Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 12, 1974 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1974
Page 25
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Norttiwett Arkansas TIMES, W*d., JINM 12, 1974 26--For Sale -- MUcvltanvout FAYKTTKVILLI, A R K A N S A S 25--H**T* NtMtr-For Sal* 25 -Horn* Ne*di-For Sal* FKTS l SiKiie iltll In I* tory ptcktag curtom, 'Hinr irti Inclu 4r*«*?r. chert, pis If fiUrs mirror a hMdbMTA. AU, for J133.95. Ca*h A\ill»bl« tvt TJnl1*il . Call b*l*een " 26-For SaU -- MltcvManvou* IK'A PORTiMH.E CO1/FE T.V. KXO LKST OONIJITJOX. CAI«L 521-27?Z. Krni STITCH -- w» juv* (? 1 h e a v y r j u l v i l r r l c h »l!trh if - r i L n c i . nalAiAtly j r j v r t t i e 4 At JJfi« y can b^ vour ITX-V $133.W; 3) pans a m i litwr c i j a r n n l r e . Do** tvery- t h i n g ! [K»n'l niKt i h f j h«t deal e v e r offered. A v a i l a b l e for Inipe^on at TJnllrt K t t J t f i l LVes, Jlv\'. tt V.'.. Kaye'.UvllIe. Open D lo 9, MovKrl., till 6 ftt. LAFF-A-DAY fc«l*s, Hi**i- 6? \Y,, XsjcUpvlUc, Ores 1 to 9, Moo. IhTOJj* FrL Till S fit. S£»AU««wiu(i5 sxsss, HOME FURNITURE NMW fcvnd* K»t»«*T*4 chine, oOitr utctui homr-hoM items and two Billy f«l kid*. «31»6. DFKIKO ROOM Hi!. Farrwui manure- mttchin* hfird^OOd dialnr. (3. J1GO.OG Frf-gM s«!«. Hvry. «2 W.. F»yei(crtl!«, Open P to A Mor.-Fri.. till 6 Pal. PFAFF, Vifcins, Kln», And Ncvhl new Irp rtuctibirj, sain and f*rvicr. cv:n n:ete line r* cabinet*. Commercial r f a f l In S1W* NBllor.Bl Fabric*. 918 Voting SL SrrinpU!t, 751-9355. MONET SAVER So!* find Ch«!r (3) «t arrived 1n shipment, availab'e A $1113/6 Jll?.9n. J mi-able fnbricj o\cr hanlworv Pnve. Cart or EZ terms. UnltH FreiE:i Ralu Kwv. 63 W. I-'a^'Cttenll*. Ope 9 lo S. Mon.-Fri,, till 6 Ml. ONK P.OM FTU «r,4 rv-.o 6.000 BTU O.K. Air corrl 1 ! o.irr, Phor.* .1(27733. COMI'LETK «et oT Enjfr^x'^jX'lia, 1573 flition. ("·unp'ptr ^ct RrMannlca Junior. r ~ rdit- tin. ] T no^e 321-?*S. \rjvn: ar:i1 JB-1? for r-ak. .=1 rot and 'AlMrhr»n» Jpwrlr:'' lutlily sl^mr*. On- orn nvV s a w l r i , IX No. B'.ook. :i2T^*ai. TANO I-MX r:pi ii:«, firctnr 15 h p. vat*)iohn Ininlt. movlnc dotlj arrl otnnr r r, I "a," c"c ville. 1 'lion* 4 I'M 166 before nir.KK M--H !Vnw Krf Bplril. 3( n«-h "Oman's nTkl. O.TC car «M ( cv. ·rl]pnl cord J1 Ion, f%. Pr-one -!4'MxS Hficr S;SO p.m. ·XlUP'F on. Ui* rue that is, clean with $1. !*·*!! Broi., 0,1 the square. F1VK rooms of furnllurff an*! one Shcl- A i»'caAiil, ·AcIl-in«inlAin"l InnilMMp* yt" r . while exiMn^ling your livlnz Rrra 1o liK-.titic «ur rnlire lot. For profession B! ramhraix: rrnovntion, masnlenanc'- or jn^.-illftlLOn c^ll M;chAfl Million at Hor- Lk-uHurt Wrvices, U2-22. Fre» estl males. LARGE BL,\CK WALNUT TRBL'3 fo EK?e, blown ovtr by s'nnn. Ual| Mr ArtLinC. USBD NTor,^rrfi mr1el SO nw/TtJns ma ejiinp. Prints 1 i«rt or 2 P*rt tick* s Prints * [:ns it isme time. Call 4*2- : UN QUICK EASY Xccdie" is dfsijjned lo malte d'if- * going fishing. Gran* and weeds ·anish from 1 rce.s. rock«. fences, ulvcrts, and (lower bed bordcia |/'fc ''''I THE NCtWE BY iiial WEED EATER LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES p.o, BOX en PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE PIZZA AND SALAD For $1.45 "I don't know what things are coming to. It used to take three martinis to bring the world situation into focus -- now it takes five." 26--For Sal* -- MlKllan«out 27-Muticol MwchaiuflM YOU saved anil slaved for w*U lo wall carpet. Xcep H new wllh Blue I^lie. Rent jTiampooer. (1. Polk Furnllure, SHERWOOD Amplifier, Miraoord ta , three way air suspension speaker Phrcie MZ1-8M5. AT LEWIS FORD HAPPY DAYS are here Again! WE'RE HAVING A USED CAR SALE RIGHT OUT OF THE ROCK 'N ROLLING FIFTIES. PRICES ARE SO LOW THAT EVEN FONZIE WOULD LOSE HIS COOL! ALL YOU CATS DRIFT ON DOWN TO LEWIS FORD AND CHECK OUT THESE USED CARS- YOU'LL THINK IT'S 1954 NOT 1974! nun.Y scilATi^irKD -- In shipment rAIlTED FRKIGtrr has receiver! 3 brand new zis^J? sewing maiiiines with lulls' available pu*J\ tiiltoti reverse and builVin (Yvnlmlj for niflfcinz biiUonholes- ^ will be sott wi a lirsl conw. first vcl hash for *I9J6. United Freljht o.=i. !{-,ST. 52 W. Fayettevllle. 3 to 9, n-Fn., IJ11 6 Sal. METAL Deiectora -- Garrett, ttt« pr fessional'a Choice. Golfl and »Hvet ortni bouchl and sold. Ol) Ab» Uncoln. SK 6367. REO -- Component systems (6) Cfera with 3 sp«*i changer f speaker duvt cover, AM/F7J multiplex turne Ui's 31 F *1»SM to fun« FM slere also rsrtrs ]»{*ers for tup* decX, reco and play and hwaflphoti* jack. JS9. eac*. United Fr*l«ht ftlei, Hwy. R2 W ayelterille. Open 9 tf 9. M«i.-Fr1., B Sat. 27--Musical Merchandit* USED spinet tion. H50. Dual Showman. een 10 a,m.-6 p.m. excellent condl- ,. call 5-1- BALDW1N I'iann, exrellKit contiilion. Wat- nut hnish. ?600. Call 613-'.il49 atler P-m. WANT TO buy ?'X'l used plar pay f a i r iirire (or Spinet console (·rand. Piiwie 443'5o20. KKT OF cocktail drums with cymbals -$3(0 VM tape recorder with maU-hin ·speaker -- flOO Homem»de music cat: Incts records. 3.00 sheets ol music, arj vancfd Inslnirtion books, 1321 N. Vanrfe venter FAva.levlllc. Phone 442-»« be tore 7:00 p.m RUM ST7T, me-talllc red. excellent COT dillor. |1W. M»O 28--An«qo«--For Sole Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitive* -- Glas« China -- Bras. -- Collector'! Item Prairie Grove. Ark. PhoneM*-28S · LIZ'S ANTIQUES · Hwy 1J2 North - -H3-1ST? Greathouie-Eaker springs. FaveUertUe 30--Wantid To Buy WANTED 3 ton 'W-TO model 9»v- CMC, or International wnhor without bed. Mart b* pxd track TO-«80. -Wanted To Buy [34-AporftiM«H For R«nt 34-Apnrrmenrt Far »»"t C S C O I N S H O P PAWN *v!ng IWTo over face for Silver. Buy t* S«11 All U.S. Colnj I 5. ThompMa T31-J7H B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 150X ABOVE FACE MATURE J-lulbi. or fT«4 »Wd«flt»: 1 W ltfwd »p«rlmen!. Ontra! air, (Tec- irle hiW-.w, wall-t-vnaU otrptli* Off- rt p*rkinK- 5Z14T68. DELMARR T*o bedroom. 1H *·"". furnlslitd !«·" hews* «p»rtmenl, yoa P»X e!*cri nmmtr ntm. Hww HMSU « Subject to d»!ty chftnj*. --. · -- - ,11 coin ind . _ . . - _ - . c»U for uote). A'«o n«ed amall coin md tamp coUectloM. top dollur p*id, FAYETTEVIILE COIN STAMP 2»i N. collet*, sa-wn FUR GOOD OV FURNITURE * APPUANCBS IKCLUIV ISO ANTISUM Uim NOW LEASING rriendly Family Almospbci 3 Bedrooms. Furnished or un- (urnlMhed. Starting at $101. Central he«t Sc air, AU utilities paid except electric. Complete laundry fa. lltitB, Day care center on premises. Country Club Road Office Open 9-5 52L-T201; After 5 p.m. 521-^796 G L E N D A L E ;·'· Renting for -^' Summer $125 Per Month *\ ] Bedroom Furnished [ %iso Renting for Fall) v · * \ All Utilities Paid, .