Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1974
Page 5
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legal Notfcw-- OIUMN'AN'CB NO, 19» UgaV Nottos-- rr.AniKY TUB UKQUIRKMKNTS' FOR U'I'KOVAL OF A L,\HCK?SCME WBi:OSKs! KNT! A N ° FOH ° T H E R 1SK IT BV T|[R HOARD OK DIRECTORS OF ?HK CITY OF KAVKTTT!3Vin,K. ARKANSAS; Section I. That A r l i t l e I Section D c/ OriliJKince No. J7ji (Appi'i'iill* C, Art! »-·;* I. Pdrllon 1 ot the Kiyelleville ttxle of Ordinaiu-cs) h hereby amciirierl by a*lms a definition to rend as follows: LARGE SCAM-: DEVELOPMENT' Th« development ' tti it nt a lot nr puree! lari,-. acre; ihc term development ehali Include, but shrill not be limited 1o. the conslnu'lion of a new Improvement. Hie ctjiistiutUnn of »n addition to an exiling improvement, o; · parcel- ln« which results [n Itie nr- ' ' and utilities. Section 2. Thai Article IV, Sr-cllon I ol Ordinance No. 1730 (Appendix C, ArJicIe IV, Section I ot the Favellevlllo Code of Ordinances) Is hereby ' lo rend as follows: ScLlion 1. LARGE SCALE DEVELOP- 1. Approval by (lie Board of Directors, Al! Larpe-st'ale ilevelopcneuls rot herein- attc r excluded must be approved by (he BunrJ uf Oiruirtori, before n building permit may 1w issued. 2. Elcquircmeals (or approval. Be/ore requeuing the Board ot Directors lo npprnve R ffiTpe-scale development, th developer shall: A. SnhmH a development plan lo th. Planning Commission. The development plnn shall consist ot t l ) a blat-k Hi si IB location man drawn (o scale fliit not to exceed U"x18" nrwj (2) an accur- B l c Mack line vicinit\ p 'niap nol brt exceed H"x18". The vicinity nap need not be drawn to -scale. I). Kile location map. Tlie site locution mrir) sliall rferjlel the following: a. 'llic sine anrl shnpe of Ihe on v\ hlch th c rfa volnjiment I K to be lOL'AtCd. b- Tiie lix-rition, sue. nnd arrangement of exiting linilillngs, f.\zns, outdoor art- verliKins, and other ImnrovcinerLs, water courses, iioucls, anrl streums, and any other ilif-liiulivc or unusual features. c. Tiie location, si«;, and arrangement ot proposed buildings or additions, parkinR and loading araas streets, drl' ways, curb cuts, community facilities, pcdP.'ilriHn xvitys. .nnd open spaces. 1. A corrpct ]pfja1 description, certified ol the e-£cal» Hdit' of Ihe wlintne* u · *Mt. or »ny part thereof olh*r than th* part ' declared lo b* uncoaMUuKoruL or .-·11 r|, sculion 5. Tt Is hereby foarvi md delrr- mined by tht Board o [)lr*clor» that he rctuirvnwn1s tor the development of n lot or tercel larger l h « n mw acre required by Arttcle 4. Section I, ot Or- IJu'dnce. No. 1750 are vague and Inctefi* nlle. and VIHK-V unnecessary Iwis of time o p r u i t u r l v ownors and lo Ihe Phnnlu* imiviion. and (hat 1he lmm«dii!e nite of t h i s Ordinance Is n^ce^sary lo d a r k h ihe requirements lor the deve- lent n t a lot or parcel larger than one acre. Therelore, an emerrfe-vry Is hereby declare*! to exlsl, and this ordiiv ince, heine necessary tor (he Immediite presen'ation ol Ihe public health safety and wetlare, shall be In. full fore* effect from «nd after Its EMSMK« pproval. PASCT3D ANI APf*RO\T5n Hilt T day ( May. 1974. APPRO VKU, BUSSELL T. PURDY MAYOR ATTEST: P. J. TOBIN CITY CLERK (Seal) CERTIFICATE STATE OF ARKANSAS CITY OF PAYETTBVTUjR I, PATRICK, J. TOBIN, City Clerk within and for Ihe City of FayetlevlUc, Arkansas, * hereby certify 1h»t ne Annexed and torepilns Ii » true and nt the Kiyelteville, Arkansas. forth, ind th« of Record In Onlinanne and Resolution, Volume IV Ordinance 1MB therein It nr*pearg at W-ltfi 1 hereof . IN WITNESS WHKHKOF. 1 have here Unto set my hnnd ana afliied IYM Ofticlal S*R\ t h i s 7lh Day ot May, t974 P. J. Tobin Cily Clerir [Seal ITc- If abstractor or survevo: i r l y locntf-d within development, mid « correct Irpnl d«scrlp. tiiui. ccrlificd by an abslr-iclnr or SUT- voyitr. ol street right ol-way rierii';itlons nnd vnealiotisi and u l i l h y find ilrninag* proiwstfl by the rtevftlop«r et Superintendent ownership ot vicinity map ;. name of an-j- intersects Ihe OL- miueslcd by tlie Sl or C i l y Kn^iiwo e. Cortif ica! ion ot property. 