Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 7
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NorlKwetl Arkanw. TIMES, Wed., June 26, 1974 HViTTtVtt.H, AftKAHSA* Don Nixon Says Harassment Has Damaged Health NEWPORT BEACH. Calif. (AP) -- F. Donald Nixon, brother of the President, says the Watergate a f f a i r and ·'ha- rassment" by Senate invcslign- lors have damaged his health and left him nearly broke. Breaking a long, self-imposed silence, he said the family was standing firm against (hose who were trying "to bury" the President. Nixon. 59. made his remarks in an interview with the Los A n g e l e s Times published Wednesday. ;He spoke critically of leaks from congressional committees and said the leaks hail made Watergate reporting "all one- sided." ·Nixon attributed the Watergate break-in to " political amateurism" and said it might not have occurred but for H "protective wall" set up around the President by lop White House aides. He also said he had asked the Secret Service to undertake surveillance of his family but had not been told when the agency began a lap of his phone. Nixon said the President could not telephone him without creating problems. He revealed a handwritten letter from the President on While House stationery which said lhat a call during current investigations "would raise unfounded but in- eyitablc questions and implications. "I want you to know that 1 am enormously proud (he way all of the Nixon family have PRESIDENT'S BROTHER .. .claims to be nearly broke stood up with such dignity through a vicious ordeal," the President wrote in the June 8 letter. "You nave our respect and our love." The President's . younger brother satrl adverse publicity about the Nixon f a m i l y had af- fected his work, which involved sales. He said he had been forced to quit a consulting job with a food processing firm Jast January and had taken early retirement as vice president of a worldwide hotel and restaurant concern. picnic A casual but intimate meal. Ready-to-go in a handy box. Ready to eat too! Sliced sausages and cheese, spreads, crackers, fresh bread, and your choice, cole slaw or potato salad. All you need is the wine : ... $^89 foR families: Serves 3-5 handsomely! Besides Beef sausage it has Pastrami, Bologna and Cheddar, spreads, crackers, bread and your choice. Cole Slaw or Potato Salad. The Patio picnic supper. No cooking. No dishes. The easy way out. Delicious too. .89 king size: Serves five very hungry people or ten "inackers." Lots more of the same as in the Family Picnic. You can build a party around it. $ f\i- HOUSE OF ffcf®'- FINE FOODS Northwest Arkansas Plaza, foyetteville. Phone 443-4888 Livestock Report Cattle supply dropped and rices were up in the area auc- ons this past weekend accord- rrg to the report of the Feteral- ":ate market News Service. Auction results were: SPRINODALK CATTLE: Estimated Receipts 30 head, week ago 1060. yea* go 1529. Slaughter cow s $1.5050 higher. Slaughter bulls $1.- higher. Feeder steers $l.-4. gher. Feeder heifers J1.-3. gher. Supply largely Good and loice 300-600 Ib. feeder steers j per cent heifers, 15 per cent ows, and 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility nd Commercial S24.-27.90. High ressing Utility $27.90-30. Cutter nd Canner S23.-25. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield rade 1-2 1100-1725 Ibs. $34.40".80. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 10-500 Ibs. S36.-40. 500-600 Ibs 3S.-36. 600-700 Ibs. J30.-33. Hrgh ood and low Choice 300-500 is. $33.25-37. 400-550 Ibs. S30.-35. ood 300-400 Ihs. $30-50-33.50 00-500 Ibs. $28.-30.50. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 00-500 Ibs $32.-36,25. 500-600 s. few sales, S28.-29. High ood and low Jhoice 300-500 s. $28.-32.50. Good 300-500 Ibs. REPLACEMENT' C O W S : mattered sales Good and Choice 00-1000 Ibs. S23.-28. COW AND CALF pairs; Good nd Choice 3-7 year old imnuiiiiiiiiflniiiiiin in mnmnm cows with 75-150 Ib. calves at side $310.-362.50 per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 150 head, including 9 sows and 3 boars. Last week 511. year ago 163. Barrows and gilts $8.50 higher. Feeder Pigs $2.-7. higher. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 200-230 Ibs. $32.50-33.; US 1-2 230-260 Ibs. $30.50-31.50. SOWS: US 1-3 325-400 Ibs. S23.-24.; 400-500 Ibs. $22.-23. BOARS: $18.-19. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-2 40-50 Ibs. $20.-22. per head; 30-40 Ibs. $14.-18. per head. KAYETTEV1LLE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 950 head, week ago 1374, year ago 1410. Slaughter cows $.752.50 higher. Slaughter bulls $1.3. higher. Feeder steers $1-1.25 higher. Feeder heifers $1-2 higher. Supply largely good and Choice 300-700 Ib. feeder steers 25 per cent heifers. 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLUAGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial $23.50-28. High dressing Utility $28.-29.15. Commercial cows yield grade 4-5 $22.-23. Cutter $23.-25.50. Canner $19.75-23. SLUAGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1200-1665 Ibs. $31.75-38. FEEDER STEERS Choice 300-400 Ibs. $36.