Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1974
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Suiie 1 H · roeal nane a* mat A. Aite) ·II tkeee yean we jaa* HkM k. ·teeny VMM, cut ·» · , rtp puck, aXarop the a.seai Into · gtats e* rM urine. fruit. taxe eXuious eXeeioel IIHO win* MI* mm scan -a caramel of 1-3 «ne Maraaea urine, · cap of tkfjar MM tte knnee juk*. win j ·trip. of «rn(* peel lj«t Ike irataen pert). WhM COM, pour ·ver sliced, peeled a sauce for a fruit ularf a sin-ounce can of thawed eranee-Jalce concentrate mixed with a bottle of keer. §e many wonderful thlmrs ea sfe with common ineMdlents and some of the kest are on the at SUZIC WONG'S Kiel Rice BOWL M2-2ZB Highway 112 North Closed Sunday Monday 5 to 9:30 p.m. HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Teen Wants Right To Be Wrong Again What's with these husbands f ho admit to affairs, then xpect their wives to quietly sit nd wait, "until we get our eads together?" This seems to be a fad at ly husband's office where at ast four men are openly going ith other women. They put on lie big act at home: "I just an't think straight, patient, ecause I'll never leave you, ut I need this 'new love' right ow..." How do I know? I'm one of e wives! Stupid me, 1 elieved my husband was uffering bravely'--until I ompared notes with the others. Here's a sampling of what hey revealed:. Golf King 18 Hal* Putting Court* Man. and Thurs. DOLLAR" DAYS May « many gam** ·* you can 3 to 11 p.m. Only $1.00 5* W. Township Rd. ttene 443-2CM Ope*^K»aSr*owtrme *:4S "My husband came to me, terribly shook, saying he sees this girl at iwork every day and s h e ' s driving him wild. Resisting her has made him so nervous he's going crazy. I felt sorry for him and said. 'Go ahead and have an affiar. Get it out of your system.' You can't believe how grateful he was." "Jim asked tor a two - month ' v i s i t o r ' s permit' to this woman's apartment. It's been extended once already." "I'm Number One in my husband's life, he says, but 'a man can love two women.' He really seems miserable about it." We wives have decided this is a ' new infidelity con game. It's easier to play than "Secrecy," as fear of getting caught is gone. How would you suggest g e t t i n g them back to monogamy? -- Wanderer's Wife Dear Wife: How about a dinner party for you four couples, at which time :he women can lay their cards on the table? When your men earn you're on to these "games husbands play." they may decide fidelity is betttr than wifelessness, -- H. Dear Helen: I was pleased with you: answer championing marriagi. for retarded people. Since I am credenfialed to teach th retarded. I have seen the grea human need in both public an private schools and institutions Why should they be denied th right to love? The biggest question :: 'Where will they live?" A fe' months ago a friend and MM(K5 potato* "' ooked Into the possibility of ipening a home for mirritd etardeds (who are able to ork under sheltered eon- tions. but can't function tally on their own. The idea was to preposterous · the people we talked with hat it was a c t i v e l y dis- ouraged. Licensing agencies ould have none of us! If you know of any such homes." would you ask the roprietors to let us know how ley got started? Thanks for our beautiful advice for a very lisunderstood group of people. -- M.L.A. Dear Helen: I have read articles that say where the bedroom is not a appy room, there is no other appy room in the house. My wife and I sleep in separate rooms. She is in good health nd there's no reason why we houldn't enjoy love, but she ;as always been embarrassed ind bashful about sex. I guess t was the way she was raised. We stayed together because f the children, but now four ;ro\vn grandchildren and the greats' are coming along. I've pleaded with her for years to ee a doctor and cure her 'coldness." but she won't. Don't you think it's time I in- isted, while I'm still very willing and able? We're roth 5. -- Still True But Tempted 'o Try Elsewhere Dear STBTTTE: It's long overtime! Good luck. You'll need it! - - H. THE DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. The TIMES h On Top of The News Seven Day* a WeeVI DRIVE-IN THEflTRE NOW SHOWING "ChMrlMders" 8:55 They gave their at for the team! LA. To Vote On % Billion Interim Mass Transit System LOS ANGELES (AP) - It is ess than five months until a billion-dollar mass transit proposal goes to Los Angela voters, who stilt