Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 24, 1927 · Page 78
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 78

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 24, 1927
Page 78
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DafelanH Crf&une APRIL 24, 1927 M-15 V The" Railroad Commission has " rraawa an extension - of time to Southern Paclflo company until September 18, 1987, In which to construct a spur track at grade across Seventh and Harrison streets and Treat avenue In the city and county of San Francisco'. T Enos Tower on Lake Front Enos Tower, a cooperative apartment building, will be sixteen IS TO I IS n stories in height and ultra modem in all its appointments. 1 he build ing will be of class A construction steel and concrete at a cost of about $1,500,000. it is stated. Mel and Hill Inc. are exclusive ,-'I HOUSE T fluents, with Miss G. A. Shaffer of San Francisco as consultant. BIT J. D. PEPPIN SUNDAY 1 INT GULVER GULVER COMPLETED UNIQUE IN WES i ss u r i ll h r e I if 'll 3: 55 LUXOR' WINDOW SHADES IN toft, delicate tints of ecru, pongee surf, levant and fawn. Soft colored shades that form a pleating background to the colorful pat terns of cretonnes and other drapery fabrics, w.v r You can completely re-shade your home at a , moderate cost and thus achieve an entirely' new decorative effect THE LEADING DRAPERY DEPARTMENTS " ARE SELLING LUX6R shades In the New Scalloped and Fringed Decorative Effects Largest Handlers of Fruit Trees in the Eastbay Landscape Gardening PLANS FREE ' jComplett Line of Shrubs and Shade Trees Loam, Fertiliier Grass Seeds U " Get our prices before buying elsewhere I ARBOR NURSERY CO., Inc. 1 375 Foothill Boulevard, San Leandro ' f' Phone: San Leandro 1011 436 OAKLAND AVENUE Terrace Residential Apartments Building OPEN TODAY FOR INSPECTION HARRY C. KNIGHT Will Plan, Finance, Build Income- Producing Building on Your. Clear Lot. I HARRY C. KNIGHTi (Opposite Hotel Leamington) 819 Franklin f hone Oakland 1785 ArchitecturaI,Engineerinf,Fi nancial.and Legal Detail Are Completed. The amazing- spreafl of the eo operative apartment home Idea li evidenced In almost . every treat city, but It haa remained for Oak land to produce the very last word In this up-to-date method or Uv' Inc. "In the 16-story Enos Tower Cooperative building; which will rear Its massive racads on tne ex elusive lake front boulevard, are to bs fonnd many new features en tlrely novel to those familiar with the many cooperative bulldlnrs on the Pacific coast, it Is stated, statement reads: "To assure comfort, oonvenience and beauty almost every new and successful mechanical feature has been added such as individual refrigeration, combination concealed wall safes, burglar alarms, electric dish washers, electric driers, etc, Besides these the tenants will enjoy a spacious lounge, library, lobby and vault room, and what is most Interesting, there will be a fasci natlng dining room with Its dainty menu, for the owners wno come home too tired to use their ewn handy kitchen, or when the cook z2 I gives sudden notice. "A beautiful ball room Is pro jected as well as a large solarium on the roof. The building Is of class "A" construction and Its sturdy steel and concrete is a guarantee of safety from any fire or earthquake danger and gives the necessary soundproofing and pri vacy demanded." Mel and Hill Incorporated, the exclusive agents for Enos. Tower, state that: "The building will cost about $1,600,000. We have spared no expense to make each apartment an Ideal home as well as "a first rate Investment.- We nave se. cured In' all departments of the project the best available advice, thus assuring Enos Tower owners of a solid legal, 1 architectural co operative,; engineering and financial foundation. The apartment homes are reasonably -priced and should augment steadily In, value because there has been no, heavy promotion expense to cover and land values on the lake front are steadily increasing as the few remaining building sites are de veloped." Miss G.'A. Shaffer of San Fran cisco, nationally known cooperative expert and consultant, who is re sponsible for so many of the fine cooperative homes In San Francisco, says: "The first consideration in purchasing any home, or anything else for