Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 19, 1974 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1974
Page 27
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10 · Nor*w«1 Arkomot TIMES. W*d., Jun« 19. 1974 - ARKANSAS 74-Dag*, Co»» t F«t» 26-For SaU - Mt»*llanwu» AH triad doc srxvrmin*. alto boArtHrn for unall birrts, Mentbfr N.T1.G-A 751- FOUR otrt* Oerter *n1 TVrrlfr, 5 wwkii old. wmnM, ton «TWJ wriitr, Vic* nd wtiiit, btick, three milet, oc« fonik. $,\ frX) rhilllpi XTi A K O TM int TAlrn T*rrt*r», Paul f?;tfford, il'. Ark. Pnon* Wont To Buy Standing Hay, Irom :» lo 40.MO b.!-.- i. to cyj'.om hay baling, hM'l DCW Phone 442-7875 AKC REGISTERED GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Wi'l main txcpneni family fiops. P a r c n l i AKC nrjtttti. 4 inlci, 3 Icmaki. KO-J75 ·M «l «30 t. c«Uc« AUTHENTIC Indian and fur- quoise jewelry. Phone 5218457 for Information or bowing. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Nam* Brand Lines Comp]*i* ·«^*eUoB of «n veler ·ry tuppllec. EvtrrtblAX or youl animal. tte Sharping C«cter, Hwr. 1C Eut COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment Call 4 4 3 - 3 4 4 1 CoUlcr* hu 50 Ib. uclu of WI «nd K*sco dog food. ComIct« Line of Pet SuppUtt · · I! Collier Start*. PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johnson* Groomcr Individual Attention -- No Tran- qulll^ers used. Personalized groom- Ing dont with tender loving care OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANV BR£XD Pbona 4i2-tS2 day* or ·vt 25-- Horn* N*Mlt--For Sale MOV1N*G, mast it\l dinette, i'panlrti bed roam wile --- t\aetn vie. ModlterrflnMn llvin B room. rioubTe horl, wa ihor, d ry rtfriferalor, Im-zcr, H I r-conditioner, u G78:ll llrcs. 3 sluidPd lire!. Alter p.m. 731 .liM. J. O, I'EN'.VKV'B portftblc deluxe A mpnt s\ie cloVtes wather. like new coiid tlo^, uaetl \ery UH1«, JIM Pho^e a*l and toe ter-totlPr. VSO. 521-61M BEARS WAther * dryer. Excellent co d!Uon. flRi for bXh. 9U2 Rug K rbor.e SZ.-a'ttt after 3:00. ATR-OONDrnON'tR. Holjjolnt, 1E.OOO PTU. J.^3. Phone «2-48IO. NOW OPEN W« buy, tell trade new use f u r n i t u r e . We al*o actl freight rlam »l«d a l l typei of new f u r n i t u n for Ictf, t h a n you would pay a n y wheri rlie. We alw do upholstery W ° r 'GLEN'S FURNITURE Phonf MOVINO musl fell, a n t i q u e double bed with matlrrr/sprinjrs, HO. Washer dryer, 175 Like new. Pullman 11 lire sola be^, J190. Grcon corxi vclvc rtulr, $?0. 16 c-j, fl. rrfrigerator, U or,* jrar, UM. 521-1502 rr IPC *l car w'r FTWay fi In S, Saturday all day 1506 Oolumlm Bh-d, MAYTAG mi rame. Ro'iil iwitRhle tj-i writer, chcsl o; d rawer s. Phon e 4- KKKP carpel clrAnfnj problems small -- u i e Blue T.uslre w»H to w a l l . Rcnl rltf trie shitnpoor Jl. To'.lc tMmiiurf. 603 and approved by millions o homernalreri. Blue Lustre cirpel clean* Ii tops. Lewis Bros, on the Mjuarr. AIR oo^'D^^o^?K^, IK.WM BTU, run I«wJ. |«0. PJKKie -H2-5M7. FRIGIDAlREJ washer, ?45. console TV, fS. Elpctroluv vacuum w i l pftwer iwfftxri WO Can!s1er vacuun with hairdryer, !15, BIGGER BEDDING Owtn snd K i n s siie ma tress anl t3 ·prints irts. New shipment. Kxcoplion; Queen value at ju-.t S129,?:i for 10 yea fuarantet orthopedic set tx^li or tprn' ·v*i!tble. Unltrd Fteicnl Sales. Hw: « West. ra«Hev!llc. Open 9 lo 9 Mo: day through. Friday, lil] S Saturday. TXO door C.E refrigerator, mnwer. S3. Toy r!icM bxiV Fivt ft- pool table. !!:. S21-^1 DINING ROOM an-l .ibiftte lurnilurc. 