Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 9, 1974 · Page 31
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 31

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

Complete Selection New Tires for Both Cor» Truck* We Also Have o large Selection of USED TIRES From $3 Up VISIT WARDS in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center at Fayettevitla AUTOMOTIVE OPEN 8 o.m. Daily 443-4591 PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johiuon. Groomer Ind.'vidual Attention -- No Tr*a- IHzers u««d. Penonailzed groom. t done with tender loving care. OCCASIONAL BOARDING , BEJIENCE TRAINING FOB ANT BREED Pbonv 442-858)2 day* o 1968 PLYMOUTH GTX, corxi motor just renlacerl transmission. J300. Phone 52-1 ASSUME payments, no equity 1972 Dodp* Cbanrer, special edition. IMV mile til power and air. Itwwic S«--?12. CMC trui-lr. 1070 model. Some body irork required. $iOO. Wide. Ions, bed. Also Insulated .deeper fm Phone 367- WTO VOI.KKWAG EN, al r-mirlf I! oat rt $1325. 1568 Yamaha 305. (350. Phone MUST Mil 1963 MO Til, 90% restored, runs'trreat. Phone SH-WR, MW CHEVY truck, 30T, low milcaee mo Ford XL; air, power steering, anr! brakes, (ape deck. Excellent ponrilfion S2-t-"107. 1972 AUDI, 10W.S, 4 door, aIr-eondiiioned fcm/fm radio, mtrJiflii. tires, vinyl top good condition. (3750. Phoo* 443-7U6. MRT CHROME REVERSE. 15?A Fits Chevy Ford, pljTnoirth and RamWer. 4 For $49.95 Sale ends June IX 10W FORD, J2T75. Cilll 521-35H. FORD pickup, low mi |eafi«. Mer trade. Phone 267-2765. 1970 VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN, GOOD CO.V DinoN, 81060. Phone 443-4089. 1967 DODGE Monaco, 4 door, power air. 1973 CMC $i ton camper special Automatic, power »ir, trailer pac-kapc 8:00-6:00 44?-5161, 442-V60H aft«r 6, 521 ·IFvll. Jartc Ray. 1969 MUSTANG, one owner, Rood mi dianlcal condition, HUtoniatie transmi: si on, L«wcr steering, air i-onditioning good lires. 4434931 or BO-2R53. SMAIli ECONOMY station wapon, 4 doo: atr confl I tinner, nulomatlc transmission 13,000 miles, 3972 Dortgo Coll. 443-4%-1. CLBAN 1W4 Porrt, one owner, runnina condition, good tires. Pliofie S31 4769. IjOW mllpa ge 1972 D Antornvt t if, n i r--ond itio nam, B/C, p/s. Phone 4 ONE !;'· ft. hea\y duty tandem traile Kew S'JSxSI lires. TT50. One I^isthe pn' cred fiberglass dimcbugtfr. *1,500, *4 1570 DODGK OiallcriKcr RT. T5 XliiE E\ceLtrnt t»nrJilion. flBOO. PJione RI6-33% KOPAtt 310 engine, jusl overhauled. Xorrt pickup nnd '4'S International pick UIK Excellent c-ondil ion easil v rt slor iblp. Phone J-I2-90W, 1961 CHE^T pickup, new rer,uiH 1968 337 motor, Hurst shifter, wiita tires » wheels. WOO. Phona 443-2711. SAVE MONEY BEFORE YOU PAY YOUR AUTO OR HOMEOWNER'S INSUBANClb CALL STEVE LEICHNER FOB A QUOTE, 9 A.M. TIL 5 PJJ-. 6M* EVENINGS 449-26*7. M1973 TOYOTA Corona, atr-conrtitiot«i vinyl top, AAI-PM «Wreo, to *xc*]len rwidltion. gH-Offifi. 22--Machinery And Farm Equipment W73 FX)RD ;«00 Inrjuslrfril Irarfor, loid er. six ft. box blade, six rU hnishho^ uscrt only 300 hours, snm« as new. 751 METAL CatLI (,75, Phone at* tor wdi«. long bed 23 - Livestock--For Sale RUFFAl/) « cows with babies and hull Irofn onr herd. Delivery possibl Harper Bison Ranch, LlrfUnjj, Mo. 31 AllTJFlCIAli INSFMt NATION sorx'ii All breeds, h[ bulls, fast efficient .v vice, go anywhere ans'Limp. Kcanson^l rales. Phone 43-?