Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1974
Page 23
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nwtt For R«M SKULL CREEK ARTS. I*. Lcnnn TWO, thm , , n!cf!y and *· *· w4 ' b*droora «nrurntah«l. All u«UUI« i o ·winunuij pool*. Unnla court. ' *** tioned. (!:t oul. % H25. CHATEAU INC CHATEAU IV "^liif** 11 *" - r«y«tt«vin« 5Z1-M13 -- M«r. Apt. No. 1 ·UMMER RATES AVAILABLE 37-Mobilo Homos t Span* for Rent bedroomi. m b-ilhi, fkiralriwd, ilr- ------Uonrt, carpeted, automatic washer HOT P«r McoHh, gas paid. Phone 442-5490. condition fd, "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" 82,* S^"""" ""·« Two Bedroom 125.00 Three Bedroom 14300 All ufilltlM paid, central heat and »/c. unfurnished. famlliea. WASHINGTON PLAZA APAHTMENTS 1655 JJ. Lewta 521-30TS Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdaya tc Sundays AIR com tricMy, p. TIIRMS bedroom house trailer c - ' l y furnished Inrfodir? washer . Call 442-2831 or 521-3320 3 Bdr, trailer for REXT, JTO~ 442-253S. SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoancy. Also for J u n e Sept. Completely carpeled, All utilities paid except Electricity. Arkla gas heating and air conditioning. - 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complel* Laundry Acre* of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Oflice 443-2141 --_Apt._ 10» _ FURNISHED apartment C20 per month. Unfurnished apartment 1100 per monlh. AU bill: paid except water. HI WMtam. 442-I3S2. CREEK WOOD VILU Check Thete Feature*: * Central Air » Shag Carpet.* » Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher A Disposal · P«jol · Free TV Hookup, Low ·ummer rates. S117.50 -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electria 443-32.5 PirnrAN-HTTJj APARTMENTS Furnished two bedroom apartment*--«lr conditioned--ca rpc t--Rarhe^e disposat-- near University--H2-8797 atler 4 p-m, 35--Duplexes For Rent TWO furnished duplexes for rent near Kie University. JUS, bills p*td. 1110 per month plus umilles. Phone 44S-2050. AVATluMJE^J July Jst. 1/wely 2 bedroom untumlshed duplex. US. Cfntml heal A ·Ir, washer/dryer connpcllnns. Rni dmpes and caipcifn],'. Walking JIsltiT!« In town and schools. Couples only, pets. Clean up deposit. Applv at 152 fiirring. NKr\Ei cRmrws Unfl Dldwon. Two bed- ronrnj. furnbned. 180, wnler paid. WaUon MSI side. Ptione 442-4QOO, UN FURN1SKED. two bedroom dup\, central heat and air, wall-to-wall carrxM, 7100 plus bllta. Married couple on);% Phone TWO bedroom duplex, near Unlvers! tj-, unfurnLstwd, (100 per month plus utlllHe* ·nd deptMH. Phone 41MM4 n«i 3 p.m t B1CDROOM (amlrtMd 1123 Bw* West ' A?«nu*. V95, 90 d*po«rt and on* yt* r leave required. MUit be quirt coapl« or nddd.ft-ftfred widow. 443-3780 or 3S7- LUXURY PLUS AU convenience! .tnd ilrvag carpet in I wo bed room, unfurnished townhouses, great view, ?230 per month, Call Leo Boss At Gallery of Homes, 521-7272. GET TAN On redwood sundeck at rear of two bedroom duplex, close to Uni- venlty. Paneled throughout, stove and refrfjfcrator furnished, $16S per month. Call Le« Bo* 521-7272. TWO BEDROOM dui-tex, unlumUliot] ·love, dLihwa shcr, rtlspos*!, waste r/dry *r connections, CrepT*ce, Foot Kchool «rea, lully »tng carpeted throutfioui, c«nnl Air/heal. f!90 per month. PJionr KQ-lfiOS. TWO bedroom duplex. KIS a nionUi. CaU Mildred Orttue, 447-I.HO or Stagecoach J BEDROOM, central hwt/alr, rarport, = ttmg nrpel, wt sher/rt n, * r connevl ions, dlipc^alj, fumL^ied ver' Quiet. Garden ·pace, coupien preferred, no dogs, 442 - 7269. . DUPLEX, unrumUhed, two bedrooms. ·· · dult* preferred, oa ^"hillock Street. P 442-96S4. NEW, two bedroom untumlrfied »pan- ment *U utnittes paid. (135 per month FhLLI I p« Drive, 621-T106, OUAJlANTBID QUHT. Ouple« and mature linflei only. TWO bedroom tm- furnlbwd, except ttov* and refrijentor, |«. Call 521-1931 after 5 p.m. TWO bedroom, ahai carpet, tttovt and tvfrl.rer.itor furnlihed. Oentni h«t and ·Jr-condttloned, 2Krbafe dl*r»«l, waah- ·f/drr*T ewmectlona. 