Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1974
Page 12
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IF 1WRE ACCEPTED, iVe ALREADY FILLED c'Jr I HATE TO £L£EP IN TENT'S WHAT5\pTA«APfUCA , CAN! $TAf HOME All Sr.V/E 50 I TOLP THEM I WAS AUEKS1C TO CMVAS! ANP NOT 63 TO CAMP/ / YOU OUGHT TO BE flsfeil AHD ~Vl»* AFRAID SHtr "fplP YOU REAU.Y WHO... BUT 1'WASN'T HE RETURNED TO HIS UHGUAGE WHERE'S \ FOUND AN OIL- THINK ~fO LET T SO SURE ABOUT YOU 6J« i ·t iv n»j vni-*v»uct\ac i --.·.-^·'·'·Qi;:;v " N ^ ' WHtKPS \ STUDIES IN IZMIR, l.w|B.*S HIS. ..E^, I RICH SHEIK MORE PEPPER BRIHu PEFPER k CHRISTY. UH... I ALLURING, WY HOME A BELLY 3EII.Y PNssssWS LOVE , K tAHCER, AMGEl * DANCER? Hcnwtt*' x « rmtiouMs .'/M- TH 1 UflRMINT TRIED TO PUTTH' BITE ON MEFERTWO DOLL6R5- SOX SICKED OL' BULLET TO PUT TH 1 BITE ON HIM I JEST 9EEW LUKEy RDM OFF SCREECHIN) PflW--WHflT WUZ flILIN'HIM? / 1'LU FIND (_ ANOTHER /"AMJTT, AWO i PULL THE SAME (RACKET .'! HE THOUSHT He U CHgATEP YOU. BUr ) '.!-HSS ) NOr THE / VENTRILOQUIST--) I AM!! WAMTA SS.L. HIM? \5 MOVIM', 0UTAH CAIMT HEAR A WORO H£ SAYS- I'M A VEMTRILOQUIST.'.I UTS HAV A LOOK AT YOUR SWIMS ra TO SLOW DOWN ON /ft I'M (30NNA DOZE OFF, I R!Sr!T YCIJ SHOULD PUT SOM£Tr)!NG '= EACH BLONOiS, YOU'LL HAVE TO BE S CAREFUL WITH YOUR f BUDGET BUT I ALWAYS HAVE TO SPENO IT BEFORE THE FUTURE GETS --I HER- BWGUI. TORIAL AFRICA, 052IDtR ff fASHION- ABLE 70 CARRY A roLDED UMBRELLA- BALANCED. ON THEIR HEAD IM THE CHURCH OF SANTA SABIHft IN BOW, ITALY CONSIST OP 12,000 PIECES COMCCWABJE SHAPE 12 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Deaf Are Warned To Check Hearing Aids ··t'^^r'VX' nniiiiiniiinniiinivniiiinninuiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiuiHiiiiiiiinnniniifi^ I resisted buying a hearing aid for many years. I finally was pressured into gelling one. It cost a fortune (which I do not have). Now I find that the machine doesn't work. I can't get my money back. Now I am Dear Mr. R.: There are many aspects your letter which make OF , GROWS A NEK/ ELOM4TED FLOWER, YEARS FRANCES DRAKE Your Horoscope ARIES (Mar. 1 to Apr. 20) Be careful to avoid errors which could he prevented with greater forethought and better planning. There's a tendency toward impulsive action now. TAURUS (Apr. 1 to May i) Special care needed in partnerships; in imparting knowledge or giving advice by teachers, supervisors, others in a position of influence. GEMINI (May 22 to June 1) Your ingenuity and 'spirit of enterprise stimulated. Follow your best judgment to chalk up a noteworthy record. Especially favored: travel, written matters, aviation interests. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Avoid needless anxiety a n d tension. You can deal effectively with problems by bein» your innately enthusiastic and sound-thinking self. LEO (July 2-! to Aug. 23) Make allowances for the errors of others to insure better cooperation from co-workers, friends, famiy. Don't let 'impatience get the better of you. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You have more working for you than you realize. Associates a good word i ,, - ,.,,j should soon profit from efforts you have long since forgotten. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) 'An excellent day for furthering business and financial interests, strengthening personal ties and making new contacts. You should do well now. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) What looks so desirable at first may not prove so after attainment, so be sure of your goals. The things which seem to work out so well for others SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. Good opportunities indicated but you, of course, must be alert to them. Use trump cards strategically; aim to score as often as possible. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. A day in which to give extra care to finances. In all spending, keep one eye on reserves. Don't deplete them. AQUAKIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You will face improving conditions in some spots, aggravating complexities elsewhere. Knowing what to do and say at the appropriale momenl wilt be your key silualions. . are putting in quietly, and you may rat he right for you, to handling all PICES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) An auspicious day! Go after whalever is worthwhile -- with all the vigor you can. By-pass trifles which interfere with essentials. YOU BORN TODAY are a self-reliant, kind and gentle individual, but may be a bit too sensitive at times. You are an idealist at heart and actually suffer when others do not live up lo your lofty principles and standards. Try lo be more phi losophical about this, and learn to accept others for nvhat Ihey are. You have great respect for Iradition, a love of old ties and often dwell in old memories, which not only makes you too introspective, but inclines y o u :o undervalue current situations. Try to be more outgoin in your approaches to life an your fellowman. Fields in which you could excel: science (especially medicine), painting, writing, the law, statesmanship -' - - NorthwMt Arkanw. TIMES, Tue*., JUIM 25, 1974 , AIMCAHM* deaf people remain isolated because the unconscionable cost deaf and broke. Mr. A.V.R., Wise. of review of the hearing situation of hard-of-hearing imperative. Thousands persons deny ductive and because thcs 1 themselves pro- enriched lives ...