Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 11, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 11, 1974
Page 7
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Federal officers seized as estimated five tons of marijuana aboard the tug Cephens dock- A Big Haul ed near New Orleans l a s t week. The haul, which officers said was bound for New York City, was valued at $10 million. (AP Wirephoto) High Court Limits Criminal Protection WASHINGTON (AP) -- The, Supreme Court apparently is continuing its recent tendency to limit rather than expand the protections for criminal defendants outlined in its Miranda decision of 19GG. In an 8-1 ruling Monday, the court said ihe prosecution may be permitted to call a witness whose existence it learned of only through a statement the defendant made without being advised of all his rights. The court also issued two rulings which industry and government sources said would affect natural gas supplies. H upheld price regulations adopted by the Federal Power Commission for natural gas from southern Louisiana, including incentives designed to funnel new gas reserves into interstate pipelines. And it struck down an FPC order abandoning direct regulation of prices of small natural gas producers on grounds the order was unclear, but said the commission had the power to enact such regulations if correctly drawn. George Mitchell, president of the Texas Independent Producers Royalty Owners Association, said the decision emphasized the need for deregulation of natural gas produced by both small and major producers "if we are to solve the supply shortfall in the next 15 years." In its Miranda decision, the court said criminal defendants must be told by police that they nlitled to have free legal counsel. 1970 RULING Syria Gets First Russian Built MIG-Js WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Soviet Union apparently has given Syria its first squadron of advanced MIG23 jet fighters, according to U.S. intelligence reports. Sources said Lfi crated MIG 23 "Floggers" reportedly were sent to Syria recently aboard Russian merchant ships. Intelligence has been watching for these deliveries since early last month when MIG 23 crates were seen at Nikolayev, a Black Sea port from which Russia ships most military equipment to Arab countries. The swing - wins! MIG 23, whose top speed is nearly 2,000 miles an hour, is rated sig- nificanlly better than the older MIG 21, which until now lias been Ihe best Russian fighter exported. U.S. analysts said the MIG23 does have some weaknesses, particularly in its combat operating range. They said one squadron will not influence the relative air power balance with Israel. But they believe the appearance of Syrian MlG23s in si/able numbers could cause serious problems for the Israeli Air Force, if war flares again. The first shipment of MIG23s to Syria could mark the beginning of a broader export of that plane, which before this has been limited to the Soviet Air Force. Soviet officials are reported la have tried to sell MIG235 to an Indian defense delegation t h a t visited Moscow recently. The Flogger, a tactical fighter that can he used as an interceptor and to attack ground targets, has been in production for five years and has been altered in design because of tech- In 1970, however, it ruled that ,. defendant's plea of guilty could be accepted even though he had jivcn a confession obtained in violation of the Miranda requirements. And in 1971, the court allowed a confession obtained in violation of those requirements to be ised to attack the testimony of defendant who took the stand n his own defense. The case decided Monday involved i\ rape defendant in Pontiac, Mich., who was told by police of a number of his constitutional rights but not the right to a free lawyer. The man, Thomas W. Tucker, was picked up and questioned before the Miranda ruling but tried after it. Justice William F. Hchnquist who wrote the court's opinion, said this "fact was significant" and the court was not ruling that all evidence derived from questioning in violation of the Miranda rules must be eluded. Rut he said the law "cannnt realistically require that policc- m e n investigating serious crimes make no errors whatsoever." He said failure to ob- erve the Miranda rule in ques- U.S. Circuit Court here in case arising from an advertise ment placed with the New Ypr Times by the American Civ --ibertics Union. The ad opposed an admini: tration-sponsored bill to ban th use of busing for bringing abou school desegregation. It lisle in "honor roll" of 102 congres men who had voted against th bill. The Times refused the adve ;isement on grounds that th federal campaign law require iliat it be accompanied by statement from the ACLU th. no candidate for president ha authorized it as well as by certificate from congression candidates named that the ad cost would not put them ov their campaign spending limit The advertisement was lat published after the ACLU o :ained a preliminary court o dcr. Long-Term Financial Planners See Bottleneck Developing By JOHN CUNNIFF NEW YORK (AP) -- In the ·ars from 1967 to 1973 tKere ccurrcd what often is called n explosion of credit, amount- g to $600 billion. And what re the projections for the next x years? Somewhere around 5 trillion. This is the amount that gov- mment, business and house- olds are expected to need if her projections are to be ful- lled, mainly those that call for continued expansion of the conomy and an upgrading of he quality of life. Tremendous plans are on tfie genda. Corporations hope to enlarge nd make their plants more reductive in order to reduce IB shortages of goods. And ley art being compelled by .aw to make their plants more ecologically acceptable and more wholesome for workers. T h e federal government seems bent on providing more and more services and may be unable or unwilling to cut its ncreasing demands for finane That means all other bar rowers will have stiff com Kitilion for funds. Individuals and householder; lave learned to rely on credi o finance the life styles thes iave been led to. believe are rightfully theirs, even if the; haven't the cold cash in hand. All these plans would seem reason for great excitemen among financiers, but the trutl s they are producing apprehen sion instead. Nobody reall mows how all the money is gc jig to be raised. Speaking at a Coiiferenc Board meeting a few days ago Dimitri N. Balatsos, economis and vice president of Manufao lurers Hanover Trust Co., lisle some of the problem areas tha interest rates and labor costs worry some financial men. --Corporate profits could; con tinue under pressure for the en tire period, lessenisg the aj peal of stock investments. Hig interest rates and labor cost: and demands for greater socia responsibility, might cut int earnings. --The alternative to equity f nancing through the stock ma ket is to borrow. But durin this period some $25 billion maturing bonds must be ref nanced. That is, old bills mu be paid before taking on ne ones. --Savings might fail to keep ace with economic activity. he demographic makeup of c population is changing, with e 25-45 year age group show- g the biggest increase. These re spenders; they have a low ropensity to save. Based on current under- Unding of the situation, severe Bottlenecks seem inevitable. alatsos retains some optim- m, although it seems to arise more from faith than from any vidence now available. During the latter part of the Middle Ages, he notes, the nood was somber an dpeopte 'ere preoccupied with death. 