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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 21, 1974
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NortHw»s» Arkansas T1MB, Friday. Jun« 2T ( 1974 rAvrrrrvutt, ARKANSAS ORItlNANCK NO. Ml AN ORDINANCE A M K N D I N G SEC TIOSS 1, J. and 3 OP ORDISANC NO, 1M1; TO DEFINE 7HK T!:R!\ SERVTC*; ROAD, AN Li *\R OTHE PURl'OSKS. W1IBRRAS, Orvlinftrtc* No. IfiSI do/in a wrvfce, ro«d tn bo a street or n» parallel tr a controlled nccoss h l K h w ; median »trip or oOwr phi'JIral b s n l o ind WHEREAS, (he P l n n n i n e Commfsslo his determined 1hnl in c f r l n t n .iron *s*rvtce rv'fld thai docs no) L!o pan fa and. Immediately adjacent to a . trolled Bor**.-; hrriiway it desirable. -SOW. THEREFORE. BE IT OR DAINED BY THE BOARD OF niREC TORS OF THE CITY OF FAYETTR VJLLE. A R K A N S A S : S*ft!oti 3. That subnotion · (b) _,. (e) of Section 1 of Ordinance No. 166 ·IT hereby amended to rc.irl as lollows- (b) Servic* R o a d . A public strccl o road 0,1 which piimtt driveways and from whlrh voh!r]ps may enl controlled 1 RCCCS*. highway: son-lev u. ar* usually pirate] to a. control!.*! ac cess hlphway and K para led there Troir by * curt* or medknn atrip or ctter phy ical barrier, b u t . i h e Planning C o m m l s r!e*i may approve a, fcrrlce road h*vlr f~. dltierenl location LI the location In c o n f o r m i t y \vilh flu ndoplcd land u 1 plfln and m a i l e r slrvet plan, ; e) DerHojxner.t of land. Derelopmc:. *¥ J land shall Include but t.hal1 not bi HnVi U-d to. the construction ot a ne' iiprnvp'ment, Ihe construction fit an ar *jtion lo an existing Improvement, a^ p a r c r l t n p which results In the nee rpr access and u t i l i t i e s . \S«jitn 2. -nial Secttrm 2 ol ordinanc 701" 1S6] Is hereby Amended lo rca a« follows: .* Iicvelo^er -lo pro-lde dci-elopmert ,..,. Prior to the development of any Inn fjhlch abuts a controlled access hi«hwa fhe dovoloncr shall Aubmll (o the Plan Tin's Commission A plat showing Hi boundaries and le^al description ot thi lirpporty in be dovolrred. InclurJinte Ih 1?a1lDn ft! *hp rljrht-ol-w?.;- ol the confio led acvfs? hlphway. Ibc !omtlo^ ot a ciis-llnB ncces* Into said h i g h w a y , a the location of fl projwsed service road S«t!on 3. T h n L sul^ectlon in} of Sec lion 3 ol Ordinance No, 1661 U hereb amended to read as follows: Provisions o( a service rcwd, cotistrud cd' to the specification* ol Refolulin Na. 1061. September 11, 196], as amend crt by Resolution No, 7-65. April 26 JEW and Resolution 10-65 Julp 6. " J n-llVa lifly (50) loot wide r1$ht-of f pmvMed, howe\-er, Ihm A s*r\-!cp roa msy be cons true ted on Mat* h I phwa TlpSl-of-way to the publishprl «tandard of fte ArkznAa? Hlgrivray DcrMrtment nn acceptable to Hi!d h f R h i f f t y dcpartme/i The service road shall be provided a the expense of the developer. ;Tedim A. That aubsectlon (e) of S* S ; of Ordinance No. 1661 Is ficreb amrnded to rend as Inllows: Th« *er\-ice road (unless constructe t» a slate highway rlKhl-of-wayl sha bf'dedicated lo ttie C i t y of FayettevllI upon completion and acceptance. Section A. That all ordinances nn resolution* or parts (hereof, in conHIc herewith be, and Ihey hereby are, re peted. "l^otion 8. That this ordinance shall be In fuU fore* and effect, from RIKJ ilter H passage, approval and publication. fASSED AND APPROVED THIS 21 DAY OF M A Y , 1974 ' APPROVED t RtMMll T. Purd Ddrlene Wntbroofc Cy Cert itc · a. TN TBE CHANCERV COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS DENNIS GRIFFIN and EMMA GRIFFIN Kilt band and Wife ex part* anc PLAINTIFFS NO, CH 74 -SOS Vs. M.' B. AUXIFJ1, EDNA M. A I J X I E f l ai3 the heirs and unteiown heirs, encolors, administrators, devisees, trutt«e« »nd aligns, 'Immediate anfi r*- m*e, of W. T. AimrAN, Deceased, and of W. S. PAIR, T*oeflsed. DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF PRTIT10N TO QUIET TITLE Notice Is hereby given that Dennl Gritnn and Emms GriTIm, Husband anc w i f e , on th« 18th day ol Juhe, 1971 filad ,*«ir Petition In this Court pra that *ald Court make and cause to-be entered ol record, a decree 'establlihlng quirting and confirming 11 Lie (o Ih folfcwjrtff lands Ln Washington Cbtmty ArkAn.