Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 15, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1974
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

IF HE FINOS our 6£EN M?lTlN6 THOSE ANTi-CAT STORlK.KE'S 60*16 TD JAM tiCS TOTURl COdIN HIS THROAT! OCNT ARGUE. 1 11 BUT HOW you WE n- DOING ff DiDN'T EVEN Ni.serv.' j PAVE MY roar Oi THE SAS. IF VOU AREN'T \ / I DON'T A RES/EMU ER,I 11 CASE \\MAT CAN Set-LNOU )| BRAND SOV\E MOUNTAIN!) IT is. I'LL ) DEW. r-^[ TAKE IT. SURE, DAD/ 1 A TOOK OF COIN SIEVES, ONW YOU,} WHOV VDU 7HIS LOOT--SEE HERE, SON,DIP ) ' THINK IT W/tf? ] YOU-rElfTHIS-.AH_.LAtrY _ / **». ' __ .^ t . V/^mrv ~r-l.ut- iien »r^ l i i r n i . ...AMI? I BRIH6 ALONG COIN COLLECTION. HOW SOON WE LEAVE ? YOU'D* TAKE HER TO AMERICA? fti, too csowoep V/ISITIN' HOURS Ul IS OVJER '-- fllNTSEGOIN'TO GIUE ME ft CHftNCETO SIT EUEW.SHER1FF? IWONSIXSflMES SNOrTV-VEOWE METHUTTVCENT ''AHISVOLWGAN' GOOD-UDOKIN'-MUFF TO GIT'MOTHER -AN'AH IS SHORE SOMETHIN'LLTURW UP FO'VO'-- -SO IT'S OUR PATRIOTIC DUTV TO SACRIFICE OUR SOVAMINT STATISTICS SAYS ONE OUTA EV'FT/ TWO MARRIAGES GOTTA END IN DIVORCE-- SELFS/STEAD O MAMMVAN PAPPVr.' cooRW · WWT-rue STOP ev TH6 TOJIU6 AMD 6ZT too 0ACK OW OJWATS HIM/MEPKW6 MAU?«-H6 LOCKED MEAUTMV TO Mfc Hfcis--trswis "ANK THAT'S MR-BUMSTEAT? COLX_O BE A VERY RICH MAN! THERSS OliYOSiE THING I HAVE TO FKSURE OUT HOW TO TURN THESE HAiR CLIPPINGS INTO MR. and (MRS. GEORGE CAMMIE of Corner BrooK, Newfoundland ARE THE PARENTS Of 4 CHILDREN': -CATHERINE, BETTY AND TMNS PETER AND PAUL -- AIL BORNON FATHER'S. EjjNFIfjD «M ESCOJJ *M THE EARL OF DERBY'S BRIDGE over the Mersey River at UJamngtan England WAS BUILT IN 14 DAYS FOR A SINGLE CROSSING BY KINS HENRY 301 -VET IT ENDURED FOK 321 YEARS SIGNPOSTS M FINN. AX OHIO, OM 2 ADJOINING STREETS NflMED FOR GENERAL WINFIELD SCOTT l«!lll!lllll!!!!l!lll!!!!ll[!!lli!!|[i:il!t«lll!!l!lll!!!!IU!in!illllllllllll!llll!UIH FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope J«M IS, 1*74 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. New Experimentation To Aid Premature Babies Many theories exist about why some children a r e born prematurely. A great deal of scientific information relating to this has been accumulating. Now, a new theory Is being Jreted with great enthusiasm. !t may eventualy mean that prematurity and its associated problems in the newborn will be eradicated. HORMONE RATE Dr. Arjjad I. Csapo. of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has shed light on the balance between the female hormone, progesterone, and prostaglandin. This latter substance is one that has captured the imagination of scientists everywhere because of its many valuable properties. Dr. Csapo believes t h a t his experimental work in animals may soon be used successfully in prolonging pregnancy to fill' term. !!ll!!llinniini[l!llinil[!IH[Mlinill!lDlllll!!lllllllll[[!!ll!llllllliin!!i!M B. JAY BECKER Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars FOR SUN., JUNK 16, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) You will find the "little" things rewarding now. Don't look for the spectacular. Be satisfied with even small gains. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A new outlook will help you to improve relations with family, friends. Insight may come, through your highly intuitive faculties; more flexibility through the erasure of past con- GEMT.NI (May 22 to June 21) A day in which to get away from routine. New scenes, new people, new activities could spark a brand new interest in your life, make it more stimulating. