Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 9, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 2
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tA Norihwnl Artcomot TIMES, Sun., Jon. *, 1974 FAVCTTIVILLI. A R K A N S A S The Salvage Begins To Pile Up A wctt home owner ploughs kiiPEvdeo[i through Ihe lake created hy high ground an ,j a city street, collecting merchandise swept from down- town .stores hy the flood, (TIMECSpholo hy Ken Good) Debris Invades A Park Playground Th« lltlcr left behind bv SH(- nrdny noon's wall of \VHter is piled high on the edge of Sa- gur Cret'k where It passes through Siloam Springs' famed downtown park. (TIMKSphoto by Ken Good) Guardsmen Come To The Rescue Two Drown In Flooding At El Dorado El, DORADO. A r k . (AP) hurKlcrstorms dumped mnrc han 12 inches of rain on this lulh-Conlral A r k a n s a s city uring a 24 hour period ending alurday, und two persons \ r crc renorled droxvned, Sgt. Floyd McAdoo oT the El dorado Police Department cientifled the victims as Cla- rcne Picketl and Everett Slew irt, both of El Dorado. Stewart ,is in his 50s, Mrs. Pickett's ;c was unavailable. McAdoo said Mrs. Pickett irowned on A r k a n s a s 15 near the Lion Oil Co. Refinery after car svas washed off th lighway. Her body was washec ;o abniit nnc-half mile behirK ttie refinery, Slcwml's body was found un tier a railroad overpass, abou 1 ' one block from where his cai was parked, McAdoo was not sure wha led to Ihe Stewart drowning. Meanwhile, rescue worker evacuated more than 20 f a m lies f r o m their homes in El Do ratio and Calion. a communit about 12 miles northeast here. The evacuees were t a k e to the old Warner-Brown Hospi tal. Elc ct ric a 1 power was out much of the city, and telephon communications were poor. Winds up to 58 miles per hou accompanied the severe thun derstorm, knocking down tree and power lines, blowing se\ era! portable buildings into Ih streets and blowing a roof off sandwich r hon hpro NO ESTIMATE Authorities had no monetar. damage estimate. Sgt. Royce Worth of the E Dorado Police Department sai Saturday afternoon the hig waters had begun to recede but he doubted that the evac uees would be able to return t heir homes for another day wo. "It looks pretty bad," anoth er police officer said. At least one other death wa 'sported in connection with th looding in Arkansas. Slate Police said Timoth Ray Kirkpatrick, 21, of Ernei son was killed Friday night in car accident on a washed-ou mdge near Magnolia on A. ";ansas 82. The National Weather Servic said Magnolia got 9.8 inches o rain during the night. The passengers in the c; vho were taken to Magnoli City Hospital were Ricky Mo ney, 15, of Village and Mik Sirkpatrick, 16, of Emerso Both were listed in fair cone .ion Saturday. Jerry Beckton, 14, and Jame Becklon. 17, both of Magnoli wore reported in critical cond lion at Doctors Hospital Shreveport,. La. Trooper Joe Bill Young of tl. State Police said the police ha received a telephone call shor ly before the accident occurn from one of the car occupan who said a bridge was washe out. He said the driver of the c; apparently turned the c n around and that, the car ni into another washed out bridg The car then ran into a culvei he said. HOMES AWASH Capt. Joe Curtis of the El D rado Police Department some of the area rcsiden probably had two or three fe of water in their homes. The waler got so deep, 1 said, "it would cover a car. ai it wa s washing cars off I' road. It \vas thai swift." He said several people h; left their homes be-fore cvi ualion measures got und way. But this caused son problems, too. "We had to re ie people from cars t h a t we leaving their homes trying get to higher grounds," he sa "The cars would drown out." The National Guard w called out about 7 a.m. Satu day to assist in rescue ope alions. A heavy National Guard t r u c k , it s bed j ust a bo v e t he receding water, p l o u g h s through a restaurant parking lot to haul out curs anil (rucks trapped w h e n the w a t e r rose suddenly. (TIMESphofo Ken G o o d ) Stolen Cor Found A 1%4 Ford Th underbill, reported stolen Saturday morning, was recovered at about 3 p.m. by the car's owner. Bill H. Gebhart. 