-40.25. 400-500 Ibs. $34.-37. 500-600 Ibs. $32.34.75. 600-700 Ibs. $30.-33.50. High Good and low Choice 200300 Ibs $36 50-40 300-400 Ibs S33.-36. 400-500 Ibs. $31.-34. 5M- U". $29.-32. Good 300-400 Ibs. *3».-33. 400-SOO Ibs. ££.-30.50. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice WO-400 Ibs $33.50-36. 400-500 Ibs. iSl.50-35. 500-600 Ibs. $30.-33.50. iltgh Good and low Choice 300400 Ibs. $31 .-34. 400-500 Ibs. $29.50-32.50. Good 300-500 Ibs. $28.-31. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Scattered sales Good and Choice 3-7 year old cows 7001000 Ibs. $25.-30.75. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Choice 5-8 year old cows with 300-400 Ib. calves at side $370.405. per pair. Choice 3-7 year old cows with 75-150 Ib. calves at side {360.-365. per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 420, includes 17 sows, 5 boars. Week ago 409, year ago, 219. Barrows and Gilts $7.25 higher. Feeder pigs $5.-7. hrgher. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 200-250 Ibs. $32.50-33. SOWS: US 1-3 300-400 Ibs. $22.25-23.25; 450-500 Ibs. $21.2522.25 BOARS: 118.50-21.25. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-2 30-50 Ibs. $17.-22. per head; 50-75 Ibs. 813.-16.75 per head; 75-125 Ibs. $33.25-35.50 per head. US 2-3 30-40 Ibs. $7.50-10. per head; 40-50 Ibs. $10.-12. per head. Dairy Goat Show The third annual dairy goat show sponsored by the Ozark Mountain , Dairy Goat Association will be held Saturday at the Washington County Fairgrounds. The show will open at 8 a.m. with animals from a five-state area competing. D. Lyman Stubbleficld of Amarillo, Texas, will serve a; iudge Busitess iidkilon Index Rises SligMly WASHINGTON (AP) -- The overnment's index of business dicators increased two-tenths one per cent in May, point' g to slight economic growth months ahead, the Com lerce Department said today. It also reported that » reert- culation showed the Apnl index' had been stable with no. change, instead of the decline- of seven-tenths of one per cent, announced earlier. . · The index of business indicators is considered a measure of future economic performance in the economy. How-; ever, some economists have questioned its value in the last year because of distortions in the figures caused by inflation. LOSE 20 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS! Famous U.S. Women Ski Team Diet During the non-snow off season the U.S. Women's Alpine Ski Team members go on the "Ski Team" diet to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. That's right--20 pounds in 14 days! The basis of the diet is chemical food action and was devised by * famous Colorado physician especially for the U.S. Ski Team. Normal energy is maintained (very Important!) while reducing. You keep "full"--no starvation-because the diet is designed that way. It's a diet that is easy to follow whether you work, travel or stay at home. (Not the grapefruit diet!) 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Mixing Bowl Set.. Sturdy Melamme in lemon, flame, green or marble. Ori«. 4.99 Serving Waller, Extra large Melamine serving platter. Orig. J6 Diamond Point Stemware Choice of 4 sizes: ice tea, water goblet, wine/juice sherbet. By Fofitoria. 3.99 5.99 S.M 11.97 Orig. 79.98 45-Pc. Decorated China Decorated formal china In your choice of patterns. Service for 8 includes 8 each dinner plates, cis\ f\f\ salad plates, cereal soup bowls. T£U UU cups, saucers plus one each Ot/ovcF vegetable bowl, platter, sugar with lid and creamer. Orig. 87 Onrida Deluxe Pattern Ice tea Spoons. Set at 4 4M Orig. ?9 Onelda Community Pattern Ice Tea Spoons. Set of 4 533 China, Silver Glassware -- DILLARD'S -Second Floor Infants-Girls Ori.5. 140 Summer Dresses 2M Moderate Dresses -- DILLARD'S --' First Floor Orig. $7 Summer Smocks Easy care poJyester and cotton smocks in pretty solid colors- Sizes S, M. L. 'Orig. J14 Model Coats Orig. $18 Famous Make Sportswear. 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Waist sizes 30 fo 36 $3 Boys -- DILLARD'S -- First Floor 4.99 Shag Carpet Ori«. 6.99 Sq. Yd. Polyester An easy care carpet that is resistant to soiling and tracking. Seams are hardly noticeable when used for wall to wall. In gold or green. 12 foot width, Carpets -- DUjLABIXS -- Second Floor Drapery Dept. Save 20% "Cnanm" Bod room Ensemble A gay vivid French impressionist pattern in coral or olive. Fully quilted bedspreads are throw style with velvet trim. Matching lined draper] es. BEDSPREADS Orig. |65 Full ...................... 52 M Orig. J79 Queen .................... . . " C3J4 OriE. «S» Dual ....................... T3J» NED ' . LINED DRAPERIES Orig. f2» 4«x»4 Orig. JSO 72x»4 ZJJ« _. Men's Dress Shirts Orig. $10 7.49 Carpets Draperies -- DULLARD'S -- Second Floor Appliances- C.E. 12 In. Diagonal Black White TV. C.E. quality TV for your personal viewing pleasure. With built in antenna carrying handle. Model SF210I. G.F.. Portable Dishwasher. Hooks rieht un tn the sink. 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