^AS, t«,«it: The swij of th* swu ftf PW- 7, the NH of tt» NW»4 o( Sec. IS, and In Twp, 16 N., Rue. J3 W., conlainln 61 acres, more or less. All persons who claim any inleres In, title Lo or lien on *ald lands an warned lo Appear In safci Court vvlthii 30 days alter dale of first publication of this notice and show cause, If any why the title of the Plaintiffs in am (o said real estate should not be foreve quieted, eslablishod find confirmed. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I lifivi hereunto set my hand and affixed th# seal ol «ald Court. Alma Kollmey Washington County Circuit Clc Fayelt«vi1Ie. /irkansa Ka -« Chappel t DC Seal 4TC 21, 2S, 5, 12 ORIINAKCB NO. 20U AN ORDINANCE HE ZONING VAR IOUS PROPERTIES IN THE CITY Ol FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS: AND AilENDlNr, THE ZONING DISTRICT 1SAP OF FAYETTEVHU!. ARKANSAS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD Of DIRECTORS OF THE CITY FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS: Section !. That the zone rlassiticflt oP- the Jo'.lowine described propertj' be fliW Is hereby, changed as follows: R?4-7 described »s follows: iThe petition of Mr. Frank E. A s h b IT property :o^ale«i at 2362 South Scboo Awnue ; more pnrtlcul sriy desc ribe d a loflows: Part of the N\V',i of the N E L ot; fee. 23, T*1SN, R.30-W, being m o r p^rtirularly described as follans to.wll B^jtnninB; at a point on the East'righl ol ftiy ol U.S. Highway 71, which Is 1BI-5 I.-*t East end 7S3.77 feel axilh oi th N^i' coiner of said -10 aery tract si n^nlnc thence East 303 f e e l ; them N*,19 deire« M mlixiies 'Sast, 140 feet lh*nc» N El degrees 11 minutes 2$ si crt-.ds W., Z»,39 Jrtt, thence S. 21 rii gre«s W. 199 feM, to th* point of beyii aing. Oontainlng 1J3 acres, more or lw 7o reione from H-l. I/jw Density Rei cienlial Dis'.rict to C-?, Thoro-JsWare Com medial D:sirrt. Secfioa 1, Tfcat the official zoninc mi of* the C.iy ni Fay«te^lle. Arkansa be end is hereby amended to the erte aad in th? reifp-^rts necessary (o effect a ail designate trie necessary changes pro vided ir. section 1 hereo*. _EerfIon 3- T^a t th: i ordinance 1 sHal be. in f u l l force find e f f e c t from pn. after its pas sage, approval ar,d publl cation ; a nd all^s or pan i o ordirsnces in conflict twrewSUi are hete ',jv ropralcrl. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 2!S H DAY OF MAY. 1974. APPROVED Rus^a T. F^ MAYO* Atle^t : Dark ne Westbrook CITY CLERK ·· daUy add t. Jaj 4 it F*yrtterC!c. Art HKMBEB A9BOCL4TED PfTEB ^rjih-tly to the o*t tm rtfjb'jc*- Uon of all local B«WI pnnted la th!i per ts well ·· «U AP »-wi Kl ABTAJKB t«flol Neticvt-- O R D t N A N C K NO. 2^fl AN' O R D I N A N C E AMRNPINQ T1O O l ' N K H A ] , LAND USP, |»LAN OF TH CITY OF FAVBTTKVXUJ;. ARKA.N'RA! W H K I I K A S . I h e »).ird nf Directors t the City of FaypttcvJlk'. A r k a n s a s , rjcom il dr.drabtc lo Amond Ihe G r n r r a l I.: Uso rnr*rtv I'jan fur property low.. on h?tti (irfcji o! Hiffrjway 52 West from H i g h w a y Ti ni*«( to the Karmlnitor F a j f l t n v i l f p city ] i m l t y . NOW. T I I R R K F O H K . ttK IT OHOAIIS K D HV T1IK ItOAHl) OF 11111 KCTOll OK THE ClTi- OF FA VfrTTB\'lUj; ARKASl'AR; Section I. T h a t L h p floncTfil l.and Us Plan of t h e C i t y of Fayeitrvllle. A r k a n *^is, Inr property located on both side of Hik'hwy fJ3 West from Hifliwa· 7 HJTUSS to lh« Fa im! nR^on-Faxettevt 1 1 cltv llmili b*. and (he samp ticr*b i. amendM by delrtinz th* prm-Mons r «n-lc« roads w i t h I n the pmjwrly. Srclion 2- That all onlinnncea In con f l f c t hcrcuilh. end fpccHJcally O r d i n n n c No. 1510, be, and hereby are ref«;ikd, ?crtLo:i 3. That Biii ordinance ghal be In lull lorcc and tlfoct Irom n n after Its pasMiEe. approval and publl ation. PASSED A N D APPROVED THIS 21S' DAY OF WAV, 1971. APPROVED Russell T. Purd MAVOI A1te.'1; CJTY Ct.ERK Itc -21 NOTICE TO BIDDERS .S«Mled proposals addressed to Ih Pralri* Qrov* School Dlrtrirt, .Pralrl Grove, Artcartsss, Tor soppljiny ol R Ting buildings) th accordanrc "»'Hh th spec! f lea tlons and Inatrurtions hi bidder prepared by an official "ot the »ehoo district or Its agent, wilt be receive at the office of *h« 8UPKRINTBNDK.V OF SCHOOLS, Prairie Grove -School Ells trict, Prairfe Grove, Arkansas, until 2:00 p.m., Monday, July 8, 1971, and thi publicly opcn«d and read. A bid bond In. an am Dun I HjuaL t five percent ft%) of the total bid tnui aocompxny the Kd »s s suaiante* Hia If awarded Uie cor.lract, the BIDDER promptly enter Into a contract with the Prtlrie Grave HchooJ District, as outline In the tpecificatlons and instructions t bldderr. A performance nnd p a y m e n t bond [ lb« a mount of OTJ* hurrfred per rtOO%) ot th* conlract price will b* re quired, apeciflcAtlmi and: Instructions may be procured. Irom the ofU«»:pr U»-£UFEH 1STENDENT OF SCHOpCS, | Prairl Grove, Arkansas. ,^ .