Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 6
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PAVCTTWILLt, ARKANtA* Sun., Jim* 23, Bishop Frank Will Deliver Wiggins Church Dedication Bishop Eugene M. Frank of vided chancel and circular al- Litlle Rock, resident Methodist tar. It was designed bv T. bishop of the Arkansas area, " ' ~ " ' - ' '" will deliver the dedicatory sermon and lead the ·en-ices at Wiggins United Methodist Church today. HEYDAY OF POLITICAL BOSS RULE THE BOSSES, by Alfred Steinberg (Mentor -- S1.95) During the 1920s and the 1930s, political bosses were in their heyday. were such men as Hague of Jersey City. Ed Crump of Memphis, James Curley of Boston, Torn Pendcr- 6:30 p.m. Saturday, followed by gast of Kansas City, Gene Tal- Trial Date Set In Murder Of Hazen Policeman x. and Allan Hilliard f - . n r , ,, , , dictatorial and some were even of Cabot. colorful. Also assisting in the portrayal Hague the archetypal boss, r ' ct c4u P^" ln ' er| - was mayor of Jersey City from years ·n pre Rock. One pastor, the Rev. E., ,, , D. Lewis, is deceased. £ rump -, who was alway£ ~ u i . . ! addressed as Mister Crump, The curch was organized on mf v n i 0 ^r-nn June 7. 1341 following a l e n t | f r o m Holly Sprin g S| Miss . a n d dents the Rev. John A. Bayless 1917 to 1947 For l h i r l y of New Orleans and the Hey. he ran (he cit as his * Myers B. Curtis of North Little SC rve. revival. Mrs. C. C. Daily was DCS ARC. Ark. (AP) - The the first of 21 charter memhors date for the murder trial of two and is the only charter member Kentucky women was set for 9 on the present roll of resident a.m. June 27 at DeWilt on Sr.t- members, according lo the Rev. urday by Circuit Judge William Maurice Lanier, pastor. Lee of Clarendon The two are Lucille Oaks FIRST R E V I V A L Harry Denman, for 1901. bos: into Memphis politics During his long reign as .... of Memphis he also so controlled the votes for governor, senators anil representatives. Crump was elected Memphis R-- Ks Smith. 24. of Dry Ridge years executive secrearv of the *- ' ^nda Kay Spencer, 25. of |aenom"'s £ard of evan gast Jackson. i_-,..-- , _ . . . . . D . mayor in 1909 and remained in control for 40 years. Curley of Boston and Pender- of Kansas City also County as the site of the trial, Wiggins superintendent who or- a man with a college education -,. , n ... ., - . . - . .. ..,.«,! n j i t u u t u i vnm u i - a I I L Q I J vviiu a wui:g£ tuuiatLun TMf °L, ! g uriiL . -j ill- ,, TM ganlzed the church, first called he was a lawyer and plantation ,,,,,, «*~. r ,,,. ,, ,, ,, it. ....... o owner. When Ultad by Bill William* GLOOM NOT UNRELENTING IN VONNEGUT COLLECTION WAMPETERS, FOMA 4 GRANFALLOONS. By Kurt Vonnegnt (Delacorte. M.95). Pages. $8.95. In this collection of miscellaneous pieces --essays, reviews, speeches, a short story -- Kurt Vonnegut, who scored ·iis last time out with Break- last of Champions," does it again as he lets his gaze wander over the contemporary scene and return to report that it is no overly pleased a what it has seen. Gary.Smith of M^moh'". w h o j w i represents the Spencer woman, congregation and Willis Plant of Clarenden, l a n d a dauel who represents the Smith woman, also asked for a continuance, but r ee also denied that, Weems said The attorneys cited publicity mingham about the case in the 17th Dis- speaker. trict as their reason lor want- Clark McClinfon Ky. All three are charged with the murder of Hazen policeman Morris Greenwalt, 51, during a tw--hour crime spree April 29. The women were charged at Brinkley and the slaying of Greenwalt after a high-speed chase and the abduction of three persons from a house in EARLY WORK OF BURROUGHS RETURN OF THE MUCKER, by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ace -- 95 cents) B u r r o u g h s , according t o Kevin Hancer, editor of the "Burroughs Newsbeat" felt t h e story of the Chicago tough who found love and adventure on a Pacific Island, would be h i s most