«0. CITAROE^IS Bulls. 7/S, 35/16, Bud r*i. brrrt. 12-H months of age. Call 839-31R TWO year old 15/16 Oiarolais hull. All two nialo ItenglPs. Phone IS-35S1. GKNTIJl Shctlnml pony, !i y«rs o!- f40- Phone KH-ruJi Winslow. S YEAR. OLD sray ^Wlng. 15-2. Cow using horse. W*ig1w l.SO. *MO, ' 7 YKAR olrt mri^cred sorrel jtel 1* hands tall. Good roplne horse, rtifin* 44»ni. ATTENTION Uairj-men: have 38 be n n a l i t y srrin*er Hotstein heifers. Plioi REGISTERED AMGUS CATTLE Performance Iwled hulls and gua an I red. Top hlnod lines. Many ' chftos* /rob. Come see us. YOUNG'S ANGUS FARM Re. I -- Summers. Arkansas Phone WJ-5121 or 82-l-. RKGISTERB D HORPTED HBRBFOF BUIXP. R,Vr,SOKI-T, FARM. PhOO« 3563, PRAIRIE GROVE, REGISTERED ANGUS W« Inviie you f o visit and «ee wh we are doing. Wn also have a fe ynung hulls for sale. 20 years producing fine breeding stoc Phon« Homer Fry 443-2520. FRY ANGUS FARM .... 1.1 --,Repaired ar oartam F«rmtnfWi. 24-Degi, Catt Pen AKC RFXIIffTBRKD m.nle Iwaiiliful macVirjj, h»a «11 Tol-767*). F-RBK KnTF.NS, lone haired, callrt* BBAOrmJL AKC PpWnese puw fenwles blorxlc *nA reddish brown, s rtiampion pedi«re*«! r Cill UI-ZHL *f S p.m. . WOVING for sale, Wpimaranrr. -Six monlhs oM, will ma exrellrnl hUBnlfnu 1^, «rf1T*« iwo ind n?f«l! » good homf. nwif M-5i AKC reslMered N'orwcB[an Elkho-jnd pu pin lor sale. r»U ' in* nMta nli IVmc ·tnrm otraun ·*«*"'^ itmarratEO enttaw goat dfn HartiM *·« (TOTM EB lo a jowl home. 10 «ert oM pop. Jtoo-lwLth rtjldren. Mione :o tcmale Gemian shepherd. Black ami -er. 9 weeks olfl. Phooe T51-32W. 'REK iud,Hy klHens need~» home. One IIX). Polly trained. Phone Sil-WX. AKC REGISTERED ;RMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES iw Quality. Will make excellent lice dogs. rent« AKC registered attack lined police dogs. 9 males. 2 tiales. 575-$250. temui available. e at »20 S. Collete. or call 442- l.MBSB kitlcns, S10 i., phooe . CSil] atlrr 11:00 1W1 COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines ompleie selection at aU v«twla. try mpplin. Everything for yooi nlmal. Eaatgat« ShojplnJ Onter. Hwr. 1« Cut FUN--QUICK--EASY "Nwdle" U designed to make difficult lawn maintenance as easy M jrolng fishing. Grass and weeds vanish from trees, rocks, fences, culverts, and flower bed borders in a matter of seconds, LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Phone 521-1011 P,O. Box 611 FayclteviHe, Ark. 73701 ONE of the finer things of Hie -- Btue luslre w rpet cleane r. Kent eled riy shanipooer, fl. Folk FumUure, W- Uickson. HANNAH'S husband Hector hates hart k so he cleans the rusts with B]uc lre. . Kent electric shampooer Jl. is Brothers, on Ihc square. HAY for sale behind baler, 75c. Phont 4-I2-18T3 or 44W97S. KLKCTRIC IBM lypew rite r for sale. Ext-ellrnt rendition. Standard model. J225, Call 831-M17. KAR5 color TV, brand new, Penney's nding lawn mower, two years old. Phone Harold's Conoco J,2-9TSJ between 7:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m. C REGISTERED Bulldog puppies, two lite females, rwe fawn, mute, one aluie while male, two fematcs (one , one brown brindle) Phone after 00 p.m. 2S7-3274. STRKTCH STITCH -- We have '(S) 1971 heavy duly stretch stitch se; -hinc.