Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1974
Page 14
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14 Northw**t Arkonwi TIMES, Tow., Jun* 25, 1974 FAYITTIV1LLI, AMKAMSAt 26--for Sal* -- MUc*Uan«ou« 34--Apartment* For Rent UETAL Detertw* -- CUrreU, V* Pr teulontV* CJiolct. Gold and tllvtr wln lourht And wM. Oill Abo Lincoln, C ·867, Royeri. Art. 1974 SEWING MACHINES (8) Oamplol* wilh Strtlrti-sUl^, bkiilt!n button-holer, rtiwiosrsmmer, tijr-tae w n d · host of d^?oralivc itllche*. Nationally · dvf rllwd At US* -- Oar price wily J1W.93: All *tcei rorulrurtioa wElh f u l l «r terms available. UMTKD FRF.IGHT RALES. Hwy 62 WfM, Fd*Ufv1tl*. Open 9 \o 9. Mentor throuKii Ftidar. tUI 6 FURN1KHED very rtcf Bnrl nxivtn!«nt. Xrtticuhlp *?:».. 1J(0 NpUIrsHip. mint K3-3372 utter 5 rail I2-9(H5, JAMESTOWN, 5T South Duncan, (urn- lOiri one bedroom apartment. »!r-con- . , nnd «:«Xririlv. Cnl| Don Dinfl 3161 or 442-nSl iift*r 7 p.m. 27-MuticaL MerchcmdiM ' COMPLETE 2QQ wait Tirsco cu'Ltar amp- l i f i e r »n1 spoah*r iyilcm. Ooo-i Jjkin? ·nd powerful. CW. 443-S731 *Mer 5:30 p.m. GARRARD'S FAMOUS 1 turntab Is tti« heart rf. the AX TBOO/Garrard stereo Kj-stem. 2iO *aU jmplLTipr »rvd precision AM/FM K*.erFO turfr. with FET circuitry. 10' wcwfpr and wir]* range hom d i f f u r c r . One year ruar»ritft parts and labor, UstJ at , *529, but w e ' l l (ell 5 Rt t?.W.33. carfi or tern^s. UNFIT [ FREIGHT aVI.KS. Hir' E2 West. FayeUevi]. Open 3 to 9 Wondar firoLifh Friday. Till 6 on Sat- antiy. Family Atmospheie. 1, 2, t 3 Bedroonu. Furnished or Un- 'urntshed. Starling at $101, Central heat air. All utilities paid except electric. Complete l a u n d r y facilities, D a y c a r e center on premise*. Country Club Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201 AIR SUSPENSION SPEAKERS Rave SOTr-- Full specs Inculdc wide tonal ranp*. minimum distortion, electronic cros.wer. full ffuarante*. BeauUful walnut styling wilh molrlM Drills. Pair of leakers Jusl SS1-9S al UNrTF.n FREIGHT PAIXS. Hwy. fi2 Wrsl, Fiyctlevillc. Open 9 1n 9 Monday throMcH Friday, till 8 TOV.XR AFAP.'nrKNTa, One and two yxa. famished, close to U n l v e r s , ilable (or summer ar.d rail. Call 521- or U2-1022. 28--Antiques--For Sal* · U7/S ASTIQTJES · Hwy 112 North - 413-4S72 iOJse-BaVcr Sprf/jRs, Fayelltviile Battlefield Antiques rurnlture -- Primitives -- Glas_ China -- Brass '-- Collector's Items Prairie Grove, Artc. Phone SM-2881 3O-Want»d To Buy OR REXT: Bullt\g su!fAble for rafp, dose Ir. s*e Vifla Drakr m n04 Eo- Ediool or phone 412-21W, evenings. C S C O I N S H O P PAWN Paving 200% Over Face for Silver. Buy Sell All U.S. Coins 12W S. Thompson 751-3718 mousse piucEa rox GOOD USED FURNITURE A APPLIANCES INCLUDING ANTIQUES U2-2S8Z B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING HIGHEST PRICES (Subject to d a l l y change, call for quote). AtsG need small coin and fctamp collections top dollar paid FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2561 N. College, 521-I2I WA^^^ED 2 itn 'SS-'7 model Chevy GMC, or Intern aUona! wither withott bed. Must be good truck, 751 -539$. 32--For Sale Or Rent 1973 IOLLC11EST 14x70. 3 bedrooms, 1 hath mobile home. Pfome 455-2S16. 