Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1974 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 26
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Bids will he open July J. Kiirrt: Spline M u n i c i p a l Howttil, 31 Norn ETI. Eureka Sprn^. Arlrnnsas. Phone !2v 9727. FLOYD PAYNE. TOIMERLY A-l REPAIRS. 8PPJKGDALK. Is now at Hickors Creek Marina where they hav-e all faciH K e f ' tot work on an!' ensine or boat Any Biie. We are. now O.M.C. [ranehlsert Mercnjlser tranchlserf. Chr\-ster outlriv* repair*, starcrart boars. 751-7356. PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 314 So. School ALL THE PIZZA AND SAIAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 WAL^A-STORY. Children hear a Bib. mcssKBB anylima day m TMznt Phon For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 2--Coming Evenfi LARGE Yard Sale -- Three family Antinue dresser and four aniline chai a1ike) f u r n i t u r e ar.rt Jowcliy, rfishcs. ai riothes. wii; be sold cheap, slarls Thui day 3 a.m. nil B P.TM- at corner ol 1 wml S2 in Karmin^tnn. PUBLIC AUCTION. Thursday. . I mile West of 71 Hwy. on NAV. SM fil Be^onviHe. 10:M A.M. Have sild m farm, will sell my f u r n i t u r e and a; pianos, sonic antiques ^Sr. an:l ^^r John nealy, Ownors, C. J, ITcn^ot;, A u rionrer. rhwe rZ-'£ftl; n i a h U GARAGE fiat*: Starts Wednesday 261! 1312 Ml. Comfort P.d. Black Nautfahjr r^uch. iWriiieralor. n a - ^ r r anl dire new men's imported .suits. (o;-s, »» ·[id e n d s , (rood c!oihes and tncyclc. TARD KALE - Thurs'i'ii', 9 ».m.-5 p.n old liller, antirrue bwtrel. d r e i f f f , t-Ioth. It much more. Stonebrirfao Road. CHI F. Frfiow firsm*. w i l l c:owd loc 3 --Personals WOMEN'S PROBLEM SOLVING GROUP j i u i i p star ting for women wh 'ant to Iciirn lo chango and gai: ontrol over their !ifo. Philcvsoph. Sc techniques from wnmon's l i h ration movement and h u m a n rni cnlial movement (CJcslaU :in- ·ansaclional analysis) w i l l be ute j r o u p leaders trained by fern in is 1 rowth collective of F'ayettcville Women's Center. G r o u p to mee' londay's. 6:^0-U:00 Starling Ju|y 1 h i t d care available. Call Sharon lark. ,S21-i7G5 or Dorothy Woods 21-1906 for more information. FOIJ.OWTNG POSITION-^ OPKN: 'H-set Printer; Administralivft *ec- eiary; Secretaries; Steno graph- is r Typists; Clerks; Duplicator Op- rat or; Stors Clerk; Bindery /orkerr Kej'punch Operator; Fooc e r v i u e Supervisor; Foori Service Workers; Custodial Workers; Farm Worker; Laborer. Apply Personnel \ d m i n t s t r a t i o n B u E l d i r v g . University f Arkansas. Equal Opportunity Employer NIK ~- CALL AUNT DOT. Any tin ay or night for inlprestiiiE stor'. Ptior --Schools And Instructions HIGH SCJ1CX)L AT HOME iiplom;i awarded- Finish rapidly. Fret roehure. U'ritc American School of Chi iso - J^ox 1112 -- Harrison. Aik. 72951, IO.XKV available for income proper lies r s i ( i f i J MorlSJiRC Brofrers, Ba\ llpvillp, Ark. TITO] 0-Help Wanled STORE MANAGER pe-Den M a r t \K now t a k i n g appli ·atioiis for slore n\anaficrs. If you ·an follow orders and are w i l l i n g o work hard, w e have a job open ng w i t h a f u U i r e , No phone call lcsse. W r i t e S t a n l e y Grciinwnod ipc-Dce Mart. Rt. 2. Box 20, Fay :ttevil!e. !ATIN« CLKP.K: Will t r a i n soort tj t in Iroishl rales .t h i l l i n c . Sla ,!