Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1974
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

Arfcan*0« TIMES, Men., Jon. 24, 1974 rAvrrrtvikLt, AHKANSA* Sal* -- Mrtc»Mor»oui 14--AportmtnH For R*nt HOW you OTI j l f i m clean e»rpel* the proff»loiv«l w»y at a fraction ot the otwl with Rin$*-N-Vac. Rfrrt it Po'k'i Fuml- (·IT. Tirk»en Street. JTVE family movlr*-mnoi*;iri* wile. C110 ««cS, two door apartment refrifwr- ·lor. vuetn h1d*-*-bei. pftlr of lounge flhalrs, wfttTwr-dryer **· rtwsl. d r e j s r r , BBfrror, hrLr. bed let. wood heater, ira* iMter. both fully )iuto*n*t!c. HO UP, cfcett. drewtri. chain, metal rabineit. «wr«r deifc. record tlantf. elertrlc pui- ttr. lot* o* odd Urn., 1000 Harlequin paper b*ck«. SSc each. 1962 Volkswagen «mp*r, R5*. doesn't run, Sean garden tr»ctOT 5 atlacfvnentsl tftK, M«w*y Harria pony '3 ilfctcnmervt*) 1900. FTwni · to «. 4424135 brtaw Friday. KKVl Ri«ae-!f-Vac lieam deani, r1n*w and T*mom« out dirt leavine oarpeU pecrfesBJonally r4ean* Rent at All Renti A «a!e«. 3440 N. College. TCLEVTMOX antenna. PtMft* 443-4541 or OWE adult saddle a In iood contJltior. t chltd sa 442-2R3R. OTtAW For »V. For mor* Information Mil O3-44H: If wa answer call South 71 Fit*. !d-*M«. ARGENTIKE Jump *afcOe. Jurt broken hi. Dark brown with toe* pads, leath* firth ind nan hi mart in file. FeawMbU Wont To Buy Standing May, from 1000 W 40,000 b-l«. Also, do custnn hay Mlfnf, hav« ne 1 equipment. Phone 442-7875 USED Monarch model 80 marlclnif m» chine. Prints I p«rt or 2 part ticket: Trinli pini at jame time. Call W3- UjT lawnmowe ra. Used mowe: and jotd Phone 531-4639. tfte BEDROOM SETS (4) f-i) Some still In factory" packlna tons. Tiicie lets Lncludp bed with head l»5riJ matching dresser, plate L mirror »nd etiesl. To be sold lor H19.95 C»sh or E7, lerms available. UNITED FREIGHT SALES. Hny. 62 W«t, Fayetie ville. O?*n 9 to 9 Monday thrwgh Fri till ft on fiatnrdaj 1 . MBTA.L Delecton -- O*rr»lt tat Pr feulonml't Cbcric*. Qold and ilrm eotn bought and cold, call Ab* Usc^e. Aft- TRUCKLOAD SOFAS with ma thing chain. Too many, must let so at $93. S119, and H39 per set Finest oonartrutrtJot; *nd fabrics. Gas or term* available UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Hwy 62 W«t. Fayettevlll*. Open 9 to 9 Mon. through FrI. till S, E*turda ',MU\ni,K July I, Ose hedn lent, TS5 mo:ith Including z« r. Has the charm of oM l-' For showinc c«!l I'a'.t Carmlii xac+i Jtcal KsLate. 5'.1-1IW. 111RKK room basemnl apartmenl, fum- .hH. u t l l U l e i paid, prefer w o r k i n g eou- lr. *1W a month phone USESfKNT eri:cl*nc' apartment, rooms. 2 b'ock* trom campus lor v*r qulel atuder.L WO, bilk paid. Phon* J3S8. TWO" bedroom apirtment, all rtrpeted. extra" n!c« fLtrntifcInfi and 4ttpes, ren Iral air. no peU, (130 plot «1*iHrtcitj'. Phtxi* 52l-26«l. GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. GirUix! -- r«y«tl«vlll» M2-XW1 -- yiir. Kcn Ci»!r. No. « SUMMEJt RATES AVAILABIX BEHIND-THE-WALl ARTS. 555 West Maple One and two bedroom iow available, furnish- d. Call 521-4507 or ee at Apt. O. FTJRNISRBD one bedroom ipartmenl, ail conlition«d, carpet, private ptrklng, single. VS., M peU. 442453$, 442-VT53. NEW, very nlcf. two bedroom, tarn Ighrd, dote to campus. Diihwisfwr, tl-W plu* atlliUfi. Phone 4434757. LARGE on* and two bedroom, w* wall carpet, central a i r , fumlihe^I off street parking, rood neighborhood 44M546 after 4:00. FTJRNISKED aparbnerrt ajid two b*droom-»omMlr in rtry quiel Bnrlnxment, dot* to com pus. 531-2236. Fayett*ville'* Newest Apartment Garland Garden Apts, 2000 N. Garland Fayettevllle PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS UNFURNISHED · pertinent, two roonv*, (50-$% per month plu* $25 cleanup deport. Relerenc* rwiuired. Soul A Meek fUs.. Apt. 12. 