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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 69

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 69

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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One of Miss McLeod Batten canvases In which she has given 1 By H. Ii. DOTGAV. O0ME 460 posters, the, of. The following communication haeeaesignkted by the oommittee particular attention to harmony of line and color.

Her paintings are on disolav it the Onhland Art Callery. V. 1 i been sent out by Wm. ASpoonel -LZdoodwln, Xeonard.i. Brown, secretary of the Central Labor Tkoniis Whittle, T.

Donlon, JI students In -California high Whoola, will be exhibited at the Oakland Art' Gallery for one week CHAPTER 20. Bernstein and Michael council or Aiameaa county, aurmg Ctiarlfs the past week In reply to certain Nielsen. THE BOCHE OPEN FIRE. today. The posters were) elected from several thousand vrAYLIGHTJ'Vthought Eadie.

Almost immediately. he heard the aobmltted for exhih tinn dtirlne- during the last week of the present! The following members of the political campaign: Cooks', Walters and Waitresses' voicei of the officers in the trench arousing the men. He climbed I'm. ST-v ,1 "It has been called to the atten sheltered front "WW nmy "fir. "could hear, hlla falling, but they were not cloo at hand.) "Come," yelled Jake, who all this Urn chewed silently on xm cigar end, "It's tlms we moved.

Th boss- Is rota back' th.fw The major' staff to hunting for th ofvthe tMteU them that the battaUosi tjwrt-chang -Th meanwhile, waving hi arm to such were stll fln sight, turpe elected to- represent the culinary down into the Communication trench, settled hit helmet, and adjusted his; workers as delegates to the Central gas mask. The Artillery 'liaison officer came out of the shallow 'Bd Kind to Animals and all 'deal with the subject to which the week. is devoted. Among. the best of the posters are those from the Oakland schools.

In addition the gallery Is show- tion of the many oflicials of the organized labor movement who are using every honorable effort to elect Frank Colbourn, mayor of this nroKresslve cltv. that durtn? oi lajnru. couoxy; W-J kv ro.t. WL mmt U. (k.

wiuiam Boooner. Charles De j- lxng, George Hampshire. George tanL the past week there, has been Clark, Fred Smith, Joseph Marquet Powl. BongI A long rattling rumple, like the. crackling, of nearby; i Ins paintings by Miss McLeod Bat 'I ten' and the De Zublaurre brothers.

Two Interesting, exhibitions are given wide distribution to urinted I a. iaomi, a em a i thunder, the barrage had started. pamphlets (which not bear the signature of any person per- Th committee In chare of thl tp t. 1L.J planned for the gallery for May for -Shu antarlaln. 1 en minuics aim urcn lor hiu uic luajui i-ouic ivi i It and July.

In May there will be a 1 ,1,. 1 A roent and dance given under I at him. The major's face was cold and but there had Been sons, mat nave ror there objective the casting of shameful- and false aspersions 1 nthe character of Mr. Colbourn; candldat for the auspices of the East Bay Auto knmmm.f that tunica fTnln Iji 1 XI "7 f. Union Lodge No.

Mechanics and began. to move oaca h. had th. wamp. Again glamor aros.

is a difflcdlt Job to separate two units that' have collided and tie-come involved with each othw, The officer and hon-com of eacn tried to find their wn. It was well-nigh impossible, -on thlng-that iaved. the situation was nuij evening, April xi, isi. ailincaiu dci tuusikso. 1 -vW mayor.

n. t-r- th-Odd Fellows hall. Eleventh and I "How's your eourag, JakeT "I hav found after, many rears Franklin streets, report thai -every-(grinned Eadle. "Don't get of experience In publlo llf that the tnmg ms in reaainess ror me arrair. tall Thla waiting is the ciuzens: or uiis county are sell- those damne Eadie looked downs' 1 There waf CJoof 'packs scattered about; a.few dead, and men fS With braseasds governing-people who carry v'thailC worn pari or principles and fundamentals of the' inl, Jake replied i obscenely.