that matter, is sale- ability, that is, can one get his or her money back if they should ever want to sell what ,they have bought. In 'a home this means first of all, location, and location means surroundings, outlook, ac cessibility, and the amount of prop erty available of this . particular type." In Enos Tower the tenant own ers have a location - absolutely unique the boundaries of , their district are rigid,' it cannot grow in sise, but can only increase in value. I predict a development along Lake Merritt similar 60 that on Chicago's lake front, where values have soared to dizzy heights The apartment homes have a marvelous view of lake and hills, etc., and yet are within a few minutes walk of jthe down town section-and where else can one have a home like this with canoeing and water sports at their door? ' &$r ssfw" if ii hit 1 fc Hi? xr4 VJe -xYm' 7 ii-'iv - J - J -v i. " vv r-W4fl I'M- i 1 1 riuf5 Pdbllc Invited to Inspect At- tractire Residence at 4132 Culver Street Completion of the Culver House at 4111 Culvert etreet. Just west of Huth. la announced by B Psnnin. builder and designer. This house Is one of an entire block of Penoln-bullt Spanish type homes and la completely and attractively furnished and drased. The house Is of white stucco with a title roof. The garage has a cement runway. . The living room and dining room run across the front of the house, thue affording a maximum of sunlight. There Is a large arched etudloed window in the llvina- room and wide easement windows in the dining room. There la a fireplace - In the living room. and attractive .drop wrought iron fixtures with polychrome flnlsn are featured. The walls are covered In Imported wall papers In attractive designs and colors. Oak floors ars featured throughout. The breakfast room with its orchid breakfast set and orchid figured paper matches the kitchen, which is all white enamel, the cabinets and panels being trimmed with or chid and the emit with orenia uie There la linoleum on the floor. The bath Is tiled and has a re- d tub, shower and medicine cabinet with mirror. A long hail' way connects all of the rooms. The house has a patio front en trance with stepping atonee ana the patio encloses a garden of flowers and shrubs. J. B. PeDDln states: "We are Just starting the last unit of four houses. II already be Inst completed In the tract. Ft nanclns with ten-rear loans from the - Fidelity Mortgage Security Company on a 1 per eent a month payment basis is a feature, or cms tract. The total price is ssnto and no renewals or expense for refinancing Is necessary. This home Is reached by taking a J car to Pennlman, along Penni man two blocks to Eastman, up Eastman one block to Culver, or along High to Culver by auto. The office of the firm Is located at till High street. The house is open for inspection today. Home by J. B. Peppin Now open to the public for insriection, at 41 32 Culver street. GREAT ACTIVITY SEEN IN NEW "i . . .. I1 MARQUIS JOINS , FiO'r' 0. LONE CD FRASER FURNACES A Little Higher in Price, Naturally Higher in Quality. f SEE THEM IN ALL WELL BUILT - HOMES Fraser furnaces arc made in a complete 5 line a furnace for every need including , the famous Announcement was made today by Roy O. Ixmg of the Roy O. Long ompany, that. P. E. Marquis. i oioneer local irealtor and finance s man has acquired partnership in the concern and that the company vill expand Its realty activities. . Marquis retired two years, ago as i member -of the firm of Mason-McDuffie company after a connec-ion with that firm for a period of ome fourteen years. He served he later years as manager of their Berkeley office. ' Long announces that Marquis ill assume charge of the Berkeley iffice of the Roy O. Long com-mny, and that the different departments of the business are to be en- arged and added to in both equip ment and personnel. Marquis will bring to the Roy O Liong .