Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 20, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1974
Page 17
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/I U.V (*% WOULD HAVE U-tU/N r I GOT OFF TO A SAP FINISH ! ^/ "*· MUSEJJ CITY 1 --ART-- fl 1 MUSEUM fl 4 r f YOU WERE THAT CUTE SHOtJTSTOP TOR THE GREEN SOX/ WH.U«'IWAS JUST THIN KINS HOW MUCH RJN ITW3JL.O SO GOOD TO HEAR XOUR^ f BY THE WAV, WE...EK.Url..7f WE MU1T HAVE A BAP CONNECTION/ PEPPER. IT SOUNDED JUST UKE VOU SA1P BELLY . DANCER." VOICE, PEPPER.'.. WHEN 1 *'M PRtNGIMG HOME? A MOM. SHE'S VERY BEAUTIFUL. ARE VOU AMP BUZ. i I BELLS' PANCER. . Mve vtiu cossi AkTERMATE AiANS cf t SPlK K4V£ eo«w-ft.sweoNg Wk Mi W ENGINE S '-" COWl-AININ'ASOUT | yoW CAN HARNESS CTHWSOUKf Of POWER. / I'LL TELL V£ ON TH 1 WflV BflCKOUTTO \ T H ' WOODSHED WHffT HWeVOU rWTrTTER eeew OP TO WHILC i wuz WOODSHED, JOSHfllD? / HAD TO TUP.M DOWN! TH' SAME ( OFFER FLM CONGRESS, AM' TH V VALE SCHOOL OF ART/. r MAH ( LACK O'TALENT BELONGS TO V TH' NATION .V s ^^ IT'S VORE PATRIOTIC DUTY --i^r-f TO SPREAD ' YORE IGGORAMCE AROUWD, H U H ? WONDER MORON.'/- WOULD YO' CORNSIDER SETTLIN' IN DOGPATCH ? -- HAVIM' YO' *ROUMD WOULD MAKE US AU. FEE-L SWART.'.'' W rtiw. A MARTINI ON TH£ ROCKS WK UW . AT THIS YEP/ MY FIRST YOU ? PAV BUT MOW PIP YOU KMCW f on-OH/ IN A BAP MOOP TOPA/ HE'S TOOT^PASTe TUe "TOO HAPP ASA|N WHO OO VtSU THINKVCUfeE HAVING LUNCH WITH- KIMG FAISA1-? I'LL HAVE A Q-teSSEBUBSB? T AND COFFEE MD6UI fHRE ENGINE FIRST USED N MSSfl 34* YEARS A ___ RAILLE (I809-1852W Coop*Td/, FBnce.ttHO INVENTED THE TOUCH SYSTEM OF READlUfifOR THE BLIND, PUNCHED OUT THE FIRST BRAILLE LETTERS WITH IGKTIE of CHIM/IV, Belgium, : ORI6IHflliY BUIU SCO YEARS A50, HAS BEB4 BURNED AND RESTORED 7 TIMES UHICH HEBLIUDBJ HtM- SELF ACCIOENTALLY.IM ·MS FATHERS SK.EKV 'SHOT! AT THE AG£ OF 3 i' :il!i : ill t !|:!!llEillireiiiifii!iiiiiiiaiiii~iiiiir :iiiir;:iii:iii»i^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope 1» North WMt Arkonwt TIMES, Tfturt., June 20, T974 LESTER L COLEMAN. M. D. Acne Causes Mental And Physical Problems iiiiiiiiii!inni!iiiiin!!!g]ii!iiniiiiii!nui«!nniiw!!iiiiiffi!iiii!i«!iiiiiiunM Acne is such a common condition in adolescents and young adults t h a t its complicated components are usually overlooked. · Acne should not be considered skin condition alone. R a t h e r , it a condition where the s k i n shows the evidence of hormone changes in tho adolescent. The female and male sex hor- moncs t h a t normally arc in the blood of all people at all times may not he in proner balance d u r i n g this period. As boys and 'iris reach maturity, this ba- t h a i the psychological overtones of acne have deep significance. The appearance of [he !.kin creates embarrassment and may girls r lance j:is stabilized. Y o u n g girls have a small quantity of the male sex hormone, androgcn. in their blood. Boys h a v e a small amoiiul.of the female hormone, estrogen, in their blood. MSVKI.INU OKK When the leveling of and the balaocing process j s complete, acne, the skin symptom, begins to disappear, W i t h a better understanding of iliis cause of acne, treatment di reeled 'actors. The psychological acne are verv Look in the section in which your b i r t h d a y comes and find what y o u r outlook is, according to the stars. FOR FRIDAY, J U N E 21 A R I E S (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some news you receive may not please but curb tlie Aricn tendency to "explode" when annoyed. And d o n ' t vent your ill-lnmnor on associates. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Stars indicate a fine harvest from past endeavors. Reward come in the form of a promotion -- with prestige. expanded G K M I N I (May 22 to June 21) You can demonstrate y o u r ability to be imaginative and original now but, at the same time, be practical and do not abandon past procedures which have proved practical. CANCER (June 22 to J u l y 2H) Several chances to (In even better than usual. Take advantage of all worthwhile opporluni- ' A good period in w h i c h to try out new ideas. methods and LEO (July Z4 to Aug. 23) Don't wail too long before m a k i n g up your mind in matters where the time element important. Highly favored: artistic pursuits, travel and outdoor interests. VIRGO (.July 24 to Aug. 23) Don'l wait too long before making up your mind in matters where the time element is important. Highly favored: artistic pursuits, travel and outdoor interests. V f R G O (Aug. 2'l to Sept. 2,1) A better day for completing pending projects t h a n for tlic launching of new ones. Make plans for the latter, but don't launch until early next week. LIBRA (Sept. 2'! to Oct. 23) ^ A good outlook. But handle "musts" before embarking on the new interests promised in day's splendid activity forecast. SCORPIO (Oci. 24 lo Nov. 22) Some unusual situations indicated. In all dealings, be direct. Avoid devious tactics' or approach, and give others [he benefit of any doubt. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 lo Dec. Avoid any urge lo lake foolish chances, but don't hesilaie to make changes of Ihe potentials look good. Foresight needed! CAPRICORN (Dec. '£1 to Jan. A day in which lo make ne.. starts -- in new directions- to lead rather than to follow Whether or not emotional stres Jlays a role in the production f acne may be disputed. But there is no doubt about the fact Stellar influences pioneer. favor the A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) Planetary influences favor (he soundly Your mind should be^on present progressive thinker, past disappointments. (and future) goals. aspirations and PISCES (Keh. 21) to Mar. 20) Some unexpected situations could throw you off (he track, cause confusion or misunderstanding. Be alert: Don't be impulsive action. in either speech YOU BORN TODAY ARE a Gemini-Cancer cuspal (one born at the change of Signs) and, as such, are endowed with the strongest traits of both. The G e m i n i influence gives yoj a f i n e mind, a lively imagination, originality, extreme sensitivity and versatility; fits you for success as a journalist, musician, playwright or theatrical entertainer; also gives you a great love for travel and the outdoors. Cancer influences make you more conservative t h a n Hie true Geminian; also more conventional and self- sacrificing. Here we have the humanitarian, the dedicatee physician or nurse, the educator or sociologist without equal Truly, the whole world is before you -- to meet and conquer Birthdate of: Jean-Paul Sartre. French writer. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 40 Note in the 1 Sphere scale 5 Merriment 41 Strides 43 Time period 9 Mountain pass 12 On the shel-47 CandJeniit . tered side tree 13 Theater 48 Pretender section 51 New 14 Actress Zealand Gardner rootstock 15 Dynamo 52 Redact 17 Communist 53 Camera 38 Frightened part 19 Elephant's S4 Sea eagle tusk 21 Without 22 Move furtively 24 Discover 27 Madrid cheer 28 Duration 31 Fuss 32 Fortify 33 Born 34 Church part 36 Conclusion 37 Season 38 Apparent 95 Painful 56 Being 16 King DOWN 20 Large 1 Purses tank 2 Fish sauce Z? Incline 3 Miss Home 23 Watch over 4 Ogled 24 Cooling 5 Happy device 6 Fate 25 Actress 7 Personality 8 Weird » North or South 10 Above 11 English title Avg. solution time: 23 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Lupino 26 Anesthetic 27 Hebrew measure' 29 Honey 30 Lamprey 35 Twilight 37 Conclusion 39 Letters 40 Wire measure 41P.eel 42 Love god 43 Voiceless 44 Indians 45 Weights « Scottish Gaelic 43 later- national language 50 Russian community the underlying important. to cause young people , r oicl social contact. Long after the skin becomes clear,the psychological impact may persist. Thus, a great deal of patience, kjnry -,s and und e r s t a n d i n g must go a l o n g with' routine forms of treatment. Proper skin hygiene and lh» avoidance