· \ i % In case of ambiguity ot- Eik m clear ness in slating prices In the propoi the OWNER reserves the r i g h t to arfop the most advantageous Inlerpretatlo thereof, or to reject the proposal. The O W N E R reserves the right 1 reject any or all bids and to i any and or all formalities. CSiirnM Randell A. Spca Superintendent ol School 3tc · 23, 28 IB tb* chancery court of county, Arkansas Laura coi, UkURA OOX, PETTnoNEB. vs. No. Ch 14-180 EX PARTE RF«PONDBNT NOTICE NoUc« 1« hereby (iven that there ha been Tiled In my office as clerk of th Washington County, Arkansas, Cbancery Court, m petition for the confirmation of Iba lltle (o: Tb* Southeast Quarter of the Northwes Quarter; the Northeast Quarter of th« Souuiwest Quarter; and part ot the South west Quarter of the Northeast Quarter described as follows: tti« Northwest corner of s*fd 20 acre tract and rurmlng thence East 400 feet, thence South 210 feet, thence West 400 feet thence North 210 feet to the point o imlnff, contAlntnit 1.98 acrec. moi or leas; all in Section 20, In Township 14 North, ot Rangfl 32 West, and con talnlne in all B1.93 acres, cnoro or leu. And the quieting of the title to the sai in Laura Cox, petitioner herein. All pereons claiming said lands, « my interest therein, are hereby warned to appear In the Washingto Court within »tx weeks from the date oJ the first publication of this notice and show cause why title should no be con Firmed In Laura Cox. Witness my hand us clerk of the Wash Ing ion County Chancery Court and th« sral thereof on the llth day of March 1974. Alma Kollmeyi CHANCERY CLERK (Seal) 4tc 14. 51. 28, 4 Warning Order In The CHANCERY Court nl Washing Ion County, Arknnsaa MclLROY BANK. Plaintiff Vs. CH 74-448 . B. H. MCLAUGHLIN and TREKA MCLAUGHLIN, husand a n d 1 wife; KAN SAS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO.; FIRST STATE BANK OF SPRING DAI.K, ARKANSAS; FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK OF PRAIRIE GROVE. ARKANSAS; STATE BANK OF NOEL MISSOURI; FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS and NATIONAL BANK OF SALLJSAW OKLAHOMA, Defendants The Defendants Kansas National Bfink Rnd Trttst Company, National BanV o SsJIliaw, Oklahoma, and State Ban'/ o Noel Missouri are warned to appen 1n this Court within thirty days am Answer the complstot ol, the Plalntit in lha abova entitled faiMe?- , ,. L , Witncw my hand «nd Msal ol thi- Court this 28 day of May, 1974, Alma Kollmeycr, Chancery Oerl By Kathleen Harness, D.C (SealV ^lc 31. 7. 11. 21 Three Sentenced To Penitentiary, Now Free On Bond Robert B i a s - l o c k . 35; Cliff Blaylock. 31, and Wayne Vermeulen, 26, all of Spring dale, were each sentenced in W a s h i n g t o n Circuit Court Thursday to eight years in the state penitentiary. The three were found 'guilty Tuesday by a Washington Circuit Court jury of burglary anc grand larceny in the theft oi color television sets f r o m Dennis Home Furnishings Store on Hwy. 71 South in Fayetteville. April 10. 1974. The jury recommended eight year, concurrent sentences on ihe two charges for each' man. All three are free on $5.000 aond pending appeal of trie case :o the Arkansas Supreme Court. Courthouse Repair Hears Completion Washington County work crews are completing fill work around the county courthouse and the old Armory building. The gravel fill around the buildings is to prevent hard-lo-- TOt grass and weeds from growing beside the buildings. Other improvements at t h e Armors' building include new aluminum windows and a new plate glass door to replace the original wooden door. Hagen Pleads Jim Hagen, 17, Sprirrgdale, Jleaded guilty Thursday in Vashington Circuit Court to a charge of uttering a forged in- trumeni. The plea was taken under