Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1974 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

ACCEPTED AW APPLICATION NOT TO 60 TO CAMP!HOU AMWTHAT! LOOT, BIS 8COTHER! HOW, I CANHAN6ASOUND THE AMP P£T£K10SATE! MAKE SUS£ THE WilTB? WAIT HSEE. IVVAW TO SUP THE. HEADA'AITER A TIP FOPAGOOO TA9L6 THINKS WE'C CELEBRITIES ANYTHING EXCITING HAPPEN WHILE X WAS GONE, CHR\S? -loo LATE.VGOOP OIP ROSCO/ HE WAS AW DARLING. 1 AlRCREWMAU DURING THE WAP. WOMPERFUL COOK, WAITEP OM SVJEENEY HAND AND FOOT. WHAT'LL HE DO WITHOUT HER? OH, YES... WE HAD AN INVITATION TO THE MARRIAGE OF LUCILLE SWEENEY. KOSCO SWEEHEY'S BABY SISTER/ MEV, WE'LL HAVE 10 -ear i see LOTS O' SIGNS I'M LOOMN' PER SIGNOFTH VARMINT? THANKS!!- ·-. T'JHAT OTHZ \ DOS THATS GO/M5S 700STHS ) * WOULPVOLJLJKe S.OU. RBAOINSS FROM KAFKA-OR A RECITAL OF · POEM BY T.S. ELIOT?. i'O UKE.TO .is SORRY-- /T H£.'S AUU / f gcoKepup/d -TOPAY ^ · ^i'ht*. BUT l'V5 SOT THIS ARROW IN MY 0ACK! WHY DIDN'T Y0U SAY IT WAS AM EMER6NGY?.' -~HOW ABOUT TWO O'CLOCK,/, A W££K Fr?O,V\ THIS . .// COMIN6 FRlPAYf ' · S t u g=r \Vrn-l IT, MAN'/ E ARMY WHEN I COME HOME · FROMVsCWK,? ALWAYS SRHcTS MS AT THE OOOS WTTHA B46K1SS \ ALEXANDER'S PREMDS f TRJCK=O ALLTHIS DIRT IN THE FRONT "V; -fa MAHOUT* Wr. RAKflPOSHI IN .THE HIMALAYAS HATURAl fCK fOWIATiOU ? Of WHO WAS FORCED TO fiEE HIS COUNTRY IM 1929, HAS REMAINED UHFIN- fiWHJ FOR 45 YEARS FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope »»TrmviLL«. Vi.Yii.Ji, V'.'sti., .luii* 'io, in»iMiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiMRiiiiiimHiimiiiwiiiiHiiiiHiiiiiii«iiiin LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Long-Acting Capsules Have Some Advantages Is there any advantage in using the long-acting capsules and pills that are now so extensively advertised? Miss G.L., N.Y. Dear Miss L.: Long-acting d r u g s have an important value. They must not h e considered commercial gimmicks to capture the buyer's attention. M a n y drugs bought by prescription or over-the-counter are rapidly e.xereled in the urine. Thus it is necessary to take the drirgs at regular intervals to maintain an effective level in the blood stream. REDUCES LEVEL A long period of sleep reduces the effective level. This is why t h e pharmaceutical industry h a s d e v e l o p e d excellent methods of coating drugs for release at regular intervals. This assures continued action. Many antibiotics, cortisone and other drugs are injected into the body in a special oily substance to maintain a con nt flow into the b l o o d iiiiiniuiiiiiiuiiiiiiuiiiiiMiiimiiiiiHiiiiHfflMwm Look in the section in which .our birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according :o (he stars. FOR THURS., JUNE 27 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Planetary influences only mildly auspicious. Pursue a cautious but flexible course. View things in their true perspective- -- - n o t as you would like them to be. T A U R U S (Apr. 21 to Mai 21) Don't overtax yourself now. No matter how busy, make some time for a quiet review of your present status. A new appraisal needed. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Slake the most of any good ideas you have and, if need be, enlist the help of others in putting them across. Favorable Mercury influences! CANCER (-June 22 to July 23) Brace yourself for some opposition. Prepared, you Can cope with it more easily, even outwit it. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Adjustments, revisions, unexpected situations will be the order of the day. Take all in stride and channel energies judicially. Some news from afar in the p.m. . VIRGO (Aug. 2*1 to Sept. 23) Personal matters may trouble you. Review them calmly, completely. Perhaps you are overemphasizing certain angles. There is no real need for inxiety. LIBRA" (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Expect some obstacles, even setbacks, as you aim toward cherished goals. Consistent effort eventually makes its own "breaks." If calm, you can handle unexpected situations astutely. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Be careful of the way in which you make your moves, whom you include in your plans ! -- a n confidences. Wrong deci sions could snarl your success pattern. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) Not all that transpires will please you, but some of the situations you don't like will actually prove fortunate in the long run So-o-o? Adapt! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Step lightly with measured gait. There may be a few delicate spots, perhaps a detour you can take. Just don't Mindly crash through any situation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Many problems which have been bothering you may be resolved now. Good deeds of the past may also pay off. It should be a very happy day. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Direct your enthusiasm for worthy causes into progressive channels. You may have to revise previous plan, however. Especially favored now: travel outdoor interests. YOU BORN TODAY are conservative, philosophical and extremely practical with a deep respect for tradition, heritage and culture. Despite a strong leaning toward the scientific, you are also interested in music and art -- and may take up cither as an avocation. You are a born homebody but must learn to curb overposs-ssive- ness with those near and desr to you. You are outlandingly articulate in speech and could make a good go of politics, statesmanship or diplomacy Writing would also be an excellent outlet for your talents, uiner fields in which vo'u could succeed: teaching, medicine archeology. Try to bolster vour self-confidence. A tendency to doubt your abilities could prove a hindrance- to success Birth- date of: Lafcadio Hearn. noted author. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffar . ACROSS IDolt 5 Personality SDog 12 Busy place 13 Have, for one HRant 15 Algerian port 16 Boring routine a Verily IS Court game 20 Belgian resort 22 Mattress cover 24 Pronoun 25 Headland 28 Ireland 33 Wood sorrel 34 Greek letter 3SSea bird 36 Frees 39 Aquatic bird » Like 41 Road sign H Frolicsome 47 Likenesses 51 Dwarf 52 House wing 54 Bulrush 55 Miss Adams 56 Trouble 57 Epochs 58 Rip 59 Female raff CD Solar years (poetic) DOWN B Note to toe scale noo 9Bamat part · Baking cfaaosber 11 To travel ametZCmfe. in Italy 3 Running track Avg. -oMwn stream. This, in essence, is «· variation of the idea of the long-, acting, coated drugs. . .; Are there any diseases that can be carried from a dog to child? Our children are. constantly kissing them. Mrs. US,, Ohio Dear Mrs. S.: C h i l d r e n should h« discouraged from kissing dogs- and cats and other domesti-" catctl animals. There are a . number of parasitic infections.." in these animals that can be '. transmitted to humans. One ' parasite, the nematode, resides.; in animals and can be passed ; dirctly to children. MOUTH INFECTIONS ·'. The nematode from the in--' testinal tract of a dog c a n ' contaminate the soil where.' children can ingest it. Fungus infections and molds can also he present around the lips and'- chins of animals. -Z There are other safer vvays^"- for children and adults to-' demonstrate affection for pets. £? HAIIMIIMIHIIIIIIMIfllimiigiim B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) BmnmiiiiiiiiiitMiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii«M nnmMum North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH * K 7 3 V Q 1 0 4 3 * A75 + A K 6 WEST * 9 6 » A 9 8 5 » Q J 10 2 + 1083 EAST » K 9 4 + Q J 7 2 SOUTH * A Q J W 5 2 + 9 5 4 The bidding: North East Sooth West INT Pass 34 Pass 4 * Opening lead -- queen of diamonds. So far as winning is concerned, there is no difference between making a contract on its merits, because you have the necessary values, and making a contract because your opponents err. It is certainly common knowledge t h a t declarer makes a lot of hands as a result of defensive errors. Naturally, anything he can do to induce such an error is a step in the right direction. West leads a diamond against 'our spades. Declarer sees four'- losers -- a heart, two diamonds · and a club -- and must try to salvage one ol them. If the defenders c o u l d see South's hand, they would surely stop the contract. But since declarer's assets and liabilities , are normally concealed from · the prying eyes of the defenders, declarer can often trade upon this advantage. South's best method of play · is to win the diamond and''. · return a low heart. East follows low and the jack loses to t h e . ace. The defenders thereupon' cash two diamonds and switch ' to a club. Declarer wins with the king, draws trumps ending in- -. dummy, and plays the queen of hearts. This traps F,ast's king and South disposes of his. club loser on one of dummy'sX hearts. The only ,way East can foil declarer is bv playing the king" when the three.of hearts is IcrT from d u m m y at trick two. However, going up with the king of hearts is a whole lot . easier when you see all four" hands t h a n when you see only Ihc East hand and d u m m y . The plain unvarnished fact is that. not m a n y players would rise/ ' to the occasion and. in any case, n o t h i n g is lost by putting F.ast to the test. ' ' . Note that declarer makes hi.i' move as snon as possible -- w i t h o u t drawing trumps and without giving the defense art'. inkling of what he is up to. PONYTA1L "Daddy, do yoo mind if I check under that conm you're sitting oo?... We're looking for eaMKb nxner for the movie!" WANT ACTION? Phon« 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS Far best results, give tun description au start your Classified Ad tor 7 days. You may cancel it wha mute an obtained. YouTl only be charged tar UM actud number a* days UM *d ran.

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