Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1974
Page 14
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HtXilNGSWORTH ARMS aovth e* tSe Scto : Building. One and two . fvraaahad apartment. ·MiUaMfj mom. Aa*o leading for .-SKULL CREEK APIS. nd«c* «t r»*r wo bedroom duplex, etoa* to Uni- «nity. Panct«xl throtifhoul. trtovc nd irfrlferator furrii-h*d, month. C*U L«f Boaa WO BBDROOX (tvjpfer, tore, diihwasher, **pc«*l, w.vsh*T/dr' onnfctloni, ftr»T*U«, Root **v». r«i fully Aag c*rpetid thraofhout, vntrtl alr/btml. »»· p SZ1-113R. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV rm B. l«v«rett -- rayettevioe ni-mz.-- MIT. Apt. NO. i ·UVKIK KATSC AVAILABU "A GREAT P1ACC FOR FAMILIES" en* awatfrwm 1W.« Two Bedroom 12S.B ThTwe'Bedfoan 141.00 An ·tOttaai paid, centra] teat and WO bedJUMU, ataa carpet, atove rafrlfferator fanlsbcd. OeamM hat SUMMER RATES or Unfvrnitrwd NOW LEASING Vtor liiaajiiTtilia n i l lUMiani j Alao to .Nine Sept Completely carpeted AB nttlltl.)* paid except Electricity Arkla faa baattinc and air eoad tioainf. : 1 -- I-- I Bedroom.-- Townbouaea = BeattttftiJly Decorated Proat-Tree Refrigerator la«-U. Capacity Freezer «0 Ft. Pool Compte* Laundry 'Acre* of Riyrrovnd ·Met Family Atmoaphera ltt» Melmar' Drive fltttic*443-H41 -- Apt. 100 CfiEEKWOOD VILLA - Chaeai Tbaa* Featoraa: Caaitnl Air · Shag Cirpat atze bada a Froai-free re- · Free TV Hoolrop. r rate*. fl!7J» -- Ont .Bedroom fl37J8 -- Two Bedroom Afl bifls paid except electric PDTMAIf-HUA APARTMENT* "tw» bedroom »pareswnl*--i «n.«tkeea-«ckrpet--g*rbB.Tc *5po.m *a*ar OMwmCiMj' NMTtT 'attar 4 p.m. IS--DvpfoxM F4K Rant toe rent 1 U) ntWtie* paid nrept t*w*rt- ~ · ' -- SD^SIS. 1WO taaroora, new rarpetmc asi ill t. atrxOTxtrtlorred, T«y deaa ·IS - _ , _ _ _ _ . . ... . tor m* neai .B-) ndrrmrwty, CUB 'Htt. paM Jtlfl" M. Phone 4ROOU. : July «t*nw) ttapJer. BSB,.O*otf»] bait air, ··eUher/ftry.Tr oonneationa, Rxfkga - . at -aara «nd trhool*, CtaapWi onf. ONTTJIUfianED. two- bedroom d central bMt and «ir, wall-to-wall carpet ·UK phv bilU. Marritd couple onta awafproiabad. (100 per month plat utilki ···^·dapaail- Phone'-44M914 after 3 p,i t BTOROOU nnrrfatHd 1133 Sou* Weil A*er\m. SIB, n ttopoait and on* y*a** 1 . MUJ* be' Quiet oou? WO badraam dapwx. HZ a month. C ·BUM*' CPraw, 443-OM or ·aai Batete. SOU-UHi IW KM* LUXURY PLUS 11 convenience* and shag ear pet In two bedroom, unfurnlihed iwnh ouae*, free t new, 1230 per vtnth. Call Le« L Homes, 5*1-7771. at Oallery GET TAN alr-oan4tttaiw4. * horn*. mu*t b* qukt .*4 rallaMc, _ nil H U M paid. Abo lr»il*r ' «p»e« ·matt Ira I ler ·ikum. *», ·*·«* p»H. ___ _ __ TWO BtvVrnaiTi, foniiilwt. tir-oondtttoet, r*ienan»5*eh VIUa. 3-47W. BEDROOM. central heal/air, carport. ·* etrpM, waabtr/dryec eoneUon*, taii, farnLsh*M, v*ry tjelet Garten , eoupl*. prefrrrad. M 4nf*, ***· ,t »LL uril|ti*» paid. · Phllllpa Drtw, 99-7108. GUARAJTTKED QUTTT. CM}**. aa4 · re single, only. TWO badroom c except rtor* at* reeriatra*: C»J UUta. after S 3*--Houttt For fc*nt LOCATED on wnt *M* of hwlronms, 1^ i-iOw, b tfMnmrfwr an4 carpeted. (encwd backyard, pfrw crrrt*T «urf U of Phww 52MW after S:« p. A ilr watfwr A dryer cam«otlona rnwl. U» per mntti. Phone *4.W149 EW cwntTT · niwti, ·» electric, an h»H rent excr-tnt* Ibr tight emkinv an how«k*cpfng. Rywi* 7VXZT3 after ft p.m. On* N»w 60x14 MOBILE HOME fully carpeted. 