r- "i donald Wright and Morgan Rus-f sejt fthe creators of that style of painting known as synchronism. Some of Wright's canvases were shwn at the last two annuals held attthe Oakland gallery. In July will be an exhibition by western women artists. All works of art submitted will go before a JiJiiy. The -exhibition Is being ar-; ranged as a feature of the national i convention of Business and Pro-.

torsional women to be held In this city during July. Between iOOO and moved his helmet and. selecting a that the troop or one oiv" warJ all Infantry. while those of the- other were 'mostly auxiliary troops, following- up the' attack. And thn again numbsra of tn wortto' division, realizing eVerelipi; Wd'hav.

cigar from -the net in ita in- th necessary Intelligence to meet XftmlRrZml he put tn his cheek. ineir- responsioiitues -in political Ai.r. 1 A 1 iiivcuiuiiiiimi. "Limr oi nuiBi man rr iMntiTS Tony 'nd -Alber that woul(1 d0Be credit 10 a attempts to assasslnats.the sterling ntnueiep. v.

Thame. nerat ran. flopk of culls. The sound was ear- iranucaiiy oina mg up inei wounaea. This outfit had gone quite.

avwiy, thought ihey iiad ditched their bose first-aid B'eit certainly, had gut to be far, forward. He sank to his knees forced pfthetbtack-end tree, stumps to pull -himself out A column of that they had come Into a part of the battlefield Hhat was relatively had no.a. great deslr. to leave it. jtsa vour rockets handy," ald character of? ohe- of our best will hays no.

effect whatso ewuu women irom an pans or me resentatlv of the 'International I splitting. Shouts, cheers, wua Association', of and' I yells. VHerej wo the William A. Snboner.1 secretary of mator. nutting" hi watch into' his ever In the casting of their ballot.

United States will meet here and "It. is, my opinion that the citl- it was decided to let them see what the' local Labor Council, will be pocket: He led. the, way along -the the liaison officer to Eadie, "We maybe want to have 'a fresh "bar me principal speaKers 01 communication trencn. up steps enshlp of this great city realize I and? understand that government I stove pipes' by, going the tront-of the advance. The stove western women artists are doing.

I .0.0 ,0 evening. I out In the parapet of the fire rage. The parrage was the hostile. Intermediate position 'pipe, were 'in: reality stokes nor- Many beautiful textiles and other is a memoa Dy wnicn tney can- determine 'i to take 1 care of certain 4. trench, ando, out Into 'the field.

During th last week Charie C. Ther wa a. thick fog and Eadie i examples of ancient craftsmanship, for thirty minutes. If We get awr fast, we'll Just about catch up wlttt tars, ana. mortars-company must be-' lost.

them came but a squaa i given several years ago to the Unl collective needs, and that they rea- Crlckmore. general representative eou7d nothing they hav. a personal re- of the International Alliance of iSuni Jit to sponslblllty-In Vth. administration: Theatrical Stag Employee and the right versify of California by th late men with telephone 'What thev helh fls all this?" i Mr. Phoebe A.

Hearst, have been placed on exhibition-ak Ha viland thmunlptpl affairs of this dis-j Moving Picturs Operators, who trtct. rand- the th1 MMiii hi. 1. Prevented one rrom Knowing-wnere terrlf cried Eadie; Stoke mortar detach, ments usually are th last of an this noise coming from. A reprehensible pamphlets Seattle.