-company many years of ex perience in the realty field, which will greatly assist in the comnanv extending not only Its home financ ing facilities, but all branches con nected with the' general -real estate business. R. L. Miner for six years with the real estate and escrow department of the, old Mercantile Trust company is also an associate Dart ner and is to act in the capacity of oltice manager in the local office. LUMBER DIST. IHTCIIOU AFFORD FOR HOM PAMPHLET ASK a t FRASER CIRCULATING CABINET HEATER FOR APARTMENTS Ai us for Iht of references r HILL and STOOPS i PACIFIC COAST REPRESENTATIVES I 1410 Madison St. Oakland 4320 - A.'nter of lit T araeee DesZers AociatUm LET THE YOUNG. Construction Co. 316 17th Street Lakeside 201. , Submit An Estimate on Building YOUR NEW HOME If you want first class construction, material and workmanship at a very low cost it will pay you to try" us. We have no big overhead or salaries to pay. Estimates free,- Expert plan service when desired. Financing arranged. We Invite Inspection of ARCADIA WAY now being framed for the account of Lillian D. Sealy on the aouth aide of Moun tain boulevard 4500 ft west of 35th avenue. Procpectlve home owners are of fered some sound advice In a pam phlet prepared for Herbert Hoover, secretary of commerce, by John M, uries ana James 8. Taylor of the Division of Building and Housing or me Department ot commerce, Discussing- "How Much Can On Afford to Pay for a Home?" they say: "Every family must face this question. Most people know what tney would like in the way of home, and know that they could make payments at least equal to the rent , they are now paying. When they look over houses or plans of houses, they find some that cost too much and others that are too small or too shabby to consider. The real problem lies In getting a satisfactory home, one that will not absorb too much of the family's Income nor yet be be low its general living standards. Be fore buyuig. the head of the fam ily may Wisely ask himself: 1. What Is the family a annual income, and What will It probably oe next year and the year after 7 "I. If business slackens, la he likely to: lose his position or have his earnings reduced r S. will anyone else In the fam ily be able to earn an Income? 4. what does the family now pay for rent each year? s. How much of the Income la being saved? 6. How much could the family afford to pay out each year In pay ing ror a bouse, and for the ex penses that go with It? It. la a mistake to buy beyond one s ability to pay, for that usually results In the loss of the home or In - most discouraging struggle. The purchase should be safe; thus If a family cannot pay $7600 for a house, a $5000 house may be within Its means. 'The amount that can be paid for a house depends partly on what Interest rates are charged for money borrowed to make the purchase and the rate at which the principal Is to be paid off. These fixed payments must be met regu larly, and they must be met from the family income. It Is. therefore. always best to leave some' margin of safety to previde fo rillness or other emergency. While on may be too optimistic when an attrac- i tlva house Is In vtw, and count on Increased Income that he may nsvsr receive, nearly every family High atret between Twelfth and the estuary le becoming the lumber center of Oakland. White Brothers' Hardwood Headquarters is nearing completion on the block bounded by Commerce, High and Howard streets. It Is pointed out that "The S. th Tllden Lumber com pany Is erecting a fine office building on the corner of High street unu lluewftiGr aveiiua wui establish on the same property. retail lumber yai-d, The Biackman Anderson Lum ber company has completed -their fine new lumber mm and yard at Hign street and the estuary. The H. L. Call Lumber com' pany has a thoroughly up to date Mill -, trn. U .h . . I Commerce, and the enormous plants of the National Mill and Lumber and the Pacifio Tank and can and should cut down other ex- Pipe eomnany on Tidewater penses when the savings are to be I avenue, makr s this section of Oak- invested In a borne. I land, the principal one devoted to If a family pays a sixth of its the lumber industry, Income for rent. It may be able to "Its situation Is Ideal for this devote one-fourth or more to buy-1 class of business. Large steatoiers Ing and maintaining a house, for I discharge their lumber cargoes on the amount thus used may include! the wharves at the foot of High ootn rent ana savings. Kent or street. payments on a house may require '.'Complete railroad facilities are anywhere irom one-elghtn to one- given by. the net work of spur third or tne lamuy income, depend- tracks which covers the section, ing on tne special circumstances in ana : tne situation in the geograhl- eaoh case. I cal center of Oakland makes it "Usually a house can be obtained ideal for this major industry, which lor less than the amount a family is rapidly . rilling the entire dls could pay ll it were pressed to tne I trict. uralt. uvery lamuy wants to spend Its money so that It "goes the farthest" and the exact amount to be spent on a home can be ds termined wisely only by careful checking ovefi the family's , needs and its expanses. 