(:«. p n In $ITfi in :; mo. tvili Jan. Pi:OOKSf-INfl SEC: 1 prrion oflirc lorlpiiac, h^nkin^, or real ojtaie ofti - k g r n t E $100 up, J-aisr^ Tall Jan. ort'lCK: \ liny; a wfc. -.1] hrs. I'x-pin 1 hr. Ciill Itost-niiir;-. __.JltK-STKN-'o: $100. rail Kosomnrv, \r(rrn. CLKIIK: Tmit-h on to-key, bi 1131, iNx^linc, ctf. S;^l up. rnisn take )'· in si STtfll). Call Jan. K K V P U N R I l i To JIM. Call Rosenmry. PRX: Wi I I lrn i n good lypisL 53SJ sl:ir1. Cnll Jan. Ot-TICK of liinic tolail store S16 -,1,-nt. Call Ftocmary. L K f i A b SKC: T" jns. Pall Rtvcmao'. EXKC". SKC: J.VS? Call Ko;em;iry. P K n s O X K K L S K f l r SUM) UP. Odll Jan. I'KACiTKliS [or NW Ark. School .t olhei s'\ I.KH: Advc rti si njj. 5*200 ui Rn a: mnini.s. l a k e you to 5 litf- Call Vcrail. , I c e ' i s p.1. Call J a n / ,. To Wl.nco, frc px[. Call Jan. FATOnY M H 1 I ; IIPlot-, in Ark. lo hC, rarmcnl factory. Prefer ^ns'ring tikgrn : Tc;i vy sji I., f co pi! fall iio-iC. rfiot.iNT; FN'r/ii: $11.000 up, ttc p ·'all Jan. UFC5. KXr/R: !UK up, fee nil. Tall Ja narliine repair hk-jmd. !fii10 up. c irJii^iK. OH V r r R i l ISI. EXGTt: 4 or TJ NW A i k . o;cnin 3-Cl.nfifl. fer pil. Call .Tan/ OKKSKT PRK-S5! OPKRATOItl M.7.1 3 2101 co. ticnclils C'^ll Vcrfiil. I ' K O O K A M M K I l ANAIA'S'l 1 : rORAI* fikjrnd in mtfi. area. Tlctoc. in Ark. ' Sll'.ttKI. f r c prJ. Call Vcrcil- it.U'lHNI^r: Know- w r M i n t f (o* SI; hr, raises. Call Ko.semarj'. AGENCY 1)8 731-57*1 c*tab!ishM rlici RESEARCH ASSISTANT [o work 10 hours a week on Til I p r o g r a m load i n g Women's Pro loin solving G r o u p and doing pr g r a m development, Kxpcrien w o r k ins w i t h group* of wome on sol til ions to problem. 1 ; d u e sex role c o n d i t i o n i n x require W o r k i n g knowledge of (ccbniqit of H u m a n Growth M o v e m e n t h c l f i l l . Contact M a r v Cochran. SIi dent Programs o f f i c e , M 405, Arka. sas U n i o n , 575-5001. BARTB.VDKrt. 1:00 p m. t i l l I3;00 p. apply in person, n o phone calls plea HuMlr Cltil). 11L3 North CollcRfl. Must he 21 rars of ape. Apply In i KajeUeville (."ounlry Club, asphalt wnrlrcrs. t waxes [v'tid. acvorilins (o cxpcrlenrs. I d o « n machine opcraiors, roller op.?ralo a nd raVc rs, A nvi avert O J T pros ra ncrsinn p'.ati. We Are *n *aira" FUI.r. arul p a r t l i m e rook a n r t »-ailiCM M-1-.t h* over 31. Phone 52L-3H3 fo app.onlment. 0-Help Wanted HI-)**. SONO LBADEK Bte4e4. 'IS Rent-A-Csr needs -»erv1c* courter ml to service our cars and wort the ouiitej-. Good pay, · good, company: bene- 5.. Mar more Information come Tsy Ute uuntcr at . te . Fayettetfille Airport *rtd ' out an application. Starting, pay 13.30 hour. , . , . OOK-MANAGER. Will' train. Xpply »t liifhL 1««k House, 3^06 N. Oolleae, jOOKING for SOME "DO IT-YOUR SEW' B SKCUR'rTY In (tiese-uncertain times? csl A'mway Distributor-will show vou w Lp get it with profitable part lime sincss of your own. Phone 521-5530 r Interview, IDIE5 arc you In need of more mon- ? Vou · can earn extra income in your i r n i) ciKhboi hood if you wish, Ffcone KFJ* needed -- 19 years or older, wmfc ll time - aU summer, c^pntinoe part time Tall. S100 per wwk..OJT, neal. rar, llin snes a to work. Phone 531-3074. iiirailay, June 71, 1-7 p.m. for fnler- cw appoinltncnt, t PIHT. doctors ofJIre, m rtical bark- ound dpsirable but not necessary. Send ume, in*:ludinf Bge, experience, back- und, etci. In your own handwriting In s; Al*55, c-o Northwest