^ Swimming Pool Centra! Air Conditioning Calk Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Putman - 442-6638 31-Wonted To Trade FURNISHED »p» rtm*nt--*ffici enc!*», we and two bedroom-some-air conditioned; ·ery qulel envlrocunenl, close lo campus. 52-2126. CAN OFTER SMALL 3 ROOM rURNISHED HOUSE AND UTILITIES TO YOUNG MARRIED AGRI STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOR FARM WORK. CAUL 26T-3«e7 33--Roomi For Rent SU3EPLVO rocm, kltcJien pri^l* r shnprpfrut irva, Contact before .. afl#r a r.m. Private bath. 515 Pflrir. J21-V9W IN'LSHtjDj two 1 ifti ttaltdnff dlslant street parking. *J3» 412-7135 a l t e r 6 p.m. ol p.inipus, tjtt- THREE bertroom, iai«urn Hiiray C2 We*t Pbon« PEOPLE'S INN, Sll West toiinliln, h*« tew rooms open from $1150 per week, Phone 521-W7T. ROOM for rtnt, n*rp*tH, central heat, ir-con*Hlon«i. 1106 B. Ridjewav Drlvi. ' TIRED OF 6IG COMPLEXES? Now Leasing New Aaprtment* At 8.13 Sycamore i51x 1-Beriroom Apartmenta Eight 2-Brdroom Townhousea Luxuriously FurniGhcd draped * Beautiful harvest sold appliances including dishwasher * Water and gas paid * Individual fenced-ln patioi Call Vic after 3 p.m. 521-1584 34--Apartments For Rent JENNY LYNN 11 S. Duncan -- Fayetleville 521-72W -- M«r. Apt. No. 15 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE 1 t 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERE17 GARDEN ARTS. Friendly atrawphfre 2 large pool* recreation room. Summer rate* 1 e*» Tectlve June 1st. CALL 521-7200 · TILL t SKULL CREEK APIS, ·00 N. Lerentt 521-2761 .. 2. and 3 bedroom rurnlsbed or unfurnished. All utilise* paid, tw» swimming pools, tennli court*, laundry, grocerr. »»» facllltlifc air idltloned. HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block »outh of the Science Engineering Building, One And two bedroom. furnished apartment, available now. Also leasing for summer and fall, Summer rites. 5Z1-M3. SUMMER SCHOOL At aummer rates -- 8 unlU -- 2 bedroom townhoxwe, l\'z balha. Air conditioned furnished or unfurnished. Dishwasher, disposal, frnst- free refrigerators. Shade trees. Balconies. Elecirlc range. Quality and quiet. Ready now. Call 521-8660 or after hours 442-8071. 808 TOWNHOUSE SOS Lawson St. ished, utilities paid. 1972 BUICK RIVIERA. Full power, automatic, air, AM/FM stereo tope. Only 34,283 miles in showroom condition. Real Luxury. $3495 1972 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Door. All Ihe economy ot o reoi c/"\l r\ e ' R ec *' 28,850 mile*. A real ni SOLD 6 $1995 1972 OLDS ROYALE 4-Door. Dark brown metallic with matching roof, super soft oil vinyl interior, all the right exlras. Only 26,897 miles. $2795 1972 PINTO 2-Daor, Dork green wilh matching interior, brand new whitewall trim, 4-speed for economy. 