popular book. Written in W16. the story of Billy Byrne instead was almost forgotten. "Return of the Mucker" follows Byrne after his reijirn to Chicago, his conviction on a murder charge and his escape to Mexico during the time of Puncho Villa. On his way south he meets a poetry spouting tramp called Bridge. Bridge quotes portions of Henry Herberts Knibbs' poem "Out There Somewhere" whenever they are resting. In Mexico, the mucker (Billy) joins the Mexican outlaw gang of Pesita and quickly becomes second in command. Bridge goes on to an American ranch owned by Barbara Harding's father. Barbara was the gir who changed Byrne from a mucker to a man with a con science and taught h i m to speak English without a slum bosses mentioned in this book accent. -- Wade The 'Kingfish' as Huey Long i Billy burglarizes a safe at a Mncher. chairman and Mrs. liked to call himself was viewed [bank, rides with Pesita and is xinelt, Mrs. Doris Shelley, as the champion of the under--j enjoying himself until he finds R - D - Manning, Howard privcleged rural folk by Loui- out Barbara has been kidnaped Weems. Weems said (here was the South Payctlevi no provision in state law for a disl Church. When he became governor move outside the district The when Wiggins died in 1946 the the depression was underway in women have been kept at the church was re-narned in his the winter of 1933. During the "*TM e . ? C H"' V , a .'!. at _??_ s Ar , c :.TM? m ory- A large portrait of legislative session he appeared Ml '· the I r i ! " · Mi', -r: ; rnn as SL went by Mrs. daughter. Mrs. Wiggins home he emerged as a dictator. Victoria He HummelF.icin during the pre- de"-ation services " ruled by fiat lash"-' rather than bi::'»el and night. Denman. Saturday got on the Washington handout bandwagon and became now living in Sir- millionaire while in office. Ala., was principal Curley, the joyous plague of, Boston, was loved by thousands was chair and hated by just as many. His ing the trial moved. Let granted a motion ____ ,,.-.. ,.,,., ____ -- , _______ e-e-. month for a separate (rial and built. Other trustees were Joe ment I h an most change of venue to LonokeiL. King. J. R. (Bob) Batten- Irish-born Curley man of the Board of Trustees career was marked by more last at the time the church was noise, skulduggery and excite- his peers was not . . . . - County lor a third defendant. (field, Everett Whillock, Elmo S averse to stuffing ballot boxes Essie Willock. 19, of Louisville, 'Vaughn and W. H. Morris. ..... TRUSTEES Current trustees are but neither were the other Whether discussing s u c h emingly unrelated subjects as B meditational practices of inis the uses o ftorture or the tastrophe of Biafra, a brood- g permission hangs over Von- gut's words. The feeling is, Vonnegut says in a speech to college graduating class, that verything is going to becorie imaginably worse, and never t better again." So it pobably will come as rprise. athough not to those ho know and admire Vonne- it's work, that this is not ai irelentingly gloomy book. Fo; onnegut is a writer who has ch a way with words that en when he is describing the onized last days of Biafra -i event which he witnessed -is able to bring into his ac- unt some little parables »ut the goodness of man that ow there still is much to be dmired about humanity no atter how bad hings ] eem at times. This funny-sad way of looking things fs not peculiar to Von- egut, but the man does have a ay of balancing these oppo tes so that the reader both ludders and smiles at the ime time. As in this sample eked at random: "Now then -- about machine guns:' They ork sort of like a garden hose xcept they spray death. They lould be approached wilh cau on." The 25 items in this book ong with the excellent pref- ce, lake the reader on an en rtaming trip through Vonne- ut's mind. They also take him tour through parts of con empoary society, but the tou a very special one. It's con ucted by a man who has been escribed as putting "Bittei oatings