Arkansas Times. t\ N POWK It, INC. fhe ori (Tina I and oriel's largest temporary help service, eoiis -experienced people with above j?e abilities in 'sii* office skill* as 'PJ "S, shorthand, hey-pAincti, swi trfi- ,irrl, etr. lo fill tmiporar- vacancies . l i n g the summer months. For In- rCititiR Ions or 'short assignment! -LL - Mary, 751-3330 todav% AVON says. iTAKE MONEY even-if you'va n«v- r "sold" before. Most people arc ]ready "sold" on Avon. Let me low you how to set up your own usiness. Call: 442-9836 ILL ito babyMttinE I n my bom*, «t«y or ntghL Pfiow 5Q14890. . Pirprtor of Nurses Mr Appin, rtlOO OH Missouri Ronrf, Fay. . Please call for til i-i n y for the A rtcansa s Union ATBKIN'G SUPEUVISOR. %'«nable worli ig httirs/-W hours a week. PpU- nl University of Arkansas Person cl Otliee. room 3.5, Adm inislration An equal opportunity- emploj'er WAITRESSES 10, lo 6 a.m. Mu«t Be N e a t . Apply in person Town : Country Restaurant 1131 So. School 521-9434 MANAGER TRAINEE We are looking for an ambttlou person who is interested in the ast food business. We are ·* ft growing corporation that cart of er you an excellent starting salar nd working conditions. Person ippiying must be n r a t appearing nd seeking a permanent position "Jo experience necessary. Apply in icrson Kentucky Fried Chickei 14. No. College. START IMMEDIATELY 'emporary truck tire aervic* man. If you ar» an · experr enced truck tire mounter one need to earn extra money contact the personnel deport ment Montgomery Ward, Ev elyn Hills. AUTO SALVAGE PARTS HELP WANTED 5 Days a Week. Phone 443-2101 or 443-2121. STILL NEED Three People to ill vacancies created by pro motions. Management ra.nee positions open 'start ng at $680 per month. hone 521-6371. .EARN SUCCESSFUL m n n n icemen vith one of our top managers -Ours is a progressive. Nations corporation and we're looking fo ficopSe who are sharp, Mlf-moliva lors anrt who desire the satisfac l i n n n f r u n n i n g their own ret a store in 9 months. No investmen reo.uirerl -- just the desire to b- successful. Our e x c i t i n g train in program ti V.A. approved, we of fer liberal benefits, and a sales management program that w i l l o fer the right person an u n l i m i t e i f u t u r e . Excellent reference* an high school education required For personal interview apply a United Freight Sales, Highway ~ W»l. Fayottevilla Ark. COMPUTER OPERATOR Immediate 2nd shift openini for o computer operator. Min mum 2 years «xp«ri«rK required. Good wag« erx benefits. Call or come by penenne department: DIVISION VICTOR COMPTOMETER CORP. P.O. Drawer 220 Ro0*r, Ark. 72756 An Eqial Opportunity Employer JUN'AGKP. needed (or arnrlment cor plev. Miuit be KiUinff to work htrrl a la fee on respon i i Vlrty. Pwltei wjl! du**e rent collecllm, advertklJiif. n»a tena'nce Ar.4 varioo« Mber **, a resume (o Box M-!4 c/o 5nth«rr«t A k a n w s TIMFa, Fayettevillc. MORNING WAITREMTfi In paraon. 21-AMonwtiv*- THE LITTLE WOMAN BLACK Mwrt«-Cirio, IT m»f, AM/ FM radio, dual ifwake'rv. new mifine. air- rondltlonint. st*t1 .mdial .wire wheels, ex- nt pofi*tion, 13290. or bMi c*«i offer. Phone 5M-73W, . warm. 8 ohnder, automilk: tranvniHion. t»A-otter hy Thursday. .301-7440. 967, RENAULT, N*w ertok, nwins, iiv »*rrs. New (Hntrh.