Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 17, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1974
Page 16
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u 0 North*** ArkanMi IIMki, Mon., Jun« 17, I V / 4 2S-Hom« N~a«-For Sot* 7--Musical Merchandise SHAGS REMNANT SALE mm Cotor Jl'xir Grwv rvpocr 12-Kl6 - Olive Orern 12'A* Katun r: rvti 13-\9' Gold Rush 17x9* Purr» l?xiy Antique GoM »*5- Dakota Ooli irxll' Moon Kcwpe 13'xS' Rod Twecxl 17 yy RH Tweixi 32'jclS 1 10! M 36 00 jii.oo nvcn POO 6301 WOT . -12 . 75,0 "27,5 ri ru rj rn 12X14' Go!d PCOCM Mj*t a Cod J3'x»' 13-V15 1 i^xar off whit i ISxlV Hust Grwn * WJiltt 12M? BronJP 17x10" Bmnre Grr«i WxlS* Gold rrxis- GO:-! ETxll' Off While Iffxe* DaVola GoM 17 \T Pwfco'Jt Gold 17x5" Mtreury T?, W fil.ffl 7500 ffl.M irKOo Fono w.oo W .in WOO 7?»1 S^.OO Rr,.no 32(0 37 .V) 46 IB f-.f e r GARRARD'S FAMOUS iro(o:vrvnnl turning* is I lie heart AX 7(*xy(r.irran1 slerco »"**" i- - inpMjcr and prcc^iTM AM/I'M IMT, will! KKT eirvuHry. 10" rd »-ilo range lioni rtiffu«r. Ore ywr c u s r a n l r o pn-ls and Lat«r. Lints- nt £.·"», but w e ' l l sell 5 nt imrCi. *.T.!I ic mis. UN ITK i ) Fit KIC i IT AM A: s Ilw-y to West, F.iyeUeviiV. O[K-n ft tf [I idrty throtish FrXay. Tilt 6 Pn Sal- 28--Antiques--For Sate Battlefield Antiques Furniture- -- Primitives -- GJas« China -- Brass -- Collector's Ilcnru Prairie Grove. ArX. Phone «-2 ANTIQUES · NorOi - 4IWS73 r Fpnnjjs. FaycH«wH« ."S.OO 43. OH JW.ffl 49.M 61/.0 S 00 in.r/i i».30 West£at Shopping Ctr. Fayetteville. Arkacaaa SEWING MACHINE CLOSEOUT H9.95 3) Musi lei OH-JC few marJiir-i (TO Hi a below discount price. Kig-ra: easyload bobbin. No attachments netxl* for bultonholcs, TtiKiognims, and dcrvir- »live stitches. Quantities aro t i m i l r r Cssh or terms. UNITED FftKIGlT SALES Hwy. 62 West, F a v c t t r v i C c Oj-*n 9 to 9, Monday rhrou«h Friday, till 6 on Saturday. 30-- Wanted To Buy C S C O I N S H O P PAWN P.iyins 200r- Over Face for Silver Buy A: Sell All U.5. 1208 S. Thompson Coins 751-371 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 150% ABOVE FACE (Subject to daily change, call fo q u o t e ) . Alsi need s m a l l coin an s t a m p collections top doliar pai FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2.V)I K. College. 5n-X21 WANTKH 2 Wi 'fr$~' 7t) modPI Cho CMC, or In1ernnt!onal wlthor wllho bod. Must be «ood Inick. Tl-639i HOME FURNITURE lit*** DiKown HIPUTST PRICES FO R. GOO D USE FURK1TURR A ATTIJANCES LNCLU N'(i ANTTQUK9 -MJ-tHR 31 -Wanted To Trade 26--For Sale -- Miscellaneous TWO In A pump. Homo lilc cha i n s rr.imr with prcssure tank, misecllanpi Ptionp 52.1-41-17, 433 Ensl Prospect. REBUILT lawmiiowcrs. Usc-1 mov bought »n5 sold. Flwne 321-463CI. afler ADS. You ar«[ larls Uw TBIKS WANT WANTED to bay; 52MOG1 after 4 p Electric train. Cal GOOD T\"s, r srd refrizer.Mors. range*. rc.loc .isonaWe, will (icliver. 52l-ll.'i- BEDROOM SETS (4) (4) Some still In fa dory part: i n2 car- ions. TTiese sels include bed with headboard, matching dresstr, plale s :a ss mirror ind chest. To be sold for ?ll!*.re. Cash or EX leans available. US1TKH FREIGHT SA-LES, Hwy. G Wfst, l-M)'Ot1. villt Oiwn 3 10 D TonrJay through FrL, till 6 on Saturday. TRUCKLOAD SOFAS witti malhinjr chairs. Ton many, r 1*1 10 at (36, S1.19, nnd SLTJ per Fintst [\ns1ninlion ,ind lahrirs. ( «r t^rms avai'atile. UNITBD Ff'.EIOIT HAl^RS, Hwy K2 West, Faypltcvillc Oj» 9 la 9 MM. through Fri. till 6, Salunlii AGATE and Jailc for sale. Cnbartvorui, Jcwelrj' fiualitv torn rot-V sawijip. 