Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 12, 1974 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1974
Page 4
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W«., Jun« 12, 1974 r*V(TTIVILU, AHKAMtAt riiMWiiiaiiniii iisiitii!!! »iwr«Eiii«iiMii!ii iniiii iii Livestock Report Cattle sales were down from lasl week in the livestock auctions held in Fa.vclleville and Springdale this past week. The Federal Slate Market News Service reports 800 sales at 'Springdale and 1.000 at Kay- etteville, down from 2,337 last week. Auction results were: SPRINGHALE .CATTLE: Estimated receipts 800:- last week 9(14; compared tijast week's sale. Utility and Commercial slaughter cows steady to 51. lower. Calmer anil Ciilte'r $2.-3. lower., with weighing conditions favoring seller. Slaughter bulls about S3. F e e d e r steers generally j?. ; 4. ' lower. Feeder heifers generally steady. Supply largely Good and Choice 300-550 11). feeder steers, bulls and heifers with ntxjul 20 per cent cows, and 1 per cent slaughter bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial S23.(iO-27. High dressing U t i l i t y 527-27.70. Several Commercial yield grade 4-5 $22.70-23.50. Cutter $21 .-23.00. Canner $18.-22.70. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1000-1600 Ibs. S31.-34. FEEDER STEERS: scattered sales Choice and Prime 350-460 Ibs, $36.75-38.50. 250 500 Ibs. $33.37; 500-550 Ibs. $30.50-34.50. 550750 Ibs. $30-31.50 High Good in- chiding some Choice early maturing and bulls 250-5M Ibs 530.34.25; 500-650 Ibs. J28.-3I. Goml 3M-350 $2b.-31.50. 400-550 Ibs. $85.-27.50. FEEDER HEIFERS! Choice 300-400 Ibs S33.-35.50. 41)0-550 Ins. $31.-34. Few high Choice and Prime 410-460 Ibs. $34.34.50. High Good including several Choice fleshy and several fleshy and early maturing' offerings 300-400 Ibs. $30-33. "100.' 550 Ibs. S29.-32. Good 400-550 Ihs.. S26.-28.50 i REPLACEMENT COWS: Few Choice 2-6 year old» 700-800 Ibs. J225.-250 per head. COW AND C A L F PAIRS: Ciioice 4-6 year old cows with 75-250 Ibs. calves at side $330.400 per pair. Small number over 6 years old 300-330 per pair. HOGS: Estimated reeeipfs 200 including 4 sows and 2 boars. Last week 306. Not enough bar- rent's and gilts or sales on offer for 1 price lest. BARROWS AND GILTS: Few PS 1-2 225-230 Ibs. $24.-24.50. .SOWS: Couple head US 2-3 400-450 Ibs. $17.50-18. BOARS: Individual 415 Ibs. $15.40. FEEDER PIGS: Limited volume feeder pigs Sl.-3.50 lower compared to last week; US 1-2 4050 Ibs. S14.-14.50 per head; US 1-3 25.40 Ibs. $12.-12.50 pel- head. FAYETTEVILT.E ; CATTLE: Estimated receipts 3000. last week 1433, compared kj last week's sales, slaughter cows and bulls rather uneven, averaging about steady. Instances 50 higher on utility cows. Feeder steers and heifers steady to strong. Instances 50 higher on steers over 500 Ibs. Supply largely high Good a n d Choice 300-600 Ib. feeder steers and heifers with about 20 per cent cows and 1 per cenl slaughter bulls. '..-SLAUGHTER COWS: Ulililj ^nd Commercial cows J22.75-27. mostly S24.25-26.50. Severa Commercial yield grade 4-5 S2I.SO-24.75. Culler 22.-24.75 Canner S13.-22. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 100(1-1800 Ibs. $31.38.75. - - F E E D E R STEERS: Feu- Choice 250-301) Ibs. $41 50-45 300 400 Ibs. $37.50-41,50. 400-550 Ihs. S32.75-39.50. mostly S34.75-H8.5fl. 550-650 Ibs 830.25-34.75. High Good and low Choice including several Choice early maturing steers and bulls 300-400 Ibs $33.60-36.50. 400-500 Ibs. $32 2534.75, 500-600 Ihs. $30.7532.75. 600-650 Ihs. S29.30-25 Good 350400 Ibs S30.75 34.25. 400-500 Ibs $29.3032.75. 500-600 Ibs. S27.75- 31.35. High Standard to average Good Holstein 400-500 Ibs S28 29.50. 500-700 lb=. $24.50-26.50, , FEEDER HEIFERS: Few Cl/oice 300-350 Ibs. $37.50-41 350450 Ibs. $33-35. 450-550 Ibs $31 33.25. 550-fi50 Ihs. $29.75-30.75. Good including Choice earlv m a t u r i n g and some fleshy off e r i n g s 300-350 Ibs $31 -37 5(1 350 450 [h-. S23.25-33. 45l).fi5l) Ibs $28.25-30.75. Gond $27.50-29. . R E P L A C E M E N T C O W S : CJioicp 2 years and older 5511000 Ibs. cows 525.30-30.50. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Chicie 3-7 vear old cows with 75-200 Ibs. calves at side. S301.355. per pair. Few Good cows with calves $227.50-280 per pair. HOGS: E s t i m a t e d Receipts 300. week ago 504. Barrows and gilts 50-1. lower. Sows steady to weak. Boars steady to 50 lower. .-'BARROWS A\D GILTS: US 1-3 200-245 Ibs. 25.-25.25: I package 216 Ibs. $25.50: US ··! 190 14(1 Ihs. $24.24.50: Scattered saled US 1-3 ]t0-165 Ibs. S'O- 21.25. SOWS: US 1-3 300.350 Ibs $16.25-16.75; 350.505 Ibs. $16.7517.; Several wet 300-450 Ibs $16.2516.75. BOARS: All weights $16 17.50. ' 'FEEDER PIGS: Compared to last week S3-4. lower. US 1-2 20-10 Ibs. S10.