Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 9, 1974 · Page 32
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 32

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 32
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' tO · »Vn~T«VILLI. TIMB, $i»rv., June 9, W« [3»-MoM1« H«m»t tor Sale 34--Apartment* F»r R*n* SUMMER RATES A VAIL ABLE FOR YOUH INSPECTION: 35--DupbxM For l*nt n J R M S H E H Iwo bedroom, r*rpot. i l r V)rtdlt!oned, tliri r*r month r^u* dtpoiit, no bill* paid. Ptii USUJRNtSKKT). rrnirtl h*»l «nil JlTO p l u i t:lh, Phon* t12-V-« CHATEAU, INC. 17*4 N. Leverctt r»yett«vilU -.M-3313 KffT. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1TM N, L«v«r«tt RKPROOM iJmUhf .(·rue, JWV, 50 -If r SK- r e q u i r e d . MUM middle-nidi vnd'n 3EO4 TWO hcrlr^Tm duple*, n f u r U un(um!iif!. I1PO pxr month p l u i nr.rt Phone 413-ID11 ifie DUPLEX. u n J u r n - Uriels p r r f c r r H . I'hinf I43-93M, TWO tw4rOotm WhUlock S 5J1-3813 Utt. Apt. No. 1 KEN CLAIRE IMA X. GarUnd TtyettrrllU U2-*»\ Mgr. Apt. Ke. M COtONrAL ARMS 1211 N. Levtr*tt Fae.Uex'Hle 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 J E N N Y L Y N N n South Duncan Fjiyeitevllle 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 13 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland FnyetteviU* 442-8M1 Mgr. (Ken-Claire Apt. No SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PR IV. BOANZA nV)l»!'« hom«, i, »nc nort hrs-i for.eH. , carp*!**!- ASr-oorvdil'onM J13.WO. M2-49M, equity, Ike up next »rck. Call indow «lr. */.2X). 47~R«il Salt . r r, K wcl 1 pnl oOr.d I Llor. ' A - l t O -- S n h u t b a n Hvinj; at lla lMt -- p r i v a c y -- new -- f o u r hcdrrram ?'i balh all the ex Ira* plus If) acrei. A-1-"W -- Small town l i v i n g . Neat 3 bedioom. Hi bath, lota of extra* -- *t acres -- Price S14.000. A-104 -- Some s m a r t couple w i l l cho"*e thli well kept 3 b d r m . home. High on ri hillside w i t h a nice on* view. Low price of tK.TTrO. LUXURY PLUS All conv«nlenc« i n d shaz c»r- P rt in Vwi bedroom, u n f u r n i s h e d vnhowcs. greal v i e w , JZ30 ptr m t h . Call L-ec Bou at Gallery of Hornei. 521-7212. GET TAN On redwood t u n deck a t r«*r ot Iwo btdroom duplex, clo*e to Unl- ver.sity. Paneled t h r o u g h o u t , stove and r e f r i g e r a t o r furnlihed, S16? per m o n t h . Cull Lee BOM 521-1272. WO BEDROOM duplex. nvt, r! i *hw* tfi*r, rtlspop*!, · ctnncctions. f i r r p J a c f . I ·tn. dilly »«g carprled ·ntril ilr/hMt. {190 per month, Phone T\VO bedroom rJu^iex, 115 · Mildrtd Grant, 412-4240 or Hen! K f U t t , 521-11H). 2 BEDROOM, central h**l/«1r, carport t,haa carpet, wa*her/dry*r conred' dlsposalJT, tumlSriH. very qctel. (',» (jwi-e couplM prefcriPfl, no do*?. 442 Special 14x70 Furniihed Le« Than $7.20 Per Sq. Ft Mobile Homes Phone 442-6225 2556 Ml. Comfort Road Payctteville, Akansas Sat*1 1572 12x51 mobile ^Ame, two beHnxu Pickup low monthly p»Tn*nli. B«« Bprlnsbrtx* r«rk. No. 20. Phone 1MB 12\BB mobile horn*, Blr-wrvdiUcmrt. c«rpelfd, Iwo brdroomi, two b«th«, rur- -*d, B0o4 condition. ivall*b:« ·ummer. Prior f «?-29?0. OJANDLER Tran« Owm-r. tae, ·n4 btrlonwldi. tOQ N E W AND B E A U T I F U L O w n e r being t r a n s f e r r e d -- muat sell this ilx montha old home tn B u l l e r f l e l d A d d i t i o n -- den w/flre- p] ace -- red wood d cc k -- w/ w c a r p e t i n g -- central beat air -d r a p e d -- all deluxe b u l l l - l n s -double R a rage -- landscaped -KOG down and assume Joan ~-no clo'inacosli -- t o t a l price 532, *X). MR-115. MOBILE HOMES OH Kt Comforl M. - rayettevllle «r anfurnish*ri, l bedroom. PURtTTaHXD V*TP nice and «wivpnl«ot. K*«l*ab*p Apis., 19M Nrttle*]p, PMtM I2B-KT? mftrr 5 ckll 442-90*1, f G L E N D A L E ^' Renting for f/ Summer '( $125 Per Month Y 1 Bedroom Furnished ^ Also Ranting for Foil: All Utilities Po!d, I, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg DTJPI.EX, unrumlshe^, two bedxoomi, dull* prertrrwJ. on Wliillock Str*«1. Phcn 413-W54. KK\V, (wo bedroom unluroJsJwd m e n l nil utilities i«ld, J1S5 p«r Philips Drive, 21-7HH. GUARANTEED QUIET. OWptei »nd 8M- : Hintfei only. TWO bedroom or- ilhsed, rxccpt ttove and refrigerator. (95. Call SlJl-lh-Jl after 5 p.m. TWO tied room, shftf carpet, Jtove Iterator lurnlshed. Central h«t and air-conditioned, parbajfe **!