The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1936 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 4
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The Aigona Upper Des Moiaes, Algtma, low*, Anpast 36.1936 Soml C&ksdar tfe? 200 UWES FROM 4 AD) GROUPS WHTTTEMORE GUESTS, ST", ftSQ sxra ft Hw5T. illMj betn^ m son the- late ti»r trmn: Sis OT tii* ureuAiB. fr ! 1/141! "lIllll^ n? fibs O* SJM!' WlJTJUOBT' tH^jfc. a< a» FaJkerfjBiner on Baywvrd Bey at Ota»- TftM^a^ ^stt^a^aJ^Mi^ a« mi. • u. ^tf'n., XwMW ^KAXwnaZS^ T^TSJT JwP*- dame* & E. McXabm A U FVter- •BB, T. P. gat t^ny.lon. W. K. Fer^- VMB, W. B. Ovarian. C. B Msr- tagfe. j. W. natlii tin Dennis G«e4- «r». F. I*. Triban. M. P. Wearer, and M. P Haggard. Mr*. H. K. KJ B JHCKlf tblilXHT ROfi tin? s^Rsliwir trrniw Kt tirf J*BtTfe T^'UlT'SidRJl 1 fcjtW- ^"^ry J6.TT-. 36jTt3y B r#f Oatnras. FDWtt r^ J&rs A S Mrs. H R. O* tbe flsstrir: ran- }i»uS be?? it A&n&s ir C*rt- r Stum at tbe 2:3P Ttonr«- ti>t MCBrt high WUUIMI OP a» pr* FS-ew-h. Mrs M£ McCuaongt ««ert of the «**. A ttor« ownw j dimwr wa» aerred at noon »!• the '! Par»«i« Tea Room. The aftermwc j Xrs ~ E *a» Bpent informal}jr and at feridye i et the cottage A buffet hmcbeot | »S« serred in tb» eresBinj: j Tbe nriflf» «ai* of «.;^..^ I a mwjii^i ^,^^v a ^ ^*" Mrs. ann Mrs. I. Wcmert Jeft ; for Xa^cra FWlfi. X.. T. ' atSeirS a» »-dau't^ rf aiear pan., i About To ion Soys Mr fiusci C§T?" xu£$iT trf M«. T. P. Harrington entertain- j Brron CaldirtE of Grays Late. E. ed twelve guests at Ber borne on J ••TOE tfee hi|* prtae for bnopj: and Batadrar ereBiar at a «^e dSnuer j Mrs Victor Pamon* a» «WOT>C i and contract bridge p&rtr. Mrm I hig^ Tbe efaft presented Mrs - Free won first pri»e in j Kenneth Seeley wBfc a gift as boss' or of her aacaaxiPiHUrfflffl^^ O faf 1 JESJTJP^ Al^TtBft Sf BJ v r~Jt*ck *f* ^fr^* Al*p¥ Ssisz.. AsSHjArtfT t£ XT. c&S 3Cr^ Ht*«rt 2 %•*!?*> cff Baffsati ?c, T Tb*> rs^farooET -sriE tak* JKSC* st Ux* TCstJT^ar isc BsS&&. 25 B iLraflmtlc -off the iiiEt fi^soci &xt^ t-OTife Vris W-CTTK at tbe UorrcrBSTr B£ Itnrm 'WTtCTC fa? i 'KtL-1 VB*3 feQX B- A. 833^ JT tsujiit ^*i&i^. t^tfut. T*b?p~ ^'-iau? RT bf rer*sr«d Jni Pix D. from E F»tff nnrrcrsdtT of Ofcir st fat &B£ li"pc;i df BrltS df fSBTCSBCSBt ir'itis rrBf&. LuVerne, Lotte Fairville, West Bend Entertained i Mr. »»a Mrs Tom Kelrr ar* S j parents tg am eleven t*nmd giri. I Mr. ana Mrs. Barney H«~vk* of \ Bw-ea CSlv were Wtiittemare callers Whittemw*: The SL Paul'* Lotfc- ersa Ladies' Aid tuxdrtj- wer* bost- €S5es 7%Qr9da?* to neic3ibwiiig Ladies' Aid societies. Th* visiting »'eic LaiVern*. FairTHte. Laitjs Creek rafl West Bend. Tfcere an. Mr. and Mrs. L*wrenr* Laidley and ttoeir eoti at 3|uiii Mary Catherine. Imrids sad Alice Crowley of WtirwanlLeL, arc vtsitm^ at the Sen FarreE base. Bffiy Littfctom of Whitney. Iowa. fe vuiitiug * !th his £ratvdpam Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wter. for a week. Mr. and Mrs. WO RIBS*. J •I'm* at Fort Ooo£v last w t'tli OB Monday where tbeir dtBdren's toa- nvw auc feitteaiei the be- Th- ramrcitt**? on the eotertaxn- . —jrart w-rr as foXfows: Mrs- Ixros . manbewL Tbe J GreiiRrt. Mrs. Win A. Rase*. Mrs. Mrs. Ctareoc* JWfcw* of Garner ArtJiw VoifS. Mrs. Bdward Wich- J came orer Thursday to tak« in the iBndaid. Mrs H ft