29,214 miles. $2095 1973 JEEP ROADSTER. Cloth lop, roll bar, hubs, local one owner with only 1600 miles, lika new. $3495 1972 PONTIAC CATAUNA BROUGHAM 4- Door hardtop, local one owner wilh only 29,042 correct miles^ Power steering and brakes, windows, faclary air, gold color, Double nice. $2775 1972 FORD LTD 2-Door Hordtop, regular gos 400 V8, power, air, steel radial tires. A local one owner car that's a gold beauty. $2895 1971 FORD LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE. Local one owner wagon we sold new, power, factory air, oil tile nice extras. Bright red. $2295 1972 GREMLIN 2-Door. Economy 6 cylinder, automatic, oir conditioned, brand new set of steel radial tires, double sharp. $2095 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO COUPE. Light blue with dork 14 vinyl roof 302 V8, power factory air, local one owner we sold new, 24,982 miles. $2585 1973 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 4-Door Hard- lop. A real bargain on a super nice cor, 23,946 miles, power, air, new tires, vinyl roof and all the exlras. $2995 1971 VOLKSWAGEN FASTBACK. Mag wheels, new tires, vinyl roof. A real nice economy sedan. $1895 1972 MAVERICK 2-Door. A real little yellow gold economy special, 3-speed, new tires, runs nice. $1995 1972 CHEVELIE MALIBU 2-Door. Olive gold with black vinyl roof. Only 31,000 miles, power, factory air. A double sharpie that won't stay long. $2795 TRUCKS 1969 FORD N-600 Cab Chassis,, 2-ton long wheel base, V8, 4-speed, 2-speed, o good solid ready to work Truck. $2895 1973 FORD F-100 RAMBLER. 390 V8, BY JAMES R. SULLIVAN, G.R.I. REALTOR · cruiseomalic, power steering, factory air, showroom new with only 10,718 miles. $3495 1973 FORD F-100 EXPLORER 360 V8. Cruiseomatic, power, factory air, 10,900 local miless. $3495 1973 CHEVROLET C-10 FLEETSIDE. Regular gas, VS/ power, air all ihe nice extras, blue. $3395 1972 DODGE ADVENTURER, V8, 3-speed, blue with white top, good clean truck. $1995 1971 CHEVROLET EL CAM1NO. Nice Gem lop included, V8, poweer, air radial tires. $2395 ' DEMONSTRATORS ' "''·" "· 1974 GRAN TORINO BROUGHAM, 351 4V Super soft vinyl trim, gold vinyl roof, olive gold color, power tilt wheel, air, radio, tinted glass, , Fender skirts. List $5T62.04-- $4335 ; 1974 FORD LTD 2-Door, 400 V8, power, select air, AM radio, tilted glass, dark metallic bllue, white roof. List 5182.11- UNSEEN FACTORS When you consider buying a home in a new locality, you'll want to know as much about the town and neighborhood as possible. Much of this information you can get from "eyeballing" the area, but there ore important factors which the eye cannot see. For example, local property taxes, public services, public transportation, hospitals, churches, community facilities. What are the zoning restrictions? Are there any unusual deed restrictions common to the area on how you might use, alter, or expand your property? What are the future prospects for the neighborhood? A good, local Realtor can be a quarry of such in- : ormation. He should have a feeling born of the familiarly for the specific neighborhood in his territory. Level with him at the outset about what you went and he'll do his darndest to help you find it. That's what he's there for. I£ there is anything we can do to help you in the field ol real estate, plaese phone or drop in THE SULLIVAN AGENCY, 434 N. College Fayetteville. Phone: 