Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1974
Page 12
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fimeliistiM Out All Over So Are The Results From TIMES Classified Ads! «··· i · · _ · · · . r-4j V ' :· "'.'*·' ·.«']'·:*· '·" .- . . . .. . ·' ·Call 442-6242-Ask :; 'fOR CLXiSSIFIED · SCHEOUIE YOUR AD FOR OUR IOW-COST SEVEN DAY RUN. YOU MAY CANCEL YOUR ~ AD WHEN YOU GET RESULTS. PAY ONLY FOR NUMBER OF DAYS AD ACTUALLY RAN. Call 442-6242--ASK FOR CLASSIFIED! Times Gas Dial 442 Dolly 8:00 1ft 4tOO ' ".UP TO.' VJB 18 Words 3'* Atxive are th« C*sh Dtoount* -you will receive by ordering your Ad »t Th« TIMES or by ordering your Ad · fc» Phone and paying for It within 10 days of the date billed. 10^ added after 10 day*. For rxst rcBulU" JTve full d*- ·criplion ond start your ad for ' 7 dty«. You "may c«ne*1 your ad when rettilli S-TI jbtalnrt You'll only be charged for mt actual number o* dayi th* M "/ran. ; ' . PLEASE b« *ure to ch*ck row' publication, Adjustments will hie ' mjrfe on th« bnsii of the appearance only. No correc- · Hani mad* *ftw ·** hu expired. This new.irHper restrtea the rltfM to.ecm reject and proper- i SAVE MONEVI Place your »fl IS word* dally for one mo *21.« Each additional word - - W-20 ' ! .« word* daily lor 14 consecutive d»y§ - »ll.M Each additional word . .. »c CLASSIFIED --INDEX CARD or THANK* INCOMING IVIMT* t_l*OfT * FOUND lirJaMrMN* V SPOHTIH* '' O-- RECREATION S. RESOHTV JjZMACmNIRY S. FARM 27^MU^ICAL C M»CHANONI M-ANTIQl/IS _ F0» *M1 2k- VOH *ALI OK THAUf M-- WANTED TO BUY Jl-- WANTED TO TRAD* . H-- FOR *AL« 0» RENT n-- ROOMS FOR RtMT ·_-. ' 14-- APANTMINTS FOR ««WT IS-- DUPLEX FOR RENT M-- HOUSES FOR REHT IT-- MOBILE HOMEt SPACE* , - F O R . RENT . . . Ih-MOBILt- HOMES-FOK tALI :·» -- OFFICE SPACE, · UlLDINCf FOR RENT 40-- FOR RENT OR LEASE 4WFOR RENT-MISCELLAMEOgi U-- WANTED TO RENT " OR L«A»« ·»-- REAL ESTATl-W ANTED 44-- REAL ESTATE- SALE OR TRADE - ·S-- LOTS FOR SALE M-- FARMS ACREACtt «1 REAL ESTATE-- »0« SAL! ' LCCAL NOTICE* . ' . .- Ir-Announcemenri .;. /|t| - OARAGK KALE; Hsrli-a. furnifure, rtish · ; rloihcs A anlttjupi, l»u of mlfl'c lar.cou. ttilunby on 11«T. 1 foul* »l IntmtTl^n of 71 H.'T-^S- ' n.E:\ MARHL-r -- SWAP MEET sundnr, June 'i-.rt ar.d every Fun'lay there nlicr. wr.itjier ivrmiit!!!^. I/x-ntcd 1? nvlrs £(rjm ,r Grcor.^r.d on 11,2. 7 h i::i«av. Healers neeilM. (2 CO r^r d.iv R'll anlh:nc erf value, S:^ a.m.-5;[0 No! rfsiwmhle lor thcjt or FfcjdeiA. Ki E?.Vi Mler ?:M p.m. Come to buy. (e or trade. ' " '' ' flQO KK\VAF.n for arrost and convirl o Mix-ki!i;:U:rl'[.ine. Hays 5J1-17S1 or n For home (delivery 1 of the TIMES/ Phone 442-6242 PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 314 So. School AU THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT ' " F o r $1.45 DIAU-A-STOF.Y. Ch:'d:*s htar a B'b'i NOW OPEN RUBY'S BEAUIY SHOP ; 1331 N. Oakland WENDY JETTON Operator 442-9255 · 9: rift- 6:00 Tuof.-Sit. 2-- Coming Events McDonald 'Si.. West Fork. acrO-M Etrit:; 'west of Fire Station. Snturdav. June !Ti -- ;0:30 A.M. ANTIQUES Xnche-n Sriie. Buffet 3 Dreiser* L.' Chest nf Drawers, Radio, S:n,2£ Sewing Machine. Several Stan Tc.hlvs Lot Silverware. C«~\ yji* mi rum Tea Kettle. Collection . »5 R'/t *. k-ji , L/-; of A m i q u e PC* ! c a rds Lot of OJd Bwiks 'rspcrsl- Ep'ioi \VhEiUiOt Sholvt-t. Well Buc ^ct A; Pultcv. Wood Djuine Table Lot of Bo:eJ=.of Misc, Itc-ftiF of ;s kinds too numerous (c mention HOUSEHOLD dinr. Vacuum Cleaner sic-vera ' Quilt lop, Color TV ff^acJc .» ch-nc. Lot CfKkins UtcnsUs. Co Oval Braided Pug. Several Sma Rii!^. Peclincr. l^oi of Tools. ; Nc.:h*ng To Be Removed Upti] Settled for - · Terms: CrtBh launch- Serve Xot Ri.