8 new table rt.n I r (t!s. some with mAlrJii ns phiru r*biflel£. STwnish, Medlterrar.piin. Italian TA rlr A merirar.. and Ow1 ein^ora ftyles i-'ive p:cca dir.fltc ju.^l 159 . cas.h or tenns. UNITED FRETGHT SALES, Hw; K Weil, Fayettcville., Oio on Satucday. 30-Want»d To Buy 'O S f t . (.-net'-k-CTJt cou,i!prs. Fornun ·pod. JW.OQ each. lAdylikc Shop. 521 VOrtTV acres, inixM cran hay. istai in fiHrl, C l e n n , m o ^ f r ) twice !, -. Include* nmp lite itorago in . THklnp of f e n . I':e*v rntbt o f f e r . Frank I). Giles, 4UAi:», 2:« lloc-h, Apt. I. Wfi have several l't*s of treasure find. pr«. ^fon1 co.ii c ry Ward. M A Y Jni m!e. very Rood /rw\ic and er liny. Phonp dayi. 75*63)1 or 751. , flights, 3fil-2fnU or 3l8-7iH. T\VO Inrh pump, Homellle (rh^ln »aw, .ji with pressure l a n k , mli«l!aneoui. ie 52H117, 1S3 E^^t rrruped. J B K K E l t l ^ ripe- U-pVk or w* pld Hwy 12 N, of clllty. fl!ow ilzns, O ""-2SOO. Hiuebero 1 Hills farm arwt nu: y, Rt. 5 Kojen, AtV, Brlnx j-our ·ndi, KBJflJILT iBwnmovrere. Us«4 mai ;ht and Kid. rhon« 521-4639, iftcr 5:00 p.m. buy: Klertrte train. Cal noon uncrt retrlgprators, rsnecs, color TV's, reaioriabl*, will deliver. 521-41JJ BEDROOM SETS (4) Some ill!] In ladory pacltlnn car tons. These sell Include bed wllh. hear! board, nialohlny drener, plale mirror nnd chest. To Ix? solrl for JHO.M fi or KK termji available. UN1TRD KHKIGIIT SA.LEA, Itwy. SI' West, FAyetle vlllc. Open 9 lo 9 Monday UirtrJah Krl. ·"" 6 on Ralurday, 7RUCKLOAD SOFAS . . i mathina chairs. Too manv, mas let Co flt ro, IH9, and $13n per aet Finest ronstniction and fabrlci. Cas Irrms avallnble UNffKO FF!BIGHT .KS, ir*y ffl WPI(, FayettevlUe Ope 0 lo if Mai. through Krl. till 6. Saturdaj 1974 SEWING MACHINES '6) CXimprclc with Ftrctc^-slSUii. huiltl butlon-holcr, rnonogriirnmtr tijt-iay an a hast rrf decorative stitches. Nalionall ndvcrti.scd at J-1M -- Our price on JIOT.K! All .slcc] construclion with fu 20 year parts anrt labor cuaranlee. Cn^ or (crnii availdblf. UNITKD FRBIGHT KALIiW, Hwy 62 Weil, Fayetlevllte, Oi f» to 0. Monday through Friday, til] Saturda. USKD Ktonarch mo-lel 80 martin? ma te. prints 1 part or 2 part tickets Print! A p i n e a l lamt time. Call 413- FUN--QUICK--EASY "Needlp" U designed to m a k e rllf f j c u l t lawn maintenance ax eai. as ijoing fishing. Grass and w e e d a n i s h from trees, roclts, fences mlvcrts, and! flower bed border .n n m a t t e r of seconds. J THE NE EDi BY WEED EATER LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Phone 521-7071 P.O. Rox 611 FayeUeville, Ark, 72701 iTETAL Deleclon -- Oamrt, UM pn (essloaal'j Choice. Gold and allver ortn bmi2hl and laid. CkJJ Ab* Unooto. *SffJ. P~Bftn. A r». PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 27--Musical Merchandise rOlVKRFUL Saniul amp, new Pitme turntable, Sansul spakeri w i U i new wo ers. Must hear to appreoinle. Fpparati or together. 