442-4294 We're here to help! ARLAND GARDENS 5000 N. G a r l a n d -- Fayetteville 2-8981 -- Mgr. (Ken CUtre No, B4) SUMMER KATES AVAILABLE AEBMKNT apartment, furnished. Meai impus. SJG month plus eledriclty. No pels. Phone «2-5OT or 7S1-9MT. $4197 STATE SALES TAX PAID -- FULL 12 MONTH OR 12,000 MILE WARRANTY "THE BEST OR NOTHING" That's a statement of principle and it stands today at a goal in the development, construction and production of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Here is one company where engineers still rule, rather than designers, cos' accounts, marketing wizards or public opinion experts Most Americans who come to Mercedes-Benz after years of driving domestic automobiles are almost stunned by th re nee. FURNISHED one bedroom alwrtmenl. air- ronrtttioned, ran*1. prlvale parting, sin- JS5, no pets. -II2-iS3S. W'-fatt. Mercedes-Benz has always built its cars to uncompromising standards of excellence. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN WITH OLD FASHION PRICES. SOMEONE SAID FONZIE WANTS TO TRADE IN HIS MOTORCYCLE! LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 [f you ore a motorist who can afford th« luxury of limousine, enjoys the handling of a jportj car, and v derstandj the great significance of driving a technical advanceed automobile with dassic elegance, then y should want nothing less than a Mercedes-Bonz. Call stop by our showroom for a dynamic demonstration. Kelly W. Hill Agent -- Mercedes-Benz Office Phone 442-4261 *es. Phone 751-8755 FISHER BUICK, Inc 2396 North College Fayerteville, Arkansas ow Taking Application for SUMMER FALL CALL 442-8722 orner Hill and Putman Sts. MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two, three 0 four bedroom* -- Furnished or un furnished, 30QI Wedington Phone 521-7206 -- Office In Apt, 1 CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV UM N. l*verett -- Faj-elltvlll* 521-3313 -- Mar. Apt. No. 1 S U M M E R RATES AVAilABLE One tw TO\VER APAaTMKH'I-fl. bedroom, turnlshert, C]MP to Univrrsii5-, ·allabl* IOT jummer and WI. call 521216 or M2-t»ZT. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One B«5rocim 107.M Two Bedroom 125.0Q Three Bedroom 143.09 All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnished, families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewfc 521-SOU Office Hour« 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sunday* BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Moplo 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for aummer and fall. Phen» 521-2761 KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Faye.levUle 442-89SI -- Mgr. Apt. No ,M SUMMER HATES AVAD^ABLE N?1AR UNIVERSITY", one bedroonj, · pelcd air condllloned, SLOO month. All utJlHlis paid. «3-8W2 or 521-7624. IRNISHEEl one and two bedroom aperi- ents, air-conditlonpd^ corner of Maple tJ Washington, No children or pels, ease. 111-2669. KW. very nice, two bed room, f u rn- irf. Close to campus. Dlshwarher, sic. plus utilities. Phon* W3-1737. VRGR one anr! tires bertrwim, wall (o U carpel, central air, furnished weli, 1 street parkin?, good neighborhood. 