13 No Bo 4-- Aportm«nt» for R*nt KAIJ.Y Nirn. o cut ^ K.U-Af.M IKKK bedroom, nf or 3 b^fyxn spurt- I x i n f . Phon 521J735. jrn1shc-l apartment, THE UTTUE WOMAN JENNY LYNN 11 S. Duncan -- Fayettevl)l« 521-7240 -- Mgr. Apl. NO. 15 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE SUMMER SCHOOL t s u m m e r rates -- 8 u n i t s -- 2 cdro"m townhouse, Ha baths. Air onditioncd, lurnlshcri or u n f urn- shed. Dishwasher, disposal frost- rue r e f r i g e r a t o r s . Shade tree,*, Bal- onics. Eleclrk- r a n g e . Quality and qu ct. Heady now. Call 521-8660 or f t c r hours 412-8071. 808 TOWNHOUSE 80« Lawson SI. TOIVE!'. APAIITA1KSTS. One ar.d (wo x-drixvn, furnished, close to Univorsity, able lor summer ar,d fall. Call 53- or 4+WK3. PART.MK.Vr -- DUPLKXKS -- MO- m^K HOMHS. FUmi-rhorJ and u n f u r n B W i i . Hanna Marine 800 W. S'.h, Phone ' BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnisb*d Way 15th, for summer and fall- Phone- 521-2761 4/--Mobil* Horn** For R*nt NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK WICK * Alr-c«yJ. moMK Mow nni. G004 living at Good Prlc«t End St - 1H ml. N.W. « UoJi. C»U M.S323 or s2l.S61«. 38 Mobile Homw For Sal* GABBM'.n J'alnt now rffcrlne Tops h*av duty a(dmini«yl root coatinil (repairs d?c«ra',cs, luiulalos, preserves, wra prooU) 1110 N. Lcv«rclt. 13x51 MOBCLK home. Hini quality, Khed Wrch cabinet; vrasher/rlryer, celtent uontJilion, wie owner, W,W). Cal 5iH-17-19 aClernoons and evenings. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Fayeltevlll. 442-8981 -- Mflr. Apt. No .64 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE N K A I t UNIVEliSTTY, p e t p r ! a i r coiirlitioncd, iLcs paid. 4-ii |1 -S5i2 FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two hedroonxs, contra! heat and air-c-nnditiontng, disposal. of] street p a r k i n g no pet. 1 ;, Av.iil.iblc I m m e d i a t e l y for summer and f a l l . 5105, plus 550 deposit. W i t h fireplauc, S135 summer, J150 fa IK CaU 521-6543 or 521-1533 **I want a dozen volunteers!" 34--Apartment* For Rent RPflRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING Tor immediate occupoancy. Also for J u n e Sept. Completely carpeled. All ulllities p a i d except Electricity. Arkla gas heating and atr conditioning. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhjiiisej B e a u t i f u l l y Oecorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lib. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. PtKil Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 19(K Melmar Drive CAN OFFER SMALL 3 ROO FURNISHED IJOU5E AND UTI ITIF^ TO YOUNG M A RR E E D A G R I STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOil FARM WORK. CALL 33-- Rooms For Renl liOOM /or rent. fumKhed, rtO montfi. Icma le onl v. FI.Eni'JN'c; ro-i m, ki«-hon privile rra, Conlact he fn re .m. Private hath. IIOO.M lor ienl, rarpcle], ccnlr.i] IIP iiirHtn«lilion[!il. 1105 E. KidKcway Dri I'hono 41WI71S. 34--Apartments For Rent ROOMMATB ncc.lcrt. W 2 bclroom. d. (o campus $13. Phone 1]^*«5. MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two. three o:_ four bedrooms -- Furnished or un- f u r n i s h e d . 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 -- Oflice In Apt. 1 JAMKS?nWN, 52i South Duncan, turn. Ishrrl onp bwkooro aikartmcrit. air-con* riilionotl, shag carpel, dishwasher and al] pnnrtcil, J1S5 [cr montii, you pay v,-afe[ ant] plM.