-ponsihlc For Act-id tnts Mr*. Jerry Hardin and jiher Heir or ' - **·'-'· Thf Estate of Rosa Ha ey SUroIil Sirget AjTii'Cohfa Auctioneers S - f * J A -1** itied Ads -6242 | Saturday 8:00 to 11:30 ^'^*« : : ays;-. : $3.78 - ; 2 T « sy .. .-..$1.44 8« -- SEHVICE DERDCTORY-- Minimum s Mnei dilly foi DNE MONTH ONLY J14.JS (Kich lln«. K.73) CRCd ot ThanfcM -- OJO - j Over SO word*, la 091 word) \ 3i«SPi -^' tci rfar* Yii^iry" tSro- fct- | Jrday trc accepted until 4 p.m 3n |b« day befor* trabllcation CI^SSIFTED DISPLAY (SPACE) ADS -- to start Sunday «re uectpt- ( ed until 4 p.m. Thui-*day. , -- to «un Monday ir« «oc«vt- ! ed until * p.m. rrtday · -- To start Tuesday thru Stt* ' urday are tccepttfl untU 4 p.m; iwo days bvfur* publication r^fcbmmg E^fnjV JTB, ,'· AJfroUT Sale, HaturSy aO 0: W Ss J n.'?ft\.f\nv:]. IV^hv iicins. lrlBJ*% m!: ·cllAtifous fMi'ifains, Corner ol"M Si:on Tirj itcbcct-a. "^·^cti-M^^U^'^qu^/^miSlliS 1 'ARH sab: Saturday, Jun» 15. To; h Idrcn'.s clfilhcs. txj-ils, worncn'i po'^ strr rliw-cs. KIT* 10-32. WJITS. HBT] Vniorioan high chair, Drr=^cr, 1*1 roa' oLitii oJ Rlandart! Register PianI- S TJIU.I'' SAI.K -- Saturday, June JJ U::fO a.rru i^cDoiial'l Ht, Weil.. Forte rfofrK lAlfi: Cjn!fi|nic"~-- rjiiew jA tirou'gli 1 Salunjay. -13UJ t3cane fft\. ·' ·'R [DA V H nd f nluT'la y , 8 B ,m . ti plpiy pt?n a cars c-at. hlgtiehnir, ncprl nriv pirtahlo iplcvisioa, pardrn t t* cjffce and pn-l Inblc-,. Ixxihs, 19fiS Fi (k-jp, InJfk 'load of miscellaneo-jj, I vay IR nasu 7ih house past of iliddlefo ·'OH .SALK: - Jobnsnn 40 h.p haul m or. 2 Irpllinp mnlors, vacuum clrane )p^inncr skiis. fntst-cllarpous. .Friday am ^ALK: KIT'KKN ulcnsili, odds and eivl ruiMjcllanroas. from S Lit* 5, 405 Kns Maple, Friday, June H, · dishci,. bot(lo Jcwclrv, Um[s. iink and o-Ms fc entls. 13i'J U. Comfort n. 4-- Schools And Instructions ]II«H SCltOOTj AT HOME il r!ima aivjirded. Finish rapidly. FT* hrwliuro. Writp Amrr:7in .Onhool of Ch ra;;o ----- Ko\ IU'2 - Harrison Ark. 72fKl RIDING INSTRUCTION liknvvc, short course. RiiLB ikjlls in |«o we«k». I'-e^nning o: advanced, aft JI.SM. EIMKOCK KANfll EiCHOOL OF Klkins Phone Sl^-SIPfi 5 --Lost Found LOST: ana 11 male while Poodle, w iijd collar, virinltv Rfd Arrow \-S*dit"o "firisweii V6 -Mu/ty, reward, Phone 5 U)ST: 14 ft. tJal hotiom l»oa! al W Fork Stiver. Kcw.ird offered, CR I 44 7-- Business Opportunities-- CEIL\*cmiJ J ,AS -- sacrifice h,-rd or Kkbfii'r.l. J, K-* 210-A, Vian, O3v TJr-r;.', |316) Ti3IX)i I'OP. SAI.E; ICOvl-IS It. Uwy. fnvila VO~H6lp i' 'Wanted - LVXJAL jreerotarvj cxpcrier.c.' an'i 'sho hand mandatory. MuM l« aUrart:v« a meet oeop'e veil. Star I S-150. Phone j NKlip , experJem-cd driver (o hflp prac-nre, 1* ftr, TKT rfay- HAVC had dr ^L^^ T AGER for 60 unit apartnie com p 1 e .v. Un i v c rei ty cou p] e wit unemployed wife preferred. Apar merit and utilities furnished in f 1'lian^e for Services. Must be wi ing to work and accept responiibi iily, Dutk\i consist of showi ripariinenis co]lccling rei^t^ yard- \stiri -itnd innintcpanc^, qiiaiifk-ti please call 521-2UO' be rvvcc-n S;00 a.m. and 5:fK) p.n Satunias- and Sunday call 521-331 for interview. CHOOSE youn ow.v HOURS W.i t kins Products, has operii^s i Washington County now. Avorag cariiinQs $3.00 to S,".00 per hou A to Zone Manaccr opening fo ricrsons looXinR for except ion a earnings opportunity. Xo expcr crce or major capital invest nen TeqtiiVcd. Write or call 3[r. C. Ed Caurtlr. 71 IH?hwav NorftivWifl alow Ark. 723511. i'hoiYt pOl-SC9't30, ·WANVlD^G^r.s H^S ! (SJfi^V rcr.i'ictKOif rpcil 1 hrTi-l meal culler :·!-'. iw iita'Tf if' 1 ! Vi msr.?.?^ til? mp v,--.:.. e M .- " m .f rif.^a;.?:. Tr^i «a;-i) sr n-XiK rci.rtblo (vju ;t r ..rr1 mj.',-jre r\ t jl-.- l - . ^ - w.tfi (..r .\\e or. rjr^l p;o;v I :·· . o-v--;-,- r-,:-:.:^ j ard s=J3t:*d, 5.' rl?