednesday when a man tercd. When Fribble offered to help him, the subject said. "I'll beal you for everything you've got, 1 ' according to police reports. Pribble .then walked into the storage room and picked up the letter opener. The intruder ran out the door and drove off in a 1967 white Cehvrolet with no vehicle license. He was headed west on West Emma Avenue. Pribble described the subject as a white male, about 26. with short, bushy, blond hair, 6 'eet tall, wearing a white shirt brown pants and light blue jac ket. Confrad Is Let On West Fork School Addition Construction is expected to egin early next month on nn ddilion to the West Fork Elementary School. A construction o n t r a c t was vcek. according Complaints (CONTINUED FROM PAGE I) ansfcrs from the waler and r fund lo the general fund, Dstagc bills, and membership ues. Carlson testified thai some of records were missing -n after the city made vailable to him two assistants ho helped him search for ecords. Carlson said the city ad denied him access to (cords, until reminded of the eedom of information act Workman Injured Gerald G. Daily, 24, 1828 N. Gregg Ave., was treated anc r e l e a s e d a t Washington Regional Medical Center Ihis morning for injuries suffered when a large steel "I" beam fell on him al Ozark Steel Co. Hwy. 71 soulh. Fayetteville police said Daily was helping load Ihe beam onlc a truck when the acciden occurred. Police said the true! was backing up when it cami issue had been lei last to Super- ntendent Frank Wenzel. The addition will be to the outh of the current building iroviding an over-all t-shap?t tructure. The new porlion wil IB what architects call "open mded," in that additions can je made two rooms at a time -- one on either side of a cen ral hallway. The addition will be a block (instruction overlaid with brick iding to match the currenl aiding. Estimated cost of Ihe addilion is $110,000. Low bidder on Ihe projcc' vas Ford Construction Co. o larksville, thfi firm which bull ho high school building several 'ears ago. Richard Groti is the architect. Wenzel said the bidder per tion of Ihe conslruction cos S106.500. The school dislrict wil wilh Ihe beam to slip from thi needs" in one TIMES Want Ad Age hasn't taken away the use " Iness of most things and thei market value is good. So don waist* time . . . call 442-6242 t place your ad today! 'ter the ublicized. Attorney Putman and Carlson ickered over some of the gures mentioned -- and more mportanlly, over Carlson's in- ent in presenting the figures, ^ulman asked Carlson, "are ou testifying that the money represented i n cancelled riecks) was not spent for the urposes as shown in the back- p malerial (to each check)?" After intervention by Chan- ellor Warren Kimbrough in the xchange between the two, arlson made it clear thai he ad no evidence on how the money had been spent. Rather, e was saying that the city oes not offer sufficient justi- calion In its system of filing hecks and bills. "Any citizen 'ould like lo know how his loney is being spenl," Carlson nsisted. The other plaintiffs in the ase. Mrs. Buche and Mayes, estified only briefly. Mrs. luche stated that she is a ilaintiff in the case because 'i'f omeihing is not right, it is ncumbent upon us to change On cross-examination, both were asked if they had paid he voluntary five-mill tax in heir last tax payment. Mrs. Buche \ said she had, not realizing the voluntary nature if the tax. Mayes was apparently unsure when he had last paid taxes. TACKED ON The volunlary tax issue was acked onto the original com- laint after it was noticed in budget report by Mrs. T. C. Carlson Jr., a member of the ioard of Directors and wife of one of the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs' attorneys also called several witnesses in conection with their charge .hat the city has used public funds for privale purposes -specifically in construction of a widge at a subdivision, of langars for privale corporations al Drake Field, and )f parking lots downtown for :he benefit of merchants. Paul D. Lewis, president of Downtown F a y e t t e v i l l e U n l i m i t e d , a group of promoters of the downtown business area, testified about the financial arrangements between his organization and Ihe city in the contract involving various parking lots. Lots 9 and 10 were discussed, and Lewis testified that local banks hold city notes on those lots. The monthly payment on the note comes from parking meter revenues, with the Downtown Fayetteville Unlimited making up the deficit between the payment amount and the revenue. NOTES EXHIBITED Two Fayttteville bankers were called to exhibit the notes in question. Another Fayetteville c i t y director, Loris Stanton, was called to testify that the city had agreed to build a bridge b e t w e e n two subdivisions, Rrookside Easl and Azalea Terrace. Under cross-exami nation, Stanlon agreed that the bridge was built in part because of a recommendation by the Fire Department. Stanton also testified that the city had approved a bond to build a hangar at the airport that will