34--Apartments For Rent THREE room, furnlihc-d, Married couple t» II ilies pa 1 d, (S5 pf r month. T*nom 442-2227. TKO bednwm duplex apartment, unfuri !ihc%1. central heal and air. washer/dr , , and stove funaUhM patio, SI^S Spr Street. Plwr.e 521-S4IT or 4-12-SKO. FURN13S-IED apartment. Brown Apart men t s, 21!l Nor Lh Church Si r eet, Phtxi e «2-H!1. STUDENTS -- Cottages In po-jntoC len rnir,utei to ca mi»us , K5 up, Furni sh ei fiparfenenl two blocks campus. P 442-9S3. _ NEAT three rv^cn furnishod aparlmen! South school Street, bills paid (Sxnhgate Viliase). t^^o efficiency « FURNISHED, one bedroom Stvirtmcr TjLili.lies paid. fS5 monlJi. Ijomtpd lv*.ivc hospital arvi University. Pho^e 41?-7510. FUP.NlS'HKn apartmnnt one block nod rf square, or.e bedroom, aH bills paid e: cepl clectriuliy. f'fl p?r month Prior 442-3443 o.' 521-4370. APARTMENT (or rer.1. one block Iroi campus, furnished, utilities paid, at conditioned, $110 per monlh. Phone 52 AVAILABLE July 1. Ore bedroom apart m?ni. J^o mo~th including pas ami wa ter. Has the charm of old PayeUevil'e For sbomnj call pat: Carm-rhae:, S coach Real Estate, 52U11S). BASKMENT t If ;C :enc' a pa rUii ent. roams. ? blocks from campus lor i qiret stu^er.t, £50, bills paid. Phone 521 235=- TSVO faedroxn aparunectt, all carpeted extra nice fumis^L-,E3 and drape?, tral a ir. r.o pels, 1133 pi us elecln Phor.e 52-Xol. GARLAND GARDENS 2000 X. Garland -- Fayetteville 412-S931 -- Mjr. (Ken c:aira Xo. Si SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE COLONIAL ARMS :11 N. Leverett -- rayettevllle 442-M1 -- Mgf. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE 1 ! BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APIS. rrlendly Atmosphere 2 large poolj, ecrcallon room. Summer rale* «f- ective J u n e 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL i NOW LEASING THREE bedroom, iiflw/nisnM ai»rtmpnt, ·livi-ay 62 West Phon» «2-9«« or 267- JENNY LYNN 11 S. Dancan -- FayeHeville 521-7240 -- Mfr. Apt. No. IS SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE REAIXT NICE, one or 2 bedroom apart, mer.t on Kaywood IABC. Phone 52M739. SUMMER SCHOOL At summer rales -- 8 u n l f s -- _ bedroom townhouse, l l ,' a bath*. Air conditioned, furnished or unfurnished. DJshwasher, disposal, frati- fies refrigerators. Shade tree*, Balconies, Electric range. Quality anc q u i e t . Ready now. Call 521-8660 or after hours 442-8071. 803 TOWNHOUSE BOB Lawson St. APAimrENTS -- DUPLEXES -- MO* »DjE HOMES, Furnished and u n f u r r .shed. Deposit required, llanna Statin 600 W. CUi. Thone 521-G3S5. N E A R UNTVETtslTi', onf bedroom, c; pcletl dlr conditioned, J100 month. All ul iLi ties paid, 442-8^2 or 521-7624. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- FaycttevlMe M2-8S81 -- Mgr. Apt. No .64 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE UNFURNISHED e xc*[rt for stove and re [rfgeralor, centra] air and heal, carpo throughout, washer/dryer connection.-; a -·-irable July In, J1XS plus electricity, $25 ..posit required. Phor* 442-8123 or S' 9319. ask for Ben Hunt. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bedrooma, central heat anc air-conditioaing, disposal. of: street parking no pels. Available immediately for *um- ITILT and fall. $105. plus JSO deposit. With fireplace. $135 summer, J150 fall. Call 521-6M3 or 521-1S39 ONE furnished duplex 780 w Cenle Street. SUO bill* paid. On* runtime*, duplev GW'A L!nde!l. $100 plus utilities Phone 413-2050 MAPLE MANOR APIS. PAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two, three o: f o u r bedrooms -- Furnished or un furnished. 