'central Joned, all bllla paid, one V«* rent ai · time, mutt have the firat and Laat month rent, fl75 if Advance. Phone MZ-flBTl. Th*** -TB aH carr**»M, and · {) hills paW. |3S rtcamj) depoait, Phone W-fVJTl. two Vdroom houa», on batti, Uvinf AIM! dining, oombinmlion,, north. WaM to nml to mature en.* Write: Box ' M-« c/o ftorOme.1 Arkaitsea TEMPORARY XRNTAL: nice oM*r horn* rum I shed. 2 Jxdroom*, jtii'.y, utehn dining-room, Hvtai ram. IVt batha, etc. NMT Oty t%KpW], - ftcntal' ptrM flat Phrn* 501-aOM. FOUR n w . r [150 month, «100 d«p«H. Oil] 5Zl-51tt. party only. No pete. CH, CA, ntw*r , B» peta. M3-3157 9m , 4 b*-. 1 full bath one % bath. Ltongroom, dming room den. H50. Hwy IS W«»L Pbon« e thr»« b»4raam or twa and attw oratj»[ heat iwl ai nvolnd. W TWO b*4nxm dnptac, lth IP*H. PTH TWO f ttir** ,«nd , fHmi**I, KC«IT deoormwa, tad neaHy uxaiibew. , no pet«, , M3-1B3B, MM7S3. 37^-Mobil* HomM ft Spec For R«mt TWO hart roan «nd "tarty, p*rHaRp (BTB- , . . adults. Pfwne SJl-Slffi or SH-fiKKL TWO hedroorn, tarnished. ««1«r and paid, no peU, both 10 and 12 wide, ftlr-ex]dUiom«fl. Phon* 357-8539 too. TWO bedroom, furalahed, alr-aonAtio and carport, pjr*t, r*li*bl» oo«pt«.^cVi bathi, himiaa*! ith. CBS pKhL Phona M2-5« TWO oedroomc, ramlitloncd, (100 per RH 56 UNFURNISHED except lor wi *r, refrigerator, storage baiMing, dr*j Good aHeid*. Excriknt location. Call · 4f6 bedroom hous« trailer pleteJy farniitied Indudinit w»* doer. Call 443-2831 S BEDROOM, famishad Span I* witti red carp**, BlOi paid except tricity. No pata or chlkfern. OPEN HOUSE Saturday-June 15 Sunday-June 16 from 2-6 p.m. 1509 Rolling Hills Drive ft Bedrooms -- 2 batfc -- formal itvtni .V dining. Privacy fenced ; -- Cardan STAGECOACH REAL ISTATE 2243 N. Celle^. - 521-1 ISO For tor* 4T-for twirt-M . fl». 44I-JO*. SECURITY SPf-STOftAGE SIZE UNm. NIGHT UGRTDia BUSINESS O» HOUSEHOLD) GOODS. LONG O RSHOKT TERM RENTAL E. IMk «T. rAYZTTE- VttiX. Fhone TSl-TQel 42-Wantod Or SPR1NGBROOK VAOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY rnilea U of A, -- 1 mfle 1TW Ark. Plant on n rj'flll and Johaaon M. Phone 443-14S2. CE tor 12 wife moMW homt ia t *4uh park, on* ptrfton. call fee- tweea 13 n4«i-2^* »m, MS-TMC. % Oantral looattea * oWratart Mi · f*w*4 str+eu * awiinmlBg Pool « Playground · VintTBODT raatal tac tnCH WAMT «·«» WOULD till* to nnl pasture tor Ptnrw SH-4iH aftrr S p.m. :OIL£R FARM ; acre* modem 7 room home: I roller houae*. barn, atop, food well pond*. Fayettevllle School*. CE 3 ROOM COTTAGC n food level, lot, city urllltlat, alklnf daBtanc* to U o A. 43-R«flJ WANTED to rat* w Ms*: paatara last 1,00* acre* or user*, any and a* ad " ' ~ aftar Id 46 Farrni A Acr^apM ORS£ HEAVEN 1 SB home on 7 level acrea, yard chain link fenced. 4 -tall ·mm corral, loading chute, pond, good ahade * graa* c*oa* hi. UBUR6AN DREAM HOME item bultt 3 BR brick, located level acre, double garage. 