Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 29, 1927 · Page 25
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 25

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1927
Page 25
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-J- FftlDAY EVENING APUtL 2$, 1927 ... afelanD Ctffiune 27 Georgian Convicted Of Slaying Broker . lcicOGi.. April' br-i)- . " John Kenton, alias Martin, wan -JU. convicted last night of the . mur der of E. B. Hogan, cotton broker, on the (light of March 16.' The verdict -carried With It,, a . recom mendatlon of mercy which automatically, fixed the punishment as life imprisonment. , jOne Brok ' mirw:. closing out men's Shoes t."X)ifofdg: nd Hi-Cats, en Lines Tans or Blacks 95 Regular $8 50 to $10,00 Values One Lot OXFOnDS anil Ht-' CUTS. Valnes to 8.0o. Blnok : Onir. ' lilacs Brakes , $1.95 tiniou Hurley $12.50 SHOES Broken Lines to Close. $5-85 U LflWTJIKES FIE REVENUES FROM-COUm Bill Signed by Governor Di verts Fees to Treasuries of Small Cities. . Ntivy Officers Will Join in Fete Parade under a bill signed-, today; by Governor C. C. Youhg, Alameda county, will lose more than 130,000 annual Income, which will, be diverted from the county treasury to tne smaller cities m the future. The income Is represented bv bollce. Justice and, recorder's court fines In Cities under 20,000 population, which, under the new law, will be paid into the city treasuries Instead of the county. - purine the fiscal year 1925-1926. thfese fines totaled more than $31,-000. The fines were divided as follows!- , Emeryville, . $5,676.50; San Xeandro, 45,893.60; Hayward. $8,072.20; Livermore, $,4,729; Niles, $6,666, and Cehterville, $724. Albany, and Piedmont are not affected fey the rtew bill, since the money collected frdm fines has always been paid to the city and not to the county. The new law affects all cities in the state under 20,000 population; cnrilCH GIVES DIXSEfc. NILES, April 29. Members and friends of the Niles Congregational Church will enjoy a dinner in .the church parlors tonight. 'A social hour and musical program will follow. BAN L.EANDRO. April 29. Captain A. Lartdenberger. commanding the twelfth naval district, with headquarters in San Francisco, has accepted an invltatloij to attend the eighteenth annual -1 . , J I ' I. On T nnnl.n UU611 V ICSLivai 111 uw,huiwi Captain Landenberger with his staff will ride In the parade on the opening night of the celebration May 23. : The invitation was extended by Hutcheon Mitchell, U S. N retired, chairman of enter tainment for the American Legion contmlttee. i ,. A Sara van of San Learidro boost ers wHl visit San Francisco May 19, headed by Mayor Herbert Lan dis. The delegation will be accom pahled by - the San Leandro Kiwanls-Municlpal band, and while In San Francisco will attend the luncheon of Islam temple of Ihe Shrine. i ; Masons Celebrate Public School Yeek ... SAN LEANDROi April ' 29. Public school week will be observed tonight by a program at Washington school. C. Fred Cooper, master of the Eden lodge of Masons. will be in charge. David E. Martin, county superintendent of schools, will be the principal speaker of the evening. , Washington school orchestra," under the direction of Charles C. Way, will furnish part of the entertainment. The week , was inaugurated six rears ago by the Grand Masonic odge of the state. FIGHT DPE1S I! IBS CLUBS Hottest Battle in Alameia District History Brew at V Stockton Convention. SAVE W HER E Y.O U CAN B OR ROW Morris Plan etis Tomofjfow What is Morris Plan? Morris Plan of Alameda County is ah independent institution organised by men prominent in East Bay affairs. It is the newest member of a national system of 117 Morris Plan independent units Operating in 124 tides in 3a states, with combined resources of 160 million dollars. Morris Plan Company is a Thrift institution that believes "Thrift consists in Wise Bonowing &s well as System" atid Saving". Therefore, it offers the average -' individual economic and dignified loan facili' ties to. help him overcome financial obstacles, 1 as well as the opportunity to secure $ com' fund interest on money left; with us. All to the end of -helping people to achieve the Hap piriess and Success that are founded oriThrift. " When to Borrow froth Morris Plan mmatmm ..." 