521-SKG aficr 6 p.m. ELECTRIC range -- Kenmore. double oven, harvest pvd. «xc«:ient cwi ition. Jl'-fl. Ph07, SHAGS REMNANT SALE ll'xlT* G r e e n 13-X36' Olive Go'.d R Purp R*?. 8* Price Fri S 77.00 3 ;v.M 77.00 144.M K.OO 1W.M 73.M 27.50 . . JS'xH" Pfcos 12'xl5' Brown 37x30' Otl Wiu IZ'xIs' Bus! 37x8" Fr**n I2*s9'5' f Green ITxlO" Bronze G.-Mn 12'xl3' Gold 32"x16' Gti.4 17X11' Off Wnit* 17T6- DaVot* G^d irvr fteioti Geld WA' Brosrr, Urf Yereary . IS (.CO ft^M ffi.M . BI.CO 75. W RJ.W JO.CO S1W 47,50 IT.M 73.00 (Id f iyett*vi!Je SEWING MACHINE CLOSEOUT *S.9S C3) Miut le! Ui««* few m3ch!r.e go ai a bffoir p;ic«. Z,y-is. «ii;1o«d faobb.n- No atUci-JBenls r-tfifi tw bottorJ-rO^n, moriograir.i, irA dfcor- · Lvt »iiUTiM. Qu5n'Jt(« are limited Cash or wnni. UNITED FREIGHT EALE£. Hwy. 62 W»»t. Fasettert O?«n 9 to 8, Mcr,d*y through »:d til B 01 Silurtay. HOME FURNITURE FAMOUS 8--Antlquet-Fer SoU Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Pnmitlv** -- GltM :hln* -- BrajM -- Colltcttir't He ma YairEe Grove. Ark. Phon* VANTF.D: Hay conveyor, Csll 751-7353 C S C O I N S H O P PAWN r-inf 200% Over Fact for Silv«r. Buy Sell All U.B, Co!ni 1X1 S. Thompwn 731-1711 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 1508 ABOVE FACE (Subject lo d a i l y change, call for q u o t e ) . Also need small coin and ttamp collection.* top dollar paid FAYETTEVILIE COIN STAMP 2561 N, College, 321-6421 WANTED 2 ton 'S5-TD modcJ Chevy GMC, or International wtthot wlthoir bed. Must b« e«x] truct 751-«39t THE UTTLE WOMAN 4--ApoihiMHil* For Rtnt TWO bedroom, furnished, new tmrpettnj itieUii*, «lronditiored, very clean, 15 month Married coup!* only, Phoni 43-XtJO. «n1r»l heal anrj air, wtH-to-wall carpet 00 plus bills. Married ooupl* only Phone 4124BM. "For $6.95 you can feel like a millionaire!" 34--Apartment* For Rent 34--Apartments For Rent ONE bedroom fumlsnefl apartment, summer special, K5. wUhout utilities, wirry no pels. Phone 321-549} afler 5:00 p.m. IWE ST PRICES FOR GOOD USE D FUEIWITUIIB A APPUANCXS tNOLUn. ENa ANTIQUES U2-3EV1 31-WanfedToTrad. CAN OFFER 5MALI, J ROOM FUHNISHED HOUSE AND UTILITIES TO YOUNG M A R R I E D A G R I STUDENT TN EXCHANGE FOB FARM WORK. 267-3W7 33--Rooms For Rant PCOPI.K'S INN, 311 West M o u n t a i n , hac a Tew rooms n?tn from 512. DO per wc«k, Plwne KJMflOT. 34--Apartments For Rent MCKLV furnished Ihrte room apart- merit. Northeast Joeation, convenient to hospitals. Private front and rear tn- trancei wllli vard. Air-mmlHIonKl, pan- f J e r l , rarpeleri. ceramic bath, Phone i!2- 4ioi or sai-sas. THREE room basement apartment, furnished, utilities p«!fj, prefer working couple, $100 a monlh. phone +12-2227. HAKWMKNT ellirl enry a pa rtment. 3 riywnr, 2 blocks from campus for very r/uirt student. f#, bills paid. Phone 23H. HKDROOM furyjishwj ^fflcffrtry apart- enl. Air condiUoner], all u t i l i t i e s paid Q per month. Call Schulli * Tayjor TWO bedroom apartment, all rarpeled extra ntcc (urnlshinps *nn ampefi tral air. no pels. (130 pJui electricity. - Ft)RMi11?:n apartment KUIIN'ISHEU one bedro conditioned, can«t, pri Plr. !S.x. no pets. -I12- om apartment, tir vate parking, sin. a3S. 442-fiTW. XURNIBHKn, 1 bedroom ne«ly decorated carpcled, no pets. 113-1068. ^ ·.F=-fcS.' Now Taking Application for SUMMER FALL CALL 442-8722 Corner Hill and Potman Sf*. ROOMMATK ^needed, 2 bedroom. eJoi* I,AF!GK, one hpdroom nltraeUve funilih IHRS. big closets, near campus, quiet NICE two bMiYvwn, \i nfu mljshed. «n- tra] hp-al and air, carpeted, married couple, no pclj, Ph«i« W3-3355 or 431S after J p.m. GARLAND GARDENS prote^lonnj tuniUbls is Hie heart o! the AX lOOO/Udnard stereo sjslom. 