Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1974 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1974
Page 20
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She \VGS awa re of tlie natural superiority cf a dog,and itbotlieivd hen FINO THAT HARP TO 3£LlcYE Secretly, Kitten Kdboodle Wished she were a ciog. TM GOING TO* AND I'M HOWAAUCHAREM3U GONG TO INVEST? RCK FOIA7D) GOING FDR SEE- FOR NOUR6Q.P. IS COIN COLLECTION "*ob STOLE, rr \ 6TV, Onrt you H£AATn£ 0y THS s^Mfi TOK£*J pw*A$t. , WH6N A 0AP KAfWH OOtfrrt NMOMM, KCME £ MUCH W/OMCCfSXOTHAMA GOAL l A GCMl MfOffSf'H rtve « UV*M «ru*r?C'^r ll ·?£[»»*, \ P£~ IT C£AJ« TO K A 9*0 KATlOfi. ) f/ GACATK Mff/Klif, fTClASfS TATER'S DOIN fl HEflP GOODER.LOWEEZV--HE K ^ ^ - ^ ·w; 7/~"^ CRN HfWE VISITORS NOW / ^ AW WE GO! TWO MARRIAGES RIGHT HERE.'.' MATCMERLV.'! SOOMEO'USTVJO FAMBUES GOTTA .'-BREAKUP.'/' FOOLS O'TH'U.S. TH* U.S. GCWAMINT SAVS THAT ONE OOTA EV'RV TWO MARRIAGES WILL.EMD1N DIVORCE" VOU AUX A 0|S6£R OP \£PKA-~SHOT I'D l\K£ A ZAPPSR , x CR£M6P£M£ -- DASM OF AND flu TH Rfcsr THS MU6 tUttU NBV STATIONERY MAS 1'00'KB A 1-5TAR 6ENSSAL n'6 A DESI6N.' n'S ON£ STAR KEP5ATEP FJVE TIMES// SHOES ARE UP, CLOTHING IS UP, APPLIANCESAQE UP ^5 A ^-- ISN'T THERE AWYTH1NS AROUND HERE THV'S DOWN? Believe/torM)t/ 0 · Northw«* Arkonwn TIMES, Thort., Jun« 13, 1W4 ERNEST SHEPHERD A FARMER OF OTAHUHU.N.ZEAtAMt. ANNCW1Y WENT DUCKSHOOTIN FOR 73 OF ARMS OF LWOLA COUEiSH, M3WTRE/lL,QUf, IS Till HERALDIC DESI6N OF ItWTKJS LQYOLA.-WHOSE' NAME MEANS BOTH ~uoiF"ANt~A Kern? « K-- 7-- N-A--. W, 1974 V^U . LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Appendicitis Diagnosis Is Not Easily Made 7 ALDER TREES M SRABEM, GERMANY, WHICH GREW ftSETHER JOST ABOVE THE SROUND, MW TOMER TO A !llllll!llllllll!l]!li[Dlllll!l!!]lll!!lll!!l!lll!llil!l!llII!l«llll!lllllllil!l!!«llllll[ill!!!!ir 'ligailllini.llHlllllNllNllllllllllinillllinillillllllinill FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Ixok in the section in which your birthday conies and find what, your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR KRF., JUNE M I!!74 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Be careful o[ details, avoid doubts atid a trend toward misunderstandings. Yon can avoid possible friction if you are on your toes, thinkng ahead every step of the way. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) You may lace moments of uncertainty. As with Aries, stand lirmly against wavering and doubting. Concentrate OIL significant issues only. G E M I N I (May 22 to June 21) Caution should be day's keynote. Don't create unnecessary problems through impulsiveness, and take no reckless chances. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Favorable l u n a r influences now promise increasing gains. But some minor points may have to be ironed out before you go ahead with long-range plans. LEO (July 24 In Aug. 23) Excellent solar influences now give you the "go ahead" signal to complete pending negotiations, initiate new agreements which could have an important bearing on future security. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 2:i) Study new propositions and the persons who make them. Don't make hasty decisions, and do be alert to schemers and daydreaming optimists. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Not a good day for making important moves or decisions. Certain situations may be so confusing that you will need time to fully understand them. SCORPIO (Oct. 2"! to Nov. 22) Gains indicated in unexpected areas; also a chance to increase your prestige with superiors. On the personal side, travel and outdoor interests especially favored. !!IIIII!1IUII!II!II!II[III!K!III!III!!III SAGITTARIUS (Aov. 23 to Dec 21) Stellar influences somewha mixed, but generally on til favorable side. You may ge unexpected help in a persona problem through a busincs associate. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) A good day for achievement You s h o u l d not only gaii through regular activities, hu may even have an opporfunil. to cash in on an avocationa .skill. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. l!t Try to talk with individual important to your aims. A hi of diplomatic manenverin) could have fine results. Bu avoid intrigue. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 2(1) Your creative ideas may nee some revision before [hey cai be carried out. so be sure fr study all angles of feasibilitj before presenting them. YOU BORN TODAY an highly imaginative, ingcniou and versatile individual. Both intuition and memory an remarkable in t h e Gcminian and you have what amounts ti a "sixth sense" when it come, to anticipating the future. Ther is nothing "supernatural" abou this. It is but a result of you conslant search for knowledge keen observance of situation and an uncanny ability to sens undercurrents which helps y o i to analyze them correctly When you take action, there fore, it is with know-how am precision. You work best wllcr working alone but. being ox trcmely adaptable, can product equally well where mas cooperation is required. Field 111 which you could excel writing, music, journalism, the theater, the law and politics Birthdate of: H a r r i e t