Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 14
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Horn* Program Feotured In New Concept Head Start Day Care Center Idea Changing The familiar Head Start Day Care Center, once thought to be the panacea for altering the poverty cycle, is changing. The new concept which moves the program into the home lo alter family patterns promises a wider and more lasting impact, according to its proponents. The changes have evolved to meet the needs of residents in the county and to provide services which went unmet in the traditional center-based program. The Centers will remain where needed hut other options will also be available, according to Mrs. Paula Orsborne county Head Start director. But the whole program may be in jeopardy as Congress examines the federal budget this week. This year a funding request for approximately $300,000 will be submitted by the Economic Opportunity Agency for a program to serve 200 youngsters from three to school age. This · is $243,537 federal funds and $61,000 of non-federal, according lo Mrs. Orsborne. ; The funding is for the 1574-75 fiscal year which begins locally November 1. Mrs. Ors- Police Resign PARAGOULD, Ark. (AP) -The outcome of a special may- orality election liere Tuesday apparently prompted Iho resignation of secen Paragould policemen on (lie Itl-mcinlier night crow, according to Police Chief Lloyd Hill, who said his resignation would be forthcoming. Bob Camp, a former policeman, received 2,179 votes Tuesday to defeat two other opponents for (lie post, vacated by the death of Mayor Jones Lamb last month. Bob Bra lion got 1.072 votes and Cccile Forehand received 36 votes. Bralton and Forehand also are former Paragould policemen. Hill said the policemen resigned apparently because they felt they couldn't work wilh Camp. When asked if he could work wilh Camp. Hill replied. "I won't work with him." Camp had criticized Hill during Ihe campaign. Cam]) said Tuesday night that has had volunteers who had agreed to \\'ork without pay until more policemen are hired. He also said that he might request assistance from the National Guard. Hill said the Paratfould force has 21 policemen. He said he did not know if other resignations would be forthcoming. The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week borne is not too optimistic about funding. v "Funding is coming up this week in Ihe Senate and it sounds like President Nixon is going lo veto the Head Start funds," she said. Head Start funding is appropriated by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW). DOWN TO BASICS If he does, we may be in trouble. This is no time to shut this program down because it is finally getting down to the basics. Our future hinges on his decision. It worries me because we have been able lo design a program that meets the needs of our community and not copy a program which X 01 " 1 " in New Y o r k City," Mrs. Orsborne said. The alternatives, she said, are not good. If the program comes under the state comprehensive plan Mrs. Orsborne feels it may result in people being forced lo fit the program instead of the program meeting the needs of the kids. Head Start in the county serves 173 youngsters and the new program will have 2000 enrolled without an increase in the f u n d - ing request. "We can increase enrollment because of money available under _ the U.S. Department of Agriculture for food. We will gel enough money to pay for the food in the program and can turn that money into services " she said. Increased enrollment has come about' through home based programs. The new concept h-M? visitors go into the child s home and (each mot F!?L work with their own children. NEEDLESS The need for a day care center is not as great as it was and fewer people meet the income guidelines. We are now trying to reach people who have not been readied before. In Ihe home-based program we arc able to reach |cople who are isolated and don't have transportation and could not bring their children to a center." she said. It has gained incredible parent involvement, Mrs. Orsborne said, which has not been true in the center-based programs. "In the home based program parent involvement is the basis for (he program. It starts with Ihe active involvement of allowing us to come into their homes." the director said. "It is a very strong, exciting program," said Mrs. Orsborne who has been in the Head Start program for three years. "I believe the program is better t h a n it has. ever been. We are making adaptations and individualizing the program. Some communities can overflow day care cenlcrs but in others we can't come up with any one eligible so the option of Ihe home based program was evolved," Mrs. Orsborne. The director feels the Head Start program is better and stronger than it has ever been. "For the first time we have a curriculum and when the children leave we know they are ready for kindergarten or first grade," VITAL AREAS One of the vital areas included in the program is health care. This is true with the home has ed as well as the center based programs. "An unhealthy child can't learn anything. We have three year olds who need something like $300 worth of denial care, for example," Mrs. Orsborne said. "These are not people on public assistance. Most of (he people we serve are children of Ihe working poor who are trying to make it. We take care of some of the basic health care needs and teach the family about preventive medical and denial care and nutrition," she explained. · "We are making an impact for the first time, because of the tremendous family involvement. We do not want families to become dependent on (lie program but we want them to learn how to care for (heir families. If we leave tomorrow they will be heller able lo do this, Mrs. Orsborne said. "The impact of Head Slart Mrs. Orsborne feels will be a lasting one. "We work wilh parents who will work wilh t h a t child long afler he is out of Head Slart. We are h e l p i n g ' t o develop good inler-aclion in the family; You can learn how lo drive a car and you can learn lo work well with children if someone will t ,, k c tim ' , leach those skills," Mrs Orsborne said. "Home-based programs basi- S" J 'i ?i! er ., f a m i l y P al t!' winch (he day care centers have not. I can't help bul believe it will make a lasting difference," she added. The option of the home based program and other combinations with the day care center oners communilies services unavailable hefore and will 'have a real impact, probably two lo three times (he number served (he director said. Rose Is Treated BOSTON (AP) - Rose Kennedy, mother of Ihe lale Pi^si dent John F. Kennedy and Sen tclward