118 Duncan Ave. Gebhart told lice he found intersection of University Aven u e arid Putm.nn Stree 1 !. The vehicle was reported stolen from his home, Obituary R O B E R T LYXN B A K K R Robert Lynn Baker, one day-- Si iE]imH!!!!ll!!Sli!l[lil!!!ffl[!:l!|]!|li!![[|il!l[S!llili]lll|[|[|«!|!|]]]3 ler. Mrs. Frances Dumont of Midwest City. O k l a . and six fhree Networks lave Stronger rail Schemes LOS A N G K L K S ( A P ) --Head head and toe to toe, the rce television n e t w o r k s will ; it out for strength thi.s fall. U n l i k e last year, when they rugflled into a f a l l season ipplcd by a 16-week writers' rike. a three networks have rong schedules. Despite the momentum CBb arried into the fall because of is past season's runaway rat- gs victory, all three networks tpear more evenly matched an in recent memory. Family life will be the dormant theme in the new season's tows. The heavy concentration . police shows is coming to an id. Six new shows follow in Oklahoma Hit By Tornadoes n n U M R I G H T . Okla. (AP) -- ( i n nearby Gushing, ami oilier Tornadoes slashed across O k l a - casualties from Dnimriglil homa on S a t u r d a y , k i l l i n g eight! were 'ein« treated at oilier persons and i n j u r i n g as many i hospitals in the area, including as KJO. the one in Drumright itself. The twisters struck f i r s t at In Tulsa. police said three Oklahoma City, and in the n e x t ; persons were killed. Roofs were six hours hopscolched north- i blown off and some major eastward to Tulsa, 100 miles streets were impassable be Futuristic Food away. Drumright. a town of 3.000.1 lines, appeared to be the hardest hit n the tornadoes' path. Gov. )avid H a l l ' s office said five persons were killed in the town 43 miles west of Tulsa. Injury figures at Drumright v a r i e d . The Highway Patrol, ic path ol "The hile only five of Waltons." the nesv Civil Defense cials reported jured. and 100 other o f f i persons in- erics are police shows. Most of i n j u r e d he comedies and several of the Drumright. ew dramatic and adventure lows will be marked by mphasis on warm relationships nd character development. K v e n the police show McMillan and Wife" is going he family way. The McMillans .'ill he blessed with a child at bout midseason, due to the iregnancy of Rock Hudson's ·o-star Susan St. James. In addition, an especially trong lineup of specials, origi- lal TV movies and recent hit heatrical movies are in the of- ing. In the past few months, the etworks have discarded 40 cries, an unprecedented n u m - ler of cancellations. Only five :hows introducer! last fall ' K o j a k , ' ' "Apple's Way," 'Happy Days." "Good Times' 1 nd "The $6 Million Man," are -elurning. The new shows last f a l l were hot through with weaknesses, lartly attributable to the vriters' strike. STRONG CASTING This is not the case for fall. A ircvicw of the new series re- r eals the-.Ti as strong in concept, writing and casting. The only cloud on the horizon ks the possibility of an actors' itrike. The screen actors guild s now in negotiation with the producers for a new contract, 'he present contract expires June 30. Next fall, only a handful of he returning shows will be in heir f a m i l i a r time slots. Hit shows are being shifted to itrengthen weak spots and pro- ride support for the new shows. For instance, CBS is moving' 'Good Times." "M-A-S-H" and 'Kojnk" to Sunday, which t r a - I ditionally has been CBS's wea-| kest