44X.W7SL 36--Houses For Rent On# New 60x14 MOBILE HOME fully carpeted, central air-condt- tioned. all btlU paid, one year rent at a time, miut have 1h« ffnt and la«t month rent, $173 In advance. Phon* 442-8871. OIU 1 beArpora mobll* home, One 3 bedroom nx*U« home. ar* all carp*1*H, i!r-cnndltion«4 U WILJ p«ld. |35 cleanup (Up«l( tTN FURNUHED two bedroom h«i»e, orvi bath. |ivln.t and dinln* combmallon, r- month. Want (o rent to mature couple. Write: Boac M-«l c/o NorthwMl Arku Ti me i. ·· TRSfPORART RKNTAT-: flic* Older home. furnished. 3 bedrooms, sludy, talc^en. dlnlngroom, liviiur room, Ii4 hRlhs, tic. Kc-ar City Ho«p':ta1. Jlental period rleX' |l)!e Rent necotiabr*. Fhone 521-2004. TKREE bedroom hotue, unfumiilMt] BullerfieH Srfioo! rflstrlcl, p«ved road phcae 73M802 or 738-2730. NICE, imfurnislietl three bedroom hoa« with familrroom anil one hath. North «( Ur,lTer»lty. llarrieil coup!e wily. N pets. 1135. Utiey A Co.. 442-3311. FOUR bedroom. l*i taUi, Tor l«as« tS month, flM depotil. Cat] 5 party only. No pett. D, CH, CA, newer threw bed roe-m, two b-iflv Wdt, «»mp»et* kitchen Lr» M, »36, DO peta. 443-3197. KQ _ , 4 bdr. i foil b.ith * one »1 Hath. U-vlntfroom, dlnlnf ream * , tf*n r» Hwy ID West PTone 4-M-MOI. NEWER houae three hednx-m or two and · dm 1H bath* central hmt and air brtroom (lupleT. (85 per montli, l«aae. Rtooe 443-TM, For 33--Mob tin Hom-M V«r $-·(· - , deilfned (or itudenU bera. 44S-S41. 4ISKE1). (wo bedroomi ilr-con. *·* C* n*!*, panel In r, new a ppii. irnliiMA if-irnf., wi.Ur-drj'tc 1M9 12x66 mobtto horn*, tlr-condltloned. carpeted, tiro btdroorai. two baths. Mr- nlshtd, uood condlUoo, «v.:lib:« .ummtr. rit IK-ltm. CKAHDLEB TrO« TWO In. I 1 bedreom. i . ar-condmonM ·arpon, quid, reliable cwpte. cl««- tiOM Iwfor. 9:00 a.m., 442-73W rtfrifreralor, slorage bulMIn*, drapes. I riwd*. Excellent loralion. Call 443- ditioned trailer. ISO pill] hone 267.31*5. ilec. Si?!^" » _ · " ? » « » . TM««». BEDROOM. rtunlihW St.-'* «y|« «llh r« c.rpel. Bill, paid except SHADY, 2 bedroom. Turnljfml, air cen- dltlontr, taee. ilorase. tllO monOt. oas BUtLOINO 3M10. 8 ft. cHllnf. conduit ·Irlnj. 7)4 n. tern and «.rvl« door, ohln* shop or itorage. FURKISHBD 2 bedroom, a]r-cwidiliotied. mobile home, must be qulel and reliable, no children, no pets. 1110 month cable and milltles paid. Also Irllcr 'spaces small frailer welcome. J20, sevrnr paid, SBVTIN room. l.UOO aquare f»et, carpet and panglitm, |2M. Phone Cart at 44'2-fi T\vo bedroom, fumtshcd sncnandoah villa, mo. i, 5PRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles TJ of A. - I mile NW Ark. Ei 1z « " n '1 b.vp«»a «nd Johuon Rd. Phone W3-2-I52. COOD OMINTRT lu-ins iuac«. at Grwn , 16 West. PJian Villa MOBILE HOMH PARK Ccnlral location · Oversized tots · Paved Ktreels · Swlmmlnjf Pool « Playground * Kecceatlon b!df « slorag* bldg · Under- irounil ullllllM · Ofl str«« pirkirut. Hwy. H N. 443-2211 Entranc* AOTOM from Holiday Inn NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK -~Mt A Al^oond. moKlt bonea rent. Oood UTtei at Good Prire« End St -- 114 ml. N.W. « UotA. Call 5323 or 92!-9RlC. Mobil* Horn* Owners SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Sef-Up For a limited time only. CaU today. SHENT AN DO AH MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Pan. 443-4757. Swimming pool, storage bu if dines, patio, gaa grilles and lights. Laundry. FURNISHED mob]IB hones AFio vpuc«« for rent Wayne ffinkle Mnbile Horn* k. H-Tj'. IB East. Phone +V3-2U6 ffvtf^i^rtftnr^r+nr .