442-7790. FURNISHED v*r' nice anS convenient Nettfeshlp ApU., 1540 NettlesUp. Phorn 53-33T2 aner S ctl] 442-901$. JAMESroW.V. 53S Socth Duncan, fill l*hed one bedroom ipartment. air-con ditioned, n«K carpet, dishwasher and · paneled, $115 per month, you pay wale and electricity. Call Don DIngledJne 521 31«3 or 442-8153 after 7 p.m. COLONIAL ARMS 1Z11 N. Leverett -- rayettevlll 442-SW1 -- Mgr. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER HATES AVAILABLE 197-i SEWING MACHINES (fi) Complete with StrrtctntlUfe, builtln button-holer, monosramtner. tig-u a r a host f* decorative cliches. National advertised at (458 -- Our price on I. H99.95t AH iteel con»tn»ctlon with full » year parts and labor guarantee. Cash ar terms available, UNITED FREIGHT RAU^ Hwv 63 West, F*yettevi!le, open 9 to 9. Monday through Friday, t)D 6 Salurda- NOW LEASING PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 *--· ^^a^a^a^a^alaV^^^^^^|^H|HM^/-L_| Friendly Family Aimosphere. 1. 2 3 Bedrooms. Furnished or Un furnished. Starting at $101. Centra heat air, All ut SI It lea paid ex cept electric, Complete laundry fa Elities, Daycare center on premise* Country Club Road O f f i c e Open 9-S 521-7201 TOWER APARTMENTS. One and tw ber5roo»a. furnished, clewe lo Unix-erailj available for summer and fall. CaU 521 2616 or 442-1022. THREE bedroom, nmnrnisfteil apcrtm ay S2 West. Phone 443-9616 or 27--Muweal Merchandise OOMPUTTE 200 wall Tiesco fiullar a ILfier and srwaVer iysf«m. Good looking ·nd ptmerML (300. -M2-37Z1 after 5:30 pjn. GARRARD'S FAMOUS professional turnUb'e Li the heart of the AX 7000/Garrard stereo ivstem. 30 wall amplifier and p reciiion ASI/Ft sle cec tuner, wi Lh FET circuitry, 10" woof el and md range horn d i f f u s e r , One yeai fia nntee parts and labor. Li ts al 153. btrt we'll s*H 5 »t 5239.35, ca.Ci ftr termr. UNITED FREIGHT SAI Hw- E2 West. Favettevllle. Open 9 to 9 Monday throafh Friday. Till 6 on orda j-. AIR SUSPENSION SPEAKERS Eavi W^ Full *p*cs [nculd« wide lona' ranfre. minimum distortion, electronic crossover, full jruarantee. Beautiful walnut rtylinz with molded srills. Pair o: ·pnfcers (ust J33.95 nl UNITED FREIGHT SALES. HWJ-. 62 We si, Fayetleville. Of^ei S to 9 Monday thronch Frlday, til 1 i «n Saturday. ,, 28--Antiques--For Sale · LIZ'S ANTIQUES · HH-J- 112 North . 443-4S72 Or««teous*-Baktr Springs. Faye-tteville Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitive* -Chint -- Braw -- Collector's Itemi Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone 846-288: 3O-Want«d To Buy WANTED: Hay craveyor. Oall 753-73S3 tvrnlnys 821-3317. C S C O I N S H O P PAWN Paying yaK Over Fact for Silver Buy Sell All US. Coins ia» S. Thompson m-371t m«KE£T PKICES FOR GOOD USED FURXITURE 1 APPLUKCI3 L\*G A.VnQUEa 442-Z3B1 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING HIGHEST PRICES (Subject io daily change, call foi quote), A!»o need small coin a n c *t»mp collections top dollar FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2WI N. College, 3 toe 'SB-It modej Cbcry OHC, of latrmatxna L »rtr»T fe*C Mut be ffxA tnck. 751-63B «-for Sofa Or lUnt JWi REIXCKEBT IteTD, 3 beirw t»*i mobi't home. Phor.e 4-XL6. JENNY LYNN 11 S. Duncan -- Fayetlevlll* 121-7240 -- M«T. Apt No. IS SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE REAIJ.Y MCE, en m 2 brfroom rnenl on Kaywotxl Lvie. Flrao* SUMMER SCHOOL At summer rates -- 8 unit* -bedroom townhoiue, Ha bath*. A conditioned. furnUJied or unturn j s h e d . Dishwasher, disposal. Croc free refrigerators. Shade trees, Ba conies. Electric ran^e. Quality AH qutet. R e a d y now. Call 521-86*0 after hours 442-8071. 