-lrit'ity. Oil[ Don ninfilpdinfr. 521- FUElNlsilt;]) or unlurnlffhcd, 1 bedroom r.H \Vhitham. 2 blocks to UnLvtr ITJEINISIEKD very ntco and convenleflt KcUlcship Arrts., lSO Nodlcship. Phone SZl-3372 afler 5 call 442-9W?. i Newest Apartment* Garden Apts. Of lice 443-2 Mi -- Apt. 100 CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpets Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. * Dishwasher Disposa · Pool · Free TV Hookup, Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom S127.50 -- Two Bedroom AU bills paid except electric 441371$ 35--Duplexes For Rent : two boriroom furnished, in r pels, Hwy 1G West Phone 261 welcome, unfurnished 2 bedroom p stove, refrigerator, washer-drvi ors, carport, 442-9353. ONE bedroom duplex for rent. 300 month. All utilities jairJ except tlectri city, SS deposit. Phone 521-3313. *IM r O bedroom, tu niisiied , new ca Piinclini;, air-condilionetl, vei?- jl.15 mynth iFarrjeil coup!e orJv. cl^a Phon iiiK.s, !iff -1 1'iSSKi. Tiisdwl, wn- \irpctrd, ninrriivl 2 113-3Sfi5 or -J13- t i2l ^ U T974 SEWING MACHINES («) OD/ni!ote with Slrclfh-iLUcif, built in buUon-holer, monoKrammer. zis-iac nnd s host (rf decoralive .'.tiiciies. National!} · dvcrtised at 1453 -- Our price on!i $199.95! All steel constructs with [ulE 20 year parts and fabor guarantee. Cash or terms available. UMTKD FHFilGIJT SIALE^ Hwy 62 \Vost. Favetleville, O]-^n 9 to 'J, Monrtay through Frtda;-, till 6 Salurrta. U3ED ilonarch model SO marklnpr ma. rfiine. Prints 1 part or 2 part 1 iof;el =- Trints * p:ns at same time Call 4J3- 4636. FUN--QUICK--EASY "Neerfie" is designed lo make d i f - ficult lawn m a i n t e n a n c e as easy «.s £Oing fishing. Gra^ and weeds x-jinish from Irers. rock. 1 -, fences, culverts, and f l o w e r bud Iwrders in a m a t t e r of seconds. I WEED EATER LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Phone 521--OT1 P.O. Box fill Tayfitteville, A r k . 72701 Now Talcing Applicalion for SUMMER FALL CALL 442-8722 Corner Hill and Putman Sts. GARLAND GARDENS 20f)fl N. Garland -- Fayctteville 442-S981 -- Mgr. (Ken Claire No. 61) SUMMER HATES AVAILABLE and two twdroom a;arl- No eh i Idren or iels METAL Deleclora -- Carre I!. l!w t fKsional'i Cnolce. Gold and silver c bougbt and solid. Call Abe Lincoln. fS57, Rofers. Art PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College AU THE PIZZA AND SAIAO YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 27--Musical Merchandise AIR SUSPENSION SPEAKERS S*v# 5r)%- TJJi specs inc^Hi; wide tonal range, min:muni distortion, ele"tror,,: nut styl-njr WT'JI moHed ffriL.s. Pa*r o] *^=al»rs Ju?. P^K H! UNITED KSKIGKT HAL?. Hw-. 52 We«, Fayeuev.lle. C 9 ta 3 NrorwJay thro - J?ii I'r.da* 1 , I.! 1 . 6 · herf. Close to camp'.!?. D: JHO plus u t i l i t i e s . Piione LARGE one , .11 ran*et. ' m-35-15 alter 4:00. 2 BKHROOM, furr ro bedroom, wal ajr, iTirnif-hort i good nei gbborhood FURNtSHKD one bed .rationed, carpet, I-TJRNJ3HED apartment-- efficiencies, or.i and t«-o b«lTioni-.=omc-air conditioned "ery inid environment, ctoie to ram FUl'.XIPHKD. two bedroms cai W:thiri walk-in? rJiFtiint-C o! campus. iiect p a t h mi?. SIM p'.ui uliiities. 1V-7JS) alier 6 p.m. COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Loverctl -- Fayetleville 442-S3S1 -- Mgr. Apl. Xn. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE NOW LEASING LDWIN Kar-a, cvce]:er.t e finish. t#M. Cfell SiS rrieridly Family AlmosphVc. 1. 2 S Bedrooms. Furnished or Un furnished. Starting at S101. Centra hest air, All u t i t i t i c ^ s paid c cept electric. Complete l a u n d r y f,i cilities, Da yea re center on premise. Co un fry Club Roa d Office Open 9-5 521-7201; After 5 p.m. 521-3795 TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 197: or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2303 N. G a r t n n d Fayettcvillc PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS Ivro U N FU El N1SHBD a partment, s, S.TO-ffi5 per month pliis f3 ilrpojil. Reference TC.CI\I\ rod . A. Blot* Sts., Apl. 1Z 44^7790. G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Al o Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 32 Putman -- 442-6638 NOW AVAILABLE 1 li 2 BEDROOM UOTT9 AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. "riendly atmosphere 2 large pool*, ·ccrcation room. Summer rates ef- 'ective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TTT.1. 6 r/WO furnished duplexes for rent the University, $115 hills palfl 5110 pe month plus ulllittes. Phone 443-2050- UNFURNISHED, two bedroom du .ral heat and *ir, wall-to-wall carpe ?100 plus bills, ilarned coapfe Phone 442-SW8. TWO bPiJTOora duplex, rear tlniversi t un(uml£licd, !100 per month phis utllilie anil cleposil. Phone 443-ML4 alter 3 p.i 2 BBDROOM furnlKh^d US Ooulh Wei .\venue. JfS, 31 dpposll and one yea ease rt?quir«t. Must b« quiet coup r mLMle-agcd widow. -M3-37SO or DG7 3R)1. TWO bedroom dupx Mildred Grauo, J4 Real KsLite, S21-11SO. S125 monlh. Ca or Elagcooat* LUXURY PLUS All eonvcnEencPS and shag car pet in two bedroom, unfiiT-nl townhouses, great view, $230 pe month. Call Lee Boss at Caller of Homes. 521-7272. V rontinjT (or summer and fall two twdromn apartmneU. Kcrr lniciit Co., »21.4ISO 44?-2fC7, 521-4 HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS Dne bloc* south of the Science Engineering Building. One and two Dedroom, available furnished now. Also apartment, leasing for GET TAN On redwood sun deck at rear two bedroom duplex, close to Un versity. Paneled t h r o u g h o u t , sloi and lefrigerator furnished. $165 pi month. Call Lee Boss 521-7272. TWO BEDROOM duplex, unlurnlsti slave, dishwasher, disposal, vva.ihcr/di er ccnrLections, fj replace, Rwf. Stfio aiea, tally shag carpeled. througtioi contral air/heat J190 per monlh. Phon 52M6S5. N KVf, two hcciroom unfu rnlshed apar ment all utilities paM, J135 per mon summer and fall. Summer rates. SKULL CREEK ARTS. 900 N. Leverett 521-2761 2, and 3 bedroom furnlsbed or unfurnislied. All utilities paid, two 'ivvimming pooJa. tennis court*, aundry. grocery, eas facilities, air conditioned. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 1761 N T . Lcverett -- Fayelleville 521-3313 _ Mgr. Apl. N'o. 1 SUMMER HATES AVAILABLE "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107 00 Two Bedroom I^ 00 Three Bedroom 14300 All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnished, families WASHINGTON PLAZA APAimtE.NTS 1655 X. Lewis 521-3073 O f f i c e Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sunday* RN"l?}rED aiwrnneTit FlCO p*r month. Un/jrn'shM spartment S100 rxr month. All b:?l! paid a\c?p4 water. 6*1 WMft Itt-lttl GUAK^^NTBBD QUIET. Oooples 2nd ma are slnjfles on ly. TWO bed coom umlbse'!, except sto\ - 6 and relri?