Winhinrton visited this haJl In the university grounds. This to la an; insult to Intelligence Crlckmore states that the in an advanceno telephone details- are far behind the first wave! display, which will run-thl week steady roar: of machine guns, like the sound of a waterfall, might very: well be the Americans firing. And these' toett' -were gpthg ij-ight across the. path- th advancing is being shown In two rooms. It ir eludes many splendid examples of Kashmir shawl and ancient and borders akin to ths lowest conditions of his craft in the Pa-depths of degradation.

olfio Northwest' are In very good 'The practice that has. been used condition." himself In -1 the. last5 'hour'- attempts tito- to local labor leaders, as being attempts to I to -labor leaders, as being! nrst.wave. ::0 a machine gun The i ad- vane began to ro sharply The going was'; extremely heavy, The ground. had been of candidates I much Imoressed the worklm I founded thre years ago by a -group off who purchased Gardens -for orled Eadie, splashing glass.

pottery1. 0 0 lt. HO DUppviv posed "to leap" ror there, but whether "they will or not now, -I don't know.f-Doryou know, whrf you "No- W. ssrwr saw a -map of th dor." WelL 1 can't tell yott." -4a tt officer, "because I don't "jT either. -lt It rid untH tho- for lifts.

It's getting lighter anyway, arid "then can- find, put where we are." "Have we passed th Booh mat Hn'. yet asked Jake. "I guesa not," said th wfflo. "I haven't een any prisoner?" They climbed up hill again, panting. The battalion soon cam th work of Clarence 8.

Stein, architect of-New York, and was arrived at after a thorough study of the museum's purpose and the virtues and -taulu of other mu over and seizintr. the sleeve of the for public office is a cowardly and conditions-of the theatrical crafts I It wai In that: I Eaklns painted "The Actress' Insidious attack upon our free in- In this vicinity, a stltutions. Th- freedom of the CIeve L. Beck, International rep- "ot; "JS hniir h.i: I. I .1 I Dut- his foot that was.

not -a shell, the city, i retaining right, to build and perpetually govern an art museum on the lta, which no Sine that time styles In dress artillery orncer, going: the wrong We'r running into the back of some other outfltl.Bee all these packs and that ganf of ndV painting have i changed seums, it win cost, and will1 provided with an andow- tage held by us. lni trust, to: this state. ls asristliir Crickmor a other buildings. may be erected. The as: much asthe other.

'1 do' not handed on to the succeeding "1:1. oraciaii dutie- during; Ws Thi-Tkk and 1917 men going across, our irom nat ths last wave of an Institute comprises many men and women whoihave-helped, build and ment fund of $1,000,000. -r "Built tn an shape with a 140. stay eratlons with 1 enhanced In car for the styles of dress tn 1 903 or doe Ea kins' work excite me roughly. maintain-museums In th "I knowlt;" said-th.

told, th major som time ago. HI "You see yelled Eaaie, selling A. secretary of the areatlv. payment for the privileges made possible for us by sacrifices and loyalty of the Americans who nre- foot tower, th structure Car-mellta Gardens will front on Col Jake' shoulder' and, shouting out on the top of th hill ana Eaklns has long been considered of the leaders of the American compass is off or he lost nerve. The engineer officer was It's his ear.

"No casualties I What Eadie noticed that th log was orado; street. A unique feature of Rol Partridge, head of the art de partment at Mills. College, is -ex musicians- union of this district, and a member of the. executive- board of the American Federation of Musicians. will, uvt ceded us.

-Those who endanger "this freedom, are In my opinion, traitors did I tell your' getting thinner. the building la the setting of many none of our -business, thank God! chool of Twenty-five hibltlng. a group of etchings at I see. said JaK. "I'm scara Jump out ana "Mil uom eom- amall galleries' about a series of rumples of his work are on ex during the coming week to attend 1 ain't used to this Hk you Cannell and Chaff In print rooms of open courts.

The visitor going Eadie'a battalion continued to flounder through the mud and in a minute itwo It was definitely hibition' at th California Palace to the cause of true "The Important, duty, of the citl-. zenship of this community Is to bring about the elimination -of the annual -convention of the Fed-1 hahA toughed Eadie, pany commander to- now up a mlnut or ordered th major. "Tell them we'll hav a fiv-mln- in IjOs Angeies. from one gallery to another. will th Legion of Honor and of eratton.

which will be -held la BaU "vou tell -em. kid." refresh his eye In a beautiful timore. May 1927. Jaugh. a- bit ute halt so that they can get ihek- sharp practices ih oblitical i Greenbaum will be accompanied hollow.