2 full le-th*, fairy carpeted, large living- room * family room, *U buirt-ina ran eed. CH * CA. C*3 for ap- LAND INVESTMENT 152 Acres ju*t off Highway 71 between Fort Smith and Fayetteville, in Washington County. Priced ba- low market with extended! intere*4 only. Termi available and tow down payment. Call Realty Co., A-C The] ma Culw.ll Barbara McCletater erry Wataon AORZa of timbn- lana, aprtnc pond, bontara paradlM, IMS prr r OuxHll, Ark. Flme OMBT. NIBLOCK-S MOBILE HOME PARK BUILDING SITES IAHGE DOTS. CLOBf PI. 1TEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTITVL VIEW ALI. UTnjTttS. YOU WIU. HAVT TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER ·TCU. LOHO TERM LOAjn aa I _ nat. ooat ttrlu m -- tu . _ at Ooa« Prloai Weal at. x.w. af OKA. an 47--Rwol lakilw Tor Salw- MotoOe Boae Ownen SPECIAL OFFER : ree Move and Set-Up Tor a Irmited. ttma only. CaO today, SKENAXDOAH MOBTLZ ROMK VILLAGE. Highway 1* By-Pa-*. 44^-4757. SwlmminaT P«ol, ator patio, CM grillm and Laundry. · acrea -- 3i,OM Broiler, food bedroom home -- pond. Lota of pasture. Priced to -ell. Look no farther -- Ideal Retire- it -- 2 bedroom newly remedied horn* Rocat fireplace, central heat, formal livtnf dining -- Gueat houae. Beautiful a*ttin.f on We have found woo you have been looking for. 4 bedroom -- 23 bath home. Bock fireplace -- formal dining, othertin* foyer with tile. FURNISHED mobile homei. Alao rent Wayae RtoUc Mobile Borne Firk. Hwy. 16 Eaat Pbc 38-MoWfc Horn*. For Sato GABHARD l-ajnt now aflerinff Tops b«avy ·tally ' alamlnlawd not' coatintf (repairt, decorate*, I nutates, pres»rve», waatbcr- proofR 1140 W. Lcvecett. 12zSl MOBTIjn home. High i-dalttr. fan) , , , nllaat eondttion. on* OWDMT, 14.900. 531-1T49 SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974-14x70 TOTAL ELECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 2556 Ml. Comfort Rd. 1971 1 w»rte 13QC. Hc60 UH^TJKJVlflHKD tm Bedraara,. central heat and sir, carpeted, aood oaadt- tran. 93,400. FlMD* 44MUH, WT2 14if7e nwfeite home, ns eqnrty, as*um* loan. Call 53-6049 tfler 5:00. ivra 14x70 Trailer. Central itr. tqalfj 1 . tke up paiTDcivU., C v n b a ani-time next week. Call 387-37%. EVERYBODY reads A* TOCC8 WAlfX XDE. Toa sr*] 1%8 12xti6 mobile horn*. nirpeted, two bedrooms, two battw, fnr- Dished, gooA condmoe, avaiUb« Phone 440-2970, CKAKDLffR TtaZter ·mt oattaBWM*. ICO . lac. LoCal SALES and PARK Ofea tfl · Caca 39-Offie* Spetc*, Per Rent MxllD. ft ft. ceffirig, cowhril wjrinjr, TH fl. doEB- and service door m*ofain* rinp or storage. room, 1,M **iaara f«t, earpe ·nd paBvlmf, JZW. Pbon* C*rl at 443B2. OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 9B5 IV. Collew. S offlcM and a reception room. C*Q Jamea Baker 121-1300. BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS J«U N. College) 521-1300 WE FOUND THE SPOT- . IN MEADOWBROOK FARM NOW WE'RE BUILDING. .'