2) V i f h i i l y Mnp. Th »h;UI cfcpicl (!io fnHowmc a. Tii c loc.i 1 1 0:1 and Alrx'ct \vhlrli i bills or Imw sc.ile dcvclopnienl; other street, buildiitR or Inndmnrk necessary to clearly Indicate the locution of DID Irirpti-scala devclopmcnl. H. nrdic.ile siirtieicnt right ol-way lo bring tlioso streets which Ihe Mnslcr Street Plan shows to nhul or Inlersect the iHrgu srale development tntn i-«n- formarLCc w h b tin) rignUof-way require- mr nl ol the- Ma star Street Pla n for eairl slrrels; provided, the Plnnnin^ CoinmtssiDn mny approv« n Lessor dcdi- ralion in the event of undue, hardship. Sui-h lessor ddicatton »bML be auhfecl to approval by Iba Board ol nireclors, C. C'rnnl ulillty and dralnaKB pnse- itienls ratine's led by ihfl Slroet SurKirln- tciiflDnl or Cily EnRlneer in order to pn'Vicle ulillty service arxt proper drnin- a^e for Ihe InrfB-walo dewlopmant and the .Mirroiindmg nrea. D. (Required only wliere the developer pitipoMi new alr«1a or mi alteration In tho cvLiHn* slteet p'an). Preliminary slrrol niul drainnsa plans, showing «liffn- mrnt of street t. nnd, direction ot How of ilnrm and sanitary «wera In relation to typography. Preliminary ftrent a rwi dralnHue prans rir»«n to *e same «*al« as the ilia irfai showin§* aligm»«nt of Blreels nnd dlroclion of flow of s'orin mid sanltHry fowcri In relnllnn in tyno- rtrrtiihy , Wh era nn olfic Jtrt e t nnd d r H i n H 2 « plan isisLs. it ahull b* iub- mitled for purposes ot comparison, 3. WUhln thirty (30) days o( racelpl ot A lnrge.scMe development plan, th« Planning Commission shall, by a major- i\y vote, nrlApt « resolution «kpr«R*lTis admlnistrH'lvo approvnl or disapproval ol the development plan- In ttie event a development plan Is disapproved, the. reasons For mich disapproval ihHl! h« ·el out In lha resolution. 4. Rasls for disapproval. Tha Planning Commission mny disa ppmv* * la,rst« · ·cAle ttevelopmcnl lor any ol tha tollnwlnfl reriwns: a) The. development rAm la M4 wb- mlttert In Hccordnnea with th« requlrt- tnenl5 of this Mellon! b The proposed rievetopm*"* www vlolnl* one or more provision* ot the MiiliiK ordinance (Ord. No. J747), aubrtt- vMcn ordinance (Ord. No. 1150), »ny other City orrilnanca, a it»t.i atatul*. or a federal statute, c The rteA'cloper r«fu«a to ndlc*t« the slraet rihLul-wRy, ullllly easement* and drfllnago easements required to b* dedicalfd by this ordinance. d) City water and sewer aervjc* Is not Tcartily *va liable to the property wllhln Ihe larfie'5cale riavelopment. and the developer has ninth no P«*vi*lon« (or exlendms inch scrvjee (0 the de\e- 10I 5 mC KolKwinrt ariminialrative approval of a proposed laiffo-K«le development by Ltio I'l«niiln(t Comnilwion. the «1«ve- lonmcnt plan sliall be [onvarded In the City Board ot Directors tor consfdernllon ol tinat approval nnd ftcceptarve ol dcdi- ealions. The Ror^rd ol Directors slial not approve n development P'»", 'j 111 ' 1 the ^cveloiwr ^ cvmUcrt the nghtof- wav aiul PAsaiiK-nl urAnt-S requiri-d by this Onlmanre nnd the Itoart of Oirep- tors may riisnupnue a dcvclopiiitfnl nlRii for »ny nT the rcasow enotiLLir;«!ed in Section 4 nbove. No building pcnml shalt be i^iied until the KttnrA D Diraclors »ncl World's Loudest LONDON, England (AP) -Michael Keatherstone and his wife, who run a pub on the Yorkshire coast, have been judged the world's loudest mouths. Competing Wednesday in the "Second World Shouting Cham pionships," Mrs. Featherston* let loose a 109.7-decibel yell to retain the woman's title she won last year. Her husband was Ihe loudes of the male competitors with 110 decibels. But he missed the Ill-decibel mark set by the Action On Kissinger Request Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana c h a t s with Sens. Kdmund S. Muskie, n Maine, left, and J. W. Kul- brighl, D Ark., right, member and chairman respectively of the Senate Foreign Relations Commiilee, in Washington Tuesday. The Senate panel, in a unanimous vote, granted Secretary ot Slate H e n r y Kissinger's request for a review of his role In natinnal security affairs. (AP Wire- photo) Clinton Scheduled To Address Underwriters Bill Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the Third Congressional District, will be guest speaker at