Ha was ashamed of him Mrs. Rowena Meeks Abdy, San Francisco artist, accompanied by her husband, H. Bennett Abdy, is and' mete 'out oroner 1udcrmnt Invorvefl mass of troops that seemed to be crossing Its frOnt. When that -happened. there was no longer.

any.doubt in any one's mind but-that, the battalion had lost its outfits -reorganized. Then om back, -to, me and report th epm- 'Arthur H. Fleming, presld ent of by the following delegates of the self that had to fight back feaf against those Who would destroy that Pasadena Art. Institute, has Our noiiticai '-Hhfrv. nrf organization Walter Weber, presi- the way he did.

The noue tern- making a' leisurely- sketching tour panies' location. If this fog. lets up, as I think it will, can get taken a keen personal Interest In or Abdy took her au direction. It had collided with With eternal vigilance how to eHmi-, ae5t the union, George Pinto fled A man'av nerves are not nate those features that make for and JmM Dewey. The con-1 constructed to stand the strain of th new museum plans, somewhere." art museum in woria over ana The enlisted member of the political lrresnonslbllltv and th nr remain in imsion lor I Lne continual buock awn-puw1 troops of another division and the smoke, fog, and the confusing effect! of continually lying' down tomoblle, which Is equipped a- a sort of.

moving studio. The trip will probably Jnclud the French assisting the architect. When In the' period of two weeks. ered explosions. And aside from staff wenf away at a' trot.

Thsy were company runner and ach lowering or political ethics. "I would sincerely urn thAf tervlewed. he said that most es- waiter Q. Desepte, general sscre- the physical strain of the of- the -Trades Union Promo. Mc th mantel strain.

and getting up to avoid shell them bat or three seem --rr- led to-more "than, passing notice. 1- lacked the skill of the old mas-tar and the life and fir of the that his- eanvasee, viewed through jmodero-conserva-, tl-e eyes, appear father dull, As idies-and document of the gay lot they are Interested '-but beyond that la i not a great add! His canvases, consist "nly of portraits figure llV': 'j, i rofessor Bugn Neuhans ean-r were 'shown: recently I th University of. California, are en xhib'ltlon at th Legion of nor, i I Vnvr saw so many tt taoiisnea raueim, an was snown attention be paid to the bursts waamow trebled by the fact In such masse that It Was lmpos Went to find his own Uk homing pigeons to their lofts. Eadie discovered that he could Due to th unusual Interest dis lng tactics of certain Individual I toan of San Francisco-, has too. Steel buzzes about.

A man who would go to any length to LeJ to several can hear death, rustling his wings muckrak- that men were going -every way. There was tumult. slble for the visitor to assimilate It. Overhead lighting from shaded his own shadow. played, th exhibition of mission paintings by Edward Deakin will tear aown tne good charactwt of muve- overneaa.

t- Here, where the hell are- you an uici uuimeni i xn aavance went neaauy aown skylight usually i resulted In a eold (Continued Tomorrow) (Oewrrifhtj representatlve men of this city. Go to the polls Tuesday. Anril 18. be continued for another two weeks and dance to be riven bv the I kin mwmi in rvlt af men going?" cried an irate officer. "What organization Is this 7 This and gloomy atmosphere, and the I I at the Hotel Claremont gallery.