«rato £. Call 521-1621 after 5 p.m. TWO he droom, shac carpet, stove ·: retrigeralor furnished. Central heat a: ilr-ron dltloned, pirha R« rilsposa], wa s OT/drypr t-onnectfons. 442-8TT8. 36--Houses For Rent UNFURNISHED rui, E,i rge, t three bedrown. tral heat, room foncert hackj'.ird. POO cleanup deposit. Phone - HK[RCX)M. unfXirntshcd. den. carpel 1I50 month plus dr-anup deposit. Can pen Monday A- Tuesday 32:00 to S p m 115 Ealrfirfin Ave, !6 East. CIIOrCEl ROOT SCHOOL AREA Unfurnished 2 Mr.. 2 bath, built-iri ran? window air condittoncr, !arge fcnc yard, sloraee building, carport. Jlett e:\Cfs. R e n t 5175. Available July 1. by aprraintment. Phone 4-12-5561, evi S21-3L770. KOtJ.'K in the country, riione anytime. 3 OR 4 BEDROOM HOUSE with large yard, IVj baths, c a r p drapes close to public st:rnols a University, Available July I, $1 month, references required, Pho 621-4880 8:00 till 5:OX and SIS-20 afler 5:00 p,m. TWO b-H ro«n duplev, 5S5 per mon with Uas?. Phon? 44'2-7c^5. THE PICKUPS are coming to LEWIS FORD --Houses For Rent 'O bedroom u ir w.isho l, f!2 per n furnlsherl, eenlraL lieal drj'cr coiLnectiorur, montli. Phone 413-3U9. One New 60x14 MOBILE HOME ly carpeled. central air-conrtl- icd, a]l bills paid, one y e a r L at a time, must have the .t and last month rent, $175 in vance. Phone M2-8871. 1 brtimwn mobile home, c 2 bedroom mobile home. $100. J100. arc all carpeled, air-oonditioneri d all bills paid. $35 cleanup deposit. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974 14x70 TOTAL ELECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 2556 Mt. Comfort Rd. ,M UNUSUAL HOME mh S btdroonu. 4^i Ialh» formal v l n « and dlninj! rooms, paniswa en w-fireplace. ll«hl kitchen with bl oven and Ktohcnalde ·« ireakfast area and u t i l i t y £· x)U of closets and storailc. nc iful marble floored entry v lalrcase to upper story, bo m a n j nice features you will ""f?..! 0 ',: pec-t tor yourself. PLUis ^.3 ACRES of privacy. WALK TO SCHOOL 1 bdrrn 3 bath bricX and tram near Root. Ijrge beamed ceil ing den with FP. large deck over looking private wooded IMI* y a w lots of closets and storage, car pete, A/C and drapes. Below re ilacement. TO SEHLE ESTATE 2 story frame on approx. 1/· ,aci corner of Lafayelte and Mission hdrms 1 baths, elevator, l i v i n g dining, kitchen. Good condition "an sell off 2 building lots or en joy the privacy. LOOK AT THIS For j u s t £11,500. 3 bdrm and den 2 bath brick in NE area, cen. hea and air. drapes. 2 ear garage. ···" equipped kitchen. Listed by Eaves. FWENTY-FIVE ACRES Just m i n u t e s f r o m downtown. Ci water and gas, nice view, less tha $1,500 per acre. Nice for one ten homes. GOOD FOR INVESTMENT uplex and House clM« to th« quare. 1 Bedroom each Md« and Bedroom house and garden ipot eslde.i. Pck-cd at 521,500. CaU UJ o see It today. Jo Dodion--621- ;0fl or 751-75JT. FREEMAN i 14.V70 Trailer. Contral air. Small ily, the uj paymenls. Cdti be seen anytime next week. Call 357-3795, 1H72 1K70 mobile iionie, no equity, suino loan. Call ^1-6019 after o:00. l^fo mohilc homo, carpcteri, tsvo ballrooms, t ishcd sood condillon, ava -conditioned, baths, lur- CHANDLER Traner Oonvrr, Inc. Local ant] nationwide, ICO arjprowd. Phon* 751-0521 Johnson. Ar». feed room, US bath, lor nUi, $!(« deposit. Call 5 e.s[xn,soble parly only. No pels. \RPETI-:n. CH. CA, r om. two bath, brick, i rge lot, «M, no pe cr three beil- iplele kitchen H3-3157 0-H- [FURNISHED. 