80S TOWNHOUSE 503 Lawson St. APARTilEXTS -- DUPLEXES -- M BD-iK HOMES. Furnished ard nnfum tailed. Depoi it re|u I red. Hanna M*rin- 600 «'. 6th. Phor.e 52J-6SS5, NEAR. UNT\'ERSm, one bedroom, c* p«ted air conditioned, *IOO month, tltllit:ts paid. M3-8W2 or 521-7634. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. G i r l a n d -- Pa}'cttrrille U2-«3»] _ Mir. Apt. No M SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bedroom*, centra: h«tt a air-conditioning, disposal, ( street parking no pets. Available immediately for sum mer and fall. 3105, plus KO deposit. With fireplace, S135 aumtner, fall. Call 53-6^43 or S21-153I MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now I easing one, two ,, three four bedrooms -- Furnished or unfurnished. 3001 Wedlncton Phone 521-7206 -- Office In Apt. G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished For Married Couple Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenben o32 Putman - 442-663. Fir?. xrsHED or anTBrmrted, 1 bedroom U WhjAam. 3 Vocks to 44243C3. for R cnt oce bedroom |MM. M6 nwrrth. Located br'.w »p«rtnwnl or.e Wocfc north beftoon, U Mils p«-l nr- , M per imn*h, Pfvw.e or S2I-4979, fw ren*. on« block from finished, ·tilei p*:d, ·::· Slli 9*f mouth. Phone 521- aparonwt, b:-li . SL7 "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 1*7 «· Two Bedroom , is i Three Bedroom 143.0 All uttlitie* paid, centra] ti«at an a-c., unfurniihed, funilies. Zi hr Mcuritj rutrd and p«t Control. V'ASHINGTON PLAZA APAJITMENTS IMS N, Lewfa ~K\Office Hour* *:»-«:00 Closed Saturdays lr HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One Hock tooth of tb* Seine* Enrinccrinf BnUdtn«. OM and tw bedroom. funklMd apvtmen available now. Abo tearing fo ·ummer and fan. Somocr ntai IZ1-JOL Apailmenti Hr Itnt 34--AporlmenH For Rent 136 HOUMI For Rent SKULL CREEK ARTS. N. !. and l bedroom rumistod nfurnUwd. All utilltle* paid, two wimmEni pools, tennlt court*. undry. gmarj. CM f*cllltt«», air ondltiontd. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check Throe Feature*: · Central Atr · ShaR Carp«U · Queen size red« * Frost-free re rlR. · Dishwasher Se DUposal · Pool · Fre« TV Hookup. Lew ummer rates. JH7.50 -- Op« BedroDm J127.59 -- Two Bedroom AU bllla paid except electric 443-S218 TIRN1SHKO ap*rtmenl SI70 per month Unfurnished it»rtmeiit |100 per month. All b!l!» (Mid «xc*p* witter. 641 Whltham. 15--OuploxM For Ront CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 17»4 N. Lcverctt -- Faycttevllle S21-3JU -- M«r. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAHJtBL£ NOW AVAILABLE 1 3 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly atmosphere 3 large poobj ·creation room. Sununer rate* #f 'itlve June 1st. CALL, 521-7200 9 TILL, I flRTMENTS SUMMER RATES FurnUhcd or Unfurnished NOW LEASING 'or Immediate ocrupoancy. Also fo lume Sept. Completely carpetec A U utilities paid except Electricity Arkla gu heating and air condl ionln^. _ 2 _ 3 Bedroom -- Townh3u*« Beautifully Decorated) Froet-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer « Ft, Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atirxwphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office U2-»K6 after 0:30 p.m. Apt. 100 HOW rentlnf Mr summer and fall---TM ind two nedraom apartnuieti. Kerr In estment COL, S2L-41M 442-S37. 