*!?**'· w ' Iryer connections. -U2JPJ78. 36--HOUMS For Rent THRF/E bi^lixxira ftimlsheti houi*, [;en- llj' loealoH. Rvallablc now. Phwie day -HW or nlirhls ,12-7«2t. UNVFLN - ISJ!P:i, ·! hdr. 1 f u l l h»ill one 3 i bath. Hvlrvjroorn dinlitg room A den, S150- Hwy 16 Wtsl, ['hone «3- IED, 3 bedroom, ot University, t ·. 442-KH1. SALES and PARK REALTOR SI 800 DOWN Like new -- b r i c k and s i d i n g -- 3 B/Rs -- 1 bath -- w a l l to wall carpeting -- central h e a t -- b u i l t - i n o v e n -- cncloied xarage -- 90x135 lot -- Shady l*ane in We«t Fork -- Total price *18,000. MR-105. HOME AND BEAUTY SHOP Established bus I ness In thU tw opcralor shop nice 3 B/H -- 2 balh home with OVCA, range drapes c a r p e t i n g , air conditioners, 124.000 OR-US. CLOSE TO UofA Brick -- CH CA -- carpeted -3 B/Rs -- double g a r a g e -- patio -- fenced yard -- a very neat anc well k e p t houie. F2S.OOO. MR-114. REMODELED OLDER HOME 3 B/n -- 1 bath -- K e p a m t e d l n i room -- carpeting over h a r d w o n c -- c u r t a i n s -- large kt -- .garden p l a n t e d growing -- basement -porch w i t h swing. PRICED RIGHT 3 B/Hs -- Hi bathR -- 8 yrs. old -brick siding -- garage -- car p e l i n g drapes -- central heal air -- p a t i o fenced yard ~- o m i l e f r o m UofA -- walk to schoo shopping center. S24.000. MR-1W Beautiful 15 acres on Wwk _ , . l l y water, near Beaver Lake *nd utt enough tree*, new fence and iorder.s Ourfc Down* Raceway. 0 M I N U T E S FROM i P R E N G D A L E FA-251 Nice rolling IS acre* on blacktop w i l h nice 3 bedroom n a t i v e stone 10me eood well and lots of grata r V o r t h t h e money and buyers tayt Call: Patt Carmlehael Bill Keelon Maxlne Smith Mildred Graur 7-Kenl E*hrt*-r«r Sole DEAL FOR HORSE NTHUSIAST FA-252 521-1435 412-2291 442-4210 SELL. SELL. SKLL. 45 ACRES LEVEL LAND WITH NO IMPROVEMENTS FC-52 Yes, located 5 milet ea*l of Fay. ettevil, n a t u r a l go* and ro«d on two side*. Ideal for poultry ranch 185 ACRE STOCK FARM WITH EXCEPTIONALY NICE 3000 SO. FT. HOME CD-I 5 A r e a l incline producer a£ we I as the u l t i m a t e in c o u n t r y living Home is 3 years old has 2 f f r e places. 2 baths, and all the goodies 150 acre* seeded to permtnen ?rass, 8 l i v e water springs, good fencev You will jast have to »«e i Owner wll f i n a n c e tool HOUSE AIN'T MUCH, BUT LOOK AT THOSE TREES FA-249 Yes, older home on 5 tre* ituddee acres in Benlon County. All «eed ed in grass w i t h aoort well real nice shop b u i l d i n g . Road 2 sides with a r v e r a l o u t s t a n d i n building aite*. Price $10,500.90. YOU WON'T FIND BETTER FC-58 Square 40 acres of level Ian Open tU Each Ev«nlnj HOUSK irallpr, lully carppt*d, Iwo m E two ML baths, livM in 1 year. Phore i8-31«. 39--Office Space, Buildings For Rent BUlLtWNG 3fixllO, 8 ft. wilina. cwidiill wj ri ng, 1\k f I. rJoor and service door macJiire siiop or storage. fSf,9f!A, and p«nelmir, J2SO- Pti*f Carl at 'H?