advisement by Circuit Judge M a u Mn Cummings on condition that Hagen spend two days in" t h e ounty jail and write a 5.000 ord theme. i Fayetfeville Bicentennial Plans Hearing Completion Tlie application lo designate KjiyeUeyillo as a bicentennial community will he dratted next week. Projects (o be included in the application were reviewed and accepted by the steering committee at a Thursday afternoon meeting, Chairman Bob McKinney, president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs. Elaine Walker of the Northwest Arkansas Planning Commission will draft the application to be forwarded lo the Arkansas fiicen- tcnnial Commission. Mrs. Walker reported Springdale's application for the designation has been approved at the state level and forwarded for approval by the national commission. The Stone - walker house, which has been acquired by architect Edward Stone with a view of restoration, was discussed for possible inclusion. Stone deeded the property to Jw'Arkansas Parks Recreation and -Travel Commission contingent upon restoration by Stone. The architect was given a year period following the dc transfer in 1971 to complete I restoration. Christy said he h written Stone suggesting the r storation be part of the bi-ce [ennial observances but had received a response. Dr. Dwain E. Manske, pre dent of the Washington Coun Historical Society, distribute preliminary drafts for form tion of an Arkansas Slude Historical Society. The csta lishment of t h e society is on of the projects to be includ in Fayetteville's application. Cyrus Sutherland also d cussed plans for cstablishmp of a Washington County Reg ter of Historic Sites. He sa that plans were well underw and that an application wi cost estimates was beir prepared for submission J bicentennial funding. He also discussed the stat of plans to designate Washih ton and Willow Avenues as a historic neighborhood. AMPI And Justice Departmen Near Settlement On Anti-Trus SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) -Attempting tq-remove "an un- f a i r legal' burden" to dairy farmers, the board of Associated Milk Producers Inc. has stepped closer to an out-of- court settlement in a federal anti-trust case. An executive of the nation's largest milk cooperative and a dairyman who is a member of the co-op's legal committee confirmed Thursday - t h a t the ward has approved a proposed consent decree. If the decree is accepted by the Justice Department and by S. :CONTTNtrED FHOM PAGE ONI) ,0 take lives and injure," the suit charges. INVENTORY CONTROL The national company is nyolved because it has control over inventory and store operations, according to the suit. In compensatory damages, tlie Francos ask $1,300,000. vhich includes medical and 'uneral costs, loss of income and loss of consortium. Eddie Hawkins is seeking S1SO.OOO and the Ames family $750.000. Punitive damages account for i3,315,000 sought in the suit, included in that figure is $5,000 'or each of the three plaintiffs 'rom Bunyard; $100.OGO for each 'rom the Bunyard Supply Company; a n d . $1,000,000 for each from Western Auto Supply Company. The total sought in come n s a t o r y and punitive damages is S5.215.000. According to the suit, the punitive damages are sought "as deterrent to future ... dangerous acts." Attorneys :CONTTNUED FROM PAGE ONX) greater public interest lies in disclosing the subpoenaed evidence for use at trial or in withholding it," said Jaworski. "He is now the subject of an meachment inquiry ... and the subpoenaed evidence may have n material bearing on whether he is impeached and, if impeached, whether he is convicted and removed from of- ice. This is an issue to which le can hardly be indifferent." 'all in U.S. District Court and President Nixon lost court battles over access lo tapes las he U.S. Court of Appeals. He hen provided the recordings al ssue in that case rather t h a n ake the controversv to the Supreme Court. Nixon, asked the Supreme Court Thursday to give him access to the evidence which k-d he Watergate grand jury to name him as an unindicted coconspirator. the presiding judge, the com plicated case- won't come trial. ;-.:.,, ,, .-.