Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 24, 1974
Page 6
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4 f MerHiweet ArVemm TTMfS, Men., Jun. M, 1974 'TV Documentary Seeks To Put Impeachment In Perspective A British and American delegation sallied forth this monih to Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, to oversee the videotaping of an American president's impeachment. The reason there were no news bulletins when the verdict came in was that the story was old -- 106 years old. to be exact -- and most Americans know President Andrew Johnson was acquitted back then. The 1974 proceedings were only a television creation, a blend of history, and acting. They journalism will be on Eisenhowers Attend Funeral Divld and Julie Eisenhower were In Gainesville, Fla., Sunday to attend I he funeral at Col. Percy Thompson, Eisenhower's maternal g r a n d f a t h - er, who died there Wednesday. Elsenhower and his father, .Tolin, son of the late President Du'ighl D. Eisenhower, were honorary (AP Wirepholo) pallbearers. Israeli Official Defends Strike On Arab Guerrillas LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Ehud Lador, Israel's consul-general to the United States, Sunday defended his country's air itrikes against suspected Arab guerrilla bases in Lebanon. Lador told the annual Little Rock Bonds for Israel Dinner that, if necessary, the air ·trikes would continue no matter what world opinion might be. He said that hope for lasting peace in the Middle East was brighter than ever in the wake of Secretary of Slate Henry A. Kissinger's recent diplomatic mission there, but indicated that Israel would not be deterred from retaliating agains, Arab terrorism. Israel began bombing attacks last week against suspected guerrilla bases in Lebanon after a June 13 Arab guerrilla »ttack on the border city of Shamir in which three Israeli women were killed. Lebanese officials claimed that t!ie itrikes hit Palestinian refugee camps and thai dozens of civil ians were kilid. Lador said Sunday that refu gee camps had been hit in t n e raids because guerrilla head quarters were located in th« middle of those camps. "They were there because they thought that we wouldn I go in there and risk world criticism " Lador said. "But let mi tell you: If we have the option of being a little more popular in this world or staying a little more alive, the Israelis will sv ery time choose staying a little more alive." Weekend Accidents Claim Four Lives By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS "Four persons were killed in traffic accidents on Arkansa highways during the weekenc including Danny Allen Day. 4 of Little Rock. Officers said the youth rtie ·t a Little Rock hospital Sun day night about an hour afte he was struck by a car insid the Little Rock city limits. Police said the child ran int the street and was struck by car driven by Steven L. Gar trel. 18, of Litte Rock. Robert W. Counts Jr., 25. o /"ordyce was killed when t h motorcycle he was riding r a off Arkansas 8 near and Ford yce and overturned. The other victims were iden tified as Bessie Mae Wonza, 4 of Montrose and Travis Ellis 4T, of Nashville, Trooper M. J. Daley said th Wonzt woman was killed whe she walked into the path of car on U.S. 165 near Montros* EUis was killed in a three-vi hide crash on U.S. 71 near As! down. State Police said. A cording to State Police. 2! traffic fatalities have occurrw in Arkansas jo far during 197 compared with 294 at the sam time last year. . .Princess Gives Birth AMSTERDAM ( A P ) -- Prin cess Irene of the Netherlands : the mother of a baly daug'nte. her fourth child. Irene and th child, who will be given th name Maria Carolina Christina were reported doing well. The princess is the daughte of Queen Juliana. Her husban U the Spanish-born Prince Ca loi de Bourbon Parma. We have a urlafs profnn rate to meei Savings ·V Loan Association Ml N. EM Avene Nixon Briefed On Lithuanian Sailor Forced Back To Ship WASHINGTON (AP) -- The ase of a Lithuanian sailor reed back to his Soviet vessel ilh the permission of the oast Guard was among items n which President Nixon was riefed in preparing for his oscow summit trip. Last Monday, a congressional *;tilion signed by 20 Republi- ans and 20 Democrats went e White House asking Nixon intercede. Simas Kudirka, 45--said to be n American citizen--is in a Soet labor camp in the Urals rving a 10-year prison term r treason. There has been no ntact with him since October, is wife and two children and other are living in Lithuania. He jumped from his Soviet lip to the cutler Vigilant Nov , 1970, off Martha's Vineyard. %land, Mass.. b u t the Coast uard allowed the Russians to ke him back. Reaction in ashinglon was an official "un- rtunate" from the State De- artment. White House orders ) prevent it from recurring, us congressional protest. Since then. Lithuanian groups i the United States have sairt icy can prove Kudirka is an merican citizen. Part of their [aim is supported by the fact is mother was born in Brooklyn. Nixon was briefed on the ase at Camp David. Md.. in reparation for leaving for loscovv Tuesday, Rep. Robert 'anrahan. R-I11., said Friday. ul Hanranhan said there is no ssurance Nixon will bring the matter up in his talk with Com- unist leaders. Dissident sources from Com- ujiist-held countries say they ear Kudirka's well-being he- ause of lack of communication rom him. They doubt he is dead be- ause the Russian underground vould have learned about it tit they say there is a 'good hance he may he ill or in so!i ary confinement. The last information