have no idea what hty'll be asked to approve. Planners hired by the Southern California Rapid Transit District began drafting a proposal 20 months ago. but their conclusions are only vaguely defined. They say that buses would serve only as interim modes of transportation in auto - oriented Los Angeles until the county could establish some sort of rail system. But what form that long-range system should take is the mystery. Exclusive bus-lanes in the city and on the freeways are fine, but limited, the planners said, las Angeles' ultimate transportation needs are for a stationary rail system. Voters will be asked to write a blank check for an $» billion to tlO billion proposal which may range from something like San Francisco's BART network to a transportation idea not yet off some designer's drawini board. Legislation passed last year provides that the November DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketchom TtiCTeW *-a^» ITW60 OUT A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD.* sallot issue be divided into two separate proposals. If b o t h «ss, a one-cent countywide sales tax increase would be implemented. Half of each cent would provide local funds--which the fed- il government would supplement with M per cent of costs-or transit changes. The other ulf-cent would be plowed into existing bus systems to continue the county's 25-cent fare pi- ot program through mid-B7». Estimates are that the ballot measures would provide about taw million in annual addition' al revenues, with the promise of more federal funds. But the challenge now facing the district Is to get the proposal on the ballot. That will require approval by the Southern California Association of Governments, which meets July 11 :o act on it. And the county Board of Supervisor has an Aug. 23 dead- fine for putting the transit measure before county voters. But a source says the two groups are at odds, with the as sociation fearing the costly permanence of a fixed rail propos al but apparently not satisfiet with a greatly improved anc expanded bus system, which Jie supervisors favor. The district's proposal has c r e a t e d misunderstanding a m o n g city and county agencies, including Mayor Tom Bradley's office. . . Bradley favors a 70-mile initial rail system, bat the City Council torpedoed that program and told the district to "begin ...immediately" developing prolong-range transit system proposal. Arkansas Lags Texans get $1.15 in defense spending In the state for every dollar the state contributes in taxes to national defense, ac cording to report by a Michigan Stale reseacher. The report was prepared rn political scientist James Andcr son and released Sunday bj Rep. Les Aspin. D-Wis. Neighboring; New Mexico gets a bigger return than Texas for its defense dollars. According to the report New Mexico gets $2.68 in defense spending for every dollar New Mexicans contribute to defense. Another Texas neighbor, Ar kansas, does not fare well. For every dollar the state contributes to national defense, the Defense Department spends only $.67 in Arkansas. Arlmiwn TIMtS, Hton., JWM 24, 1*74 PATITTBVILLa, AlrKANM* Snoopy's Pennies The Snoopy bank of five-year- old Louise Corbett and her on« and one-half year-old brother James yielded 6,023 pennies when they took it to a First National Bank of Oregon branch in Salem recently to help out with the penny shortage. The penny collection, built up over four years, weighed 45 pounds. (AP Wlre- pholc) C O U P O N FOR THE FAMILY . . Ken's Pizza Parlor M9 WEST DICKSON I · FOR 2 Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! 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Wed. and Thurs.--Ladies' Night EASTGATE SHOPFING CENTER FAYETTEVTIXE Ul *M3 MOVIES ON W Monday Night «:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "A Talent for loving" (1969) Richard Widmark, Cewr Romero 10:30 p.m. Chh. e-16 - "A Walk with lav* and Death" (1969) Anjeliea Huston, Atsaf Dayon Tuesday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-S-7 -- "How To Commit Marriage" Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young Richard Burton, Ian McShane, Nigel Davenport 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "Odd Man Out" (1947) Nick Adams, Jeanine Riley, Norman Aldan 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 442457S MONDAY EVENING * S:e* News · World Report 14 Andy Griffith · Milter Refers 11 Troth or Consequences T To Tel] TheTnita * »:*· Electric Company 11 Twill.