.". W« hove started conjtruction on som* n*w homes in MEADOWBROOK FARM. MOW IS THE TIME TO COME BY AND INSPECT THE QUALITY BUILDING WE PUT INTO OUR HOMES. to PonxtiM Voflwy Corf Ceurw. The) perfect ploe* ta) BEQUETTE-PERRY CONSTRUCTION CO. Of** ta 1* Wir-i 521-657D fk 443-191* - 4434710 COUNTRY HOME Completely redecorated with . penaivc material*, fumishlnga and ixturea. All room* very large with about 2700 aq, ft heated area. Sep- rate dining room. 3 fireplace* "wo ceramic batha. CH A A. Dou] e garage with hobby room an! workahop. A beautiful home to ·ee. by appointn-ent -- and Ha on ~ acre* imide city. WITH NATUW Contonporay. Near lake 1 Full baaement. Large liv. Pretty aettlng. Ixrta of tree*. CaR OiritrUne Bkmdeau CT1-30W «r VC-3351. MOVf VN Thre,. bedroom. Hi b-r* Central heat. Ia«rg* loan can be MBomed, Buy owner* ea^tity for pprox, *2jOOO. Price tlS.SOO, BUSINESS BUY Well eatabliahed beauty aalon an ZMckaon St. near Campua. aix chair ahop with dryera and- air condi loner. Low rent. Price «f BiMbteaa S4.SOO. 2243 N. College 521-1180 CaD: LeRoy Willia Huclne Smith Patt Carmlchael Mary AJUI Rhodea Bill C. Gnu* Mildred Graue ta-tan M3-41I 521-5 MO sa-ns 442-424 NEW ENGLAND COUNTRY Thui ch»rmlng two atory rTaw Knj land Country atyi* home « attu at«d on a secluded 4 acre atte in choice Nortb-£avt FayettevtOe k cation. Over M year* old but modern with central air and haat. FOOT _ _ rwo baiba, firing root forma] dining room, dea, taompl* 1 modern kitchen and fun baa amen Hay barn, stock pond and a o facMon Ivay Covered Melon Coo j houae. · Priced ^80,00 CaU for appointment. ' ing CaU THE SULLIVAN AGENCY 4M N. -CoUag» 30 ACRES PIUS a beautiful Ruatie Wood Native Ston* Home with atxra 1500 vq. feet of living rpace tha Include* a large living room' witl hujge open fireplace, cathedral opei bearned cetling and marble trim a compact efficient kitchen. 2 hug bedrooma and a large bath. Th hou*e,U tastefully done and com pletely carpeted. PLUS a 3 car carport and a mat wood poroh-patio attached to Qt hoase. PLUS 22 acre* of opcai graa»ian! that 1* croasfenced into Srar *ep- aratc paature*. PLUS * acne of timber which include mature walnut, pecsm and other, bearing trees. PLUS a drilled well, a efng we] 3 pond* and a cryaftal dear eree* PLUS a 30'xflO' approx. barn and a la rge machine »hed. PLUS an excellent corral wit loading chute and a vtee-1 he* chute. PLUS ideally located between Pra rie Grove and Lincoln 900 feet placktop. PLUS a prke of 9W.OOO and Sat,0** 7% «-»umaHe loan. PLU9 if you don't hurry aomeon else will grab thfc* 5tea1 and you might mias the opportunity to d busineav with NewHn Realty Com pany NEWIIN REALTY CO. Weet Tork. Arkahaw LOVE THE KITCHEN OF THIS 3 bcdroonif 1 n uutlta^ ranch houtw with over q. ft. in ButlwrfwM School District, low IV*. ffiorw 442 5087. HOME ft INCOME 3-bedroom Duplex on MX1TO lot Each unit haa carport and itor age. Waaher eonnecrkme and range. Lirfng'roaen and bedi carpeted. Located on ne-ved at doae to acfiooV rhnreft and at ·ing center. WESTEKN CEDAR Thia f-tx-draom home li on RimtaviDe Street and arbiated on a large tot at ajemrrimately " acre. Remodel jefc pertially competed Deaft al owner foreea eale at a good price. 