1927. and vote for those customary bar walls on which plC' "i rrancisco, eaiuraay I th rough nature or the ground evening. May is, Desepte' The major. Just In front of Eadl, who in your Judgment win civ tn Deakin canvases painted in the Sierra and in Europe will be shown tures are hung mad th average museum" feel 'more like a mauso- states tnat the program will con- had a compass In his hand and bo- WHAT OUR me citizens or this municipality Isn't your sector, get the, hell out of Men could be heard raging everywhere. "You ninety-day w'onderl' bellowed another officer, 'haven't you the first two weeks In May, 7 eum than a treasure house ref government founded on the prin- 1 ln the TJ sides th' artillery liaison officer clplee of true Americanism.

and has assured every had an nglneer officer also .4" .0 a a en aay one-man BABVSAID vsineerely yours. A enjoyame me; I with a What th other Willi at wviuyww. .1 Th I Pencil drawings and paintings by "TVe are going to banish that proceeds of th affair will naK officer war Eadl did got brains enough to know that thl brook runs east and -west (Signed)- "WM. A. SPOONER.

Allan u. Cram will be exhibited tomb-Ilk said Mr. t0 crr" 0B eacatlonsl not Ther were too many April 1-May at Paul Elder's. What do. you want to go east along Fleming.

'pur forty-five galleries mbr Berkeley leeroe lae Art met recently "for their TELL THE TRIBUNE of them. Morever. they, were go San Francisco. Cram was born in it ror tjet your men out of here The Soot i and Shoe Whvr' 7 to behalf of union-made will, withi on. exception, be small ing, all In a mob.

faster than the dinner end election of off! or I'll nave mtne fire on you." Washington, studied In Italy Union 1 Local Nn tts Proaucts. and they will be furnished In keep VDUa CHILDS BrXIOHT SAYING AND GET A DOLLAR. "Steadyl" called some one. A ifw. Among the guests-were Mr.

Infantry men -about them, so tnat the staff found itself very soon ana. resiaed ror a time In Boston. Huiuieu a coinrnucee to mane I Th a. knot of men, all fluttering mans: Hn. Bernard R.

May beck, Dr, His home is in Santa Barbara. He necessary arrangements for their among the autorlflemen of the first wave. Possibly the major had done came splashing through the, mire, 1 Lehmer. 'Mrv and second, annual banquet and enters T. ear been placed among 'the fore ing with the period or style of art exhibited.

We shall, use only artificial light, us olng away with skylights and shadows. Illuminating pictures with. will, take nn the auestlnn i. L. P.

Hal Boyd, Mrs I talnnient, according to an an- 9n an an. It purposely, to bo sure his com most pencil artists of this country. At their head. still wearing bis overseas cap with one silver star, walked a tall elderly man. "You've Fremont O.

Herring, William nouncement made by A. F. Good; hl um. rtiX. 2- pany commander were going ln the right direction.

The fog. and V. An exhibition of paintings, draw win. secretary of the organization. att, Mrv and Mrs.

Osorge- Rob mall hidden flood" Usrhta with ln- mji at their regular meetlna tumor. lost your major." he said Little Bruce, aged 8, waa given bla first tee-creanc. cone, 'on ret am lng home it imlik i to his brothers, K)h, -Wd-f some ice cream and ate my diahl" MRS. M. D.

i The following Is the -committee the smoke shut out everything ings and sculpture by Miss Ruth r6w evening, and according to a oscar RoDinson, miss Helen I visible Mts Hrrmaon "Four great open courU ar pro- "Do for know where you are?" He waved his hand In a signal to They began to go forward on level ground and Eadie noticed the thdt will prepare the program' for the: whloh will be held In the month of May, date to lie statement issued- By William A. Snooner. seoretarv for the pmitipll Thelma Davis. A. W.

Best I vlded. a long Spanish-American withdraw to the two- Irate officers blackened trunk or long oeaa Bmmett Paul court with running water, trees and the assurance has been give the that-had first appeared and began vasleh, Mies Cahhea Roy plants among which sculpture MV MOSf EMBARRASSING showing," and caused "not a lit. officials of the Molders' Union that 1 1 rod and a the labor movement of Alameda tump about th height of county will resnond with iih.r.i man. Hie feet began to sink Into to explain to Eadie' major how the mistake might have been made, Mng. Mrs.