^ nationally advertised at $25?,9o, They can be your now ?!30,!5; 20 years parls and labor guarantee. Does cvcry- hlnjr! Don't mlsa the best deal ever offered. Available for inspection at U n i t e d Freight Scales, Kwy. G3 \V., FayeHevil!*. Open 9 to U, Mon.-Kri., till 6 Sat COLDER REXAIL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tot Appointment Call 443-3441 n.«n ha« 50 |b. jack* of Wiyn* nd K«sco dO£ food. Line of Pet SupollM At all Collier Storw. 5--Home Needs--For Sole HIRLPOOL no frost refri^prator, $25, ran^o. ?!5. Phone 442-2943. 2" GRAND*} pas cook stove, and N'orc ' duty automatic; washer. E\ti nod condition. Call 442-1130. ISHWASKBR. FrlaWauc, In Kood work- g condition, $25. Phone iJ'2-6377 after 5 OVISG must sell SiKnalure electri' nue. avocado, wannine shelf will tilinurms cleanEng oven, less Uian one ar old, save st $200. Kenmore washer dryer, coprwrtone, three years oil] ishc-r 5125, dryer 5100 or 5200 for stH e at Ri£ Anvil Machine Shop, Hiwa; West or phone 367-35K). KW air hockey lahlp. pcrtect Tor :iiitcd sjiate. Bi y evaporative a i r-con Lioner, like new. Phone 521.-:S54 alter Ufi, 100% Acrilan, with pad, lOUx vorndo green goo.1 rondition, J25. Phone I2SSH. iVO ro/rifToriUors-, frost-less, one large IB ap;ir1jnetit, reasonable. Will dell' hone 3H-I134. N N R I t RjirinK mattress, bo^ sprinjrs new. pine rtron ]eaf tnhle finrl baby mnttres-;. Phone S21-3047. SHOHTIA' SCRATCKMD -- In shipment UNCLAIMED FREIGHT has received 3 irand new zisraj; scviing machines 'ully avnilaWe push button 1'ci'orsc iiiilt-ifi ciontrols lor maklnff h;iHnniole.. Tiir-so will he sold on fi lirst como. Tirsl iorverJ hash for ?W.!J5- Unilcrl Firlghl alM, llwy. 62 \V. Faycltcvilte. 9 '.o 9, Mon-Fri., lilt fi Rat. PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College All THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 MT5TAL Detcctora -- Gairt tl, the Pr» fessional'a Choice. Gold and silver ccSi bought and sold. Call Abe Lincoln, S3 SSS7. Elopers, Art 27--Musical Merchandise DRUM BFTT, niclallio red. excellent con dilion. JIflO. Phono -M.l-351;;. SPINET-COSSOLK PIANO: Payment can be lakcn over by responsible i in Ihis vicinity 0:1 small monthly basis We'll arrange convenient Insrwclion. Cai or write FJnnkclt Music Co.. 3111 Dodson Ff Ktnltli, Ark. Phone TS2-HK5. IATTRESSKS ,t MATCHING FOIJND\- lON'S -- $89.95 (5) SCIKXTIFlCAljr.Y oss for healthful supjHjit. Choose fimi r extra r i i m ruiallty In heavy duly cks. Also' have queen and kins size vailnble lor your Inspection. Make your f l e c t i o n lo-iay at United JKreijyhl Sales, Iwy. £1 W.. FiiypMeville. Open 9 to 9, lonrlay through Friday, rill 6 Situnlay. ORGAN, Ma ffnavov, ittiall, two key irl , etci-lric, Walnul cabinet, g»i idition. J7-00 or bost oiler. Call 2G vEKP rarppis beautLCul despil* footsteps [ a'fausj- family. Buy Blue Lusfrc. Hcn1 leclnc shampooer SL Po'Jt Fumitoip, 6»3 W. Dickson. BEDROOM SETS (4) Some slilt In fac- nrr r^ekinp cartons. Their sels