3001 Wedlngton Phone 521-7206 Office Hours 9 until 5 G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer · $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished For Married Couple Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Putman -- 442-6638 FURNISHED or unfurnished, 1 bedroom 611 Whitham, 2 btocto to Unive: "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.0C Two Bedroom 135.0 Three Bedroom 1430 All u t i l i t i e s paid, central heat and a-c.. u n f u r n i s h e d , famines. 24 hr security guard and pest control. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:00 HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south o( the Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished a p a r t m e n t available now. Also leasing fo summer and fall. Summer rates 521-3335. FURNISHED c-r.e bejrcorn ap3run?r,t, air c:*r.d.i.o:ied. c^r?-:;, ;riva:s pa:X^5, 5:r- p:?, £i3.. r.o petE. ·5J2-:S35. ^:-BT;3. NEW, v?ry rUc?, t** bf droDtn, f u r r - is'-C'd. Cloie lo cam;as. D^hwa^er, e:c. (140 plus utilities. Phone 4-45-J"57 t L.4RGB o.i* and two becroam. wall to wall carpet, cw.'.rsl EJr, f'jm:sri«d we!]. off srrcet pe'i'ny, gi»i ceipibo:h«3. FUP.MSKED e^artmera--e.'t.c^^cie*, o-e *3 iwo b«3rooni-so:!ie-air ccndi:lor,e2: bi rtry qu^et e£i-jronm«a*K. c:o5S to caia- pas. 52L-2S36. fayetteviUe'* Newest A p a r t m e n t s Garland Garden Apfs. 2000 N. G a r l a n d Fayetteville PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Lev«rett 521-2761 1, 2, and 3 bedroom furnished or i u n f u r n i s h e d . All utilities paid, two swimming pools, tennis courts laundry, grocery, jras facilities, air conditioned. BEHIND-THE-WALL ARTS. 555 West Maple UNFURNISHED Epartm?--. , B? tlepOiit. Refercsra rrquirei. t Kodl SU.. Ap'_ 11 V.1--- ». and two now available, furnished Call 521-4507 or see at Apt. O. FURN15IEED apartmtnt J13) per r . . ^miv.M aparcrwtit S1W Pfr b:!:s pa!d (x«p-. crater. LEASING FOR A BUSINESS, PROFESSION, OR JUST AN INDIVIDUAL Our Pontiacj and Cadillacs are equipped and tailored to your needs, whatever they might be. Why lease from a Isrg* leasing company? They must purchase the con from a dealer. Leasing from us will give you the best possible in leasing prices and service. HATFIELD Rental Leasing, Inc. 22 E; Meadow Fayetlevill*, Ark. Phone 442-2303 --Apartment* For Bent CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 17tl N. Levercll -- Faytltevllle 521-3313 - M B r. A p t . No. 1 BUMMER RATES AVAILABLE flPRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING 'or Immediate occupoancy. Also for June Sept. Completely carpeted All utilities p a i d except Electricity A r k l a ga* heating and air condition lag. . -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhjuse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free R e f r i g e r a t o r 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Fi. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office -M2-9IG6 after e;UO p.m. Apt. 100 s'OW renting lor iiimmer and [all--one anrl two bedroom aparlmnets. Kcrr Investment Co.. M1-41H 412-2537, 52UMfi. CREEKWOOD VILIA Check These Feature. 1 !: · Central A t r · Shag CarpeLs Queen size beds · Frost-free re- riR, · Dishwasher DLiposa Pool · Free TV Hookup, Low ummer rates. 5117.50 -- On« Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electrio 443-3216 35--Duplexes For Renf NICE, 2 bedroom brick unfurnished tx cepr stove ft refrigerator $06 plus util Utes and JM deposit. P7 10 ne 521-17,01. MID-AUGUST. an^Je students, furnished ' bedroom, shower bath, 5100 per month ear city park, Eleposit. Also 2 bedrojm --ty park, J12i per month. Deposit. 