Edwin Van Dyke and will be seehr. a Roman (court for I i ifeasor and Samuel May. and -how it should be rectified. tie comment" and that the gentlemen of the "old school were surprised, not to Bay shocked" that the MUMtNT ancient sculpture, an Astatic court which will contain Persian, Chinese donations In behalfbf the accused th mud. Ther was a swamp Officials of th organization.

her and the men kept getting Till TMI mtUNt VWlt Cravath and Julius Pommer will open Monday at -1 p. m. at the Modern Gallery. 718 -Montgomery street. San Francisco, The exhibition will be open to the public dally from 11 a.

m. to p. m. until April 10. 0 0 0 The National Academy of Design In New Tork was.

founded 102 years ago and this year, for- the first time, it admitted new art. The New- Tork Times says the mod-ernlstlo paintings "'made a brave ternard Maybeck was rs-jted prestdeht -of th league; Kaaie, sitting 'down on a watched the other division go by. "I'll say we're off our track." he and other buildings to house works academy should permit such an In MMIWH WW MM lt A Ptttum The San FraniM.m ijthnf deeper and deeper Into It. Eadie Other officers were chosen as fol cil has reported that the unions looked at the major, to see If they by those race, and a Spanish There will be lecture rooms. novation.

New art seems, to be much the same In the east and in muttered. "That bird la a brigade low: I was in an Epworth leara or San Francisco hav contributed had lost tnetr airection, nut tne commander. Those men going bv IT ret: honorary vice-president. and, 'in" thg tower "rooms 'tor a the west for the Times says: thousands of dollars to be used for I major, beyond a glance or two at Trofessor Perham Nahl; oond Lschoffl, for study and for The -nudes that are employed th-defense of the off I rials and his map. did not seem oisturpea.

are engineer or pioneer infantry; hence pick and shovel- and ladders to bridge trenches with." meeln. and as the sprakr was not Interesting I bad allowed my ttttcntiou wander until brought back by the words. "Stand nn norary Tic-presldenf, Miss have assured the membership of Eadie waded in the swamp to his so frequently as subject show, a decided degree of avoirdupois." Ar Institute sithea Tlvfan; first acting More men, signal corns tne organization -tnat they, will see -nee, mis was aisagreeapie goto It that th officials mentioned lng. he thought, but It would soon spoken by the speaker. th Inking Professor Eugen men, telephone linesmen, stretcher bearers, a Catholic chaplain with win given a proper legal de- be over, 1 ihaus; seoond acting vice- ne waa tHrougn, stood, op.

I then -became aware nt ttonrtnm fense. The sergeant became suddenly stole, about his. neck, asking the ildent, v. A. record-; secretary, Mary Hun- conscious of a new note In the tur wounded on the ground If they had Th executive efficlals of the me, and an amused look on the face of the speaker.

He waa -only half through, and 'had hit naml moil of noise, a new not such as treasurer. L. Navlor Council of Ro- Ln hear In a symphony, when a need of him. Eadie remembered that he had not seen a man hit for the words to emphasize a point, imi wieras nave announcea tnat a special TirenK the council will some. time.

The battalion must be 1 orian. Mr. E. HHHls; llbra-t Mrs. W.

B. chalr- beard of Roy brass begins to play among the wood Instrument. It waa faint, but a Eadl listened it began to be held at ah early dat for the 1 1 purpose of considering a report of iwell, as though th uneeen or- sing: Jury, Fernando Herr mm-mm-. a dinner given Friday eve- nn, Robert Howard. Cora' Boone, vuiiiniiiiv.

wnv un own i -i. i. 1 Uu arrsngln olan -for a eamnalen iuah siwiet u. .1. i mnsf.

jLDru vw MISS WILMA HELER whose engagement to Alva Towne Berry vas announced at a dinner Friday evening. hl.K k. I I HiWV.WM. hn Rlmninn Prnfaaanr Tin1nr I H. Blleskl at their home, 121 East lVi i Crscendol A.

stern metallic sh HV pia: alternates. C. 8. Price, Miss Nineteenth street, the engagement i iVu V. ot tn th rtorm that drowned all othr.