-.,- ... The anti-trust" suit charge thai the co-op used strong-ar tactics to gain a hold on mi production in 14 Midwesler states. The suit was filed hei on Feb. 1, 1972, but has sin* been moved to Kansas Cit Some of the co-op's competito also filed suit. Numerous depositions ha 1 been taken, millions of doc ments have been reproduce and co-op sources say the leg costs may total between $3 m lion and $4 million. From the depositions an documents emerged some the disclosures' in the Wate gate-related milk fund co troversy, including a $100,01 contribution to President Nf on's campaign in 1969, whic an AMPI lawyer declared wa illegal. Many of coop member say any political wheeling an dealing was done by the co-op former management. Meanwhile, in Washington Ralph Nader has asked a judg to order federal milk price su ports reduced for the next : years to repay; consumers ff President Nixon's 11)71: suppo increase. " Nader's request was tained in a series of last-ditc motions filed Thursday in a effort to save a 3-year-old lav suit that challenges the suppo increase as illegal. U.S. · District Judge Willia Jones is to rule soon on a go ernment motion that the suit-b thrown out as a dead issu Jones instructed the gover ment to make the request. But Nader contended in · hi new motions that new evideni showed the support boost WE part of a "massive conspirac to defraud the treasury of th Uniled States and the milk-cor suming public." He asserted that the increa^ resulted from "a corrupt ba gain between officers ot the n tion's three largest dairy coo eratives and the highest of cials oi the government, to ba ter a government decision tremendous value for a larj contribution to the President campaign chest-,"^.' r - :: - : - r --_--:-: Nader asked Jones to' orde the Agriculture Department reduce milk price supports ove the next decade by enough repay the public for the 19 boost, which the consumer a vocate said cost $300 million 5700 million. Radio Stolen A mobile radio valued at Sl.145 has been stolen from s m i t h s Two Way Radio Ser- ·ice, 520 N. College Ave. Fay- ·tteville police said today. Paul imith, told police that the radio vas discovered missing Thurs- Voters Group Hears Urban Renewal Plan Rohert Dugan, executive u, rector of the FayetieviUeJHcws ing Authority .was "gnest'speakt at the Wednesday meeting the Washington County Leagi of Women Voters at the ho of Mrs. Fran Sauls. Dugan explained Urban R newa! plans for the downtow square area and a discussio followed in which question were posed on parking, the use of older buildings, includin the post office, and ways which public opinion about th plans can be effectively ex sed. In other business membe were urged to support bills f wilderness and land use and a propriations f o r educatii which are ilems [o be broug before the special session of th stale legislature in Little Roc next week, M. William Fields CHARTERED LIFH UNDERWRITER fPECTRUM FINANCIAL iERVlCES The Finest In Life Insurance PrtxJucrt* SOT Hathcock Office Bmldinz, 3W North Block R. Telephone: 53-5173 FayetteriU*. Ajkan»*» T7W Announcement of Limited Hours Tuesday, 18 June 1974, my offie* wilt EM op«n only in th« fore-noon from 8:00 until 11:00 i.m., »nd will b« cloMd every afternoon. Preference will be shown old patients, but new patients will be accepted on time available bash by Donald A. Fletcher, D. C. Olotitl Village -- 1Z24 N. Colirte An. - FayetteriDe, Ark. Community Group Reviews College Avenue Project Members of the Community Appearance Committee made an on - site inspection of t h e median along Arkansas Avenue as part of their Thursda; meeting. However, the grou; made no further decisions o landscaping of the area. About the only decisioi reached on the project was ai informal agreement to leave th area as natural as possible. Earlier in the session th' group heard a progress repor on the College Avenue beautif cation project. Committee chairman Stanle; Brown said he had made ai inspection of the planting no\ complete along College Avenu and found all but 10 maple an: six holly trees in place. Two problems with the beau tification project were dis cussed. Brown noted that veh cle damage was already eviden along College Avenue and lha one firm has offered to m a k i restitution for damage causei by its vehicles. Brown said that one triph island in front of a service sta ^ion had been heavily damagei by a vehicle. He