^.; 1 ^^/^'0 ^ 1 "** h ° J " '" '' ^ W/S.VNIX.^CtfCrf.- rw?wi:!ip ir.dv.4u, K^^-^'^hf'^!^.^ .(i'V-C'A J=-.---:'=W rjr fwlr ^i' s w ° r -U't^nrjlal(fcl:r^;. «i,-''»i!-' ' - j«fe.,- -J M .,.. .fcjiJM. . hfc ; A« · ,: T-. Ar.-or:.-..^ir ev, Wrile to Alt -i^r-iVL^, 6, "210. ! Factory workers neede J'ment on our first ant ; eral maintenance ma · operators, assemblers cjsion grinder. We off ditions, a'^ib^ral wage i feenefits, so?h d^ bolide i ond health insurance Apply at^'GRANE CO., Ark. 72756. An Equal Opp i Mjlii UtfflntaJ WANTED DESIGN ENGINEER cv w new and existing prt4uetj concept? relative to ttrM* *· ]allli, testing and manufacture. Develop corictpt for j^ew product*, ev *w quot allow and ipelflc*- on*. Inler««tinj and crullenjinf M 4rrnttnit". ,*CouM" Involv* travel, qtrcd: M.X/I*ir««. Intry level sit ion. Will consider relocation penic. ' Salary and benefit* «x- llent. Opporturity tor advirwi*- cnt. nd Reaume; R. C. .GARSKE Trcslone Coaled Fabric* Co. A di%'i.sion ol he Firestone Tire t Rubber Co. P.O. Box MB Mifr.olli Arki.uu TLTM A W ECfUAL OPPORTUNITY '. . ' EMPljOYER r.*. r '*;irik« W" *^ j rtpilM conri*iciiti«r WANTED Industrial Engineers 2 Poiitiont Open Vjr«e requJTM). Can acc«pt p*r- on with 2-n y*ar« experience or ntereating, challenxin^ work with rowing company. ¥i!pnti.- hcnnfita, vacation and lays_ f p«ld fo^-'by the company. -·':' R. C. GiARASKE Fjreitone Co*ted Fabric* Co. · division of *h« rirMtone Tire it Rubber Ca. P.O. Box M M.fnnll. Arkiuu T1TM AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPUYER ASSISTANT MANAGER HEAD WAITER ^vy revtaurant ia looklnf (or ont Mir*oh to huntfl* both joba. Mult e'abLe to take reajporuibillty. Must ie depend able-.) Salary or hour y wajre wllL-d«p«n(1 'on .vou. Call Kirk McClelland. 521-1M6 or S21-86W. attendant, over 21, rttirtd penoru welcomed. dKirahl* work, atrictiy xa es. Phone S21-9M or Inquire at Derby Service Station, 27» Cotlef«, An equal opportunity employer. START NOW, -tx»l Amway dlitritwtor olftrs opportunity tor rood *amllf, von plrt: the hou t s , w» Irala. For iv lerview call 521-M20, WANTKb: A food htrher and « Hair Cfiul'pm'enL Es1«rdish«1 business. Write Box M"-60 p/t Northwert Arttinia* Times. IMMBDL\TE openinai for painter!, e«T- ·cntcrjt and laborers with corrrmereia Btorm rer* 1 ^ 'JMlM . phflnt Sl*-7iH906 or 9L8-1W-46R6. NFISV DISTRIBUTORS, husband a»d wife work lc«ether for extra Income ihowinR R wonderful Line of repeal products. For AOiJUPriNG anr-(rc«tioni lor p-witlw of n*5_lcf«n.-j Trmloinjt not Ti*c*f«ary ba tielptuf, Send'' reiume to box L.41, r/o UNIVBRPTTi' sUff pontlon for faB 'Jm« iarr] «kills required, knowledc* of bOOl(- fcfeiiinK helpful, v)i to Iwo yean *x perience. S7S-UOQ for · ppolntmcnl. AVON o s k s . - . - ]g TKKP.K AN AVON RBPREflKsTA TTVB IN 'YCWjfl IJF"E? If not, irt may r.eeJ sornfon* like you Ir ynor neiyh borheod. Sell In your spare time, *ani good money, lnt*r*Bcd? C»ll STILL NEED Three People to fill vacancies created by promotions. Management rainee positions open start- jng at $680 per month. Phone -521*6371. LEARN SUCCESSFUL m«n»gtmen Ourj U m progressive, Nationa corporation and we're took in* for people who are aharp, aelf-moliva (ore and who deiire the aatUfac store in 9 months. No fnvestmen required -- just the Je»ire to be successful. Our exciting training program ii V.A. approved, we of fer liberal benefits, and a *a|M/ management program that will of fer the right person an unlim te future.'- excellent reference* ant high acbool education requEr«rl For personal interview apply a TJhlfWKre1*ht -Sale*.. Highway « Weii. riyetteville. At*. 3 ^[OR^·I^*^r WAITRESSES »·*!