Eamscb; msna. | creamerr picnic and visit at itoe Elmer Belt Mrs. J. H. i imental home of Mr aad Mrs. Art Mrs. O»rw Meyer. Mrs. Fred Farm Loans 4% Haggard & Falkenhainer **-ST v O O O O 5 O O O O O O O O O O in 1834 he agut^ital a position j ti« I>B Pout OB- n> d« re- } u oik. bnt rgatjjifj litst faJ! j bet-Bn» bead of tbe chemistry { at Xmgxra CnJ'-eryitt. j he has b?"cn dnxnc rs^- ' warfc for J>a Pacts, bat v-23 j rwnane h» teaching this faB. His \ bride bai been a tucker to tb»: Th« W"emerts wiE risrt ic PtfnTc lK!5ui 9 tii^y rptHm. Mrs Aaprat Taadt i nrstion. Mi» Adelia Bc£. Mrs. Ho- I po M^^cr. Mrs. 8crtart fore StOSsaf ixt Jrnrt. lent yo« catr* j piaaiat. Mnr Addia Belt A tc Tnarrr a Truisocisi aid berome a , eomr inea»ai» by a» fcanfi wiapw, "Band V^dBw~—-pn- j Mrs. F. O. Halm and two one art leiiw2 title for a FU££e$££d ziw ^ ptays in»ry preve&ted ladies* chib L-RS; irpek's menu for ; lB^315BCr?<C JRflBxuB^ R*^1J* H^ . Af TTHstdar nifijt. K. & H. i cgnpty gKQienng at Slim paKtoTf i M 9dnc9>d&y ^'f^**i DJIGA nistrt. band cooeert. poeS- acrtm&i nf rain bot tbe men unHomed az^ out.: d«Bealiai) aerricei at CStr. Satu; Oaj. -DKiaQr late braraen* fir tnost members. There piris. if rwt> nigbts a -reek are snf- Sciejrt with a nosbaxtd. go to it. «re several horn tooten A number of retalives from here attended tbe funeral of Cbaa. Ronpe of Alcana Saturday. Tfeoae attaao- ing from here were O. H. Roope. Frank Rovpe. Mr. aad Mra. Mei- Tia Ronpe of West Bead, aad Mr. and Mrs. caajtoo Crook of Em- Mr. and Mrs. W1I} Maah* aad omngtiters. E3da and Srerjn of OamybeO. Mbm_ rf-turued to their iMn&e I^MH^ mon^Bg aCLcf i&g a ireei with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Oar&Bte veot to Oedar FaOx Weaaesdar to attend graduation oT their daaghter. Rtrth. TTDO has attended Kate Teadiers CoBege for the peart tiro Ont of tpwz women a*e stiD echslag the praiM of tbe partr beid at tbe Aomna Cotmtrr Crab inf. We4newi«T. aad rneutioDeie m tbe Advance. They report that the last ef priiw wa» particaJariy tmpoE- isf acd fu* a ed a wide range of &rUcief tc tbe extent that name of !t» wicnen did literalrj- "bring 3sten» the bacon " The prizes were fc«- the golf tournament and NOTICE Kesar Dinnrr— Mn Eari Taylor and Mrs. L. J. •erred a picnic dinner at of There Has Been a Drastic Cut in the PEACH MARKET Ixns of Decver. Ccuorado. Wednei- ; day noon. There were thirty reJ- presear Tbe afteraooa wai T "Sf^- r ^f ^ I home a Denver, after tevuig spent the entire sunnner nsitmg m Al- BxmB - ing alone. While not a matrnnon-; ial bBreaa. names wQ] be furnished oc injuest. b th* days of taw atorts aoi iagpin^ train! the xnonae and the woman were bitter enemies- In this en of knee high dieasie* there IF no need to jump on a chair. there u nothing for the loosae to hide under when *cared- From the Pratt Electric company comes Mr. Hoppe with hit idea of the zsost besstifo! t»»rr-g i- the world &i>d. is truth, fail words are agreeable. Girls of vanity with looking-glass puichritade dont be *J- arnsed Mr. Pratt nominates rotniM A moose, tbe cleanest of ^loaised ic a i eJ i^ety cosh- ion t-4 CUM to Baa. Word was reteU-ed here Thursday that a daughter war bora to Mr. aad Mrs. Them. Baas Thursday morning hi a hospital at Stortlec. Minn. This hi their third cfefid. Mr. aad Mrs. Ralph Bartlett and