412 SITS. NM3ELY furnished 2 bedroom, noar Unl vr-rsity and shopping cenler. W-alcr a gas paid, flfj month. Phone -HS-S531. LUXURY PLUS 521-7272 GET TAN On xeriwood sundeck at rear o two bedroom duplex close In TJni versity. Paneled throughout, stov k. refrigerator furniihed. J16S pc mo. Call Lee Boss at Gallery of Home 521-7272 FURBISHED ar.rt unfiirnfsticd 2 bedroom duplex apartment., call 521-1015. TWO bedroom duplex, {urnidied ^u "les. SIM, air-conditioned, no pels, Terences, ftay Ra stall, phone oun ta j nburg. ON'B bedroom duplex Tor renl. 590 « .th. All ulliilies paid ovccpt cleclri cily, SS dcposil. Phone 41S-KS5 T\VO bed room ilup:ex, rear Universi I' unfurnished, JIDO per month plus utililic and deposit. Phone. 4LV1914 after 3 p m TWO bedroom duplex !JS a month. Mildred «ra«e, -«?-J3]Q or ftagecoac' Real EstalP, 521-1150. NEW, two bedroom ujifurnlsliwl merit nil utilities paid, ?135 per Phillips Drive, 53-7108. GUARANTEED QLTJET. CWples and ma lure sin gtes only. TWO bed room ua fumjhscij. except stave an a refrigerator »». Call 5'Jl-lGlil after 5 p.m. TiVO bearoom, shaa carpet, «tove r^rigcralor lurniihed. Centra] heat _.. alr-rond[tinned, garbage disposal, wash- ei/dryer connections. 442-S57S. 36--Houses For Rent TWO brtlroom house in country fireplape, rcfngeralor, dishwasher, er and dryer. JI70 per mo.itli. P 521-7S33. LAFF-A-DAY 3«-Mob!l* Horrm For Sal* CTIANDLBR Tr»ti« oonnr. ini Local i4 mlloowlde. ICO appro***. Phot* 1-Q872, Jotaion, Ark. MOBILE HOMES Ht Comfort R4. -- 44243* Fayett«vlll« "When are you going to start earning beyond our means?" 36--Houses For Rent CARPETED, CH, CA, newer three bed- ro-xn, Iwrj bath brick, cmntfele kitchen, large lot. J13j, r.o pels. 443-3157. 37-Mobil» Homes Spaces For Rent FOR Isns 3 bedroom, US balh. large 'am ilyroom, large wooded lot, X175 per Ti'jnth with deposit. 1817 So. Cusler Lane. i21-7-140. TKPJSR bedroom, modern home, one b!r*-k jrom University, teachers or owp!*, M i a l e possession. Phone 413-1-59 or "51-7342. TWO bedroom partially furnished house, convenient to University and town. Mar_ _ _ -oupf» only, f 90. UTley Co. U2-S3U. KEWLY cedecoraled house. 1 beilcc/mi. 2 baths, large yard, Jl'iO month. $150 clean-up deposit. 1 year lease. Call 442.. 8-5 p.m. weekdays. 2 BEDROOM unfurnished modern house In Baldwin area .S110 per month. Write Fx« M-# c-o TIMES. FOUR bedroom, 114 baths, for lease, $150 per month, JlOO deposit. Cal] 5215148. Responsible party only. No peti. TWO bednwn mobile home. All bill? pa id- DepfMit requi red. Air condition ed, No pels. 442-SS7J. NICK, unfurnished 3 bedroom house with ily room and 1 hath. North ol Uni- rtty. married couple only. No pets. S13.V Ulicy and Co, -112-82-11, TWO, three .and Tour bedroom houses for rent, furnished, completely carpeted, nicely decorated, designed tor students and (acuity members. 443-341- FTIR SISHE D, iwo br A rooms, at r-con- ditioned, carpel.?, paneling, new appli- inCL's, [ucnishcd, pa rage, washer-dryef lultets. no pels. deiosit, married couple. fl2. 442-1533, 442-E753. 37--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent VALLEY VIEW Mobile Home Park Near UoTA. -LJirge lots, patios, heated swimming pool. Just 12 blocks nortli of Student Union. 1810 N Leverelt St. ' 'A Good Home for Married Students," Phone 442-4367 THREE h [d room, furnished, a ircc lioned on cherry Street, just oH Highway 71 South, convenient to factories 535 month. Phcvne J42-5143. TWO bedroom furnished Spanish style with red carpet. Bills paiij except electricity. No pots or children. 