Include Irosscr, ohcst, plnlo glass mirror ipflrihoflrr), AlA, for 5130.05. Cash y terms. A\nilable at United Freight !a les, Hiway K W., Payette ville. Open to », ton. throutfi Fri. Till 6 Sat. HOME FURNITURE . Him* Irairft DiKeinltrf Ph. 121-1042 410 N. BWING machine, TV set. washing ma inp, oilier useful honsohoM items and sn Billy goal ^ids. G1S-3'X^. DIKING ROOM sets. Famous mam rcr. Dirrcrenl slyles -- some · alchintr rfiinii e.ibinets. Table with atchinir hnrrtwooii rtialrs. 3). SL6 ish or EZ (c-rms available. United reij^it Salts, Hwy. 62 W., Faycllcville iMii 9 to 9. XIon-E'ri., till 6 Sal. ·FAFF, Viking, Elna. and Nccchl sew nff 'mncfi i ncs, Rilo.^ anil Sorvlctr. Com i]el(* line of cahineb 1 . CoinmercJal Ttntts n .s-t«-k. Xnllonal Fabrics, 913 Young St SprinRilalc, 751-K5S,!, MONMV SA\'F,R Sofa and c-hair (S) sel L'ctl in itiipmcnl, available a StlKl.OS CM il piece,-: atsi reco ivcd, lovescals to !h9.95. DuTAble fabric-,,- over liardwoox] 'riinies. Hurrj'. i"anilics are limilerj. Save. Cash or KK terms. United FrelRhl ^i\lcs. Hwy. 8"3 W, TOyetteville. Open to 9. Mon.'Frf., ill 6 Sat. 26--For Sol* -- Miscellaneous MOVING (o Alaska. 18.000 FTU. win- low nir roniiitioner J150. nltnost new 20 inch fan Ji. Numerous odds »n«i ends, Photie 412-7713. FIVK rooms ot Mmitiire and one Shet- Alallion. Photic 52MM5. 11.300 BTU llMvy riuty Wcstinchoiiso window air coniiitioner. J»j. Phone 443- · Increase ynnr pioivrlj-'s \ntue hf 20% white e\p ar " lir P yw"" livinsr flrra to Lnclndc your onlirr In!. For profession- it [nndcflne renovation, maintenance or nslallation cat! Nfichac-l M i l l i a a n al Kor- ticullnre E'er, 1 ices. 412-6S'^2. Free eili- L A R G K B^ 1 K WALNUT TRKK3 for !,aLc. b]own ovcr hy sform. Cnl[ Mi Eloarh al 44SS2« between 35. ST.O-'21£ an.itimo. RAN"A NJCA seal, s is »y b« r. 3) Inch bin.Pie, (food OKidilion. t~X. rhor.a 321' iTIXCSRAY hieyc, ask for Soon. IlICYCTjFH 10-speeri Western T-lyer, ?2i, ,1 swc1 Roadmastcr 120. Phone 4-12- CMTS. S?0 MteltoR St. TJ. a KD ronarcti mrxtel 80 inarXin rfiino. Prints 1 pan nr - li« Prints * pi"' at ^ me lime . f-' 3 IjVOirBN'S 10 speed bike, n e w , $?5. fipan I* 6ref*tr, died an'l king size fiend hoard, Spani-#i rofftie Ifth'.e aurt end \aW.p. nlarlt spsnish *wiv«l rocker. Slake offer. 412*363. 1973 MONTE CARLO LANDAU COUPE electric window*, tilt wheel, factory tape power steering, power brake*, factory air. Landau top. radial tire* and iport wheel*, a white beauty wilh maroon interior. Locally owned 19,000 actual OZARK MOTOR CO. HWT 71 South Br Barter Cbef Sprinfd»l* WANT TO BUY A USED CAR? Did You Know . . . WHEELER VOLKSWAGEN New Used Sales Dept. Stays Open 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Monday Through Friday Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Have You Shopped There?' 1973 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 2-Door Hardtop, vinyl rool automatic, power steerin c and brakes, AMFM *adio bucket seats, atr condition ng, extra sharp! 1974 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE Air condHiong, local one own er, 27,000 mites, in showrooi condition. 