-12. per head: 40-50 !bs, $12.-I4. per head; 50-85 Ibs. SI3.50-.I5.25. per head. 1 Small package 65 Ihs. $16.50 p«r head. US 2-3 20-30 Ibs. S5.-8. per head: 30 40 Ibs. S3.-10. per head; 40-50 Ibs. J10.-12. per head. 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' Anyone having; a question about social security is invited to send it to the Northwest; Arkansas TIMES 72701., All- inquiries must, be signed and · should include addresj of sender. Names will not be published. Q. I have heard that some prescription dri'gs are covered under Medicare Part B. Is thi« t r u e ? -. A. Prescription and non-prescription drugs purchased by or dispensed to a patient, are npt covered. Drugs or biologicals are covered only if they are of the ly]K that cannot be self- administered. They must be. administered by the physician or by his nurse under his personal supervision. This docs not include immunizations. Q. Arc all immunizations or vaccinations excluded from coverage? " ' A. Vaccinations and inoculations are excluded as "immuni- sations" unless they, are directly related to the treat"- ment of an injury or direct ex-- josure to a disease or condition. for example: Anti-rabies treatment or tetanus anti-toxis ii covered. J. A friend of mine received rei'mbursemont for B-12 shots hut my claim was refused; Why? - ' · : A. Yuur friend is probably receiving the B-12 shots as an. effective treatment for a disease or condition such as pernicious anemia. Injections t h a t arc not considered by accepted standards of medical practice to be given for a specific condition are not covered. Q. Are d r u g s - u s e d white a patient is in the hospital covered by Medicare? A. There are two requirements for drugs or biologicals o be covered in the hospital. They must represent a cost to he institution and they must ic an approved drug or biological for use in a hospital. Q. ray doctor gives m« vitamin injections and 1 have been denied payment'lor them. Why? A. Medications which are given for a purpose ether thaii for treatment of a particular condition, illness, or injury ar« excluded from coverage. Q. Medicare paid for my first scries of injectitns but has refused to pay for any more. Why? A. Medications administered or treatment of a disease, vhicli exceeds the frequency or duration indicated by accepted standards of medical practice ire excluded from coverage mlcss there are extenuating circumstances. Q. How would you generalize the coverage for drugs or biolo- gicals in or out of a hospital? : A. To put in a general way, 1 would say that while an in-' patient in a hospital, drugs.or biologicals r e c e i v e d ari covered. While out of a hospital, prescriptions and non-prescrijv tion d r u g s purchased by or dispensed to a patient are not covered. Exceptions exist ,ui both cases, but this is a good general statement. : Ford Speaks i NBW YORK (AP) -- Vice "resident Gerald R. Ford says the United States shonld not withdraw into a shell .of isolationism by unilaterally reducing its military troops overseas. "I strongly favor a mutual reduction in forces." Ford told 1.600 persons attending a Monday night banquet sponsored by the United Nations Association of the United States a! Amerca. But he stressed that "unila- .cral U.S. troop cutbacks would JC foolhardy. It would undermine our negotiations with the Soviet. Union directed jt mutual Force reductions in Central Europe." He praised the Senate for d«- fealing proposals last week to u n i l a t e r a l l y cul American ground troons and airmen stationed abroad. "The Senate aclinn is a healthy rebuff to tho« who would push us in the direction of neo-isolationism, 1 ' said Ford. lie also lauded Secretary of Slate Henry A. Kissinger and President Nixon for the Middl: Kast truce. Seeks Legiitatimi STUTTGART, Ark. (AP) -Stale Rep. Wayne Hampton of Stuttgart said Monday he had nsketi t h a t legisation for increased -funding of the state's public kimiergarten system be included in the upcoming special session of the legislature. Gov. Dale Bumprss is expected to call the session In July. Hampton said he had talke.1 to Bumpers about the kindergarten funds and was hopeful thai the governor'would include the mailer in the special session legislation. Hampton, who cosponsored ihc public kindergarten hill in the 1073 General Assembly, said several applications from k i n d e r g a r t e n programs hid been sent to the o f f i c e of Vat vale education commissioner.

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