said concrete dividers in the islands had been Broken, plastic had been cu through and plants disfrubed. The committee also noted .hat some firms are placing signs in the islands. The other problem is t h a . maple trees in the a r e a are not as tall as specified. Brown said the trees were well-fnrme and beginning to grow, but in many cases had died back due to wind burn in transportation from the nursery. The committee voted to authorize Brown and city aci ministrative aide David McWe thy to negotiate .with Maye Nursery for a price reduction due to the smaller trees. Brown said IH of the 14 maples wen not the specified five feet high. Crepe myrtles are still to bi planted when a decision i made on the variety to be used Brown said crepe myrtles are a good hot weather plant and may be planted at any time Brown also noted that the nursery has volunteered to 3lant some islands on Sycamore Street with junipers not used on Jhe project, donating the plastic underlay, top soil anc pea gravel. With only four of the seven :ommitt«e members present Brown suggested replaccmen if members who are not at ending meetings. The com mittee's bylaws permit replace nent of members who miss three consecutive meetings. T h e committee deferred action on a request for assist ance in landscaping a median near Shadowridge and Ridge way pending a sludv of the needs of the area. ' 2] The next meeting will be July Gospel Festival Set For Siloam Springs SILOAM SPRINGS -- Th Fourth Annual Four State Cos pel Festival will be held at 7-3 p.m. June 26 at the high schoo stadium in Siloam Springs Appearing on the program are The Keynotes. Joyfu Sounds, Gospel Singing Berg tholds, Cheryl Marveggio, Jiir Penmch and the H a r v a r c Trio. The Rev. George Vogt, wi serve as master of ceremonie for the concert sponsored b the-Chamber of Commerce an the- Ministerial Alliance c Siloam Springs. Tickets may be purchased a any church in the city, at th chamber of commerce office at the door. People Helping People J^lehon '* Directors of __i Funwal.Sarvic* {Fy Services; B(AV». Mn. Minnb -- Friday. 2:00 p.m. Chapel of Nelson's Funera] Home. Rev. Gaylord Hamilton officiating. In- trement, Farmintfon Cemetery. Obituary JASPER PENNINCTON Springdale -- Jasper Clinton Penninglon, 88, ot Route 6. Fayetteville, died today at Springdale Memorial Hospital. Born March 7, 1886 in Pcnnington Gap, Va., the sun of Andrew Jackson and Rebecca Dougherty Penninglon. he was a retired farmer and a member of the Pentecoslal Church. Survivors are five sons, Leroy ami Charles of Springdale, Andy and Vanis of Whittier, Calif, and Ardell of Fay- ctleville; two daughters, Mrs. Minnie Laves and Mrs. Garland Speck of Springdale; two brothers, Zack of Norman, Okla. and John of California; two sisters, Mrs. Mary McCurley of Fayelteville and Mrs. Martha White of Sallisaw, Okla.: 13 grandchildren and 16 great- grandchildren. Funeral service will he at 10 a.m. Monday at Sisco Chapel with burial in Friendship Cemetery. MRS. EMMY PLATT Springdale --Mrs. Emmy W. Platt of Springdale died Thursday at Springdale Memorial Hospital. Born at St. Louis, Mo., she was the daughter of Dr Richard T. and Emma Schuricht KreUschmar and a member of tlie Safem Lutheran Church in Springdale. Survivors are the husband. Hugh T. Platt of the home; three sons. Tom Platt of Springdale, D r . Michael P l a i t of Fort Knox, Ky. and Richard Platt of Fayetteville: three brothers, Carl Kretzschmar of New Orleans. La., Richard Kretzschmar of St. Joseph. Mo. and Ted Kretzschmar of St. Louis, Mo · three sisters, Mrs. Martha Luecke of Dallas, Tex. Mrs. Pauline Streufert of Cleveland, Ohio and Mrs. Milly Eggerding of St. Louis, Mo. and four grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Salem Ltither- an Church with burial in Lutheran Cemetery under the direction o f Sisco C h a p e l The body will lie in state at the funeral home until noon Saturday. Memorials may be made to the Salem Lutheran Church organ fund. MRS. RHODA LATTA Lincoln -- Mrs. Rhoda Delia Latta. 80, of Morrow, died T h u r s d a y ' e v e n i n g at her home. Born July 1, 1893 in Arkansas, she was the daughter of William and Ellen May Kidd and a member of the Mount Pleasant Holiness Church. Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Vera A. Kidd of Morrow; two sons. James V. of Morrow and Hugh of North Little Rock- two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Fusion of Antlers, Okla. and Mrs. Ethel Cox of Oklahoma City; six grandchildren and three great- grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Mount Pleasant Holiness Church with burial in the Bethesda Cemetery under the direction of Luginbuel Funeral Home. MRS. BLANCH CYPERT Washington, D. C. -- Mrs. Blanch Cypert of Washington D. C. r a former resident of Fayetteville, died Thursday evening in Washington following a lengthy illness. Mrs. Cypert was the widow of the late Boyd Cypert who served as business manager of the University of Arkansas athletic department. Survivors are a daughter Mrs. Betty Lou Van Zandt of New York City; two grandchildren and a nephew, Gene Cyoert of Fayetfeville. Memorial services will be held Saturday at Washington, EOA To Offer Food Program In Farminglon Plans to open a Farmington site for the Nutrition Program for the elderly are underway according to Mrs. Peggy Kord. director of the Economic Opp o r l u n i t y Agency's (EOA) program. EOA currently operates meal sites in Springdale, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove and Lincoln, serving nutritious noon meals to program participants Monday through Friday. "A community wishing to sponsor a program must first organize an advisory committee which will mobilize community support for the project" said Mrs. Ford. The community must provide the meal site, some equipment, such as tables, chairs, dishes and utensils, a stove and refrigerator; utilities; and any other items not covered in the program budget which the committee deems desirable. The advisory committee is also responsible for providing a volunteer force to help rwith serving transportation, carry-outs and clean-up as well as providing ongoing advice on other services to be offered. Finally, the committee determines priorities from program guidelines to establish eligibility requirements for participants, Mrs. Ford explained. Mrs. Ford has met with the Farmington Advisory Committee, chaired by Carolyn Carlisle, and is impressed with the volunteer s u p p o r t already shown for t h e program. Mrs. Carlisle reports the Masonic Lodge has offered its hall as the meal location. The Lodge has also donated a hot water heater and a three-compartment sink along w i t h installation, both required under P u b l i c Health regulations. Several organized groups have made commitments to provide volunteer services. The director said up to 30 meals can be allocated to Farmington. Initial outreach efforts to locate and identify possible participants for the new Farmington program will begin shortly. A participant must be 60 years of age or older or married to someone 60 or older. The program will serve elderly persons who are physically or financially unable to prepare nutritious meals or who are isolated and will benefit from participation in a social atmosphere. Anyone having questions about the program or suggestions as to potential participants may call the Economic Opportunity Agency at 521-1354. Couple Meads Johnny Bert Pensc, 48. and his wife, Mrs. Eveline Pense, 36, both of 23 A. S. Willow St. each pleaded innocent today in Fayetteville Municipal Court to charges of assault. They were arrested at 7:25 p.m. Thursday at t h e i r residence by Fayetteville police on warrants charging each of them with assault. Trial date for each was set for Jujy 29 by Municipal Court Judge Richard Wells. Pleads Innocent Lloyd Dean fx)nv». 18. Springdale, pleaded innocent Thursday in Washington Circuit Court to a charge of possession of stolen property. Trial was set for Sept. 9. Long is accused of possessing two tires and wheels belonging to Ralph Wohlford of Johnson COY MAC BOYD, D.D.S. ANNOUNCES The Opening of His Office For the Practice Of GENERAL DENTISTRY Sanders' CONTINUH) FROM PACT 1» rent one-year terms in the county j a i l on the second negligent 'homicide charge and on the driving while intoxicated conviction. Sanders later escaped whil» working on construction at the county jail, but was recaptured in Oklahoma and returned. Judge Cummings said Sanders had already s p e n t more time in custody than he would have had he been sentenced to the state penitentiary on a felony. The usual formula for frguring jail time for a person sentenced to the state penitentiary is two months for one year of sentence. Clark Pleads Timothy Joe Clark. 