5Z1-4346. LUXURY PLUS Ul convenience* ind Jhaff carpet n two bedroom unfurnished town- mu«. Great view. t230 p*r mo. Call Lee Bon At Gallery of Home* 521-T272 GET TAN Dn redwood lundcck at rear ol two bedroom duplex close to Uni- veralty. Paneled throughout, stove refrigerator furnished, jlffi per mo. Call L«« Bocs at Gallery of Horn 521-7272 tOSiron and unfurnlsfied 2 btdroom duplex apartwenl. Call 521-1W5. TWO bedroom duplex, furnished, sumn rales, 1100, a1ronrtilioned, no pels, K references. Ray Rastall, phore 359-2281 Mount* inburg. LARGE two bedroom furnished In coun try, centra! air and beat, married crm pie. no prtr, hlway 16 West. Phone 267 bedroom duplex for rent JM a month. AL[ utilities paid except electri city, $25 deposit. Phon* 4*3-1955. 2 BEDROOM furnished. 1123 South West Avenue. j. 50 deposit and one yea lease required. Must be quiet couple or mlddle-a?«d wJdow. 443-37W or 367 3KM TWO bedroom duplex, rear University unfurnished, 1100 per month plus uttlitie · nd deposit. Phone 44349H after 5 p.rn TWO bedroom duple*, H25 a month. Cal Mildred Graue, 442-4240 or Stasecoacb. Rea Kstate. 521*1180, TWO BEDROOM dutftx, uji/umlshed stove, dishwasher, disposal, washer/dry er connections, fireplace. Root Schoo area, fully stag carpeted throughout central air/heat. *190 per month. Phon 521-lfi25. NEW, two bedroom unfurnished apartment *U utilities paid, «35 per moath PhUI I ps Drive, 521-7108. BKDROOM unfurnished modern hoaH . U*:d*tn « r f a .Rlfl per mo^th. Write K MJJS co TIMBS, FOUR bedroom, 1K baths. faTleaw. ~ per month. UM deposit. c]: 521. KesiKmsible party only. No pets. 37-Mobtlo Honm t Spacot for R*nf T\VO bulroorn mobile home. All bllIs id. Uep^iLl reiti!red. Air conditioned pen. 4J3-S87I. NICK, ujilumlshed 3 bedroom house wll family room an4 1 bath. North of Unl- i-ersity, married cocp!e only. 'No pels, (135, Utisy and Co. 44Z-3241. , three ,8/1*1 [our bedroom houses (of nut, fjrnlsheJ, completely carpeted, nicely decorated, deilgned for rttidenl* and fMully members. 443-214]. FURNISHED, two bedroomj. air-con ditioned, carpels, paneling, new appll- lUe^j. no pets, deposit, married couple. 2V W2-1M8. 44?-753. 37-Mebit« NORMS * Space* For Ram 38~Mobil« Horn*, For Sale VALLEY VIEW Mobile Home Park Near UofA. t-*rge lota, patio*, heat ed swimming pool. Just J2 blocks north of Student Union. 1810 N Leverett Si. ' 'A Good Home for Married Students." Phone 442-436? THREE bedroom, furnished, air-condl tionrt on Cherry Street, Just off HiEhwa* Tl South, convenient to factories, $85 per month. Phone 44Z-5M3, 12X60 TWO bedroom, air conditioner! washer and dryer. No jx-ts. J120. n and jras paid. Phwje 4!2-flrJ83, TWO bedroom (urn I shed Spanish styli with red carpel. Bills pair] except e!ec tricitj'. No pets or children. 412-5251. 10X55 TWO bedroom all utilities furnish Pd, J35 monthly, near Rice Bowl Re r a n t oil Hwy. 112 NorUi. Phone 442-2222 1 BEDROOM furnished, centrwl wastier arwl dryer; pool. Adulls. Ptwne 32I-W60 or 521-5162. 12x*0 al Greenland Gas, water, lights furnished. Adults only, individual lot Phone 4«-M3D. 3 BEDROOM, central heat and air, par tfally furnished:, 1W baths, Phone day -llJ'ffiOl. exl. 515. Nights: 523-3907. TWO bedroom, furnished water arvd g paid, no peU, both 10 and 12 wide. . air-rofvditiontd. Phono 3CT-3519 F^rmii ton. GOOD COUNTRY living spaces at Greeo Acres, 16 West Phone 441-4«3«, GUARANTEED QUIET. Oouplea and ma- hire singles only. TWO bedroom un- furnihsed, except stove and refrigerator, J95. CaU 521-1631 after 5 p.m. TWO oedroora, shag carpet. atove ajd rerrtfrerator furnished. Central heat and alr-condltloaed, garbage disposaJ, wasb- er/drj'er connections. 4424978. 