521 3121 John ataymond L«ej«« Fhyllte Cnoa Ft WITH FATHER .. XI and the children will be pltaaure in thia family-type hone at'e near Root School, ft haa 3 bedraonw, a bathe a dlnlM room. Jen with fireplace, central heat and air, plot a larfe anadeck over, ooktef Uadecaped back yare. Thla ia aellint tor «MJ». CaU ·r after «e»-»t5T. FAYETTEVILLE REAL ESTATE Offtc* 442-TW1 »47 M. 44Z-T1M W7-33J* UY THIS CM«, THIS CAVE, HE 4.7 ACRES AND THE OUSE COMES FREE! and wfaat a hooad An . _ uuuaifc-uction» lalva Xlaaa window* «v«rkxkiiif a baautUuI rw. 1 bplmmua, 2 bath.. Thla ia axtraaharp wH2i a kit- that .you wouldn't baMer* *rf* workahop, many large nr««a, itany other itatna too numerous to nentfon. Only 18 inmutea from ayottcvtna and pricad at M*,WT Can sn-TZTl, J«rry Linobarfar. WAUS OF GLASS Io. M tin thto randi-atyla horn* 20-milo via* of eountryaldc. Set n an aer« ot Iwh Uwna,. with nbeliavabl* array of ahruba' and reaa. Central beat with two «n- *1 air unlt». U»1nt room K ininf room, ia- 12x31, front room with fireplace i I«x21. and muter bedroom la 24x19. "Rita beautiful home haa been completely remod fed top to bottom ineludinigTiev/ appllancea. Piua much more. $B£.5At CaU 5J1-TIT2 or after boura Nadlne Miller REALTORS Ey«nin0» and w Bofchyc Halbreok e«14: , Rci! 44O-CZ7 Rea. Sll Oiriatine Blondcau G. C. Tanciitte . Sylvia Dsnforth R«. *C-»35 R«. 531-59T1 Cathy Boyd Virginia Bnwn« 3 NEW HOMES IN STRAWBERRY HILLS RKiPE FOR A HAPPY FAMILY Vo. 9» take i big bedroom* with large clocetj. add 2 bath* and avpatrate *HI*IM room. Sprinkle wit wiUi a bright kiichen and bi ving room. Ttap it off with . wo-aiory home with basemen loac to Univenity and you have wiimer; priced at I34.995. Aak to M- thi* aoont Call 331-TJ72 or afte our* rrance* Langham 443-3157. OUT.L M SURPRISED No. TOO whan you see the beauti Ml remodeling job that'a been on* on thi* older home. Three bedrooma give the apace you need nd the centra) heat and air provide the comfort your family re- cruiras, *H (or the price of H5.15O. CaU 521-T3n7. Lee Ward. XDUBLE YOUR PLEASURE To. M4 with thia roomy duplex Rent out both or live in one and rent the other to reduce your pa; ment. Good investment proper and reasonably priced at $14,000 CaU E1-73R or after honr* Nadin Miller 9ZL-7IT3. SUMMER ENJOYMENT No: 741 will be your* at ita in thic 3 to 4 bedroom. 2 bat brick home on 4 acre*. Panta*ti ·wimming pool for thoce hot dayi ahead. Gold medallion electric home. »4*,5» CaU 571-2T72, I Ward. iv* aU VM extrak. mere laTormatton, _oajl O»rt*ad ftnitb aTfter to 5:i 10 ACRE TRACTS On Black-ton, jnat North at Uo- coln. priced te SeH -- Terma. Can Jean. BARREn-nNCHED S21-1929 ENCLOSED PATIO onee again emmtna*. dening. entertaining and cookonte on the boilt-ln Kuatte cedar Jencin« provide* atmoepbere and pri- y Mr thai three bed- reran home at !«· Harmon. Price HOLLAND HOUSE, INC 442-2740 NEW COKTEMPOttAEY School dMrkt -- Nairn atone fireplace -- Ifa BRICK Weduifton OrWe -- large lot HO' deep wjwi ahaoe -- cen- tra! «ir -- qoalrtT carpetiag -- woodbuming ftreplaee -- immediate yomimian. V*X». Can tor awoUi DUflEX On Baat Sprtng _ ^ t. «ach *M|« -- income of |2.a per month * low Interest Ion cam be mmamed .ONLY Call 443-4.M POTMAST co. 443-4310 IANO LAND-UNO Acrea - BMW.M COO. Down Acrea -- lll.900.ea. Jl.OOO Down erma to ult Bayer. Let Buddy HW you Uvue trarte to-day. 