ihe Friday meeting of the Northwest Arkansas Life Underwriters. The group will convene at 11:30 a.m. at the Springdale Holiday Inn. Clinton, professor of law at the University of Arkansas' of Georgetown University in Washington. D.C., Yale Law School and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford England. Clinton worked in the gubernatorial campaign of Justice Farnk Holt in 1966. served as assistant clerk to the U.S. Sen ate Committee on Foreign Relations for two years and was Texas state coordinator for the paign in 1972. He was an instructor at the Jniversity of New Haven in Connecticut prior to coming t he University of Arkansas in 1973. Two Arrested On Basis Of Jones Confessions LITTLE ROCK (AP) - T h e 'BI said Wednesday that Terry ewis Jones, 27, of North Little Rock had confessed that he. .Ihc ate Billy Wayne Hurd of Little Rock and Dennis Marshall of Jacksonville planned t h e M a y 31 robbery of the Tower Build- ng branch of the First National Bank of Little Rock. The Information was contained in FBI warrants made public Wednesday. The warrants also said Jones' wife, Delia, has admitted that she was aware of the robbery and kneiw her husband, Hurd md Marshall had participated n it. Police said Hurd apparently committed suicide in his LiUle Rock apartment Tuesday. He was given more than {13.000 in tie bank robbery after savins lis children were being held hostage. Bank officials said they had hought Hurd's story was plausible -because Kurd's estranged wife is an employe of First National. According to the warrants. Jones and Marshall were arrested Tuesday on the strength of Jones' confession. The FBI complaint charged Jones with possession of stolen money and Marshall with involvement in the robbery Jones was released on $7,500 xmd Wednesday. Marshall was jailed in lieu of a $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is se' for July 2. Th» TIMES l» On Top of Th* N*w» S*v*n Days a W**kl orthwMt ArkantcM TIMES, Thun., June' IS, 1974 ·VITTIVIIXI, »«KAN«»» Davy Crocket Dies DALLAS. Tex. (AP) -- David W. Crockett. 74, great-grandson of one of ihe heroes of th Alamo, died Monday. His great grandfather, Davy Crockett came to Texas from Tennesse and died in 1836 when a Mexi can army under Gen. Santi Anna defeated Texas forces a Pine Bluff Seeks To Improve Crossings WASHINGTON ( A P ) - A oup of Arkansans met here cdncsday with Arkansas con- ressmen and representatives (he U.S. Transportation tie- Mrtmenl. seeking support (or a roject to remove railroad traf- c from downtown Pine B l u f f , rk. The city lias 104 s t r e c t and .ilroad crossings and only one 'erpass. Many of the cross- gs are in the downtown area here they cause t r a f f i c jams Iv officials say. Officials have estimated that would cost about $25 million i correct the situation. Edward Snider Jr. of Pine l u f f , chairman of the Railroad elocalion Committee of the hamber of Commerce, headed e delegation which included epresentalives from the Pine luff area and the Arkansas Ute Highway Department. Snider said .transportation of- cials told him there was "no uestion that our c a s e was a ood one." He said others were mpathelic and offered help. A f t e r the meetings Wednes- ay. Snider said he had been ssured that Pine Bluff would be mentioned in the Transportation Department's national study or the need for relocating rail routes. Greene County Probe PAHAGOULO. Ark. (AP) -Pros. Ally. Gerald Pearson of Jonesboro said Wednesday that al officers of the Green County s h e r i f f ' s department and Paragould city will be among the TS persons called in a grand Jury probe of conditions at th* Green County Jail. He said the move is necessary to "uncover whatever information they have on allegations that have ben made." Circuit Court Judge Todd Harrison of Blythteville has called for the g r a n d jury to convene Monday reportedly to look into allegations of irregularities b ya law enforcement officers. The grand jury also will look into some sensational charges of marijuana parties, sexual relations in Ihe county jail between prisoners, bribery and brutality charges which Pearson made during a recent trial. We call if Health Insurance You re bound to feet better just knowing you'r* protected by the Shield of Shelter. $*· your MFA Insurance agent today. 