--^^-.-^r^-w^w^^^ 38-Mobile Homes For Sale OABBARD Paint now ottering Tops heavy duty alumin!zed roof {.-eating (repa»les; ins;iLa(es, preserves, weather- prools) IUO N. L«verel1. 12\5I MOBILE home. High quality, furnished, birch cahlncls, w«sher/itryer, ex- c j i L ro^dilion, one ow/ier, H,90ft Q.11 17J9 ntlemoons and evenings. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1974 74x70 TOTAL E1ECTRIC 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS ONLY $8,658 idlft 1 2556 Mt. Comfort Rd. 1971 12x60 MOBIF.K hem*, two b«d rooms, wn slif r and a I r cyndltlooer, Plion* S2L- 12rtO WNFURNIS1IED two bedrown, Inil heal and air. carpeted, «ood c tlon. ).1.-U)0. rtwoe 442-9184. 1972 UtfO mobile home, no ettuitv iimie loan. Call 521-SGM9 after 5:0o! ln Ux70 Trailer. Central air. SmaM :qu!ly, the up paynienls. Can be wen myttrnr next week. Call 3^7-3795. 7HUal 10x» ttm ntrtal ittnm Villdlni. un- funilriKd, tBOrpt tor rtfrlttrator, raw mi window air, K230. Jtoo» 44MUC. "COUNTRY CORNER" 39 Acre* with 4 BR houM. 3 poultry houM (».»» c«p.). uMirttd out MOBILE HOMES BH Kt Comfort Id. - MI-*ai rar«tt«vm« SALES and PARK . .. ulldlnjs. ind plenty ol water. \bout a Acres ctetred and In food ran, all under en«. rKA loan «tabllih«d. TO MC, caU Duftey "artec at S31-1MO or nlto. BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 8 N. Coll«a» 521-1300 OMB m I EKb Enalaf 14X70 HOUSE I niter, fully carp«tPd two hcdroomi. 1*0 roll bdths, Uved in IMS I K«r. PUone W8-H13. 39-OHiee Space, Building! For Rent OFFICE BUIIDING FOR RENT 935 N. College. 5 orricea and a reception room. Call Jamea Baker 521-1300, Bil BAKER ill" lazenby .... 521-5833 « Davit ....... 521-4448 oug Hartley ---- 442-6446 Art Clork ..... . . 751-9724 ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 41--For R«nt--Miscvllamoui SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LIGHTING BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHOKT TERM RENTAL E. 19th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phon« 751-7068 43-Raol Etlale-Wamed WANTED to rtot nr leaie: Pasture land, 1.000 acres or more, any and all siiw acrpages considered. Phoo* arier 5:30 p.m.. S21-54GO. 'PEN LAND FARMS ,¥ ·"" J""' outside cily !imiti t Ftyettevill*. Pond, fenced, moal- " Oftn. 29% down, balance 3 to 40 «re» wooded land E ol Tentwood, $10.500 cash. Listed by ·Uram Broolu. ' . joiler setup in Lincoln. 3 acres 1,000 capacity all automatic. Cop contract, barn. pond, city wa- *r. nat. a-as. paved street. $T13 000 Z9% down and terma. Listed by Hiram Broolu. ' NINE acres. 5 room frame, mod. n. butane, pasture in rescue Listed by Austin Fitzgerald . 33 Acres on Mominjfside Drive i mi S of Hwy 16 by-pass 2 icnds, approx. 12 ». open, older ou«e that's liveable, all fenced, K «pur thru property. Make nice *ve]opment for low-cost housing. warehoua«i, 46--Form» (.Acreages 60 ACRES at timber land, iprinjr rrt pond, hunter's paradise, J300 per acre, ne»r Onehil], Ark. P4Kn« 824-5K7. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NEW AREA. HAS A BEATJTrnn, VIEW ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HA WE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER WHO TERM iOUn o urn «au tarmi--Federal L«ad Bajik Aavoc. Pbanc H25273 lor man 47-Reol Eitote--For Sale-- NEW ENGLAND COUNTRY This charming two story New England Country style home Ls s i t u - ated on a secluded 4 acre irlte in « choice North-East Fayetteville location. Over 90 years old but modern w i t h central air and heat. Four herooms, two batha living room, forma) dining room.'den, complete modern kitchen and full buement, Hay barn. Jtock pond and a old fashion Ivey Covered Melon Cooling sprinj* house. Priced 560.000. Call for appointment. THE SULLIVAN AGENCY ra REALTOR STOP IOOKINGI This is i(! Owner moving. Handsome Hacienda. Three Spacious hertrooTTis, Attractive Kitchen with bar, patio and Bar-Be-Que on level lot North of Tj. of A. Great terms- Call evenings 521-5833. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE Company "Bill" lazenby ____ Le* D a v i j ....... Doug Hartley ____ Arthur Clark ..... 1015 N. 521-5833 521-4448 442-6446 751-9724 BV OVVNKR: Ijirue home mit. Ijarge income, Ur Bax 101?. , can live in or is. Write, P.O. ! COUPON THIS WEEK ONLY JUNE 10--JUNE 15 FREE Offir Good With This Coupon THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN HOT DOG STAND (Homo of tho MM! Sixo Hot Dog) BEHIND PALACE DRUG 622-A W«t tXckion ! COUPON T6 Ox. SOFT DRINK With Purchase Of One Hot Dog SaU 47-HUal h«ar» rot Solo- 47HUal Eifcrto roc BIG AS A BARN ;"*'·· »"M«rfuJ]y house «l four b.droomi, FmUy room fwo ceramic baths. Two-car «TM Privacy fence, back yart U ' of A - Ex-enhw, FRONTIER EAl STATE lorn pony m Laa^Jj! SEAITOR |l015 N. College [521-6700 Ifl65 N. College ulle Eaves an Henson Vilma Coolick '* Stanton 442-6254 44J-7262 521-6509 521-7987 112-8744 bedroom duplex-, like new condi. on. lai^c chain linked tol, cloic-in cxi Hiway 16 West, .118.500. Phone 2ST-322S LIVE IN ONE SIDE Hent the other to maka th« payment. TTWre la alao a 2 Bdrm houae with thli deal. CaJI lu to aea It at only $21,500. call Jo Dodaon S21-43M or nltaa lei-TV!?. FREEMAN LOOK NO MORE Tht* attractive 3 Br 2 Bath In a NE location ban been reduced to $37,500.00 /or a quick sate. Exceptional yard work and landacipping. Call Jamei Freeman 521-A300 or yjl-70W. FREEMAN CHEAPER THAN RENTING for onty VU.900 you ran have 3 Br 1 Bath. Completely remodeled less than 1 year ago. Call RandaJl Webb 521-6300 or 521-5088. FREEMAN GOOD PROPERTY- IOW PRICE H2,500.00 will buy this 2 Br with AC. Stove and K«frij!. On Putman Street walklnn dlttanca to campus. Call Phyllla Freeman 531-6300 or 521-708S. FREEMAN FOR THE INVESTOR 2 practically new brick duplexes. CH/CA, stove, Refrig. Excellent investment at only |27,54X. Each. Call James Freeman. 521-6300 or FREEMAN TRY TO BEAT THIS BA 117 cornci completely furnished for only $20,750, 3 bderoonu, 1 bath and living area are carpeted; central heat, 3 window air condition- era, private lot and ne*r University. Call Shannon Martin at 5211300 or nltea at 442-«09G. BAKER CB REALTOR ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Collega 521-1300 10 ACRE TRACTS On Black-tnp. just North of Lincoln. Priced to S«li -- Terms. Call Jean. BARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 VOU'LL LOVE THE KITCHEN OF THIS 3 bedroom. Hi baths, cedar ranch house with over 1,400 sq. ft. in Butter-field School District. Low 20's. Phone 4425087. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE CO. REALTOR Hwy. 45 E. Phone Broker ROB Sherwood HOME GARDEN AREA 45 EAST Three bedrooms, «1J brick living room diningroom .entry, I'.fe baths enclosed garage with workshop Root School, price $M.40t, NEW SPAMSH HOME 45 EAST Three bedrooms, formal d i n f n a familyroom with fireplace, hta and air, 3i acre lot $29,500. 