571- «ARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 CLOSE TO THE SQUARE e enough to walk, and rentals There » · 2 Bdrm houe and _ Bdrm Duplex In thi* good lauariga Home and Incotne at only tlJU». C»n Jo DodaoD SM-*S30 r nlta* »1-7U7. FREEMAN OVERLOOKING NORTHWEST ARKANSAS a view la what you are looking v call us it aee tbia lovely home with many many extra*. It haa ta of dccka. nr«place pod lo- mtion. Priced at »*6,5«i. It may e the dretun houae you have been kinf for. Call Jamea Freeman -4MO or 5S1-7WW. FREEMAN na beat home too*. Bafora Your fit*.- boss company REAUTOHS Two Location M ». eoDace NW Alt After · p.m. Call Plaza G*£err FOR SALE By BUILDERS HEW BB HOMES m rAYBTTB- VDXI AKP SP1UHOPAU. 3OMJ COHPLEIXDl PKJCED RKJHTI CAIX: HAXRISOlt BAV9 KDWABD BAMOOOC UNtMPKOVK) IANO 4 acre lot at ed*« of City Umtti If you have been looking for nic« building aite, with ntiliti available, check thi* one. »^.j acre tract juct off Highway We*t Build your new home on th quiet yet ctoae in acreage- 11900 per acre, with owner financing. 10 acrea meetly wooded with come good -.«* Umber, Thi» acreage ocated .hart a few minute* driv eaat from Fayvttevllle. A good boy 14 acrea perfect for a reaidentiai ' Thi* property at - le near aa i Priced a.t l* BCXTBI prrii dereJopment. eated in Sprti faoee per acre. 3V/ 3 acre* jnat aooth of Wedington Drive. Thia quiet, aecluded tract of wood«d land i» jttit a few minut«a from town. Owner will cell a n2M per acre, ind will oarry with down. . .-re* acroa* from Junior 1 School. Thia acreage can be d vided into aeveral beautiful ing iota, af you are or cootna-etof, «taack n 2SS5 Mor* 521-3121 PlnjBti 15 ACRES _____ Tree yvd a- aiwuiHilliigi Fine water ·eat acre gardem. » acre maadira wl» dee* raJek free nfl. fronting en Hwy m oaber -* --- ·ounty road. Bean EdTorbetf 1075 N. * · Norttowat Afwanwt TIMiS, Mdoy, Jim. 14, 1*74 A3OL7 ateaa. " Frra axii'uuna. three . Ihlarraon. kH- Oa lana lot. Uttte. ^.wrieM Building and Home. · i acrea with city otlUtiaa. Lg»rg« ome with 3 bediuana* and den, netta, utility. Boom for office* nd/or ·parlment*. Other buiVd- g and *torafe. Id*-1 for raiad lor* or am*II manufacturing. La* t.on ia good and building, are good. The price if right *t »».*», !ver Lake Special. Waterfron. ·operty at Blue Spring* Recrea- ion Area f2SOO per acre with a ow down payment. eauttful 14 acre tract on blaek- p. Open field containing **v*r*l. rcre« for truck gardening and ·uilding nte. A breathtaking view Tom thia ilte. Around 1000 feet * frontage on blacktop, tt* priced 97500 and owner will finance ?.. Ita quite a nice deal for UI.TRA-CONTEMPORARY Br U bath and fantastic interior Se« It today -- it may be your home of the future. Call Jamei Freeman 331-CMO or 5Zl-TD«e. FREEMAN eve] 34 acrac vouth of Tayctte* ille. 1; mil* off Highway 3RS. larrfwood timber. 94WO and (t oura. _irff« corner tot, w«H k«pt 3 b-M- rootn home with I 1 ,t bathl, C«ntrI cat. Brick front. All city utili- t*. Utility room with storac*. arport. Paved driveway. One of it b*rt kept homeB in the area. Convenient to either 9pr1nf4*t« r Ftyetteville and juat a ihort istance of the Northwest Arkan- Pfaza. Lees than convtruction it selling for 914,000. Larffe FHA can can b« asaurned or wiU refia- nce. Call for an appointmant. NEWIIH REALTY CO MASTER BEDROOM t a located at the far end of thi_ xuae with sliding ulaa* door onte patio. 