Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 18, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1974
Page 9
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Two Pulaskl County Prisoners Drown In River LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Two prisoners at the Pulaskl County Jail apparently drowned in the Arkansas River Monday while FAOTtmU * * STARTS WED. "ChMriMdcrs" 8:55 Itay gae tMr al for tne team! on a work detail at the Pulaski County Penal f a r m west of ticrc, a spokesman for the- sheriff's office said. Lt. Gene Walther, public information officer, said a seavch for Ihe bodies of Varncll Johnson, 16, of Little Rock and Freddie Lee Tidwell, 22. of North Litlte Rock would resume today. Walther said Johnson and Tiriwcll were members of a small work detail hauling sand from the river hank to fill holes around the barracks of the lann. He said the detail was not heavily supervised, hut he slid he did nnt know how many guards were with the men. Johnson and Tidwell. who apparently could not swim, decided to wade into Ihe rivtr and ventured loo far into iiie switt current, Walther said. Witnesses said Tidwell become Irantic and grabbed Johnson, dragging both under water, he said. Walther said he did not know for what charges the men were in jail. Swift currents prohibited the Little Rock Fire Department's Rescue Squad from using its boat. However.- a diver attached by a rope to shore, searched about 45 minutes Monday without success for the bodies, Wallhcr said. TUB AIRUHC SERVES THREE WILD DISHES TAKE VOUR CHOKE REDECORATE The finest in residential interiors and exteriors. JOSEPH G. PRICE Contractor of Fine Painting. 521-1598 Pump Stolen Ken W. Lazenhy, Z024 Wedington Drive, told Payetteville police that a sump pump, valued at $100, was stolen fram the basement of a building owned by him at 324 N. West St. The theft occurred during the past month. COLD STEEL ON THE OUTSIDE ...ALL, WOMAN ON THE INS Discriffliiulion Sail Filed After Fighl UTTLE ROCK (AP) - A suit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court here alleging that a rule prohibiting fighting at the Controls Co. of Amerca at Jacksonville w a s illegally used by that company to dis- scriminate against blacks. Mary Abernathy, a black resident of Pulaski County, sait in the suit that she was hired by the firm in 1966 and between then and July 15, 1969, several white co-workers had harassed and insulted her. According to the suit, Mrs times to company officials bu thef were insensitive and tool Abernathy complained severa no effective action to preven the continued harassment. A white co-worker made ra fially derogatory remark about Mrs. Abernathy, the sui said, whereupon Mrs. Abema thy struck the employe. Mrs. Abernathy was summar ily dismissed for breaking th company rule against fighting the suit said. The suit contends that t h . rule is "yague, arbitrary are applied in a racially discriminatory fashion agains blacks and against the plaintif in particular." NOW SHOWING Policewomen 8:45 Actress Dies ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. II (AP) -- Pamela Britton, wh played the title role in th "Blondie" television series an was a regular on "My Favoril Martian." died Monday of can cer. She was appearing at th Arlington Park Theatre wit Ton Knotts. in the play "Th Mind with the Dirty Man." Sun. Mai 2 p.m. MU.NCWMAN THE STING , WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Op«n 1:4! T*. 7:001:40 tun. Mat. 2 r»m. STEVE DUSTin mcQUEEnHOFFmm ti a FRAWLWI SCHWFNlRllni PflMLLfln HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. H* F.ZZ.V NOW SHOWING Open 8:00 · Billy Jack 8:45 DENNIS THE MENACE NwthwtM AriniMM TIMtS, Tim., Jurw II, W4 VCTTIVILU, AMAHS*.* 'I KWM LIKE rr/JO/ protects children BILLY JACK BIB"""!! 1 """"./ :K -- J«tt Mr tfc* fun of N "BUTCH CASHDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID' PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD DOUBLE FEATURE PROOKAMi FTER 2000 YEAR ILLUSTRATED 10VE SECRETS OF THE ·Lw)|ii l a MliaMWua at MS IPG1 *un. Matine* 2 fM. LAST 3 DAYS where the lilies bloom rnrm. T-.U Frt i Sat 7:00 9:2 lab-Sun. Mat. 2 p-m. I Van Buren To Get New Wire Factory VAN BUREN, Ark. (AP) -Officials of Bekaert Steel Wire Corp. of Belgium, one of the world's largest independent wire manufacturing companies, announced Monday that a 520 million plant would be built here. A. J. Van Goylen, president, said t h e production of fencing items for ranches and homes would start at the plant In 1976. He said the Van Buren plant would ease the present shortage of barbed wire and baling wire. Mayor Allen Ray Toothaker of Van Buren said t h e plant would be the largest in the city. He said that initially SIM per sons would be hired with the employment to increase to !,00{ during the next 10 years. Toothaker said t h e