Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1974
Page 12
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. KWE.S'T HIT A SINGLE MAKE IT UM£ W CK2 RcCc.. VEAL SCALLOPINI: WHERE i ,, ARE WB/ AcWvE/) 10 GONG?) ^-^ THE AUNESTRONE: AND THE LASAGN'A:) SS.75! ICOLU) FIX 56.25.'AT HOANEi / ^ IT MYSELF BETTS? T AT t-jrmc I I · A THIRD OP THAT' ,[ NO ONE CAM COME IN, - IT'S SULLYS ORPEKS. BUT TUP PEAL'S GONE Yr THRU) RICH.' SIRLV GAVE US THIS SO WE COULD CELEBRATE. X CAN'T PRINK " N O U , COME.' JUST POOL' THE KNOCKOUT ' ' DROPS WORKER. WHILE GUftRDlKS ) ONE LITTLE GU« i THE COU.ECTIOH, i ORTW0.7HEN \ ~--i j -- ^*T Til i rt A 1 1 /~r-- r-j-\r* * I/LL PANCE FOR / SBCJNT I ««ft£ FO ·W.KUKSTWfTAN 1 N£KT THINS you KNOW YOJU WAVE A HUP fOK _ foiia etMEve IN T*6 POWER OP TH V flfilWTWWTKS POWER ^ LOOKATVOU.TftTER" \l VO'RE DIRTIER'N fl ·* V. DADBURN ROOT HOG ^V". ^*^» ((-PA^SASMUCK 1MTRESTIN,HAIM'T IT, MUCH ATTENSHUM TO VO' NOW AS BEFO' VJE WAS MARRIED, DOM'T OUR MARRIAGE UJ a. ( FISH AMD CHIPS ' 4 CARRV-our BEETLE PID. HE 6OT S.CK ANP TIREP OF DI66IW PPAINA6E " 'THE co? STORY; ^ ''LIEUTENANT SOJAK" ·'BADGE 732 I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO PUT UP SAIL BEFORE I CAM GO TO BED ALL-THEY HAVE CM TV ANYMC3H ARE POLICE SHOWS POLICE SHOWS -Believe R or Nat! **" -THE OLD MAN Kvandal Peak NATURAL FORMATION. OFTEW VISITED BY CUMBERS mniiiiniiiiiiiiiiMiuiwn ^LAKALAI of Hew Britain in the Pacific, WHO WEAR IN LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Babysitting Source Of Drugs For Teen NiiiiiiiiiMimw^ A 14-year-old patient casuallyipainful. blistering after-effects lentioned to me that her 17- of overexposure to sunlight still IN THE SHAPE Of A ,, BLUE REEF FISH, · " l THAT IF THEY SHOULD EAT SUCH i1V A FISH THEY WOULD " DI^IN A F£H DAYS 5-JO SIBERIA!* CHIPMUNKS WHICH STORE FOOD FOR 2-YEAR PERIODS, AIR IT IU THE SUM FRCW TIME TO TIME TO FEEVEMT IT FROM SPOILING- FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope NarthwMt Ariiamat TIMtS, Men., June 10, 1*74 FAYITTIV1LLC, ARKANSAS 'ear-old sister was taking ' ' u p p e r s ' 1 a n d "downers." These are drugs designed to depress or stimulate the personality. When I inquired h o w she obtained these drugs, the answer was "by baby-sifting." My first reaction was t h a t the i n c o m e from baby-silting supplied the money used to pur chase the drugs. This was not o. Baby-sitting jobs allowed her to rummage through the medi cine cabinets and drawers ol her employers in search of tranquilizers. sleeping pills dexedrine and amphetamines. This was a shocking revelation. 11 underscores the import ance of carefully screening all baby-sitters and making certain that drugs of any kind are kept in a sate place. QUICK TANS Year in and year out sunwor shippers are warned agains acquiring an attractive sunlai ·IMIIldnnrailH^ Look in Hie section in which your b i r t h d a y comes and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. FOR TUES., J U N E 11 ,1971 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) E s p e c i a l l y favored now: business interests and personal relationships. Stress your efficient and amenable side and you can't help but earn credits. TAUHUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) This is no time to venture forth in search of "greener pastures." Stick to the tried and proven or some things could get out of h a n d . GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Mercury influences auspi- jious. Tailor m o v e s sagely to fit the occasion. If s t r e s s e s arise, ease off sufficiently to think and judge more clearly. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Y o u may have some replanning to do. but the general outlook indicates gains in most areas. A special reward may come from an unexpected source. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Do not be swayed by your emotions. Objectivity win bring you a clearer view of all situa Lions. A romantic involvement will call for an especially perceptive eye. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Past efforts should be bearing Fruit now. Study conditions and trends which may seem odd, but may hold new advantages. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Ocl. 23) Your wonderful imagination can now lead to new avenues of attainment. Mobilize your - jriety of gifts and capitalize on your unique ideas. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Friends may try to tempt you into making an unsound investment. Say "No" and hold your ground even if they are un- reasonabl ydisturbed by y o u r refusal. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 33 Dec. 21) Accentuate the positive your thinking if you would m a k e ll;e real advancement possible now. Routine activities may be happily supplemental by some interests. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 2to Jan. Pe r s o n a 1 relationships governed by beneficent influences. An excellent period in which to make new friendships cement old ties AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Your ability to see below the surface a boon now. You can gain by capitali/ing on information come upon unexpectedly. Don't hesitate to use it PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) A renewed interest in past endeavors indicated, with greater possibility of success now. Personal relationships and 'rave! highly favored. YOU BORN TODAY are full of life and love of it! You have penchant for unusual activities. Indeed, you like activity itself, and normally get mam things done while others are still thinking them over. B u t you lend to overtax yourself Learn to relax. Your versatility progressiveness a n d imagination are outstanding but despite your most assiduous efforts, you are often dissatisfied with your attainments -with resultant anxiety and restlessness. Try to curb this. If yon know you are doing your best, be content. You have a great love of knowledge and are intellectually inclined; coulc excel as a writer, painter, mu sician or theatrical entertainer Birthdate of: Richard Strauss composer; John Constable painter; Ben Johnson. Eng dramatist; Rise Stevens, opera singer. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Cognizance 4 Fictional dog hero 7 European country 12 Cheer in 7 Across 13 Constellation 14 Fencing position 15 Tier IS Game at cards 18 Time of life ISRia 20 Little -22 Quiet -mouse 21 Bristle 27 Printer's measures 29 Gravity man 31 Century plant MNew Zealand aborigine 35 American illustrator SI Silent 38 English sand hill 39 Chalice 41 Genus of cetaceans 45 Country gallant 47 Sea bird 48 English folk dance 52 Small mass 53 Man's name; 54 Asian festival 55 Netherlands commune 56 Trite 57 Before 58 The law thing DOWN 1 Mohammedan sacred scriptures 2 Encomium 3 Staircase post 4 Hindu queen 5 Scenes of combat 6 Howls 7 Scram! 8 Common value 9 Sacred vessel ID Native of: a suffix 'Avg. sohrtioB time: 27 mln.- Answer to Saturday*! puzzle!. 11 Seine 17 Intend 21 Morning reception 23 Pundit 24 W.W. n area 25 High hill 26 Cuckoo 28 Honey 30 Large bird 31 Ampersand 32 Turn to the right 33 Beard 3£ Rules of conduct 37 Current author 40 Dull finish 42 Later 43 Sultan's decree .44 Mountain chain 45 Son of Kish 4S Part of Greek tetra- chord 48 Pen point 49 High, note 5* Come in first 51 Chinese tea 38 28 29 10 II *-*0 oo quickly. Despite all warnings. the occur. These burns can be severe and incapacitating. Many happy holidays are ruined because of a failure to remember the rules of tanning. Creams and lotions do offer protection, but they can create a false sense of security about the intensity of the sun's rays. Precautions must be taken when the sun is reflected off the sand or the sea. Watch out, loo, for burns on a hazy day. FEAR Of TRUTH Because of unreasoning fear*, some people delay a visit U» a doctor's office because they 'do not want to hear the truth." Their fear keeps them from coming face to face with their real and. more often, imagined problems. It is distressing to witness the destructive force of anxiety as it grows -- nurtured by such immature behavior. Far too many people manipulate Iheir entire lives around diseases that do not actually exist. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) iiinnnDniiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiintniniiiinwuiiiiiiniMuiiiiiiiiiiNiniiiiiiiiiiiw south dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 A 6 3 V 9 7 6 · 7 3 * A K J 5 3 VVKST EAST A J 1 0 9 5 4 *Q8 V 3 V A K J 1 0 5 4 · Q 9 2 4 6 5 + Q 1 0 7 4 4 8 6 2 SOUTH * K 7 2 * A K J M 8 4 *9 The bidding: Sooth WMt North East 1* 1* 2* 2V Pass Pass 34 Pass 3 * Pass 3* Pass SNT Opening lead-jack of spades. The lop players seldom make sensational bids or plays, relying more on unremitting accuracy than sledge-hammer tactics to overpower their opponents. But once in a while they step our of character and do something extra-fancy that turns out well and brings down the house. Here is such a case. The deal occurred in a match between Argentina and Vene juela for the South American championship. The Argentine declarer got to three notrump and West (Benaim) led a spade. Declarer won in dummny with :he ace and led a diamond to the jack, on which Bcnaira played the nine! It is hard to blame South for assuming that. Kast had the queen. So, after cashing the AK of clubs, and discarding a spade, declarer played another diamond, this lime finessing the ten. Much to his disappointment. West won with the queen, producing the following position: North 4 6 3 ¥ 9 7 6 *J53 West 410954 +Q10 East *Q V A K J I O S 4 Sooth *K V Q S 2 · A K 8 4 When West cashed the queen of clubs, South had to let go of a diamond, and when Benaim then played the ten of spades. South could do no better than cash three diamonds to go down one. P e r h a p s declarer should somehow or other have seen through eWsi's scheme, h u t Benaim nevertheless deserves full marks for conceiving the plan that sent South to his doom. PONYTA1L "You can see I'm doing better in Algebra, Daddy! The teacher didn't write any sarcastic notes on my report HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR. Reader* respond more quickly ind favorably fiven complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Alw»« Insert your telephone number or your name and addreu If you do not have regular hourj, give a preferred time to have prtMoect* emu you. PLACE YOURSELF In the reader^ petition and uk yom»eU what you would !ike to know fabout your offer). Th« answer yo» give will nuke a «ood ClassUied ad. WANT ADS THAT TATL to brin» utbfactlon do ao, not thrmjfh any lark of r«*dership, but because Utey do not contain enough information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can be aecured for your advertisement by ordering consecutive lAwrtlona. You can atop your ·d in the «vent of reaulta and then pay only for the dan it WH pabUihad. T^Mf* are *l*o very apecial rate* for thoM wbo *r«

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