36--Houses For Rent NBWTjY redecorated house. 4 bedroom 3 baths, large yard. CSO mwith, JIM cleanup deposil. 1 year Je«s«. Cill 4429881, 8-5 p.m. weekdays. Villa MOBILB HOMK PARK Cenlral Locatloai * OversizH lots · Pave Streets · Swimming Pool * Playground Recreation b'da · Storage bldg * Untie Around uUUtie* · Ofl Street Parking. HWT- 71 N. US-221 Entrant* Acroa* from Holiday Inn ·TWO bedroom, furnished air-oonditionei. EJhenandoah Villa. (110. gas paiii. Phon 443-1757. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 milw U of A. - 1 mile NW Ark *}*za on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd, Phone U3-2452. NISHED mobll* horaei AJw spaces rent Wayne HinHe Jfob!te Home Part. Hwy, 16 East Fhoee UJ-2653. MOBILE HOMES SM ICt ComfoH M. - *C-«2M Fayetteville Nl BLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK . t Ooo4 llvbj al Good Price* nd St -- 1H ml. N.W. «tf UoU. CU a-5323 v SZ1-5BID ,971 IScSO MOBILE home, two bedroom Dasher and a i r conditioner. Phone 521 14*55 BOANZA mobile home, hro bed rooms, one acre land fenced, washer dryer, carpeted. a!r condition**], rtorajr , J13.000. 412-1W2. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974 14x70 TOTAL ELECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 2556 Mt. Comfort Rd. 1972 COUNTRY SQUIRE 14x60, 2 bedroom, shag carpet, «ve fevel oven. Free delivery and se up. Price *5,65Q. WESTERN HILLS MOBILE HOMES Junction Hwy 62 West arid Tl Bv pass. * RF^AIj nice 12x70 mobi [« home on 70-130 fi. lot with storm cellar. Earg storage building and carport for on W,5«X Phone 75«73. J2x51 MOBHJ3 home. High quality, (urn ished, Eireh rabinets, washer, drer, e cellent condition, one owner. H900. Ca 521-17-19 aftemfxins and evenings. 19T2 HxSS MOBILE home, three berfi w .. 15 baths, excellent condition fully sha carpctPri, fully and nicely furnished, Me Jterranean/and Spanish decor, small equi and assume Toan. -JJ2-2S56. OABBAKD Paint now offering Tops hea duly alumlnized rool coaling (repaii decorates, Insulales, preserves, wealhe proofs) mo N. Leverelt. 1969 12\65 mobile home, air-condition* carpeted, two bedrooms, two baths, fi nishcd, auod condition, available summe Phone 442-2370. EVERYBODY read* UM TIME? WAN 1 ADS. You ar* Sat* 43-««ol trtrin CWIWT, toe. 4 nitlonwlde. COO UJWt Jo SALES and PARK Open tfl Each Ev«nln* 39--Offic* Space, Buildings For Rent !W» SQUARE r«rt oftic* space, air- iUcmrt, parking, u t i l i t i e s furnished. ?3 N'. School. Prestor Woodruff. J25 Vf. Dick OFFICE and warehouse Sfwct, wit ra! air and heat, on Sun«t Str« "prlnfflafe. Phone 751-5465. EN roora, 1,000 square (ect carpp anJ panelinz, ?KO. Phore Carl at 443-636 1 40--For Rent Or Lease 2 BEDROOM modem house on 13 8-9 miles west of city. Write Box M-W r^ TTMKS APPROXI^rATEbY 3000 M. ft., excellen 'or small business or Morage. Just outs city limits. Baldwin area. Write Box M c-o TIMES. r Rent--MIsceHaneous SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LJGHTIN BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOL GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TER RENTAL E. I9th ST. FAYETTE. VILLE. Phone 751-7068 42-Wanted To Rent Or Lease YOirNG rouple wants lo rent two room house in country. · Phone 521-S52 ;u to rent w IM»t: P«*ttr* ton4, 00 acres or matt, fay tad aj| »5w rfifcs consLd«rv4. Pboe* aJttf I'M m., 521-5160. 5--Lots For Sal* ·H1NK1XO ot retlrtnn on the I»k«T Se« ir lake sites before rou buy, North ickory Hi Its Uthe Addition, North of 'dtory Ci-ffk Boat Dock oo Hwy. Mi. i "1.73S-2303. 