Thrush of a torr.nt ovt lng ry Washburn: director, Mrs of Miss wuma xieisn -unw .7." 'ock. th eracklng of thousands organisations Fremont G. Herrlilg. I Alva Twne Berry was announce. clerks'- of bullets overhead, that soft phlt! Jifferent weaker at th din- Th guests wr Mis wuma therewith.

called attention to the fact that Lundy. Mr. and Mr. The Six VClock Closing Wag 5. tV.

hJd. mi k. I dancer toe on th aboard of a I ul I league had been self support- Berry of Banta Kosa, nr. ana sirs. that a bullet make going have renreaentatlvna without assessments and with- Ray Richardson, Vt.

ana tun. into a man. Th bochel The tak part In th campaign that will out endowments. At present there b. Cashstt, Arnold Berry, Mr.

K. boch had opened fire, outlined By tn special com are S84 member and the -league larrlng ton and Marni Tarrlngton. Fiv minutes of that rata of steel mitte. entering It fifth year. I Saturday afternoon tne engag- convinced Eadl that had been Th Central Labor Couneil of 0 0 0 I ment was announced to a doien or ti lt I mistaken.

Thla waa going to Alameda county has endorsed th Alberte: Spratt. San Fran'- the friends of th- brld-elect whp action or the local clerk organ a FIOHT. to hi horror saw that th advance, Instead of taking and Carmel artist, will ex-1 war. cuests at the horn or Mr. 1 at the Berkeley League of T.

V. Yarrlngton of Oxford tr'. lzatlon In th matter of six o'clock closing, and vry assistance possible will given, th clerks ln to earth Immediately, waa still going forward. Men wer dropping everywhere, soms going down sud Arts beginning April 14. She at a bridge-luncheon.

Tne new i ehow about SO water colors, thl was conveyed through telegrams denly with a crash of equipment. i yr 'ss- i' presented to each guest, followed others swaying like wounded ani IE third annual exhibition of Gentle Hint by -the presentation of eorsage the AU Art club of Berkeley mals, then sinking slowly to their knee, and ao to th ground. Th bouquet to which betrothal Representative 'Frank Fobs, ald -will open April 11 at the -thbrae Community Center. On in itcnourg the other day: slightly wounded, frelghtened by cards wr attached. Pink and lavender were used In th oolor "The French press not the tne pain or a tuiit lust under the French government 1 showing a opening day there will be, a ref -ftlon which will be attended schema for decorations.

kin, a finger shot off, or a crease, very nasty spirit toward America Th guests were Mine wuma rv lany of the exhibiting riots over the French war-debt. Th cried out There waa a clamor for "First Aid" that could be heard above th machine guns. Lundr. Eunice Balak. Bessie member of th club will fur French press prints day after day, WrteflelB H-Pton.

thry. Kent Elizabeth i music. Ethel ia a sactlmonlous manner, stories Kadi closed hi ye to shut out of outrage and Insults- visited on accompanied by Pearl LHli, bUUD WWII Nn Barbara Atinls. Mlidrtd th sight of th men falling, but he fell himself, headlong Into an American traveling in Franc. i ndt.

will render a group of "It is time we rebuked the old shell hole, and bruised himself -al solos. Grace Jurgls will give yVTrV would be limple to soap her fingers at Mrs. Grundy rr001! he, tried it, A new al bj ri- I Nancy Bart Mavity, 11 1" Ahrena, Mamie Tarrlngton, and Mrs. Mabel Blleskl. sister of the future bride, and Mrs.