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Do not become frustrated over possible delays or disappointments. With your innate ntelligence and ingenuity, you :an change undesirable " situa- ions. O (July 24 to Aug. 23) Fine solar influences! With nitiative and enterprise, more han usual can be achieved Day will definitely respond to magination, aggressiveness. VIRGO (Aug 24 to Sept. 23) A day for listening well and ·oicing well-considered opin ons. Take stock of why certain maneuvers and tactics did no: succeed in the past and avok hem now, jIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Your financial situation about o improve. A member of the ipposite sex will provide useful nforniation - and inspiration. You will know what has to be done. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Some favorable hours; others may present unexpected obsta clcs. With a steady step anc self-confidence, however, yoi can lake all in stride, SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec ) Present tendencies towarc impulsiveness and excitemen 1 yggest that you handle all Hualions with "kid gloves/' Regulate hours so that you will "iave time to enjoy a hobby. ;APRICORN (DM. 22 to Jan Make no changes in matters LOW running smoothly, but keep coking, nevertheless, -towarc areas in which there could hi 'standstills," where new tactics nay be needed. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19; Generous stellar influence! make this an excellent day foi making the most of unusua deas and plans. Romance 'avored, also. PISCES {Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Fine Neptune influences, good day for making importan iccisions. Also favored: mari time interests, outdoor pursuit (especially if connected will water), parapsychological ex perimenls. YOU BORN TODAY are an extremely versatile individual ntellectual in your leanings anc outgoing in personality. Like most Geminians. yoj unusually restless and con lantly crave changes in act vity and scenery. Thus yo often scatter your e n e r g i e s with resultant anxieties tensions. You must learn t relax, and do try to finish on project before taking another, t h u s to avert confu sion, and even chaos, in you life. You can become highl. .skilled with your hands a n d , i everything, your intuition an unusual sense of know-ho\ keeps you in advance of th competition. You are trement ously interested in people an public affairs; would make a excellent journalist or lecturer Also, endowed with fnsatiabl curiosity, could excel as detective or scientist. Othe fields suited to your talents: th law, theater, advertising, archi lecture, painting and musi You are a born traveler a n explorer; in fact, get more ou of travel (ban those born unde any other zodiacal Sign. Birt! date of: Gustavus V, King o Sweden. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Seize 4 Divide 9 Marsh K --Khan JS Climbing plant M Overwhelm ISMintlike plant 17 Snare 18 Twilight 19 Poke 21 Little ban 24 Male voices 27 Wing 28 Weaken 30 Feminine name 31 Precious stones 33 Thing (law) 35 Danger 36 Set in earth 38 Fabulous bird 4* Born 41 Crowns « Light beams 4S Dispatched 46 Crude metal 47 Place 49 Chief officer 54 Consumed Si English novelist 56 Affirmative 57 Married 58 College officials 59 "Turn to the right" DOWN 1- Annoy 2 Mature 3 Hinder 4 Drudges 5 Medicinal liquid S Youth 7 Unsuitable S Smeared with oily substance 9 Chinese tree 1« Be in debt ·Jl Obtain 1C Honey 2* Unique person 21 English surgeon SOteoresin 23 Scolded severely 2S Part of · Avg. solution time: 21 mil. 2* Final causes Z9 Through 32 Withered 34 King of Israel 37 Frolicked 3» Units of weight 48 Small fir piece 44 Oriental