1 w Many people, who all their lives have been industrious and reliable, find themselves faced with sudden money problems. Once, in such circumstances, they had to go to friends, or to a loan shark or do without ' flow Morris Plan offers these people t , dignified, economical way to borrow, with their Character and Earning Capacity as the principal credit bases. And an easy my 'Of Morris Plan lends money t . To pay doctor, dentist or hospital expenses. To help put I son or daughter, brother or sister through university or business college. -x To help you assist needy relatives. -To help you welcome an expected baby into the world properly. To help you make the first payment on a home.. To help you start or buy mtb a paying business. fc-To help you paint, repair or remodel . your home, - WTo help you pay your taxes or insurance premiums. .. ' - a-and for any other consfruttite purpose. Our Loan Charges t . Our charges tor chsrattcr h$ arc as IcJIowm . lotftl Totd! Dutrgc $ 100... .............$ 9.00 150..... 13.50 200...... ...i. 18.00 250 22.50 S0O..... 27.00 50... 28.00 400...... .4 32 00 500.. 40.00 etc, up to . . X000. ..160.00 - Out charge for COLLATERAL LOANS. . where you leave r&dily inarkctable stocks ; and bonds with us as security, is $6 per .$100.; . " " Both types of loans are repaid one-fiftieth each week or one-tenth each month, to enable the borrower to pay the loan out of his current earnings without hardship. The benefit of the' Morris Plan loan method is shown by the fact that, in hundreds of thousands of cases, borrowers, in making their payments, have learned to budget their income and thus to become systematic savers; have changed frorfl . "Owers" to "Owners." - The safety of. the Morris Plan loan method is shown by the fact that on total bans of One Billion Dollars the loss ratio has been $1 on $800 loaned, or, one-eighth ; of one; per cent ;.' .c - - What is Morris Plan 5 Thrift? Morris Plan 5 Thrift Account is a perfectly simple method of putting in a lump ' sum, or your surplus weakly or monthly earnings, and securing larger-than-ordinary interest . ' , You can start t iMorris Plari Thrift Ac-' count with $5 or more, and add to it or ' withdraw from it at will without penalty. '' It has Arte advantages: . - , , "(1) Oram Interest: 5 coco pounced semi - annually. . ! v" (2) Ho Idle Money: Every dollar earns in- - terest from the day you put it in until you take it out (3) Ho Penalty or WiAdmmU: You can -withdraw any amount at any time without loss of interest Morris Plan 5 Thrift fa a safe and con -venient plan that makes' money grow faster, . Putting $20 a month in a Morris 5 Thrift Account gives you this: 5 yeart at $20 month;. . . . . .'4 1.200 Interest adds.. .V 164 . Teur total fund. 1,364 V',ldjrears'at $20 a'mohtb., s . . . .$ 2,400 f' , Interest adds! 710 : - ' .Tour toui fund..'. J. . , . , .'.$ 3U10 . . i . .d ..... l' $ i,600 1,745 15 y&rs at $20 a month. . Inrest adds. toui otaIunI...........$ 5,345 , 20 years at $20 a mwith. . . ... . . .$ 4,800- Interest adds. , 3,406 Your total fund ......... , .$ 806 25 years at $20 a month .........$ 6,000 Interest adds. .... ; 5,868 Tour total fund , . .$11,868 Thus, fn 25 years Morris Plan 5 Thrift ; will add $19.56 to every $20 you have set aside in, accordance with the above schedule. It works in the same way for , any amount from $5 a month. Come in '""."'.; and get acquainted If you are a saver, or if you want to borrow money, or if you are merely interested in , this institution from a civic standpoint we invite you to call, get our booklets and learn more about Morris Plan. Morris Plan prides itself on its courteous service. . . . The personnel of our Board cfDirectors - indicates better than anything else, the . character of this tnstitutkxu ' P. M. RAf, Capitalist. .' . - E. M. TttDBN, Pre, Tltlrn Cutnher td ' Feakk W. Frost, Sdcty. gnd Treaty Key System Transit Oh Fed W. RicRAaDSotf, Vfce-Preiident and Gdshier, First Hfitiondl Ban C.lL.TuHAMtTnmimUndertaltCo. O. D. JAcobt, V.-P. Atnerican Trust Co. IrA Abraham, JJrtt. V.-P. tV Gen. Mgr. Oakland Title Ins. 'and Guarantee Co. W. Cataijer, Prei, Witium Cavalier Co.. and Pres Associated Charities. Johm F. Hassur, V.