re :eived. the sources said, came rom a Russian immigrant to srael who said about eight months ago Kudirka was ir :ood health. However, since Ociober. reg stered and certified mail sen o him has been acknowledges only by return receipts bearing he signature of a Soviet prisoi camp official. The State Department says ii investigating whether ~ K u iirka is an American citizen On May 17. the departmeni REFUSED ASYLUM . . .now imprisoned in Soviet Union /or treason ,aid his mother. Mrs. Marija Sulskieno. is an American citi zen and she was issued a U.S assport at the American cm jassy in Moscow. She is .,ithuania waiting for an visa to leave for the Unitec States. But tile department said in a elter about Kudirka datec March 11: "Unfortunately, any right to LJ.S. citizenship which he ma have derived through her (hi: mother) could not assist him .mder present circumstance since he is also certainly a So iet citizen and the Soviet gov ernment does not rccognizi d u a l citizenships." In Washington, efforts to free Kudirka and to get his mothe out of Lithuania have centerei on Capiloi Hill, where Hanra turn and others have contacted administration officials on th cases and introduced resolu lions in Congress. A resolution introduced b Hanrahan in the House and h Sen. Charles Percy, R-T11.. the Senate calls for Kudirka' release or al least assuranc from the Kremlin lhat he i alive and well. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N'.Y said he has urged Secretary o State Henry A. Kissinger tha the matter be "taken up i Moscow because of Kudirka probable citizenship." Mild Weather And Cloudless Skies Prevail By The Associated Press Thunderstorms r u m b l e d cross the eastern slopes of the ockies today while tempera- ires hit record highs in the on th west and unseasonable ows for the northern h a l f of ;e nation. Nearly two inches of rain and ail the size of golf balls hit arts of Colorado, clogging raETic on Interstate 70. Thai storm arose in the wake f another violent system that wept through Arizona Sunday. ~ne person was killed and boul 40 injured when a tor- ado ripped through a mobile ark a few miles from Tucson. Scattered thunderstorms also Tacked the central and south- rn atlantic coast and the Gulf naval air station Orleans reported public TV -in the United States July 1 and on British television later that month. The one-hour show is called "The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson." It's a joint effort hy National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The program, whose actors were drawn both from New York and the Raleigh-Charlotte areas, was being taped during real-life House inquiries into the possible impeachment of President Nixon. SEEKS PERSPECTIVE The show's aim. says Al Vecchione, head of NPACT's team, "is to bring to the English and American audiences some ner- speclive on the present impeachment crisis." It isn't intended as merely a reconstruction of an American history chapter, adds his Brit- i s h counterpart, Michael Townson. executive editor of the BBC's current affairs unit. "If that's all the program proves to be, then it has failed 100 per cent." Townson says. "Because in the current affairs field, lhat isn't our game. "With us. the whole purpose of this form of show is lo use it, where it is relevant as a model, to explain what happens when Congress chooses to use this quite awesome authority of im- or the cast's dialogue, or make two versions at times to clarify the American impeachment process for Rritish audiences? USE ACTUAL WORDS "No. not at all," says Towns on. "There's 1,640 pages of trial transcript . . . and in the trial section, which will take up about three-quarters of the program, we'll probably use 95 per cent of the actual words spoken during the Johnson trial. "We might need a few link phrases and that sort of thing, but Ihe show really will be straighl down the line histori illy. "It's not the kind of subject in which we'd want to go in for pure dramatization in which the dramatist sort of throws the pieces into the air and applies his own creativity in sorting of An costing loast. The ear N r e-w early ;m inch of rain during he night, and almost as much ell at an Air Force base near liloxi. Miss. Elsewhere, nowever, most of ic nation experienced pleasant veather and cloudtess skies. Temperatures during the light were generally in the 50s or the northern h a l f of the country. ,In the South, levels vere in the 60s and 70s. Record-breaking hot weather ept its grip on much of (he Southwest with night tempera- .ures in the upper 80s and 90s. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 99 at Needles. Calf., and Phoenix, Ariz., to 39 at .lie Marquette County Airport ,n Michigan. pcachmenl." Both said Ihe show was beint taped in Raleigh, at the old state Senate chambers, because TV cameras aren't allowed in the U.S. Senate chambers, where Johnson's impeachment trial took place in 1868. The Raleigh chambers were chosen for their similarity to Ihe Washington model. SUITABLE LOCATION "And of course." Townson added, "it happens that Raleigh was the birthplace of Andrew Johnson, but that was only coincidental when we were looking for a suitable location." The show, one of four thai will be taped this year under a new BBC-NPACT production agreement, has an English scriptwriter, John Lloyd, and a BBC dramatic director. Alvin Rakoff. Subject matter for the three other shows hasn't been decided yet. Dr. Herbert Nicolas, Rhodes professor of American Institutions at Oxford University. is serving as historical adviser