Answer to yesterday's pozle. Dr. George D. Roston, a den 1 surgeon practicing in New ork City, says, "Thanks to a marvelous array of equipment,; drugs, techniques and new; n s i g h t amongst dentists,: patient* can now be promised; painless dentistry." "Painless" injections c a n truly be free of pain. Pressure guns, now in use for vaccination can be used in dentistry, too. NO--PAIN DENTIST High speed drills, ultrasonic, vibrations and electro-surgery' can all be used to virtually eli-; minale all pain. ; Dentists, highly skilled in the: mechanics of their profession,; are also being trained in the; delicate art of psychology to; alleviate tension and fear. ; Hypnosis has long been' recognized as a valuable ad-' dition in attaining that ultimata goal of painless dentistry. ) Dr, Coleman welcomes letters* from readers, and, while he: cannot undertake to answer; each one, he will use questions' in his column whenever posible- and wnen they are of general; interest. Address your letters to; Dr. Colernan in care of North-' west Arkansas TIMES. On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Ibsten* Individual Championship Play) last dealer. last-West vulnerable. NORTH * A K Z V A Q S T S · 109 + K S S mond in dummy, West parting with a heart. When South now ruffed dummy's last club. thi» became the position: EAST *W V K J B · K J 8 4 VEST * Q 9 7 4 * 6 5 I » Q 5 *8754 SOUTH · W 8 K S 3 V 9 4 * A 7 6 J 2 *9 TbebUffing: East Sontt West North 1* Pass Pass We Pass 1* Pass SV Pass 2* Opening lead - four of clubs. Trumping partner's trick is generally regarded as the sign an absolute beginner, bu here are times when it is the hallmark of a very fine defend- Consider this hand where East won the club lead with he ten and returned the ten 3f spades to dummy's king Declarer led the ten of dia monds to West's queen and West led another club, which ~iouth ruffed. Declarer then cashed the ace of diamonds and ruffed a di; VAQ8T1 A Q 9 T V K J * *K *QJ Sooth V 9 4 *T8 monds and West made the «x- :remely farsighted play of ruff- ing with the seven. He knew that East had the king of diamonds. but he Iruffed m order to equalize his tramp length with South's. Declarer ovenruffed and played the ace and another heart. East took the jack, continued with the king, and South found himself stymied. Whether he elected to ruff or to discard a diamond, East-West would inevitably score the last three tricks with the Q-9 of spades and either a heart or a club. South's J-8 of trumps were trapped cither way. The key play was West's ruff of the six of diamonds. Had he not trumped partner's trick, his last three cards would have been the Q 9-7 of spades and he would have been forced In ruff East's next lead and yield a trump trick to South's J-8. PONYTAH ^Let's goby Janet Jensen's boose and get her advice, i an abort am. .* die'* i HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BI CUAR. Kmten TOTPOO* man qrtcttr · ftrta ·onqiMc, o toftoH* kOocmttion. KAJCB TT CAST fur «M rMdv^irapwt * MMb Jem. AIw»» taMrt TOOT telephoM ranter or jvar MOM UX miirtm. X ym do «H bn« ragoln boon, fir* · pr»Mn«J ttet to tar* mmuiiil. ·»· y««. PLACK TOCKSK* ta OM rmirfi fottOtm and Hk ; m mmu uk, toJmm^y^ ram «M. Th. aa«rw ro. ttrt wtTJ BHIM · Dod Cbatttod ad. WAITT AM THAT FAIL to M.* mOft^mam 40 ff, oot flvvmth any lack o* paatUwMp. tart fe*c*OM they 4o aot «ootaiB «Bo«ch faftnutfen to j*"^-- --- ·" Tin ut by ·d in UM cv«ot at ordcriaf at rMoitt for , Ton can «top yonr r ranUtt and thai par oolj tor Ox d*y it a** alaa varr nielli mai aw ttoaa ««a «top y yc it ·

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