-62fi2 OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 905 N. College. S offices jmd reception room. Cell James Baker MINIS-FARM CrycUl cltar i p r l n - f c d itream ow» throuah thU f a r m year onud. Twtnfv level acres In Fe«- u c -- h t U n c e Umber. One ye^r Id Steftl-trussed automata Broiler ou*e. Four bedroom modern home, "loae In Weil of F a y e l t e v i i l e on ilacktop. C a l l \u (or a p p o i n t m e n t Q jee II. Evenings call i42-644R. FRONTIER BIG AS A BARN Hcre't · wonderfully livabl. hou«» "llh (our btdroomi. r.mlly room Two cer.mic l»ih.. Two-c.r 8»- raee. Privacy fenc«, t»rt y«rd. North of U, of A. Ev«nln» c«U FRONTIER REAL ESTATE Company RtALKM 1015 N. College 521-4700 REAL ESTATE Company 1015 N. |Celleg« 521-6700 «EAUO« Doug Hartley .... 442-6446 Let Davis 521-4448 Arthur Clark .... 751-9724 Bill Lozenby 521-5833 "Bill" lazenby .... 521-5833 les Davis 521-4448 Doug Hartley .... 442-6446 Art Clark 751-9724 Home Loans FHA-VA CONVENTIONAL Coll C. R. BATES 521-3325 BY OWNER 3 bedroom, Hi t»U»i arpelwl, central c*' icn wllh woodhumlnK fireplace, iwR5h*r, double elertrlc ovens. Enclosed back yard, convenient to ichOoLi* Phon* 442-2581 or 53Q.-47W. NW home 1hree bedrooms, stone *n* iL'fline, stone (ireplHCf. fully carpeled, ranxe, [Hspo.iRl, dishwasher, etc., vv baths. 2 car Mrasc. *1 down to »H*rnn.s, I.V1 down P'HA. Kollln? below evaluation. By builder, Phon* S39-ai79. BY OWNER 1-3 hc-rirnom. brick, with central heat. 22x28 «ep«r»le workshop- garage. 1 acre corner lot with \ 9 ' fenced paiture. In fiyettevtll* 632 Putmort - - 442-6638 NOW AVAILABLE 1 t BEDROOM UNITS AT IEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly itraocpbcr* 2 Urg* pool*, recreation room. Summer rate* ·f- fcctive June 1st. CALL, 521-7200 9 TILL. ITOW rmrlnr tor summer and f u l l -- one *nd two bedroom apartmnels. Krrr In- vcrtmenl Co., 52l-i190 Ul-'SSI, 521-Wfi, UNFURNISHED «p« rtment , two bedroom*. $30-J«i r*r month plia J15 rlpan- up rifposIL RefprtnM required. Eouth * Ktwk Sts., Apt 12. «2-7790. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER On* bedroom efficiency furnished apartment. Utilities pair). $70. From A f t e r K:00 and w«eked* call 442- ·1M. SKULL CREEK APTS. 900 N. LeT«rett 521-2761 1. t. ind S bedroom rurnijbed or unfurnUhed. All utHltie* paid, two ·wlmming poola, tennii court*, Laundry, grocery, g*t facilltlec. air conditioned. HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished apart me n l , available now. Also leasing for *umm«r and fall. Summer rate*. 521-3TO5. "A GREAT P L A C E FOR FAMILIES" On« Bedroom J07.0C Two Bedroom 125.0C Three Bedroom 143.00 All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnlahed, families, WASHINGTON ^T^^^b* APARTATENTS ^i^l^J IfrSS X. Lewia 521-3073 Office Hours »:M-5:,'iO Closed S a t u r d a y s ft S u n d a y a f/lfaap {J t ( flpflRTMEKTS « ricn 1'A halhs central heal ann Air, lias, rlf-ponil required, ftione tiS-tfft or ·HST1S7, Very ntrc, 3 bedroom nicely fumLsfcwI. Ijoc«t*«1 »l FJirmlnglon. (A** In shopping. ehiiK*i«, nnd w*vxls. rtore 3S7-3S34. TIIREB bedcoomt, IK lilp b«lh«, back- vartl fenced, modem appli«nc*s. P*WM 5^-3039 after 5:00 p.m. TWO hedroom hou«, remodeled, thr»* HoL-hs yulhwest of rjURro. WOO monthly, pljs !cposH. Phone ·WV2S17. 2 HKDHOOM house find nne bpi!rwm du- ple.v. Nice tiimilure. Central Kir and rarppl. Oft-sliccl parting. -H3-3M ifter ^ p.m. EVERYBODY read* ItM TIMEa WANT ADS. You are! NICF,, Furnished, air conditioned. 1 bedroom water/sewer paid. U2X Nice furnished a bedroom, large Lot. H50. +12-S936. I'WO bedroom duplex, KS per monlh. with Lefise- Phone 412-7515. BURNISH E D , two bed room*, tlr-eon d tioned. carrels, paneling, n*w appll- Hnces. furnisEieif, pnwge, w^sher-drjer o*il*«, no pets, deposit, married couple. «2i. -!4?-15.1S. 4-IJ-6753. TWO, three- ,an(T four bfdtwm hoiwes for rent, lurnisticii, comp!e!elj- carpeted, nicely dcoorated, rtcsignrd lor atudenti and fawiltj 1 member*, 443-2141- H. JX J - . X . 37-- Mobile Hornet ft Spaces For Rent SHADY. 