*! Zone It News 2. . 5, ·. T. 12 *"r»»L Cm ~'"~" Hodgepodge Lodge 11 Hows 2. 5. I «. 7. 11 I U Tlrehouse i Dragnet a Wild. Wild Worth of Animals 7 Ta Tell The Truth 2 Untamed World 3 Open tteor 11 Hogan's Heroes 1C Let 1 * Make A Deal 12 * 7:1* _ Mftle Menopause: J*au»e Th*l Baseball World of Jo« Garagtol.1 2, 3. Rookie* .,., J, B. 1: Cerurvftiriok* A. n * 7:15 Baseball J ». T * l:"» On The Road With Duke Ellington 11 Movie s, «. 12 Here's Lacy a, " Dick Van Dyke *, U B«ok B«tt ...................... 11 * «:N To Be Announced ............ ·, 18 WuhinKoa Straight Tilk .... 11 *»:30 Today's You .................. 11 it H:» -News ....... 2. J, J. J. t, 12. 1« * !*:»- '"ra nk«m*tin .................. 1? Johnny Canon ....... 2, I, S 7 Perry Maton ................... 8 Movie .............. .".., «. 1C 11:30 - ·'ra nk*n5tein .................... I 12:00 -Tomorrow .............. J, S 5, 7 Buy Your Carpet Dir»c+ From Th« Local People That Mak- It. Wrwr* You Got Th« B«st And S*v* Th« Moat. Lawrence Carpet Mills, inc. SPKINGDALE, ARK. mCHWAY « WEST 751-7»«1 Religious Town Rail .......... 2 TUESDAY MORNING · f:Z5 - Joments ot Meditation ........ · «:M SMS forum ... ........ 3 Garner Ted Armstrong ... ..... · * «:3S Inspiration ....... . .............. 2 *·:«- N«W! ........................... * «:« - Nowi ........................ U * «:*» -Light of Life ................... « Today In Afrimlturs .......... 7 * I:U Harvest Tim« Tahornacl* ..... ft trejoct ... ............ · Thousands of Folks... check lh* TV directory «v«ry dav and They'll read your ad in this space. It's priced ot a tpocial low nionlhly rate. For information call th« Northwest Arkansa* HMfS, display advertising department, *7:«- Tlmmr and Lassie CBS Notre Country Musfe Tin* Today Gentle Ben Cantata Kangaroo Cartoon Circus , leeame Street *»:Jt Oklahoma: Tu«tvd«7 . . . . * »:«· - 9-A.M Dinah Shore Sesame Street Joker's Wild Movie It's Your Bet Gambit Jeopardy , Love American ityl* lt:H- Now Von See It . . . . . . . Wizard of Odds AU My CUldiea * »:*- -Jlywooo' Squares .... Love of Ufe Brady Bunch Coffee Break 1. J J. 7 » U i. 12 t. 1 ,' 7 · U Mike Dexlai Jackpet Younx a»d tka «ost!«as U:l»- SpUt lnnl 1 11 Baffle 3. », I Search for Tmnftniiar ... · U *11:J5 Newa J. ft. T TUESDAY AFTERNOON * U:»- AU Mr Chlldrei t New 2, «. T. U, U Phil Donahua * TableUlk ( * 1MJ Leave It to Carol !· * «:» Three on a Match t I As the World Turin «. If Let's Make a Deal I. (. 11 * «:» - Uekrfy Haejaaa t Guldlni LU)it «. 1* Days of Our Urea .... t, «, a, T Nevrywse] Oeane a. 11 * 1:M- cdce of mm ». u Gin In Mr UM · II Price Is Rlfht ....... General Hospital Another World ..... * l:»- Mateh Game ......... How to Survive a Marrtafe ........... Ooe Life H Uva .... !:«- JlO.fWfl Pyramid ..... Cartoons ........... Tallletales ............ Today's Yoga. ........ Somerset ........... * 1:J»- Maybtrry. R.r.B. ... Dick Van ryke .... Petticoat Junction ... Dinah Shore .... AU My Children ... Three on a Match . . . Joker's Wild ........ Uncle Zek .......... + «:·*- Star Trek ........... Merv Griffte ........ Jeopardy ............ I Dre»m el Jeanitie rtwttiva ............. Bonanca ....... ..... Gamer Prto. Ufatfl .. Andr Ortffitk ....... J. . ». T f W ''i ».«. t ,3 S, 7 .. I U ... . . 11 t. t. 1 I U feaama Street 4:M- Daniel Boon* Beat Iht dork Beverly Hillhlllies ..: Lucy Show TUESDAY EVENING * ·:·§ Sesame Street Twilight Zone News Andy Griffith To Tell The Truth Truth of Consequences * t:H- News 2 3 , S. 1,7. ». Truth e« Goaaequencea * ·:·»- Washington Debs las For the NewsTM ». ». «. 7. «. * *:M Wild Kingdom Let's Make a DM] Hocan's Heroes Onie's Girls Duatri Trail o Tell the Truth ... * Art If Adam-11 Maude KaepT !·»· Lefs Make A Deal ............ · + 7:30 Snoop Sisters ........... 2 t, T Child of the Universe ........ 11 Movie ................. 5. 12 Hawaii Tive-O .............. *. 1« + 8:00 The Trial of Henry Flipper . . 11 + »:J« Movie ........................ «. tf * 9:00- Police Story ... ........... !. 3. T Making Things Grow .......... H Marcus Welby ............ », », 1 * »:!» Today's Yoga .................. U * 1I:N- News ......... 2. 1, S, «, 7, s, 12, 14 * 10:M - Frankerutfin Johnny Carson ....... , Perry M*»on ... Movie * 11:30 - it I, 7 · t U Tomorrow .............. I I, S. T ^ U:« Pro j«ct ____ ...................... · *1:H- Project ......................... ·

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