1973 MAZDA RX 2 COUPE Vinyl roof, sensational rotqr engine, air conditioning, 4 speed transmission, 12,00 actual miles. In mint cond Hon. 1970 OPEL GT Automatic transmission, a conditioning. A real nice ca 1972 240-Z 23,000 actual miles, four speed, air conditioned. 1973 DODGE DART 2 Door Hardtop, sunroof, au tomatic transmission, powe steering, factory air ccnc tioning / power brakes r 000 actual miles. Wheeler Motor Co few. I PHONE 443-3458 I Kirrhway 71 North 1 GRKO -- Cwn[xwcnl vslenu (* Own(a wllh S siwc't thancer, speakers, over, Ait/l-lt multiplex lurner. es 31 K l«Kes to lune Fit stereo. 0 e\)ra /acltcrs lor tape decfc rworU 1 [Iay anJ Iwadphone jack. $90.95 ·h. United KrelirM Sales, Hwy. W W,, I'ellcvllle. Opca 9 to 9, Mofi.-Fri,, Utt Sal --Antiques--for Sal* 'O oak drop-front desks. OaV spinn iol, walnut wasli sldnfj Bias's 1C SJOP, 3IK N. \V. 51h St., Benegnvi C S ! C O I N S H O P ! PAWN ·ay Inn 190% over face for Silver. Buy Sell All U.S. Coin* 308 S. Thompson 751-3710 PANTED 3 ton '6S-'TO mod*! Chevy. GMO, or Inl«rnattona t wlthor without ed. Miurt b* good truck. 751-63931 31-WantMi To Trade KN an1i[up browsing -- visit Brach's wl line of AnUques, 306 N. W. 5ln r BenlonvrUe. Battlefield Antiques urniture -- Primitives -- Glasa lina -- Brass -- Collector's Items airie Grove, Ark. Phone 846-2881 * U7VS ANTIQUES * Hwy 112 North . 443-1672 realhousE-Bakcr Springs, FayctlevjUe -Wanted To Buy ISB rabbils. Steady Tree pickup, v'in^ 41 c lt,, plus annual bonus. ffhcst profiis in history. Send 50c (or c production book. P«l-Freez Rabbii cat, Koficcs, Ark. IZftQ. VBRYEODY reads tha TIMES WANT DP. You ar«! \KT lo buy: Jn Lincoln school dislritl, rail acreage with house. Phone 346-2711. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 150% ABOVE FACE iubject to dally change, call for uote). Also need small coin ant amp collections top dollar paid FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 25C1 N. College, S21-6421 to buy CAN OFFER SMALL 5 ROOM FUHNISHED HOUSE AND UTILITIES TO YOUNG MAHRltO ACRI STUDENT JN EXCHANUL FOR FARM WORK. CALL 267-3607 Apailmenn tar K»nt STEVE CUMMINGS ARTS. Close lo Campus IIV1T6T Two tjdrocm lurnlshcd, rtMluivit lo 150 plus ullIitic-5. One Iwdrootn luuilshc«J SW plus ulilHioi. Now two bcdioofci, lurn- Mic*i w i t h disliwailitr ana iilt eMras, $110 plus utilities. T1TKB]'J lurnislica i:|is1,ilr3 apartment, oiiliidc cntraiifo. Gas din I vi'iittr funilslicd. I'lionc ll'^SSH alter 5:W ant! Salunlnv. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnishcrt aparlmont. UtiEidus puict. No pels. S70. Frojii 8:00-5:00 call Scholars "nn, 521-592X. A f t e r 5:00 and week- nris call 442-Hiyg. 33--Rooms For R«ni PKOPI/E'S INN. 311 West Mountain, has a low rooms open from $12,50 per week. T SLEEPING ROO.Nf, share balK with oao olher, private prxtrann?, offstreel narking, dose loo OofA. Student. 