be leased lo Scheduled Skyways. in contact causing it cables holding it and hit Daily. The beam knocked Daily 0 the ground and landed on to of him. Workmen pulled Da'l free and he was laken to th hospital by ambulance, wher he was treated for chest aix leg injuries. MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME . . . When you list all your "don Ag( full 15.000 B.T.U. air conditioner. Used on season. tlOO. RCA Mac* and white te vision. R9", jwrtaWe, $fio Phone xx To place an 18 word ad like th one above would only cost $6 for 7 days in our TIMES Class fied Ad section. To place you ad call 442-6242. Vending Machine ' Trucks Burgled SPRINGDALE -- A Norh w e s t Arkansas Vending Machine truck driven hy Jessie g of Old Missouri Road has been burglarized twice t h l * month, police said today. King reported about $40 taken rom the truck on June 7 and again on June 17. bolh times while the truck was parked at Springdale Memorial Hospital Another Northwest Arkansas Vending Machine truck driver had reported $50 s t o 1 e n from lis truck while parked at ihe lospital earlier this week. The drivers were inside Ihe hospital at the time of Ihe hefts. landte site nstallation, preparation, sewe etc. to keep price within bounds. Completion is set for the em of December, Wenzel said. Contained in the new portioi will be a library with 2,000 fee of floor space, administrate 1 offices, teacher workrooms atx 'our classrooms. The school district borrowei $87,000 last year when initia planning was underway. Th remainder will either bt provided by local funds o through another loan from th state Department of Education .Wenzel said increased popu Accident Injures Stephen D. Ward, 21, of Route I was in fair condition at Wash- ngton Regional Medical Center today following a one vehicle accident early this morning on Hwy. 45 east of Son's Chapel. Trooper Tommy Williams said that the 2:30 a.m .accident occurred when the pickup driven by Ward left the high way on a curve and struck an embankment. Vandalism Reported SPR1NGDALE. -- A tire on the truck of William Usrey was slashed during the night while the vehicle was parked in fron of Usrey's mobile home 01 Hwy. 71 south. The vandalism causing $45 damage, was be lieved to have occurred abou' midnight. lation a surge the city has causec in elementary schoo enrollment, but the increase i not without benefit. He said the school will be offering foreign languages fo the first time this fall. COY MAC BOYD, D.D.S. ANNOUNCES The Opening of His Office For the Practice Of GENERAL DENTISTRY 106 North Locust Fayettevlile, Arkansas Open Daily Mon. thru Fri. Telephone 521-3880 Theft Reported S P R I N G D A L E -- David ecvcs 411 S. Shilo St., told olice Wednesday he believed is wrlstwatci was stolen from is home Monday. Reeves Mid he front door lo Ihe house w»» nlocked Monday. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! 11 you cannot reach yoor TIMES carrier PHONE 4424241 Dally 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturoay 3 to * p.m. Suaday 8 to 9:30 «.ra. THEY'RE MOVING MEN, NOT MIRACLE MEN Expert care and handling of your household possession*)! everythl ng you can reasonably expect from the moving man. He can't put that old, familiar neighborhood in a crate'... move the corner drug store to your new home town ... bring along Johnny's old athool or Mary's favorite hairdresser. Neither can your Welcome Wagon Hostau. work m imcles. But she can and will provide detections to the community facilities you need, and bring with her a ga taxy of giftt from Us Leading merchants. She awaitsyourcall at Phone 443-5438 or 442-81II WELCOME NEWCOMERS! U» UlU c«tp«l 10 let ·« know »oo'r« Mr*. City ........ ..................... I ) PIMM »·»· «*· w«)e«i«« Wigon M»rt«M Mil on mf. [ 1 I would liko lo lUtocriM to tin M.W. Ark. TIMES f I I already «b»crib« U ·"« TIMU. nil out tko coupon TIME*. »o« 6, Ark. FURNITURE BUYS 10 DRAWER READY-TO-FINISH DRESSERS Wood Knobs-Roomy 4\"xW/2"x33" $ 36.88 A VERY SPECIAL BUY! County Road Crews Begin Vacations W a s h i n g t o n County road crews will start vacation today, returning to work.on July 8. A skeleton crew will be on duty to take care of emergencies thai arise, County Judge Vol Lester said. Servfotd ILL*, Mn. Purl _ . 1:30 p.m. d-.apal of Rckwn's Funer*] Horn*, to*. Qcrald G r i f f i n officiating. latcnnat, National Cemttciy. SAVE $5! DEACON'S BENCH HAS ROOMY STORAGE AREA UNDER SEAT Sanded knotty pine is fun to .... finish in your own way! Hinged 78 8fi . 43x17x30* *W.W YOUR CHOICE! COCKTAIL TABLE, SQUARE OR HEXAGONAL COMMODE Colonial-style tables finished in marproof "maple" vinyl. Handsome detailing, hardware. )Q 00 IIC. IOW PUCI SPECIAL BUY! ELEGANT SWIVEL ROCKER-ENHANCES ANY SETTING Rich my on/cot ton* veh^et in antique gold or dork olive. Deepty tuftad anriton bode SAVE $43 TO $53! WARDS EXCLUSIVE LA-Z-BOY® RECLINA-ROCKERS® Enjoy mUti-poution comfort 16 KEG. 2i».»-8»j( full recline. Hardwood frame; fabric. Evelyn Hilb Open Thurs.-Fri. Miles Til 9 p.m.

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