«]. Ape* in pervoa, Raroatli Iiui, n^VtttViUei r;ltt//or 3 tfeaage jCKifcj. Mature eoupb ' with basic parenting, courwelin*. an* 1 Ijon3tmak1rj skills. Benefit* induo* rtwrr ~ and bg«rd. heil!h inrarance. itlar, montti . P'or f u rther Inf orraaHon and /« interview: Voutn Bridse. Ire., T3H rf Sto.t 91.. Fa.*tt«TiU H PboM Sfl rf YlTSitMqtio**. Wanted '-··"··-:: ='COWTffOLLER s - GENERAL MANAGER ' · - or ASSISTANT ' Sect ch«ileru:« in above «rf«f, Tw«nli ri ea n expecitnct. Heavy m(f .. aocotur es Ger.tral tana;cr. Writ* to ft Ralefll , Circle, n. ftrntn, Aric. 7X01. 16-ServicM Orfvrad * in r»lckpep-ng desires tmpiojTnttit with i/t che of June. In or near Far 1 Kiev.ll.. Call »l-,'.T,. ^[%^Dt Ksn*a^.TJ»- c«r« Outer J r K:n(J#rftrl*ix li**^ op*nln«« tar nmmr :»nd fa3h,4fCA, rrcrMliod Ind IlrifB 1 inln* -Dro^'ri-^acceArd tr the tour ^ ?:30-S:3«. «C-«rt. i. g^vsmwo u.. TO Mn»: m~ w d for immediate employ- d second shifts for aen- erial handling, macnin* and an experienced pre- er pleasant vwrking coo- sea l« and excellent f ring* j/ pay / ; potd Vocation, tif« foe you and your family ·ViOl North 8th, Roger* ortumty £mpley»r THE LITTLE WOMAN * .-pll ^ ^^ Bfe55jl'..:'.::.^ Sjjj^-^Lj| 32 ' en»' i j i S · i. 1^ r»7.i / . 5 fT., ; "\^3«% J \ wlA i n i . _lp»! i r -- 1 1 I-- ~~~^^~~ ! -^ -^^^-.- '1 /( -. S ; Sil**T^tf-: j rWMrii»M'«^Ml ' . * "Oh, good, you brought pictures of your new baby!" 6-- Urvfctt OK«r*d BRUtHHocwjiNO -- riirwr. 44S-7m. 4H«I. n 11 yrs, Days'an^'nlKhts. "rxt^' Bun- davs. W.»-|15*X IHyjfi'e" S3f;2aT." ' ; "' Termrtes' Pesti'' '- /^ABCOhTS ^^ "A »«t»«r CJBfcal^X Key Johnen 521J750 Tarri work, lawn mowing, oarpet^ix. rile ak for Bill' MoOtan, ~' Suppii«i ; wJth.«w»*T trim, trailer' 'iBCla4e4* % 4*2- 18-- Camping And Sporting Goods 15 FT. Indian brarwl hber^tass eeno«. Uke new, HVi. ptmnt U2-VT96. OAWPEP. SHELL FOR t/NC WIDE BED. PHCTNT. arr-ww. 1971 APACHJ 1 ) camper. Wf»p« 8. leebov, fully **![ containrt. Oaiel^HTi e;- · refrlif' trator, Jacki. Ex1*nd«d Bumcwr. other extra l. 442-4501- 1Q!4 ft. aTl MberflaH GoMh'na eamptr, real dMn. tfttl. OiU TS1-U30, Whtl* Spae* D O E S Of Adi 1 1 j CAMPER RENTALS Holiday* . - W«k«nd» - Vacation* Call or writ* tor reservation* NOON AN -REALTY- Roiera, Arkanus -"fiftSti ·"'' , Phon* «W-*441 JAKE'S CANOE SERVICE 5 Mi. So. of Siloam Spring or»'»irk: Hwy. S9 V '" FOB RESfRVATIONS:-.-' ; PHONE 524-6622 Featuring: e Complete Float Servic and Canon 0 Trading Port for All Needs in Fishing, Camp Ing a rid Picnicklhj ·-· -·· · --· ·:.· -.:-. '- -.e Modern R»»*ro«mt one SHewert ·. ·.·-./· :- .-..-.. i-,fe DONNIS and JAKE BARNES LEA! Our Ponttoa'ond Caditlaa , your n««ds,' wh*NW»r th«y lorg* leasing company? 1 from a dealer. Leating fro i pofiible in leasing prices an HATFIELD Rente 22 E. 1 r Fayetteville, Ark. i FOR MARRIf : FACUIP GRADUATE We don't need »p« We offer reasonobU larg* Complex 2 B«dr»Ofm, Urrfur Indu^AA 1 $« p« - ' Only $» Cell or Com* By Inorfaaclc Ann 9-- Rftcroation Reioits FLOAT AND FISH WIN FALLS CAMPING AREA ; Fu» for the Entire, Family '£-mh«* So. of. Si loam Springs "on ftlaho'ma- 59 -- ' we»t entrance to ·»ke Franeci.. Arkaruaa and Oklahoma float trips -- Special Group Rate* V _ . - . - · . · : . leautiful Grounnn -- Canoes and kiati -- Swimming -- Wonderful r l*hlni- Phon* 91 3-254-6238 Ft. 1, Watts, Oklahoma 20-- Motorcycle* iW 950 TRtMPH. orlclnal condi lion ., Phone ii3-940S after R p.m. STJ'SSO 'HQKDA. rsO.' see II ] ar ey Davtdion In 3prin«dale. - ' YAMAHA CYCLE INN 2242 N. College FoyeMeville, Ark. 521-4440 - 521-4461 DEMONSTRATOR CLEARANCE All motorcycles ar« 1974 Models ..t -, r GRACING MX 1WA ?t53 MX 1CW A, new hut damaged $544 YZ ISA KM Two YZ 250A's $!