442-5253. 10X55 TIVO bedroom all utililiea furnished, 555 monthly, near Rice Bowl Restaurant off Hwy. 112 North. Phone -M3-2222 2 BEDROOSI fumfshprj, wntra! a i r ; washer anit dr'cr: pxo!. Adults. J1IO Phone 521-(35C0 or 53-5162. 3 BEDROOM wntral heat find air, par- lially furnished, ly. battis, Itiona days: 44S-Z103. cxt. 515, Kighlj;: 521-3507. , furnished. paid, no pels, bolh 10 and 12 wide, aii condition ed. Phone 2OT-35I9 Farniing- GOOD COUNTRY IMng spaces at Green Acres, IS West. Phone 443-^28. Villa MOBILE HOME PARK Central location · Oversized lots * Paved sheets · Swimming Poo! · Playground Recreation b:dg · Storage bldg · Unrler ground utilJUes · OH Street Parking. hwy. 71 N, 443-221 Entrance Across from Holiday Inn IWO bedroom, furnished, air-oonditiotiea Kiennndckah Villa, $110, gas paid. Phone SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 m l l M U ol A. -- 1 mile NW Ark Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2452. rURNTSHBD mobile homer. Also spaces for rent Wayne Hinkle Mobile Horni Park. Hwy. 16 East, Phone 443-265$. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK W * ur-com. moui:« Kama to Oood Urla; at Good Prices W«*1 End St -- Ii4 mL N.w. at UatA. Cal] m at tffl-5610. 38--Mobile Homes For Sale M.SOO 1972 XEOBELB Home. 12:6Q. 2 be room, carpel, washer, dryer, air cc rationed, Iwilt-in cabinets, itove. refrige] tor. 521-K4B. l MOBIU-: home, lullv carpeted wit es. wasjier and dryer, re/rigcrator compact Jreezer, central air and Call 521-1631 alter 3:30. 1971 12\*0 ifOBn^E home, Iwo bedroom sher and air conditioner. Phone 521 1936. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974 14x70 TOTAL ELECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 2556 M». .Comfort Rd. 1972 COUNTRY SQUIRE 14x60, Z bedroom, shag carpet, eye level oven. Free delivery and SP- up. Price *5,650. WESTERN HILLS MOBILE HOMES Junction Hwy 62 West and 71 By pass. GABBARD Paint now offering Tops h . duty aluminlzed roof roaling (repair; decorates, insulates, preserves, weathei proofs) 1140 N. Leveretl. 9" 'TOHTW M9 12x* moblte twme, *!t-cotdil!one4, icd, l*o bedrooms, two bsths, (ur- d, C'Xxl condition, »vaJlib summer. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CIX5SE IN. NEW REA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. LL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE O SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS RE AVAILABLE BY OWNER. 2-1511. SALES and PARK 39--Office Space, Buildings For Rent 1000 SQUARE feet rffic* spec* air-conditioned, parking, utilities furnished. 235 N. School. Preston Woodruff, 325 W. Dick- GARAGE for rent, Conoco. Hwr 71 West Fork. 839-9528. JKfrlCB and warehouse spaWj with c*n- Iral air and heat, on Sunset Street, !n * SEVEN room, 1.000 square lect, carr -nd panelinc. ?250. Phone Carl at 443-S3 4O--For Rent Or Lease 1 BEDROOM modern house on 18 acres 8-9 miles west of city. Write Box M-fii? TUIKS APPP.OXDL\TE1T 2000 so. ft., excellent for small business or storage. Just outside city limits. Baldwin area. Write Box M-ffi c-o TZ.MKS, 41--For Rent--Miscellaneous SECURITY SE1F-S7ORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. MIGHT LIGHTING BUSINESS OR FIOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TERM RENTAL E. 19th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phone 751-7068 BEDROOM