412-9US- NnSHKU ore bedroom apartment, air conditioned, carpel, private parkin?, sin gle, W5, no pets, 412-4538, W-WK. TIRED OF BIG COMPLEXES? Now Leasing New Aaprtmenls At 833 Sycamore Six 1-Bedroom Apartments Eight 2-Bedroom Townhou^es Luxuriously Furnished draped Beautiful harvest gold appliances including dishwasher Water and gas paid Individual fcnced-m patios Call Vic after 3 p.m. a2t-l58l 34--Apartments For Rent JTATURF, adults, n r graft sludenls: 2 Bdr. furnished ap»rtment. Conical fiir, c-lrc. Irlr kitchen, wall-[n-wall carpeting, Oft- street rwrkfng. ii2t-lTfK, DELMARR Two bedroom, l l ,~ baths, furnished torn house apartment, you pay elcctricit;- 6661. PRICKS FOR GOOD USED THREE room furnished a p a r t m e n t fo ~ ' APPLIANCES INCLUD. mature lady, no ;-r, no pets, 5to. Utllilic I A42.2ffla I'aiii. 111. 751-2138. - 1 "BIG MONEY 3ur dollars loom larger when you invest them n a WHITFIELD car! We're making trades on hese late-model cars you won't believe. Come see and hear what we have for you! 974 OLDSMOBILE Omego 2-Door Coupe, Soft-Ray tinted glass, body side molding, 3-speed standard transmission n floor, heavy duly radiator, front floor mats, two-tone saint, whitewall tires, and radio. This is a brand new car uy it at Whitfield's for only $3015 974 CMC Vt Ton Pickup. Folding back seat, full foam eat, body moulding, 4-speed transmission, gauges, heav duty rear springjs, 7.50x16-6 ply tires, tinted glass, below eyeline mirrors, heavy duty radiator, wideside pickup aox, 292 C.I. 1-6 engine, two tone point. Buy it at Whitfield's for only $344 1973 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Royale 4-Door Hardtop. Fac ory air conditioning, power steering, po\ver front dis irakes, 350 C.I. V8 engine, tutrbohydramalic transmission AM/FM radio, vinyl interior and whitewall tires. A no ' ne ocal one owner with 18,000 miles. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $325 973 VOLKSWAGEN. If you need an economy car, but don' ·vant to pay the new car price_ then hurry in to see thi one owner bug with 5,000 actual miles. This car is in nev. ar condition, and no sales tax. Super buy at only..$2495 1972 OLDSMOBILE 98 Luxury Sedan. Factory air cond ioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, powe windows, 6-way power seat, tilt 'n telescoping steerin wheel. AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl top and whitewall tires .ocol one owner car $329 1972 FORD PIN-TO Station Wagon. Here is a really sharp ittle economy wagon. Bucket seats, 4-speed transmission, radio, luggage rock and whitewall tires, local one owner with 25,000 actual miles. Priced at only $2295 1972 OLDSMOBILE Toronado Custom Coupe, Factory air conditioning, povver steering, power front disc brakes, tilt n telescoping steering wheel, AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl top and whitewall tires, very clean cor $3295 1969 CHEVROLET lmpa|a, 4-Door Sedan, factory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydramatic transmission, radio and whitewall tires, A very clean car $1295 1969 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Town Sedan. Factory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydramotic transmission, radio, and whitewall tires. Lots of good transportation for only $1295 1965 VOLKSWAGEN "BUG", looking for some really economical transportation? Well here's the answer. 