M. Kennedy, D-Mass was Ircated at Massachusetts General Hospital for arthrilis ol "le foot. After the examination. Tuesday, Mrs. Kennedy returned !o (he family compound in Ilyannis Port, a hospila spokesman said. Questions About Social Security Q. I thought each child get- ling benefits on a parent's record was supposed to get one- lalf of the parents amount. My children get less. Why? A. The child of a retired or disabled worker is generally en- it led to an amount equal to 50 per cent of his parent's bene- it amount. However, there is a monthly maximum that can be )Eiid to a family. Generally, if here are three or more dependents eligible for monthly b e n e f i t s , each dependent's benefit must be reduced to less than 50 per cent of the parent's benefit so that the total benefit will not exceed Ihe monthly maximum that can be paid to the family. S*nt«nc« Commuted UTTLE ROCK (AP) -- The ife Imprisonment sentence of Frank Davis of Hot Springs will not be commuted an aid eto !ov. Dale Bumpers said Tues- lay. 'A commutation of the I'fc entence would have made Davis eligible for immediate ·arole. Robert L. Brown, a gu- wrnatorial aide said. Wavis w a s convicted in .he January 1967 shooting death f his wife behind a laundromat n Hot Springs' Central Avc ue. His wife's mother also was hot, but lived. Davis was later ound asleep on his bed at lorhe. The rifle used in the laying was found in his back- ·ard. Brown said the state Pardons and Parole Board recommended that the sentence be commuted. He said Bumpers rejected 'he appeal because of the seriousness of the crime a n d because 'a lot of reservations had been xpressed by law enforcement eople in the area." Q. I'm 46 and I just found out that I have a kidney disease which requires dialysis. Can ] qualify for Medicare? A. You will be eligible for Medicare coverage if you worked long. enough under social security. Medicare coverage begins with the thirtl month after the month in which a series of dialysis treatments began. Even young persons' not yel working age can qualify if either of their parents have worked long enough under social security. Q. When I started receiving my social security checks I was not employed, but I have now gone back to work. Should 1 report this to social security? A. Yes, if you expect your total earnings for this year to be over $2,400.00. If you earn more than $2,-!00.00 and do not notify social security, you wil be overpaid and will have to repay (he overpayment. If you Hunk your total earnings "for this year will exceed $2,400.00 and you haven't reported this to social security, you shoulc do so promptly. Q. Do I need to send a report of wages paid if 1 employ a household worker? A. Persons who pay a household worker $50.00 or more in any one calender quarter must make a report of the wages and the social security, contribution lo the Internal Revenue Service within one month after the end of the quarter. The report may be made on Form 942, Report of Wages Paid Household Employes. This form can be obtained from any Internal Revenue Service Office. The amount of Ihe social security contribution is 5.85 per cent o'l the employes' gross wages nnc a matching amount by t h e employer. K)* OFF ANY SIZE MAKES BUYING THESE GREAT-TASTING PORK BEANS AN EVEN GREATER PLEASURE. Van Camp's Pork and Beans have been one of America's great simple pleasures for over a century. Now, for greater pleasure, we're allowing 10# off the price of any size can. When you taste those tender beans with their savory tomatoey flavor, you'll know why Van Camp's has been a longtime family favorite. Van Camp's Pork and Beans. One of the few things left where a dime helps go a long way toward buying a lot of simple eatjng pleasure. One of America's great simple pleasures. Save 100 on any size Van Camp's Pork and Beans. ] A family favorite for over a century. { er: You are authorized as an agent of Slokely-Van Camp, Inc., to allow 10C toward the purchase of one can (any size) of Van Camp's Pork and Beans. Mail IN* coupon to: Stoke ly-Van Camp, Inc., P.O. Box 163, Clinton, Iowa 52732. We will pay you Ihe value of this coupon plus 3f handling for each coupon providing you have complied with terms of this offer. to K) OFF STORE COUPON Invoices proving purchase of sufficient stocks of our brands to cover coupons submitted must be shown upon request. Failure to do so at our option may void all coupons submitted. Coupons good only on brand specified and a re non-l ransferable. Consumer must pay any sales lax involved. This offer void where taxed, restricted, or license required. Cash redemption value 1/20 ol 1C. Offer expires August 31, 1974. NorthwMt Artonta* TIMES, W«d., June 26, 1974 ·AVnTIVILU, AIMANCA* SEC Sues National Farmers Organization WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thel Securities and Exchange Commission has sued the National Farmer Organization, which it contends is broke and lied to its members nvhen it borrowed more than $7 million from them. The farmers group was charged with fraud! false statements and failure to .disclose information about its financial condition. The suit filed in Des Moines, Iowa, and announced in Washington, came one day after the farm organization's board, in an emergency meeting, unanimously approved a resolution denying any fraud and requesting that the commission make a more thorough investigation. NFO President Oren Lee Staley has suggested in a news- leller to members that the commission's probe is part of a government effort to ruin the group. Staley pointed out that the NFO was listed among While House "enemies" in Watergate testimony by ouslert presidential counsel John W. Dean III. An SEC spokesman denied on Tuesday that the suit is related to Ihe enemies list. "The charges speak for themselves," he said. NFO SAID BROKE The suit charges thai the f a r m organization is in the red and can't pay its bills. NFO, which markets a broad range of commodilies for its members, has had trouble collecting the $75-a-year dues it asks of its members, and recently launched a drive to collect delinquent dues, estimated by sources close lo the farm organization at $12 million or more. Staley sent a letter to members June 13, marked "confidential for members only--not to be released to the press." In it, he said the SEC investigation is the biggest problem to confront the farm group in iU 18-year history. "Back dues must be paid immediately or NFO is lost," he said. "NFO's existence depends on your decision." When news accounts of the letter appeared. Staley denied that the group is faced with financial collapse and said the SF,C's complaints were technical. 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