of picking and squeezing of the pustules can prevent Ihc scarring of the face that lingers after the acne is gone. Concentrated use of antibiotics has been remarkably successful in the control of this recurring condition. HORiMONK USE Hormones, taken by m o u t h and individually prescribed for each case, a r e of extreme v a l u e during the hormone balancing period of adolescence. This difficult transitional period rcriuires. a long with medical treatment, parental patience and understanding. Speaking of Your health... Th« kitchen to-ister can be dangerous if children prod Ihe bread with a racial fork while the cur- l!IIMI!!l!IU!UIIIII!m[!!!lllllll!l!N!ll!lllll!lUttlllll!llilll»jl!!lllffl B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' IndividaaJ Championship Play) tJDIII!!rin!lllin|[«llllin!]l[DI!lllll!!ll|[l!!lll!l!l[!l!||!J||||!||U!lll!IJM South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 9 7 6 4 3 V J 8 2 · 9 5 4 4 6 5 WEST * Q J 10 8 V 7 4 3 » J2 + A Q 1 0 8 EAST 4 K 5 2 V 5 * Q 10 8 6 3 + 9 7 3 2 SOUTH *A » A K Q 10 9 B · A K 7 + K J4 The bidding: South 2V West Pass Pass North 2 NT 4 V East Pass Opening lead spades. queen of fn playing a hand it is surely right to make use of well established principles. Their efficacy has been confirmed and promulgated by · the very highest authorities, and they tend to be a good guide in most lumcls. But -- there's the rub -'most,' implies 'not always,' and the sound player must constantly be on guard for the exception that proves the rule. Consider this deal where South failed ill a Frequently-en- counlered situation. He won the spade lead with the ace. played a low trump to the eight, and r e t u r n e d a club. East followed low, and South played the jack. · West took the queen and returned a trump. Declarer played the jack from d u m m y and led another club. This time the king lost lo the ace ;md West returned a third trump. Eventually S o u t h lost a inond and another club lo go down one. In effect. South was led astray by his holding of the K-J-x facing two s m a l l . Had he held the -I-3-2 of clubs, he would surely h a v e made the contract. He would have led a club from his hand at irick Iwo and later ruffed a club in d u m m y So nail down the contract. H was the inlial t r u m p lead lo d u m m y -- to gain [he illusory advantage of Jcading towards the K-J-x -- that opened wide the door to defeat, It is true that in most hands, with such a club combination, a declarer would not dream of playing the king, jack or four towards d u m m y ' s 6-5. But here, that is precisely what South should have done. Granted t h a t such a play seems sacreligious -- il grossly violates the r u l e of leading lowards strength instead of away from the fact remains that violating the rule insures the following it contract. contract, while- jeopardizes the PONYTAIL "Donald, bow about teaching me to surf...I think it would be a great way to meet BOYS!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BY! CX-EAR. Header* respond more quickly and favorably whca given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for th* reader-prospect to reach you. ATway* insert your telephone number or your name and address, If you do not hav« regular hour*, give a preferred time to have proapect* call you. PLACE YOURSELF in the reader'! position and Mk yourself what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you five will make a goA Classified ad, WANT ADS THAT FAH. to bring *alisfacllon do mo, not through any lack of readership, but because they do, not contain enough information to get prompt zction. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can be i«cured for your advertisement by ordering con*ecutiv* intertian*. You can atcrp your ·d la th* event of re*u]t» and then p*y only for th« day* it was publijfaed. Then ar« al*o very vpecUl rate* for tboM who ar«

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