4-speed with radio. Engine recently rebuilt. Hurry, it won't last long at only $695 1973 GMC ^ Ton Pickup. Factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, turbohydramalic transmission, 350 V8 engine, radio and long wide bed. A very rice truck for only $3695 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO, OLDSMOBILE--GMC NORTH EAST AVE. - 521-7232 · room [u nil-shod apart' KKDEtOOM, luTni.sTicd. E30 plus utilities. I3 So. Dunn, -M:|-3I$9 or 26T-X531. SKMKNT a[«rtmcn1, funiislicd, u1i s aiut cable paid, privntc cutran pets. Phone 'W3-5278 OP 751-0017. THE DAVIS ARTS. Namer of Mountain an\ Lwuil. Furn- hcd, 4 rooms anrl Ifte hHh. Full .SIM ,ngo anl refri^cralor. PanetetL lluoii£h- it. OJf-strcot parkinc, T.V. rable, air ondilioncd, coupler or misIHIc-ascd ccn- or lady, CTose lo iiuare. PJ !2-TMS S a.m. lo 2 p.m. AMBSTOWN, r25 Soulli Dunean, Turn itiwl one bedroom apartment air-con itioncd, sfiaj: carpel, disKwabhcr ami ill ancled, $335 por niotUfi, you pay ivale nd eletrLriclly. Ctilj Ron Din^ledine 521163 or H2-S153 alter 7 p.m. PARTMKNT -- DUPLEXES -- MO 3IL.B HOMES, Furnished ami unJurn- shcil. Hanna Marine 500 W. 6th. Phone 31-6655. iniwvsi MIKUIIMJS Vm'icS, FAvrrrrvitLi, 9, 34--Apartment* Fot Rent SUMMER SCHOOL At summer rates -- 8 unit I -- 2 Ijcrlroom townhoiuie, 1!2 bathe. Air conditioned, furnished or unfurnished. Dishwasher, disposal, frec refrigerators. Shade trees, Balconies. Electric range. Quality and tliiict. Ready now. Call 521-W-SO or " r hours 442-8071. 803 TOWNHOUSE 80S Lawson St. MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVJLLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two, three or four bedrooms -- Furntsherf or unfurnished. 3«n WedinRton Phone 5Z1-720S -- Office in. Apt 1 BEHIND THE WALt APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 N E A I . IJNlVfiEtSVl'r, one bcHroom, car- pcLcri, air (Conditioned, $100 month. All u t l H U r a iaid. ·I1I-S012 or 521-763*. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Tv/o bedrooms, central heat and air-conditioning, disposal, of! street parking, no pels. Available immediately for summer and fall. SlOj, plus 550 deposit. Wi1h fireplace, $135 summer. 5150 £al]. Call 521-6543 or 521-1533 STU tE NTH: Furnished anartmpnt blw-'ks from campus. Cottages in 1 ry, ID m i nutes from campy s. |45 Phone -M242S3. NOW LEASING friendly Family Atmosph*rc. TT.% 3 Bedroorru. Furnt*h«d or U»- furnlshed. StartlnK at $101. Central heat air, All utilitlM paid »* cept electric, Complete laundry '»- cilities, Da yea re center on pn Country Club Road Office Open »-5 521-7201: After » p.m. sai- TOWK P. A PA FlTMENTfl. One bctlroom', FurnJ.shed, close ifahle for summer an4 ItatL nd two beJreom-sotge -air in very inlet environment, doc* to Kis, 531-2236. FURNI.-HKF), two b-idraami, Witliifi MHllEin* distance at Ircet parking. (130 plw 4l'i-7125 after G p.m. THREE bedroom, imMtrnfArt i Hiv,ny 62 West. Phoa* M»9MI «· 3o»t. 1971 MG-GT OU« mag wh«*l*. 4 ip**d. one $2450 OZARK MOTOR CO. Hwy 71 South By Burger Cher AT LEWIS FORD HAPPY DAYS are here Again! WE'RE HAVING A USED CAR SALE RIGHT OUT OF THE ROCK 'N ROLLING FIFTIES. PRICES ARE SO LOW THAT EVEN FONZIE I WOULD LOSE HIS COOL! ALL YOU CATS f DRIFT ON DOWN TO LEWIS FORD AND CHECK OUT THESE USED CARS-YOU'LL THINK IT'S 1954 NOT 1974! 