2 bedrorHii, fumUhed, a r r con- Ii1ir«ior. fcnrc, sloragc. $110 monlb. Gas «id Walk to campus «nd school!. 443- WTtt' or 5in.L*-2K. and airHvnditityiinu, filO p«r month, «as pail 125 deposit. Phone S21-MH. h'OFl S Al .F, or np n1 : Spn rl an m ohil p mansion, SvSS. Mrni slier!, ono borirooin with SUB! v n rc-a. B i r-oon ili lion ed , sha^' wirppt. Phone 521-3010 a f l c r S:00 p.m. KURSISHEO 2 bedroom, n1r-ttmd1l toned, mobile home, mui-1 be q,ulct und rellablr, no uliildren, r n jiets. JllO month oablf and u l i H H f s paid. Also trsller ipAfcs small Irailer welcwme. Jtv. w«ver paid. 44,1-35(11. 1'ixffl. 2 bedroom trailer. Pumiihed, PpanUh siv!e. No chlidien or pets. ITW.TB l+iMM. FTJRNrPHRn, Ttt'O hcdrvom. central a!r, ws9hcr, drj-cr. pool, adults. (110. Ui m:lp^ Iro niSlurtenl Union at Western Hills Mobile Home Park. Hwv. S2 West. James Ptrbworlh. SLl-ffTfl. T\VO bodroom, (urn!h?d. a i r-con dition ed Shenanffoah Vilfa, $110 gis p^id. Ptione 443-4757. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ark P!a?a on 7! hypnss and Johnson R d . Phone U.V2452. BAKER m ASSOCIATES fefci REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 41 -- For Renl -- Miicollaiwoui SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE S SIZE UNITS. NIQHT IJGKTINO BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 1/5NG O RSHORT TEHM RENTAL E. 19th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phon« T51-706« 43-Reol Estate-Warned R'ANTHD to rent nr I*BS«; pasture land!, 1,000 tens or more, any and all «Iz« ·rr«flg*« confide r«d Phon* after 5:30 p.m.. S1H-54SO. 45-LoU For Sal* HAVE ie\-ernl «m«U tracts of land on Hwy. 71 South of Faycttevill* nt Win^low, * j liable for mobile homes, or permnnent ones. Will sell on easy terms or r e n t anrt (five- oplion fo buy. D. V. Collins -- Phone 6%i-2frll. 46 -- Form* Acreage* APPFIOXIMATEl-Y 2! c1e»Ted ncrtB. H mile from lake, \i mite from pnvKUcnt. Cajsh, terms or conlract. rtione 442-5573. B U I L D I N G SITES LAHGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL, VIEW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER. 442-7511. --KY OWNER: 160 aerw, n e a r Devil'* Den, mostlj- wooded, mountainous, or. chiird lof[ mbin, y*tr round «tr«Hm. (32,500. 443-3162. LONG TERM LOAm OB urn uul «n»U farm*-- Federal Land Bck AJMC. PttoM U7-2T3 tor more tnforrafivi. 47-- Real E«tat»-For Sale- Beautiful 3 Mr., 2 bath. Family room w i t h f i r e p l a c e . 3x10 play house in back. Springdale. Ron Pyeatt. 521-2714. No Need To Drive Across Town SUMMER RATES Furniihed or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate rccupoancy. Also Tor J u r e ^ Sept- C o m p l e t e l y carpeted. All u t i l i t i e s paid except E J P c t r i c i l y . Ark la gu heating and air conditioning. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Sfdroom -- Townhousfj Beaut if uHy Decora IP d Frost-Free " R e f r i g e r a t o r 166-Lb. C a p a c i t y Freezer GO Ft. Pool Complete Laundry A c r e s of P J e y g r o u n d Q-jiet Family A t m o s p h e r e 19W Melmar D r i v e Office ^43-2141 -- Apt. 1M GOOD COUNTRY living Acres. 16 \Vesl. PAW* lllla MOBILE HOMH PARK CVnUrfl :x\iron · OvcrsizeJ tots · Pavtd Siii-ci.t · .=; i .*-jinm)n!: P*^ · Piayground · Rpcic-alim b'de · S'.oraj* b!dg * Under- Kto^D.i uiiLilies · Ofl Etre* Parking. Hwy. 71 N. 44J-Z214 Cntranc* ACTOM from Holiday Inn Well located for easy acce** to Rood i n d u s t r i a l jobs. 4 Mr.. 2 f u l l bath*. Heat met a i r . C a r p e t , dic- posiK ran^e. drape*. Family room. 123,000, Xen Tillman. Has New Had A Face Lift plumbing, roof p a i n t , c a r p e l . Has double insulation for easy h e a l i n g and cooling. Lots of clo «et space. Z bdr.. rang*. Price reduced. Call 321-8660. Oak Manor B e a u t i f u l b r i c k . 