-prenare ptato, muffler »d battery.. BM. ail 0M19S after 4 FOR Sale: Lutto top* fur aH cmiw, ^rTpM au 447-3BH. ' , four dm «erfan, ,^ic «5«Iird*r, sUndand sdifl, radio. Good run- nin ;cwidilioiw. T3BO. 442-5726, Mont svll. 972 VEOA GT Hatchback, 22,000 miles. air-oonditiofied, 'AM-FiT, (our speed, new irea. 37 m«., excellent condilion. indi. ·idual owner; Hortan'r 3000 " North Col-" 973 VOLKSWAGBN Super Be«1!e, automatic stick shift, '20.000 miles, «*i]l un- warrant, .real ri*wi dsr. 151-oWlO, after 5:00. p.m.. : . ' "I understand he's cleaner than a bound's tooth, but I'm not sure that's enough." 0-Help Wonted - secretary. Rxperwnce inrf ahort- mandatory. Must be attractive ind eel people well. Start «M. Phone 521- ·--Camping And Sperling Goods .373 CHEVT pickup with dtell camper 14.000 miles, 6 cylinder itaitdard. P*iqo 531-7548 after 5:00 p.m. · 6-Servirt* Offorad *AV HAULONO, binR and small track, 8c l bate «nd up. Pfro 'R «til] have i few openmiEs for the ill term in th« I and 4 ye«r ohl ursery proBrwm at Ontral MettaHl. more Monaaticn pJ*ts« call CZL Aoton Steam ClMinad $4.00 Wash $2.00 ub e Job . $1.50 FRANK'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION 30 Mill St. 442-9713 20--Motorcycles IOT2- SUZUKI TS 90, excellent condition 350. Phone 442-6852. VIXOM t»rr!ng, black with gott t te 360 Honfe. W or best Kfer. Cat Don, at 5d-T7». . - - STLL rio huh;-sitting; In my home, fenced an)r\arrf, hot meim $3 per day, layi only, Green Additimv P*wti« 367-396?. CHILD GARE under S yrs. Excellent faciW 3ua!iri«d ·Utt. Drop-Ing Welcome. Rat** hoorfe", dally or mmthJy. Hours 7:3* 3a 443-51-fi and after SrM 521-SIW. Termites? Pests? "ABCON* ·A Better Control V Ray Johnson 521-3750 7-Boots And Marine Supplies 2 1 PGNGU1W yclrnw Milhoit. tr.-*r with new spare tire. IJfr Jacket, new sail-and oare Inchnhrf. Phon* 4434385 C A N O E S F O R R E N T Complete Rental for day, weekend, or week Come by Westgofe Shopping Center, Hwy 62 W., or Ph. 751-1199 fi FT. slri boat and trailer, 100 molor. (Toad condition. K100. Pfr KffHM i* I-T. Rn^nbwl Season 50 h.p. Johnson ,nd n i l l y trailer. All 19T3 modri. Ptmn 1C--Camping And Sporting Goods CAMPER RENTALS Holiday* · Weekend* - Vacation* Call or w r i t e for re**rvatlon* NOONAN REALTY P.O. Box 734 Rogers, Arkansas 72T5* Phonr A36-M40 ROOD, Heart, y rah Cash. Oill 442-S773. Apache and Siarcraff Campers New and Used Sines Body Shop 442-2691 2972 'HONDA 390 -- I** it 2185 HunU- ·i lie Road -- or nil 44WSK7, AMAHA 350, 5000 miltf; f5W, Phone 267-^377. ' SUZUKI 400. 900 miles Call 6E9-8 after 5 p.m. 1972 TSn HONPA mini trail. Good can dition. COO. Phone M6S8. Super Trailbtke Special OSSA PIONEER $699 Can-om'» in stock Sales -- S«rvie« -- Portj -- Accessories HOUSE OF HONDA Hwy 71 North Fayettevilta, Ark. Phor« 521-3813 ·70S K*. " Sab Mortfcw«t Arlwnm TIMES, Wed., Jan*' 26. 1974 FAVCTTKVILU. ' 29-UvMteck-fer Sal* 2 TTKNK8SIC waUnr marei. Fkone M» DODGE Polar* o«. power irrf air. .ut«m«tfc transmission, axcelknt condition body aod nechafiial), HK. pnene KX- · BAR- H RANCH Purebred Santa Gertrudu . , Dupcriul -Sale Jun* 29th ot 1:00 p.m. Clarluv.lle Comm. Co. Hixhway 93 West Clark*viUc, 'Texas SELLING 425 Purebred Cattle 150 COW-H w i t h Calve* at sid« 30 Bred Cows 25 Bred Heifers 35 Open Heifers 12 Clasiified Herd Bulb 23 Claaiified la-mo. Bulb SALE MANAGEMENT SERVICE Bill Company, Box 611 Vat-ley Milk, Texai 76689 HAT truck; i«6 model, l!4 Inn Ctwv- REGISTERED. ANGUS We Invite you to visit and ee what we are doing. We also have a few young huHl for ule. 24 yean of jroducinr fine - breeding slock. Phone Homer Fry 443-2529. PRY ANGUS FARM VW Fasthar*. Excellent ;conlition. Engine recenltv overhauled. New paint job. PtMne 521 £174 or, W2-2022. : 1966 MUSTANG 2+2 9, : two barr«l; automatic, air-con, ditioned, mage with jroc-o: tires, 58.000. actual, motor rebuilt by Lewis Ford at 50,000. H,om Cash Phone W4-2265 or 84"-;fi80 ' wagon. 