4132-eULVER-STr HIGH STREET PARK Price $5950 Completely furnished and on display Sunday, April 24; 1927. y This home has been built by one of Oakland! well-known builders. Experience of building hundreds of homes has made this charming little place available to the family of modest income. Large rooms, with plenty, of sunshine, make thi home aDDeal to the housewife. A dainty white and orchid kitchen, all jiahd (decorated, makes cooking a pleasure. Cupboards, coolers, a refrigerator and linoleum are all included in the price? A breakfast room with a breakfast set have been added for convenience. Two bedrooms, both furnished with the best of taste, with the tile bath adjoining. The living and dining rooms finished in a tan, with the studio window give a spaciousness which is unusual in the small home. ! ' A garden laid out to please, with lawn, shrubs, etc. Come out today J. B. PIPPIN OWNER AND BUILDER 318 17th Si. ''y'y Phone Oak 748 DIRECTIONS: BY AUTODrive put Foothill Blvd. to High St., up High ' St. to Culver. . . ; ; . - BY CAR Take J Car to Penniman, walk out Penniman 2 blocks to Eastman, up Eastman 1 block to Culver.- C. P. Murdoch. Co. Redwood Trip By Realtors A week along the beautiful Redwood Empire highway beginning with a meeting with the real tors at luncheon May in San Rafael and continuing throughout Cv. fmnrrtf)mtnfm tn week northward, with a general OiartS improvements brokers' and salesmen's conference Tne u. r. AiuraocK company, at Eureka on Saturday. Mav l i. purchasers of the Nicholl property I being planned by President Harry on Macdonald avenue, Richmond, have started its Improvements In creating this big new subdivision. Edward and Gusle I. Miller, op erating under the name of Miller Launch company, have -applied to the Railroad Commission for a certificate to operate motor boats between the docks of a number of salt companies on Can Francisco bay. B. Allen and state officers of the California Real Estate Association. Meetings are also to be held at Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Hsaldsburr. Willlts, Uklah. and arransremanta are In general charge of Senator waiter i mce. vice-president of the first district May M. Pettenc1 gill, president of the Eureka Real Estate Board. Is planninc for the conference. Telephone Humboldt 842 DISTINCTIVE 111111 Awnin Kronke-Brampton Co. Tents, Awnings, Camp Furniture Coach Hammock t, Flagt, Flagpole, Canvas Decks 3212-16 San Pablo Atenue, Oakland, Calif. SP01T ELECTRICAL CO. Yours for Service CONSTRUCTION TWENTY YEARS SPECIALIZING IN THIS LINE r 2095 Broadway Glencourt 8240 """" ,1 -a''"''" '" , and move in Monthly Payments, $30 including interest fyHINK of having a comfortable Melrose Highlands borna JL paid for. It would be like a raise in pay to have neither - Bt rior payments to meet. You could rai lot of money on it, too, by mortgaging or selling. , You can move right into one of these bomei for they have, built-in features, hot water boilers and modemly equipped bath rooms. The lots ate large; transportation is in service; and lights, water and gas are in. DRIVE OUT AND INSPECT the Homes that axe Now finished T frt toe Follow Seminary Avenue to the rigiit it Mi3 Cofiege tmtS it bfcoavn Mountain Boulevard. Continue east on Mountain Boulevard to tbc tract cce. Or, call at the branch office on Foothill Btv4. at 73rd Avenue and era wilt guide yon on treat there. By street or Tale "1" car saanf cut on nth Street. Telephone and an automobile will be sent for yoo. C P. MURDOCK, INCORPORATED Tract Ofioe: Bui Mountain Blvd. BraiKh Office: wFoothS Btvd, TckpiMoc Dsaborst too Ttlcpboat Dakar j6ot OAKLAND, CMJPOR.SX MELROSE HIGHLANDS

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