19, 105 Nolan Ave., pleaded guilty Uiis morning in Washington Circuit Court to a charge of burglary and grand larceny in a break-in at The Now W o r l d on »e Northwest Arkansas Plaza, Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings took the plea under advisement for two years on condition that Clark spend 30 days in the county jail. Accident Injuries Two G r e e n l a n d res'idenU were slightly injured in a two- car accident Thursday in Fay- etleville. Mrs. Lorine Bachman, 50, and! Clyde Hill, 15, both of Greenland, were injured when the car driven by Mrs. Bachman, while rurning right onto Government Avenue from National Street, was struck from behind by an automobile driven by Mrs. Margaret K. Shackelford, 33, of 1420 S. West St. Equipment Stolen A riding mower and a chain saw have been reported missing from a residence in the War Eagle area. Wendy Golden told Washing, ton county deputy sheriffs that her family returned from a tnp Wednesday to find ths equipment gone. Power Tools Stolen Mrs. Eunice Millett, Route 1 Fayetteville, t o l d Washington County deputy sheriffs Thursday that several power tools are missing from her reisidence on Sassafras Hill Road. Mrs. Millett said a drill, a power saw, a sander. and a saber saw have been stolen. Damage Suit Filed Parker Rushing of the Buckner community filed suit Thursday an Washington Circuit Court, seeking $10,000 for damages to his property from an accident Jan. 30, 1974. The suit states that a tractor- trailer truck operated by Bell International, Inc., and Saunders Leasing Svstcm, Inc., was traveling on Hwy. 265 near Rushing's property; lost power on a hill and rolled backwards, overturning and dumpirrg Us cargo of diesel fuel into a creek. The creek feeds two small ponds on Rushing's property according to the suit, and the resulting pollution caused the death of fish and the loss of plant life. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! U yon cannot reach yonr TIMES carrier PHONE 4424242 Dally a to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 8 p.m. Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. 106 North Locust Fayetteville, Arkansas Open Daily Mon. thru Fri. Telephone 521-3880 MAKE A BEEL1NE . . . for your phone and dial 442-6242 Why? To place your low-cost Northwest Arkansas T I M E S Want Ad! Why? To sell all the family's "don't needs" the fast and easy way! Why? WiUi all that extra cash, you can make a beeline for your favorite store! APPLIANCES _ Ktnmore wi*er «iv» dryer (Btn), Frleldalre rerriBeralor «i»l Kas range. All In a\^car!o green $5Qa Ptone xjnc-xxxx. Call sow! Our friendly ad-visors will be happy to help you word your ad to get maximum results. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS PLANNED USE REPORT GENERAL REVENUE SHARING General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly to local and slate governments. The law each government to publish a report of its plans for the use of these funds to inform hs citizens and to encourage their fartiapathn in deciding how the money ought to be spent. Wilhin the purposes listed, your government may change this spending plan. Oe « a ' n 9 TMw CATEGORIES (A) 1 PUBLIC SAFETY 2 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION E RECREATION 7 SOCIAL SEflVICS FOR A G E D Ofl POOR 8 FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION * MULTIPURPOSEAND GENERAL GOVT. 10 EDUCATION II SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 12 HOUSING*COMMUNITY KVtLOPMEOT $ 13 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL (8) 1,000 * 1.000 OPERATING/ MAINTENANCE [C) 1,000 _§as_ S 1, THE GOVERNMENT O ELKINS _ ANTICIPATING A GENERAL REVENUE SHARING PAYMENT OF. _ *2j 595 __ FOR THE FIFTH ENTITLEMENT PERIOD.JULY 1,1974 THROUGH JUNE 30, 1975, PUNS TO SPEND THESE FUNDS FORIHE PURPOSES SHOWN. V ACCOUNT NO. 34 2 Q72 71 ELKINS TOWN TOW" CLERK ELKINS fiRK 72727 O ^ D z a 09 3 O in O upon ml **,*, Totm Hall LEI ASSimAXCt! {»**«, hmaion. irruiummui M mm tm O S T" 8 John A. Bunch. Sr. Havor 6-17-7^

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