6-Fmrm Acreooei KS acres, cily vmler, natural KB*, iD cared, in the city, tars* barn, on oO ACRES of Umber tand. spring fe4 pond, htirler's paradise, $MB per ic«, rar Canehill, Arit. Ptw« 8M-5837. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE IN, NEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL V7EW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER. 442-7511. LONG TERM IXJAW3 OB Urff* «M ·· amu-- Federal Land Bank Aawoc. Pttor* a73 tor more t 160 ACHE DAIRY FARM with grade A equipment, 600 jjal. bulk t a n k , and automatic feed equipment w i t h 10 ton bulk feed bin covered holding pen, all 3 years old. Should handle 60 m i l k cows. Has grain bin, ,-and grainery b u i l d i n g with 10 stalls for baby calves attached. 2 hay barns with loafing sheds. M acres wheat in bottom, 9 acres a l f a l f a . 5 acres woods, rest in fescue. Good 2 bedroom home with l a r g e livingroom carpeted, n l i l i i y room w i t h hookup for washer and dryer; 2 car garage. Located: on stale lilacktop highway and on Mid-America milk route. Should f i n a n c e about 75%. S. L. McDOUGLE PLTRDY, MO. 63734 ____ 47--Real Estate--For Sale- YOU'LL LOVE THE KITCHEN OF THIS 3 bedroom, I 1 /: baths, cedar ranch house with over 1,400 sq. ft. in Butterfielct School District. Low 20's. Phone 442* 5087. BV Owner, lhr«e bedroom. rir*piaee, carport anri jfarden, on 2 lots, city utlll- lir?, above west Fork, J18.000. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 LEWIS FORD'S PICKUP CONVOY SALE! THIS IS A REPEAT OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SALE IN LEWIS FORD'S HISTORY The transports are still unloading a special allocation of pickups at LEWIS FORD for this convoy sale! There are more than seventy new FORD pickups to choose from each with a special money-saving convoy sale price! Get your choice of power, color and options nnd get a first choice. Shop for a convoy sale price at LEWIS FORD Today. OVER 70 NEW FORD PICKUPS IN STOCK! Stock No. 7X449 F-100 EXPLORER B Viking red color, automatic transmission, power steering. List Price $3815.00. LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE ..... Stock No. 74441 F-100 RANGER XLT 360 V8 engine, power iteering, cruiieomotic trans- minion, whitewoll tires, green and lime 2-1one finifh. List Price $435870. LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE Stock No. 74407 F-100 EXPLORER C 302 V8 engine, air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission, side body moldings, radio, whitewell tires, rear step bumper, Parrot Orange color. Ust Price $4599.80. LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICf ..... SPECIAL ALLOCATION OF EXPLORERS OVER 40 IN STOCK! Stock Ho. 74419 F-250 3/ 4 TON CUSTOM PICKUP 360 V8, 4-speed transmission, power steering, side moldings, rear step bumper, 10-ply tires, radio pastel lime finish. List Price $4444.85. t"\-tnn LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRIC£ ..... $3780 Stock No. 74318 F-100 CUSTOM 6-Cylinder standard transmission, white finish List Price $3201.90. IEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE Stock No. 74283 F-250 Z A TON EXPLORER C Air conditioning, tinted olass, cruiseomatic transmis. sion, power steering and brakes, 10-ply tires. 360 VB engine, side moldings, rear step bumper, radio Grabber blue finish, list Price $4926.85. t-A4rn LEWIS FORD CONVOY SALE PRICE.. .. J4159 On the Spot Financing Thru FORD MOTOR CREDIT! FORD NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A PICKUP! SHOP FOR A CONVOY SALE PRICE TODAY! LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 We Need Your TRADE-IN TODAY!

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