-P. & Gunitr.Cenrrd? Hational Ban,Oaland. . Henrt Zhwtnbr, Manager, A. Levy and J. ZentnetCoOaland F, A. Collman, PrefidVna, Br MAmE KLWF.tli OXION. , . STpCKTON, April 29. The hoti test (presidential fluht in the history of the Alameda district, QalH fornla' Federation of Women's Clubs, looms as . a result, of the officio! report of the nominating committee made here at the opening session of the twenty-sixth an-hunl convention. - With the committee's choice rest ing on the name of Mrs. Lyle Gary Leonard, president of the Rock Ridge Women's . club, of Oakland, three candidates are now . running equally strong, toward the final election which takes place Saturday morning. Mrs. w.iinam Lauehland. resent vice-president of the dls-rlct, and Mrs. B. rS. Crltte dert both of San Joaquin county were nominated from the floor w1 h addresses which have set th' entire delegation of 806 women speculating wildly upbn the outcome. Al though the nominating committee passed a ballot vote 4 to 1 ih favor of Mrs. Leonard, rumor has It that more nominations will arise before the convention makes its final de cislon. . . , CONVENTION TICKET. This ticket was presented bV the cnalrman. Mrs. Lutner Williamson of Oakland: For president. Mrs. L, O.. Leonard; first vice-president. Mrs. E, A. Cloud; second vice-president, Mrs. Raymond Clark; third vice-president, Mrs. J. H. Knowles; treasurer, Mrs. Roy Davis, and aul dltor, Mrs. L. G. Campbell and Mrs. W. S. Montgomery.. The three-day convention pro gram, whose theme Is "Political. Kignteousness," is dedicated to the memory of the late Edna B. Kin, ard, former club editor of the Oakland TRIBUNE, and upon the title page Is Inscribed a verse which expresses the sentiment of the many hundreds of clubwomen who claimed her as their friend. Mrs. Otto J. Mouron, . district president, is presiding at all sessions. In her opening address she set forth the Ideals ..of the federation In bringing to its women mem. Ders a socialized consciousness and a desire ljor political righteousness. In her report as Indian welfare chairman, Mrs. Harry C. Roberts, of Oakland, recommended the in-' auguration of a 'boyfand girl scout program among the California Indians.. "We have broken up the Indian tribe integrity and demoralized them, she said. "The least we can da now S tn crive them lrt it filooo " Aii open forum oh Amfertnon in zenship, led by Mrs. Claude Leech state chairman; reports of depart- .Mom tuairmen nv Mr. Run,. John H. Holcombi. ' mnA r4...' loyorts were inciuaed In fho iin.n. PRESS (CONTEST AWARDS. Announcement by Mrs. William Lauchland of the annual Dress eon- test gave first l.onors to Aronos Research club of Sonora, and second place to the Northbrae Women's club pf Berkeley. Mrs. Charles Quayle, president of the Frultvnle Women's club, was named winner of the state, flag for , 100 per cent Federation News subscription, . Dr. Ng Poon Chew gave the principal address, of the day upon "The Present Kit untlnn In China and its Significance." He blamed tne antagonism, of foreigners and their control of the tariff and cbn-cessions as the cause of China's revolution today. .''If sh eoiiid overthrow hfer. warlords and break down foreign opposition she wnirtrf end her struggles immediately," he uejjeves. . . A presidents' dinner at Tracv laaf evening honored country and club president of the district and closed the first day of the convention. Dr. Mariana Bertoln. ttA rr.i- deht, and Dr. J. WBltcomb Brongh- er are scheduled to address the clubwomen this afternoon. This evening will be featured bv fh annual banquet ahd reception to be neia in tne Stockton Memorial au ditorium. The convention will close tomor- rov with a final business, session wnicn-inciuaes tne read hi rif rn. luuons, tne election and a meeting v. iu. umi.i:n;i. executive ooard. insect Abatement District Ashed For SAN LEANDRO, April 29. Cooperation of the chambers of commerce bit Berkeley, Oakland ahd Afameda' his been promised in securing ,the required 10 per cent of registered voters of Alameda county on a petition asking the board "ofTsupervlsora' to 'have "in Insect abatement district formed. Secretary Edgar M. Hayes of the local chamber announced today. Mosquitoes, especially, have been a nuisance ih the county. ," If the petition Is granted a fund will be set aside each year to drain swamps and do other work to destroy the breeding places of the pests. ... , County Gives Legion Men Six Weeks Leave Members of the American Legion In the service of Alameda county will be granted a six weeks' leave of absence to attend the natlonal( convention' of theorganIzatl6n "lh Paris In September of this year. This permission was granted by a resolution passed by the board of supervisors at its meeting this morning at the request of Elmer P. Zollner, adjutant of Oakland punt No. 8. American Legion. Mt. Diablo Park Bill Near Passage SACRAMENTO, April .!. Bon." ator Will R. Sharkey's bill to pro' vIO" fund for purchase ot additional land for Mt.