1EO watt snipl!f:cr and precision AM/FM bterco luner, with KET rircuUty. 10" woofer a n d wide range hor/i d I miser. Ore ycwr u^rantee jw*rts nnd labor L'sts at r ^. but w f l l jtl| 5 fll j^o.95. rash or I C rms . UN ITKD FIE EIGHT SALES, Hwy Rl 1 \Vost, ^yellpvllle. Open 9 to 3 rvnrJa;- L-iroujh Friday. Till S on Sat- rday. AIR SUSPENSION SPEAKERS Pave M:r. Full specs incu!d e w i d e lonal i-ra^iovi-r, full j^aranloe. Ik-autilu! walnut s t v l i n j with moMed Drills. Pair of shakers just f.15.95 at UNITEIl FREiKJirr FAIX?. Hwy. 62 \Vps1. Fayetlpville Open S" to 9 Monday thro'jph Fridav, tai 6 o.i Faturday. 28-Antlqoes--For Safe H«r- 112 North - ·H3-1SFJ 2000 N. Garland -- Faycttcvllle 442-8981 -- Mgr. (K«n Claire No. 94] SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FURNISHED one Anil two hedroom np«r[- ments. alr-coadltioned; corner of MAp!e anri Washingloa. Xo cliiUrcn or i please. 112-^:^9. KKW, v-iry r Ire, two b( rj room, tarnished, Cloie In (.'ampU-T. Dishwasher, elc 5HO plus ulilitics. Ffcone -H3-4757 I^RGF, one flnd two bedroom, wall to wall carpet, central *ir, fumljhEd well off street parkin?, yood nelsliborhood, «3-?5ffi afler 4:00. FURNISHED arartment--cfrieipn^M, me and two bedroom-some-alr conditioned; in ver' quiet envlronmenf, close to cam p-jj. 511-2235. FTTR NISHEP, two b*dreom5, car . Within w.ilkinz dislar.rft of campuj, off s:rcct parfcfnf. f l W ptm atil:(iei. ~ ' 442-71^1 nl1er 6 p.m. COLONIAL ARMS 211 N. L*v«rett -- rayeM«vlll« 442-8981 -- Mgr. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE UDE tie ui WIN ·[Krunm., -- --. nioned, ihag carpet, dlshsrsslrer and al panelH, |135 per month, you pay WJ1« nrt eiedrlclly. call Don Ulnzttdin« sa 163 or U2-S153 ifler 7 p.m. TJRN'ISRBD or unfurnished, 1 bedn 641 VVhllham. 3 blocks lo Lnivir UNFURNISHED apartment, two bed roomi, |.y»-t« per month plu* V clean ip deposit. Reference reTulred. Bout Bloc* Str. Apt 12. 443-7790, NOW LEASING ^ ^ Friendly Family Atmosphere. 1, 2, At 3 Bedroom*. Furnianed or Un- furnLshed. Stariintr at $101. Central heat air, Atl utilities paid ex cept electric, Complete laundry fa- cilltiu. Da yea re center on premice*. Country Club Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201: Alter 5 p.m. 21-37M REALLY NICE, nne r 3 bedroo ment on Kiywood Ljuit. Phone apart- THREE bednXKii, u^wrnlsfted apartment, Hi-Kay S! Weil. Pboo« 443-90W or JENNY LYNN 1L S. Duncan -- FayetteviHe 521-7240 -- Mgr. Apt. No. 15 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE SUMMER SCHOOL At aummer rates -- 8 units -- 2 bedroom townhouse, I'/s baths. Atr conditioned furnished or u n f u r n - ished. D[*hwaihcr. disposal, frost- free refrigerators. Shade trees, Balconies. Electric range. Quality and quiet. Ready now. Call 521-8660 or after hours 442-8071. 