then- twins. Dicky aad Buddy, aad R«th Sehiueder of Bart letuiuej where they spent tbcir Mrs. Marr Folej aad am, Dan. laagbter. Joaie, virtted with Father John Fniej- at Prafrie da Quen. Wo_ but week. The? mlaa viatted with tbe Walter DvHerds at West Mr. and Mrs. W91 Travis and their damtMei, LMOB* aad aon, A**, or KtiBotfm, Wls, are irtsBm* at the bom* of Mr. and Mr*. H. d Meyer- Mw. Twi* is a dangh- tx^ tiff Mrs. Mejef. Mr. aad Mrs. Walter Vandt and daughters, Dawn, Phyffl* «a4 Jeaa- home of Mr. and Mrs. «wtt Btftu- ke at Bennett, few*. Ott t»Msr t*- tarn they •topped at the Lottetaa hospital to hare tittle Jean** ton- cite removed. No FUSS or Bother with COM. Bobford's Peerle*» Chemacol Caal the preferred foe! tor rearm. » give* «ff afctaltfcfol Wft »* It Or«er to it Botsf ord Lumber Co. Q<HXHKHKHUBXHK«eugg»Cee8^^ Sophomore Susie Says: It's Easier to Concentrate We will have Box and Bushel Peaches For The aH Lower Prices* Try Our Meats Swift's Premium Bacon ______________ pkg. 20c Pork Hearts ____________________________ 5c Calves liver ________________________ Ib. 20c Baldwin Food Market HoM Mrs. Wi2 Kugert, Mrs. U C. Kngest aad Hties Dicgiey *rere tostesses at a 1 o'clock luncheon in the dining rant: of Hot*} Algona. Saturday sfteraooc. There were 33 goeats praaest. and they spent the afternoon playing bridge First prize was woe by Marguerite Een- efick, second pnxt by Mrs. Meizar Falkmfaaioer, and third prize by Mrs. Boy Keeo, Members of the Home Builders of the Methodist efaorch met in the church parlors Thursday evening at a picnic sapper. There 30 aeniber* present. Tbe pic- «ru originaEy placned to be at the Call state park, but 6e- of the raia it was ircpoas-bde. The eveiuaj was sptct Sunday Schort Oaw Piouo— The mer=beri of the Happy Helper Sunday *cii&c« citss met lyi a Picuc «.: tbe state park Tuesday afteraocc The c.iis u under the ! 3S of Mn. A E tfai» town acc4s at a 1~OOIB- 1 &C C ^fUi^yyhfy {jj C?CaB3~ Emot afford the of a 7 a j 3y. ac is done in most Patronage of the laie rest room is proof of it! needed •continuance. It j isn't proper tbat a woman, whether t wife, mother, daughter of cicUr, should be sees naming up an ally i or dodging around a jutted corner j of some store building. Tbat jus the situation today on a amafl cole. It may read rank to tbe pious, bat it is tbe truth. A totiet is a necessity of life and be denied one place or another. tie rrerii*r! oj her bridge club CJE •Jit: Tufc»-iaj- f.w.srig« wtit ' Uirt-t Visit* of orvlgt Mr and Mrs. Htroid Kaec«« a&j ISr tnd J£r». Jo- r-nifci uti.: ID Wed. Timrs. Fri., August 26-27-28 ma Henry Stefale» new It dfctat cane wish tbe car bat a useful accessory added by Henry, who wffl not drnCge its source for there remains a duplicate in case this one wears oat. Here is how to make one. Take a ladies' silk stocking, split :•. open at the seam in the back, cut aS the foot and spread it over the radiator secured by strong cord and you have a perfect protector. Algooa's aew paridstg system is g:vt££ excellent results. A few compl&isu. and worthy ones, are ix-ijig cesutl People who buy heavy orders of groceries are fore- fed to carry there quite often to their p&rked car a block or two ' awsy They cannot stop in front of a ctore for Uus purpose when all of the allotted parkl&g space is