1973 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO LANDAU White with whil c/~i| n f ' 1 5 2 1 2 miles, power, air and OwLU i r as. Must see to appreciate this one. $3795 1971 PINTO 2-Door Economy 4 Cylinders, 4-speed, 34,000 miles, a brand new 'set of tires, fots of good economical transportation. 1971 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 4-D»r.- **g- ular gas 400 V8, powel, select air, beautiful blue metallic with whit* vinyl roof, local one owner we sold n»w. $2295 $1775 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO COUPE, light blue with dark '/fe vinyl roof 302 V8, pew»r factory air, Focal one owner w« sold 24,982 miles. $2585 1972 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Door. All the economy at a rea: C / l PN e - Red, 28,850 miles. A real ni. $1995 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO 4-Door 351 2V Regular gas, V8, power, factory air, local one owner car with only 32.235 correcl miles. $2495 1972 PINTO 2-Door, Dark green with matching inlerior, brand new whitewall trim, 4-speed for economy, 29,214 miles. $2095 1971 PONTIAC GRAN PRIX. Model J, AM/ FM stereo, power sleering and brakes, windows, tiit wheel, automatic air, lime green wilh dark green roof. $2795 1972 PONTIAC CATALINA BROUGHAM 4- Door hardiop, tocal one owner with only 29,042 correcl mfles^ Power steering and brakes, windows, factory air, gold color, Double nice, $2775 1972 FORD LTD 2-Door Hardtop, regular gas 400 V8, power, air, steel radial tires. A local one owner car lhal's a gold beauty. $2895 197! FORD LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE. Local one owner wagon we sold new, power, faclory air, all the nice extras. Bright red. $2295 1972 GREMLIN 2-Door. Economy 6 cylinder, automatic, air condilioned, brand new set of steel radial tires, double sharp. $2095 1972 PLYMOUTH GRAN SEDAN, 4-Door M stereo, speed QfNi r\ hardtop, power, I one owner. ^wLU control, 17,800 $2695 1973 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 4-Doar Herd. top. A real bargain on a super nic» ear, 23,946 miles, power, oir. new tir»», vinyl roof and all the extras. $2995 1971 VOLKSWAGEN FASTBACK. Me* wheels, new tires, vinyl roof. A r«al nio» economy sedan. ' $1895 1972 MAVERICK 2-Door. A real little y«f- low gold economy special, 3-»pe»d, rww Mres, runs nice. $1995 1969 FORD LTD 4-Door. Loral on* owner, real nice car, 3'. C(~\\ F\ '" t*ering and brakes, factory OV-'LU p $1495 1972 CHEVELLE MALIBU J-Dooc. Oliv« gold with black vinyl roof. Only 31,000 miles, power, faclory air. A double iharpi* that won't stay long. $2795 PICKUPS 1973 FORD F-100 EXPLORER 360 V8. Cruiseomatic, power, factory air, 10,900 local miless. $3495 1973 CHEVROLET C-10 FLEETSIDE. Reoolor " gas, V8, power, air all the nice »x1rat, blue. $3395 1972 DODGE ADVENTURER, V8, 3-»p««H, blue with white top, good clean truck. $1995 1971 CHEVROLET EL CAMINO. Nta* Gwn lop included, V8, poweer, air radial HTM. $2395 ' HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN WITH OLD FASHION PRICES. SOMEONE SAID FONZIE WANTS TO TRADE IN HIS MOTORCYCLE! LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301

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