- Diablo State Park today was' before the sembly for final passage, wlt.h , Indentions of Its final approval en4 Signature by the governor. j '5 The bill was, given a "do pass" recommendation by the assembly ways and means commute at US concluding meeting. . , . V Buy!.. flowers? ! 8ee the "Florists Directory" following '"Vital Statistics." r ta f.'.T.'i HQUSEVrREHARDWARE 1U6-18 WASHINGTON ST. DILL CO. PHONE LAKESIDE 2793 E 0 1 Jrh I-kj i!E for flowers that bloom in toe spring Corrugated, Guaranteed '; 25 Ft. of -Inch .Including Couplings Special. $2.98 Ht someone "borrowed" yotit best rake last season, come in. and see our new line ot garden tools, . - ,' , , ; N6w U thie Time to Preserve EGGS - The fiest Preservative Is felLldATE 6F SDbA i-qt. of Silicate of Soda will preserve dozen eggs. . ' ,' . , Special, 19c Qt 15 FORUM If EARS IS. 1 AGENT SAN LEANDRO. April i9.-euo- I port Of the air mail servfc was urged by Arthur O. Willoujrhbv. special agent of the United States government, at an open -fofum luncheon of the local chamber of commerce Held in the Estudillo house today. The speaker declared that the service had nasaed th experimental stage and wm now operating with an efficiency of 91 per cent, two and one-half million miles were flown last r. one million being at night, with an extremely small number 'of accl- enu. a letter can now be sent across , the continent Is I hours, he Stated. The need 6f mors airports was pointed out. The cltv without an airport will soon be like a city with- uui a rauroaa station. Wllliant Fillmore. San Lesarirn air traffic officer, who was one of the first aviator to carry mail, declared that a very email number of disasters occur but that the prominence given the few accidents by newspapers rave the nnhllo th. impression that the reverse was true. San Leandro should waste no time la acauirlnz an stated. Authorized Capital, 100,000.00 MORRIS PLAN COMPANY . of ALARIE0A COUNTY 4?3 Twelfth Street between Broadway aal Washington ; Telephone Ldkcside 1304 If short flrkht of ftt dch- w tired tsi Jot Jvstthdk We Carry All Sizes of CROCKS .'J dozen ' eggs to each gal. of crock. 3 Prices Range g 30c for V2 gal. to $I.8U for 6 gal. i!Miyjlliltlf Soon You'll Be Fighting Flies and Mosquitoes You'll Need , WINDOW SCREENS balvanized. i2z3? inches Special 39c OILCLOTH TABLE COVERS r ,47 inches square - , Good looking and of the best quality oil cloth. Assorted designs. s a v Special. 69c v Set of 5 BOWLS Decorated with bright flowers. Also with a colored band design. Most Convenient for Fruits- and Salads, "Left-dvers" to go into the refrigerator, and for use as Mixing Bowls. Attractive enough for the table. Special, $1.49 mm. Springtinie Is the Right Time For BABY CARRIAGES and PLAY YARbS . - m. m war Jnieini too latel ALIENS wmi "AN INSTITUTION FOR THB COMMON . PEOPLE" " ifl 4)k&K$,t Before motfid start flying, tliey Isy ergs. Eggs that hatch moth-worms to est yous clothe. That's why you can't prevetJt taoU holes by chasing moths. There b just one sure war to prever.t i' a . Larvex. Larvex k an odoriess, coL.' Mn-uulamlnable liquid. It is not a "Tm-j-l " 'c or insecticide. It makes the cloth iacl lj. eatable to moth-worms. You simply spray it oa your clothes and they are mothproofed! Lanrex penetrates every Sr tie ' t absorbs it and no moth-worm can et -t-tbing that k treated with Larvex. No pail 1 j away. No smelly moth-boCs or buliv tlr-l ,1, Keep your clothes right in your closet. TUj are mothproof! Larvex k $. Ia combination with t' 'e- cul atomizer, fiJO. ) gallons, f f $r S3. Surely. your clothes are worth this r tion. Get Larvex today at drug, cli p.. 1 and furniture stores. The Larvex Cor re: 250 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. (t)6thpmdjs everything (cvAtArtrtio af COOP 0vti.i tr6 .w5 ' r ' - '-J - . . .... . . ilM BW4 Ton cws Cw.i"i

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