50 ACRES of l a n d approxlmatel \'t open, beautiful view for built 1 Ing, 10 ml. from F*yettevUle, nea Elkins. Term* available. $29,500. We have small tracts available in th« Hwy is vicinity. BEAUTIFUL Contemporary located in NE Fay cttevllle on a landscaped lot. Th elegant home features a ]ar«e liv ln« area with vaulted ceilings an a mnjslve two-way native ston fireplace. Master BR has a rue dressing area plus a vralkin close Two f u l l baths. Utility area wit washer dryer and a 2-car garage Carpeted draped throughout. CH A. Price fil.000. DUPLEX NEAR FHS Fine 12 yr. old duplex wilh st;i ceriar siding. Has excellent renUi record. Each unit has f o u r rm. U t i l i t y room, with WD furnished FTdwri floors. Nearly complete ki Ceramic bat ha Drapes. CH i. on unit has CA. Large lot. NEAR CAMPUS Painted an attractive avocado. rm, frame Is conveniently locate for the atudent or faculty. Houw Includes ajlaised In back porch ?; basement, utility area wit WD furnished. Nearly complet kit. Window AC drapes me Separate fiarage lot. NEAR WASHINGTON SCHOO 4 BR 1 '/a Baths. CH. 2 LeVeLi amail lot. Convenient to store REALTORS 1202 N. College Office 412-535 Evenings and weekends call: Bo bbye Ha Ibrook Res 443-2T7 Sylvia Danforth Res. 442 Christine Dlondeau Res. 521-'00 G. C. Faucette Res. «· 3 NEW HOMES IN STRAWBERRY HILLS On« of FayeLleville'A finest sub-division Ttici« homes have *1t the e\lras. Fo mor« information, call Garland Sml Con slnict Ion Co. Phone 2CT-A393 A fi ( G:00, evening* or see homei 8:00 (o 5 ! during the day. ALSO Taco Grande 2366 N. College Ave. SALE FRI.-SAT.-SUN. Introducing Taco Grande Dinners Regular SALE TACO DINNER $1.29 $1 04 BURRITO DINNER . . . . . . . . . $1.49 $1 24 SANCHO DINNER . . . ' . $1.49 $1/24 ENCHILADA DINNER $1.49 $1.24 COMBINATION DINNER $1.99 $1.74 CHEESE DIP .79 ALL DINNERS 25 OFF SURRITO SANCHOS Reg. 69«t, 25 off DINE IN--CARRY OUT PHONE 521-8560 HOURS: SUN.-THURS. -- 11:00--11:00 FRI.--SAT.--11:00--12:00 Collect a set of Cartoon Cups Norrhwoo) Ariioiwn TMMS, Thurt., Juno 13, 1974 47-««al Ettato-for Solo 656 ACRES AT $125 PER ACRE, ONE MILE FROM JACKS FORK RIVER IN MISSOURI OZARKS. FOR SALE BY OWNER. PHONE (417) 264-3470 or (417) 264-3122. NEW home, three bedrooms, stare and frame, atona lir*place, Iu1]v p.nrpelcd, ranfte, disposal, dlstmashor, ele, Hft baths, 3 car. r»r»f*. Jl down to veteramt, 1850 (kwn niA, 3»Uintf boluw «\-aluatlon. B- builder; Phone 833-2879. 47-R*oJ bat* Far LANO LAND-LAND 20 Acre* -- 15.900.00 $800. Down 40 Acres -- »11,000,00, n.OW Down Terms to s u i t Buyer. Let Buddy Show you the** tracts to-day. 521- 226C. BARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 HVKRYHODY r»*djj Uw TtHESf WANT ADS- Von ar*J FA MIL Y home. Fiv» Mdnmm, three bathrooms, livinFroora. dinlnjtrflom, k i t - chen, wash room. OB Urv« tot. MO.OOO. Call 1(3-2510 NEW J1O.MH on rilsllnctlv* lot with aU extras -- woodburnlng fireplace, air con. (liUonliijf, dishwasher, s*l/-cl«TilnU oven, large ilcck, fully rarpclcd an-l much more. Priced at 525,500. Call 521-2350 for B[V THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. R* m ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS BUFFET Both Noon and Evening Bring the family! Child's Plate Only $1.35. We have three private dining rooms that will ·ccommodata up to 350 people. Buffet Noon and Evening Call AMIE STONE For Reservations ' 443-OZ3 ; 443-4323 U ^J MR. QUICK Weekend Special Friday - Saturday - Sunday SUPER Q's FOR at Hal-dee's Hurry on down to your n«a rcsl participating Hard ee'i and order 14-Oz. soft drink And when you do, Hardee's will give you a colorful plastic cartoon cup mode of durable piaitic FREE. Offer good whilo the supply latts. North Garland Streets (Acres* From Oak Plaza) Fayetteville, Ark. 3nsH $ l| SANDWICHES Friday Only MR. QUICK 1525 South School Fayetteville Phone 442-9333

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