80S TOWNHOUSE 808 Lawson St. TOWER APARTMENTS. One and two bedroom, furnished, doie lo Univenlty available lor summer and fall. Call 521 2i6 or 4424K2. APA RT^^;^·T -- DUPLEX ES -- MO BLUl HOMES. Furnished and onturn l i h e d , Hanna MailM 00 W. «K Pboot 531.9585. BEHIND THE WAU APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and Z Bedroom* Fumlihed or UnfurnUhtil May 15th. for aummez and fall. Phone 521-2761 KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Fayetteville 442-8981 -- Mgr. Apt. No .M SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE NEAR UNIVERSITY, on« bedrofMn, TM. peted *!r cocditioned, 1100 month. All ulilitEn paid. fI2-8H3 or 5ZL-TS4. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bedroom*.' central heat ant air-conrtitionin^ r dispo»). of street parking no pets, Available Immediately for aunr mer and fall. M05, plus *50 depoalt. Wilh fireplace, $135 aummer, J150 fall. CaH 521-6S43 or 521-1KJ MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two. three 01 four bedrooms -- Furniched or uiv furnished. 3M1 Wedington Phone 521-7206 -- Office In Apl : Fayetteville'i Ntwest Apart m«nt Garland Garden Apis, 2000 N. Garland Fayellcvllle PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS FUP-N'ISHED verj- nice anS «»7«n!mt NettlCihip Apts.. IS40 Nettieship, FTiOM 5H-3373 AHer 5 call «42-90W. SPECIAL Any Living Room, Dining Room and Hal! Any Living Room and Hall S j QOO For Any Additional Room Don't Shampoo the Dirt Further Into the Carpet, Steam It Away. Owned by Bob Baker and Bob Ross. For Further Information Call 751-7583 June 19th thru 21st, and 24th thru 28th B B CARPET SERVICE AMCgTOWN. 53) Bocth Dmrcao, furn. shed oce bedroom apartment, air-con a G L E N D A L E I Renting for | Summer {$125 Per Monlh 1 1 Bedroom Furnished lAlso Renting for Fall: ·-·1 All Utilities Paid, $ Swimming Pool Centra] Air Conditioning Call Paul or El so Rosenberg 632 Putman -- 442-6631 NOW renting for summrr and fall twa bedroom iparttnnetl. Kfrrr In VMtm«nt CV., 521-4190 M2-2SS7, B21-4.H NOW AVAILABLE 1 3 BEDROOM UNTTS AT IEVERETT GARDEN APIS. Friendly atmosphere Z large pooli recreition room. Summer rite* fectiv* June lit. CALL, S21-7200 9 TTLL 5 HOLUNGSWORTH ARMS One blocV south of the Scienc Ertfineering Building. One and tw bedroom, furnished apartmen available now. Also leasing fo summer and fall. Summer ratej 821-383S. SKULL CREEK ARTS. HO N. L«T«rett 521.2761 1. Z, and 3 bedroom fumlatwd o unfumt*h«d. All uUlitiu paid, tw. ·Wlmmin* pools, tcnnii oourte laundry. «roc«ry. ea* conditioned. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 17« N. L«vtrett - Fayeltevill. 521-3313 -- Mgr. Apl. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" « Bedroom 107.1 Two Bedroom 125.1 Three Bedroom 143 i All utilltiei paid, central heal an a/c. unfurnished, families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1C56 N. Lewis 5J1-3UT3 Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays SuntUyi RPRRTMENTS i*^' SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occnpoancy. Also fe June fe Sept. Completely carpele All utilities paid except Eleetriclt A r k l a gaj heating and air con! tioninj. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhiun B e a u t i f u l l y Decorated Frost-Frpe Refrigerator 16£-Lb, Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Cnmpleie Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Metmar Drive Office V13-2141 -- Apt. 100 CREEKWOOD VILU Oi*ck Thee« TcaturM! Central A i r · Sh«f C«rpet« Queen ilz* b«ds · Fro«t-rre« re- ic. · Dithwasher Dlipojal Pocl · Fr«» TV Hookup. Low |117,SO -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills piid exctpt electric 443.'»S« 7-Mobflo for Rent SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY milt* 1) of A. -- 1 mil* NW Ark. laza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. PhoD« U3-2452. URNISHKD · p«rtment JI» per month, nfurnltli«d apartment 910Q per month. ) bilii pid uetpt wtter. Ml WUtium, 5--OupUxvs For Rant BKDROOM unfuralth*!, water paid, ST. per month. Phone A42.TT32. N K bedroom duplex for rent. 160 a orth. A.II utilities paid except electri- ly. »a deposit. Phon* OVtfiBj. WO furnished diiplexei lor rent rv*fli it Univenlty, US, bllli piatd, 1110 per lonth plus utilities, Phoiw 443-30W. WO bedroom duplex, near Univenlty ^fumlshed, 1100 per month p!ut utllltli nd iteposil. Phone 443-4314 after 3 p.m BEDKOOM furnished 1123 tfcuth W« I'cnue. Y. 30 deposit and on* yea ase required. M u s t be quiet ooupl* middle-aged widow. 4-13'CTW or WO bedroom duplex, 1125 a month. Ca 1 Illdred Graue, -112-J340 or Stagecoai ' ' . Estate, 5O.-USO. TiVO BKDROOM dup'ex, unfumlthi. tove. dishwasher, dlspoul, waiher/dr r connedloni, fireplace, Rool ffciioo 1 rea, fully *hag carpeted throughout entral air/heal. 1190 pei month, phon 21-1825, S'EW, two bfdroom unfurnished apart ment all ullUtles paM, |135 p«r PhJJl tp« Drive, 5a-71«. UARANTKED QUIET. OOUpIei and ure ilnflei only. TWO bedroom on umlhsed. except itove and ntriftrator 95. Call 521-1 Sat afler 5 p.m. TWO tudroom. »hax carpet, itore « refrigerator tumlthed. Oontrai hMl ai 'r-oondltloned, jarbase disposal, wash- ~/dr3'e r con nectlotis. 442-B97S. 36--Houtei For Rent GB 3 bedroom, near campus. Aval ·hie now u n l i l Au^ist 22, Utilities Turn shert. Deposit required. Phone 443-ZS7 t $pac*« rWO bedroom, furnish*!, *l! o n . Vhenandoah ViU*. $110, fit paid Phone IW757. Villa MOBILJ HOUR PARK C«ntral location * Oversized lots * Pave Streets * Swimming Pool · Piaycround RecrMtlofl bld« » Storale bldg * Unde^ sromd uUlitlei * O£I Street Parking. Hwy. K. 441-221 AortM from HoLtdiT Inn FTIRNTSHED mobile homes Also for rent Wayne Rink le Mobile Homi Park. Hwy. 1R Eail. Phon« NJBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK at«ct* * Air-wod. noMii boom lor rent Good MTU* at Oood Piicei Weft End S -- 1H ml. N.W. of UoTA. CtU 521-9S39 or 38--Mobile Homei For Sale J9ia H.RJ MOBILE hofti*. three liodrooi 116 baths, excellpnt condlllon, fully ^.h carpeted, lull)- a n i l nicely furnished, 1! itcrraneati/and Spanish decor, small equil and assume lo^n. 41^-2956, OABEARD Paint now offering Topi heav duty alumlntzed roof coating (repair decorates, Insulates, preserves, weathei Itroolc) 1HO N, LcveieH. 