3 bdr.. 2 f u l l batlw Family room, h e a t and air. F'ruH t r e e s , strawberries, p r i v a c y hedge. FDP.VTtHF-D fifwrnc-mt R.3) pp.- r UrJunrshfd are;tmer.t T.CO p-?r i_ . 442 «TL eTer. 641 Wh:tns CREEKWOOD VIILA Check The*e F e a t u r e : · Central Air · Shag Carpcti e Queen sizt beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher i Disposal · Pool · Free TV Hookup. Low tununer rate*. 8117,50 -- One Bedroom $12750 -- Two Bedroom All bill* paid except electric MxTJ, ftl'J v v»ather tad - e r hoc»-u]i. air-oo.":dlt;ocifd, gas farn- fiS, iM clean-up oepMit, i300 Xo;th CoLeic. Home With Possible Income pri- kit- PUTitA-V-HILI- APAP.TiTKNTS ltior.frd-- carpel-- ? Un iv*rs ty-- KiST 35--Dvpl*x»f For Rent dworated. 2 bHrown. not «rtmer,i. Xorth of CODJ» only. M tt., Inc.. Phoni ^42 trfied, OiBlrtl b coup*, M p*l. l:ke JUrpuiX btsernent apartment, fr^ 1 } T. ! n- tffl Old moclH plDi un];i:ei for ovjplr · jMv utHMtei for 2 i»yi ^ViQSl. , (116 plu NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK p*c»j ft Air-coed moMli MRWf est x4 UTto* *t Good PTirw «" r,[J S! -- 1'i ml. M.W. at Do(A. C Mobil* Home Ownen SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Sei-Up For a l i m i t e d time only. CrnH today. S HEX AN' DOAH MOBILE HOME VILL.\GE. Highway 16 By-P 413--J757, Swimming pool, ftonge buildings, patEo, fax (rillci in A lights. Laundry- FTJP.N1,=HED mobile 1 , AlK) Jor rtnu Wiy^e Hwklt Uob.:« Park. Hwy. II EAR. Pboo* Two l a r g e 521-4308. lota, K a t b e r i n * Fiser. Two-«tory, 2 bdr., 1 ba(h dou-n- tairs. LTps(aira a p a r t m e n i w i t h vale entrance 1 brir., bath chen. Large lot, Call Katherine Fiser. 521-430S. Go Rogers R e a t l y nice. 3 bdr.. Z f u l l baths. ran#«, n e w l y painted. Hai »hop w h i c h could b* used for business. Out building. 1 acre. Immediate possession, Katherine Flier. 3214303. D A V I S Bryc* 1617 N. Coll*9« Offic* 521-8660 HOUSE ACREAGE NEAR BUTTERFIEID I A rf« o:a*r 4 tedroom with eenlnU | heaJ, fireplacf, ininy tree« in jird -with «r»?:wc. 7 ICTCJ. KS.500. With I ippftw i^ acre* HO.MO, On Old W i r e ! Kd, I{»iii«! will r?nt tw $200 · month. TTi«e ^43-S713 after 5:00, FAMILY horn*. FTvt oedroom!. Urpe ch«, wafib room. Oa' Lir»M Lot C»'i 4*3-51 D. · ry Ann Rhode* 521-5200 1 ROOT SCHOOL A 115 Is a split level with 3 Vied- oms 2 baths, equipped k i t c h e n Ith separate d i n i n g , a t t r a c t i v e n u m a b l e loan for $37,500. Only 2 ar» old! Call Pauline McKinney t 521-1300 for fin a point merit or tes at 531-1519. t f i A i r r i n - BAKtR m : 1 1^ ^5SOCIATES fe}^ REALTORS 618 N. College 32 M 300 /^£(/fi%0 V Of ^iOMES/X^ resents. . - -The Fine Art of Home Buying OOT SCHOOL o. S28 three bedrooms^ fireplace, ornec lot and a q u i e t neighbor- ood; all for $21,910. Call 521-7272 13-3157. /HAT A VIEW1 Co. 8M f r o m this lovely four hed oom, two -story home in Hoot chool dUtrtct. 2900 carpeted square eet, f o r m a l l i v i n g room, a den vith fireplace plus a huge game ·oom for the entire family. (48,500. Jail 521-7272. T H U R T S Va. 049 the owner to leave t h i s l a u t i f u l 3 bedroom. 1 ?v hath home, titchen witli dishwasher and range; nts of living space and huge fenced lack yard with many tree.=. Near loot School, Priced at $23,495. Ca! 21-7372 or after hours Frances .angham 443-3157. VHAT'S CLOSE O THE UNIVERSITY? ^'o. 948 [his lovely home is! Naive stone and c e d a r , located on tudded lot; has all the extras in- :ludine 2-car garage, fireplace, anci undeck patio. This 3 bedroom. 