«» Each TA 135 A road ra cer J768 TRAIL ENDUHO DT 360A knobby on rear S1090 TXT 250A *]025 TXT 2SOA, has knobby tires front and rear and desert pegs $1050. TRAILS TY 250A S9« TY MA J396 STREET RD WA -5424 RD 200A IT5« TX 500A fully equipperi S1.7M) 9ee or call Tom Dalton m Weekdaya 9-3 Saturday 1372 HONDA CB 450. Partb' dioppert with hekn«t and gxUas Fvrelknt coivlittori. S50.' Call 751-S166 afler 5:00. · · . iyri SUZUKI 1Z TrailblVe, 8 speed* askin* WOO. SM Dan or Laura Borhe. (HI Whilham, uildinK 1. Apt. S, after S p.m MOtORCYCI.K races, ihort Irarli Sjilur- dav ni«hl. June 15 al 7:30 pm. Mr r- crosi Sundav, June. 16, 1:30 p.m. .Take HLwa v 16 EH st Irom FayelleviL! c in B-iEdwin artd follow Ihe signs 1972 R5C Yarrriha. r^collent eomliUon ten will consider smalt (rail bike on tT«*. oill 73fi-fi7*l aHer ,3 P.m.. aste tor Larry, 1971 KWfr*..45a-PartralJy i*opped.--Can be seei) at Impmrt Jtotoc^ Calh-Ha-lKi; 1973 fllt*aW ABtJLT s^rned 19 mo-rfriT ·Id'HH mlK r^ Incline vmrt^hVld a»d hMnel. Just like j«wr. W3-5510, BU7-TJKI Jt» Scramber POO miles, !3SO. Phone 533-363 atier 5:00 p.m. S A L E $$ SAVE $$ RVM Suzuki $519 RVl^S Suzuki *686 TM12S Suzuki J705 TSIOO Suzuki M2 T9l«S Suzuki i S'SI l G-nj«s i s«iuk ·. , !S2 ! ftWCES ioTtCTIVE TTIi JUNE M D D SUZUKI Hiway 71 South 521-2311 FayeitevllU. Art. 1973 ffi HOS'PA. 1.000 miiej, PhorH H2-»W atttr 5:00. SING SS, PROFESSION,, INDIVIDUAL' '· are equ pped and tailored tc might be. Why IMM from c hey must purchase the car. TI us will give you the bes d service. 1 Leasing, Inc. Meadow Phone 442-2303 .D STUDENTS! (/STAFF! STUDENTS! ciol «immer rate* rent ALL y«ar lenfl. :|OM To Campus, ijriwd, LMIttiM Paid r Monrh } ttapatrt Unjvefiity Housing ix - 375-3951 1-- Automotive For Sale 1 -ow 2 (71 HKOWN Mr»ir|ii:T Kroiitfham wUh cr^-thinr- givvj ronrtLl^ri. 41 (-1*5. CUf »rB THU.VUKRIimi). clean Inloriir. air- ^ Ll. 1 !6S CAMARO ronvertib'e Kcl«1-O-s.hj[t, . ; uns sood (7J50. 521-11^1. - m S;01TT. tour wheel Hrive. IV1 en. i ki«l'p:ales, only 5,«X) nulci. ?i,ViO- H2i 742,. ' W! KOH.n CJuslom i ru ns goo 1 ! , S250, hone -U'iWaS. tnyl lop an'I black s-tni«cs. J'S, PB, air, -n-iw'«.' " ' " . W VOLKSWAGEN' Ghia ha i il 1 0;., o\- X'llenL conililifln, rnw pa i til and upfiols- TV, neat anrl c!tan thionahoul. JaTr.. hon« 751-3-17S. ·dun new racial llrcs ]a3-siMS, ofl ev,' car. Phono 143-23ES altor evenings. XUlt wheel (Inve. 1%S C'hevy Cflrr-- li r good condition, winch. ITiune 521-IV-S. SStTMB loan en 1971 Fort O,i!avfe 500. n"» ' : 'lrarfe eijuilv for swxl jiic'kup' or oOO rash, Phmc 112-rtfrrfi or ' 531-1213 nr] Iravc phone numlx;r. 9»n CHEVY van, ruiu good, Jl?5. 833- 71 FORD LTD SPORT COUPK. All ·nlles. Lk"«nsr(], tax: iwirj' Steel fwltcrt res. S3IKO.OO. rash. See a I Warners Cabinet Shop, Highway 62 West, l-'aniv IMO K-700 Ford 6 yard dump Irurk. afler. J1:M p.m., I41-3M3. ' RUCK ^7 Foirl. I«-Q ifoor, .slandanl wjiii overdrive, factory air. power slccrma. good rubber $3(X. I'hune 321-2TC4 alter 5:00 p.m. SIX Cylinder, 107S (.timaro, 17,000 miles, rea Bocxl cwditioji, phone -1 11'-'JS37. 1971 GREKN Volkswagen, nrw ensine, ess Uian 1000 miles, very reasonable, mu.a Mil. Tali S21-iiI70 aflcr 5:30. JD64 CH I K VROLBT pi i-riur. pow5 1 i [es, rum real gowl, MOO. Phone SW-LT'l?. EVERyBODT reads Ihe TOfEa WANT ADS. Von are! Iridc. Phone 412-2601. S:00-5:OQ. 1^74 VKGA hatrjilwck GT with ain/ftn E" 1 rack tape deck. Phone ;i'Jl-'*i':i al cr 1Q71 V\V Super Hectic. ;wpllenl L-ori li- llun. Musi sril. Phosic 112-59M alter 5:00 IKS PLYMOUTH aulomfltie, air-condi- Honed, $250. Pho:ic 1-I?-!K)0. FOR Sate : Lanrlau topi for a 11 ca rs, convertible lops.all lypc.s auto uphoLslery. S nes Body Siiop, 412-2fi3J. conlj1ion, iS150. A Her 5 plio:ie So:K:i261, anytime weekend*. ltrS CIIKVELLK Malihu, sir-fon^ilionprl, bucket seals. cxL'cllrnl mri'lilign, owner. SI, 200 cash. Phone WJ-aBO after 4:30 P.m. IDfiS BUICK Eky] ,1 rk O ranrl Sport Hi ns sood, power Alrnrine anil hrakes, hurkclj; and console, yellow, lilack vinyl lop. 1W7 TOYOTA Land Cruiser -I vv ice drive pick up 'JOCi"! North Hwv. 7 SfLinnarJalc. 