on very sweet pills;" - _._ Hoker, Warren Langh'am. Rus- siana after a grocery store robbery ^J^Wllfon. W .H. Mori-:* ant! Oil. ns. He cursed Standard community the Brown Grove north of Ha/en. The chase ended at Hazen . E. Haunn'.' Evening services Wall Street and [ha while organizing chaos. rich today will Americans outside 'iis state be conducted by the pastor with saw him as the cruel and ruth- ess boss of a corrupt machine who planned to take over the the Rev. John "Bayliss as guest speaker. Bayliss is now senior miivster of lh» Rayne Memorial - ,, ,,, ..,,,,.,, Methodist Church in New tight control over Louisiana in when the women surrendered Orleans, La. the rest of the nation. and released the hostages un- During the Saturday jeyening Pendcrgast_becanie the boss U / en rinpl'cate h i s harmed. Fircs Break Out ' ^ program Mrs. Wade Fincher. of Kansas City in 1900 and chariman of the memorials remained in control jntil his committee, reported on the spe-! death in 1945, six days after cia! gifts and memorials which:Harry Truman became presi- have helped to make possible dent. During his days of bossin Burroughts gets his hero am heroine in more trouble and oul than any writer since. The story is strictly for action buffs. His view of the Mexican is stereotyped, unfortunately. Despite this, "The Return of the Muck er. interesting in it view of 'Chicago's w e s side, gangsters and policemen hoboes and farmers who -giv handouts and riding t h e rails ft isn't great fiction, but it i good reading bww day, and fire officials said least eight of them work of arsonists. The serious blaze destroyed a « . ii/ ·_·-·,-- " »u u i a n t ^ y v a a j u j c U L I I V . u u J J I J g M J 3 urt^'a I/I UUMII£; TM tur ;'the final payment on the KC, gambling, prostitution, and were the most - ttory apartment house, leaving arson was the thrce- the Villa Nova dozens homeless. Spokesmen said the 'ike'v cause of alarm fire at Apartments · a brick building located on the western edge of the city's downtown church 1 - f 5110.000. According lo treasurer Al even gangsters on the ·r ' found haven in the city. lam L. Davis, the final payment was i Each of these bosses had ma''c [wo years ahead of schedule. unquenchable thirst for Rower. T h e y controlled elections. Among the gifts is the church!bought politicians, sold favors organ, a gift of Mrs. A. V. MilMand would stop at nothing to sap, an active member. The i gain their ends. building is on the "The Bn-:- C "" is a brilliant west side of the new structure and is used for offices and classrooms. light on (he dark side of the democratic dream. bw Two Graduated Seaman Recruit Hank E Gardner, son of Mrs. Charles Ashworth of Springdale and Seaman Recruit Bruce G. Printz, son of Mrs. Don R. Mitchell of Route 2, Springdale. WALLFLOWER IS CHARMED THOSE SUBTLE W E E D S , by Jo An« Lordahl (Ace -- 95 cents) Cynthia Gatewood was a wall flower who had given up lira cling men even though she was pretty. Her mother had be ittled her and favored her sis ter so much that she just with drew into herself. She finished college and whili ier parents were taking her sis er on a flight to Europe thi plane crashed in Spain killing everyone aboard. The death; eave Cynthia a rich wallflower who works in a library. One day in comes Jay Court ney Madison III. He was char ming, handsome, wealthy am owned a plantation in Florida called Live Oak. He rushes he and before his two weeks ar up she accepts his marriag proposals. At Live Oak, his mood chan ges. He becomes distant an remote. His mother seems to be trying to make her leave an when she eats some salad tha is poisonous she knows tha they want her out. have graduated training. from recruit ENTERING LAST WEEK OF BETTY CLAIRE'S llth ANNUAL PRE- INVENTORY SALE ALL SPRING AND EARLY SUMMER MERCHANDISE REDUCED 50% PAJAMA PANT SUIT - SIZE 14'/ 2 -26 T / 2 NEW SOFT LOOK IN PANT SUIT Reg. $32-$40 Now $15 LONG DRESSES-Broken Sizes 12 1 / 2 -26'/ 2 , 16-20, 38-52 '/* OF Vi