2 ·ath home ij priced at $34.500. UST LISTED \'o. 575 and w h a t a listing! Close lo schools," lot 1 ! of l i v i n g space in this 1 bedroom, 2 bath home; has fenced back y a r d with covered patio and owner Is i n c l u d i n g his washer, dryer and r e f r i g e r a t o r all for only tZ.S.900. Call 521-7272, Lee W a r d . HJRNISHED OR J N F U R N I S H E D No. 737 Take your choice w i t h this spacious 3 bedroom home with b e a u t i f u l built-lns. 529,915 Includes :ho own'ers attractive f u r n i t u r e , but 128,250 is the price if you a - r e a d y have your own f u r n i t u r e . Call 521-7272 or after hours John S:ifer 751-2029. C O M B I N E . . . . S'o. 588 virgin timber, a view of t h e lake a n d road fronlace with t h i s b e a u t i f u l 5.2 acre building Eaiy terms, J7.500. Call 521-7272. The beet home buym. ^m Before Your Eyes.... te boss company REALTORS Two Locations 2*00 N. College XW AT*. Plaza 521-7272 After 6 p.m. Call Plaza Gallery at 521-7275 NEW SUBDIVISION Now s t a r l i n g Iwo- t h r e e - f o u r bedroom horn e 5. A i 1 have large family rooms w i t h fireplace. T w o baths and large two car garages a l i b u i l t i n s . Quality construct or throughout. Drive up Mockingbirt Lane today and choose your home Financing available. GINTONIO BLDG. CO. Phone 521-33.3 a f t e r 5:M p.m. or 521-1753 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. WORTH YOUR MONEY Bririr, 1 terje bedrooms, rlin;r? area livinjfroom, central heal, dark oran* shag carpel, wol paneling throuznou; Only IIS.MO. Li Lir.coX turn nortft oi Hwy 82 on West street. Go 1 mile.i ar^ K« Ted Lankford. FA1!LTIXUS view, choice of thrw lak home;, spilt level. rf?rhs, fJrcfJacf « cuiiom bu:lt b;* bJiidcr. mud s« bom* 1 in area lo Aaprwiate, SW.OOO to f50,000 Pnor.t T51-T676. 1966 DODGE WINDOW VAN 318 V8. a u t o m a t i c transmission, ex cellent condition. $1095 OZARK MOTOR CO. Hwy 7t South By Burner Ch«f 9prinjii«J» ^^F^g ·····"· E Real Estate 701 N. Calico S21-721J DUITTK "*· PT«ctic« th« ·H11OK Golden Rule" Vlter liuuia: l u r el Howard 521-2083 ''"" M "*° n l) - 1 34S nSP.YBODT reidl th« TDfES WANT tDS. You ar»l CONTEMPORARY W I T H STYLE rhis home has lots of features you would not expect. See if it fits your needs. 3 Br 2 Baths, Family room with fireplace, etc. It also lai an intercom system. Check LI nut at M2.500. FnylRs Freeman 5215000 or 521-7088. FREEMAN OVERLOOKING NORTHWEST ARKANSAS [f a view is what you are looking for call us to see this loveiy home, with m a n y m a n y extras. It has lot) Priced at $42,500, it mav be the d r e a m house you have b*«n look- FREEMAN WAITING FOR YOU? This NEW 3 Br 2 Bath hom« is w a i t i n g for someone to claim il coul.d it be. yours? To see anc identify call Jo Dodson -- 521-6300 or 751-75S7. Onlv $2.1,500 FREEMAN OLDER HOME IN S P R I N G D A L E on a lot zoned C-2 for f u t u r e de velopmenl. Now renting for mor t h a n enough for payment. Live f I unit rent the other 2. Owne has ne wjob and no time to man age. Will give great ierms to th right person. J17.500. Call R a n d a Webb 521-6300 or nighl.s call 521 ,OB8. FREEMAN BA U7 for only S19.750 AND low intere-st as:;umahte loan! Grea for a first home or you investor c;m get this right. 3 bedrooms, h a t h , central heat. 3 window nni ;ill on private lot convenient to th U. of A. Call Shannon Martin fo an appointment at 521-1300 or nite W2-B095. BAKER m 1 H ASSOCIATES UJ REALTORS 1618 N. College. 521-1300 T H R E E BEDROOM HOME Alt Brick 2',i Baths Large Iivin groom with fireplace Wall-to-wail carpet! York cooling heating Lovely kitchen w i t h many exlr On large lot $3?.500 M c K e n z T e Const. Co. Rogers. Ark Call 636-1974 before 9 a.m. or aft 6 p.m. for appt. Open house Su days 12-5. YOU'LL LOVE THE KITCHE OF THIS 3 bedroom, 1V6 baths, ceda ranch house with over 1,40 sq. ft. in Buttcrffeld Schoo District. Low 20's. Phone 44! 5087. In no improvement*, well ]o- nccs, all seeded In grass. Road two aides of property. Price .800 p«r acre. ICE REDUCED $10,000 OR ONE WEEK FD-27 8.1 acres. 