1 751-1 IO or 7T,fi.SCT. 197:1 GRAND Am 2 door lianJ to · \\1iite exlcr.or. Ijlauk - intciiur', buck seals. Dual exlrausl, ixi.ii Iraul. Facto Ispe. 1 5 excellent ra'lials, · aulomnt transmission ix»'.icr, air and · winrtoii l^suiATED srecper S-W. Phone . SAVE MONEY BEFORE VOu PAY YOUR AUT OR HOMEOWNER'S rNRlfRANCfc CALL STfVE LE1CHNER FOR QUOTE, 9 A.M TIL 5 P.M. St R3«h EVENINGS 443-2687 4 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday,. June 14, 1974 FAYETTEVILLC, A R K A N S A S . · ' ' jL 2-- Machinery And Farm Equipment UBBKFt TU:K[) end Iw.rk-r, 7:. B i7-GHO. ' id r n u ar.d valve Jc.b. ;"lM i-ash. SJt- 161. ·OMBT NATION \Ytrsf .and sfock lr.-i : tcr. fi 1 .' hire v ' G 11. wide' Piionf .JH-;i(i?0. ao»J-3!. W BIO- BIX Aa-pu'l'lypr., y.f,' ut conihTie IwO. Jim Vanghan, 7S)-LH7^ r'TSS-^-lIi 'Hlndsvil'fr. · ·· " ' 97J! '100C MI. track crawler loaricri "ft hrs. 4 way clam buvkcl. Full owen 60 ^oO Case Irack crawler loader, ood condition. 573 Mi. 2'i (on Hump, 7 yd. bed. 9fX) in L like new. fit) CMC, 3 ton dump, air braKcs, xcieHcnt condition. Call or write. pnc Moornliousc, ET Salmon Lane, arrisun Ark. ~''fH)l ' Phone 743-2-153 JT3 ii'orti) .^100 IhdtisU'f'ril Irat'lor, IM(- r, aix - f t . - box blaile, . six ft. bru =!ihoi,', iprl onfv.'Mb hour.-, fame as new- 7JL- 676.. - ·· 3-- livestock-- For Sale ·W'0 year old Apjtaloosa fitilli^n, 1H a ted' yearling Itily. rhon e -irs-l'lll. ·" OOI) slicf: iveanins pit--). WnrtneO and istoi-ated. S ivoy CTOJJS. Ci;uy Alcnpljiiut!, tinelill!. Ark. I'lurnc S2 UI-ii'M. ,tti- or wcclcciirts. I!:;-?7i^. 50ATS for s.tle. Thursirray and Friday; YlTiKECjrA^ LNSBMINA'rjON' service. ,11 bCP-ls. "(rtri : t)iil!i fat 'oiftcienl srr- ro; . f*o iinvivliero anytime. Rea*dmib:e ale 1 !;.' I'fioMc 61H .'^JWJ.- ' '.F«I;*rGRRl) Ciiarotais bull. AKrj niix-1 d ctws and hcifcis. Kvii Minson, J1^- ·"I'-JW. FIVK ft. Wood's bmslihn^, Ihroc point iiok-ur. $173. t-'ce at tr rf .\ 'fTiiir, SOT Veil DiuIisoTi bclwEcn 8 snd G n-'". JWO year old 15/16 (Siarojiiis !ull. Also \vo rualo 11033105. Phone SI6-X5S1. (ULLS. EtAGSDELL FA RSI. Phone 81 3r f 's!, FEtAIltIK GRO\'E. REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE fcrformanco tcslcrl bulls nnd cnar- Liitccrt. Top blood lines. Many to rjhtiDsc frnh. Come sen us, YOUNG'S ANGUS FARM Phone -U2-5121 or 8'i4-;iC37 REGISTERED ANGUS We invite you to visit and see what we arc doing. We iilso li.ivc a feu young bulls for sale. 20 year. 1 ; of rjrod'icmrj fine breeding slock. Phone Homer Fry 413-2320, FRY ANGUS FARM Davis Leather Si op -- Baafllej A Tack, Ft (-paired ur Custom mRde. h'wv .17*. 24~Dbgs r Cols Pets CfKl Immss needed for t-ulc S w c c K oUi pupjiiM, Mixed . I'iced. V- IwnSLC 'i fnr ,-i mall 1 hj'certs.-. Mem her N.l.G,\ 7jf Four: cn1o arlombl!! rmpp'rs. muc former nnd TciTifr. IS wrcfes nM. woinr J tun and whiir, bine!,- and vUiiif?. hind l IITC males-, on? female. $,i. 3M Piiil ii}-; Drive. .". weeks oM. 413-1 ill or come sco Ui \V.U-SOn St. THRKK bO(l Ji4|Jcns nrod Kfo-l lin nci 6 wccfcs old.'Fhrwie :21.ti]:]S. VKF.K ld!i' n ' Iminvl R]ue Point Fiamosc l!]Ucrs. Phone 521-167;,. ElKAUUJ'UI, AKO rogi stem! inipp p Cockers and Cairn Tenicrs. PJHJ Clifford ram-Mil. Ark. Phonp WI-5SS1. 4-Dogs, CaH PeH "AKC" REblSTERED ·: ^ERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES KC ' reuiMeierl. 1 males, 5 Jejiia:»s. Sec a t ' SiO S, College ,' ·'-.. KC r.Kaisr^t^O male lufiiiilhr, ·oatili/nl maikinfTi, h.ld ail sholi. phoca nAtlTir'UI, AKC Pckircrd " |ni[^ics.