plant would be built on eight-acres north of Van Buren and would be financed with private funds. He said the amount needed for the firm was more than that allowed under an Act 9 o 11960 -bond issue. Lineman Wins Safety Medal LITTLE ROCK (AP)-- Jame E. Ostie of Little H o c k a senior lineman for Arkansa Power Sr Light Co., receive the National Safety Council President's Medal for Lif saving Monday. Ostie and APL- crew mei bers were installing an air-co ditioning unit in a mobile horn at Benton Aug. 1, 1973, whe they were told that a man h been electrocuted. Ostie pulled Russell Tanne of Benton from beneath the m bile home and applied first ai restoring Tanner's breathing Bud Michael, APL ere member, radioed the AP Benton office for an ambulan and Ostie and Donald Carre n o t h e r AP-L employ watched Tanner until the am bulance arrived. Dr. C. W. Jones Jr. of Bei on, the attending physicia said Tanner "is alive today b cause of the prompt and kno edgeable action of the AP crew/' \ HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Praises For Parents Pour In From Teens EJSKBHinSSSBgSCHfiESiCIGC'iTiSJii y HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL In yesterday's colufnn, we ·oted that 8« per cfnt of th6se nswering our questionnaire fdr hmarHM Teenagers said they It their lives so far had been pretty successful," and only 8 *r cent indicated they did not nj»y being teenagers. While the estranged minority ound little to like about their parents, compliments by the undreds poured in from ap reciative teens: ..."My parents let me express ly feelings and teach me not j be ashamed 6f my opinions v«n if different from theirs. Th«y accept m« for what I am. ot what they want m« lo be." ..."They've made me conli ent." ..."Dad doesn't poke fun hen I ask a stupid question [e explains." '..."They 'listen' me i n t o liscussions I might never be .ectured' Into malting, and - urprise--they usually turn oul ight!" ..."I like my folks' sense o umor. their trust, and the way he yreally understand am tear \vhal I'm trying to say.' ..."They don't hold grudges hey fight fair, not bringing uj the past (like »e year I messed up with drugs)." ..."They're honest with u tids. We respect them becaus they respect IK." ..."Mom and Dad can kii around and we have a ball, bu when it's parent-time, the hang in ttiere. We know ou limits." ..."They're w i s e , gentt people who love God and eac other and me, no matter what.' ..."We're good friends." ..."They can act like teen agers and kid around and no be so straight-faced parentlike but Mom can always sit dow and have a serious talk, an Dad can give you a nice 'yet ing-at.' " ..."My folks see me as human being, an individual wit views of my own which the accept without condemning." ... They aren't afraid to sho they love each other and the children. A sudden hug or pat on the hand or a speci compliment is a great thin What I like best about m parents is not only that the are the way they are, but th they simply are!" As f6r th* estranged minority how did unsuccessful, un- appv youths get that wj'yT ccbrding to our computer rad-outs, most have th'tea ings in common: they rata tir parents as "not much in- rested in me"; they rate tfteir arents' marrages as "poor"; nd, of course, they rate par- nt-child communication at near era These are the boys and girli ho, when asked, "What do you ke best about your parents?" eplietl. "Nothing!" or "Their inncy," or "The occasional mes when they're sober.", or What they buy me to keep ie Out of their hair." (To the question. "What psels your parents moat about ou?" a New York boy an- wered, "That I keep on Hv- ng.") Disinterest, it seems, is the ommon denominator in thii inhappy group. Children can ake--may even welcome ,at imes-- parental anxiety - · or verprotectivehess. b u t - i f hcy're pushed aside as a 'bother," they're apt to see hemselves as worthless. Extreme dislike for parents-especially for mothers--is also )redominate among self-haters. A Texas girl wrote, "I idolize my Dad, but he's never horne. My mother? Who needs a snab- by, hypocritical, nagging phon- ey like her? We can't stand iach other." Feeling unloved and unloving at home, aimless young people often turn to compensations which only compound their failures. In the "I don't like myself" group were most of the teens who believed "sex with anyone, any time, is okay-why wait for love?" Also, a higher percentage here use illegal drugs and want no part of a "traditional lifetime marriage." Although nearly two-thirds ; of the teenagers questioned said and had good communication with their parents, 48 per cent also indicated they would like more open talk at home, and and even greated number believed their elders could "tell them something they don't already know in a way they can accept." 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