Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 12, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1974
Page 10
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)eclines To Act On Other Issues New Fighter The U.S. Air Force released runner of a new generation first flight Monday morning this photo *r the Northrop of high performance, tow cost at Edwards Air Force base. YF-17 tactical fighier proto- air combat fighters, on Its (AP Wirephoto) type, which could be ihe fore- But Flunks Driving Test Aviatrix Solos Around World Three Times By JOY STIL1.EY AP JMewsfcatures Wilier NEW YORK (AP) -- Slieila Scott h,as f i n a l l y gotten her driver's license ----- after failing the test three limes. Meanwhile, she has flown around the world .solo three times, holds over 100 World Class Light Aircraft records, has broken the sound barrier in a naval jet fighier and is the first solo pilot -- man or woman -- (o pass directly over Ihe true North Pole in a light aircraft. The British flyer, wearing black and white s u i t , pink nail polish aiirt the Amelia Earhail Medal on a gold chain around her neck, recalled some of these adventures on a visit lo New York lo promote her just- published autobiography, "Barefoot in Ihe Sky." "I really do fly barefoot in the tropics. When you're silting on one little seal up to 18 hours at a lime your foci swell," ex plained Miss Scott who founded the British Ballooning and Airship Club. "I go for solo because it doesn't mean anything if you have a second person m Ihe piane,'' she said. "Then yoi can cat, sleep, no reason to land except for fuel -- there's no endurance involved." NEAR DISASTERS Not only has there been plen ty of endurance invahierl in her career, hut there has also bcci near disaster, including time. 1 when all her flight instrument? failed and the 1969 Englasid-to Australia race in which she al most lost her life in the Pacific "I am often afraid." she al milled. "The thing is to s t a j with the a i r p l a n e , lo make i perform, to cope, even though you 're shaki ng in every limb On world recbixl flights, when you're pushing way beyonc anything you or your plane wa built, for, there must he some form of trouble as well as good moments." TROUBLE COMES Trouble came on her hislorr po[ar" f l i g h t in 1971, when ice built, up nn her wings, her radio and navigational aids went out she was operating with only a sun compass -- and there wa no sun. But there were the good moments too. "A shaft of sunlight cam through," she remembers denly it seemed as though Ihe cabin was full of people, my vhole team. It gave me con- idence." ALWAYS CURIOUS The blonde, green-eyed avia- or recalls that as a child she vas "always curious and want- ng to find out things and get- ing in and out of scrapes," but she never dreamed of f l y i n g . In acl, she became a nurse dnr- ng World War I I , and a f t e r hat she enrolled in drama school and had bit parts ilms and TV shows. It was not u n l i I she was in icr early 30s that Miss Scott look her firsl flying lesson after she jokingly told friends she w,as fining lt learn lo fly and Ihey held her to il. "During your first .solo you're so afraid you don't notice anything, but somehow you bump your way back to (he ground After landing the exhilaration and triumph come," said Miss Scott, adding w i t h a laugh lhal she broke her arm slipping on a poUUo chip at the celebration party lhal night. '"Iliey grounded me but 1 wouldn't have that, and I wenl up with a safety pilot. I gol used to having someone in the cockpit with me and tl was hard lo go up alone again." I N T E R N A T I O N A L RACING But solo again she did. jane eventually got caught up in in ternational racing, where she was often the only woman Miss Scoll, who holds Ihe Order of Hie Brilish Empire along with countless other honors says that though she has ex jerienced discrimination as a voman, "Ihe more professions ,he pilot, the more help hi ives. But lower down on Hi- scale it hasn't always beei easy. "Men 'adventurers* are high ly sponsored and never have t ay for their planes or boats o whatever. In England, at leas 1 woman 'adventuress' has t do everything for herself. I'v iad lo lecture, w r i t e , beg an sorrow, to raise money