100 afrcs of newly seet p a s t u r e , new fences, lots of arkctable limber, Comp see us day. Priced at $96.000 \vith terms. BEACON /jr| REALTY CO.^p Across from AQ Chicken House-- Hwy 71 North Springdale, Arkansas Office Ph. 751-7473 arl Sherry 751-2959 rad Wright 361-2663 ary Tech 751-2196 BROKER "Bob" McMillan 7J1-97M 56 ACRES AT $125 ER ACRE, ONE MILE ROM JACKS FORK R I V E R IN MISSOURI OZARKS. FOR SALE Y OWNER. PHONE 4 17) 264-3470 or (4 1\7) 264-3122. SPI.1T LSEVEI. nilhln wnlkin* distance f University. Four bedrooms, 2',i balfis, v i n * room, d i n i n K rwin, 2 rttneleit ens. woodtxjrninE [ireilace, small office, larze slorase areas, concrete n*llo, shaded large, rnrner lot. central heat/air, more Ilinn 22(10 si]. (L lloor space. Available immediately. 443-1077. YANCY REALTY Office 1 1^1 Pralrif Grrrve Phone; · l^l Ark. S4«-2153 ^^^^J REALTOR P. O. Box 381 Hiway 92 -- 2 mil« west Prairie Grove Ark. 127S3 OFFICE PHONE 846-215 Bob Yancey 824-325 Bill Yancey (W6-2fi!0 Vern Reevei S4«-2544 Less t h a n three miles from Prairi Grove, on good c o u n t r y road, spa eious 3 bedroom modern home carpeted throughout, brick trim acre of land, approx. 1400 sq. ft. f good condition, t o t a l price of 16.000 Terms can be arranged. 10 acres w/approx. SO in perm pasture, all u n d e r fcmre. Wei and 3 ponds. \' 3 mile from blac top. 2 good broiler house.'; nsu la ted and automatic 25,000 eapa city one new steel truss one po! type In food condition, 3 bedroom 1 bath -home, large barn, bloc aarn, and older poultry houses fo day storage this one priced to an for 65.000. Terms can be arranged 8fl acres, all under fence about mile from town about fiO acres open pasture bal. fn timber. Z well good creek, 1 pond, cellar, we house and barn. 3 bedroom mot ern d w e l l i n g . Total price $53,000 Terms can be a r r a n g e d . ?9 acres ",-j m i l e from black to appros. 12 acres in open pa slur ft miles from town, very nice 2 bet room house w/nearly 150 sq. 1 carpeted w/fireplace, ston* v neer well and 3 pondi, good fen ing. ahed, barn and p u m p hous total price 547,500. Term* can b a r r a n g e d . 30.000 broilers in two, new house style pa ntype auto-feeders, fi mil from lown, J mile from blackto 85 acres of land in ope p a s t u r e , well. large spring, lar a p ring fed pond, rivers, furnt abundance of water; 3 bedroo dwelling is carpeted w/nic* lar fireplace, barn, smokehouse, ce! and well house. Tolal p r i c t (105,00 Ttrm* can b« arranged. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 197 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when yo buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileag for less than $5000. Se« HATFIELD PONT 1 AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-230 LEA cr\D A PI K I M F OR JUST AN Our Pontfact and Cadillac* your needs, whatever they large leasing company? from a dealer. Leasing fro possible in leasing prices a HATFIELD Rent 22 E. Foyctteville, Ark SING SS, PROFESSION, 1 INDIVIDUAL are equipped and tailored might be. Why l«a*« from frwy mw»t purchaM ft» ea m of will give you fh« b«« nd service. 3! Leasing, Inc. Meadow Phon* 442-2303 ... ' OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2:00 lo VM 1128 Valley View Ju*t off Wedingtori near U of A) Fhree bedroom l',' a batht, a v a i l a b l e n mid 20*s. Your host: Harry r r u m a n Moore, Phone 521-8943. OHULTZ i Realtors . AYLOR Property Management Specialist* 521-2717 1765 N. College Iwy. 71 And Green Acre* Road Fayettevllle. Ark STOP LOOKING! hi* is il! Owner moving, Hand- me Hacienda. Three Spacious drooma, Attractive Kitchen with r, Patio and, Bar-Be-Que on lex-e t North of U. of A. Great terms. 