4 ' floor, air-conditioned, aatotiiiic transmli-slon, radio, J 3,000 miles, 1972 Dotfg* Ctolt. »5W firm. Call 'J4349EJ. . : VOLKEWAGEN en^iflips rebuiH, $275 up. Bob Hall, IK^'Wesl 6*, Conoco Statleti, . K3 Wcl. - 19TO PORn Gdlfl-d* 500, 2 dr. HTP. 8 cylinder, 9TO6. To s« call 331-650, «ft«r 5 p.m. rail 443-8350. 1971 MACH I. 80«t. cwi*fion with extras, 53,500 or pay equity and taVe/i up payments. Phone 5ZL-2939'before 7:30 p.m. 1969 CHARGER RT, power, «ir. auto- matir, styled steel whwli.. vinyl top, sharp, pi 1 iced bo move, 1900. Rx»* ' SOT. SAVE MONEY BEFORE YOu PAT YOUR AUTO OR ROMKOWNXK-8 INSURANCE CALL STEVE LEICUNEK POX A QUOTE. 9 AM. TIL 5 P-M ««- 6S4»: EVESTINGS 44.t-.wn deeper 1500. Ptton* 22--Machin*ry And Farm Equipment FOR «1* this weefc: Ma Hey-Ha iris » propelled combine, 11 H. header. 23-iiv«Nek-For Sal* RFWKTTERED ONftrotaU Bulls, nharolais heifer yearlinfn. '0»H TTTOKOUGHBRBD al tlud. re fee, Kigh speed * rating. Phone ONT5 -relMniTied pony W J* coll. HO. to the pair. Phone 571-ffill. S A L E $$ SAVE $$ KVM Siuukl RV125 SusukJ TM12S Suzuki TS10O Suzuki TS1K Suzuki GT135 Suzuki I82C GT55» Suzuki C,«0 PRICBS EFfTCTIVZ TILL JT7NZ 30 D D SUZUKI Hiway 71 South 521-2811 FayettevUl« Ark. Nnbi«r. On« d«e kirl A RTIFICIAL INSEMINATION sen'i All breeds, top boJlc, faft efficient aer vict, yn anywhere anytime. Reason* rate*. Phono SG-ZSO. 'EKAPOO ixippiex for ufo a; t PofXlle. Call 839-2950. RHAUTIW, -AKO xcjEMeie.4 'pttpplM en and Cairn.Teniers. Paul Clifford. CuieliilE. A i k . Phone SU1-5M1. 25-Home Neech-For Sob' USED 7«m1h · Mindi Mack arid 'vFilta T.v. GooH coniJillon, Call' 53-T1W aflef T:W p.m. TrtAIHTlONAJ, three cushion softi ap . ;imalcly SO inches, aw* rwidilion, Fnong 41^^027 after 5:00 p.m. OI,I rcrriKOjalor, fia.SO. Bwby bed~"with nialtreij, ^S. ord kitchen cabinet. r3,oO. .·cllancous items. Phone 3ai-37"JO. MOVI.Vn. mint s^H: Stove, JJ5. Twin beds. *3) cat-h. Kids spool Uhlc an-1 stools. !IO, Fencing. Call o21-Bi25. REGBTBRBD HORNED HEREFORD BUIiS. RAG3DEU. FARM. Phom Kfr . PRAIRIE GROVZ. , n»o» «wr im with large rage. }1 SIAMESE krtfens to jiive away. Come by 73fi N. Graland or catl 442-^9*5. SOFT cuddly kittens, free to good homes. OIL 447-4116. TO Give away. Mama nit and three kittens. Separately or together. Contact Bill or'Missv, 538 Frisco, «M77T. CUTE PUPPIES % Boston. Terrier. 110. 367-3786 after 5:00 .p.m. IRISH SETTER PUPPIES EXCELLENT PEDIGREE Phone 443-3174 FREE KITTENS, variety of eotore. ptwn« Jfl'-S5«. 19B Austin Drtrt. PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johzuoo. Groomar Iid:vidu«l Attention -- No Tru- qoilizen UMd. Penonillzed xxo don* with tender lovia* car*. OCCASIONAL BOAEDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOB ANY Phone 442*92 d«T« sr ctrenliv Al! breed dwi gmcmint, also boatdin? tor maLl breeds. Member N.D.G.A. Tol- COLLHER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment Can 443-3441 Collier* hn SO in. nek* of Warn* and Kwco dog food. Compete Line ot Pet SuppHe* .t «U ColUer Storw. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Deportmenr Nome Brand Lines Compivi* Klectioa , of *11 aey nipplle*. Evefplhlnx for Shopping Center. Cots «V Pete V K G Basset*. Beauties -- All color*. Vlso Dalmationit and Boston Terrier*, K I N G sizo bed and dteswr. ai Tionlhs. phone 521-JGijt. !0 IKCH gas langc and nnlomairc " " 121-2T15 aftcr ; 3:aO p.m. AIR (wn^ilioncr, 110 volls, 5,000 B.T.U. Pears roMsT»1. New, £85 or fem offer. Call Rotty ai j7o-^ft:5 TJl?JAT nigs right, Ihcy'll be a delirtl if Plwncrl wilh Blue Lu^lre. TJcnl oler- Irlc shanipoocr. tl. Lewis Bros., on lh« BLUK LiiAlfC not only n-3s ' i-ar'pcu" of hut, leaies prle soil anr3 tolly. Henl elerlric stinmpooer. II. Pollc Piirnilure, HiPltson St. OLD 4'xa' rcs e lop. All 521-1091. KENMORE portable washer, ?IW. ^;iert- rlc ranae. scU-cplaninfr oven, ?100 Washer. MS. n a f Dryer,-«5; Phone 636-6U9 - W. ragHoira; Rogers, G.E. unirojrr r^ezcr. n ft 5 y«TM olrt. Bvecllcnf oondlfion. JO. Afltr 6:00 p.m. iT2M10S. ' · - NOW OPEN We. buy, .sell t r a d e new useH f u r n i t u r e . We also .sell freight damaged all types ot new · f u r n i t u r a fur less than you would pay anywhere else. We also do upholstery work. GLEN'S FURNITURE 2275 School Phone 443-oio«. BIGGER BEDDING Queen an! K i n g slz* matrest ami b*K sprinss sefcr. New shinmeni. B\-ception»l Queen value at just J129.05 for 10 j'«ar KLtarantee OL-lhopedin set esah or (erm» available. United Freishf suits. Hwy. *H W«sl, i'jiyctleville. Open 3'(o 3 Man* day ftrough Friday. Kli R Ratuntay, DINING ROOM antl dinette furniture. 8 n«r t^ble «n« chair sets, A«ne witti mafchina riUna ciibinefs. Spanish, .Mediterranean,-Italian Rarly American, and Cixitenxwrary styles. Five piece dinette just K9.9I cash or terms. UNITED FREIGtTT J:P, Hwy fi2 West, FayeUeviH*,, Open 9 (o !), Monday through Friday tin i on Saturday. SEWING MACHINE GtOSE- OUT $19.95 (3) Must let lhc-» few mA4i1sfl« (To at a below discount price. fSie-zaj, fasvload bobbin. No attachments Tiewl«4 for butlonholes. mwiograms, and d*cor-. alive slilches. QuanliUes are limitrt. Cash or lerms. UNITED 'FREIGHT CALKS. Hwy. «2 West. F«yiUevil!«. Own 9 f n 9. AConday thrwflh iYtdiy. til!-6 on Saturday. · HOME FURNITURE Ph. I21.W42 *^* x r « A ^ ' - - J T * strzuKT 2SO savage dirt bike. Rons great, everything new, XSfifl. Call 52133% after 5:00 p.m. I HONDA 306. Good oonditioc. I beblMtt rlotei, fZO. phone UW9S9. TORK S«l«t « amlej. , te«ti»f-ajolini 4o*. LoM nlcoutlou. EM. Call Pixlal'i. 1314 HARLET I)«TM!oii 175. TMty m miles. Small equity- and take «ver p«.v- ts. Phone 521-9S9. 21--Automotiv Sat, 'fft CHHVY, 37J, 4-!ipeed. ISfi posi-tract, real good body. Phon« 367-3B74. lEWO.VAUAXT Waicnn · - autormittc i a rd lor*J xood -- for the »trc -) -- Phone 44249N, after 5;00 p.m. WIG C108E-OUT, Wip «.«. WtgleU S2.00'Cascades m.OO. Rulh'.s Beauty Col- le«e. 1300 S. College. Men'* Wigs 112.50. Rf.UR 15T3 Jeep, CJ5. W Vfl, 14.WO miles, white metal lop. Ptiore 521-3CS9, 4^-3M, ask /or W'Adt. 1973 VOLKSWAGEN CSabmobile. excellent condi1ion p Hir-conditioned, eiBht track, AM/FM r»dio. Phon iD A ROAD -- in old one rebuilt? i^rtr. Mritho* ani road jrrader work. Or«vri urifJ lopsoll. Call Lefty or Lirry »t (R9-2«C«. IMPA !A cu tlom, VJt. atrtom Mriisioo. power sfeerina, pow*r e. 1 !, air-corditionrnjj. fl.900. Plwne IflTl BMW 3KC. baniamly wilh WM* interior, PX'celtnit Wfidiliw. BeM offer over 12000. Phone SSI-'MOT ifier noon. I9S7 CKEVROTJ7T picfcuai, UM* actwl miles. Phone 19T2 TOYOTA. 