CONTEMPORARY hoice area near U. of A, with tmost 5,HK feet of centrally heai- tl and cooled living space 4 full alhs, large informal living room w i t h vaulted ceiling and fireplace, convenient kitcen with d i n e t t e , arge rec room in lower. waJk-ou1 asemenl. on about one acre ol i t i f u l l y landscaped land w i t h a t view. Shown by appotnlmen! nly. You need to see this one in- ide to appreciate all the space and ice features. MICE AND QUIET So close neighbors lo annoy you ui this nearly 4 acre tr.ict. Large ambling ranch new home with pacious rooms and closets. 3 f u l aths. king-size family room, and ·o many other Tovcable, liveable eatures. Fayetteville school, phom water and nat. gas. Another "must see" to appreciate home. REDUCED $1,050 So this 3 bdrm and den, 2 fill ath frame and brink near Butter- ield School is an even heltpi uy. Carpeted, rlrapes, self-clean ven DW and disposer, 2 onr ES age. too. NOW ONLY 523,750. BRICK DUPLEX : tKlrms. living, k i t c h e n anrl b a t h iach side. Cen. heat 220 wiring ilways rented. $23.500. COMPLETELY REDECORATED And siick as a b u t t o n . New p a t n t , nostly new floors, new paper in !£ baths, 3 nice bedrooms large titchen-den wilh utility room ad- oining. A good buy at $23,800. 43-Real Estate-Wanted WANTED (o rent nr lease: pasture land 1,000 acres or more, any anrt all acreages cotiside red Phone affer p.m.. 521-5450. 45-- Lots For Sale TKLN'KIKG ol retiring on the lake? Ee ou r lake sites before you buy. Nort' Hickory Hills Luke Addition, North c Hickory creek Boat Uock on HKJ-. 2«1 Phone 1-736-2205, 46--Farms Acreages THREE acres of! Hwy 45 F-asl, fenced cleared, mclal barn, well. Roo! Sdioo a. Will rarry contrart, 5*J1-33T5. 80 Acres, pond, fenced, pasture, p vvoorted, tar^e b3rn and ' small ings. Good w-atcr. Under 20,000. S43-2285 TEN' acres, cily water, natural gas, al cleared, in the city, large bam o black10[». Phono S2-1-5368. 60 ACHES of timber land, spring It- poni, hunter's paradise, MOO per acre nrar Cinchltl, Art. Phone Sll-5637. ISO ACRE DAIRY FARM with grade A equipment, 600 ga! hulk lank, and automatic feet e q u i p m e n t with 10 ton b u l k fee bin. covered holding pen, all years old. Should handle 00 : PCI .nrile cows. Has grain bin, and grainer building with 10 stalls for tob calves attached. 2 hay barns wit loafing shetis. 30 acres wheat i bottom. 9 an res alfalfa, 5 a c r e woods, rest in fescue. Good 2 boc room home with large livingroom carpeted, utility room with houXu for washer and dryer; 2 car garagt Located on state blacktop highwa and on Mid-America milk rout Should finance about 75%. S. L. McDOUGLE PURDY, MO. 65734 r.ONG TERM UJA»S en iaree and : farms--Federal Land Bank Anoc. Phum H2 b~273 for more Information. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorback Annex -- 575-3951 SPECIALS AT WHITFIELD'S 1974 CMC T / 2 TON PICKUP 250 C.I.D. 6-Cylinder engine, 3-speed standard trans- mission, heavy duty radiator, full foom seat, heavy duty rear bumper and long wide pickup box. WHITFIELD can deliver this truck today for only $2850 1974 OLDSMOBILE OMEGA 2-Door Coupe Tinted glass, body side moldings, 3' tpeed ftoor shift, heavy duty radiator, front floor mats, two-tone point, whitewall tires, AM Radio and economical 250 C.I.D. 6-cylinder en- p/ne. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $3015 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. 