L. C. Weber. French press politely, of course, a of piano badly en the sharp atone thr. A hand aelzed his shoulder.

after the manner, say. of th Hrs. Richard McGIU la th ltchburg host. "Where yuh hit. '-Ident of th club and Mrs Mia Bese Boyarsky, th flaneee Jake' homely red face, a little "This poor fellow "waa Inter-talnlnr guest wh didn't know ph W.

Roblnsont-has charge of exhibitions by artists at the of Andrew Gross, was th guest of whiter than usual and th ere when to- teav. 1 clock honor at a bridge-tea and shower wld open with concern, waa thrust Into Eadie'. during the year. Mr. Rob-! x) Is also responsible for gather- then one, then two, and finally th Fltchburg host turned given by Miss Kettle Friedman la "I'm not hit," said Eadl.

getting the Palm Court of the Hotel Fair the painting for the annual to his wife with a "pleasant laugh and saldi up. "1 Just fell wdowa. Watch mont Saturday afternoon. April-1 Art of the club's creed Is yourseir, never mind ro. The table was attraettvely deoo 1 owet -Hadn't better go to bed, my dear? Our friend may want to Ton waa sayln" oraethln' abeut iv.

'believe that In the various eemerplec of buu.r this bein' a Sunday shool picnic Los Angeles Time. flies ta various shade. Guests of the world Is Inspiration, and last night," said Jake, fingering wer kilsses Sunny Cherry, Sadie nia gaa alnt rone to ln association ar Conn. Bernlc Carflnkle. Lenore The Harvest' th wrong church or anything like worth and understanding Bremler.

Rosenberg tnat. have we?" At the Central Half. West, to develop and forter the It mav not lt fcnllad KmitU Jennie Roeeaberg. Alice RoUetU minister. London, th audience, be- ability of our memhers and ''Itlooks as though It would last Sylvia Petti Friedman, encourage Its expression: to ivtw hit mcT-lluB uqian, Bills- I JZs lng some lusty Choruses.

It' was I belt of a lot longer than we will," Pas Boyarsky. and Mesdames muttered Jake. They heard the uate end materially aid all ar endeavor In the Henry utlue in th middle of on of them when I the aid door opened, and th shriek of a shell and flung them Oeidbarg. Mendel U. Friedman and harry Coldenberg.

selves down. Th shell struck very speakers and other Important per exhiMtion will cle April It wi- be open to the public. sons streamed onto the platform. near, isaoie could swear heard It worming It my Into th earth "I Starting Monday, 0. 0 There they were marshaled In At the First Baptist eta arch Sun Pasadena Art Institute I their places by the busy secretary I It burst BLAM! April Z5, th will be one of the fln- 'First aid! First aldr- "The Bishop of Omega wllf sit day evening, April (.

Ulse Vlda B. Metxker became th bride ef 'Damn!" muttered Eadl. He on th right Of th Chairman Sir Georg P. Parsons, Dr. Jame Aipna Beta, will you com for.

H'bltcomb Brougher performed the remembered a tiro when he did not swear, but that waa before hi first battl. art museums In the world. informed by the Loe An-Times. Oaklanders who are '-irg for an Oakland Vry will be Interested la the i Pasadena building, eonr years has been ertary te E. Lyon.

Mr. Parsons formerly re- ward? and so on; and while all thl was proceeding, the particular chorus which the audience was singing with all their, might and main was "Bring them Int. Bring Th advanc continued: blladrr. ceremony. The end bridegroom attended by Vlr.

and Mrs. William Keuhey. Mr. Par elded la Wilder, Idaho, but has past few year. After a brief honeymoon, the young couple will reside at their home, which has Just been completed, in ihe Elmond district.

drunkenly. It reeled through the fog. More shell. more tnschfne sons te a (ormw reaideat ef Reno. a Is the building business la whlrh the Time Mr uim is iroza if fields or rr runs, bullet splashed water into la eaj the su Is Nevada, bat tag 1J( ererej OaJUaad at tan Fraactsc fog th Lo Acgle rtmea, fae.

Wa taar baoUmt ef.

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