30-3T rrW., on« owner, excellent condition, 27,000 miltr, .Phone 1M8 POSTTAC. eiaSi* cylinder. and motor, (150. Phor.e IM) VOf^KSWAOEN Sedan. Good condi tion, rr«.«wiab!e pric*. Phone Jffl-374" befor* 3:68 p.m. Mrtrday-P'rirfay, aH d*y MtnMay anil DuMay, PUBLIC AUCTION L*eat«J at DM Ea*t Jacfcion Driv*, Fayettr«1ll«, Friday, June 28,1974, Beginning at 10:00 a.m 1 Wooden Spool Red, Complete. 1 Larg* Wardrobe S-orawer. antique. 1 Antique. S~draw«r De*k and Chair, l OccMtonai Chair, 1 Step End 1 Antique 6-drwier Deak and Chair, 1 Occasional Cr*«ir, 1 Step End Table, 1 Living Room Suit. 3 piece. 1 Stand Tttte, 1 L*rf« Coffee T*We, 1 Cot BookJ. 2 Matching Lamp Table* and Lrnpa I Wr»tinjthou»« Di»hwa*her, portaWe. l Roper Gat Range. 1 Lot of Picture*, 1 Kitchen Step Stool. 4 TV Tray*. 1 Din ell* Set with 4 Chain, f General Electric F*romt Free. 24 ft.. Refrigerator. 1 C/ird Table, 1 Lazyboy Rawliner, 1 Bedside Stantl. 1 Air Conditioner, ft.MO BTU. e x t r a jcood, I Lot ol Cooking Utemi«i, I food Chopper. 3 Pfecei of Lunaxe. 1 Irortinfl Board, 1 Wicker Patio Set. 3 piece, t root Locker, l Large Utility Cabinet. 2 Utility Slooli, 1 Rome*rt Cooler. 24 inch, 1 Pan. G.T., \3 in.. 2 S m a l l Electric Fan*, 2 Seta Prunen, 1 Scoop Shev«l I Lot Garden Tool* 2 TMcks. 2 ShoveU, Hand Vw« l Wrecking Bar, I Maul · pound* 1 Muttox, 1 Hand prayer, 1 Lot rf Window Weighta. t A%e«, 1 Lot of Ijiwn Todi, 1 Lot rrf Hand Tool* 1 Small Wheelbarrow, 1 Lawn Cart 1 Small Wagnn, 1 Meat Saw, 1 Self Start Lawn Mower, Self Propelled extra good Hat* Saw. 1 tep Ladder. « fool. 1 Buck Saw ! Webber Barbeque Grill. 1 Tool Box. 1 Lawn Sprinkler, Brace and Bita, 1 Poat Hote Digger. Pipe Wrtnchet.l Trouble LJffhl. Great* Gun*, Potato fork. Bird Feeder. Garden Hoae. 1 Folding Cot with Maltreat, 1 M*rnMr Revolving Lawn Snrinkler. Mary Other MiacaVaneou* Tterni, Park-nil Space Aviilihl« Terrnj: CMh Not Revporutbl* for Acvldenti KING WHEELER, Owner McKemine Jk Bvrtholonmr Auction fen .vn-M0-am -- PWONE -- sw-Mft-aiwt Korthwwt ArkaiwM ftinc« I»l" SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air CendHfoning-- --Antwnho . . Afltmn* **t*s und Service- Repair oM or r*pJ»c*,witK Channel Ia*ter. Call Day or nizhi 75E-75TO. BACKHOE and Dump Truck Work. John Uiller - Pborv* --Beauty Car* -Bulldozing- 'ARM FKN'CINC, ccvrrals, and loailin ul*s. Free wtvmales Call Jack West brook t ftl-TttO. ROAPt POWDS, CUCJJOSfi, K KATES. 7M-33A. --Buibhogging-- RBCT3ION -=MARPBNrxa -- Saws -- mnd, eJrtwlar -- Scissors -- mower ps -- All tool? -- Ozark Grinding 1 SK-VJCC. ffi9 HunlsviUe R(l.. 32I-M60. FACL'il TRACTTOR SER^CB Phwie MJ-tSTS, if BO .answer Cat! *n«r 5:30 p.m. BRUSHHOQGTNG-- Plowing -- harrow .rvi - yart !*«««* - all lT« "*"» tractor wort -- re«»naWe raU« -- fr estima*e«. Work Gnaranteed. Pl«B« Ma- --Carpwittr- ! "Mir HO*TF: p.rPAn: rpfnter. Wt Ao «n rf wnn 1. M3 PAINTING, iheff* r«* w*rk. Interior arid errior, lic«v»d, bowle'l ar-t in- «ir*d, (re* wttmales. ftwi* Henry. 5142, ..,.jflB ]«v«ttii« «nd foowlation repair* Phone H. D. H*ti»bro coiled at 9M-3372 for !r*« M.tiniit«. ew abstraction RtmortelLiii. Gerwral Repairs, and OrwierU* Work. KJ^wienew Qua1 ity Workman* i p. Wwn» 443-3W6- CITRTIS MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Hwne fmprowmenti · P«*« · ri»*w»iM - Refatnlitf W»Ut - K nil KinAs; Fl*»ri, e*c. - Water . Trailer Pidv. NO JC* TOO SM.UJ. OKnenAflLI SBPATCR. MACK KCTIR, 443-*BJ, CONCRETE WORK, P*t!