3-3545 afler 4:00 s two bedroom, un «nl, 11 \V. South »7T Phone 417-90T2. BEDROOM, Piirnlshed, SM plus uli!1- es. 1212 So. Dunn. H3-37K or 2S7-3! UKNISHBh two room upstritrs onl. no pels- p7D, hills paid. U l 6 Weit. 521-74.^7 n f l e r 5:W p.m. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two beriroonin, centrnl heat and air-conditioning. disposal, off ·treet parking no pets. Available Immediately for lum- mrr and fall. J105. plus »50 derosU. Wifh fireplace. J135 summer. S150 fall. Call 521-543 or 521-1539 SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoancy. Also fo* J u n e Sept. Completely carpeted. Ail utilities paid except Electricity. Arkla gas heatinjf and air condi- tionin£. 1 -- 2 -- S Bedroom -- Townhoiise* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 0 Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1300 Melmar Drive Oflice 443-2141 -- Apt. 100 FURNISHED arartment U20 per montll Unfurnished apariment ?100 per montti, AU bills paid except water. 6U Wb^tbam, RVERYHODY read! UM TIM£9 WANT ADS. You ar»l SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom frffieiency f u r n i s h e d apartment. U t i l i t i e s pair). No pels. $70. From 8:flO-5:QO ral| Scholars Inn, S^l-592.?. A f t e r 5:00 and week- nnds call 442*9198. JAMESTOWN. 525 Soulh Dimnin, fiirn- isfiffrt ore bedroom apartTneiil, air-con- clitinned, shftj; carpel, dishwasher and nil paneled, $135 per monll), you pay wviler and rlctrfrlclly. Call Don Dinglcdine. 52131 S3 or I42-S1M afler 7 p.m. XUIt room fum I sh rt uinlai rs, a lr- tMied apartment, inrfudes gfts and . Quiet men itTOferrcd- No pets r children. One block [rom Square 3 Rtx* S(. Phone 442-2701. ME bedToom furnished apartment, sum- · spetHal, 165, without utilities, sorry pels. Phone 521-!HSQ after 5:00 p.m. COLONIAL ARMS 211 N. Leverett -- Fayetteville 442-8981 -- Mgr. Apt, No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE ZJ'T KICK, one or 2 bedroom aiwil- nwnl oa Kaywood Lane. Phont 571-4139. A PARTMBNT -- DUPLRXE3 -- MO BTI.F, HOM ES Furn! she A anr! unf u r. n- Ishpd. Hanna Marine 600 W. 6th, Phone 531-KS5. FURNISHRD or unliirmnhed, 1 bHroom, Wl \\Tiitham- 2 blftchs to University FURNISHED very nice »nrt convenient Nrtllesliip Apis., J5M) Nettleship. Phone 521-5372 after 5 call Fa ye He vi lie's Newest Apartment! Garland Garden Apts. ·«X1 N. Garland Fayetteville PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS UNFURNISHED apartment, two bedrooms, *50'(6S per month pli« IS clean- ail deposit. Reference required. South A Kock t)., ApL 12. 442-7790. CREEKWOOD VILIA Check These FValurea: » Central Air · Shag Carpet* · Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher Disposal · Poo] · Free TV Hookup. Low aummer rates. $H7.;i4) -- One Bedcoom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electrlo 443-3S6 POTMAN-HlLt. APARTMEMTS l-.liftt Iwn lw*Irooni n i f i r l n i e n t s -- «!r disiosal-- -J p.m. cotuILIIoiiecl-- ^.-arjiel-- narl n e a r U»i\«rsity-- H2-S737 35--Duplexes For Rent ONE bedroom brick -- k11chffn furn ished -- carpel -- clos* in. IS5.00, mo. Phone -»2-4ftjO -- 412-2158. 1211 Sou lh Duncan. AVAILABLE J u l v Isl. T/ve!y 2 bedroom unfurnished duplex. S13o. Central Iieat A nir svaKhcr/rlrj'tfr oinn(K.