12\S1 IOBILK home. IKgti quality, furn ished. birch cabinets, washer/dryer, ex wllent conrlillon. one owner, S*.900. 5^l-17.|J sflcrnoons anrt evenings. SRVVLY decorated, unfurnished, Iwo bed room, one bath, living-dUinc com rc/riwrator, buil1-in stove, ca ocated Hiway 16 West, dose-in, re respoos ib'e couple, Ml 0 ]e r mo-ith. Fnone 521-2069 or 44.MK8. UNKUR NlfiHED. oM*7~~t»UM7~M 1^Range nn;i rorrigorntor. ilszorbtck Rd, Phon* -142-9048 utter 5:00. UNFURNISHED three brtroom. available , ?150 r«r month, deposit. Phone 442-87TO a f f e r 5:00 p.m. NICK, unfurnkhed 3 bfilroom house with family room and 1 bain. North of University, married couple rnilv, No pelr S135. Utley and Co. «42-KMt. PARTIALLY furnished 3 bedroom houw. ·Vest of airport, li mile up Mountain Drivr. phore 441-^98. TWO bedroom tiouie. Hi way 1« Wes1 170 per monlh. Phone 443-H4. 3 OR 4 BEDROOM MOUSE with large yard. l'/ a bath*, carp«t. drape* close tn public school* and Univcnity. Available July I. $180 month, references required. Phone 521-U80 8:00 t i l l 5:00 and 846-2014 T 5:00 p.m. CHANDLER Tratrer CbnfiY. indi utlonwlde. IOO 751-0822, Jobnton. ArtL MOBILE HOMES SM ML Comfort Rd. - ra_v«ttevUl« TWO bedroom unfumisbed, Mntraf heal and air, washer * dryer connections, carport, *125 per month. Phont On« New 60xM MOBILE HOME fully carpeted, central air-condi tioned, all bills paid, one year r e n t at a time, must have the first and last month rent, $175 in advance. Phone 442-M71. 39--Office Spac«, Buildings For Rent ONe 1 bedroom mobile home. 1100. One 2 bedroom mobile home, 1100. These are all carpeted, ftir-conditioned and all bills paid, $35 cleanup deposit. Phont 442-8«n. TWO, three ,a/ifl rour bedroom houses for rent, furnished, compi«lHi' carpeted ilcely decora tad, des!pn*d lor itudonU ·nd faetilly memben. 443-7141- FURNI5HED, two bedrooms, alr-con- ditloncd, carpels, paneling, new a p p l j . es, [urnlshed, garage, n-asher-dryei IAM, no pets, deposit, married eoupla. 37-Mobil* Hornet Spac*i For Rent FREK rrnl for '^ month, modern, close in riofA, shipping, worlt. two bedrooms JIOO. Also have on« bedroom, Jia, WJ- 4589. TWO 1 batiroom trailer houses, J100 pei rnonU?. hills paid. One bedroom, $55 pei month, bilU paid. Phone 443-tM-lS. 12*60 at Greenland Gas, water, Il furnished. Ad u I ts onl v. Individual lot Phone 442-H30- 3 BEDROOM, certlral heat nnA a i r , par tialiy furnished, Hi baths, Phonp, days «3-aoi, exl. M5. Nights: 52i-3W7. 12X14 -MOB.H.E home, two e.\1ra bet! rooms, livi naroom a Lladic-J. a cr* tot ?L"0 per month, first and last month rent. T;VO bedroom and sludy, pslrtlally (ur adulls. Hime 53-5162 or sn-SXHL Trt'O bedroom, furnljhed. water anrt pa paid, no peu, both 10 and J2 wide, *] Rir-cofiditioned. Phone 357-3519 Ar (on- TWO bedroom, furnished, *1 r-condilloni and carport, quiet, reliable couple, rlo»« jn. JS). Phone before 9:00 p.m., 442-7553 GOOD COUNTRY living apacps at Green Acrei, IS West Phoi* 443-W2S. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974 14x70 TOTAL ELECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 2556 Mt. Comfort Rd. %9 \?xS5 mobile tiome, alr-condltfoni Hrpeleii. two bedrooms, two talhs. t liheil. jrocxl conitlllon, ivkllabla summ Phwie 412-2970. SALES and ,'ARK Open tu beh tvtnlji« OFFICES FOR LEASE Only 3,000 sq. ft. left in ne professional building. Wi : inish to suit tenant. Amp parking space. UTLEY C0. r Inc. 442-8241 RARAGE for rent. Oonoca, Hwy. We«l Fork. 8S9-0528. »-Offic. Spoe«, BuiUln«t For Rent B and wtrehom* VMi. ·** «"*- 1 » i r and h»!. on MM* Hiwl, to ·prlnrlale. Photn T5W4». 'US room. !.«» square fwt. mrprt pin«to«, 1CT. rh«;« Catl «t W»»j. 1--For R«nt-Misc«llan«ein SECURITY SE1F-STORAGE SIZE UNITS. NIOHT LICHT1NO USINFSS OR HOUSEHOLD rOODS LONG O R SHORT TERM ENTAL E. 19lh ST. FAYETT*. If.T.F Fhon* TSl-TOM 2-Wanted To Rent Or L*ae ·OULD like (o rent paiture for herMl. hone 5L1-H31 afltr 6 p.m. 43-Rwl Ettalo-Wantod EVRRAL acres in Ihe Ozarfcs, n 9lre*rn $3000. OilltJen, 326 fl hice iTesa, AK. 853)6. WASTED to rent nr leai*: Patturt land, 000 acrei or more, any tad ill slaa creates coruldirad. Phone aft*r 5:30 45--Lots For Solo' fUCT Mcrilic* beautiful lot In RelU al 1970 Mies price. Call Mr, Tom, «3-3*M S-5 or Wl-3179 evening. 46--Farms Acreages TF7N irrei, dly water, nctura] g«s, tcared, In Ihe city, lam barn, 4) ACRES, a i l or pMri, u mile from lakt, i mil* from pavement Cah, terms ot ontract. 4W-5ST9, LAND INVESTMENT 52 Acres just off Highway 71 between Fort Smith »nd Fa-yettevill*. n Washtngton County, Priced b«- ow market with extended interest only. Term* available and tow down payment. Call Associate* Realty Co.. A.C 214-5M-W22, 60 AOREfi of Umber lard, IpriiUt fe«J pord, hunter's paradise, ^300 per acrt, Canoliill, Ark. Phone S3)-5637. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NXW AREA. HAS A BEAUTTITUI, VIEW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER. 442-7511. :/)NG TERM LOARB CM i*m [arms-- Federal Land BanH A H2-7S for nwr» Informatfon. an4 I 47--Real Estate--For Sale-- IF YOU'RE THE PAETY that \ small acreage clote. to I t i w n , on pavement; Call Mary Ann Rhodes -- New lUtlng 17 acres on Hamstring Creek, fenced permanent pulure and aome wooded. Call today. BIG BUSINESS Invest in this rabbitry or chicken set-up juat West of town. Approx- i m a t e l y 2 acres, large itre»rn on pavement. Priced it JuU $10,000. You the need for four bedroom -- Butterficld School -- formnl l i v i n g room -- large Den fire- plnce -- Loaded with extras -Priced low UO'a. N e a r i n e completion VA commitment A- Bpecrfilratton. 3 bedroom, 2 bath -- Price Ht $21,000. Another dream homt -- Different yes L Can be S or 4 bedroom- A Fra mo n a t u r a l «to n e tr tm. 2 l /j h a t h -- Double carport -- YES TREES! A-M3 -- Asbcll school -- 3 bdrm. Double rock fireplace -- Ui b a l h very atlracttve -- Call see to appreciate. Price 129,500. Maxine Smith Leroy Wlllij Bill Keeton Patt Carmichael Mildred Grau* Bill C, Graue 3 FEOROOM hou*« , Grove. Near dnwnto hood. Call lG-3Sci3. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! W» don't need special summer rales... We offer reasonable rent All year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kjtchenetts $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorback Annex - 375-3951 THE PICKUPS HAVE ARRIVED AT LEWIS FORD!

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