11 evenings 521-W33. FRONTIER EAL 1 |Jl015 N. STATE j j ^College ompony ^XuOR- 521 ' 6700 Bill" Lazenby 521-5833 es Davis 521-4448 oug Hartley 442-6446 rthur Clark 751-9724 ACRES. House, chicken house, Rl cres, hoasc, barnj, 8 mllei west of prinKdale. 31S-T3*. HOME LAND BY OWNKR Secluded home and 6 acres in f o u n t a i n Woodland 3 miles from niversity, near Hwy. 62 West, p e n contemporary design by ar- litect, western cedar construe- ion, i bedrooms, 2 bathe, screen torch, .stone fireplace, quarter lasement, kennels. Includes drapes, ouch, table, dishwasher rcfrig- rator. stove, many buiMint, house nd 6 acrei. 159,000. Call *43-212« fter 6:00. NEW CONTEMPORARY 3 bedroom 2 bath home m Root School district -- N a t i v e stone wood burn ing fireplace -- i t ' s ready and waiting for your f i n a l louche*. Call 443-4316 NOW FOR INSPECTION. B R I C K .1 bedroom Hi bain home on W e d L n g t o n Drive -- large Jot 340' deep with shade -- cent r a l air -- quality carpeting -- woodbnrninff fireplace -- I m mediate possession. $28,500. Call 443-431 fl for appointment. DUPLEX On East Spring -- 2 bedrooms each .tirfe -- income of J2M per m o n t h -- low Interest loan can be assumed .ONLY II9.500. Call 44V«1«. IPOTH^ST! m REALTY co. m I 443-4316 1 Floyd PottiMt R. U3-3X( Flon »triink 443-340 T PIC1 are co LEWIS FOR MARRI FACUIT GRADUAT1 W« don't need ip W* offer reasonab Large Complex 2 Bedrooms, U n f u includes $85 P Only $' Call or Come By Raiorbock An ity lim!ts._ sood ncliihbon, $2«,000. "* SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE CO. E Hw-. 45 E, Phone 413-2050 Broker Ron Sherwood. RtAJ-TOft HOME GARDEN AREA 45 EAST Three bedrooms, all brick livinR- room d1n[ngroom .entry, 1'fe baths, enclosed garage w i t h workshop, Root School. Price $30.400. QUALITY HOME STABLES Brown cedar and native stone horn* on 2 acrea off 45 E. B u l t e r f i e l d School. 1800 s. f. wih fireplace, C.H. A. Carpeted, three bedrooms, two baths, large f a m i l y room, din in groom, with c o u n t r y style k i t c h e n all wood fenced. Priced mid 40's. ALL B R I C K HOME 3 ACRES Three bedrooms, kitchen and d i n - ing w i t h lots of cabinets, a l l electric, with heat and air. 3i mi. off -15 E. Butterfleld School. 530,900, NEW SPANISH HOME 45 EAST Three bedrooms, formal d i n i n g , f a m i l y room with fireplace, heat and air. ?, acre lot $29,500. SO ACRES of land approximately ",i open, b e a u t i f u l view (or b u i l d ins, J 0 mi. from FavetteviHe, near Elkins, Terms available, $29.500. the Hwy 45 vicinity. 40 ACHES, some cleared, (rood grass. beautiful secluded builrilnff *i(es. four m i l e s lo E'rairie Grove. Jimmie Elicff. Rogers, ffiS-IW. BY OWNER: 2 VMF olrJ, 3 bedroom. 3 tsilh tiTJi-k. I)ouh(p caraRC. formfil tiving- rnom, rwnelerl den with \VBFP, bulllins In Viichen. Rrwt Sctiool. S3-1.5W. 2177 Winwood. 521-ffl09. LOOK IN BACK NPW house at 1616 Hammond w i t h Jjirgc rnnloiied terrace in hack for o u t d u o r l i v i n g . Cook a s t e a k on l h « K n.s grill and sit in the a h a d c of tha old Oak tree. Price J29.500. IN THE PINES Just off Old Wire Road N o r t h on Y v o n n e Si, Now u n d e r construction in country like aettlng. Good time lo pii:k colnr.s. BUIIDING SOON Unusual contemporary knuse just West of UofA on G r a y SI. Also s t a r t i n g soon, contemporarj pad on Mt. Sequoyah. HOLLAND HOUSE INC. Phone 442-2740 1972 tt TON CHEVROIET PICKUP with self-contained overhead 10 \y' camper. Both In excellent condition, including jack» to remove camper. WO VS. 3 speed, $3495 . OZARK MOTOR CO. B Hky 11 South by Burger Chef In Springdate HE OJPS ming to .FORD ED STUDENTS! Y/STAFF! [ STUDENTS! scial »ummer r o t « t . . . , · rent ALL year long. Close To Campm. njshed, UtiDtio Paid Kjtchenett* sr Meirlh !0 Depoirt Unjvenity Homing wx - S75-39J1

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