^3 tiuiilc- filotidc anH rwldrsh brrrtvii site ^is mp:«n perlierccd. Cflll 30l-'.'3IL altif VK1J VcjjistciCHl Norwc-siiin Kibhounil PUIH ICA for -^lp- Crill P1ft3"?. U"O1JnV-:rtEn BrltUny pnr|i!r£. Fiom' class riLinlin^' (T^^s frOm KaTisaj, COLLIER . REX ALL, EAST .' Vetefiriary Department ^ Name% Brancl ttne» ''. rompleve selection', of all veterl^ iry supplies. Everjithlng for you* nlmal - \ Easteate Shopping Center. ,'· Hw. 16 Bait 'COLLIER REXALl EAST :' ALL BREEDS- '·· DOG GROOMING ;; For Appointment Call 443-3441 i 1 Colliers has 50 |b. s.icka of Wa^rit inrt K \sco (tog food. Complete Line of Pet Supplies kt - . alt Collier Stows. "- DOG' 'GROOMING i Cynthia Jphnson. Groumer Ind.'vicltiHl'. Attention -· No Tran- iui izers used. Peronailzcd groom- ng done with tender toving car'e. ' OCCASIONAL BOARDING X IBEDTENCE TRAINING FOR- ANY . ' BREED · T; Phon c 442- K9Z days or evening 25-- Home Needs-- For Sale J5,tiO mj O.K. alr-ccndilio:tci w» ^01(1 IVl'U. S-5. llulli C(Mi1, E'tHHic J L ' - l i T * KLKCTRFC KTOVK one V O T I «|ld LA i|!n^in .iiitl- Two nc asminl i Imt \1 c-:|iuyiiousc IH 11. rfljlfjci^lor I i ir a K i:\.Mn UP: iva.-hcr Jinl, iln r c i|i] r li r tt t lin "tlio IV'.f-r ^'0 or ^17(1 lor s 1 I nin -«m_ s tl ,.1 filtjo T \ S nnac UJcil 1 (our nuinlli-;. S lE fl M. DKiii tin ?wt.(». riicrn fffliiiW, ?;rviri. BIGGER BEDDING ·vimn,,! ,u N'ovv sliij-in.-nl. J-.'ncplio.Til 0 it ,11 \ line U fu 1 q_i h fm 10 ' ir 11 11 ililc United t iui.lil ^ lie ll^v 1 Wcsl, KnvcllcvjUc. Open !» In 1 Mm I.ij- l!iiOLi:;!i Kriitay,- lil; B ?a[urdiv r-r 1 - I run l i Kcls Uhm jn;dV^it Jir fti lUis(i-.d but 1 Jioic 1 1 dl'Hf ·RVO toT C.K. "nirrTf;ci';iiot'. l^M -3 v n c a. i*Kii iniiK\ M;" MH-ri;r, '" 1U! 1 DIJ \^ -- sml ol Min tu f J T i f _ i-, (tnujwilc -crn«s,; from i;nr.\. Tii!-( ^r:iss rcinrtli ' plots-. Sl.'-fl riiM' -i iiff. U'dVut. if»u Fi.ul (n1 J! -i- ,b S J ·10:30 a.Jii. I'tnl u mil Mondu .DINING ROOM- and ih ict!c fin nMurr, -'S lien- ishlo fnH t /i ui icl.-., MWIIC with niiilclnnp eH,-«A dilinrli .S],MrM]. Mcdili-rrrtiiraii, iialir, t I rirh Miu KI i inr! Unloni Kir MI s h i e s 1 i x o p en, iJin (ii in-,1 ,nii-s 1 ID 'l Monday tlitouufi" KndHv 'till ' 8 on snturiUv ' desk cnnsolr" hrnck ";i:id w h ' t c TV] rtsu I^A'iH. Pdnno -IlI-Pi.lS. i^| SERVICE BIRECTORV^j A, . ^ K " '*. 1 ' / t ^ » 1J* ^ ifL -x i -* A AS -5. ' -*· * -- *· - ^ ' , A\F -- Air Conditiomng TURK Sales £ Servlci, Installation healing-cooling duels. Load calculation* Fre* Ett, Call Paschal 'i. TSl-0105 WIO CI-OSK-OUT, WlffS J5.M, WijTiCta 5 0 .CO C.isciidc-; IS.OO. ItnthS Btauly O: K%'p, l"Cfl X, College. Men's Wig-i Sli5» -- Bulldczing-- Do/or, bacfilioc and road rraflcr work Gravel and lopsoil. Call \fi\y or liirrj si S39-2SW. ROADS POMDS, CT..E.VRINC. P.EASON ABU? RATBSL 751-3560. -- Bushhogging -- PAUI^'S TRAfTTOR SERVICK Phone 4H-I373. if no answer Call atlcr Tt:30 p.m. , tractor work -- reasonable rales -- frc e*.tima!es. Work Guaranteed, Phona 443 -- Carp«n1er-- PAIXTJNO. shecl roefe work. in1pr[r a nd e.ver jor, !:ren sc 6 , rxmrt ed , and i n surod, free estimates. Phone Henry, S2! HOUSE levetiiiff and lo'iindatiai rcpa'" p-nintintf insirfu and out. roof rrpair Phone H. D. Hansbro collect al S?J-a37 N'ow Co^slruct:ori, Remold in^, Grnpr? nepaiT5, and Concrete Work. Exp-^orice QusliU Workmanship. Plione 413-:^ CT/P.TIS STRIKGLKR., , HOU3K PAINTING AND CARPENTR WORK -- OUT3TDE AND IN. IL\\T K?;FK P.BN*CKK. R A y RAGSDALE. « 7105 or 442-f s 06- ', carpenlcr. we do carocnler - work tha yoar hiiiliand wor«;t. Phono +B-2101. .'· P.KiroDEUXG end wtrV. 9^1!