3 other bedrooma and tota f 4 batha. Haa to be aeen to appreciate. Call Jo Dodcon S2I-S3M r Ito-TCatl. FREEMAN AFFORDABLE Thia 3 Br I Bath home near ih University. Perfect for a youn couple or students. Build an equft: while othera pay rent, Only $12 500.00. Call Jazne* Freeman S3fl flQOO or *21-70«. FREEMAN BEDROOM CONTEMPORARY Choice area near U. of A. ahnoct 5.000 feet of centrally heat «d and cooled living apace, 4 fu bathe, larffe informal living roo with vaulted ceiling and fireplace *mvement kitchen with dinette · rge rec room in lower, walk-ou Huement, on about one acre o beautifully landacaped land with .Treat view. Shown by appointmen only. You need to t? this one in aide to appreciate all the space an nice feature*. NICE AND QUIET ctoce neighbor* to annoy yo on this nearly 4 acre tract. Large rambling ranch new home wit ·paciou* rooms and closets. 3 fu baths, king-size family room, an KJ many other loveable, 1 iv ca bl eatures. Fayetteville school, ph water and n*t, gas. Another "mus ·ee" to appreciate home. REDUCED $1,050 to thia 3 bdrtn and den, 2 ft» Math frame and brick near Butter 'ield School i* an even bette buy. Carpeted, drapes self-clea even, Dw and disposer, 2 car g« rage, too. NOW ON1Y JM.TOO. BRICK DUPLEX _ bdrma, living, kitchen and bat each side. C«n. heat 220 wiring adwaya rented. $23.500. COMPLETELY RlH)ECORATED And slick M a button. New pain moaily new floor*, new paper : L,2 baths, a nice bedrooms, larg kitchen-den with utility room ad Joining. A good buy at ¥23,800. IMS N. College Julie Eavec Jan Henaon Wilma Coolick Laori* Stanton 531-850 442-72R 521-6BC 52I-7IW 442-87 SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE CO. RCALfOft Phone 443-4050 Broker Boo Sherwood HOME * GARDEN AREA 45 EAST Three bedrooms, ail brick livinx room diningroom .entry. Hi bath endoaed garage with workaho Boot School. Price $30.400. 10 ACRES, 1H MIIE Off 16 WEST · acrea beautiful wooda wiUi ai. proximatelr 2 acrea operi for buili inf. Located approidnutely . 5 mflee from rayettevflle. OHM. NEW SPANISH HOME 45 EAST Three bedrooms, formal din in familyroom with, fireplace, hej and afr, % acre lot $29.500. TRIPIEX RENTAL All brick, all electric, central he and air, carpeted living-room. tw bednjome, fomtahed. excellent eupancy. M2.000. N ACRE8 of igad approximate \; open, beautiful view for bull in*. 10 ml from rayettevCIt, ne, KDclna. Term, available. t».SW. We have email tracU available the Hwy 4i vicinity. WIDE OPEN SPACES and a beautiful view are jiaat M wte "extrae" that come ... Una 4 Bet, W ta. bom* with m, ~-» aq. ft. at ftor apace In EL.S?, .·SESS Weat Fork. Ariunaaw HOUSE ACREAGE NEAR BUTTER REID re older 4 bedroom wife «entr..l heal, fireptac*. many tree* In yard -with AnalCer hooce, pole ham, wilh approx. 7 acres. ¥38,900. Wtta ppmx 15 tens S40.00». On Old Wire Id. Houses will rent for 9301 a. i Phone 44M713 after ft: 08- No. 622. 