2587 No. College Fayetteville Phone SZ1-TH7 mrat - fi, A|i]»'a1 prorcrtun:. In tin- f.vcnl a rt«voUjpiiionl plfi" i^ tlLanpjtroved hy (he rinnnini; Commission, tlic doviloiwr may ninxal «i«» dls»pn»v«l I" «i« rilv Boanl nt Direcwrs liy dime » wrlllen Noliw « Ai.i«»l »-llh «" Cily Cli-rk w l t l i i n Illlrra (!S) nays (roni 1 II! rtacc nr llir riannins Conimlsslnn's dis- a,.prrval. A K«ll« « Anpert shall m»- le Ihe r««TM« H« dovetoiKr = Plann'lna Oommlsflon'a find- rcisloiK · ««re in «rro,. cwut llial n developer tii-s In mnke major ]H(M|IIL- rtcvelopnienl, moil ?li:U IK! in . PhnninjI Admlnl rt wlloti may nuthonze m i n o r niotiFicalirm-i wilhout public hearings or CiH- Board of Director's artifm. Sfmor motlif i rations ffcneral ;y m ii" be ronilrued to mean sutetitutions of one approved Atructural rie lor unother. nr minor variations in placemen! ol btiild- Insrs In sur-h a iwy ihc overall limil.s ol approved floor area, op«n space or room 1 : prr ncre are not increased. H Kveliiilrd developmenls. If ihc devf !op*r dcrtitalcs the street rifTn1-of-way anl Ihf ittiliiy and drainage ea-.Gn-.cnis reqihred by thi.i Onlinimce. Hie ttevflorier shall no I be required ID stilimil n d^ve. lonninnl plan nud npprwstl of the Pia-inlnit Commission ami the Board of DJTfciors shall no 1 , bp required Fc-r Uw following large scalf rfevolornnents, a) A sinRle Family rcslrlcnco on an Individual lot or pa reel In nn A-l or R-l Zonlnz liilr!rt; h) An Btidition to nn evislma nrw-reai- drnllal drill-Hire, «l'"'b addition w i l l nnt evccvd ten ihouwmrt flO.OHO) wniare ted /ooiajjc or the exiiiirg slruclmc, II th* ndrlillon will not require an increase ol twenty-five (15) or more parfcina ^FICCS imrtor the provisions ot Ordinance No. 17-17, or require A change In exiting Ingress or ftsrws- All piiipfKed adrJiliona to ovi^inz non-residential slnidurei niuil be appruvcil by the Buildmn In- ·-prcinr who shall consult nllh the C i t y ]-;nj;ineer S(n*ct SuperinlcruV nt and re- pro.^ritiitives ol Ihe various utility companies in determine Ihn avnilnhillty o( wrvlt-c or potential prohlcms the. pni. pnserl addition might c»u*e with rfgard to 'uii1it,v service, c) A prefabricated rrwvein.e arcrssory binlrtmg. If no water or sewer lines BI« ti he Installed, a b u i l d i n g permit may bt luued altor approval of sairj liner by the City Engineer and Hulldins Inipeclor. Any accessory bulldma must comply * i l h I h e provisions at trdinanc« Xo, 17^7 regardfnjf «c. cefywry slrnciuTt-^ Scrlion 3. Tliat aU ordinancca and nwlullons, or purti thereof, In conHtci htwwJih, b», "ftrf lire ^e^cr)^', rep*»l«il. S*cl!on I, Should any section or provl- ||MI of Ihls onf nance 1* dec In red by *· Court* W be unconstitutional or in- ill not *lf*ct UM FOR DAD . .. Big BRUT Bonus! For o limited time only, Foberge offers you three bold, brash Brut products for the price of just one! When you buy rhe big 10.00 Brut Lotion 6.4 oz., you get with it as a bonus soothing Brut After Shave Creme Lotion and Brut Fragrance Bolls to keep drawers and closets fresh and fragrant. Gut this eexciting 17.00 value for just DO.OO at the Faberge counter now! YOUR DAD DESERVES THE BEST! COSMETICS "GRAND SLAM" KNIT SHIRTS by Mu rising wear The Dad who likes action in comfortable clothing will love the polyester/cototon knit blend of the "Grand Slam". It's made for action and easy care--just machine wash and tumble dry. In solid colors of green, navy, brown, tan, or medium blue. Trimmed styles in burgundy/white, brown/maise, or tan/brown. S-M-L-XL Solid, 9.00; tr i mm ed, 10.00 M£N'$ DEFT. HAGGAR DOUBLE KNIT FLARES This slack is tailored especially for the young man, with a 2!/i inch cuff. Great at shrugging wrinkles and holding its shape. Machine wash- able tnd dryabie. Available in on array of sum- meer shades: camel, navy, brown, bottle green, burgundy, and block .Only 16.00 MEN'S DEPT. Boston Store III Shop Doily 10 a.m. 'til 9 p.m. Us* Your Boston Store Credit Card, BankAmericard or Master Charge.

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