__, are unwilling to admit that their hearing is inadequate. Many falsely believe that wearing a hearing aid w i l l make them less acceptable members of social or business groups. This is exactly contrary to fact. The deafened impose a constant strain on those who surround them. Having to talk louder, or even shout, becomes such a burden thai friends, family and business associates tend to withdraw from communication with the deaf person. HEARING All) A serviceable hearing brings relief to the deaf to those who surround him. The problem of the cost of a hearing aid deserves scrutiny They ' · ablv arc undoubtedly unrcasoh- expcnsive. Thousands of of these instruments them of their right deprives to hear again. For some unexplained reason, the normal competilion that exists in all industries has reduced the cost of hearing aids lo a reasonable price level. High-pressure salesmen, with little or no scientific knowledge of the problems of the d e a f. have entered the lucrative field of selling hearing aids. They do a great injustice to the many well-trained, reliable distributors and salesmen w h o have compassion and understanding of the physical and psychologL- "i! needs of their deaf clients. You. obviously, fell into the Irap of someone who wanted only lo sell an instrument and later forget his responsibility to you. TRY 'N USE Before buying an expensive hearing aid, it should be tried and used with proper direction, lo be certain that it restores serviceable hearing. A thorough hearing study by an otologist (ear specialist) can determine if a hearing aid is advisable. The doctor, by past experience, always has association with the many reliable members of Ihe industry. His guidance can spare his patients the distressing situation in which you have found yourself. ninnnnniiiiininmiiin B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) W * *TM'"«"iTM^ South dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH 48 3 V J 7 G « Q 10 9 3 + A 7 4 2 WEST *K J 9 7 4 V K 53 » 6 2 *1083 EAST ¥ 10 9 8 4 2 » A 7 4 + J 9 5 SOUTH *A 10 6 2 *K J 8 5 + K Q 6 The bidding: g d ' ing, thi and the stage. Birthdale of: Wm. (Lord Kelvin) Thomson, t. scientist; Peter Lorre, actor; Pearl S. Buck, fameri writer and expert on Old China 1 » 3 NT West Pass North 2 » East Pass Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Red and While 5 Turkish officer S Certain 12 Zealous advocate 14 Serving ·vessel 15 Excellent workmanship 16 Mature 37 Meadow 18 Wrenches 20 Sea lettuce 23 Home of the Mets 24 Love god 25 Shone 28 Girl of song 29 Warning signal 30 The law thing 32 Intractable 34 Use the phone 35 Sagacious 36 Shabby 37 Most desiccated M Male swan 41 Book of hours ·12 Appraise carefully 47 Bradley 48 Darkroom item ,, A UMt tui 49 Skin tumors 9 Popular 2 Sense organ 3 Skill 4 Sets of fence steps 5 Fictional dog 6 Fish 19 Twenty quires 20 French article 21 Sandarac tree 22 Rodent 23 Drudge 50 Bishopric 51 Head the cast DOWN 1 Resort 7 To any point 25 Shines 8 Pour forth 26 Border lake author 10 Engrossed 11 Ogles 13 European river Avg. solution time: 23 min. 27 Defunct 29 Aconite 31 Cunning 33 Vows solemnly 34 Social occasions 35 Stage direction (fern.) 37 Arab vessel 38 City in New York 39 Persia 40 Enclosure 43 Letter 44 River island 45 Govt board -- -Wl* VJUYt. I Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 46 Before leads a spade. Yon duck twice, in approved fashion, and win the third round with the ace. You play a diamond and are gratified -to find that East has the ace rather than West. However, East unkindly returns a heart, presenting you with a problem. You now have to decide whether to try for a ninth trick by laking the heart finesse or by going up with the ace in the hope of finding the eluta divided 3-3. If you are familiar w-ith probabilities, you rcali/.e that there is a 50 per cent chance of winning the finesse but only a 36 per cent chance of finding a 3-3 club division. You therefore finesse, and can't be faulted for doing so. It is true tlvit you wind up going down two, but your conscience is clear. That is. u n t i l you suddenly realize that Omar was right! if llicy'cl only let you go back In the third trick, after you look Ihe ace of spades, you' dplay the K-Q-x of c l u b s before loading a diamond, and in that way discover the actual club situation. You would make the contract method of play whenever f h e contract could he Opening lead - seven of ~pades. When Omar Khayyam penned the immortal quatrain "The moving finger writes and .- .,,.,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, ,,, having writ moves on," what made. If it turned out that the undoubtedly had in mind'clubs were not divided 3-3 you was thai declarer frequentlyiw'oulcl still have the heart ·caches a point in the play r: . - . - . . . . when he wishes he had done iomcthing different earlier. Take this case where West finesse lo fall back on. By tackling the clubs first you would give yourself two chances to make the hand instead of one. PONYTAIL ''I just don't understand it. They spend six hours' getting it running, but can't afford to drive it ov«-ton Inl Delivered to your door seven days'a week for less than 11* a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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