14-16 N. EAST 521-7280 47-R«il E$tot«-ror $al»- 7--KM I E*tat«-- For Sale-- L A K E SITE Hcr« Is the ideal location for your summer home or all year round arge corner lot with abundance o! trees, cily waler. see this for sure. Evenings call 4I2-6WO. FRONTIER 521-6700 REAL ESTATE Bill" Lazenby . . . . 521-5833 Les Davis ....... 521-4448 Doug Hartley ____ 442-6446 Art Clark ....... 751-9774 EVERYBODY reads the TIMES WAN1 ADS, You ar«L UNDER CONSTRDUCTION Contemporary design with Tots of glass. 3 BR, 2 Bath, fireplace and office. Buy it now and pick your own colors. Call Phyllis Freeman 521-6300 or 5SI-10SS. FREEMAN 1617 N. College 521-6300 i REALTOR 985 N. College Julie Eaves 'an Henson Wilma Cooliek ls Stan ton 521-8500 442-72S2 531-6S03 521-7087 442-8714 GREAT COMMERCIAL LOCATION 5 acres between Fayetleville and Springdalc, close to hwy 11, all util available. An excellent Location for wa rehouses. J ames i"ree m an 52 E- 6300 or 521-7058, FREEMAN REAL ESTATE REALTOR 1617 N. College 521-6300 STOP LOOKING! This la itl Owner moving. Handsome Hacienda. Three Spacious jedrooms. A t t r a c t i v e KLlchen with nar. patio and Bar-Be-Que on level ot North of. U. of A. Great term*. Call evenings 521-5833. FRONTIER REAL ^^^1015 N. ESTATE lompany REALTOR BUI Lazenby 521-5833 Les Davis 521-4448 Doug Hartley . . . . 442-6446 Arthur Clark 751-9724 V three bedroom house. Just completed. 1H baths, carport, i-ove red pa tin, f u l l y carpeted. J1S.OOO, f i n a n c i n g available, 1-argo lot located close in on Hvvv IS West. Phone aT7-32Zi. owner. Ijirsre lot. good localic Mission Ktrpol. Six- room olilpr 110113 S1S.OOO. Call a M c r 5 p.m., 412-S1CV1. HOME AND ACREAGE S Br. homo and 1=', acrea for gar- d e n i n g or a horse. The house' n e e d s some work, but it has potential n t o n l y 512,500. J«Tines Freeman 521 - G300 or 521-70S8, FREEMAN REAL ESTATE 1617 N. College 521-6300 VA NO MONEY DOWN We have several homes from $14,. 5CO to !2.1,5DO- that can he financed JQOTr VA. It you qualify for Vetera n ',5 fin an i- ing le t us show you the low cost way tn own a home, Jo Doclsoo 521-8300 or ISI-'nS?. FREEMAN REAL I LJ 161 7 N. ESTATE I 1^ ""·«· REALTOR 5. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. · Se« HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 Mean Mary Jean, Superstar of Our Economy Team, says here's soroe«. Fuel for Thought iiiiiimimBiiiturii" Ma- ^fc^^ VW SUPER BUG *2849* PLYMOUTH [MISTER ·2676* Priced less than Volkswagen's most popular model. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for Duster is $173 less than the Volkswagen Super Beetle. That'soo» way Duster gives you economy ... here's another. More miles per gallon than Nova, Maverick and Mustang II. In recant U.S. Auto Club tests, Duster's Slant 6 got better gas mileage on the open road than the Nova and Maverick 6. And, in city driving, even got slightly better mileage than the 4-cylinder Mustang II. The mileage tests were sanctioned and the results were certified by the U. S. Auto Club. The test Duster was equipped with standard transmission, standard 2.76 fuel-saving axle and open-road testing was done at a constant speed of 55 miles per hour. All of which proves that our Duster is an economy car superstar. Come on in and see in now. See your, Chryater-Ptymomh , Economy Ibn. MMlni ratKl pncin, nclutHng do«a«tian ciwig^ n, »M» md local taxw. WhiMwtfl* ($27.45) ST ·«) .. .1 r^--· nirni Kliclh* i 1 T IVEY MOTOR CO. 620 N. College --442-8691

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