-Iions. R a n 50, (Irapes ami L-arpelins. W n l k i n R distance lo town unit Eriionls. Coiiplcs only, ni pel-f. Clean up deposit. Apply at 132 t;. Spr niR. N K A R rflmpuq w n d Ulckson. Two bcT- r«nm s, f u rutshcii 139, wa tc r paid 3L4 WnLson easl side. Phone ^-fcXiO. AVA1UABLR J u n e JS. one bedroom, furnished JSO b i l l s paid. ',, mile west at Univcrsltv. Phne ·H2-SS30. NOW CKitirvir (or itimmtr anrt fall--1*\« and two bedroom apartmncls. Kerr Investment Co,, 521-+190 -M2-25.T7, 5214546. NK«T,Y decora^!. 1 bedroom, iinlurn- iheil d u p l e x aparlmenl. NnrUt of University, married couple nrlv, nt pfts. $R5. Utley and Co., Inc.. Phone 412-S?41, s'lOK Iwn bedroom, like new, i i n f u r n - shfil, centra I heftt and fllr. marrieil m u p l c , no TWts. Phone 4JH-3Stvi or 44- 4SIB after 1:00 p.m. -NOTICE- WITH THE SUNDAY, JUNE 23 EDITION OF THE TIMES, THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFIED DEADLINES WILL GO INTO EFFECT. For ALL CLASSIFIED DISPLAY (Any One Column or Multi-Column Ad NOT Billed By the Word) UNFURNtSHKU. two bedroom diipt, :entral heat and n l r , wall-to-wall carpel, ! 100 pin' bi I [ j. far ried coupl* ontjr. T\VO tedtoom dupleJi, ne»r Unlvrrsily, ifurnlshe.I, J100 per month plus utillliei and deposit. Phone -*3-(i*H after 3 p.m. 2 BBPROOM [urn I shed 1121 OouHi West nue, JE5. 50 depoaU and one year e required. Must be quid con pi* niidrLIe-aged widow. 443-379D or X7- 3SM. LUXURY PLUS A l l conveniences ant] ahug CRT- pet in two Iwdroom. unfurnished townhouKes, great view. 1230 per month. C a l l Lee Bos6 At Gallery ol Homes. 521-7172. Tor Insertion on: SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY I Copy with new (work must he rt-1 Copv without artwork In mint b* In TIMES office I by: ITTMIS of flee by: THURSDAY 12:00 THURSDAY 4 P.M. FRIDAY 12=00 FRIDAY 4 P.M. SATURDAY 11 A.M. SATURDAY 11 A.M. MONDAY 12:00 MONDAY 4 P.M. TUESDAY 12:00 TUESDAY 4 P.M. WEDNESDAY 12:00 WEDNESDAY 4 P.M. THURSDAY 12:00 THURSDAY 4 P.M. DEADLINES FOR READER ADS (Billed by th» Word) will REMAIN 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY FOR SUNDAY INSERTION; 11:00 A.M. SATURDAY FO« MONDAY INSERTION and 4:00 P.M. trt« DAY BEFORE FOR TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY INSERTION GET TAN On redwood s u n d e c k at rear «tf two bedroom duplex, close to Unl- ver.sily. Paneled throughout, itove «nr1 refrigerator furnished, $165 per month. Call Lee BOM 521-7272. TWO BEDROOM durVeic, itn foralihwl itove, dishwasher, di.po*al, waiter/dryer conneclions, fireplace. Roc* ***** area, fully slug carp* led throughout, central alr/hal. J190 per nwntfi, Phor* KI-IGS. TWO bedroom dupirx, 125 n month, C*H Mlldrrt. flrur. 41:-1740 or Rea Kslale, 53-11SO- 2 BEDROOM, cenlril heU/alr, cMrpftrt,, *ha« wrpel, wartier/dryer connectioni, dlvpcsalf, furaljfiecS, very ]nlrt Garden »p«re, couplet preferred, no Aws. 44 7263. DUPLEX, unfumUhed, two beclroami, ·· dulls preferred, on Whillock Street- Pfrar* NEW, ment two be.1room anfyrnuhed apart- ll utilities paM, H33 per month Drt-/e, 5Z1-710S. GUARANTEED QUPCT. Opuplei aotl mature t[sftt only, TWO bedrom furnlbwd, ercvpt itov* *od TWO tedroem,

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