* crartsmnnshir. Ver' icaswiiK* . - prick Have relerecces. Call Davl* : Vi*«r 571-65U. . ' - · · ; : . : R emoa*lfei*. carport Ad rJHioM. Patiw Hou«e Lereling. Roofins. Paintin*. Phon 4414)71 75H-IT74. ditlaniir'BonJei "biJit iSeiwrtenM, Wor GuaraDf»ed, Reference*. Happ? And*rs« Call T560664, *vwi!nfs ind WMfcenrU --Concrete Work-- MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Home Inijrov*men,ti - Patios *n4 Ower - Drivepra\-s - Retaining Wall* · Hatwor «( a!! (Cuidi: Floors, etc. - W»!er Dr-i Problnror - Culvtrtt · Anall BridfM Traiier Pads. 5-0 JOB TOO EttAUj. D^PEXDABT^ SERVICE. 3TACK Mt.VER. ilJ-tlj, ·wi'ry «or*. 3cotl or J* MIM:, UlTJft -- . ..* i CON'firjKTK -- OARrnXTHR WORK OI- AIJ, K1NIV. PATIOS DRIVWWAYa AND t7TC\ RRPAIP. AND RKMODKMNO ··RKB E5TIALVTKIT. DOX ZIMMERMAN -- Ditch Digging -- niTCHUTrCH TRp;\'ClIIXO Fo 5 !, tow co V. t reri tti for uatr r, ga.i r!of1rl: line. Narrow (5" trench, Min imiim I;HiriHge to lawns, liew or iu«itura 113-rtis, BACKHOE and Dump Tnwi Woik, John Miller -- Phone -H2-SSI8. -- Grinding-- ' Service. KTfl HnnlsviMa Hd., 321-3.000, -- Hauling -- 1.OOX! Hauling, iiio^-lnt; S Irash.-servtee 1 Have truck stock rac*. Von name · -- We haul it. Rcasnnahlo. 4J1-279. Home Improvement SUN'HPX'KK, piilioi, Irniler 1,-vdins an , 52LS?] 5, ·. : . ' · . ·".- ^-Landscaping-- · rjreeic Gravel, nnier WorSc ^ Call 'J43-Eriifl ' i -- lawns Gardens-- . L.MVN MOWING, tornp!;;^ ffmipctcnt sr vice. ATso stirama ;nid ^hrub woifc. Fre 1 I*\V.'X and Rarrlcn cari r c^rntticrcia L c - tesidcntla 1 , r-xpe r Ecnccri courlcoa 3. .=c vice, niowinp, ro^tUling. .liahl rtvul n - Phone 521-12T7 nflcr 5. -'-i . . t FOf: Omp'«!o latri cars by wi^ni or by ' tfce,. Job csll Downey's J»alte - ft l^«ra Service, 4t2-r32L · - . . % . J ! ^ ; .: ^r*"*^ ^ir^**'"" FASTEiys- Palnllnif "Serivce. Irfdoff-Otr i. dooi" ami 0*'d jot»s, TVTr,c guaranlcei, re e eiiimatc anytime, Kd Pearson at 521-WT STLVIXnVFAX PAINTERS, free e! rtralc k porury, RooTns. »nd minor repairs. -- Poinl Paper-- Pdpcr Hangins -- Interior/Kvlcr'or P(*in ir.^ Fre P es t ima ir . Phone Ei.'JJ37. c 8^9-3.176 Wc-,1 Fork, PAINTING, paper har lr ri.i2. spray win In?, sncet rock finish, suiters, oerpeatn n '-- Fiano Tmilng-- PIANO CAR71 E PHONH 44?-T?:i7 , ' - Haal Estate Reconditioning · KDU3 cinnln,r, lawn *ervW. trai ', bAuluijr, ftruinhogglr-z. f«nein«. Tree M net liuBty ioiumiot. pbOM 9$-3M KOT.K WOI1K -- Fi.'p]iiios, rdajnlf,:* vvaris, jinlioa, n'l Ivrhij .t styles jof rtx-'k vi-oik. ·]I2-ri:.71. U- A-. I ,MAb-'ON'S:Y , --Roofing-- K R K K ^ Jti-xif msitei-tlnh ly Tfitr fMlri vmlrrpiTjofLns rtmcnt or conuole fonn. diiDons-. ML!-:;tfH. - .. , KKNEW VOUI1 nspliiiit rrrr an'J Artec, \Varina1y. Put nc-w nil^r in iliiil, lilclo.^, r -- Septic Tank Service -- Lines Repaired. rxiwcsT fiatei - --Sewing Machine Kepair-- 1 Ke^vin^ .Machine Pro^tftnus^ KfiaW.i Sow- ttijuo will 'topnir anyiiialiC- We are j-^ir - a n1 hnrl ^cil \\1r. le - and E Im.i dcvi! er. Wa jTiiaranlC'O service woik. \Ve also have - rtiTils, snvinjj (K:ceiVrifra -and scirinj ) rlassc s. Phone 751-D132. -- Smolf Ertgirw R«poir-- or lured. Free p:ckud and delivery, 571~ 4SV) alter · S p.m. i . -^-Taxicferniy-- B.\^ SPKCIALLST FROM UTT1 K 17 fU.STOM TKACTOH WORK - Harry B. Cjatlcc, ·Ji::--(« 1 il no ar.suof . mAP.TKK naif Tr^e Vn-:*-'!. InMirrd 1fl ^%O.C^OO-, J-rec' .c^fmalcSn- lrmm.Ti? t fccd- · TKBfc Rtiri thrph ssiiaylnx. i,-t,il« ];rcnw e ntVJT:S:'- I1iaw Ma3 Trec Hcm « · TRIM. Cut and remove Trees, [jinitv. _ TREK Toprtlnz, TrimminB. hauling. Frc a estimates. ^"-33X1 -- Veneteion Winds-- K v'SJNTRT^N BiJN"na REPAIRED an-1 _ b!:nrH made to order. Phono (Vihe Coo cr +i:-ri.Vi, --Waterproofing-- BASBMKNT3 wafer proofed without di*- survey .in-1 estimate. K asrl F GVoulinK -- W«IU A Pumps -ft HMttn BRcmiEng WATKR ffyiiT^ti r- pumrv*,' mtftn. Puj-mo-iwr*. 4U mak?i ·ervxtd, ' PiCTt Ul-WM '

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