PRICE SUMMER CLUTCH PURSES Reg. $12 Now $5.90 SCREEN PRINT PANT SUITS Size 38-46 Reg. $32-$33 Now $9.90 LONG JERSEY ROBES-Size 38-52 Reg. $20 -$22 Now $5 Please No Mail or Phone Orders All Sales Final. No Refunds On Sale Merchandise. Specializing In Fashionable Sizes 12^2-261/2, 16-22, 38-52 Open Monday and Thursday Til 8:30 MARION'S WALL, by Jack ·inney (Warner -- tl.35) This is a novel about posses- on. Jan. the wife of Nick Chey- ey, i« possessed by the spirit f Marion Marsh, a dead movie tarlet of the twenties. The couple had moved into Jie house in Hollywood that larion Marsh had lived in be- ore her sudden death. Written n a wal in the house was Marion Marsh Lived Here une 14, 1926 Read it and weep." Jan suddenly becomes another person. She is Marion anc s Marion she leads Nick on a m e r r y chase through the lollywood studios while trying o make a comeback. Old movie buffs will enjoy the many references to silent screen tars and mystery fans will en oy the problem of solving how Jan will reassert herself in her iwn body. Finney takes his readers hrough the nostalgia of time hast while Marion visits scene of past while Marion visits scenes of oast victories and pas defeats. Jack Finney is a sci ence fiction writer who proves .hat n 2onH writer T* mt " T h e Frazier plantation and his overseer daughte: Kristy, help her from time to time. She 'tries to be a good wit to Jay but he often ingores he and then one day when he takes her hunting she discovers wh he would not allow himself tc love her. "Those Subtle W e e d s" is fine story of a man and W man's effort to find a path ou of treachery and what happen when each follows his own wa without fully opening up to th other. bv COY MAC BOYD, D.D.S. ANNOUNCES The Opening of His Office For the Practice Of GENERAL DENTISTRY 106 North Locust Fayettevlile, Arkansas Open Daily Men. thru Fri. Telephone 521-3880 TRIP INTO NOSTALGIA Dwf Lad Solvtt MILLBURN. N.J. (AP) -colt Beverly didn't wint to skip his birthday party, but he missed his school bus. The 9-year-old Plalnfield, .J., youth, who is deaf, solved he problem by walking th« 10 ;iles to the Millburn Avenue School for the Hearing Handicapped on Friday, following the winding route used by the school bus. Five hours after starting out, e exhausted youngster ar- ived at the school to find his lassmates, who had planned observance of his birthday, eaving. Scott started crying, but prin- ipal Jean Schmidt :aved the day by taking the boy out for unch and ice cream. ted lo any one genre. bww txrurr WATCH s 9 W^r SWIFTS ITftaltt WnHr At. eal wel and lose NOW... REMOVE POUNDS AND INCHES FROM THIGHS, NECK, LEGS, WAIST - ALL OVER -WITHOUT EVER GOING HUNGRY! . . . with «M X-U Reducing Pf«i I «· ofln jw i w, »t l«t t jHiM o5, 10. 20 or ·on pomd! of uoam fit drit jot Ht 3 waiMy igure BMb i day. Yov «t ttd iSnTSowRT Tint uniqM [rrefnitiod-w* · Hsy-tt-nt MM fwm-.rth the «KilM( on Z-U feMif Fta. Hi iiHinal combination of HtjrnBmtj Mps five jot *t ftdmj of i filler, umtfnW stonudi, lopam dam tar 'tKRn-mtil undo, «d pranks i wtwte spectrm- of wtmini »d niomb ctcertM to hip prenrt » tritaml feficincM. h* ·**«* into triMf iMe pa toK mslijMlir, aprim tat SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONET BACK Set this ntaordlrafy Ml Plan, and atartyour figur* aNmnlnt todQr* Yon mint b. X»% iMtjiUd Kith rawta 09CO DRUGS Northwest Arkanaaj Plaza Open Dni7 TO » PM. Closed Sundaya CARPET SALE! SAVE--2 DAYS ONLY! SHAG AND SHAG PLUSH Daybreak otinuous filament ny carpet! Resilient ai R-gul.r $12.99 9.99 Alluring lor shag plush of R»9 U |.r $11.99 9.99 Shag Art able, patterned nylo Rtgular $10.99 7.99 Daybreak 100% continuous filament nylon pile is a beautiful patterned shag carpet! Resilient and durable. Alluring is multi-color shag plush of durable nyoln pile. Resists soil. Shag Art 'a a durable, patterned nylon pile. Resists soil. 2 unusual patterns. Rave Review Rave Revue is soft underfoot. 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