night. "Apple's Way" opens the night for CBS and ''Mannix" closes it. ABC, knocked dead on Saturday night by the CBS comedy Dlock, moves "Kung Fu" in at 9 o'clock between two new shows, "The New Land' 1 and "Nakia." "The New Land" follows the life of Swedish immigrants first portrayed in the movies "The Emigrants" arid "The New Land." It's probably the strongest and most appealing new series on (he ABC schedule and ABC hopes it will do to "All in the Family" what "The Wai- tons" did to Flip Wilson. NBC places its new African show, "Born Free," from the movie, on Mondays against ABC's "The Rookies" and CBSs "Gunsmoke.'' Its obvious appeal could hurt the venerable Gunsmoke," entering its 20th year minus A m a n d a Blake as Kitty Russell, and "The Rookies." which starts its third year without Michael Untkean. Untkean was dropped when he held out for a higher salary The Creek County sheriff's office reported 20 to 2o injuries, but that figure appeared to be too low. At one hospital alone, authorities said they were treating 23 b r o u g h t from Thai hospital was DKS PLAINES, III. (AP) -In 1980 your filet mignon will come to you direct from the grocer's shelf in a plastic food IKiuch. So will your mashed potatoes, peas and even your cucumber salad. They'll all be M'eparcd in plastic and foil- laminated f o o d pouches that will preserve food better, over a longer period of time than present methods of freezing or canning. So says John Ayers, flexible packaging technical representative of DeSoto Inc., m a n u f a c t u r e r of the adhesive that binds the pouch layers to- WASIHNGTON (AP) - The! "With 'flexible packaging,' Labor Department has boosted! foods laste tetter, weigh l e s s the income levels used by f e d - [ a n d I ' cause of fallen trees and power Poverty Level Upped · helps you do it all eral agencies to determine a family's eligibility for assistance to the poor. The new levels are $250 per year higher for an urban family of four and $370 higher for a f a m i l y of seven, reflecting the increase in the cost of living since the last criteria were set in June 1973. the department said Saturday. lams ess storage s p a c e , ' Ayers said. "And since food is boiled n the pouch, e'ean-up is min- mized." It may completely rc- dnce the tin can, said Avon. Flexible packaging has already b e e n adopted in Japan and ' several European coun- ries. The twin weed eoleril Weedic Needle will devour all your weed and grass problems! For free demonstration write call or come in. How to FREE DO-IT-YOURSELF CLASS! 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Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Baker Sr. of Fayeiteville Adjustment Board 1 Hear Variance Pleas The Fayetteville Board of applications to vary setback requirements at a regular meeting at 3:30 p.m. Monday in the Directors Room at City Hill. The petitioners are: Ihe Northwest National Bank for property at 3500 N. College Ave.: Ruby Fern Stone for property at 347 Rollston Ave.; Pennington Construction Co. for property at 440 N. College Ave.: Industrial Finance Co. for a n d t h e m a t e r n a l gran:imottier. Fcr^d-d ISA) SI! N. Ea«» / ¥f. Fayrtterin*, Art TTW PaK!s;:ed daliv aad Fj^^9T exce January 1. Jaij- i. T.Tlcisa-iviE g a: Ciiristmai. s?Mr-3 c.ass Postage Pild at FayKlevllle, AT*. MEMBER ASSOClJiri) TRESS Its Assoer.atM Press Ls l a n d . Funend be aniiciu.ic .eral Home. of Green- L.E. (PETE) DL'XX L. E. (Pete) Dunn. 68. formerly of Fayetteville, died Wednesday in Tulsa. Born April 10, 1306 at Magazine, the son of anna\ii:ccmcnts will | Albert L. and I.ucile Daniel Fun- JIEI.VIX RAXD1.E51AX Rnji-rs -- Melvin 0. Randleman. 