for the impeachment program. The American east of 75 ac tors --Johnson is being portrayed by Walter Klavun, a New York stage veteran -- will out in the clothing 1868-vintage politi- correspondent Jim them out." "The Impeachment drew Johnson, while _ ,, perhaps a third of the price a commercial company would have to pay, still isn't a cheap production for the BBC and NPACT. Vecchione says it's costing approximately $100,000 to produce, with the two producing :ompaiies sharing virtually ail he cost. An additional payment or rights to show the program s coming from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He declined to say how much that In the case of the Nixon impeachment inquiry, he said it's a problem t h a t British au- iiences aren't as interested as they might be were their prime minister facing eviction f r o m office. "While they want to know all about what's going on in America," he said, "they have become rather blase a b o u t the impeachment story. It's become a case of 'must we hear that again?' "They know it's an important part of news, but still, you find that in daily and weekly news programs over there, there is this audience resistance. "And therefore^ because it's a story that from a responsible production point of view must be dealt with, your mind goes to different w a y s of presenting it. A n d that's all we're trying to do." A Word Of Advice One of the older chimps In the Lipko's Comedy Chimps act which performed in Newport News, Va., recently appears io be giving advice to one of the younger members of the trc-Uii c= '.lie use at skates. According to their owner Jerry Lipfco, most chimps have the Intelligence of a four or five year o I d child. (AP Wirephoto) Tropical Depression Forming In Gulf MIAMI (AP ) -- A tropical depression with winds gusting to 45 miles an hour in squalls was expected to gain strength slowly as it drifted to the north today, the National Hurricane Center said. The depression was located in the Gulf of Mexico some 600 miles south of New Orleans and had highest sustained winds of livily was disorganized Inrt warned thai n e a r i n g the depression wai tropical strength. Small craft were art- vised to s I a y in port in tha southwest gulf from the Yucatan Peninsula westward. 35 miles said. A Youths Arrested On Petit Larceny Charge Four area youths are to he arraigned Tuesday in Fayetteville Municipal Court on charges of petit larceny in connection with the theft of three watermelons early this morning from the Wilson's Market Basket, Hwy. 62 west. Bobby D. Tisdale. 18. Goshen, Dennis L. Stacks. Trio! Separation LONDON CAP) -- Actress Dinna Rigg and her husband, sraeli artist Menachem Criief- "en, have decided on a "trial separation." The 35-year-old stage and screen star married "lueffen, 43, last July. of Route 5, Ralph H. Auslam, 17, of Route 1 and a 15-year-old joshen youth were arrested by Fayetteville police at about 1 a.m. this morning. Police said a car occupied hy the Tour was observed leaving the front of the store and was stopped.. Three watermelons were found on the re'ar floorboard. be decked worn by cians. NPACT Lehrer and his part, Robert NPACT alumnus. BRC counter MacNeil, an appear , both as reporters covering the trial and as modern day commentators, explaining how what happened in 1868 rebates to rhe impeachment crisis of 1974. Won't there be an occasional need to modify their narrative hour, forecasters reconnaissace plane was to investigate the disUirb- mce today. The center said satellite photos showed that shower nc- EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS RENTALS t SALES F«yetlivllle Dra( E.Sii!eSm»re " MR. D's ACADEMY Of Agreement Near WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States and Spair^ agreed Saturday on the broad outlines of a declaration of principles to be signed by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger on a visit to Madrid July 9. A joint communique, issued after a 45-minute visit by foreign minister Pedro Cortina, sain* the two governments "will continue to cooperate in the area of defense . BEAUTY CULTURE 109 W. Emma Springdale, Arkansas Are you interested in a fully creative and professional career?? -- We hope you will visit us. Let us explain the exclusive advantages and opportunities available to you with a career in cosmetology. Mr. D's ACADEMY offeers you the utmost in modern facilities and skilled instructors. Bring this advertisement and learn of our SPECIAL JUNE and JULY enrolment fees. PHONE 756-6060 IMMANUAL BAPTIST CHURCH invites all University Students to attend their services Sunday: Sunday School Worship Service Training Union Worship Service 9:15 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:15 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: 7:30 p.m. Worship Service Everyone Welcome Win the building/ remodeling game with Wise Enerm Ranting our topes ore secret too your file is kept confidential at... Magic Mirror figure salons 50 _ per month Complete 4-month program. JUNE IS OUR A N N I V E R S A R Y MONTH Westgate Shopping Center Hwy 62 W. 71 By-Pass f :M to l:)0 p.m. t H « pj". « $««Mriyi There is only one way to come oul a winner... cai SWEPCO, extension 90 Ww got a stafl of professionals ready and arodow to help you a*w tbn*. «Mrgy and money. Ask us about anything: heating, cooling, kitchen planning, lighting, whatever. U you like, we will be happy to come out to your home. All you have to do i* call SWEPCO, extension SOU itowmanergypiamina. we're H^M* helping people.

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