Beechc Stowe, author; John McCor mack, singer; Burl Ives, then trical entertainer. We live in a rural area and ve do not want to impose on iur doctor for every slight com- ilaint. How can a mother disitinguish between an ordinary stomach :he and appendicitis? This is ich a common problem with ir two pre-Uien children. Mrs. T.R.B.,Ohio Dear Mrs. B.: Physicians and surgions read- ly admit that the diagnosis of ipncndicitis. is difficult even vith many years of experience. The reason is that symptoms if appendicitis can be confusing md often resemble conditions Far removed from this organ. For example, it is not unusual r children to complain of abdominal pain when they have in ordinary sore throat and swollen glands. Associated with :his can be Ihe swelling of tiny ?lands in and around the intestines, producing a stomach ache. ASTUTK MOMS You can readily see Iliat it s v i r t u a l l y impossible to tell tyen the most astute and ohscr- 'ing mother how to differed iate between a stomach ache tnd appendicitis. When the stomach ache is as sociatcrt with nausea, vomitint, Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Asian kingdom C Crushed malt t Chemical Engineer (abbr.) 12 Assistant 13 On the sheltered side 14 Setting 15 Inventions 17 Work unit 18 Food fish 19 French river 21 Lure 24 Tears 25 Algerian city 2C Airplane pilots 3t Card game tl Follower of Arms » Also 33 Guards IS Mexican laborer » Jot 37 Duties 38 Swedish philanthropist 40 Chief 42 -- Khan 43 Basic 48 Bad 49 Location 50 Comfort 51 French article 52 Perceives 53 Haul DOWN. 1 Resin 2 Atmosphere 11 Border 3 Lyric poem 16 Trifle 4 Summer, !20 Likely lor one 121 Domestic 5 Post pets 6 Medicinal 22 Lake -plant 123 Those who 7 Oriental cat own coin kind 8 Mercenary 24 Narrow 9 Saturates inlets in wood 26 Operatic preserv- melody ative 27 Compete 10 Auto 28 European need bird 29 Heirs 31 Naive 34 Digit 35 Criticized unfavorably 37 Cravat 38 Brad 39 Leer 40 Distribute 41 City in Iowa 44 Prevaricate 45 Sailor 46 King of Judah Answer to yesterday's puzzle. «7 Limb Avg. solution time: 22 mln. 39 44 41 47 IHIlll»lllllffll»^^ ind fever, a doctor's advice i»; imperative. ; Tlie use of laxatives and enemas at a time like this tan] )e hazardous if appendicitis is^ arewing. ' For people in rural areas.'. :e]ephoue communication wilti' Ihe doctor can offer the assur-: :mce parents tietxl. Doctors; iiave a remarkable "car" for; the telephone evaluation of tha; cnIUi! seriousness of a; condition. HEEL SI'UR | I have a painful spur on my- hcel. Is this an early form of- arthritis? ' R. K., Tex.: Dear llr. K.: ; Spurs are deposits of calcium; in tlie tendons of the muscle^of (lie lice!. ' Tliey are nut a forerunner or arthritis. They can be exceedingly painful unless they are throughly protected by foanv rubber sponges. ' Surgery for this condition \ii safe, relatively simple and ef-'. [eclive : Speaking of your health. . . Dis-; card all eye drops and dropper* when the eye infection is cured. Tlie solution itself is usually contaminated and should not b» used again. vniiiiinNiuiiniiiiiniiiiiniiiuiniiiiniiiiiinnjiiiiiijjiiinnniiiiw B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Master*" Individual Championship Play) !ll!ll!linill!inilllllllllll[«IIUHIIIIWIIII!lllMIWIIMIll!igHI« North Dealer. North South vulnerable. NOBTH 4A V A 4 « A Q J T +J 1 0 8 7 4 1 WEST * J 9 5 2 * 10 8 B 3 + 6 5 EAST * K 8 4 V K J 9 6 J · 92 *AQ3 West SOUTH * Q 1 0 7 6 3 »Q105 # K S 4 + K 9 The bidding: North Ea«t South 1* I V 1* 2 * Pass 2V Pass 3+ Pass 3NT Opening lead - eight of hearts. Here is a fine hand played by Jim Jacoby of Richardson, Texas. He got lo three notrump and West led a heart. East won with the king and returned a heart to the ace. Jacoby player! a low club from dummy, East rising with the ace and returning a heart to the queen to establish the .suit. Jacoby now cashed the K-Q-J of diamonds ending in d u m m y to produce this position: Itafli AA · A A J 9 5 I · V) + 6 But *K8 V J 9 *Q3 Sootti 4 Q 1 0 7 6 3 *K ; The ace of diamonds was led from dummy and East had a choice of three discards he could make. He could not afford to pait with a spade, which would permit declarer to cash the ace play a club to the king, and score the queen of spades for his n i n t h trick. Nor could East spare a club, for that would permit declarer to win the rest of the tricks by Playing a club to the king and a spade to the ace. So East discarded the nine o[ hearts instead, apparently leaving himself in full command of the situation. But Jacoby couiv tered with the extraordinary discard of the king of c I u l on the ace of diamonds 1 . When he then led the jack of clubs from dummy, Kast could cash a club and a heart but had to yield the remaining tricks to dummy. And so, Jacoby made three notrump. PONYTAIL "Your car breaking down was a hicky break, Donald... I was afraid we were going to get to Sue's party too early!" WANT ACTION? Phone 442-4242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give fun description a^f start your Classified Ad for 7 dayi. You may cinct) It wtaa multi «r« obtained You'll only b* charged for Uw aetiMl onmbcr of d*n th* ad ran.

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