occupied. Mr. Merchant can readily orerccm* thu for a few cents a week and better his trade with new customers while retaining the old ones. Hire a school boy on Saturdays for the sole purpose of car- ryi£g the sack of Sour or the box 'A groceries to the customer's car. Sort of a bell-boy type service cow in vogue at hotel*. The boy r-etxii the work tnd tht nickels and tr.t rr.trcr.iti;'. r.e*ds the boy and tst trade « « • Frrri* Mian- car ii*i sprung. c^rduxg u> t-§ i ugjy w&t request E&turdey, Ferns rtceivtd & t/uz of tcrwtr* it ccsidoietcat front r_-t Tbe interior of The Earth's &gtt Tbe Air's Vcr.t 0*r Tbe *wid 5 Great ttit Oceaa hs S*41»g f |k*f PtMrtrs Us Item* est Ffc^t rts CUsui! Rolfe To Sponsor Softball CHINA^tLIPPER i PAT O'BRIEN *ROSS ALEXANDER ' BEVERLY ROBERTS HUMPHREY BOGAiT MARIE WILSON : -j. '.-rt,t u, c*t a v.; -viri i: ji^ic ut e*ia*r to t~t vf 'Art ^;«- -r-g r. ~^. 'j. vtst tt*as jutt ti* J*r«- Saivfcy MUeSkw What Happens at Partial HUeottt Crime* by Hatds Afofeut COM Wonumliood.' Snwatioiia/ Expo* of a Natiomal Menace Wone Than Plague! ONEMGHTOF BUSS THAT LEADS TO A THOUSAND NIGHTS IN HELL! ADULTS ONLY! All Seats 36c That's Why Students Rank Christensen's Shoes Highest It's well nigh impossible to do two things at once and do them both weH' r and that goes for doing your lessons and worrying about your feet Christensen's Shoes let yon forget about your feet... an through the day aad long after your last class is over. Christensen Bros, Shoe Department ' aae&aaaaattaacfartciaaai^^ ^^ ££& workicg on a It didn't heal &c- «t4ic*.uaii» so tac u^pctatea at t&$> ^ U MT> ^° ^ *? The JARMAN FRIENDLY SHOE State Fair Opcm Friday for 8 Days jvug 2? Fcwi Dodge Prize lau MM; has Tr... iL>t.t "icy c! here state fair U>* invasion of who arc t»- Beef Show Coming 'i^*t t * w - S|x>rt Call Patiie Earlv Bird aiui Ail iHin7iTTt^i £790 to rr>-ii/ ii^j wiM be Attests peitomuuice We are proud to o3er you Jarman Friendly Sioes—We decided we wanted to give you the best shoe value in America, and thai s just wmu we are domg. We can give you any style you may prefer m the*e uuitrt shoes for men. Brogues »traigh| up* plajn U*e» . wing tips ... they're all waiting for you, right oo our shelves. Used in the** Jarmnn Friendly shoes are fine, rich leathers selected to give you long wear and fashioned by expert shoe makers. Aad the SUM in which Jarmaa Friendly shoe* are made cove* a »*>** that will give you an exact Mictton for your special sfcoe sue and width. Our fitting experts will give you just the size you will want in the style you prefer. JARMAN FRIENDLY SHOES $5 5 . a Up bal •jxijr for dr«M or *lr»ei, with tuu. rii« "Tudor". , In* popular J»rm»n IPriBudl •~:--i Jeeatri a.;} 'be t-cid . f-ifi; Ltrt it'M. iej/t 7 ti Comiog sept. 2 WLS Barn Dance liuad »Show Attra.-tiuii—iiijti :->.* p. m. ou the , "Lift Begin.-; at T ig^ Ht.'tScra iu» .tUt oiiG i-H cJ'.'t iii Ettr«s» <kir«.d> ifcct-i C. HbiCcrt oi A ir. ft .t of b«> ,- s. (4 u.* eight day *a- runcicg from - A. were an- by t if l<i»t t if ir, offtc- E.t^u Will iririiMJ**: tj'.^-i &uto rteti. Aug. S«pL. i, with entries by tuny of the p» lias's orjvtr* Uona nces {our Aug. U tfarcmyh Stpc every cigbt with over 360 MISBACH CLOTHING COMPANY "Serving KoMutfc County a G«n«rac»an"

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