«B -- Kataiabf tj -- Dhvewtn -- Carpart^r. Ma , ifter 4:*ft COXCTtKTB -- C.VRPKKTEIl WOT.l OF A I J . KINt*. PATIOS. DRl\1J»rATfi AND nV. RKPAIR \.N D Rr.MOOKTJ FRRK E9TDUTUL DOM ZDOaUl 03-31*. --Ditch Digging-- TRKXCHTNG low eosT tr*n«i for wnifr, gas, ic .line. N'arrow (»"j lr«ich. Min- I damage to lawns, trees or pavture. Gieg LEndty. Ptwne M?-S13. --R«f rigeratiorv--; Ifford's 'i\-Il Shop. nefri?«raVfi ·cezers. Window and autocnobite air littonln^ sorvjctd jinrl repaired. 39 ; experience in rrfrixeralion. Hwy. South of FayeUtvjlte. Phone «fr37W. -Rock Stone Work-- ROCK WORK -- Fireplace*, reMini walh, patioj. all types A itylei rock wor*. 4t2-5f»74. . Professional Dress-nakinir nt Shaw'* 9*wtioue -- 751-ST!?" --Grinding-- ·'RKE Hoof iaspccllon -by TRO 5»l-« Rcprwentalive, tiirhty-pla[e. aluminum roor-trr^tinv'. jwvcpatchme and ipaier, walcrproolin? wmenl or concrete foundations. BQ-ZJOl. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOUU COST ONLY «U,25 PER MONTH --Hauling- HAVLINO -- TOP SOIL A BKRYI RAMKY PHON'E W193V) UXMCI BaaUns, rnortat * traili servter. Bar* track a atock rack, few nare* It -- W« It Raa^anabi*. U3-2171 ECKS, patios, Icailtr (svfllrvg and ff, block work, cement work. Dav«, --Landscaping-- PROFBS31ON*A1* fj»nd*c«pin« an den inf. ROM pniiiti^ * espulifr Kxcelltml local crtecencrs, . n-e-ltng, Top ·**) * Creek Onid. Dover Wart Cbll U\WN nvjwinif, odd }obt artf junk baa:«d off. Ph»« U2-WW, ask for «eve. UWN MOWIXO. ccmp'el* cooipet-nt service. AUo xpraj^K and abrub work. Free eatimates. Call 3W-79W. FOR Omp!ete lawn ra re by eontiwt or by the Job call Delasay'i Jeni*r ·V lawn Service, 442-7921. --Faint A Paper-- FAST ED'S Pslrrtinjl Service, Indoor-l dow, window rfpanlnji A odd otw, work IBaaranLerd, free r»!ifnal* anjtimp. Have rrffftrnccs. TA Pearton at 3-50i4. P»p*r Hmcinx -- Inter.or/Exterlor P . Free estimate. " Itiorve 3BJ-S37 or -MJS Weit ?»rl£. , jpray pvint ««t«m. PlASO CURB BOOOT ««rala«, aaoLMc. hna«*i ' *m, UOUOr I D Jfe D ifASONRT . BIoclc -- Brick -- Store Free etimatei. Phone 2ff7-X)7 -Roofing --Septic Tank Servio SEPTIC TANKS PUMPED Line* Repaired. Lowest Rat«« Local BMiijifts- Phone 443-12W. --Sewing Mo crime Kepoir--' i^f^K Sewing Machine? Have tool* wHl travel. Shaw's Siwlique. joijr Viknj, SVhile and Eina d«a!er. T31-5732. Sprin«- -Small Engine Repair L*wnm5«ers anrt small enjfinea repaired or tuned. Free pickup and delivery. 521- 4fiFJ after 5 p.m. -Taxi Jenny- 'EW TAXI rK RiURT In FA YKTTEVmJ! BASS SPECIALIST FRONf UTTLB ROC'K. STEVE'S TAXIDERifT PHON'JC --Tractor-- Harry B. Ca i TRACTOP. WORK nd D.C If co --Tr»» Service-- L\nTER. Oak Tree Service. Insured *· O.WO- Free estimates. tnmm:« f»«* ? brartnu. removal. 4(2-2174. TO^PLACE AN AD IN THIS ~ SPACE WOULD COST ONLY »U.»5 PTR MONTH TRIM, GUI and remove TIM*, Um'm, ' :red. Pboot ' -Venetian Minds-- VKS KTL\ N BUN D.^ K K PAtR BD dt made to order. Phane G*b» O #r «2-23». RASKMKNTO water proofed w;»ioat «»- jjmff. CV«nmervial -- r»^tential. 7Ve« survey anrl estimst*. K aod F Crvatntf ' «rv. SW-^27 or rtsHe Wr'dioir A- Farm equipment ir. Cixnpiele t^uip^d shop n

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