30 Acre* with about 1« acres in parture. Large 2 *tory, 4 redroom modern home. Central leat, washer-dryer hookup, partially carpeted. Has small barn and mall metal building and one pontJ. xc* ted on blacktop hiway with 065' frontage. sio. 630 -~ 44 Acre*. 30 open" pasture, 4 timber, fenced. 2 pond*, and A well. Owner financed at 7'/a% interest, Check with us on thia property. No. 611 -- » Acres on Beaver Lake with lake frontage. Large Native -Mone and cedar home. Hu 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living room with native stone fireplace cen- raj heat and air, double garage. AUo, a small 3 room fishing cot- 1o. as ---31 Acres excellent pas- .ure. Good fenci ng gin a U storage ihert. drilled well large 2 acre pond with beautiful trees dotting he buildtng site. Weit Fork area lust off highway. la, 615 -- 8 Acres, seven open. Large 3 bedroom home. Central leal, electric appliances and built- n». Familyroom utility room, washer, dryer hook up, good drilled well. West Fork area -- real nice. to. 633. 13 acre* all open and .evel with an excel lent stand of rescue. One pond, good well and natural |aa. Older small modern tome. 25,MO broilers. Poultry housea lave new equipment. Priced t* REALTY Fred Merton 7ack Ru«e Gene Hunm TRI-LEVEL BA 118 for (39.500 mxy have what you need. 3 bedroom.! 2\', baths, den w/fireplace, utility room formal dining area, and 2 car garag* in Root area. Call 52L-1300 or nites: Pauline' MoKinney James Baker Shannon Martin MM54* 442-5090 442-609* BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 7618 N. Collega 521-1300 BUTTERFIEID ADDITION In Northeast area of FayettevilKj -- brick *iding -- large deck in back -- pine tree* planted -den w/fireplace, wood Included -3 B/R» -- two full h«thr. -- central heat air -- w/w carpeting -draped ' -- formal living room. ent and a Small down payme existing loan. Ttotal price of HZ,900. 1 MR- MS, REMODELED CHDER HOME 1 B/-R -- l bath -- leparate dining room -- · hardwood ftoore carpeting -- central heat -- large tree shaded lot -- garden planted growing. Only *I7,500. MR-122. HOME AND BEAUTY SHOP Kfce 3 B/B -- 2 beth home -kitchen w/built-ina -- central heat -- window A/C -- beauty ahop ia equipped and in full operation. Good inveetrnent at «34,OOO. OR-II» 4 B/R HOME AND WORKSHOP Two jtory B/R -- 114 bath -living room -- kitchen -- family room -- separate 1WO aq. ft. wnrk- ahop. heated, liahted and hai hath -- ilto hai 9'xl2' atorage building. Lot 112';ra»' completely fenced. GR-2I6, OWNH FINANCIr« A 1 B/R bath, beaement garage * workihop area on V, acre. » B/R. be*, mper large kitchen on adjoining 11 acre with a 20» aq. ft eitlra building with refri(erated areaa. Your choice at ST-.Mti or buy both rent one! Alao m acrea weat of Tarminaton. Small pond «i drilled well with little t B/R houie at $19.500. PONOEROSA LAKE ESTATE Two atory home on lake frrmt fat -- Bearer Lake -- J B/Ha -- J bwUia - d e n -- vttUry roan -- fcek _ boat «aB» - n electrSe -- "·* "·» " permanent iili -- M mine, to Sprlngdala and X mh». to ASSOCIATES REAiTOW 1618 N. Collwa. 521-1300

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