4 Mr. 1 full Kith * ; ^ hath. Livingroom, d i n i n g room A: i, $L50. Hwj" 15 Wcssl. Phone 4-13-3691. VO, three ,and Tour bedroom houses for nt, furnished, completely carpeted, decoraled, designed for students nd faculty members. 443-2141. 1, carpets', furnislicrf. ) bedrooms, air-ron Tvinclir.?, npw appli ga rage, wastior-d ryef illcts, no pcb, dejKMil, married i Hi. 442-I51S, 442-8753. 7--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent RRDROOM, central heat anrt a i r , par illy furnished, 1% baths, Phono days 3-2301. cxt. 515. Nights: 521-3907. 2X44 ilOB [I jK home, two extra bod s, livinsroorn attached, acre lol OJ per month, ri rst and last month s ent. -142-19S. MOBILE HOMES ZSM ML Comfort Bd. -- M2-5J3 Fayctteviile SALES and PARK Oiwn tU t Each Evening 39--Office Space, Buildings For Rent West Fork. KW-95'.S. ·nt, Coriooo, Hwy. 71 SBVKN room. 1.000 square feel, carpe and panelinE5, $230. Phone Catl at 442-62LJL 41--For Rent--Miscellaneous \VO bedroom arxl study, partially furn- .hetf, parpetod, alr-cond.tioiLcd, J110, rtults. Phone 521-5162 or 521 SECURITY 5EIF-STORAGE 3 SIZE rjNITS. NIGIIT UGrTTING BUSINESS OH HOUSE! TOL D GOODS. LONG O RSHOHT TERM RENTAL E. 19th ST, FAYETTE VILI-E. Phone 751-7068 T\VO bedroom, furni.shcd. water anil j no prtT, hnlh LO anrt 12 wide arlilioneil. Phone 3G7-3519 FJinni 42--Wonted To Rent Or Lease WO tKtfrooni, furnisliort, air-»n(l[liotiel nd can»rt, quiet, reliable couple, close- i. $30. Phone before 'J:00 p.m., -542-7559, IVO bedrooms, 1«4 batris, furnl'ihcd, alr- )n(IHionwi, uarpcted, nutomvilic washer, ,00 per month. Has paid. Phone M255W). fx5« UNKURNIS1TKU orcepl for wash- r, ro/ntrcrator, storage hiultlirijT, drapes, shade. Evoellent locution. Call 442- 43--Real Estate--Wanted KRKE herfrixwn house tra ilc r com- Iclely furnished Including washer ryer. Call ·H2-2S31 or 501-3320. BEDROOJI. furnished SiNinfeh slylc ith red carpel. BiLts IKII! except c!ec- ricity. No pets or child cm. -142-52S1. Conditioned trailer. $SCJ plus «lec- Bdr. trailer for RENT. 570. 442-253S. TJ£tNLSI 1?"D 2 bedroom, nir^xwdifionnd, bile home, must be quirt and r e l i a . children, no pets, J110 month, rahle l u Lil ill ps paid. Also Ira ilcr spaces m.nll trailer welcome, $20, sewer paid. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 1 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ark. 1 Laza on 71 bypass an d Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2452. WOULD like Lo rent pasture Phoiic 52L-H33 after B p.m. SEVKR,\I. acres in lln- Gi \ stream y2000. Cliildc r = tace Mesa, AZ. KfXti. WANTED to r*nt rr te«sc: pasture Lai 1,000 acres or more, any and all si' acreages considered Phone aJfer 5:3 i., 521-5160. 45--Lots For Sale -MUST sacrifice bcmiliful lot in Vista al I£V7» sales price. Call Mr. linson. -UKHIM $-5 or »21-3179 evi 46--Farms Acreages SO AOFtB ranch Jt2,CftO. I-ike nt Ozarl Missouri. 