71. of Rogers died Frl at the Rogers hospital He Dunn, he was owner of a Tulsa lumber company and president of MnriOii Building Corp. ^Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Evelyn Dunn of the home; one son James G. of Tulsa: two daughters. Mr... Edward Scullv a retired electrician. r rejnbi:a- | Baptist and member of tlie E J k s i ; .ntti *n rhli ' T ~ l , r n , 1 of B r i a r c l i f f .Manor. N'.Y. t = , M r s . Earl Linehan of and Bal- SUBSCRIPTION RATIS Ea«-jv 5 Or.tfxs 1. 1375 Ptr mosth t? earrjer ------- 533 Hn^« co?7 daily Iftr, E^iiiT 3c 115. SUB !· Wasblcglon. Ker.'.oz. Madlsoa Do. Art.. Ad:!r O:.. am.: t moD'^ii « manthi I YEAR ...-....-. Bca 3KMI I* _,,-- t T«AR - I B . M - 100 - MOO . «t» . IS.SO . 1300 *u, tun. smrurnnn rAXJiMX Ol ADVA.NCB ge. He i? survived by his wirli Mrs. Dixie Holt Randleman o the home: one son. M e l v i n Jr. of Oklahoma C i t y ; one daugh- imore, .Maine: t w o s i s t e r s , I Mrs. T .G. McCoy of Tulsa and f^-plrs. Carl McGaugh of Fayetteville and one brother, Roy Dunn of Fayetteville. Funeral and burial were Friday in Tulsa. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! II you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHO.VF U!-ffWZ Daily 5 to ' · p.m. Saturuay 3 6 p.m. Sunday 8 U. J:30 a.m. rty at the intersection or pro- o( Ccn- Economic (CONTINUED FSOM PAGE ONT!) A m e r i c a n taxpayers since SaiKli Arabia will pay by contract for any military equipment it receives and for transporting and housing the economic experts. The agreement establishes a joint economic commission headed on the U.S. side by Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon and a military commission headed here by "Robert F. Ellsworth, the assistant secretary of defense for international security. A working group on industrialization will laimcli the pro- g r a m July 15 by going to Saudi Arabia to plan such proj3c!s as the use of flared gas lo expand production of fertilizer. Nixon will visit there next week. Plonts Featured PREMIUM400 PAR DASH CLOCK ! Reg. 7.97--3 Days Luminous bonds. _ - ^ Boso pivols for «** I *« c o s y roadmrj. W J oofe. Save! AUTO MANUALS Reg. 1.7*--j D*y« Choice of 9 basic Ipairmaw " Each 48-MONTH AUTO BATTERY SALE R*g. 24.88-30 FS 22.6* Mo exchange necessary, Sfzes to fit mosl U.S. cars. IBID CAR GAUGE Keg. 20-96--3 Days Oil p r o s s i . r o ii]-» ^» CASE Toniop Son Extra Air-Conditioned CUTS 5.00 More For Motl U.S. Cors ,,. 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He was deported to neighboring Bolivia a week ago for publicly demanding that Velasco hold elections an d return the country to constitutional government. GARDENS, Fla r ~ The c 'P re ss Gardens 01 Honda, open year round feature over 9,000 varieties of plants and flowers gathered from all parts of the world There are l'/z miles of waterways and G.035 feet of pathways through the gardens. A water ski revue is presented four times a day and Delta Kites performances are also dis- Cypress near Winter fr ° m Disne ' played regularly. Th Oardens are World 1 ' 3t m i ' /If. William Fields CHARTTF.ETO LITE BPECTKUM FINANCIAL ffERMCES The FlnMt In Life Inmranc* Products 5 CO Halbcock .!.ce BulitJinjj, ?W North B!ock R People Helping People Funeral Services: LANCT, JWpMM I Mon- djy 1:30 p.m, Chaml of Nel~ ·on 1 * Funeral Home. Rev. Ewell Loffue erftk-iatlnf. Interment, Baptist Ford Cemetery. . -- Monday 10:00 a.m. Chapel of Nelson's Funeral Home. Interment, Nation*! Cemetery, ALIGNMENT AND WHEfi. BALANCE ·eg. 12.64--3 Days QUARTZ IODINE RRMUN6LIMP precision oltgn \tor\\ JMTCRET SET Reg. 6.22--3 Days Vt" ratchet oftB extension n /it " plug s o c k e t . Vfeatherrxtnfed 6x9", witti 10,2 10.88 P£ Choice of clear or amber. fr. Wrtfi fwottnling bracket. MM ECMNNIY TOE NYLON CORD HAOCMMtt *I3 PUISFXT. 1.78 EACH NO TRAM-IN REQUMEO MOUNTED FREE L T»ES PUM ff.1. EACH Hwy. 71 B North ot Rolling Hills Drive in Foyetteville, Arkansas

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