'hey didn't know that the Ren- issance was in the making. CotiH it be that a iisancia enaissance is in the making? We better hope so. Tug Capsized, Two Missing NEW ORLEANS (AP) - ugboat pulling an oil rig cap sized and sank Sunday in th iulf of Mexico about 70 mile southeast of Cameron, and tw crewmen were reported n ing. A Coast Guard spokesma said three other crewmc caught a drifting life jacket an swam two miles to an oil dril ng platform, where they wer rescued. He said the tug America Viking was swamped by 16-foc waves as it and four other tug were towing the rig throng stormy weather from one pla form to another. Coast Guard planes searche Sunday for Joe Cheramie, 30, Morgan City, the boat's ownc and operator, and Housto Crawford, about 30. believed ' be from Morgan City. The three known survivors Jeff Montet ami his brotbi Mark and Noel Berdin, all Morgan City and all believed be in their late teens--were tal en by helicopter to Intracoast City. Officials said the three we in good condition, sufferin onlv jellyfish burns. FHA Inflates New Low-Income Housing Program The Farmers Home Adminis ration (FHA) of the U.S. Dea r t m e n t of Agriculture USD A) h a s initiated a pro ram to encourage the use of xisting housing and provide eller homes for low-income ural families through low iterest home improvement aans. · The agency can now provide interest credits" to reduce the ffective interest rate on loans lade to rehabilitate or repair dwelling that a borrower Iready owns, and either live n or will live in once it rought up to standard. Loans of up to $7,000 will be made for repairs to improve n d modernize substandard wellings, so as to provide ade [uate homes in rural areas 'erms for repayment of;;,Hh oan may be as l o ' n g a s ' 2 ears. To be eligible f o r an FHA iome improvement loan wit nterest credit, the housin must be located in rural coui ryside or a rural town of no more than 10,000 people. Th oans are designed especiall or low-income families. Under this program, intere credits can reduce the eftecth nterest rate paid by th jorrower to one percent if th adjusted family income is;le. t h a n $3,000. If t h e * adjusted 'arnily income' is more 'tha $3,000 but less than $5,000; th interest rate will be two pe cent. If the adjusted family i come is between $5,000 and $7 000, interest will be tfriree pe cent. The policy of making intere credit and repair and rehabi tation loans is another metht of utilizing the existing supp of housing to improve liyin conditions for low-income rur people.. FHA is the USDA's rural cr dit agency for family-farm agriculture, town and count housing, community faciliti and business enterprise suppo live of r u r a l community dev lopment. Loans are m a d through 1,785 county offic throughout the country. E. Leon Thurman is FH county supervisor for Washin ton wcounty. Further informa may be obtained by calling 443 2301. NoHfcwwt Arfcama* TWttS, TUM., Jun* 11, 1*74 9 7 AKKJkMtAS r DILLAFRD'S Buy Both For Less Than The Grig. Price of Each nical problems. intelligence specialists said. About 500 MIG23s have been manufac- turcreii so far. Meanwhile. U.S. intelligence disputed published reports out of Cairo t h a t Russia has resumed shipments of arms and toning Tucker did not affect he trustworthiness of the witness. Rehnquist said the Interrogating officers, "inadvertent lisrcgard" of what later became Hie Miranda rules did not violate Tucker's guarantee against self-incrimination. JUSTICES AGREE Justices William J. Brennan and Thurgood Marshall agreed in upholding Tucker's conviction, hut did so on the more narrow ground that such tesli many should be restricted, if at all, only in those cases in which the queslioning occurred after the Miranda decision. Justice Byron White said he the Miranda testimony of third parties in any case. Justice William O. Douglas, only dissenter, said he would extend it in all cases. In other mailers Monday, the Supreme Court: --Ruled that states using federal funds to provide teachers for educationally deprived children in public schools must provide comparable, but not necessarily identical, service to children in private schools. The justices upheld a decision of the 8lh Circuit Court of Appeals in a Missouri case which was brought by a group of parents whose children attend vato schools in K a n s a s City. could not extend protection In the other military Egypt. equipment to Court Declines WASHINGTON (AP) -The Supreme Court has declined to intervene in a dispute over a new Minnesota law granting a tax break to parents of children attending private schools. The court denied a stay blocking the giving of 1973 lax credits under the new law until * challenge to it has been decided by Ihe Minnesota Su preme Court. The their parents contended that children were bein. freated unfairly because souj-i officials, under a IQ65 federal education l a w , provided special teachers for educationally deprived children in public schools without providing the same service to Ihe private schools. --Granted the government review of a lower court decision striking down a portion of the Federal Election Campaign Act as applied to newspapers magazines and outdoor advertising. AGRRES TO HEARING The high court agreed to hear an appeal from a ruling of the TERMITES CAU ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL 6'/2% 7V4* I W« km · iivingi pngnm u4 Mereit rile to meet |r*n ·«*. Foyetteville Savings ·V Loan Association M1N. E» 100% polyester shorts in solids or checks. Pull on styles. These are real values plus. 10 to 18. Scoop neck tank tops in assorted stripes. 100% cotton to endure frequent' washings. S-M-L. 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