2 miles from laVe. Bis Irci much grass, ronr];, ver- setnir, mil wilrt same- By Owner. Write nUl Iwi less, Rock^- Mount, fissour] fSOT2 or vs nillpcl 31J-S92-S.72S, 20 ACRES, all or rfiirt, ',1 mile Irom lak '/i mile Ironi pavemcnl. Casli. ten contract. JJ2-5STTI. TWO beinxun, lurnrsheci, air-conrtitionctt. Villa MOBILE HOMB PARK Central location · Ch-ersi7*d lots · PavH Slreels * Swimming Pool * Playproiind · IJccrcalion V.dg · Storage hid? * Under ground ufilitics · O« Street Parking. Hwy. Tl N. 443-22H Cntranc« Aeroaa from Holiday Inn Mobile Kom» Owners SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up For a Jimited time only. Call today SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Pas« 443-475'?. Swimming pool, storage LAND INVESTMENT 152 Acres just off Highway 71 b tween Fort. Smith and Fayettevill n Washington County. Priced be- ow market with extended intere only. Terms available and lo town payment. Call Associat Realty Co,, A.C 214-52S-. r «2. 985 N. College ulle Eaves an Henson ,!tna Coo lick irb Stantorv REAL ESTATE 1617 N. |521-6300 ^55521-6300 TIRED OF PAYING RENT? f so Ihis 3 Br near the Umver- ;Lty can be yours for only $12,- iOO.OO. Call James Freeman 5216300 or o2l-7088. FREEMAN 1617 N. College 521-6300 REAL ESTATE REALTOR" COMMERCIAL ACREAGE 5 Acres between Fayutteville and Springdale close lo Hwy. 71. This is the area for f u t u r e commercial growth. Call James Freeman 5216300 or 531-7088. FREEMAN 442- ! 2 » 521-6 j09 521-70S7 442-8744 BR den home on level lot hopping center. Shade trees. NLW arpetlng. Drapes, wall air unit, stove incl. In good condition for nly $16,950. Call Christine Blnn- 112-5351 or 521-2004. 1617 N, College 521-6300 R E A L ESTATE 7EALTOR GREAT COMMERCIAL LOCATION I 1 ,-, acres on Hwy 71 N. in a prims commercial area near K-Mart. $600 per f r o n t foot. C a l l James Freeman 521-6300 or S21-70S8. FREEMAN REAL 6.6 ACRES ·f good level soil without improvc- nents Fayctteville School Phone. About Ufe miles South of he East 16 A n i m a l Hospital. S13.- »60.00. Terms. CAU, HEINEY REALTY CO. Hw/ 16 East 442-9236 2 BEDROOM PLUS 2nd floor already finished with space for 2 more bedrooms or 1 bed room and hobby room. This one is so neat it's better than new. Only $15,000. Call 443-4316 NOW FOR APPOINTMENT, N. GARLAND 2 BEDROOM HOME ON LOT 80 X 112. GOOD LOCATION FOR APPRECIATION. ONLY 512,950. CALL 443-1316. $21,000 I.OL-! of sq. footage in this n bed room home wit h large living room, family room and riming room. Luxuriously carpeted throughout and decorated w i t h thai extra charm. It's just off H [ghway 71 So nth. CALiL -Il3--ni6 NOW FOR APPOINTMENT. POTHAST REALTY CO. 443-4316 Floyd Pothast Flora 9istrunk Home Loans FHA-VA CONVENTIONAL Call C. R. BATES 521-3325 50 ACRES of timber land, sprintf fed rl, hunter's paradise, J300 per acre, nrar Canenlll, Ark. Phone S3J-5837. BUILDING StTES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE TN. PCEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. ALL UTILITIES, YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER. 412-1511. BY Owner -- iriuk. cli/ca w i t h nrma! livingroon Phone 521-S30». LONG TERM LOAJTB on iar»e and vnall 'arms--Federal Und Bank Amoc. Pbona 442-6273 for more 47--Real Estate--For Safe- buildings, patio. lights. I/aundry. gas grilles and COUNTRY CORNER 39 Acres on semi-privale aH we? ther road, 4 BR home. 3 poultry houses (M.OOO cap,) plenty of water. About 23 acres cleared, good loncfng. For appt. to see, call Col. TXiffey Carter at 521-1300 or nites 521-412?. BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 REA4.K* FURNISHED mobile homes. AIM srv Tor rent. Wayne Hinkle Mobile H Park. Hwy. 16 East Phone 443-2658. NEW HOMB on dislineUve lot with al extras -- woollwrning fireplace, a i r dULoring. dbhwasher, self-cleaning oven larae deck, fully carpeted and much mor- Priced at r?5.:*»- CaU 521-2850 for appointment. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rales We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Lrtilifie* Paid includes Kjtchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorback Annex - 575-3951 BEDROOM, 2 (Mlb home. J viKe. carpet, c:h/ca, lairc yard, sf rcas, chain link fence back. J Work A. Call .HZoOAS, rt, enuily buy woodburnins Hrc| Root School, !3l,;iOC Y nictj three bedroom house. rat air and heat, tcnred Iwcky^rd 1W Vallpv Drive, and weekends. A SECURE FUTURE in he yours with these two at- iost n e w Brick duplexes. Always ]]l jind at a jjood rent rate. Only .7,500 Ent-'hu Call James Freeman SflO or 521-7088. FREEMAN 1617 N. College 521-6300 . SFAUOP A BEAUTY 25 to HO acres, most in good grass t clover. Large fresh water pond, 'cemt: bit!a site on black-Lop s t a t e igtuvay ust a few minutes from lowntown Fayetleville, §2,000 per acre. CALL. HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy 16 East 442-9236 BRICK DUPLEX EACH APARTMENT KAS -two bedrooms -- llving-dininff room -- convenient kitchen --· u t i l i t y storage room -- full b a t h ( t i l e d ) -- generous closets -- central heat -- larjge corner lot -- choice Northwest loca- t i o n . Shown by appointment -Office -Vt'2-7.191, FOUR BEDROOMS CONTEMPORARY TWO T.KV- EL -- NATIVE STONE AND WESTERN CEDAR - - Largn living room w i t h dininfi area -- deluxe kitchen with n u i l t ins--family space, n.itivo stone fireplace -- Van! led ceilings -- Terrace level has large rumpus room -- Three f u l l bathfl Two car garage -- W a l l to wall carpeting and drapes. Call today. KINCAID COMPANY Georfio W. Lewis Mike n. Watson flh Kincaid Margaret H u n t l e y 412-175S 412-B711 521-fiOSl (OL-131B NEW SUBDlVlStOM Now s l a t t i n g t w o - t h r e e - f o u r bedroom homes. \H have large Earn- ily rooms w i t h fireplace. T w o liatlis and larRC two car fjarn^r.s, *H IniiUins. Qualily c o n s l r u c l i o n throughout. Drive up Mockingbird L n n c today and choose your home. F i n a n c i n g available. GINTONIO BLDG. CO. 521-3371 after 5:00 p.m. I-1753 9 a.m. to S p.m. i\K\V hnmr, I h r f f Ix-d room s. sionp ant d'.imr slonp fitoplnce, tnlly r'ariw1*rt, rnnjrr, disposal, dishw-ashcr, rlc-. l « i linlfis. 2 i-nr vnTMxt- 51 doivn 1o vottvnns, ?tvH down F1L\. Kollinir Ix-low evnlualion. By builder. Phone 839-2S70. -NOTICE- WITH THE SUNDAY, JUNE 23 EDITION OF THE TIMES, THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFIED DEADLINES WILL GO INTO EFFECT. For ALL CLASSIFIED DISPLAY (Any One Column or Multi-Column Ad NOT Billed By the Word) For Insertion en: SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNSDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Copy worK with new a r t - I C o p y wilhoul arlwrtr* must he in must be in TIMES offic* I TIMES office by. ' hy: THURSDAY 12:00 THURSDAY 4 P.M. FRIDAY 12:00 FRIDAY 4 P.M. SATURDAY 11 A.M. SATURDAY 11 A.M. MONDAY 12:00 MONDAY 4 P.M. TUESDAY 12:00 TUESDAY 4 P.M. WEDNESDAY 12:00 WEDNESDAY 4 P.M. THURSDAY 12:00 THURSDAY 4 P.M. DEADLINES FOR READER ADS (Billed by the Word) will REMAIN 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY FOR SUNDAY INSERTION; lliOO A.M. SATURDAY FO« MONDAY INSERTION and 4:00 P.M. the DAY BEFORE FOR TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY INSERTION

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