to bu my planes and finance m competitions," said the vet era of 4,500 hours in the air. She has owned three planes "Myth," Greek for Tema" in o t b . "Myth Too" ar "Mythre." And when Mu Scott, who always disliked cai and feared the ground, f i n a l " passed her driving test just tv, years ago. an auto manufa Hirer presenled her with a car Her t h i r d plane, "drowned in a hurricane, is being rebui "because I promised her lha she would f l y again, ft sounc sentimental, but my plane have given me the world at never let me down whaleve happened, and it is importai to me that I leave them in fl ing order." Now that she has no aircia in which to race, Ihe attractiv Miss Scott, who is divorced, directing her energies towar her first love, acting on rad" and TV. and toward writing, i eluding a children's book abo 1 her stuffed rabbit mascot, Buc Tooth. Criftenden County Scene 01 Election Fracas Tuesday TURRELL, A r k . (AP) -- A free-for-all broke out Tuesday at. the Turrell City Hall over one voting machine in Tuesday's Democratic primary runoff for sheriff of Crittenden County. Sheriff Jim Browder. 40, of ·West Memphis, who lost the runoff to R. L. Simmons, also of West Memphis, kicked in a locked door during the being on top nf the world. "Slid nesses said at the courthouse disturbance, wil- Her Knight Browder declined to com lent. After the fracas, ttie box wa eported with 293 votes for Sin mons and 48 for Browder. Two of Browder's depulie I. C. Smithey and Faye Drok vho is a woman, were on dul at the polling place as no atchers for the sheriff Tue day. They gave a letter to electio udges saying they would cha enge the box. They also SHI he judges should nol turn I] ·rank to get ihe vote out un he challenge had been settled The judges said the dcpnli ackcd authority to prohib urning the crank. The deputic were shoved out of Ihe pollin Dlace and Ihe door was locke vhile the vote counting began K I C K K D DOOR DOWN Smithey went to the sheriff itfice. Later, Browder an ibout 10 deputies surrounrii he Turrell City H a l l , ai Browder kicked a door down gel into the arei where th ·ole counting was being co ducted, witnesses said. Kenny G a h r of Turrell. a election judge, was held a r o u n he neck in Brmvder's armloc vhile the scuffling went Gahr, who rfcently unrlerwe stomach surgery, said he al vas struck by deputies. Aft-, he s c u f f l e , be w e n t to a hosp Hi, but was released aft rpalment. Gahr was charge vith resisting arrest, and a vaulting an officer. He w 'reed on $500 bond. Ricky Stalls, constable Turrell, was arrested by she ff's officers and charged \vi assault-and-battery and assail ng an officer. He was freed $500 bond. He said he got i volved only as an attempt 3reak up the fighting. Browder. who served son ime as s h e r i f f as a Republic appointee, was elected l\ ^cars ago on the Dcmocra :icket. After he failed to win a m iority in the first primary. M; 28, Ihe Turrell box was Ihe sii icct of controversy, includi charges that John Cage help some voters cast their vo Cage said he helped on the vc ers requesting his aid. In the r u n o f f Tuesday. Sir moris received 4.540 votes a Browder 2,225 in the final, unc ficial tally. Simmy Darfo Jr., dmmt i. ceremonial robe, is Mused by Mi wile prior I* betog knight- o*° by Tlie So»ereig» Military · Md Hospitaler Order of Sairt MB ri jematem, KticMa of M*Hi. The elaborate hvestl- tn-e ceremony took place at the Cku-cfa of Epipkaiy i. New York, Tvetday. (AP Wlrephoto) Th* TUHK b On Top ·* Th* New* Doyi a W**1 Northw«»t Arkansas TIMES, Wed., June 12, 1974 rAYITTCVILLE, A R K A N S A S Board Amends Elementary Grade Reporting NEWS WHILE IT IS NEWS IN THE TIMES SPRINGDALE -- A proposal discontinue'school bus trans- rUtion for students living thin two miles of Sprlngdale gh School and those living in i White housing addition was It undecided in a 3 to 3 vote the Springdale School Board eeting Tuesday night. Ralph Blytho, school trans- station supervisor, nresented proposal to th« board in rdcr to comply with an Arkans law which required that all udents transported by bus be ovided seats by July 1, 1975. Last semester students wore anding in the aisles with 3,056 udenls riding buses and only 814 seats. Blythe said that (his roposal would afreet apprpxi ately 275 students now being ansported who live within two iles of the school. He added that if the students seated it would giva the rivers more control over the lildren and help prevent acci- enls caused by students ocking the driver's view. Thurman Smith, school supei'- tendent, said that there are ways problems involved i eleting a service that has been rovided. He added thai it is service because there is no eimbursement [or transports on of student living closer two miles from the high chool. STREET There will, if the plan if donted, be a problem of more udents walking along anc rossing main streets, addec he superintendent. Guy Nelson, Keith Lewis ant im Lisle voted for the propnsa ·ilh Mrs. Marjorie Brooks :alph Pendergraft and Bil /nlker against il. s Other problems with bus ransportation, such as (he uses leaving three minutes fter classes are dismissed and raveling too fast, were d i s - ussctl. I'endergraft, who direc- cd the meeting in the absence the president, Pal Singletary, 'eferred Ihe proposal and prob- ems lo the Transportation lommitlee, which will meet next Tuesday. A proposal by Nelson lo iUthorize the administration, the Faculty Committee of Elementary Grade Reporting and he new elementary school coordinator, to work out and put into .effect a trial parent conference system in the s c h o o l s w a s unanimously passed. Before the vote, Mrs. Brooks stated, "I feel like it (parent-- '.eachcr conferences) ts so .mportant that it needs a lol of groundwork and preparation and I don'l feel Ihal hard and 'ast rules should be set -onight." OPEN LUNCH HOUR A proposal for an onen campus lunch hour Tor the high sc h ool w a s ta bled for t h e second time following much discussion by board members, students and several principals in attendance. Smith staled his concerns involved with an open campus including, t r a f f i c congeslion, potential accidents, increased involvements with drugs and alcohol, higher cost of student lunches and truancy. "Any lime we do something different we're going (o have Nelson. He added lhat the decision involved a question of philosophy of slurlent responsibility and the students' ability to get the proposal passec through Ihe system, Benny Moore, Springdale High School principal, said "Personally. I think they (slu dents) need the experience ol an open campus and J recommend it." In order lo receive fed era f u n d s for a school park system like Faycttevillc's, Ihe 'bonrd , authorized Hie lease of land lo j (he city upon meeting legal ' a n d federal guidelines and con- indent on not jeopardizing borrowing power. BUDGET ANALYSIS Nelson also suggested that the budget be broken down lo a greater degree so that board members can determine the cost of carrying various projects. "I'm not salisfiert with lie quality work Jmptil that we are getting," he said. in other business the board voted to extend tht service of ;hree bus drivers following their 68lb birthdays for a year. Blythe announced lhat there w i l l be a training program in 'DUS evacuation for students riding buses, The board passed a resolution presentee] by past president Jim Cypert for correclion of a survey error in Ihe boundary of the new Central Junior Higii. Norman Crowder, assistant superintendent, announced that applications are still being laken for migrant student summer school and kindergarten next [al]. JCPenney A^£o!s Conviction OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) -- Michael Dickinson, the 18-year-olri son of Rep. William L. Dickinson, R-Ala., has appealed a conviction of possession of barbiturates and \vys released on $15,000 bond, Tlie young Dickinson, an Auburn University student, received a 1,1-year prison sentence from Circuit Judge I...J. Tyner, who released him Monday after he served notice of appeal. Dickinson was arrested April 30 at his trailer home. Save $ 43 on auto air conditioner. Sale 171 95 Reg. 214.95. JCPenney Universal auto air conditioner with high power cooling. Variable thermostat, 3 speed fan. For small and intermediate cars when extra cooling I* needed. Expert installation available at extra cost. Sate prices effective through Saturday. 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